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Kimi wa Petto [きみはペット]


Drama Details
Title:Kimi wa Petto
You're My Pet
Telecast:2003-04-09 to 2003-06-18
Season:Spring 2003

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TV Station:TBS
Duration:10 Episodes

Smart, successful and good-looking Sumire Iwaya works for a big newspaper. However she is dumped for being a �gperfect woman�h followed by degradation. Then she finds Takeshi Goda (Jun Matsumoto) in a box out the front of her home and takes him in. He looks like a dog she used to own called Momo. She dubs him Momo and decides to �gkeep him as a pet.�f It�fs the start of an unexpected life together as they overcome obstacles and gradually deepen their feelings for each other.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Darling [V6]LYRICS | RINGTONE ]

Actor/Actress Cast (12)
Iwaya Sumire
巌谷スミレ (28)
Matsumoto Jun
Goda Takeshi
合田武志(モモ) (20)
Tanabe Seiichi
Hasumi Shigehito
蓮實滋人 (33)
Sakai Wakana
Fukushima Shiori
福島紫織 (23)
Suzuki Sarina
Shirotae Yuri
白妙ユリ (28)
Nagatsuka Kyozo
Asano Satoshi
浅野哲史 (50)
Uehara Misa
Ishihara Satomi
Shibusawa Rumi
澁澤ルミ (17)
Horibe Junpei
Nagano Hiroshi
Sato Ryuta
Ishida Yuta

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Drama Reviews (79)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. tl;dr to the EXTREME [Rating: 9/10]
Okay, reading through some of these reviews, I can't help but feel a little bit defensive. I downloaded this drama with absolutely zero fangirling of any of the actors (yes, even of Matsumoto Jun), and zero expectations one way or the other. And what I got was one of the few Dramas since Hana Yori Dango that I just couldn't. Stop. Watching.

Firstly, I really, really identified with Sumire. Sure, I'm not a Japanese business professional, but she and I have many of the same emotional reservations, so I commiserated with her struggle.

Secondly, I really loved how the series dealt realistically with the pervasive misogyny in Japanese society, and all the shit that Sumire had to deal with simply because she had a uterus and boobs. Some of the most heart-wrenching moments of the series for me were Sumire's frustrations at being envied for her success, and at being disregarded and ridiculed in spite of her talents and hard work.

Thridly, I find it kind of ridiculous that anybody is watching JDrama, or any drama for that matter, expecting realism. Yes, the plot is unlikely, but no more unlikely than a commoner attending an elite school for the rich, and having the RICHEST guy there fall in love with her; no more unbelievable than a math teacher from a family of yakuza deciding to personally deal with the troubles of her delinquent students. What makes this Drama stand out for me was that it actually didn't stretch my willing suspension of disbelief, because the characterization was strong. I could *believe* that Takeshi would willingly become somebody's pet, I could *believe* that Sumire might just be desperate enough to ask him to become one. Then again, I'm a fan of unconventional romances, so the premise of the series doesn't squick me at all. Especially after all the development that the relationship undergoes over the course of ten episodes. And that was the biggest pro about this series, for me at least: The characters were fully fleshed out, and they underwent subtle and believable development -- something that many shoujo-esque romances lack.

Lastly, I found its commentary on love and relationships absolutely fascinating, whether I agree with all of its moral assertions or not. It actually made me *think*, which is something that I personally look for in the shows that I watch.

All in all, I would say that this is not a Drama that everyone will enjoy (and, judging from the other reviews on this website, my assessment is correct). It deals with subjects that may make some feel uncomfortable, it relies on character interaction for the vast majority of its conflict (meaning that there's very little in the way of 'action'), and the main premise of the series may in and of itself be too overblown (though, in my opinion, no more overblown than 99% of JDrama romances) for some viewers to stomach. But I strongly recommend that you give it a try, because you may very well love it as much as I did.
Reviewed by amarielah on 14 October 2008
2. In Defense of Kimi wa Pet.. [Rating: 9/10]
I give KwP a 9 for the same reason some people gave it a 3.

I agree that the plotline is really hard to swallow and fairly unreasonable and far-fetched. I understand how unbearable it must be to watch someone be degraded so willingly; and for the other party to do it with such nonchalance and even eagerness at times. In its entirety, the story goes against society's social and moral standards, and what's worse, it uses 'love' as its excuse.

For that reason, some of you despise it. For me, that is what gives this story a distinction among other shoujo stories.

Both in drama and manga, I thought the characters were very well-developed. Sumire-chan and Momo are lonely people who enter this absurd relationship of master-pet. But when you look at it closely, it goes so much deeper than that. The mutual need that exists between the two is what makes this story alive.

In Sumire-chan, Takeshi can drop all and still be needed, still be useful. In Takeshi, Sumire-chan can be dominant, rude, weak, spiteful and be in tears without the consequence and pressure of being "perfect" as is the case in her life at the outside world. In her he found a home; in him, she found herself.

If you look at it as that, and not look so much into the dog/master thing, I think you would appreciate this story more. I've always looked at it as that metaphor, so for me it's easier to stomach. And really, it almost makes me wistful too. When giggly Jun-fangirls keep saying, "I wish I had a dog like Junjun," I completely empathize. Not because Jun is good-looking and accomplished as an actor, but because deep inside we are all rooting for that person that will need us as much as we need them; or if I may be so bold, even love us as equally as we love them. Despite all ironies and nonconformities.

It really is an eye-opening drama, so give it a go, and look at it this way for a change.
Reviewed by myami on 22 August 2006
3. It will surprise you. [Rating: 10/10]
When I first heard of the drama, I thought it must have been the most hentai dorama plot ever. I STILL think it's the silliest thing I have ever watched, but I now love it to bits! I must say, the drama really grows on you, although I have never been a fan of Koyuki, her character, Sumire, will leave a big impact on you.

Kimi wa Petto is a story of how a woman learns that one must allow herself to exhibit her true self before love can find them. It is inspirational and moving, and even though I didn't cry thru this like other carthartic doramas, it always kept me on the verge of tears.

The casting is excellent. Koyuki was charming, and I must say, she is indeed an excellent actress. Jun was very winning as Momo, he really did look like a dog so much when he was lying on the floor and wagging his limbs in the air! He is just too adorable! I challenge everyone to watch this and not fall in love with Matsumoto Jun! Quite a lot of people commented on his dancing, but frankly, I don't think I saw enough of it to convince me he was truely passionate about his dancing.

