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Yoshitsune [義経]



Drama Details
Season:Winter 2005

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TV Station:NHK

The historical drama for 2005 is a life story of Minamotono Yoshitsune, popular historical figure in Japan who is known to have been an excellent battle commander in the very end of the Heian period. Yoshitsune, a member of the Genji clan, contributed greatly to the clan's victory over their rival Heike clan and to establishment of his brother's first shogunate in history. Based on a novel by Tomiko Miyao, the drama portrays the life of the “super hero” focusing on the rivalry and sympathy between Yoshitsune and Tairano Kiyomori, the head of the Heike clan.

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Actor/Actress Cast (69)
Abe Hiroshi 阿部寛Abe Hiroshi

Tairano Tomomori
Oguri Shun 小栗旬Oguri Shun
Takizawa Hideaki 滝沢秀明Takizawa Hideaki

Minamotono Yoshitsune
Matsudaira Ken 松平健Matsudaira Ken

Musashibo Benkei
Nanbara Kiyotaka 南原清隆Nanbara Kiyotaka

Iseno Saburo
Ito Atsushi 伊藤淳史Ito Atsushi

Ujiki Tsuyoshi うじきつよしUjiki Tsuyoshi

Surugano Jiro
Kaito Ken 海東健Kaito Ken

Sato Tadanobu
!TODELETE Nakashima Tomoko 中島知子!TODELETE Nakashima Tomoko

Miyauchi Atsushi 宮内敦士Miyauchi Atsushi

Sato Tsugunobu
Hasegawa Tomoharu 長谷川朝晴Hasegawa Tomoharu

Washio Saburo
Ono Machiko 尾野真千子Ono Machiko

Tokoshi Makeiko 床嶋佳子Tokoshi Makeiko

Isono Zenji
Miwa Akihiro 美輪明宏Miwa Akihiro

Ebisu Yoshikazu 子能収Ebisu Yoshikazu

Ichijyo Naganari
Inamori Izumi 稲森いずみInamori Izumi

Tokiwa Gozen
Osugi Ren 大杉漣Osugi Ren

Shingu Juuro Yukiie
Ishihara Satomi 石原さとみIshihara Satomi

Nakai Kiichi 中井貴一Nakai Kiichi

Minamotono Yoritomo
Zaizen Naomi 財前直見Zaizen Naomi

Hojo Masako
Kobayashi Nenji 小林稔侍Kobayashi Nenji

Hojo Tokimasa
Matsushima Naomi 松嶋尚美Matsushima Naomi

Kame no Mae
Niki Terumi 二木てるみNiki Terumi

Kusami Junpei 草見潤平Kusami Junpei

Adachi Morinaga
Godai Takayuki 五代高之Godai Takayuki

Miyoshi Yasunobu
Koizumi Kotaro 小泉孝太郎Koizumi Kotaro

Tairano Sukemori
Himeno Keiji 姫野惠二Himeno Keiji

Hojyou Munetoki
Ozawa Yukiyoshi 小澤征悦Ozawa Yukiyoshi

Kiso Yoshinaka
Koike Eiko 小池栄子Koike Eiko

Tomoe Gozen
Ishihara Yoshizumi 石原良純Ishihara Yoshizumi

Minamotono Noriyori
Nakao Akira 中尾彬Nakao Akira

Kajiwara Kagetoki
Tanba Tetsuro 丹波哲郎Tanba Tetsuro

Minamotono Yorimasa
Watari Tetsuya 渡哲也Watari Tetsuya

Tairano Kiyomori
Matsuzaka Keiko 松坂慶子Matsuzaka Keiko

Katsumura Masanobu 勝村政信Katsumura Masanobu

Tairano Shigemori
Moriguchi Yoko 森口瑶子Moriguchi Yoko

Kashu Toshiki 賀集利樹Kashu Toshiki

Tairano Koremori
Tsurumi Shingo 鶴見辰吾Tsurumi Shingo

Tairano Munemori
Natsukawa Yui 夏川結衣Natsukawa Yui

Nakagoshi Noriko 中越典子Nakagoshi Noriko

Kenrei Mon'in Tokuko
Hosokawa Shigeki 細川茂樹Hosokawa Shigeki

Tairano Shigehira
Toda Naho 戸田菜穂Toda Naho

Goto Maki 後藤真希Goto Maki

Ohashi Goro 大橋吾郎Ohashi Goro

Tairano Tokitada
Kato Kazuko かとうかずこKato Kazuko

Minakaze Yoko 南風洋子Minakaze Yoko

Ikezenji Muneko
Miura Koichi 三浦浩一Miura Koichi

Tairano Yorimori
Hirano Tadahiko 平野忠彦Hirano Tadahiko

Tairano Morikuni
Uehara Misa 上原美佐Uehara Misa

Taira Mikijiro 平幹二朗Taira Mikijiro

Go-Shirakawa Tenno
Natsuki Mari 夏木マリNatsuki Mari

Tango Tsubone
Kusakari Masao 草刈正雄Kusakari Masao

Tairano Tomoyasu
Oka Kojiro 岡幸二郎Oka Kojiro

Ueto Aya 上戸彩Ueto Aya

Arakawa Yoshiyoshi 荒川良々Arakawa Yoshiyoshi

Dainichibou Jyunkei
Shiraishi Kayoko 白石加代子Shiraishi Kayoko

Kitamura Yukiya 北村有起哉Kitamura Yukiya

Takahashi Kojiro 高橋耕次郎Takahashi Kojiro

Umeji Sakae 梅津栄Umeji Sakae

Suzakuno Okina
Shiomi Sansei 塩見三省Shiomi Sansei

Kakunichi Risshi
Manda Hisako 萬田久子Manda Hisako

Takahashi Hideki 高橋英樹Takahashi Hideki

Fujiwarano Hidehira
Ichikawa Sadanji 市川左團次Ichikawa Sadanji

Kaneuri Kichiji
Watanabe Ikkei 渡辺いっけいWatanabe Ikkei

Fujiwarano Yasuhira
Nagashima Kazushige 長嶋一茂Nagashima Kazushige

Fujiwarano Kunihira
Yuki Ryoichi ユキリョウイチYuki Ryoichi

Fujiwarano Tadahira
Imai Tsubasa 今井翼Imai Tsubasa
Nakajima Tomoko 中嶋朋子Nakajima Tomoko

Tokoshima YoshikoTokoshima Yoshiko

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Drama Reviews (10)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. A hero´s life [Rating: 10/10]
