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*** POSTING GUIDELINES - July 25, 2007 ***

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 31, 2006 2:05 pm    Post subject: *** POSTING GUIDELINES - July 25, 2007 *** Reply with quote Back to top


These guidelines apply to ALL forums at J-Dorama.com.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in any action deemed necessary by the moderators. This can and will include the locking/moving/merging of threads and deletion of posts/threads, possibly without notice (moderator discretion).

1. ALWAYS use the Search Engine BEFORE creating a new threads. If you do not know how to you the Search Engine, please ask others.

2. The thread subject/title MUST be in English. No double-byte chracters, Japanese, Chinese, Traditional Chinese or any other unicodes.

2a. When giving a title for a new thread, please name it family name first, for e.g., Watanabe Ken, not Ken Watanabe.

2b. Another note for Artistes in a group/band, we encourage for members to post in each group of the members rather than making a separate thread dedicated to a particular member. We will immediately merge any individual threads for Artistes that are part of a group/band.

2c. This message board's primary language is in English and all conversations should be in English aside from those few country-specific threads. To speak any other language at length should be avoided, as it is poor manners/etiquette to those who cannot speak the language. (added 06/29/2007)

3. Please alert members if your comments contain possible spoilers using the spoiler tags: [spoiler] text [/spoiler ].

4. This forum is meant for Japanese dramas ONLY. Other dramas, such as Korean Dramas, Taiwanese Dramas, etc. belong in the General Discussion forum. Japanese movies, concerts, non-drama show discussions belong in the Japanese Entertainment forum

5. If you are looking for a particular drama or requesting for seed/sub please post in the Buy, Sell or Trade forum. Read the Buy, Sell, or Trade forum's guidelines before posting.

6. No multiple posting across different forums will be tolerated. They will be deleted ASAP.

7. Utilize the Japanese Drama Database (upper right corner of any page) to search not only for a particular drama, but also all other related threads. Keep in mind, some subbing groups (JN Productions in particular) name the dramas themselves, so you may not actually find them in the database (ex: Dreams of Romance is listed in the Database as Are you in love?).

8. The moderator(s) have the right to edit/change/modify the thread title/subject, if found inappropriate for any reason.

9. This is a living post, which means the contents will be revised from time to time. So please check often for updates. Also, the topic will be locked, as this topic is designed for announcements only.

10. Please review the list of Sticky Threads which are listed above all threads. These threads are made sticky for your convenience.

11. If you have any inquiries or suggestions please do not hesitate to PM the moderators.

12. Bumping or pushing threads for no reason, particularly in the Artistes forum, will not be tolerated and the offending posts will be deleted promptly. (added 05/16/2007)

13. The posting of an excessive number of images per post consumes bandwidth and is seen as a nuisance by other members and will not be tolerated. The quantity considered excessive and how they will be dealt with will be left to the moderator's discretion. (added 07/25/2007)


1. All signature images are restricted to a maximum dimensional size of 500(w)x150(h) pixels total and that includes text AND emoticons.

2. The combined file sizes of the avatar and signature must NOT exceed 200KB. Failure to comply will result in the immediate removal of the avatar and/or the signature without notice (moderator discretion).

3. (added 03/17/2007)The signature and avatar space shall not be used as advertising space for other web sites, particularly those involving the sale of products or merchandise.
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