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1 Pound no Fukuin [1ポンドの福音]



Drama Details
Title:1 Pound no Fukuin
1 Pound Gospel
Telecast:2008-01-12 to 2008-03-08
Season:Winter 2008

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TV Station:NTV
Duration:9 Episodes

Hatanaka Kosaku is a talented boxer who turned pro at the age of 19, winning his debut match with a first round KO. Although he is talented, he has little self-confidence. His uncontrollable appetite is an even bigger problem: he can�ft put himself in the right weight class, he runs out of energy because of hunger, and he gets knocked out while his eyes are set on food at the ringside. However, Kosaku�fs life changes when he meets Sister Angela, a novice nun in the convent near his boxing gym. She becomes the source of his power, and Kosaku fights only to win her heart.

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Actor/Actress Cast (26)
Kamenashi Kazuya
Hatanaka Kosaku
畑中耕作 (21)
Kuroki Meisa
Sister Angela
シスターアンジェラ (20)
Kobayashi Satomi
Mukoda Seiko
向田聖子 (42)
Okada Yoshinori
上田 (30)
Yamada Ryosuke
Mukoda Katsumi
向田勝己 (14)
Minamisawa Nao
Takahashi Issei
石坂 (24)
Mitsuishi Ken
Mitaka Hideo
三鷹秀夫 (45)
Motai Masako
Osamu Incho
修道院長 (55)
Ishiguro Hideo
堀口 (21)
Namioka Kazuki
Eguchi Noriko
Sister Milee
Nakamura Kaori
Sister Grace
Matsuzaka Sanae
Tanaka Yoji
Onimaru Kappei (ep. 1)
Sato Osamu
Oshiro (ep. 1)
(ep. 1)
Asami Reina
(ep. 2)
Fukui Hiroaki
(ep. 2)
Chinen Yuri
知念 侑李
(ep. 3)
Nishiyama Sosuke
(ep. 3)
Kikawada Masaya
(ep. 4)
Fuwa Mansaku
(ep. 7)
Kiritani Kenta
(ep. 7-8)
Matsuzawa Ren
(ep. 7-8)
Ishii Momoka

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Drama Reviews (10)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. A Pleasant Watch [Rating: 7/10]
Overacting and too much exaggerating aren't things that you'd want in a drama, but in this one, it works. Kamenashi Kazuya's portrayal of the ever hungry, hyperactive Kosaku who is head over heels in love with Meisa Kuroki's character is good. You can't help but smile and shake your head whenever he breaks his diet and starts eating again. Meisa Kuroki also fits her role very nicely. It's light-heartedness is one of the key factors that makes this drama a pleasant watch.
Reviewed by doublemask on 8 December 2008
2. Nice Drama~!! [Rating: 9/10]
I just finished watching it and it was GOOD~!!! I love all the cast there especially Kousaku and the guy named Haraguchi... hehehe~!!! The story is a bit weird, but it's good and interesting. And there are some GREAT parts because of their crying! I really like when Kame is crying and with his angry face. He is such a great actor. Also the others!!!

All in All... I LOVE THE DRAMA~!!!!!!!
Reviewed by Faithmemory on 11 March 2008
3. Better than what I expected [Rating: 8/10]
Kamenashi and Meisa's characters were both very cute in here... The storyline was pretty predictable, but entertaining nonetheless. I'm not usually a fan of trying-to-be-funny type dramas, but this one was executed well. I'd recommend it if you're just looking for a light-hearted drama -- this drama would definitely brighten your day.
Reviewed by poopiefish on 5 May 2008
4. A new challenge for Kazuya Kamenashi! [Rating: 8/10]
A love-Kömedie, einHappy End has a new role for Kazuya Kamenashi, well, I have laughed!
I can also say that it is also about a forbidden love between a nun and a man, there is much despair among the individuals!