Being at the middle of the story, I can say this drama is really something. beginning with the scenaries, the costumes, the language, everything takes the viewer to another world, the world of ancient Japan. talking about the story, this is interesting and touching. To see how the war for power was developed, but at the same time been able to understand the deep feelings of those who were involved, it´s amazing. The relationships among all the characters further than the battlefield, the hopes and dreams of the great warriors, the problems inside the clans... great.
Now, talking about the actors, Takki is making a terrific job as Yoshitsune. This is a hero with a big heart and charisma that attracts everyone to him. The rest (there are so many characters!!!!) is outstandig also.
Can´t wait to see all of it!!!
Reviewed by tsuki666 on 26 July 2005
2. Yoshitsune [Rating: 8/10]
Very enjoyable cast especially the supporting cast I felt Tetsuya Watari really brought to life Tairano Kiyomori for example. (I took a trip over to Miyajima just to see the Kiyomori shine.) Yoshitsune is a very famous person and this was an interesting different perspective on his life and death. Elements of the later really contradict a lot of what I have read in history books but it was interesting. With that said I felt a little let down with the overall pace of the show. It felt like it dragged in parts and introduced a lot of people that added nothing to the story line and then it abandoned them without follow-up they just sort of go away. If I had not seen other Taiga drama's that are better I would have given this a higher rating but I know NHK can do better.
Reviewed by MonsterZero-65 on 28 August 2006
3. ^^ I love it [Rating: 10/10]
Actually... I've only seen four episodes... with a lot of confusion... due to my really bad Japanese.. and their usage of olden day language... but i've already cried once...haha... but it's a must watch... if you like History dramas... It's very interesting... i've heard Yoshitsune has big buget so this drama should be really really good as the storyline gets more intense.... (sorry this is my first time writing reviews so really not sure what I should right..^^;)
Reviewed by teru_teru_bouzu on 31 January 2005
4. So far so good [Rating: ?/10]
I am still watching but I am impressed so far with the acting. Still have not seen much in the way of action. The drama has the feeling that it is building to something but so far has not really delivered much intensity. I felt the same about Shinsengumi. Both feature emphasis on personal relationships and motivations for actions rather than action itself. Still it is interesting.
Reviewed by Doramafan113 on 6 June 2005
5. tackey in a taiga dorama [Rating: 10/10]
Tackey just appeared in the third episode but i am already giving this dorama a 10. Not very big on taigas but with Tackey on it plus the great cast, it's definitely going to be fantastic. I know that it's gonna run for a year so I have to congratulate the whole cast for putting so much effort and love on it. I am actually looking forward to watching the next episodes.
Reviewed by xilin on 24 January 2005
6. Well done!! Tackey!! [Rating: 9/10]
I never like historical dramas, I started watching this one simply becausel of Takki.. wow, amazingly, a young hearthrob like him translate the role extraordinary good!! He acts natuarally, and not exagerrately (as many 'd do when performing a historical role)
Reviewed by idetakun on 10 June 2006
7. Thank you to NHK [Rating: 9/10]
NHK always puts together a first rate cast for their Taiga drama's and Yoshitsune was no exception. The story is famous and it was shot beautifully. It was not my favorite taiga but it was very good. I recently watched it again and it grew on me a little more.
Reviewed by MonsterZero65 on 15 August 2010
8. Good [Rating: 7/10]
Good taiga dorama, takizawa was extremely good.
Reviewed by ester_grace on 5 October 2010
9. O o Excellect Movie o O [Rating: 10/10]
O o Excellect Movie o O
Reviewed by OasisCS on 14 July 2005
10. O o Excellect Movie o O [Rating: 10/10]
O o Excellect Movie o O
Reviewed by OasisCS on 14 July 2005

