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Fukuda Mayuko 福田麻由子 ( Mayuko Fukuda )

NameFukuda Mayuko
Star SignLeo
Birthday04 August 1994
Blood TypeB

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Filmography (16)
Saigo no Restaurant [2016]
Ariga Chie
Mirai Nikki ANOTHER:WORLD [2012]
Okie Haruna
Kagi no Kakatta Heya [2012]
Takazawa Miki (ep. 2)
Soredemo, Ikite Yuku [2011]
Toyama Akari
Kyuto [2010]
Fujino Tsukiko
Miporin no Ekubo [2010]
Zettai Reido [2010]
Furuhata Chugakusei [2008]
Enka no Joou [2007]
演歌の女王 (えんか の じょおう)
Nobutomo Sachiko
Teru Teru Ashita [2006]
Sawai Yasuko
Byakuyakou [2006]
Young Nishimoto Yukiho
幼少時代唐沢雪穂 (11)
Hotaru no haka [2005]
Rasuto Purezento [2004]
ラストプレゼント 〜娘と生きる最後の夏〜
小田歩 (8)
Hojo Tokimune [2001]
Summer snow [2000]
Aoi Tokugawa Sandai [2000]

Users who voted for this artiste (8)
1. Takekaze
Ha! First one. It's about time she gets a vote, isn't it? All I have to say is: she may be extremely young right now, but she's already showing an extreme amount of talent which brings up hope for he future career. As of now (December 2007) she's 13 years old, yet this little girl can act as if she has never done anything else. Being as versatile as her at that age is something that doesn't happen that often. I can only think of one other young actress in Japan who can compete with her, and that's Shida Mirai. Give it five years, then she'll be 18, I'm sure she'll be one of the really big names in the business. She has the talent to build upon. Just wait. What always fascinates me is, how she can pull off the really creepy characters with ease. And then there's this odd phenomenon with her photos. On some of them she looks a lot older than she actually is. Reminds me a bit of some of Maeda Aki's photos when she was 15/16 and where she could easily pass as 25.
2. wahyuchan
she is the most talented U15 actress in japan...
with many special ability such as palying piano,drawing,singing,dancing,crafting,she also have ever score 5 perfect score on 5 subjects study in her school...
she's my favourite actress..yet she is very sweet!!!!
fantastic future awaits for you mayuko fukuda!!!!You are a perfect girl..perfect actress...!!!
keep up the good works!!!
LOve mayuko forever.......... :P
3. CatD95
A young and talented actress. Keep your steam going
4. bone-san
Mamayu..... I'm your fans..!!!
5. marienella
6. spaced_man
7. Elf Elf
8. NellParkinson