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Matsushima Nanako 松嶋菜々子 ( Nanako Matsushima )

NameMatsushima Nanako
Star SignLibra
Birthday13 October 1973
Blood TypeA
B/W/H84 / 59 / 88

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Matsushima Nanako

She started as an aspiring model at 18, getting her break from her role in Himawari. That saw many job offers flooding in, propelling her to fame. She is marrie...

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NINTENDO DS CM (Nanako Matsushima)

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松嶋菜々子 スミセイCM 30秒


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Filmography (26)
Suna no Tou ~ Shirisugita Rinjin [2016]
砂の塔 ~ 知りすぎた隣人
Sasaki Yumiko
佐々木弓子 (42)
Eigyou Buchou Kira Natsuko [2016]
営業部長 吉良奈津子
Kira Natsuko
吉良奈津子 (42)
Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji Season 5 [2013]
救命病棟24時 5
Dr. Kojima Kaede
Lucky Seven [2012]
Fujisaki Touko
Kaseifu no Mita [2011]
Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji Season 4 [2009]
救命病棟24時 4
Kojima Kaede
Hana Yori Dango Season 2 [2007]
Domyoji Tsubaki
Hotaru no haka [2005]
Hana Yori Dango [2005]
Doumyouji Tsubaki
道明寺 椿
Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji Season 3 [2005]
救命病棟24時 3
小島楓 (30)
Bijo ka Yajuu [2003]
Takamiya Makoto
Toshiie to Matsu [2002]
Yamato Nadeshiko [2000]
Jinno Sakurako
神野 桜子 (27)
Hyakunen no monogatari [2000]
Togura Aya
Whiteout [2000]
Chiaki Hirakawa
Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari - 10th Anniversary [2000]
Koori no sekai [1999]
Egi Tohko
Majo no jouken [1999]
Hirose Michi (26)
Kyumei byoto 24 ji [1999]
GTO [1998]
Fuyutsuki Azusa
Sweet season [1998]
Shinryounaikai Ryouko [1997]
Konna koi no hanashi [1997]
Fujimura Kaori
Kimi ga jinsei no toki [1997]
Onegai darin! [1993]
Shinya Tokkyu [0000]

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Users who voted for this artiste (480)
1. fifimimi
Matsushima Nanako is the perfect female. Not only shining with beauty and elegance but she is an outstanding actress. I have only just discovered Nanako san from watching Lucky 7..but now I have back tracked for drama history and her acting and presence have captured me in every single one. Kaseifu no Mita is no doubt the best show of what a serious actress she is; taking out the beauty, lovely costumes and charismatic characters that she is often associated to and showcasing real drama and depth of acting. Majo no Jouken is simply amazing, words cannot describe how much I love this drama. And her character (Takamiya Makoto) in Bijo ka Yajuu is one of my fav!!
2. Sorata
She stars in my favorite Dorama: Majo no Joken, and she was great in it, no one could have played that part better than her. I watched her in Majo no Joken, Beauty or Beast, GTO, Hana Yori Dango and Yamato Nadeshiko. She was really cute in GTO and Hana Yori Dango. Her performance in Yamato Nadeshiko was the best i saw from her, she could make us hate her and at the same time love her, really great and she was so kawaii with short hair.
3. andrewujin
her dramas are very good, well blend with her talent and beauty...every drama is a pleasure to watch. and she is able to act as anyone. her elegant style and yet light hearted contributes much to her fantastic acting. out of all the japanese stars, i've never seen that many dramas of others as much as i've seen hers. she's natural, and i believe, that she'll be one of the most successful japanese actress of all times.
4. Organized Chaos
Matsushima Nanako, my favorite japanese female actress. Aside from the fact that shes almost in every awesome dorama out there, her acting skills are superior. Matsushima is one of the actresses that can really touch you when it comes to their acting. I was brought to tears while watching Majo no Jouken (Forbidden Love) when she played Michi Hirose. My saying is "if it makes you cry, its gotta be damn good!"
5. minochi99
Classic beauty and imo, the most talented Japanese actress today. She's been great in so many dramas, like Yamato, Story of Love, and definitely GTO. But her best performance has got to be Matsu in Toshiie to Matsu. In a cast full of great actors/actresses, she carried the epic drama. Can never get tired of her beautiful smile. Makes a wonderful couple with Sorimachi and I hope their lives are blessed.
6. makky
I have always admired Matsushima Nanako as an actress because she has great screen presence. I take an immediate liking to this one elegant-looking and talented actress. I like her more after I managed to grab myself Majo no Joken(Terms for a Witch/Witch's Requirements).I started becoming her fan since then and until now, I still eagerly waiting for her latest news on life and works :)
7. AZNBryan
When I saw her in GTO, I thought she was cute, but not enough to get my vote.
Then I saw her in Majo No Jouken.. I thought she's beautiful and can act. Still didn't think she deserves my vote.
And then I saw her in Yamato Nadeshiko -- and I just had to vote for her.
Although I didn't like that series that much, she did a great job in it.
8. aitri
She's a versitile actress with great looks and great acting ability! I was surprised at just how different her characters could be, from her character in GTO to the amazing change to her role in Yamato Nadeshiko. Her presense in a dorama will regardless of if the dorama is exceptional or not - make me look for it!
9. Doramafan113
Nanako is amazing! My favorite artist period. She has a rare beauty, it is a mature beauty even when she was really young (of course at 32 she is still young) but she has a certain radiance she brings to the screen that is really hard to put in words. You can tell she is a beautiful person iside as well as out too.
10. Kiyomi L. Denise
A very good actress. She has this "traditional Japanese woman" beauty that's very few people have, as most of the Japanese actresses nowaday have big and comic-like eyes... though I've heard some negative comments about her, I think she worked hard enough to deserve all the popularity she has now, no doubt :-)
11. kchibi
i think she can be considered the queen of actress in jdoramas....too many great dramas she was in....the one that i like the most is Yamato Nadeshiko which she performed as an evil woman at first but then......hehehe....good ending! i think her acting skills cannot go anymore further...it's already too good!
12. 206
The first time I ever saw her was in the movie Ringu. I was hooked on her from the Yamato Nandeshiko series where she had her "evils" at each episode. You just loved to hate her and by the end come to just love her. Beautiful woman with a lot of presence. She does get cast in many good dramas.
13. jm_im
I like you.. Really like you're personality at Hanadan.. You're to good to Makino..