Comments From Users (54)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by minochi99 [Rating: 10/10]
What a great drama. Personally ranked it behind Toshiie Matsu and Musashi. I didn't think Takizawa would pull off the Yoshitsune historical figure. But he did a fine job. Very believable as the upright, honorable, and naiive Yoshitsune. His acting still needs improvement, too dead-panned sometimes. Love the girls, can't complain there. Aya Ueto, Ishihara Satomi, Koike Eiko (man they put too much war gear on her, too bad :-( )....nice. Matsudaira Ken as Benkei is the strongest character in the movie. He really played the part well. Nakai has always been a Taiga dorama staple. Very underrated imo.

The drama theme of utter devotion between lord and vassal is interesting and touching. The ending is so emotional and heartful, you could feel the tragedy that was to become of Yoshitsune and his men. Life can be brutal even for the innocent. Very powerful ending, even more so than my two favorite Taiga dorams that I mentioned above. It's truly like a Shakespeare tragedy and I could see why the Japanese still honor and admire Yoshitsune even today. He has become one of my favorite Japanese historical figure. May his dream of a new country of peace always verberate in the hearts and minds of the people of Japan.
2. Comments by miriya52 [Rating: 8/10]
I watched one episode somewhere in the middle and it captivated me. Now I want to watch the whole series. Great series! I get so hooked that I keep watching all the episodes I have.

The only thing is that after about 12 episodes (the length of a typical drama), the episodes start getting repetitive, in the sense that the style is the same. It starts to lose its entertainment value. Then again, it probably would have been better to spread it out to one episode a week, as opposed to the rate I'm watching them, a couple episodes a day.
3. Comments by yume [Rating: 8/10]
The way the story is told is nicely done with the narration and flashbacks. The child actors are even top-level, considering that Japan has low quality standards for its Japanese child actors because of their time constraints made by law. However, Yoshitsune is doing a good job there! Sadly, there seems to be emotion lacking in some of the characters, and a lot of the story seems hurried at first, it's got one full year, so I hope it moves better than it did in the first ep!
4. Comments by ScrappedShinigami [Rating: 6/10]
I still haven't managed to finish this I'm about 5/6 episodes shy of watching the whole thing. It is a good historical series but by golly it made me cry so many times!
Takki did great job as Yoshitsune he really brought the character to life. I really felt I could understand what he was feeling and most of the time it made me want to cry ^_^ wah!
Great Show! But a one time watch I don't think I could put myself through it again... saying that it is pretty long ^^;
5. Comments by Nermal [Rating: 6/10]
Hmm.. why such a low score. I`m not sure myself.. it`s nt that it wasn`t interesting, but with the tremendous cast of actors (still not talking about the main actor here), I was expecting much more from this I guess.

