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Kamenashi Kazuya 亀梨和也 ( Kazuya Kamenashi )

NameKamenashi Kazuya
JPop GroupKat-Tun
Star SignPisces
Birthday23 February 1986
Blood TypeB

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Kamenashi Kazuya

With just one debut drama in Gokusen 2, this attractive KAT-TUN member has earned an award for best supporting role. Recently picked to play the ever popular yo...

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Filmography (16)
Boku, Unmei no Hito desu [2017]
Boku, Unmei no Hito desu.
Masaki Makoto
正木誠 (29)
Kaito Yamaneko [2016]
Second Love [2015]
Taira Kei
Tokyo Bandwagon [2013]
Hotta Ao
Yokai Ningen Bem [2011]
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge [2010]
Takano Kyohei
MR. BRAIN [2009]
Wakui Masakazu (ep. 3)
Kami no Shizuku [2009]
Kanzaki Shizuku
1 Pound no Fukuin [2008]
Hatanaka Kosaku
畑中耕作 (21)
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi [2006]
Kanzaki Hiroto
Sapuri [2006]
Ishida Yuya
Kyuuketsuki Densetsu Satsujin Jiken Special [2005]
Kindaichi Hajime
Nobuta wo Produce [2005]
Kiritani Shuji
Kindaichi shonen no Jikenbo (2005) [2005]
Kindaichi Hajime
金田一 はじめ (17)
Gokusen Season 2 [2005]
Odagiri Ryu
小田切竜 (17)
3 nen B gumi Kinpachi Sensei Season 5 [1999]
Fukagawa Akihiko

Users who voted for this artiste (398)
1. Hikari_Utako
To many people, Kame may only be a pretty boy, but i think Kame is much more than that. I'm standing in a middle position saying this right now. I mean, compare to Jin and Yamapi, Kame's looks are definitely not the best of JE, but he gives this special aura that only belongs to him. Sure, in Kat-tun, it's mainly about him and Jin, but who gets the credit for better voice? Jin does. Who's more popular? Jin is. In Gokusen 2, his quiet character was well acted and different from his usual happy self. But in there, everyone found Jin to be more outstanding and Nakama Yukie also. Then Nobuta wo Produce comes out, and you would expect him to shine the most since he is the leader, but then Maki and Yamapi overshadowed him. But even so, Kame works hard to prove himself. I've read so many fan accounts saying that Kame is a really nice person and he's also very modest. Tatta hitotsu no koi, suppli, mr.brain, and all of his doramas received low ratings, and he became ratings poison. But to be honest, the storyline itself wasn't popular amongst the mass so how can you blame him. Yes, Kame definitely isn't the best singer, dancer, actor, leader, or Johnny's there ever is, but he works hard. Imagine the criticisms Kat-tun received when Jin was in LA and now he's in LA again. Ueda looks up to kame not only as a friend, but because in any situation, Kame is able to keep calm and try his hardest. He's talented, not the best, but talented. If everyone in the world was exactly the same, everything went well for them, then there wouldn't be any need to pray for world peace. Nothing is perfect, and neither is Kame. But everytime i see him trying hard to become someone better, i know that he's a step closer towards perfection.
2. kkpryl
I sooooh love this guy...am so into him... i first felt this feeling at that 1st ep of Nobuta....that scene where he was invited to the Karaoke gig...and he said...of course...i'll come at the back of his mind he's saying "look what u're saying...u haven't paid me from the last time"...ha ha......he's so great in acting.... i cud actuaaly enumerate every fave lines (my fave lines) in his doramas...he's really great in that field.....his eyes.... the way it shines....or the way it conveys emotion...mannn...he's too PERFECT...

plus, he's feature doesn't hurt at all...HE'S TOO BEAUTIFUL...i envy him sometimes (and i;m supposed to be a gurl!!!! per se)...Lolzzz....he sings well, dances amwzingly, sexily...he smells nice (i supposed)..and he makes me wanna ask him....MARRY ME KAZUYA!!!


