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Drama Listing : U

Narumi Ryoko is a reporter who gets dismissed from a top-notch magazine and winds up at a third-rate...
Unubore Deka
Conceited Detective

A 30-year-old single detective (Nagase Tomoya), who is under the illusion that he is popular with females...
The premise of the show has KARA working for an underworld service as for-hires, but instead of killing...
Uramiya Honpo

A mysterious woman evokes justice for people who have been unforgivably hurt... And in a way that's sure...
Uramiya Honpo 2
Uramiya Honpo REBOOT

Ayumi Kinoshita once again plays the mysterious Uramiya who sells her services to provide total revenge....
Ushi ni Negai wo: Love & Farm
牛に願いを - Love & Farm

The story revolves around six third-year students at the Tokyo University of Agriculture who go to Hokkaido...
Ushinawareta Yakusoku

Ushinawareta Yakusoku will air Tuesday, Sept. 16, 9-10:48 p.m. Tokyo obstetrician Mayumi (Hitomi Kuroki)...
Uso Koi
Love Form a Lie

A story about a woman from China who forges her way to Japan by pretending to be someone's wife. When...
Uso no Sensou

30 years ago, Ichinose Koichifs (Kusanagi Tsuyoshi) family was killed in a murder plot when he was young....
Usotsuki wa Fuufu no Hajimari
Marriage Begins with a Lie

A light-hearted drama about a man and a women who are forced to live in the same house as the result...
Uta no Onii-san

The story revolves around an unconventional children's show called "Minna de Utao!" Kenta is a young...

The drama is a comedy set in Kochi prefecture and Nagase will play two characters - father of a daughter...
Utenai Keikan

Reiji Shibasaki (Seiichi Tanabe) works as a planning section chief for General Affairs Department in...
Utsukushi Rinjin

A sudden encounter between a gracefully attractive but mysterious woman, Saki, and an ordinary housewife,...
Utsukushii hito
Le bel homme / Beauty

Misaki Kyosuke, an excellent plastic surgeon, started living a very private life after his wife passed...
Utsukushiki Wana ~ Zanka Ryouran
ZANKA ~ beauiful snares

Rika is a 34-year-old office worker who has put an end to a love affair with a senior executive at a...