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Drama Listing : J
Jishaku Otoko
Magnet Man

Oba farm has become the power spot for matchmaking. Where compatibility is classified as N and S. The...
Jiu: Keishichou Tokushuhan Sousakei
ジウ 警視庁特殊犯捜査係

The show is based on the gJiuh suspense novel series by Honda Tetsuya. Isaki Motoko is a fierce,...
Jodan Janai!
Nothing lasts forever / Female doctor

Based on Sidney Sheldon's novel ; "Nothing Lasts Forever". A story of 3 female doctors who just graduated...
Joi - Yu
女医・優 〜青空クリニック〜
Young Doctor in Love

Yu Fujii is a brilliant physician working at a university hospital in Tokyo. After years of working in...
Joker x Face
Rugawa (Matsumoto Honoka) is a mysterious beauty who runs a video streaming channel called Joker and...
Joker Yurusarezaru Sosakan
ジョーカー 許されざる捜査官

Date Kazuyoshi is a detective on the Kanagawa prefectural police force. During the day, he is known as...
Joshi Ana Icchokusen!

Idol Sato Chiaki stars in this comedy as Miki, a rough and crude woman who struggles as she enters training...
Joshi Deka!

Nakama plays an enthusiastic rookie cop whose only strong point is her marksmanship, while Izumi plays...
Joshi Kousei no Mudazukai

Tanaka Nozomu (Okada Yui) is one of the students who attends Sainotama Girls High School and always hangs...
Female announcers/News Planet

In the show "The Announcer," which stars Miki Mizuno as a first year announcer, she and Rie Tomosaka,...
Joshiteki Seikatsu
Life As a Girl

Ogawa Miki (Shison Jun) is an office lady who came to Kobe from the countryside and works for an online...
Joshu Seven

Kato Rosa stars as Ayaka Tachibana, a young woman whose life has been ruined after she lost her boyfriend...
Jotei Kaoruko
女帝 薫子

Saya is a young woman who becomes a Ginza hostess after finishing high school. She is looking for her...
Juhan Shuttai!
Sleepeeer hit!

A TV dramatization of a popular comic about the comic publishing industry. Haru Kuroki stars in a serial...
Jui-san Jiken Desu Yo

Shiba Kentaro is a compassionate vet in an old Tokyo neighborhood. He does not only treat pets, but also...
Juken no Cinderella

38-year-old Igarashi Toru, a charismatic teacher of a famous preparatory school, has been losing himself...
Juken no Kamisama
God of Exams

In this original series, TOKIO's Yamaguchi Tatsuya stars as Isamu, a businessman who divorced from his...
Jukunen Rikon