And the CHEMISTRY! Wah, you'll find yourself pining for the moment when Sumire and Momo get together for the whole length of the drama! Yes! It really gets you THAT involved! So those of you who are thinking you're going to give this drama a pass because it sounds so stupid. DON'T! It is truly an excellent drama, and I assure you, you will be pleasantly surprised.
Reviewed by nagaioyasumi on 4 April 2004
4. unbearable to watch [Rating: 3/10]
i must say that i'm a little bit suprised to see so many good reviews written for this drama but then i realized that most of them are talking about matsumoto jun or koyuki, not the drama itself.

there's only one discernible categorization for this drama - "Typical Shojo". Not so suprising since it is based on a shojo manga.

i guess the only saving grace for this drama is the good performance from most of the cast. for me, if the actors can make me hate them on screen, they're good and frankly, both matsujun and koyuki wasted their talent on this drama by playing characters that have no dignity as a human being and continues to degrade themselves episode after episode by playing a pet who wants sex, and a human that thinks of another human as a pet, even though she has been continually reminded that the pet is in fact, human. in overall, the plot is weak, unrealistic and incredibly annoying. I have to force myself to watch it from the beginning to the end just so i can give it a fair judgement and i was secretly hoping that the plot will turn itself around and at least it all would be worthwhile but it didn't and in the end, i have to say that this is the worst japanese drama i have ever seen. i gave it a three for performance. this drama deserves a rating of zero.

stricly for devoted hard-core matsumoto jun and koyuki fans.
Reviewed by abubakaz on 19 April 2005
5. Strange. [Rating: 9/10]

I, technically, do not want to start a fight... But then, having been able to read the oh-so-baka reviews of the people who are oh-so-pissed-off with this series made me itching mad to the point that I am actually writing a review in defense of Kimi wa Petto.

I haven't watched the series, and I admit that I love Matsu-kun. Nonetheless, these truths have no connection with what I have to say.

I wonder why there are people who despise it so much yet they keep on watching it and also have the heart to find this topic in this forum just to make a sickening review. It is candid stupidity.

Such a kind of foolishness is rare, nonetheless, there are people who agree to participate and such - thus making themselves look stupid all the more.

@ gqstyle09 ... how can you insult Matsu-kun just like that? Are you an actor or what? Who cares if you are anyway? At the least Jun was kawaii, and you - technically, are annoying. That's the big difference between the two of you.

@ whoever-this-person-is-for-I-have-forgotten-his-forgettable-name ... (as far as I'm concerned, he said that he's sick of watching the series) ... I wonder... why do you still watch it and give effort to make a stupid review?

Argh. Bakero.


Matsu-kun wa kawaii itsumo desu yo! :D
Reviewed by pax on 26 December 2006
6. possibly the worst drama ever [Rating: 1/10]
Where to begin!? the plot was idiotic, boring and the main characters were completely pathetic and as someone else put it, made you want to beat the shit out of them. This is the first thing I've seen koyuki in and frankly i thought she sucked. As for matsumoto PUKE; he's a terrible actor, he's hideous, and he should never disgrace tv with his sickening face ever again. In Japan i couldn't even stand to see him in commercials let alone watch him in a whole hour of crappy drama. The only redeeming quality of this drama is that Eita is in it, if only as a minor character (Junpei). Please don't waste your time on this drama. It was so stupid that halfway thru episode 5, I had to skip to the last one, hoping that the ending might somehow save the show but instead I could only bare to watch 25 minutes and threw out the entire drama. People keep saying that it's only good if you're a girl, but guess what? I'm a girl, and it's horrible. The only reason people seem to like this is because they have some sick fetish for matsumoto puke. He's not even good in Gokusen, he's just bareable- but at least the rest of Gokusen was good and the other characters made up for his suckiness.

anyhow, if it was possible to give a zero for this, I would.
Reviewed by idiotcat on 2 January 2009
7. Contraversial [Rating: 6/10]
Reading the reviews and the comments, I must say that this show has certainly achieved what it probably set out to do: create controversy. The whole idea of a human adopting a human pet is, after all, difficult to accept; it goes too far beyond social norms. I'm all for unconventional plotlines, but this is a tad too difficult for me to stomach. Despite wholly understanding and sympathizing with the loneliness that brought both Sumire and Momo together in this strange and uneasy relationship - I still can't accept it.

Storyline aside, the acting was very good, especially Koyuki and Matsumoto Jun, who were obviously playing two-sided characters (hard Sumire vs sensitive Sumire; Momo vs Takeshi). But it was really the dancing that did it for me - it was breathtaking watching MatsuJun leap and bound effortlessly over the screen. If only there was more of it.

Overall - it was memorable because of its unconventional storyline, but that was also its down point in my case. I found it very disturbing how a human would submit himself willingly as another human's pet, even with all the loneliness that is in him. I think it takes a different sort of person to throughly enjoy this series.
Reviewed by Limes on 18 May 2008
8. An excellent drama [Rating: 8/10]
The story was a bit absurd, but that's what drew my attention to this drama. In contrast to the crazy story, the characters were much more believable and left me feeling like I could really relate to their feelings.

Koyuki does an incredible job of making a successful, bright, strong career woman into a soft and confused human being. And Momo (played by Matsumoto Jun) is just adorable enough to melt your heart! All the actors were well chosen, and I loved the dialogue and delivery. It could make you laugh, sigh, and burst into tears in a single scene!

There were a few things people might not like about the show though. For one, the phychologist with a chihuahua was amusing at times, but spelled situations out almost too clearly, making the characters seem incapable of figuring out their problems for themselves. (It kind of insults the viewers intelligence too.) Also, some of the side characters and their stereotypical roles made the story far too predictable at times.

Still, overall, I think any weakness of the show was far overshadowed by great characters and excellent actors who played their roles perfectly. This is deffinately worth watching!
Reviewed by ChiByakko on 10 May 2005
9. My favorite. [Rating: 10/10]
The manga, I thought at first, was silly, weird and unbelievable. A young ballet dancer being the pet 'dog' of a career woman seemed hard to swallow. Yes, it is quite a silly story, but I found it to be a beautiful silly story. In this drama, you will learn the importance of being genuine amidst the person you love most, and the warmth that only a 'pet' can give you. The drama was enjoyable for me, most probably because of the relationship of Sumire and Momo and how it develops through the series.

Koyuki was lovely in this drama. I agree with those who said that she suited the role of Sumire, and her acting is indeed believable. She is a very beautiful actress, and her talent will get her far. I fell in love with Matsumoto Jun in this drama. He was adorable as Momo, and I believe no other could have played the part. He was absolutely great in this one!

