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Location:  The Crucible
Occupation:  Dalek
Interests: Building the Reality Bomb, wiping out Time Lords, yelling "EXTERMINATE!" at people, singing Doctor Cox's "Wrong" song at people who are wrong
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Abe Hiroshi [阿部寛]
I love him. Okay, it may sound weird when I, as male, say something like that. But it's the truth, I love him. It's kind of funny, going by his looks and all one could easily consider him to be THE incarnation of manliness. And many of the parts he usually plays empasize this. Yet, when you look at, for example his press conference about his engagement to a normal OL it clearly shows that this man is certainly not the stereotypical macho he might play on screen sometimes. In fact, I would say he's one of the most versatile actors I've ever seen. His Taira Tomomori in "Yoshitsune" was very impressive (and pretty much the only Taira who had a plan), his performance in "Tokyo Raiders" (one of Shibasaki Kou's first appearances, she has a tiny little part in it) as the bad guy was flawless. "Survive Style", a completely odd character. "Trick" anyone? And then tv dramas like "Kekkon dekinai otoko" or "At Home Dad" where he shows his talent for comedies. Amazing. The latest movie with him I have on my shelves is "Taitei no ken". Shall we call it a jidai geki? Sort of. Abe-san's wielding a HUGE sword in it and his performance is absolutely perfect. He can play anything and everything.
Fukuda Mayuko [福田麻由子]
Ha! First one. It's about time she gets a vote, isn't it? All I have to say is: she may be extremely young right now, but she's already showing an extreme amount of talent which brings up hope for he future career. As of now (December 2007) she's 13 years old, yet this little girl can act as if she has never done anything else. Being as versatile as her at that age is something that doesn't happen that often. I can only think of one other young actress in Japan who can compete with her, and that's Shida Mirai. Give it five years, then she'll be 18, I'm sure she'll be one of the really big names in the business. She has the talent to build upon. Just wait. What always fascinates me is, how she can pull off the really creepy characters with ease. And then there's this odd phenomenon with her photos. On some of them she looks a lot older than she actually is. Reminds me a bit of some of Maeda Aki's photos when she was 15/16 and where she could easily pass as 25.
Hirosue Ryoko [広末涼子]
Don't worry, I'm not going to make an hourlong explanation why I vote for her. Let me just say, I've been a fan ever since her first days in the business. Good to see her back after the baby break.
Kanjiya Shihori [貫地谷しほり]
She's an excellent actress. Swing Girls, then her small part in H2, Survive Style, even in Saikano (the movie sucked thanks to the horrible script, but the chemistry between her and Maeda Aki was superb). Also her appearances in the Ooku Hana no Ran series and the Ooku TV special were amazing. She was great in those four episodes in Fuurinkazan as well. One thing, however, is annoying: out of four Jidai Geki, her characters are killed in three. But she's still amazing. Low key, maybe a bit too low key, yet she easily beats some of the big names like Horikita, Nagasawa or Sawajiri just with her skills. That said, she worked her way to where she is with just her skills. She never had any flashy photobooks with super cute things (like most have done it at one part in their career) or other annoying stuff like that. Superb skill and determination and now she has a lead in the current Asadora Chiritotechin thanks to that, and she's doing remarkably fine with it. Also, I like her eyes and she really has a great personality. Down to earth girl from next door, not a flashy movie princess. Her official blog can be found here: http://ameblo.jp/kanjiya/ Official site can be found at: http://kanjiyashihori.com/
Kuriyama Chiaki [栗山千明]
I met her this year (2007) at the EXTE DVD presentation. If you don't know it, you would never believe that this young woman played characters like Chigusa, Agi, Kozue, Go Go Yubari or Sayoko. Or take her part in Hagetaka, the sexy, mature, hardheaded, stubborn journalist. But in fact, she's really a very sweet young lady and I have to say, I really appreciated and enjoyed those short moments exchanging a few words with her. Yes, she's not as good looking as others, however, what are "good looks"? It's very subjective. Personally I think she is quite good looking (I really like her eyes, and yes, her nose IS big, but it fits perfectly into her face), and most importantly, she has charisma and a certain presence in front of the camera (and in private/public) that many other idols simply don't have (let's take Horikita Maki as a good example). Most of them are just cute and that's it. And, honestly, that's not nearly enough for me. Kuriyama-san has charisma, talent and personality. She's not just a cute face who can't carry her roles herself and who has to rely heavily on her support. She can carry them. She doesn't have to rely on her support cast in order to do her job perfectly. No matter what they give her, she can do it, decently. In ten years, she'll still be around with decent movies and tv appearances, while most of the other idols from her age group will be long gone. Only 33 votes? Oh come on people! She deserves more than that!