Be sure to see the series is not necessary!, Men can also between the series fun!
Reviewed by jed_ka on 10 May 2008
5. Light-hearted fun [Rating: 6/10]
Despite the wacky storyline, I enjoyed this drama. If you're just looking for some light-viewing then I'd recommend this. Kamenashi is real funny, cute and spastic and there's quite a few laughs in there to keep u watching~!
Reviewed by sezling on 23 March 2008
6. Unrealistic boxing at its best [Rating: 10/10]
Thanks to Kamenashi's excellent acting, the corniness of this drama never gets embarassing. The storyline is great, and each episode will keep you laughing and wanting more. Only downfall is that it only has 9 episodes...
Reviewed by williu on 17 March 2008
7. totally funny [Rating: 10/10]
when i watched this i knew that this gonna be my fave one,, it's totally funny and kame as always natural
Reviewed by hidezawa_himeko on 2 December 2010
8. Funny and entertaining [Rating: 9/10]
Kame did very well, his acting here was very funny and entertaining made me keep laughed in 9 episodes.
Reviewed by ester_grace on 24 November 2010
9. Funny and entertaining [Rating: 9/10]
Kame did very well, his acting here was very funny and entertaining made me keep laughed in 9 episodes.
Reviewed by ester_grace on 24 November 2010
10. Funny and entertaining [Rating: 9/10]
Kame did very well, his acting here was very funny and entertaining made me keep laughed in 9 episodes.
Reviewed by ester_grace on 24 November 2010

Comments From Users (101)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Di@na [Rating: 7/10]
HMMM ok lets see:

POSITIVE: its very very veeery funny! and kame's charmy smile
and his flirting makes it even more lovely to watch this drama.

NEGATIVE: hmm there is just something that is missing..its like
when you watch the first episode it is really sweet and funny
but later nothing really new will come.. every episode is about
another box fight and how kame tries desperately to catch
attention of sister angela..its like every episode is like the other
one. thats kind a boring you know.

Kamenashi Kazuya: First of all I love Kame and obvisously he is
the star of this dorama so if you are not his fan do not watch it
LOL Kame plays the naiv,cute boxer (who is like ALWAYS hungry
XD) with alot of passion and you believe him..especially his love
to sister angela. He acts very good and shows also some of his
boxing skills. BUUUT I have to admit when you compare him to
the original manga character he does not suits physically to this
role. he is waaay too skinny and you just DO NOT believe that
he is 60 kg because he looks MUCH slimmer. Boys like Massu
(boygroup NEWS) would suits better to this role..he is slim but
has more muscles and a chubby face. BUT HEY never mind!
Kame still did a great job and I love him in this role so its
worth watching. ^___^
2. Comments by SayaOtonashi [Rating: 7/10]
Really entertaining dorama, full of energy and good mood. It was a bit repeating and boring sometimes (Kousaku changing mind all the time, tournament, food) but it got better at the end. Good way (but too obvious) of giving Kamenashi even more popularity. He sometimes reminded me to Kimura Takuya in his acting. Kousaku was a bit annoying and too hyper, always screaming "Sister!", and Sister Angela was annoying as well, never making up her mind and always wanting to run away. Boxing scenes were pretty good and interesting, as well as side stories. This dorama will keep you wanting more and more until the end. It was way too 'manga' for me (story is totally unbelievable), but also funny and nice to watch. Now I need to watch something more serious hehe Btw, loved Motai Masako's performance as Osamu Incho!
3. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 6/10]
I'm not sure whether to give this series a 6 or a 7, but I ended up giving it a 6. The show is based off of a manga series about a lightweight boxer who is a glutton and falls in love with a beautiful nun named Sister Angela. Kamenashi Kazuya plays Hatanaka Kousaku, a boxer who loves food. In fact he loves it so much that he is able to eat tons of it, but because of that has to starve himself before the weigh-ins so that he can compete.

The situations in this story are outlandish, but so funny. It was a pleasure to watch Kousaku maintain composure while trying to lose weight and proclaim his love towards Sister Angela. The acting was over the top, but I felt that it was appropriate for the tone of the show. It's worth watching if you want to see something funny.
4. Comments by Iza_Yanti [Rating: 9/10]
Actually, i dont like kame. i've watched diz drama bcoz of the storyline. In this drama, i realy love to watched it, the started, ending was realy make me feel happy to watched it. Kame give his 'baka' character like dat and not like always so 'cool' juz like in nobuta and gokusen. Kame is really take the different role from other drama. And, guess wat? after i've watched diz comedic drama, i like n can accept kame. Sister angela also, she really suitable 4 dat character. Really love the drama dat a boy who run to girl he like.. not as always, a girl will fall in love to a guy!! this drama was really intresting n not will you feel bored. diz drama will make me want to watched it again n again..
5. Comments by koala_bry [Rating: 10/10]
a freakin' hilarious dorama!! i loooove it!! i just finished it and really sister angela...she's soooo cute!!! sister angelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...daisuki!!! lool n__n gyabooo

