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Kuriyama Chiaki 栗山千明 ( Chiaki Kuriyama )

NameKuriyama Chiaki
Star SignLibra
Birthday10 October 1984
Blood TypeA

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Filmography (19)
Cross Road Season 2 ~ Koe Naki ni Kiki Katachi Naki ni Mi yo [2017]
クロスロード 2 ~ 声なきに聞き形なきに見よ
Fukigen na Kajitsu [2016]
Mizukoshi Mayuko
HEAT [2015]
Izumi Sakura
Algernon ni Hanataba wo [2015]
Alice Kinnian
望月遥香 (31)
Satsujin Hensachi 70 [2014]
Nishiura Sana
Alice no Toge [2014]
Hoshino Miwa
Haitatsu Saretai Watashitachi [2013]
ATARU [2012]
Ebina Maiko
Himitsu Chouhouin Erika [2011]
秘密諜報員 エリカ
Takahashi Erika
Tsukahara Bokuden [2011]
Carnation [2011]
Yoshida Natsu
Rebound [2011]
Mimura Hitomi
Atami no Sousakan [2010]
Naniwa no Hana ~ Ogata Koan Jikencho [2009]
浪花の華 ~ 緒方洪庵事件帳
Sakon / Osae
Loss:Time:Life [2008]
Ashita no Kita Yoshio [2008]
Hasegawa Rika
Tokkyu Tanaka 3 Go [2007]
Meguro Terumi
Hagetaka [2007]
Taju Jinkaku Tantei Psycho [2000]

Users who voted for this artiste (46)
1. Takekaze
I met her this year (2007) at the EXTE DVD presentation. If you don't know it, you would never believe that this young woman played characters like Chigusa, Agi, Kozue, Go Go Yubari or Sayoko. Or take her part in Hagetaka, the sexy, mature, hardheaded, stubborn journalist. But in fact, she's really a very sweet young lady and I have to say, I really appreciated and enjoyed those short moments exchanging a few words with her.

Yes, she's not as good looking as others, however, what are "good looks"? It's very subjective. Personally I think she is quite good looking (I really like her eyes, and yes, her nose IS big, but it fits perfectly into her face), and most importantly, she has charisma and a certain presence in front of the camera (and in private/public) that many other idols simply don't have (let's take Horikita Maki as a good example). Most of them are just cute and that's it. And, honestly, that's not nearly enough for me.

Kuriyama-san has charisma, talent and personality. She's not just a cute face who can't carry her roles herself and who has to rely heavily on her support. She can carry them. She doesn't have to rely on her support cast in order to do her job perfectly. No matter what they give her, she can do it, decently.

In ten years, she'll still be around with decent movies and tv appearances, while most of the other idols from her age group will be long gone.

Only 33 votes? Oh come on people! She deserves more than that!
2. allanah
Everyone's seen her in BR and Kill Bill, thats where I first found her. But she's awsome in movies like 'Shikoku' (she plays a ghost) and an interesting dorama called 'Rokubanme no Sayako' (The sixth Sayako)
Her eyes make her perfect to play anyone who is is well... as my friends and I refer to her as,... freaky ^^ll

Great actress, great character, loved to see her as a happy go-lucky person just to see how far her acting can go ^.~
3. Ghostless
Sexy, Beautiful, Brilliant, Great actress.
What else can be said?
I've been a huge fan of hers since I got my hands on Battle Royale.
I thought she was the only good thing about Kill Bill(Note: I do not like the Kill Bill movie saga(I and II) )
And now I wanna see her new drama on NHK.
She rocks the world!
Check her out!
4. Crazy Penguin
Extremely versatile actress. She can play anything, literally anything. She's #3 on my personal Top Ten list. Too bad that her most hyped role was her weakest performance ever (Go Go in Kill Bill), but she easily made up for that with Kagen No Tsuki, Youkai Daisensou, Hagetaka and EXTE.
5. Pinoyboy
Young, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Pretty, Cute, Hot, y, Delightful, Charming, Elegant, Exquisite, White, Light, Soft, Smooth, Clean-Skinned. First saw her in Kill Bill. She was the one who got me into Asian s in the first place.
6. Toranaga
She was good in Battle Royale, but also in Rokubanme no Sayoko, O-daiba.com, Kagen no Tsuki, R-17, or Mail. As for Azumi 2 and Kill Bill, well... sadly both of her characters there lacked depth.
7. hidezawa_himeko
she always proved that she's a talented actress by her acting in many different roles.. she played as a ghost, psycho, crazy girl and another kind of weird character..
8. AKM
She was so cool in Hagetaka. Maybe now people will stop always referring to her as "Go Go from Kill Bill", she's far better than that. Kill Bill sucked.
9. oscwile
chiaki is "the coolest girl in the world", loved her in kill bill, loved her in battle royale, hope they give her more acting roles in upcoming dramas
10. mugenglider
Extremely versatile actress. She can be happy-go-lucky, romantic, and freaky-as-hell.

Loved her in all the mentioned movies :) She's so beautiful!
11. kurokage
Chiaki is a great actress! she's one of my most favorite artists of all time (^_^)d love her most in Kill Bill. brilliant coldness!
12. nachi22
she is a good actress, like in AZUMI2 the spy....

13. xxchiakikuriyamaxx
shes hot, shes cuter than cute, she has earned it ever since i laid eyes on her on the big screen!
14. Naiy
Of course i loved her in kill bill!
But i shes truly beautiful in kagen no tsuki!!
15. yayane
Awesome girl! I saw her in Kill Bill, Kagen no Tsuki (last quarter) and BR. I like her a lot ^^"
16. iez
kawaii!!!.........1st saw her in Kill Bill movie.....her face remind me of Sandy Suzuki...:)
17. stealthgiga
She was too cool in Battle Royale and Kill Bill, and she's damn pretty too.
18. shytide
Gogo in Kill Bill + Chigusa in Battle Royale + Mitsuki in Last Quarter = <3
19. Kuraiyo
She was excellent in Battle Royale! Also loved her character i Kill Bill!
20. zi91
Nice acting... in Last Quarter, she did really well!! She's pretty too!!!
21. Fenrir
loved her in Battle Royale, loved her in Kill Bill, what's more to say
22. Hiyo-Chan
Great in all the movies and such she is in, most of all kill bill.
23. angel_from_hell
Really great actress! She even casted in movie, Kill Bill!
24. OPPxAzN
shes good in all of her movies... thats what i think....
25. Nanahara_shuya
She's cool. i LOVE her in Kill bill and Battle royale
26. marina_moon2003
She was ace in Battle Royale and she rocked as GoGo
27. TANG
she is tough just like me. thas why i like her
28. koi_ni_ochitano
she's really cool and pretty! i just like her!
29. saille_rose
she is so cool and such a cutie
30. linda100
liked her since Battle Royale

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