To those of you who have not seen this, but love the light romantic comedies which in a way, teach you some of the simplest lessons in life and love, do not skip this drama. You will be missing a lot if you do. =)
Reviewed by Antique Pop on 2 December 2005
10. Charmed the socks off me [Rating: 10/10]
After viewing the first episode, I thought this was the worst waste of time I had ever experienced in my life; I was put off by the inane script, Jun Matsumoto's forced antics, and the flippant references towards sex. Proceeded watching, and I liked the second episode a little better. By the end of the third, the show had already succeeded in charming the socks off me, and I skipped sleep on two consecutive nights just to see everything through to the end! Part of the reason I loved it is because in personality, I can relate to Koyuki's character, and I just loved the way she was written. But I was also charmed by the humor, and the fact that each and every single character had distinct and memorable traits. It's the little touches that give the life to this drama, and this was as well-rounded a cast as I've ever seen. Lovely music, and the pacing was just right for me.
Reviewed by Kam on 8 January 2006
11. Lame Story. [Rating: 3/10]
What can i say. To me, this an overrated drama. The story is so lame and i still don't understand why everyone like this drama. Don't get me wrong, matsumoto jun, koyuki and even the supporting cast is a great actor but the story itself make it unwatchable.

Through the series i was waiting to see some great punch line like other Japanese drama but it never happens. I was hoping that m.jun will say something like "I'm not a pet, I'm a human. I do have a feeling and i do have my own dream. So please treat me like human." But it never happen. Man, how can u accept being a pet and leave ur own dream because of it? It is sad to see matsumoto jun acting as a man with no dignity. He is much better in Gokusen.

Anyway, it just my opinion. Give it a try, maybe u will like it. But to me, this drama really dissappoint me. No good punch line, and the plot is weak. 3/10
Reviewed by rdoll on 18 February 2005
12. Lacks Everything But Koyuki [Rating: 4/10]
The natural talent and grace of Koyuki were the only things that could hold together this weak plotline. Kyozo Nagatsuka also put in a good performance as an amusing and irregular psychiatrist. In fact, the drama does not suffer from lack of memorable individual performances.

The problem was the plot. The storyline - about a top notch ballet dancer who becomes someone's pet - is difficult to swallow from the start. Lacking a feasible context, the actions of the characters make little sense throughout the entire story.

Frankly, I am amazed to see the number of positive reviews of this series. I guess it can be gleaned from individual performances, many of which were interesting and memorable. They were interesting enough to keep my attention through the end, but no performance, however strong, can compensate for the lack of a good plot.
Reviewed by syncbyte on 2 October 2005
13. okaeri, sumire-chan..! [Rating: 8/10]
i fell in love with matsujun all over again.. this time because he's so cute as momo..! a drama with an interesting plot.. as i watched, i was touched at how far momo would go just to get sumire-chan's attention.. just like what a pet would be like.. koyuki-san is beautiful, as usual.. but this time, her acting skills really shown itself.. not much development on the other cast (it's a love story after all).. but eita, ishihara satomi did well.. i loved yamashita shinji and watanabe ikkei's acting.. they really made me laugh.. but the star of the show, momo ne.. matsujun brought out goda takeshi's character really well.. though it does seem a bit wierd for a woman to keep a pet.. i was still touched by momo's thoughtfulness.. though sumire and hasumi should have married though.. and kept momo as their pet.. =P
Reviewed by arashinokoto on 24 May 2004
14. I just love it... even knowing that it may not be [Rating: 10/10]
Though I had tried to watch GTO before that, Kimi wa Petto was the first dorama I watched up to the end and that got me interested in Japanese tv-series.

Well, it's a bit difficult to talk about Kimi wa Petto. I understand pretty well, that it's not quite a masterpiece, that the plot may seem a bit unbelievable, that some people may criticize the actors. But... I still LOVE it. It's funny, touching and optimistic. It may not be very serious, but after every episode of the show you can't wait to watch the next one, and you are always in hight spirits.

So, it's one of those series, that just make you REALLY enjoy them, that touch some strings in your heart. And you don't really care, if this show is considered to be "high-quality tv-product" or not.

This is my peronal favourite dorama.
Reviewed by Asja on 14 February 2005
15. It�Ls good, but pretty unbelievable [Rating: 8/10]
This drama don�Lt get my 10 because it�Ls:
- unrealistic (totally!)
- unbelievable!
- silly!

But it gets an 8 because, although I said above, this story is original, the kind of I�Lve never seen or I could have imagine it before. The drama manages to make you feel involved with every episode of it, due to the great chemistry between the main characters - Koyuki and Matsumoto Jun, and their good perfomances on it.

Because of these factors, I almost believed that a kind of relationship like their�Ls could be true and even I ended up liking it!!!

That�Ls why Kimi wa Petto deserves an 8. It�Ls enjoyable, it�Ls cute, it�Ls funny and I�Lm sure you�Lre going to entertain yourself with this drama. Don�Lt expect to watch a deep drama, all you will see is a romantic comedy drama.
Reviewed by shiruchsn on 16 December 2005
16. ���݂̓y�b�g [Rating: 10/10]
Kimi wa Petto is obviously Shoujo: targeted for girls. I'd imagine most girl would appeal to this drama! Personally, I loved it. Though the plot is "ridiculous", as in suddenly asking a random boy to stay over, I find the relationship they have created, UNIQUE, SPECIAL and kind of TOUCHING really, it is not entirely "nonsense"... if u watch the drama, through the psychiatrist's advises, you will start to understand the drama---like I have! And for those claiming that this is totally unbelievable, please consider that not all dramas are movies are meant to recreate real life, it is the imagination of the authors and i thought that a change-something not possible in reallife-is refreshing and interesting! I loved the cast too, Jun fit as Momo, and Koyuki works really well as Sumire.
Reviewed by dirtypink on 9 June 2007
17. koyuki = excellent , series/show = overa [Rating: 6/10]
A very overated show, i really fail to see how this show is rated so highly.

A show about an emotinally insecure woman who adopts a human pet because she has difficulty relating to other people is an interesting if not far fetched idea (no pun intended ^_^)

Getting use to the whole idea of a human pet takes some getting use to but that isn't whats wrong with this show. The script at best is average, as its never comes together well enough to reach its desired effect.

The acting in the show was on the most part average, with the exception of Koyuki, who 's performance was excellent throughout, and who i felt held the show together.

overall i would not recommend this show unless you are a koyuki or jun fan.

Rating: Average (6)
Reviewed by cloud9 on 1 February 2005
18. A must see. [Rating: 9/10]
Although I do not give it a perfect score as the story is a bit predictable, it's actually worth 9.5/10 for sure. First, Matsujun's performance is astonishing. He's once again proved how good of an actor he became over the years, and also his dancing abilities are quite amazing. Koyuki is also as good as she always is.

