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Hongo Kanata 本郷奏多 ( Kanata Hongo )

NameHongo Kanata
Star SignScorpio
Birthday15 November 1990

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Filmography (11)
Kakkou no Tamago wa Dare no Mono [2016]
Kamijo Fumiya
Chanpon Tabetaka [2015]
Yoshida Masami
Yowakutemo Katemasu [2014]
Kamezawa Junichi
Nazo no Tenkosei [2014]
Mirai Nikki ANOTHER:WORLD [2012]
Moriguchi Rui
Yankee-kun to Megane-chan [2010]
Izumi Gaku
Seigi no Mikata [2008]
Okamoto Riku
Tantei Gakuen Q [2007]
Makino Daisuke
Seito Shokun! [2007]
Himitsu no Hanazono [2007]
Kataoka Hinata
Aikurushii [2005]
Nagumo Shu
南雲愁 (11)

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Users who voted for this artiste (44)
1. rookie-chan
kanata-kun is a really good actor (especially when he acted in NANA 2). He got the appeal to the audience- good looks plu good acting is equals to a genius like him. He acts naturally, and just a look at him, he looks like a kind person. Waa! >w< *carried away mode* and he is also the ryoma echizen in PoT live action and he played very well. Nya! 5 thumbs up for Knata Hongo-kun! ^_^ Gambatte!
2. kiku4
A very cute actor! I loved him in Himitsu no Hanazono. He was able to show the different sides to his character very well, and made a sad scene which would've been cheesy, very dramatic because his tears were so real. I hope he gets more roles in the future!
3. littleviet.
he's is so cuteee !
i like him. =D
want to see him.
but i'm 5 years younger then him.
maby i go to japan 2 years later, because i love
japan sins when i was young
4. je-chan
-I don't like Kanata Hongo...

I love him! Hehe..
he's cute in Prince of Tennis, he suits the role of Echizen Ryoma very well. Two thumbs up for Kanata-chan!

5. r1n
I just cried after watching ep 9 of Himitsu no Hanazono...3 years younger than me but damn u have great acting skills...ganbatte!!! I'll keep watching ur dramas
6. Zapper
I seen Hongo Kanata in Hinokio and also i seen him in prince of tennis. I really like Hongo Kanata and his acting he's a very smart boy to be in such movies.
7. michaela
he's very cute in himitsu no hanazono and hinokio but i like all of his performances esp with shida mirai in seigi no mikata.. they're so sweet together ^^
8. akira luver
this boy is just too cute and he also can act...so far i luv him the most as hinata in himitsu and ryoma in pot...i still havent seen nana2..
9. rahci akumatsu
first i saw him in the movie moon child..

he is really cute there...


kanata~san wa kakkoi desu >_<

i wish i can meet him
10. uchijin
He's a very good actor, and I would love to see more of his work later. Just wish you'd look your age *pinches his cheeks*
11. teragram
ahhhhh he's sooo cute :3 and very good actor just watched him in Seigi no Mikata now gonna watch his other films
12. hidezawa_himeko
i love him so much even i don't really like his acting.. not bad but he always played the sililiar characters.
13. rikku-chan
i love him cuz he's cute and very good in acting... i really love him in prince of tennis live action..
14. Frits
i hope he can improve his acting skill because he has more potention to be a great actor
15. nurul addina
hmmm, i vote him cuz my younger sister force. she like him very much...hehehe
16. kudoh
I love him!!!!! So Coool, looks so handsome all the time. and kawaii desu.
17. norika17
He's so adorable! I wish I could see him personally some day... Kawaii!!!
18. kath-san
yeah...he's so cool. he really act like Ryoma Echizen!
19. hayashi_nikka
because he is one of my favorite artist in japan..
20. Aiji.Y
21. aqilah oo
22. jessica161285
cool cool cool
24. est33
25. saito.hikaru
26. adrxuan
27. Ohmiya
28. partn3rsincrime
29. danicz24
30. Aini

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