p.s he looks yummy in sapuri, 2...loved ep 7-8-9,...everything in it...his acting is superb...and i Missed Odagiri Ruy too...am gonna watch kindaichi soon, yuuki....and every dorama that starrs him...His an asset in JE really.....I SO CRAVE FOR HIM!@!!!
3. Puszedli
Kame is one of my favourite members of Kat-tun. I saw him first in Gokusen 2. Because of him I watched Nobuta wo produce, Sapuri and Kindachi. He is very talented and has a beautiful voice too. I like him as a person. He is a very good friend. (when Yamapi sliped up in utawara during daite senorita performance, next time he went from the sapuri shooting to the utawara show and stepped up with him during the daite senorita performance.Kame want to support him so and they did the seishun amigo dance.) I have many concerts and performances of Kat-tun where Kame sing and dance very good. He is very talented, Johnny's boys say he can be the next Kimura.I think he has a bright future.
4. lilbabi1004
Kame~~~!!! *heart throb* XD
I was hooked at first sight when he appeared in Gokusen2, as the cool hott and reserved bishounen. But in reality I found out he was the total opposite, very talkative and cheerful, always smiling and social. YET, I GREW TO LOVE HIM EVEN MORE!!! And he proved his talent for taking on various roles as he played the complex character of Shuuji in Nobuta Wo Produce!!! Though he has a long future ahead of him, he can already be counted as an exemplary IDOL in so many different aspects~!!! HUGGU! XD
5. MoonxBunny
He is getting good at acting, and he does a great job. :D I noticed him first in Gokusen 2, and he's not that great there.. but he really shines in Nobuta. wo Produce along with YamaPi. And I have heard great reviews on Sapuri and Yuuki SP.

I hope he does more acting jobs in the future, and so with the rest of KAT-TUN too {maybe in a movie of drama, I wonder how would that turn out to be}.
6. mana-chan
koi wa sugoi dashi...dansu mo joozu dashi but i never expect him to be a good actor..first watched him in gokusen 2...a very shizukana kakkoii kyara, a normal kyara that most JE can bring up...but to my surprise, he's able to make me cho hate him in nobuta, a very complex -hypocrite kyara...2 thumbs-up for kame!!! ppl cho can foresee his success na!!!
7. Di@na
Love him since 2003.

He is extremely HOT.

He has a sexy smile.

He is a great actor. Very expressful.

He has a great voice.

Kame showed in Kinpashi Sensei, Gokusen2 and OF COURSE Nobuta wo Produce what an awesome actor he is.
He isn't only good-looking and a popular singer of KAT-TUN.. that guy is very talented.
8. Ashmarina
Noticed him for the first time on Gokusen 2. The way he act as Odagiri Ryu, a cool yet caring high school student, is really convincing: esp. when he begs his father to let him go to school. He's really sumthin'... In my opinion, he's the best actor in Gokusen 2. Also, what a great singer he is! Listening to his song KIZUNA is a bless!
9. Majide
Really adore his acting skills! he really does bring a lot to the table. Besides his singing and dancing I think he has extremely good acting skills~ his performance in Nobuta and Gokusen 2 just blew me away~! and Kindaichi...he was just so adorable! very excellent and happy guy~! hopefully there will be more dramas featuring him XD
10. SweetchillixD
I don't know what it is, but there's something about Kame that fascinates me to no end. His performances are weirdly hypnotic. There's something enchanting about him - and he's got such a soothing voice. Even his cat-like eyes and hair are inexplicably appealing*(^^,)*. I'm a fan and there's no one to blame but him ;)
11. erlia91
To be honest, I like Nakamaru Yuichi (N from KAT-TUN) than Kame. But to be honest too, I think Kame is the best actor in KAT-TUN.
I love every dorama and movie he played and I think his act was great like in Gokusen 2 and Nobuta o Produce even though in Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo he looked really weird (I think).
12. teru_teru_bouzu
Kame chan.... kawai~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Myri chan.. Actually Kame's been in another drama.... Quite popular I think.... 3 nen B gumi kinpachi sensei (5th series) not really sure what his role was since I never saw it.. only knew about it when I was reading an article about the current Kinpachi sensei. ^^
13. Faithmemory
I love his voice... everytime KAT-TUN sings together... only his v0ice is somewhat loud...
I love his voice very much! He is the youngest in KAT-TUN and he is the most hard working and matured thinker in the group...
I love how he act... it's like natural...