One of the main reason for my high note (without it being too much of a spoiler) is the kissing scene. Not only do they let Jun kiss (knowing that it's usually rare for Johnny's Juniors to have kissing scenes) but it's one of the first drama I've seen where it actually looks like a real kiss and not only lips touching. Anyways.. this drama got chills down my spine and I really recommend it.
Reviewed by Nermal on 1 March 2004
19. First Impression. . and then, Overall. [Rating: 9/10]
when i first heard abt this drama, tht a highly educated girl 'adopts' a pet, i was kinda like 'what? tht's weird'. but anyways, i gv it a try cause im a fan of MatsuJun. it turn out unexpectedly good. although, some ppl might find this drama SUPER weird, due to the fact tht how could a man being treat as a pet. however, for me, this drama is very inspiring. it shows tht talent and inteligence isnt everything. one needs to hv another's love in order to survive, no matter how great you are. this drama, is no doubt a 'pure shoujo' drama, (cause it's based on a shoujo manga anyways), but it was filled with heart-warming and full of values scenes. i highly recommend it for shoujo lovers!
Reviewed by xinyi on 19 December 2006
20. MOMO <3 [Rating: 10/10]
I really enjoyed watching kimi wa petto, although it wasnt my favorite dorama of all time, it was still a very entertaining watch. As always matsumoto jun did a fabulous job of portraying MOMO, sumire's pet. I thought he did well in the acting, he was very cute to watch as momo but also very good when he was just takeshi. This dorama is very heart warming and so adorable, also very fun to watch. i didnt think it was predictable since my predictions were that she would end up with her senpai, but just like i had hoped, she ends up with momo <3 which was the perfect ending to a great story. koyuki did an amazing job as sumire and matsumoto was just incredible. loved it i give it a 10!
Reviewed by JOSIE-chan on 22 August 2010
21. Enjoy it! [Rating: 7/10]
If you are looking for a drama with a good acting, look for other series bc you will be dissapointed with this series.But if you just looking for a light drama with a good looking actors, watch this series bc it's enjoyable and fun to watch.I watched this series two years ago and stopped at 5 ep. cause i can't stand the acting.Today, I've a lot of free times and nothing to do, so i finishing the series and in the end i think this series is not that bad.It's enjoyable.Watch this drama as you watch hyd, haruka17, itazura na kiss and many more dramas that based on manga/anime.Not so good in acting but they got nice looking actors with a fun story.Just enjoy it!
Reviewed by maui on 21 February 2007
22. I wish I have this pet.. too [Rating: ?/10]
This is a story about a young man name goda takeshi... he hide from the box and fallen asleep... on the other hand... sumire iwaya saw the box outside the apartment... she really don't know what she'll do ... so she just get the box and take good care to takeshi... on the next day... when takeshi didn't want to go...so sumire decide... that takeshi will be her pet.. and he named him "MOMO" on the first episode sumire-chan didn't know the real name of takeshi... if you like this then watch this so you will see the ending..... XD this is cool but this show is only fiction....
Reviewed by rahci akumatsu on 7 January 2006
23. Personal Favorite! [Rating: 10/10]
Matsumoto Jun was superb in this light-hearted series. As the hyperactive, funny, and cute "Momo," he played a perfect compliment to Koyuki's serious, beautiful, but wounded Sumire. Koyuki, to me, is such an elegant and natural actress, and I hope to see her in more leading roles where this side of her is exploited. I admit that I don't think much of Matsumoto as a singer, but I think that he has the potential to be a really superb actor. I look forward to all of his future projects. Kimi wa Petto is my favorite J-Dorama, and will likely remain my favorite for some time!
Reviewed by Susan on 5 August 2006
24. I want a Momo, too [Rating: 8/10]
One of funniest dramas I have seen yet along with one of the most outlandish plots. A woman owning a young man for a pet? Sounds kind of kinky! Anyway, this drama was definitely one of the most enjoyable I've seen in a long time and the storyline kept the audience wanting more. I thought that the ending wasn't as strong as the rest of the episodes, in fact it left the audience hanging. But overall the drama was still great. Koyuki and Matsumoto Jun pulled it off successfully. Momo is so adorable. ^_^ I'm sure all women want one, too.
Reviewed by donna8157 on 4 August 2005
25. alright [Rating: 6/10]
well..... not the best jdrama i've seen. koyuki & matsujun are just right for their roles. plot is a bit shady and dragging as well. can't say it's matsujun's best work although he's really cute as momo. i watched this drama through youtube.com so it took me longer to finish it.

sometimes i also forget matsujun is "momo" and not "takeshi goda" in some of the scenes he has with koyuki and that made it tad harder to understand hehe. but in any case, i guess it's worth your time to watch and savor the matsujun yummyness. :P
Reviewed by Jalapeno on 24 March 2006
I agree with comment #19 and all the other reviewers who gave it a bad rating. The only reason why this show got a good rating is because most of the reviewers sound like little girls who seem to have a crush on jun. I was very disappointed with this series, very boring (BORING) lots of repititions, lots of flaws in the story line itself. All I can say is if your a girl and you like the actor MOMO (JUN), then this would be perfect for you, its more of a girls fantasy story then a real good JDrama.
Reviewed by makusu on 30 December 2005
27. Icy Reception [Rating: 4/10]
Kimi wa Petto has a concept that's almost fatally silly from the start: what happens when a good-looking guy (Jun Matsumoto) offers to become a busy career woman's (Sumire) dog?

It's preposterous, which is okay, but Sumire - called "Noh Mask" here - doesn't have the chops to render the comedy with the drama. Once we get past the unique concept, it falls into a predictable pattern. Matsumoto shows some skillful work; apparently for some, he's enough to make it work. I didn't buy it.
Reviewed by jdoramadotcom on 29 March 2008
28. AWESOME!!! and KAWAII!!! [Rating: 10/10]
This is one of the best dramas I've seen!!!
I especially loved how the characters and the plot were kept the same as the manga (which is one of my most treasured mangas)
I actually like the drama because of the counselor addiction --> he did a very nice job of keeping the drama together.
The thing i like the best is the chemistry between MatsuJun and Koyuki!!!! They were PERFECT!!! TWO...FIVE THUMBS UP ^o^
Reviewed by lilbabi1004 on 22 October 2005
29. Refreshing & funny! [Rating: ?/10]
First thought: man as pet? Should be interesting... Turns out to be VERY interesting indeed! Jun is just too cute till the point of irresistable! Always feel touched whenever he screams "Sumire-chan!" and then do the puppy smile ^-^ I actually feel there's "chemistry" between Sumire-chan and momo! :P The show is definitely not the typical love story but it's very refreshing and gentle, just like a puppy!!!
Reviewed by c_linxi on 10 August 2004
30. Hope to find a box outside my hse too!! (grin ;-p [Rating: 9/10]
Watched with a 'ie' feeling cos i did like Jun at 1st. But got so addicted to this drama after that... & like Jun so much after this, i decided to watch the other damas starred by him too (hazukashii..). He is so cute in this show and acting skill is not bad that i almost believe this can happen hahhaa.... For those who havent watch, i guess most gals will like it! Recommend!
Reviewed by Daze on 14 July 2004

