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Koyuki 小雪

Star SignSagittarius
Birthday18 December 1976
Blood TypeO
B/W/H83 / 58 / 85

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Pure as the first snow of the season, as the characters in her name suggest, Koyuki has graced the small screen in Antique and Kimi wa Petto. But her most memor...

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Filmography (23)
Daibinbo [2017]
Nanakusa Yuzuko
Fragile [2016]
Long Goodbye [2014]
Kamiido Aiko
Legal High Season 2 [2013]
リーガル・ハイ 2
Ando Kiwa
Fumo Chitai [2009]
Akitsu Chisato
MR. BRAIN [2009]
Miyase Kumiko (ep. 2)
Sasaki Fusai no Jingi Naki Tatakai [2008]
Sasaki Ritsuko
Ai to Shi wo Mitsumete [2006]
Mako's wife
Engine [2005]
Mizukoshi Tomomi
水越朋美 (28)
Boku to Kanojo to Kanojo no Ikiru Michi [2004]
Kitajima Yura (29)
Suekko chounan ane san nin [2003]
柏倉幸子 (30)
Kimi wa Petto [2003]
Iwaya Sumire
巌谷スミレ (28)
Tentai Kanzoku [2002]
Sawamura Mifuyu
沢村 美冬 (25)
Laundry [2002]
Antique [2001]
Izuka Momoko
飯塚桃子 (25)
Mukodono! [2001]
Tatsuyama Chitsuru
遠山 千鶴 (25)
Love complex [2000]
Ikebukuro West Gate Park [2000]
Matsui Kana
Beautiful life [2000]
Nakajima Satsuki
Rennai Kekkon no Hosoku [1999]
Taburoido [1998]
Shomuni [1998]
Koi wa aserazu [1998]