It`s good history wise if you didn`t know about that time. the supporting cast is good, Watari Tetsuya (kiyomori) put up a brilliant performance.

Other than that, it is a very long drama, lots of lenghts that I didn`t like. So here`s a 6/10
6. Comments by LoveMonster [Rating: 8/10]
(Eps 1-16) Grandiose cast! Stunning backdrops! A deep.. almost too deep, too detailed, too-much-going-on storyline. Aims to be epic, but I'm still on the fence as to whether it will reach perfection. But so far it has all been worthwhile content. Just be mindful when it comes to the lack of romance and comedy.
7. Comments by onigiriman [Rating: 6/10]
This gets a 6--barely above average--for incorporating many (if not all) the stories of the Yoshitsuen legend. They should have shown more of Yoshitsune's sour qualities--he was very short tempered. And they should have given Takizawa more sword-play lessons, especially since this was his showcase vehicle.
8. Comments by rikastar [Rating: ?/10]
This is still running for the whole of 2005 so can't rate it yet. My 1st taiga drama... gosh can't believe I'm watching one either. One of the reasons I like jdoramas is because I think 10-12 episodes is just right. This is all thanks to Takki, lol. I'm getting drawn into it though, so far so good. ^^
9. Comments by Nodacchi [Rating: 7/10]
Good historical drama.... a bit boring and Hideaki Takizawa sometimes stretched the believability of his role too far (he just doesn't look all that much like a warrior sometimes - the first episode seems to hammer this fact home). Still, he does make up for it later.
10. Comments by cheetara56 [Rating: 8/10]
Some parts boring, but otherwise I liked the cast a lot. I thought Takkey, though pretty, did a good job despite what others said about his role here. But the supporting actors are what really got this drama from so-so to something worth watching.
11. Comments by LuVinEm [Rating: 10/10]
still watch dis one too!! almost done!! cast Takizawa Hideaki, Itoh Atsushi, Oguri Shun, Ueto Aya and many MORE! lots of actor and actress!! ^^' very good drama of japanese civilwar!!.. i like the way of samurai! YOSH! ikeso! :P must see it!!!
12. Comments by ginger ale [Rating: ?/10]
My first Japanese taiga and Its awesome. Its history lesson in a movie!!! Takki is too young and too pretty for the role of this great samurai warrior general but then again his charisma was what got me to watching it in the first place.
13. Comments by idetakun [Rating: 7/10]
I never like historical dramas,
I watch it just to judge on Takki..

wow, amazingly, a youngster like him translate the role extraordinary good!!
He acts natuarally, and not exagerrately (as many do when performing a historical role)
14. Comments by Szabotage [Rating: ?/10]
Am watching now--points for gorgeous costumes! Not as good as last year's Shinsengumi, I think, but it's interesting to see how they're handling some of the story. It's still ongoing, will review again when finished.
15. Comments by hikaruhana [Rating: 10/10]
My favorite Taiga drama so far. Watched every single episode. The characters and relationships have a lot of depth, a lot of hidden undercurrents that get revealed as the story develops. Great great drama.
16. Comments by xiong_here [Rating: 8/10]
Still watching it, so far its decent. I read a bit about Yoshitsune in my Japanese class and as a history major it certainly is an interesting piece of Japanese history that I like looking into.
17. Comments by MAYSEVENTEEN [Rating: ?/10]
Well, actually I havent watched the whole of its movie. But I knew that Hideaki Takizawa (Tackey) casted as Yoshitsune. Somehow I knew about this movie because Oguri Shun-san was a guest in it.
18. Comments by damsel [Rating: 5/10]
tackey is hot in here. i still watch it eventhough i cna't understand what they are saying bec. it was dubbed in japanese. It'sl fun to watch tackey dressed in ancient clothes. ^_^
19. Comments by simonelin [Rating: 9/10]
Great drama!!! Takki is very kakkoi in the drama. Cannot take my eyes off him in the drama. But only in this drama.. haha cos i dont like Takki's modern image..haha...
20. Comments by expanzee [Rating: 6/10]
History is not my thing. Only watched this cause Satomi Ishihara acts as Shizuka. But after a few episodes, I found out that this series is rather fun to watch.
21. Comments by Raining JHan [Rating: 6/10]
this is one i did not catch from the beginning, but it was really cool, it was sad when yoshitsune died at end, his sprirt will live on forever in this drama!!!
22. Comments by kinkitsuyo [Rating: ?/10]
Plot still growing strong so far... it is the first time I watch Taiga drama and it is really very interesting! I am gonna watch till the end!
23. Comments by AWALESPOOT [Rating: 9/10]
I have a Yoshitsune's family's Kimono (because of the mont in my kimono) and it's because I'm have that , I want to see the full serie!
24. Comments by maymay80 [Rating: 10/10]
its a wow, Cool drama, wonderfull, moving drama...little too long, actually long! but recommended if ur a tackey fan i supposed LOL.
25. Comments by melancholy [Rating: 7/10]
this quasi-mythological part of japanese history has always been appealing to me + its a pretty good dorama ^^
26. Comments by xhidex33 [Rating: 8/10]
Haven't finished it yet, but it's good. Not happy and stuff, but worth watching. Taki's in it!
27. Comments by johnnythao [Rating: 7/10]
Really good, the action filiming was rather off, but still a great drama to watch repeatedly.
28. Comments by kitakaze [Rating: 9/10]
Pretty cool so far, especially since I just learned about this period in Japanese history.
29. Comments by Etsuko [Rating: 10/10]
A historical drama that plays on your imagination.... I loved it, it was skillfully done!
30. Comments by nickylynn [Rating: 5/10]
Takizawa Hideaki wasn't believable to me as Yoshitsune. Altogether I just didn't like it.

