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Maeda Ai 前田愛 ( Ai Maeda )

NameMaeda Ai
Star SignLibra
Birthday04 October 1983
Blood TypeB
B/W/H70 / 58 / 73

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Maeda Aki 前田亜季Maeda Aki


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Filmography (9)
Kaitakushatachi [2012]
Shoji Tsuruko
Shin Kasouken no Onna Season 5 [2009]
新・科捜研の女 5
4 Shimai Tantei Dan [2008]
Morita Akane (ep. 3) (24)
Jotei [2007]
Sakurasho no Onnatachi [2007]
Best Friend [1999]
Konya wa eigyouchu [1999]
D&D (dangerous angel x death hunter) [1997]
Mokuyou no kaidan [1995]

Users who voted for this artiste (7)
1. Takekaze
It's a pity that everyone knows her only from Battle Royale 2 (a really horrible movie, the only two highlights were Maeda Ai and Fujiwara Tatsuya) and maybe Azumi 2 (just as horrible). A pity, really. Nobody ever mentions her work as Kino in the anime "Kino no Tabi". No word of her performance in "Ryouma ga yuku" or in "Gokudou no tsuma-tachi jouen". Or maybe Gamera 3? "Camu nante shiranai"? "Bul go gi - The Yakiniku Movie"? "Taitei no ken", where she had only a very small part (the young lady to be rescued by Abe Hiroshi's character), and where she was SCREAMING and CUSSING at her savior and those who took her hostage while being tied to a tree?

Maybe the problem is that there are three Maeda Ai in the business, and all three write their names the same way. One singer, one voiceactress and this one. And they ALWAYS end up being mixed up.

That said, the Maeda Ai, who's voicing young O-Ren in Kill Bill is NOT this one, even though she has done her share of voiceacting and singing. But anyway. It's really a pity that most people only know her from bad movies. Her good ones are not as well known in the west, or so it seems.

Doesn't matter, though. She's back in 2007, graduation from university should be just around the corner and she had a big support part in Joutei. Why do I like her? Well, for once, she's Aki's big sister. And secondly, she's just a great young lady with a wonderful personality. Good looking, well, I think both Maeda Sisters are extremely good looking (yes, even with their massively protruding ears). And Ai is also highly skilled as actress. But not only in the stereotypical parts that every young actress has to play. Oh no.

As "Ryouma ga yuku" proves, she's also well versed in stage fighting and if Battle Royale 2 proves one thing (other than being full of plotholes and bad storytelling) then it is that Maeda Ai-hime is just kick-ass (even though I still think she has the more gentle eyes when compared with the Little Sister). "Gokudou no tsuma-tachi jouen" (a yakuza movie that renders Kill Bill into a sunny fairytale for 10 year olds) shows that she can play almost anything. The most interesting thing, however, is that she made only one idol video. One. And that is an extremely unconventional piece of work. Nope, it's not like those other idol videos everyone knows, where a cute thing does cute stuff. Nope, it's totally different. How many idols do you know who pull a silenced Beretta from a pot and shoot their date with a round into the head?
2. Crazy Penguin
I think she's horribly underrated, yet extremely skilled. Then again, university took its toll on her career, but she's back!
3. kurokage
i like her coldness in battle royale 2 ;) very cool.
4. marina_moon2003
She was brilliant in Battle Royale 2 ~ Requiem.
5. andoryu
she is very pretty n i like her act on BR II
6. ilove4teen
7. n38iz87
Very cute in BRII