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Nagano Hiroshi 長野博 ( Hiroshi Nagano )

NameNagano Hiroshi
JPop GroupV6
Star SignLibra
Birthday09 October 1972
Blood TypeA
B/W/H89 / 70 / 95

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Filmography (7)
Benkyo Shiteitai! [2007]
2nd Hausu [2006]
2nd ハウス
Nurseman ga Yuku [2004]
Kimi wa Petto [2003]
Shin oretachi no tabi (ver.1999) [1999]
Handsome Man [1996]
3 nen B gumi Kinpachi Sensei Season 3 [1988]
Narise Koji

Users who voted for this artiste (8)
1. Kaici
My ICHIBAN desu ^^ Love you... err... not since 1995~ But forever <3
I love his eyes, his lips, his smile (kawaiiii), his gentle voice, I like they way he claps and dances.
My first wish: I would like to shake hands with Hiroshi.
My second wish: I would like to go on a V6 concert and see him #live#
My third wish: I would like to perform in VVV6 where I could be create a couple with him :D
2. eugenia
NAGANO!!! Hiroshi Nagano is a very good actor judging from V6's movies. He is very flexible and he is most well known in Ultraman Tiga! Nagano have a very nice smile and i have always love that. I called him Tenshi as nickname becoz he is juz like an angel to me. Hiroshi Nagano will always be my hero tiga!!
3. Angelus
~Believe Your Smile~
Kyaaaaahhhh!! Hiroshi-kun~~~ vvv
Kakkoii to Kawaii 33 sai otoko desu ne!!
Can't wait to watch his new drama [2nd House]!!
4. Rinrin
Best known as "Daigo"" from Ultraman Tiga, he can do anything from comedy to serious dramatic acting.
5. John Cena
Hiroshi Nagano one of the Members of V6, and hero on ULTRAMAN TIGA "Daigo"
6. superFLY
Yay its Tiga *is acting Immature* ^^I loved the Ultraman series.
7. LivNagisa
Such a cutie. Almost unrecognizable in Kimi wa Petto.
8. Toge