well about the dorama..the storyline is pretty much always the same..one episode..one fight..hanataka-san love sister angela and he shout it at her..kinda boring but the comedy parts is just hilarious..so i kinda like it!! it reminds me of hajime no ippo for the main character..humm..hajime no ippo live action..it sounds to be a good idea..will be hilarious!! so..i'm hopping that one day we'll see a hajime no ippo dorama!! who's with me?? n___n
6. Comments by Susan [Rating: 8/10]
Well, it was very short and had some truly cringe-worth moments. But overall I enjoyed this drama, Kamenashi Kazuya and Okada Yoshinori especially! In fact, they were definitely the highlight of the series. I did not, however, enjoy Kuroki Meisa as Sister Angela one bit. She's very pretty but she does not have much talent as an actress. It's just a bit strange for a Japanese nun to have an English name as well. In the end I wish I could have seen more development of Katsumi (Yamada Ryousuke) and Ueda's (Okada) relationship. Theirs was far more interesting than Hatanaka and ther Sister's!
7. Comments by Swedish_Japan_Lover [Rating: 8/10]
I am confused about what I think of this drama. I did enjoy the relationship between the main characters since it was very cute as well as humorous. However I think it was a bit too rushy and... hysterical? Especially Kame's character but well well, if he was supposed to play a hysterical role like Hatanaka I guess he did a pretty good job. I totally changed my opinion about Kuroki Meisa, Ive up until this drama disliked her, but she was very cute and talanted in this drama, so thumbs up! I guess it was good for being a like i call it "hyserical drama"!
8. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 7/10]
This was one of the most funny doramas i watched, Kame�Ls character was great and even tough he didn�Lt have the shape of a boxer at all he looked credible during the training and that�Ls very impressive, specially for a japanese dorama(cough...Yankumi...cough).
Well the plot was a little repetitive but i was able to enjoy it, so i think 7 is a pretty good rating for that.
9. Comments by Faithmemory [Rating: 10/10]
It has a weird plot but actually it's an interesting series. I enjoyed it because of the casts, they are LOVED~!!! Kousaku is super cute, Kame did a great job being Kousaku. Even though he is a bit skinny, he could really box. Kousaku and Sister Angela's love story is really cute! I enjoyed watching really!
Kamenashi Kazuya is truly a great actor!
10. Comments by jetlagged [Rating: 8/10]
I dont know, but this drama made it seem like boxing was about losing weight and trying to make the weight class. The main character falls head over heels for a nun, but the nun keeps rejecting him, but he keeps expressing his love for her while he trains for his boxing match and hopes to be a champion someday. well, you know what happens next...
11. Comments by adrxuan [Rating: 10/10]
I'm giving it a 10!!!!! Kame and yamada are both in the show...this is what leads me to watch this show...the starting of the show is nt that interesting but when the story slowly builds up...it gets addictive...

both kame and yamada's acting is v.gd!!! I give yamada two thumbs up for his acting in episode 6....keep up the gd wrk boys~~~
12. Comments by Oba-chan [Rating: 7/10]
Funny, i laughed a lot. Great acting by kazuya. Kuroki meisa was great, she can be a real nun. I don't think other artist can take the sister angela role. But this drama was too Kazuya-Centric. It's all about him, There's no chance to the other actor show they acting skills. too bad, i don't like it.
Soundtrack: LIPS [KAT-TUN]: 5
13. Comments by jed_ka [Rating: 8/10]
A love-Kömedie, einHappy End has a new role for Kazuya Kamenashi, well, I have laughed!
I can also say that it is also about a forbidden love between a nun and a man, there is much despair among the individuals!

