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Kitagawa Keiko 北川景子 ( Keiko Kitagawa )

NameKitagawa Keiko
Star SignVirgo
Birthday22 August 1986
Blood TypeO

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Filmography (15)
Hippocrates no Chikai [2016]
Tsugano Makoto
Ie Uru Onna [2016]
Sangenya Machi
三軒家万智 (30)
Tantei no Tantei [2015]
Hero Season 2 [2014]
Asahi Chika, Josai Branch Secretary
Dokushin Kizoku [2013]
Haruno Yuki
Akumu-chan [2012]
Mutoi Ayami
Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de [2011]
Reiko Hosho
Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni [2011]
Hojo Suzu
LADY ~ Saigo no Hanzai Profile ~ [2011]
Tsuki no Koibito [2010]
Onuki Yuzuki
Hitsudan Hostess [2010]
Saito Rie
Buzzer Beat ~ Gakeppuchi no Hero [2009]
Shirakawa Riko
Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu [2008]
Enokido Wakaba
Mop Girl [2007]
Hasegawa Momoko (21)
Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon [2003]
Hino Rei / Sailor Mars

Users who voted for this artiste (53)
1. Sorata
I watched her only in Buzzer Beat and Hitsudan Hostess and i really fell in love with her, she�Ls not that good of an actress but she�Ls still young so i hope she improves with time.
Her character in Buzzer Beat was so kawaii and at the same time so mentaly tough, i really like those kind of characters.
I�Lm really hoping to see more leading roles from her :).
2. mrsmith10
First saw Keiko in Buzzer Beat and was sold. Her performance in that drama made me a fan of hers. I've since watched her in LADY, Hitsudan Hostess, Mop Girl, and PGSM. She's beautiful and a very talented actress. Able to play a variety of roles and show a wide range of emotions. Her acting feels so natural.
3. JudithShakespeare
Loved her in PGSM! She is what got me interested in JDrama! I went from PGSM to BUzzer Beat which she was AMAZING in. Hitsudan Hostess was great as well, and she was pretty darn cute in Moon Lovers too!! Will continue to watch her stuff... currently doing Mop Girl right now.
4. Hana Setia
The Best actress , I love every single thing of her , lol,. Also the best couple with Yamapi in Buzzer Beat , hope that they will really b a couple . The 1st actress that I've ever love so much ! Just wish her can enter this Top 10. Hontou ni daisuki desu!
5. ester_grace
She's pretty cute, i've seen her in many dorama and movie. She made an ideal couple with yamapi in buzzer beat. I love her strong performance in PGSM, silly character in mop girl and taiyou to umi no kyoushitsu.
6. keikotl
Her performance in PGSM captured my attention and then her movie "Mizu ni Sumu Hana" was cool! So happy that she's actually getting a main lead in a the drama "Mop Girl"!!
7. hidezawa_himeko
very beautiful and fotogenic artist just like fukada kyoko.. i saw her silly roles in taiyo to uta and i like it.. hope to see her in tsuki no koibito with kimutaku..
8. tinyamaki
Love this girl, first saw her in Buzzer Beat and she's pretty cute.... I wanna see more of her dramas and oh she's a smart girl too.... Meiji grad eh... cool!!!
9. zdorama
Ever since MOP GIRL, just about everything this gal's been in has entranced me! Possessing a kind of a quirky style, meshing tomboyishness with beauty!
10. nakatsuxashiya
kyaaaaa.... im like her #1 fan... i made a fan group in crunhyroll.com... the first time i saw her was in PGSM...^^ really beautiful~~!!
11. flintandtas
This girl can act!!! The standout actress in PGSM and loved her in Mop Girl, please give her more roles!!!
12. michaela
keiko-chan is very pretty..
her acting is alright but i think she'll do better in the future..
13. nakamotosan
Really like her in Buzzer Beater opposite Yampi. Let's get her into the top 100!
14. Majo_Reina
Keiko does well in all of her roles~ She's an amazing actress ^^
15. pitu de monkey
in love with her >.<~
love her acting so much :)
16. katsup
sailor mars has gone a long way! I love her!
17. Frits
Damn pretty!!!!!!!! love u keiko chan.
18. kanashiibara
you have very beautiful eyes and hair
19. lunarmiko
She portrayed a perfect Rei in PGSM.
20. anon001
charming beautiful and talented
21. blkkitty
she was in tokyo drift!!!!!!
22. th3end
She is so pretty. Love her!!
23. driz
kawai.. little bit funny..
24. jessica161285
the most beautiful girl
25. CatD95
Hehe.. Buzzer Beat
26. Sywpa
I really love her!
27. Karasu16
pretty and hot
28. kami_kaze
29. est33
30. tagnickname55

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