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Ashita Ga Aru Sa (subbed) :: Video
Ashita Ga Aru Sa (subbed)

Duration: 06:13
Rating: Not available
Views: 389,563

Ashita Ga Aru Sa (There's Always Tomorrow) sung by some of the most famous comedians in Japan (they're called Re:Japan; basically, it's the cast of the j-"drama" Ashita Ga Aru Sa), including most of the Gaki no Tsukai crew (no Yamasaki...he was a producer but didn't actualy have an acting role so he doesn't sing the theme song either) with English subs Sorry about the video and audio not syncing...the video on my computer works just fine but the audio lags for some reason when I upload it to Youtube (actually, the video is early...the subs are in sync with the audio...), I tried reuploading it already but it still lags. =/ If anybody knows where I can find this video in better quality, let me know and I'll try redoing it (but only this version of Re:Japan's concert...I know there are others in better quality out there but I don't think their singing sounds as good as this one). I used chessy03's video which you can watch here if you want to see a version where the video and audio sync (no subs though): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jav6bPshvl4

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