14. frh88
i think his character in nobuta wo produce is exactly the same as his true colors......(^^,)
he's very talented...he is so handsome n got style!! though people might say that there are many more actors more kawaii than him, his talent is undeniabLe!! rarely i find actor as good as him.....
15. mikaela_angel07
he's really really cute, kakkoi and talented... i like his voice esp. his song Kizuna.. great song... and he has this certain charisma that draws me to him and making me a squealing fangirl... [^-^;] anyways, he's fun to watch on his dramas... i really really like him... [^-^]<3
16. aria_alice
kame is jus so awesome!!..he's really good at singin, acting and he started writing his songs too..i mean 16 sec. was really hot!!..especially his hips..whoo..but nway i think kame is such a really nice person...in most of his guestings in shows he was really honest and polite!!
17. zephyrscarlet
KAME IS SO TALENTED! He has so many skills... Acting, Dancing, Singing, Dancing, Baseball etc. He seems like a really nice person and I really like his professional attitude. I think his acting skills are among the best in Johnny now... definitely a cut above his peers!
18. rmatsom
an actor with gifted talent...luv him in gokusen 2, kindaichi, nobuta wo produce, sapuri n yuuki...also luv him in kat-tun...an artist that very perfect...has everything that need to be an idol...talented, pretty face, beautiful voice very gd in communication...
19. ishikumi
it was Kamenashi's role in YUUKI that cemented my attraction for his acting skills. the range of emotions he played, from cheerful & happy to depressed & sorry, came through the screen and felt very real. he portrayed the character with great justice.
20. riyana_rythe
the not so odagiri ryu like character of kame..he's so lively ne...love him for his coolness and bakaness sometimes..nice look,nice acting and has the voice...kizuna is awesome...he's still young but seems to mature ne..love him with jin and yamapi..
21. Andro
First I didn't really like him, but when I watched Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, I realized how good he's acting. And than I watched him in Sapuri and I became his fan. He's cute, has a good voice, can acting and can dance. Does he need anything else? :)
22. chime.gochan
he is super calm in gokusen....isnt it easy to act this calm on cam?
i also like his acting as kosaku in one pound gospel and as kindaichi in kindaichi shonen no jikenbo....he is soooooooo kawaii.....his face is cute and hilarious ^_^
23. Sharylaine
Well He is really good actor we can see it in Sapuri, Nobuta Wo Produse and Gokusen ... sorry I haven't seen him in kinden do ji kenbo ...ect lol I've seen recently Tatta Hitotsu no Koi and it's really cute ... and a little sad
24. AngelXing
Other than the fact that I think he's one of the most mature 19 year old ever to exists...I really respect him for being a versatile entertainer. Great voice, great acting and also great as a host. Go Kame!!! Bright future....
25. arieshellangel
He's a pretty cool guy =] good actor too =] A lot of girls thinks he's hot, but I think he's okay.. =3 *>__< please don't hit me =[* I vote for him because I think he would a pretty cool guy to hang out with and stuff =3
26. mieki
i had seen him first when i was watching a few Kat-Tun clips. i found out that there was a drama with both him and Jin in it, so i went to watch it and got hooked on that drama! i <3 his acting and his singing!! <33
27. aibakaneko
EHHHHh KAWAII!!!~~ I first noticed him in Gokusen 2. i thought he was girlie at first.. well still are after i saw him in Gokusen.. BUT! HIS ACTING is AWSOME.. SO CUTE! ABSOLUTELY GORGEous! hahahaha... ~ Sumimasen.
28. deedlitmurata
he's the best!! he shines in nobuta wo produce as shinji, he did such a wonderful job and you get to feel so involved with everything he does thru; really a SUPERB actor, i hope i see him in other doramas soon!
29. yunie89
Owww ! MY PERFECT MAN ! I always dream of you ! When I watch you, I feel like I can fly, you're so perfect, wonderful, charming, cute...So turtle !!
I LOVE YOU <3 You're the best (OF THE WORLD !!!)

30. lim3
He may not catch your attention at first glance, but his looks really grow on you. He has the X-factor and staying power.... a real idol! Great acting skills in Gokusen 2, and he can really dance and sing too!

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