Maeda Ai [前田愛]
It's a pity that everyone knows her only from Battle Royale 2 (a really horrible movie, the only two highlights were Maeda Ai and Fujiwara Tatsuya) and maybe Azumi 2 (just as horrible). A pity, really. Nobody ever mentions her work as Kino in the anime "Kino no Tabi". No word of her performance in "Ryouma ga yuku" or in "Gokudou no tsuma-tachi jouen". Or maybe Gamera 3? "Camu nante shiranai"? "Bul go gi - The Yakiniku Movie"? "Taitei no ken", where she had only a very small part (the young lady to be rescued by Abe Hiroshi's character), and where she was SCREAMING and CUSSING at her savior and those who took her hostage while being tied to a tree? Maybe the problem is that there are three Maeda Ai in the business, and all three write their names the same way. One singer, one voiceactress and this one. And they ALWAYS end up being mixed up. That said, the Maeda Ai, who's voicing young O-Ren in Kill Bill is NOT this one, even though she has done her share of voiceacting and singing. But anyway. It's really a pity that most people only know her from bad movies. Her good ones are not as well known in the west, or so it seems. Doesn't matter, though. She's back in 2007, graduation from university should be just around the corner and she had a big support part in Joutei. Why do I like her? Well, for once, she's Aki's big sister. And secondly, she's just a great young lady with a wonderful personality. Good looking, well, I think both Maeda Sisters are extremely good looking (yes, even with their massively protruding ears). And Ai is also highly skilled as actress. But not only in the stereotypical parts that every young actress has to play. Oh no. As "Ryouma ga yuku" proves, she's also well versed in stage fighting and if Battle Royale 2 proves one thing (other than being full of plotholes and bad storytelling) then it is that Maeda Ai-hime is just kick-ass (even though I still think she has the more gentle eyes when compared with the Little Sister). "Gokudou no tsuma-tachi jouen" (a yakuza movie that renders Kill Bill into a sunny fairytale for 10 year olds) shows that she can play almost anything. The most interesting thing, however, is that she made only one idol video. One. And that is an extremely unconventional piece of work. Nope, it's not like those other idol videos everyone knows, where a cute thing does cute stuff. Nope, it's totally different. How many idols do you know who pull a silenced Beretta from a pot and shoot their date with a round into the head?
Maeda Aki [前田亜季]
I really like her. Well, I already liked her from "Battle Royale" and other stuff like... "Gakko no Kaidan" (dear god was she young back then) and "Jogakusei no Tomo". Personally, I think one of her best performances was in "North Point - Tsubasa," but then again, that's me (aircraft + Aki, almost perfect; there's only one way to top that and that's: aircraft + Aki + Chiaki). "Linda Linda Linda", I really enjoyed her performance there and honestly, going by the movie itself and the behind-the-scenes footage I've seen... she really had a lot of fun as drummer. It's somewhat scary. I mean, when you watch her in "Gakko no Kaidan" and then take her in, let's say, the Inspector Kariya Murder Cases and then compare how much she has grown up in those years. Amazing. I'm swooning right now, ain't I? But yeah, see, I met her accidentally a couple of times (no photos, they're private). Talk about coincidences. And what I can tell is: she's not just cute; actually, I don't think she's really "cute" anymore; she has matured and turned into a very beautiful, very intelligent young woman. One of the problems she has in her career is, that she's often playing characters that have to look scared one way of the other. She just doesn't get parts like Shibasaki Kou or Kuriyama Chiaki. A pity, really. I'd love to see her as a criminal once (a character like the three sisters in the third episode of the Inspector Kariya Murder Cases). Or as an evil character. I'm pretty sure she can do that decently. She is a pretty good actress. Agreed, Chise in Saikano wasn't really breathtaking, but then again, neither was the whole movie and Aki can't do miracles with a lousy script. But her Ritsu in "Fuurinkazaan" is pretty good. Her Yui "Harami" was odd, yes, the whole movie was odd, but I liked it, because it was odd. And now I'm sitting here, waiting for FedEx to bring me her latest movie "Overheat". Yeah, okay, maybe I'm a fanboy (I have every movie, tv series, tv appearance, etc with her (and her sister), then again, I have all movies and tv series with Kuriyama Chiaki and Suzuki Anne as well), so what? I just like her, okay? And to be honest, as much as I like the actress Maeda Aki, judging from my personal experience, the student Maeda Aki from Hosei University is a lot more interesting than the actress Maeda Aki. Oh yeah, and she speaks a marvellous English. Currently (November 2007) she's filming "YOu", another Jidai Geki, which means... Aki + kimono and that's something I really love. Not every woman looks good in a kimono, Aki's one of those who have a natural "talent" for it. She puts it on and bingo... perfection.
Shida Mirai [志田未来]
Just like Fukuda Mayuko she is one of the big names in the future and she has the talent to back this up. I remember some of her first interviews on tv shows and how nervous she always was in those days. But meanwhile she has become a lot more professional. In five years she will be one of the really big names in the business, definitely. She can play almost any character in any setting or genre. Comedies, check. Detective dramas, check. And now even a more tragic character in "Dream Again". Just you wait and see. She'll be one of the big names in a few years.
Suzuki Anne [鈴木杏]
I'd say she's one of those who started out with standard child parts, but massively evolved over the years. Though, she already showed great talent as child, but now that's she's 20 years old, one has to say that her skills in front of the camera, but also on stage, have improved even more. Returner, Ganbatte Ikimasshoi, Stand Up, that one episode in Psycho Doctor, Kuchu Teien, Rokubanme no Sayoko, Akimahende, Hana to Alice, amazing. Really amazing. Sadly, now that she's in university, things will turn a bit silent around her. But no fear, she'll be back, definitely. She'll prove that she really is the returner. By the way... if you have the chance, try to get her two big stage appearances. Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet, alongside Fujiwara Tatsuya (UPDATE: I hope there will be a DVD of the next play they're in, MUSASHI). I have to say, her Juliet was the best I've ever seen. What is interesting is, that, despite her huge success, she's not acting like it in her daily life. She stayed normal, down to earth, and didn't turn into a stuck up wannabe movie queen like a certain others. I'm surprised that there aren't any more votes. Of course, this young lady also has her official blog which be found here: http://ameblo.jp/anne-al/

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