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Mizushima Hiro 水嶋ヒロ ( Hiro Mizushima )

NameMizushima Hiro
Star SignAries
Birthday13 April 1984

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Filmography (10)
Tokyo DOGS ~ Saiaku de Saiko no Partner [2009]
Kudo Maruo
MR. BRAIN [2009]
Hayashida Toranosuke
Mei-chan no Shitsuji [2009]
Shibata Rihito (Butler)
Zettai Kareshi [2008]
Asamoto Soshi
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e [2007]
Nanba Minami
Watashitachi no kyokasho [2007]
Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikata [2007]
Fujiki Takeshi (18)
Brother Beat [2005]
Pink no Idenshi [2005]
Ikushima Mizuki

Users who voted for this artiste (85)
1. Swedish_Japan_Lover
First when I saw him in hana kimi, I only thought he was cute, and thats not really a reason for voting. Then I realized his acting skills as well. Even though most of his roles are supposed to increase viewers because of his cute appearance he actually can act. He doesnt have the same way of acting in every drama which a lot of actors can have, when you see him in a new role he IS a new role and you cant really compare it to the previous one, and thats skills.
2. leehy0ri
my 1st impression: "uuhh...KACAKnyerr..!"i just couldn't resist his super-heart-melting-gorgeous smile and mischievious role as Nanba Minami in Hana Kimi. the act was sooo natural.i can't believe i've never noticed him in dramas i watched b4 (eg. gokusen)! this guy truly has a huge potential..please, dear doramas producers out there, hire him as leading actor!!you guys won't regret:)
3. kneehard
Oh my god, Mizushima Hiro was totally gorgeous in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. AND the best part is he speaks FLUENT ENGLISH, with an American accent to boot. He is officially the best English speaking Japanese actor that I know of, and that is a MAJOR turn on.

He lived in Switzerland for a while, and that's where he polished his language skills.
4. jeffer
Very promising!! I absolutely am enjoying his comedic flair, and the fact that he acts out his role in Hana Kimi without any reservations. I didn't pay much notice to him in the first ep, but as the show progresses, he sure is growing on me....I hope he gets more (and bigger) roles in the future.....
5. SweetchillixD
My word. Can't believe that the actor who plays the charming, dazzling Nanba-senpai in Hana kimi is the same guy who portrays the reserved, cool, seriously hot butler in Mei-chan no shitsuji. Mizushima Hiro has got some serious acting skills! And of course, HE'S DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS! xD
6. Di@na
I SIMPLY adore him..very stunning guy and a great actor..especially in Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikata and Hana Kimi. His expressful eyes and sexy smile make him even more charmy.
Hiro is sexy!
Hiro is charmy!
Hiro is stunning!
Hiro is a very good actor! ^^
7. nienna
He is really talented. I first noticed him in HanaKimi and ever since then, I've been hooked onto him. I have to admit that I had my doubts since he was all goofy and a baka in HanaKimi but ever since Zettai Kareshi, he is just incredible.
8. raudAHLUnatique
he's great in TOKYO DOGS acting alongside oguri shun.. n i love watching his character in mei-chan no shitsuji.. he portrays a good character as a s-ranked butler.. i've also realized that he acted in gokusen 2 too alongside kame n jin
9. *kawaii*---ana~kun
--so kawaii!!

he's looks and his charming eyes eally caught my attention..
and when he smiles.....*FAINT*
haha!! so handsome..

a great actor too.. i look forward to see more of his shows..GANBATTE NE HIRO_SAN!!!
10. suzzy
kakkoii job in hana kimi
great job with zettai kareshi
and now that I am now a ware he has one of the nicest smile (for guy) hehe
most of them right has nice smile nah but right his is number one on that
11. minitotoro
a wonderful actor who is probably most known as tendou souji or kabuto from kamen rider kabuto. he has acted also in gokusen and love com. i'm sure many will recognize his face =]
he's just so wonderful x]
12. ishikumi
Mizushima Hiro has impressed me just from his acting alone in HANA KIMI. he is an excellent actor that radiants great charisma, and his smile adds to his charm. i look forward to watching more of his work.
13. Gork
I love Hiro! Especially as Nanba senpai in Hana Kimi and also as Rihito in Mei Chan No Shitsuji! ^_^ hopefully he'll do more dramas in the future as he is a budding actor with a lot of potential!
14. joychin
He only got into acting recently(i think) but his acting skill is superb! I love him in hanazakari no kimitachi e and zettai kareshi. His english accent is......whoa...awesome too! XD
15. jonassau
He is a great actor. For those of you who are in love with him(like me) he just finished filming the new drama Mei-chan no Shitsuji. It is really good and he is soo hot as always.
16. b0redomness
Loved him since I saw the LoveCom movie. He's drop-dead-- I mean, look at him! And his character is so great in Hana Kimi. And he's... Kamen Rider Kabuto man! :D
17. Kagome452
Loved him in Hana Kimi!! NANBA-SEMPAI!!!!!!!!! <3. He was also very good in Zettai Kareshi. Very cute and talented actor and more people should vote for him!!
18. uchijin
Kamen Rider, Hana Kimi; Tendou Souji, Namba-sempai. How can I not love this guy? He's definitely leading man material, and he's got some fine english.
19. xEternal
Very KAKUI guy. Apart from his role in Hana Kimi, he seems like a quiet and mature guy outside of acting. <3
20. japanezejade
Look alike of MatsuJun! Very hot and handsome, especially in hanazakari no Kimitachi e, when he played the role of Nanba Minami. :) Great Job
21. ocha4ever
first saw him on gokusen 2,,he was so cute,,though he didn't play much on that role..then on hana kimi,,that's so adorable...i love him...
22. sandreen
He's hot! hahah. He's also pretty good in acting. I loved the characters he plays such as from Meichan no Shitsuji and Zettai Kareshi. :3
23. oonqy
he is kakkoi!
his acting in hana kimi caught my attention.
it still gd in zettai kareshi ~
shall watch more of his works ~
24. kiwisannnn
AWESOME in HanaKimi and Mei-chan... also the only redeeming part of Zettai Kareshi. Too bad he doesn't act anymore...
25. squallie
He's so gorgeous and talented. And he's so down to earth. AND he can speak fluent English! That's a plus in my book!
26. Nanaki
My first "j-drama crush" ;P He was really lovely in Zettai Kareshi..to die for *_* And he's hilarious in Hana Kimi ^^
27. aimare
I love Hiro most as Rihito in Mei-chan no Shitsuji. He is sooo adorable, and I wish to have him as my butler too. LOL
28. mrsmilevskyi2001
he's too handsome for his own good and i swear if he looks at me i'll surely melt. yeah he needs leading roles, man
29. katya_alex
For me, his the type who will grow on you. Before you know it, you already fond of this guy. i like him alot.
30. Galya
he's one of my favorite Japanese guys!
He's a brilliant actor and model with irresistable smile !!!

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