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Lyrics : Happy Tomorrow
Song Name: Happy Tomorrow
Artiste(s): NiNa
Drama Title: Kanojotachi no jidai
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I woke up this morning at dawn
I believe that I've been reborn
Threw out my dolls and got a dog
So stop crying
I look down and see my two feet on the ground
Say it "Oh won't you sing it baby"
Please sing this is my life anyway

* Play a song and sing to me
sometimes everything looks
a little far away to me
Sing a song and play with me
With me

# My dreams have never changed
We're looking for at a happy tomorrow

I wanna know who is calling me
I've travelled so far
Well I don't know but I still care
(Yes I do baby)
My favorite is unreal extreme super new
You make me feel so happy
You make my baby shake!
Just call my name and here for you
We are looking at the morning light!

* repeat
My dreams are still the same
I feel so very happy
Let's laugh!

Play a song and sing to me
* repeat

# repeat
We're looking at a happy tomorrow