Be sure to see the series is not necessary!, Men can also between the series fun!
14. Comments by strawberrynkiwi [Rating: 8/10]
I am not a fan of Kosaku's character. I found him really annoying. Being Catholic, this story really didn't make much sense. But I enjoy watching Kame and Meisa is so gorgeous, especially in the last episode with normal clothes. and Katsumi-kun was so cute with his hair clipped up. It was entertaining.
15. Comments by Sun_Shang_Xiang [Rating: 6/10]
I love Takahashi Rumiko Sensei's mangas and I can't help but feel this would have been so much better as an anime(although I haven't seen the anime yet).I quite like Kamenashi but have difficulty in believing he's gained any weight at all , this kind of gag is so much better done in animes.
16. Comments by g_hunter1 [Rating: 7/10]
The production value of the this drama was not up to par with the more popular dramas. It looks kind of budgeted. It could have been much better. It sort of felt like it lacked some substance sometimes. But still, it was pretty entertaining to watch.
17. Comments by mammothb [Rating: 6/10]
a lighted hearted romcom, the male is kind of pushy without being annoying to the audience. nice development on female lead as the story progresses she makes some very cute expressions (: the end is very abrupt though, could have made a SP or smth:/
18. Comments by pinkokoro [Rating: 6/10]
COMPLETE. SS. surprisingly entertaining. started it without expectation but it turns out to be a very cute drama. I personally think kazuya did his best with all the facial expression. 1 pound fukuin is a light drama, and a quite entertaining one.
19. Comments by raynawashere [Rating: 10/10]
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! this drama is so awesome!! its got everything i want in a drama. cute guys, comedy and a love story. i love it soo sooooooooo sooooooooooo much!!!! this drama made me love kamenashi even more if thats possibleeee!!!
20. Comments by oonqy [Rating: 8/10]
is better and funnier than expected ~ Kame is really so cute in here ~ w/o me noticing, i haf been watching it faster than i thot.
is a great romantic comedy, the ending though expected but is really sweet!
21. Comments by aoi_dolphine [Rating: 6/10]
Could have been a better drama. The ending is so predicable. Other than Kame acting so lovely cute in his role, I dun think it deserved any other credit than that. It's entertaining if you are KT fans.
22. Comments by joychin [Rating: 6/10]
I didn't like the whole nun concept but other than that,i think the drama is ok. I like the ending. Kame did a good job and he puts a lot of emotion to this character which made kousaku interesting ^^
23. Comments by cutesawada [Rating: ?/10]
watched the first 3 epis? overacting (and weight issues when they are actually really skinny) is not for me. Kame was cute in the boy-ish character tho. and yamada <3 (and random chinen)
24. Comments by StregaLynn [Rating: 9/10]
The drama is so funny that shouldn't be missed. Kamenashi did a really good job on the main character that I've never thought he could be that funny. Really really cute!
25. Comments by butterLiLy [Rating: 4/10]
I always dislike anything that involve boxing...And yes, I was right. I dislike the series. Plus, Kame is too skinny to be a gluttonous boxer. He looked so underweight.
26. Comments by Sleepingstar [Rating: 6/10]
It might be way over the top and plot might be silly and lame but still it's entertaining drama at times. Drama was repeating itself I'm glad it wasn't any longer.
27. Comments by -kk- [Rating: 9/10]
Such a cute drama. Was totally drawn to it since episode 1.
The storyline was pretty interesting, i guess.
I think the cast was good! I love the ending!
28. Comments by yurifly [Rating: 6/10]
kinda stupid all around....i know it's a manga adaptation but i cannot stand how silly the whole plot is. chemistry between kame and meisa was also average.
29. Comments by takunbabe92 [Rating: 9/10]
I highly recommend this drama. The acting is excellent and even if you're not a KAT-TUN or Kamenashi fan, you'll still enjoy this. The plot was excellent.
30. Comments by williu [Rating: 10/10]
A great drama from start to finish. Lots of comedy, but also character development and excitement. And great acting performance by Kame. Top notch!

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Users who voted for this drama (22)
1. Faithmemory
watching it~
in the first episode... Kame really good at portraying Kousoku~ he acts like an anime!
but anyway, i need to watch it more! I love it so far... ^_^
2. ParaParaJMo
I like it so far. I won't be surprised if other KATTUN members have cameos as Kamenashi's opponents. I hope they make a live action Hajime no Ippo now
3. Dajaja
Kame is so over the top in here and the whole drama is just hilarious... Sister Angelaa!!! That's what you'll hear non-stop.
4. hidezawa_himeko
comedy romantic dorama.. kame played his character as kosaku naturally funny,, make me loved him more..
5. Kahoka
Soo funny and I love Kame. He is especially cute in this drama!! He is great at acting in this too!
6. nanaKM46
I love fighting & romance & Kame was SUPER-CUTE especially when he does the "power-swing"
7. galagrace
Still watching it right now....I love this drama coz the starring is one of the JE....
8. diadokmai86
Very interesting drama. Kamenashi and Meisa's characters were both very cute in here.
9. suomi90
romantic and it almost made me to like boxing o.O
10. nanaenam
a very adorable performance by kame-chan
11. jerichama
Kamenashi's acting here was good~ XD
12. cipong
kame-chan very cute in this drama...
13. mangasuki2010
Great drama! Kame is a good actor!
14. Pantheria
Fun fun fun with a great ending!
15. ester_grace
Funny and entertaining
16. echikun
17. sweetmaenad
18. lil-devil
19. Hikari2
20. jfre@k
21. memory_moua
22. Richie