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Maeda Aki 前田亜季 ( Aki Maeda )

NameMaeda Aki
Star SignCancer
Birthday11 July 1985
Blood TypeA

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Filmography (11)
Arechi no Koi [2016]
Honjo Kozue
Iyashiya Kiriko no Yakusoku [2015]
Kakizaki Terumi
柿崎照美 (28)
Gochisousan [2013]
Horinohata Sakurako
Last Hope [2013]
Uda Tomoko
Akagawa Jiro Gensaku Doku <Poison> [2012]
赤川次郎原作 毒<ポイズン>
Otsu Mayumi (epi. 1)
Shinsengumi Keppuroku (2011) [2011]
Gonzo - Densetsu no Keiji [2008]
4 Shimai Tantei Dan [2008]
Shiratori Sanae (ep. 2) (19)
Mona Lisa no hohoemi [2000]
Hitoribocchi no kimi ni [1998]
Mokuyou no kaidan [1995]

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Users who voted for this artiste (13)
1. Takekaze
I really like her. Well, I already liked her from "Battle Royale" and other stuff like... "Gakko no Kaidan" (dear god was she young back then) and "Jogakusei no Tomo". Personally, I think one of her best performances was in "North Point - Tsubasa," but then again, that's me (aircraft + Aki, almost perfect; there's only one way to top that and that's: aircraft + Aki + Chiaki). "Linda Linda Linda", I really enjoyed her performance there and honestly, going by the movie itself and the behind-the-scenes footage I've seen... she really had a lot of fun as drummer. It's somewhat scary. I mean, when you watch her in "Gakko no Kaidan" and then take her in, let's say, the Inspector Kariya Murder Cases and then compare how much she has grown up in those years. Amazing. I'm swooning right now, ain't I? But yeah, see, I met her accidentally a couple of times (no photos, they're private). Talk about coincidences. And what I can tell is: she's not just cute; actually, I don't think she's really "cute" anymore; she has matured and turned into a very beautiful, very intelligent young woman.

One of the problems she has in her career is, that she's often playing characters that have to look scared one way of the other. She just doesn't get parts like Shibasaki Kou or Kuriyama Chiaki. A pity, really. I'd love to see her as a criminal once (a character like the three sisters in the third episode of the Inspector Kariya Murder Cases). Or as an evil character. I'm pretty sure she can do that decently. She is a pretty good actress.

Agreed, Chise in Saikano wasn't really breathtaking, but then again, neither was the whole movie and Aki can't do miracles with a lousy script. But her Ritsu in "Fuurinkazaan" is pretty good. Her Yui "Harami" was odd, yes, the whole movie was odd, but I liked it, because it was odd. And now I'm sitting here, waiting for FedEx to bring me her latest movie "Overheat".

Yeah, okay, maybe I'm a fanboy (I have every movie, tv series, tv appearance, etc with her (and her sister), then again, I have all movies and tv series with Kuriyama Chiaki and Suzuki Anne as well), so what? I just like her, okay? And to be honest, as much as I like the actress Maeda Aki, judging from my personal experience, the student Maeda Aki from Hosei University is a lot more interesting than the actress Maeda Aki. Oh yeah, and she speaks a marvellous English.

Currently (November 2007) she's filming "YOu", another Jidai Geki, which means... Aki + kimono and that's something I really love. Not every woman looks good in a kimono, Aki's one of those who have a natural "talent" for it. She puts it on and bingo... perfection.
2. AKM
She must be one of the most hardworking actresses I've ever seen. Filming several movies and TV specials plus pulling off her academic career, most impressive. Besides... she's cute, talented and has extremely intelligent and curious eyes.
3. Batoru_Rowaiaru
Aww... Aki's just the cutest little thing in the world, i think! She's just got such an innocent face that captures me and she rules in Battle Royale!
4. Crazy Penguin
It's Aki, why would I not vote for her? Now I'm hoping there'll be a fourth episode of the Inspector Kariya Murder Cases (she's playing his daughter)
5. kurokage
very cute.. i think she is the perfect girl to be Nakagawa Noriko in battle royale ;)
6. Crimsoncross
nice voice... her peformance with Daijobu was astounding.... kawaii-ne..
7. nippon addict
very young looking... you can't even tell that she's already 22...
8. Fenrir
just cute; did an excellent Noriko in Battle Royale
9. Amika
excellent in battle royale as noriko...
10. marina_moon2003
She was so cool in Battle Royale ^_^
11. n38iz87
She was a classmate of my friend
12. Toranaga
cute and a goof on the set
13. ilove4teen
CUTE! she's so CUTE!