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Users who voted for this artiste (140)
1. Myri
What can I say about Koyuki? That she is one of the best actress in Japan it's corny, but, we can't deny it, it's so fucking true. She's very beautiful, good, talentuous.. what can we want more? I'm not surprised now that she is debutting to Hollywood :P I adorated her character on Kimi Wa Pet, and also her little role on Makudono!, little but intense (just, I really didn't see her like a teacher ^^''). Great Koyuki!
2. rastelou
Here's a natural talent who certainly deserves my vote. She has lighted up the screen with strong performances in the various roles that she has undertaken. If you haven't already seen any of her shows, go catch Kimi Wa Petto, Boku to Kanojo to Kanojo no Ikiru Michi and The Last Samurai and you'll know what i mean. Hope to see even more of her in future!
3. Pinoyboy
Young, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Pretty, Cute, Hot, y, Delightful, Charming, Elegant, Exqusite, White, Light, Soft, Smooth, Clean-Skinned. First saw her in The Last Samurai. I hated her role in Pulse, cause she commits pistol-seppuku. One the things that attracts me to her is her lillte lisp. She's an Asian Snow White.
4. Swedish_Japan_Lover
Im a big admirer of koyuki, not only because she reminds me of my own sister. Her acting is so natural, and when she's showing emotions like irritation, sadness or joy you feel with her. She's very thin and beautiful and still doesn't sell herself too, and that totally earns my respect.
Go koyuki! <3
5. jrockreien
Some people say she isn't that pretty.. but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.. and aside from that... BEAUTY AIN'T GOT NUTHIN TO DO WITH ACTING!!! She is a great actress.. she can play many roles... Kimi wa Petto... great... Engine... so different still great acting.. *Takes my vote*
6. amaranth
I first saw in Beautiful Life, in the very ungrateful role (so frequent in J-dorama) of the hero's-ex-girlfriend-who-tries-to-get-him-back-but-fails. Yet, every scene she was in was emotionally overwhelming, I truly felt for her. And needless to say she was perfect in Kimi wa Petto.
7. __embryoBxTCH
Simply elegant and beautiful. I'm surprised she hasn't taken bigger roles in J-Doramas but that's okay... she is definately a vision. She was perfect as Iwaya Sumire in Kimi wa Petto! She's just so gorgeous and unique. I hope to see more of her soon. Koyuki <3 Love <3!!!!!
8. arashinokoto
although always a supporting actress until kimi wa petto came along.. she did really convincingly in mukodono as ryo's teacher and in IWGP.. in one she was a nice teacher with money probs.. but in the other she appeared with a nice front but actually was rather possessive..
9. donna8157
A great actress that really got noticed in the international scene after her movie with Tom Cruise "The Last Samurai". She's wonderful in each of the series that I've seen her in: "Antique", "Beautiful Life", "Searchin' for my Polestar", and "Kimi wa Petto".
10. JuLy
u've got me at Kimi wa Petto!!
The real beauty of Japan's face...u should take the role at 'Geisha'...make it Japans version better than the Hollywood version (I hope theres some producer out there read this hehe...)
11. tzanth
She always plays small rolls, so i never took much note of her untill kimi wa petto, but MY GOODNESS she was AMAZING! I really hope she gets more staring roles in doramas! Id watch them without a second thought!
12. ayabshue
she is beautiful and a very good actress too!fiirst saw her in the last samurai but it was in kimi wa petto and in the movie, laundry mademe like her as an actress! hope to see her more in other doramas!
13. Surpur
She is just the most beautiful woman - period! Sweet and serious, funny and refined. Her acting is so believable, I would not be surprised to see her as an international movie star. Just LOVE her.
14. altec
I remeber watching her in Kimi Wa Petto; she was AWESOME. I loved her acting. I had no idea she was in "The Last Samurai" with Tom Cruise. Anyways, she's great, I wanna see more doramas with her.
15. Tu_triky
convincingly played her role in kimi wa petto...a elegantly beautiful woman who bore out the complexities of the character well. a stunningly graceful woman. a capable actress who entertains.
16. christof2nd
I saw Last Samurai a week ago and was really impressed by the character of Taka and of Koyuki! She's a great and beautiful actress! So sad that it's hard to find stuff about her in englisch.
17. deedlitmurata
Amazing actress and extremely beautiful, I loved her role in Kimi wa petto! I got addicted to her doramas, now I've been trying to watch all her works, and she's perfect, so talented
18. Marit
just a great actress.. kinda like Julia Roberts to me.. don`t ask why.. I just feel that way :S.. oh and I love Julia Roberts, so I guess this means that I love Koyuki :D
19. SayaOtonashi
She is highly talented and irradiates a great strength. She is also elegant and charming. And her acting is really natural. Obviously she was in The Last Samurai.
20. Sumire
I think Koyuki is one of those graceful beauties you only come upon every once and awhile. I love to see what she has to offer in all of her roles as an actress.
21. MissMonika
I absolutely loved her in Kimi Wa Petto and the Last Samurai. I love her in Engine, especially. She's so lovely and such a good actress. Can't get enough of her.
22. Lotlorien
She is one of the most beatiful woman, I've ever seen. When I grow up, I wann to be like her in "Kimi wa Petto" (and have MatsuJun as pet would be nice^^). =)
23. jfallonismine
She's one of my most favorite female actresses. She modeled, and acts. She's very attractive, and I hope to see alot more of her in the future!
24. NanaTorigawa
i have a semi grudge against this actress... because of the movies i have seen her in... but she is good... but i'm keeping my eye on her...
25. G-coy
Last Samurai is a bang!
Antique is a boom!


- Gino Realista, NIPPONIA mag
26. koyuki_rocks
she has great acting skills and she is very pretty. I like her best in the Last Samurai,(so far) i wouldn't mind meeting her either!!!!
27. Koyuki
There's something in her that I love. I think is her voice and her acting. She's a great actress and I really admire her! ^^
28. echo-Shan
Cool beauty!!
Love her in kimi wa petto..........
she is so cool.....just like Nakama Yukie!!
Like both of them most!!
29. nakamotosan
Love her looks and voice. Glad she was in the Last Samurai. I wish she was in Memoirs of a Geisha instead of Zhang Ziyi.
30. Patazilla
A great actress who played in a lot of cool dorama. I like her feminine way of acting. Hope to see something new, soon.

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