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Drama Listing : C
The chef

No ordinary chef, Ajisawa is an artist who creates culinary magic -- a freelancer who charges a king's...
Chef ~ Mitsuboshi no Kyushoku
Chef ~ 三ツ星の給食
Chef ~ Three Star School Lunch

Mitsuko Hoshino works as the head chef at a globally-famous Michelin 3-star restaurant in Tokyo's posh...

A very popular Children's show.
Chichi yo, Anata wa Erakatta

Nishida and Izumi play a married couple, and Nishida's possible forced early retirement raises questions...
Chiisana Kyojin

Kosaka Shinichiro (Hasegawa Hiroki), a section chief in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Departmentfs First...
Chinmoku Hotei

Takamizawa Hiroshi cannot forget his girlfriend who disappeared all of a sudden and has been searching...

The 77th NHK Asadora is Chiritotechin. Location includes Fukui prefecture. This renzoku is about Wada...
Chonan no yome 1 ~ the daughter-in-law
The wife of the eldest son 1

Unsettling challenges face the new bride, who must contend with a strong-willed, argumentative mother-in-law....
Chonan no yome 2 ~ jikka tengoku
長男の嫁2 実家天国
The wife of the eldest son 2 ~ the parents' home is paradise

This drama, featuring a star-studded cast of well-known veteran actors and newcomers, explores the life...

Like the opera, the story is set in Nagasaki in the early 1900s. It portrays the ups and downs of a young...
The Promise to The Chura Sea

Follow the path of Kohagura Eri, who has left her home in Okinawa for Tokyo in order to find out what...
Churasan 2
The Promise to The Chura Sea 2

Ever since they moved to Eri's hometown Kohamajima, Eri and Fumiya have been running a small makeshift...
Churasan 3
The Promise to The Chura Sea 3

After a visit to Kohama Island, Eri and her family are back in Tokyo. This sequel picks up from the...
Churasan 4
Churasan 4

Eri and her family face a new crisis as they discover that the Kohaguras' life savings has been depleted...
Chushingura ~Sono Gi Sono Ai~

Oishi Kuranosuke is the leader of the Forty-seven Ronin. The story will focus on the conflict between...
Chuushingura 1/47
忠臣蔵 1/47

Generations have grown up hearing the stirring tale of Oishi Kuranosuke, chief councillor of the Ako...
Chuushingura no Koi ~ 48-ninme no Chuushin
忠臣蔵の恋 ~ 四十八人目の忠臣

Kiyo (Takei Emi) is a lady-in-waiting who serves the Asano familyfs Edo mansion in the Genroku Period....
Cinderella wa nemuranai
Cleopatra na Onnatachi

Kishi Minetaro is a skilled and serious-minded plastic surgeon. He looks down on doctors earning money...