I was so shocked that you already have a spouse.. Sorry..

You're role in Handan is fitted for you..

A true, kind, rich, and siphisticated Onee-chan..

Take Care Onee-chan..
14. kiwi
she got to be a teacher twice in GTO and Forbidden love. Such coincidence, she is a nice teacher who gets bullied by other teachers and students in both drama. I didnt think she was pretty at first but look closely i suppose everyone is right about her beauty ^^
15. groink
She is totally beautiful, and a very good actress. In all the Jdoramas I've seen her appear in, she gives off that adorable, innocent, and caring look, and it makes you feel good about her character. Sorimachi Takashi is a lucky SOB to be married to her.
16. pensee
Beautiful and charming actress. After I've watched her Bijo ka Yajuu, i fall in love with her, and can't wait to find out all her dramas. In GTO and in Majo no Jouken, she presents us two different but both vivid characters. Lovely and attractive.
17. edora & fizus
even a lot of actress such as euto aya-san, erika kawajiri ...... i think nanako still stand taller among them! beauty, intelligent, professional.. she is so good that no word can desribe it. rite now, what i feel about her is LEGEND !!!
18. wsim
She is a very beautiful actress..... a good example of elegance and natural beauty. With that said, her acting abilities are very impressive and can do a variety of roles. Definitely one of the best J-drama actresses in the business.
19. icebaby028
She really is one of my favorite Japanese actresses. She's beautiful and she can definiately a ct. It's a pity she's not as famous after getting married and having a baby but I hope she makes a great come back and regain her popularity.
20. jdoramadotcom
Matsushima is just "okay" in dramatic stuff, but she really shines with comedy. In GTO, she had a series of great reaction shots, and in Hana Yori Dango, she outshined the other actresses with her playfulness. A real giff for comedy.
21. lady_arwen
wowww!!she the first japanese actress that i admire with her talent.i think that sorimachi was verryyy lucky lucky coz she grab nanako after GTO drama.i feel jealously to her coz marrying sorimachi!!ha ha nanko is my fav actress!!
22. orange1806
Everyone knows her as the most Queen of J-dramas. She's got the x-factor I must say. She may not be the most beautiful, but there's something about her that attracts people. Also a very versatile and good actress no doubt.
23. tinychiz
One of the most popular actresses around.
Awesome acting in everything I've seen her in (save the student-teacher relationship story.)
I totally freaked out when I found out she was playing Domyouji Tsubaki! YAY!
24. slashersam016
Yay!!! Nanako also my fav idol next to her husband Sorimachi hehehe i like the way she delivers her role in a drama...probably the mother of all actress in Japan.. she's got a charisma which i deeply love... ^_^
C'mon she's the QUEEN of JDORAMA... well I kind of disagree with that, but she was REALLY good in MAJO, GTO, and YAMATO. And did I mention she's cute and elegant.. and to add to that.. she has an awesome smile.
26. for3vergirl
While Kimura is a great actor, she's a great actress and none out there like her. She could play a dark role to a very funny ones, like in Yamato. Plus, she's so TALL and pretty, so it's a great combination.
27. iluvhyde
She has really proven proven herself with all her wonderful performance in Yamato Nadeshiko alone. Sakurako, such a complex woman, was like a breeze for her. Not to mention, she is so adorable and beautiful.
28. taisuki
I don't usually think much about female actors/characters, but Matsushima Nanako is suuch a good actress! She acted so well in GTO and ice world...the two dramas I've seen her in. She's also very pretty ^^
29. vegitto60
Her physical appearance with her great acting make her a very good actress. The roles she played were diffrent , but were acted out very well. I don't know why she would not deserve to be the best actress.
30. Ryo_San
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!! Everything about this women is GORGEOUS!!!! kawaii kawaii kawaii kawaii nee minasan ?????? oh yea i forgot to say Nanako is my favorite Japanese Actress. Kanojo wa Sugoi yo

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