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Users who voted for this drama (56)
1. juunigatsu
takki did really well as yoshitsune. he has matured so much as an actor~ and he was only 22 or 23 when he filmed this taiga drama? he perfectly fits the description of yoshitsune. i think there's no better person to act this character than takizawa.
2. minochi99
Currently watching the series and enjoying so far. There could be a better actor that could play Yoshitsune. But after watching some 40 episodes, maybe Takizawa isn't so bad after all. Will give more comments upon finishing the series.
3. greenwing
this is a drama that's really pleasant to watch. it's not perfect in its execution, but it's hard not to like the characters and engaging storyline based off of real events.
4. lov_aya
I vote this drama bcoz of Aya..She's such great actress..Give whatever role, she can simply acts in good conditions
5. Mylene
i've watched only few episodes at the moment, but i started to like this serie much. and right Takki is kawaii! ^^
6. miriya52
Interesting taiga drama. Many famous actors and actresses. Sweeping and magnificent. Beautiful cinematography.
7. Frits
takizawa was AMAZING, the story was SUPERB.. honestly i didn't really taiga but i couldn't stop to watched this..
8. Jiro takahara
this was a good show accept the ending when kuro, benki, kistana and the rest died...but i loved it over all
9. pandan_girlz83
Historical drama of Japan..still thinking whether want 2 watch it or not..but, Aya's was there.. so?? :)
10. cutie_aya85
aya's so beautiful...she's doing her job pretty well in many roles! KEEP A good WORK!!
11. crazy_of_u
what a long story 2 be watch...but, bcoz of Aya's maybe i'm able 2 watch it..go Aya!!
12. cutie_girlz83
aya's still good looking altough she's wearing "Kimono" (Japan traditional costume)
13. jovi_cute1986
a quite old drama for Ueto Aya..but, she's always cute in every dresses whe wear
14. suki_1305
A traditional war drama for Japan n this votes go to acttress, Ueto Aya!!
15. Fight-oh
A crazy war filled story with samurai's and alot of fighting and killing
16. aya83
a long story to watch but interesting...different than other's Aya drama
17. tsuki666
Omoshiroi!!!!!!!! Love the scenaries, the costumes, and Yoshitsune-sama
18. lov_aya85
i wonder what is this drama about. going to search 4 it..Go Aya!!
19. ester_grace
Never imagined takky in taiga drama but he did it very well
20. mabo
there's Takki in it and i love historical dramas !
21. johnnythao
It's a great Drama. Full of action and conflict's.
22. Hakucho
23. jovie2109
historical drama n aya's cute in kimono
24. greenepal_82
like Azumi...she's just perfect
25. helenlu
i love tackey as yoshitsune!
26. aya_fans83
a great movie 2 be watch!!
27. OasisCS
O o Excellect Movie o O
28. polabear_85
aya..aya...like Azumi..
29. ueto_aya
gonna to watch it..
30. crazy_girlz83
going 2 watch it...

Read all 56 votes from users