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1. Comments by amane [Rating: 10/10]
this was the most anticipated dorama in my life history, probably because i'm left too long without any of matsujun's new work. yess,i'm one of matsujun's fans and I�fd waited so long for this dorama to be released in my place that i nearly scream out loud when i first saw it already available in the store few months earlier than i've expected.watching this dorama, i found new things rather than my all-time-fav matsujun. i just realised how beautiful koyuki is.she is so attractive and sooooo captivating.as a girl myself, it's not normal for me to say that i can't take my eyes of her but it's true, i did.i just love the way she dressed,so stylish yet still considerably simple.the way she wears her make-ups, the way she walks, the way she talks and the way she smiles are so aspiring.she did a very great job here potraying a tall, beautiful, successful career-woman iwaya sumire.i think she did a very superb job with her acting performance. this was koyuki first dorama to be the leading role and she didn�ft blew it away. we can expect more great works from her in the future.and i think high credits should be given to all the casts as well who did a very good job in this dorama. i don�ft know why, probably it�fs a result of my great obsession with matsujun but i somehow think that this dorama was extraordinarily superb. the storyline was imaginative and uniquely different, the soundtracks (and i�fm referring to the instrumentals rather than the song �edarling�f by V6) were outstandingly moving. the chemistry between the casts was great and without suzuki sarina, nagatsuka kyozo,yamashita shinji and watanebe ikkei, the story wouldn�ft be as hilarious and interesting as it�fs been. however, matsujun�fs performance here was a bit lower than my expectation. he did a good job here but somehow i found momo character was sometimes shameful. well, i�fm not blaming it on him because it�fs hard for human to act adorably as a dog.maybe i�fm so used to the kakkoi matsujun that I�fve found hard times adjusting to his new character. all in all, he did a brave attempt here to vary his actings and he deserves some credits for that. and i have to admit that eventhough i can�ft bear to see him make a fool of himself as momo the dog ,his charms did shone at times throughout the story.
2. Comments by michiru3 [Rating: 10/10]
I've read the manga and really liked it, so I had hoped this is gonna be great too. And I wsn't disappointed (^__^). I never watched anything w/ Matsumoto Jun or Koyuki in it.....well, there's Antique, but I didn't like Koyuki there. But I really like Koyuki here! She did a great job as Sumire...cool with others, clumsy w/ Hasumi-senpai, and herself w/ Momo. MatsuJun as Momo is perfect too! The look, the moves, everything.

However, I saw Tanabe Seiichi in Food Fight and he was a total idiot so I can't imagine him as her cool, sexy senpai. So far, he seems to be trying but the way he smiles is just too creepy for me.

The drama seems to follow the manga nicely (exact quotes everywhere) but they put in some extra elements like: her landlord hates her (i hate the landlord) & Sumire seeing that psychologist. I was sad they took out the part when Sumire tries to quit smoking though. That was one of my fave arc's from the manga.

The ending is diff from anything in the manga (since the manga didn't end yet); it's kinda odd, but not too bad of an ending. Overall, this drama is great! Watch this for light hearted entertainment and MatsuJun being really cute =)
3. Comments by occultangle [Rating: 8/10]
I don't like either of these characters, and I don't like either of these actors, BUT these dislikable actors perfectly portray these distasteful characters...? And somehow that's just the way it should be. I really do hate Matsumoto Jun and nearly every drama he stars in, and I just cannot accept that just because he is pretty that he could be so stupidly popular in spite of his crappy smirky personality, his stupidity, and above all his blatantly horrible acting. Drama producers tend to be at least a little smarter than the fan girls and at least cast him in suitable roles such as here where he appropriately plays a dog. Koyuki is another actress that I tend to dislike for some vague unexplainable reason, but usually, just as I do here, I find myself growing some sympathy for her.

Point is that while I would rather hate this show, there's a nice vibe that just allows it to be enjoyable, and while I will never accept Matsumoto Jun's popularity, I can basically forgive this show itself being so popular, and largely by extension Matsumoto's appropriately stupid role in it.
4. Comments by Kitsuchi [Rating: 10/10]
This is a very sweet dorama about how Koyuki finds Matsumoto Jun in a box outside and takes him in her house, to make him her pet.

I was surprised how well Jun acted like a little cute pet. It was really well done. I felt like maybe he really is a pet.. I especially remember the scene where he was all silent in days and didn't say anything; just to show Koyuki that if he is going to be treated like a dog, then he won't speak. He wanted Koyuki to see him as a human and a guy. Jun was like a little baby in the beginning who needed warmth and love and be taken care of. But soon he got tired of it..
Koyuki was a very good actress too.. I liked her and how she realized, not until Jun disappeared, that she actually likes him.

This was a touching dorama and very sweet.. It's one of my favourites. Jun is such a good actor. There are large differences between his acting rolls in Kimi wa Petto and, for instance, HYD. In HYD, he acts as a tough guy... He's got acting skills.

The OST's was suitable to the dorama too. I liked the song "Darling" by V6.
5. Comments by Shouryuuken [Rating: 3/10]
I have to fully agree with drama review #42 about this drama. If you are not a girl under the age of 16, stay well clear of this drama. For a positive, the acting is marginally border-line ok....ish.
The plot on the other hand is the biggest piece of bollocks I have ever heard. Can't believe some sad person actually wrote a storyline like this. The main character is so retarded, you just want to beat the shit out of her. She should seriously be in some kind of mental institution and the same goes for the Momo character who.... damn... I don't know what the hell he's playing at. All the main characters should be killed forthwith and Junpei and Rumi should get together: end of story.
The reason I gave this a 3 rather than less is cos unlike other shitty dramas, I actually was motivated into hating the characters rather than just staring blankly at the screen.
The only last thing to say is:

maTsuMotoJun is sooooo kawaiiiii / kakkoiiii!!! ^_^. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEARN SOME FUCKING ENGLISH GRAMMAR
6. Comments by shoujo22 [Rating: 8/10]
It was pretty good. I kinda sorta read the manga while waiting for my sister in the bookstore one afternoon, so I was familiar with the main storyline. Hm...to be totally honest it was exactly what I expected. So no, I wasn't disappointed. I get a little annoyed when I read other people's reviews and they say stuff like "I was suprised about the good ratings and blah blah blah blah blah blah...". No, you shouldn't be. Some people actually like it *nods*. So here's my advice to you: If a drama is said to have been created in the image of a manga, it's going to be over the top. Period. No if, ands, or buts about it. Do a little research (i.e. google-ing) on said manga and think to yourself "Do I really want to see a live action version of this?" You'll spare yourself a headache and a waste of time. So if you're not into manga (or are a devoted MastuJun fan) then this might not be the drama for you. Having said all of that, I thought that it was pretty good.
7. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 8/10]
One of the cutest and most heart-warming dramas to ever grace Japanese television. Momo's character was so sweet and I absolutely loved the relationship between him and Koyuki. Matsumoto Jun really did a wonderful job portraying the Koyuki's "pet" and their moments together were really sweet and funny. This is definitely a drama that you can watch more than once. Highly recommended. However, I must warn that this drama isn't for everyone. The story is very unrealistic (after all it is based on a manga).

If I could rate this drama properly, I would give the first half of it a 9/10, but the ending of this drama was very poorly written and left it open-ended and made me even wonder what the point of this drama was in the first place. I would give the ending a 6/10. But overall the drama was very likeable.
8. Comments by Dr_Pain [Rating: 9/10]
when i'm thinkin of what i thought first when i saw this dorama i would knock me out o.o
There are scenes which aren't very interesting but important for the development of the contents. But mainly the story is really good entertainment. Of course i suppose the reason why i find some scences boring ist that I watched gokusen at the same time so i was more interested in quite much humorous stuff. From this point kimi wa petto isn't only a serie for comedy contents. But life is not only fun so this serie is quite great which let me give 10 points ^^ This is for the actors too I guess...they did a really good job...didn't seem to be artificially instead it was an acting which seemed to be very real and professional.
9. Comments by Lochly [Rating: 9/10]
I first discovered by the translation of the manga by TokyoPop. Initially, I was intrigued by it's premise--I'm sure anyone would be. Then again, most JDorama's are unlike anything any foreigner could preeminently imagine, no? Anyways, it wasn't available in subs on any torrent I could find, so I broke down and bought it. Watching it first RAW was a very enthralling experience, as I struggled to understand things. I'm glad I did, for much later, someone finally subbed it and I snatched it up. While different from the manga, it holds it own and flows in a way that optimistically frustrates the viewer, leaving you hungry for more. All around, I was very pleased with this series and would recommend it.
10. Comments by fybabe [Rating: 10/10]
nothing on the production part of this low budget drama is outstanding. the art direction is awful, the editing is flat, the background music sounds canned and the styling is ordinary.
but somehow, it's one of the most memorable drama i've ever seen.
i've never seen anyone on this planet act a human dog as successfully as jun. the fact that he blatantly takes on this embarrassing role without holding back is what makes the drama (and him) impactful and memorable. the acting alone is reason enough for me to vote for this drama.
storyline is stereotype but yet not stereotype. the idea seems shallow but yet not so shallow if you read into the psychology of it...
out take: excellent!
11. Comments by Susan [Rating: 10/10]
Matsumoto Jun was superb in this light-hearted series. As the hyperactive, funny, and cute "Momo," he played a perfect compliment to Koyuki's serious, beautiful, but wounded Sumire. Koyuki, to me, is such an elegant and natural actress, and I hope to see her in more leading roles where this side of her is exploited. I admit that I don't think much of Matsumoto as a singer, but I think that he has the potential to be a really superb actor. I look forward to all of his future projects. Kimi wa Petto is my favorite J-Dorama, and will likely remain my favorite for some time!
12. Comments by EstherM [Rating: 7/10]
I liked the manga, so I enjoyed it a lot. I feel though that there was a lack of sexual tension and it was not as steamy as I would like it to be. Mind you this is my personal problem since I am a bit older, European and libertine, impossible for me to buy an ending where two people into each other go back to platonic. Also the time of watching, I wasn�Lt really aware that the older woman/ younger man plot is such a recurring theme in J-dramas - see Anego, Sapuri, Boke dake no Madonna, Sore wa totsuzen or even Gokusen, and now I am growing tired of it.
13. Comments by blakmetalik [Rating: 8/10]
Not very realistic but a highly amusing show. The whole time I was glued to the screen, watching one episode after another, thinking, "Are they? Or aren't they?!" At the time I watched this I was about the same age as Koyuki's character, so the show got me thinking a little about if I would ever consider a romantic relationship with someone that much younger than me. Matsumoto Jun is cute in this one and really fit into the dancer role. At any rate, it's a fun drama. There sure are a lot of kissing scenes in this one... (^-^)
14. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 7/10]
I was expecting more of this dorama, the first 3 episodes were boring as hell and the last one wasn�Lt as good as i was expecting, but the other 6 episodes were all very enjoyable.
I don�Lt know what to say about the performances of both leads(Koyuki and Matsumoto Jun), i tought they were good but at the same time they are the kind of characters that i�Lll easily forget in the future.
Overall it�Ls a good dorama about forbiden love relationship, the dependence between both of them was the best part of the dorama.
15. Comments by kireiyuhi [Rating: 5/10]
At first I thought this drama was kind of lame. The main character is just so ridiculously hard to like, but I love Jun Matsumoto so I gave it the benefit of the doubt. I ended up not hating it, but I feel like the acting was very forced. There wasn't really much chemistry between the characters and that put me off a lot. Jun did a lot better job acting in Gokusen and Hana Yori Dango. Koyuki was amazing as everyone knows but I still cannot see this as a good drama. It was more like a waste of time.
16. Comments by KokiChan [Rating: 10/10]
My first drama after Sailor Moon Live Action and one of the few dramas that I discovered AFTER reading the manga. I really like the adaptation and I think Koyuki is really well casted as Sumire even if she's not exactly the same. I thought Momo was too serious in the drama because he is so funny in the manga! ^-^ The storyline is different but it didn't bother me, I saw it as a new angle for the story. It was the first drama I saw MatsuJun in, I thought he was really sweet and cute in the part.
17. Comments by JuLy [Rating: 10/10]
Unbelieveble that this is an old drama from 2003. All thumbs up for Japan, baNzai!! Its really a great job to make a stupid story that can�ft be happen in real life into drama that looks so real, funny, bitter, crush on my emotion....
I�fve seen it 3 times (really like the scene from 'last nite' at eps.9�clook at how they kissed again and again hehe) and counting�cdefinitely fallen to Jun�fs acting skills, once again, he prooved his self as good actor. *maTsuJuN...Koyuki...Kawaaaaiii!!!*
18. Comments by BijinDatta [Rating: 7/10]
I actually watched this broken up. The first six episodes before I left for Japan and the last four after I got back. I loved the drama in the first six episodes, but it seems that the last four were a tad flat and overwrought. The story overall is charming and of course the actors look good - but I believe the drama could have had a little more impact and condensened substance if the plot was less twisty. Eitherway, Matsujun is adorable in this and the lead actress is also strong.
19. Comments by ichigopan [Rating: 6/10]
Overall this was an ok drama. I think the leap from manga to live action doesn't quite work here. The story is hard to relate to in real life. Part of the enjoyment of watching dramas is to be able to connect with the characters and relate to their experience. I found it difficult to connect with them. Still, there's a lot of eye candy with Matsujun and Koyuki so overall, if you're a fan of either, this is worth watching if you can get past the unconventional storyline.
20. Comments by aimare [Rating: 8/10]
I watched 'Kimi wa Petto' a week after watching 'Zettai Kareshi' and noticed that the two dramas shared quite siimilar plot. Both stories involve an adoption of someone understanding and accepting the protagonist's true self that eventually turn into love. Matsujun is so mischievous in this drama but cute as he always is. ^^ Koyuki's acting is awesome. Anyway, I think Zettai Kareshi has a better storyline and a more touching ending though.
21. Comments by zelie [Rating: 9/10]
I want to give it 9.5... I didn't give it 10 because it was too easy to guess the ending but this is a great story. The cast couldn't be better and they're very faithful to the characters of the manga this drama is based on. I'm very impressed with MatsuJun's acting + dancing and the chemistry between Sumire and Momo is perfect. This one is a must-see, it's so different from any other dorama I've seen with a bold and original story.
22. Comments by PaperCaged [Rating: 7/10]
A few people are bashing it, but I guess it�s good to remember that this was originally a manga. Of course it�ll be unrealistic, just like most of the dramas I�ve watched. A human pet seemed a bit odd at first, but after watching the drama I didn�t think it was so crazy. Sumire and Momo�s relationship was so innocent and adorable. Momo was willing to throw away his pride to be with her. I think that�s very touching~
23. Comments by nishishi [Rating: 2/10]
A nice casting... but the plot is a little bit boring (more like stupid imo).... C'mon... a human pet?!?! WtF? i know some doramas (like this one) dont intend to be realistic but thats just plain stupid! i gave a 2 out of 10 only cause of the casting (but i must say that both lead actors didnt have any chemisty at all).
The ending is the best part IMO (since i wouldnt be watching any more of this crap)...
24. Comments by atleast13 [Rating: ?/10]
This is the second Jun dorama I've seen. I love it. I've seen it three times and I can't get tired watching it. The way Jun delivered here is just so natural. I didn't find it cheesy despite him being a pet. A lot of people might assume and say, oh that's stupid, how can you make a human your pet? And goes on to think of it as a stupid dorama. But I actually enjoyed this. Jun is just amazing and kawaii!
25. Comments by G-Pjube [Rating: 8/10]
I liked it. It was not a super drama, but I liked it. It had a lot of good moments and Jun was really good as a pet. I especially liked the part between the psychologist and Hasumi.

'She is very gentle, beautiful and excels in her work.'
'And she's flat.'

Well, it was a great drama and it's nice to see a drama with some humor in it.
26. Comments by dekatrain [Rating: 6/10]
Lacked in storyline and was VERY predictable...however koyuki excels and saves it from being a real disaster. jun matsumoto forgets to ACT in his role as momo leaving the burden solely on koyuki. i just couldn't get around the whole concept of the human pet thing and the fact that a gracious, genuinely beautiful women like koyuki would want to do this drama. but i must admit that it has its moments
27. Comments by carina4 [Rating: 7/10]
Also one of my first doramas. I didn't know who matsujun was or anything, but I thought it seemend good. But I didn't really click with it. I saw a few eps then.. nah. But a few years later when I became all japanese fan n all, I watched it and loved it even more! It's sooo adorable. She is so clueless that she doesn't even know who she likes! Matsujun is so kawaii and the story is crazy cute!!!
28. Comments by AjiKan [Rating: 9/10]
Very good drama!! It was the first drama i ever completed, and i really enjoyed watching it. At first when i heard about it, i was thinking, "what kind of storyline IS this??" But as i started to watch it, i really liked the chemistry between MatsuJun and Koyuki. I recommend this Dorama to anyone. It's fun and playful, and makes you want to get a dog... or maybe something else ^^;
29. Comments by apple_grenade [Rating: 8/10]
If anyone wants to know the reason I could no longer take Jun-san seriously as a bully/gangster/cool dude, this is it.


He's a bloody good actor, though. And a pretty good dancer too.

Will there ever be a role for Koyuki-san that is not a journalist? She does a good job here too, though. Much love.

Interesting storyline. Pretty good drama, all in all.
30. Comments by DragonSpirit164 [Rating: 7/10]
Ok drama... Very funny in places but then the whole "pet relationship" thing didn't work out for me.. I just felt wierd throughout watching this whole drama. MatsuJun as Momo was very hyperactive but I s'pose he had to bring out his "pet" character everytime he's with Sumire, but he's then he acts normal when not with Sumire. Eh??? This kind of left me feeling confused...

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1. __embryoBxTCH
My first and thus far my favorite J-Dorama ever. I love Kimi wa Petto because even though it may be completely wacky and whatnot, it was entertaining and fun! J-Doramas don't always have to be realistic (thus the word DRAMA aka DRAMATIC or OVERTLY DRAWN OUT IN IMAGINATION) and this show was the epitome of that. Between Koyuki and MastuJun, there is HOT chemistry. I would love to have MatsuJun as my petto and I would watch this x19058306! I was pretty much hypnotized the entire length of ten episodes and all I can say is... superb! I've never had so much fun watching a show in my life... hahaha.
2. YgY
this is a very sweet, agreeable little drama. yes, the premise is beyond ridiculous, but you wont care about that once you see the winning chemistry between koyuki and matsumoto jun. they both play very endearing characters whom you will genuinely feel for from the getgo.
koyuki is a very expressive actress, and if she does overact in some scenes, its good overacting. matsumoto jun is just too cute for words, anyone with warm blood will find it hard not to fall in love with his character.
3. JuLy
Unbelieveble that this is an old drama from 2003. All thumbs up for Japan, baNzai!! Its really a great job to make a stupid story that can�ft be happen in real life into drama that looks so real, funny, bitter, crush on my emotion.... I�fve seen it 3 times (really like the scene from 'last nite' at eps.9�clook at how they kissed again and again hehe) and counting�cdefinitely fallen to Jun�fs acting skills, once again, he prooved his self as good actor. *maTsuJuN...Koyuki...Kawaaaaiii!!!*
4. rastelou
One of my faves!! The storyline is unique, almost fairy-tale like, and is packed with funny and heartwarming moments. Wonderful acting by Koyuki and Matsumoto Jun who share a great chemistry and bring their characters so close to us. Pet owners (especially those who have pet dogs), you'll definitely identify with this dorama. Go watch it if you haven't already done so!
5. Mimori
Great story, great acting, great series. This made me realize just what a great, talented actor MatsuJun is. And Koyuki, well I already knew she was great. The chemistry between the two so fantastic that I couldn't help but forget about the age gap. I've watched it twice and I enjoyed the 2nd time as much as the 1st time. Definitely among my favorite dramas.
6. tsuki666
What a cute, funny and touching drama!!!!!! I saw it in one day and a half, I couldn�Lt stop watching!!!! Some may say the story is quite weird, but if you like the stories that hasn�Lt to be 100% real life, then you can have a wonderful time with this. The leading actors are great. Koyuki and MatsuJun really brought to life Sumire and Momo. Wonderful!!!!
7. lylasiangrl
Matsumoto Jun did a superior job in this drama and has definitely proven his ability to be able to act! made this drama very good and even better is that not only is he good but his chemistry with kyoki made this drama worth watching! very interesting watching them develop their relationship throughout the drama
8. Myri
Watching this drama every one of us has wished to have a pet: this drama is magic! Matsujun made fallen in love of him thousands of girls and Koyuki win everybody's hearts, but, after all, she's one of the best and beautiful actress in all Japan, point she's debutting in Hollywood.
Really a good drama!
9. Kawaii Kinomoto
matsujun made the best momo ever!! be MY pet jun!!! i luv u!!! and koyuki was great!! luved her ever since the last samurai!! plus luv the song darling by v6! but die fukushima!! leave sumire-chan and hasumi-sempai alone!! momo daisuki!!!^___________________________^ <333333
10. favug
I could compare this with " "Fear and Trembling" - International (English title)" somehow.
The tough, tall and very attractive office lady having a hard time living and working in a press company seems to be, in fact, as sensitive and loving as a woman can be...
11. AjiKan
Very good drama, i would recommend it to ANYONE. Unlike some other dramas, i really got into this one. I felt sad when they were sad, happy when they were happy etc. The ending was really good too ^_^ MatsuJun is so good in this drama!
12. ziliey
I LOVE MOMO!!!1 Matsujun is BRILLIANT!!!
I fell in love with the idea of having a dude be my pet.. both leads were absolutely perfect and even though it is unrealistic, I had so much fun watching the drama!!!
:D 10/10 in my opinion!!!
13. kurayzee
Just plain cute!
although o_o it wouldve been better if sumire's ex played hasumi instead of tanabe seiichi..his smile kinda creeps me out o_o; no offense to any fans out ther >.<; but otherwise a good drama to escape from reality ;)
14. deedlitmurata
my favorite drama of all!! everything's perfect, from the plot to the characters, I was completely addicted to it, MatsuJun and Koyuki had so much chemistry it's amazing!!! and it's so funnyt, cute and heart warming, just perfect :)
15. Surpur
My favorite dorama - ever! Just great acting by all main characters, but especially Koyuki who is so emotionally believable in all her moods she is showing here, from real sobbing sad to real funny: daisuke sumire-chan, arrigatou!
16. Pochi
Kimi wa Petto was such a good surprise!! I didn't expect this drama to be so nice.. well I know a drama could be nice with a silly story..a lot of jdramas start this way and become unforgettable, isn't it? XD Very cute couple!
17. lilbabi1004
the characters maintain the awesome chemistry shown in the manga...Jun and Koyuki are the PERFECT choices for those two characters!!
wah~~ so cute and so sugoii! XD
i watched all episodes in one day ^-^;;
18. KJjap
A MatsuJun love story alwayz affects me.
The whole pet and master relationship was AWESOME. Never wouldve come up with something like that....even if I had a million years. A must-see gr8 drama!
I want a momo too!!!!!
19. arashilove
Koyuki and Matsumoto Jun played their romantic roles well and had great chemistry together, despite the age gap. I enjoyed watching their relationship develop. Watch it if you love a good romantic comedy with a twist.
20. kittycutie
this the first drama i watch cast by Matsumoto Jun, but at this moment i dont even bother who he is.. just after i love to watch him in HYD1, i start to watch this again...
it's a interesting dorama though. unique!
21. ryoko293
now that i write all these 'reasons for voting' i have to admit that i'm manga addicted!! SOMEONE HELP ME ...
Long story short: read the manga, liked it watched the dorama, very funny, jun is soooooo kawaii in it!
22. fybabe
I never got sick of watching this over n over... i think it's the most blatant fantasy on screen ever! And strangely, never once do i feel gross or silly about the unbelievable storyline! kudos to jun and koyuki!
23. strawberrynkiwi
ahhhhh jun is so kawaii!!! i loved this drama especially the kiss scenes!! jun is the best actor!!! so far all his drama have impressed me A LOT =DDD koyuki did a great job too!!! definitely get my vote ^^
24. tropirach
Adorable~!Unfortunatly the version i watched had no english subtitles, so i had to rely on my flatmate for explanations... It has a really cute..not to mention original storyline and a feel good vibe.
25. tzanth
I loved this dorama soooooo much! Both koyuki and matsujun were AMAZING! Seriously, I was really really really touched! The whole thing was beautiful, and very well thought out! One of my favorites!
26. Patazilla
Totally fascinating! I fell in love with the Manga and also with the Dorama! It' nice to have a dorama that really is based on just 2 characters, who both are so awesome! ^___^ It's heartmelting! <3
27. Mylani
We stumbled across this drama by accident and were immediately drawn to the premise. What DOES happen when a woman tries to hold an asexual position of power over a younger boy who lives with her?
28. cass_dust
Would have given a 11/10 if possible. One of the best drama I've ever seen, but is a bit too short. One of the most chemistry between the 2 leads, just can't wait to see both of them together!!
29. basarachobits
Matsumoto Jun was so adorable in this drama, completely like a puppy. I'm glad that he gets what he wants in the end, but a shame that he cannot pursue his .... (I'm not going to spoil it).
30. Strawberry-cake
Definitely love this drama. Matsumoto Jun was super kawaii in here acting as a pet of Koyuki and their chemistry was unresistable. Although the story was unrealistic and the plot was cute.

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