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Antique [アンティーク〜西洋骨董洋菓子店]



Drama Details
Telecast:2001-10-08 to 2001-12-17
Season:Fall 2001

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes

This story is about four men who work in a confectionary. Tachibana Keiichiro (Shiina Kippei) is the owner; Ono Yusuke (Fujiki Naohito) is the superb baker that has a mysterious and mesmerizing aura; Kobayakawa Chikage (Abe Hiroshi) is the waiter and close bodyguard of Tachibana; and last but not least is Kanda Eiji (Takizawa Hideaki), the ex-boxer who loves cake so much that he becomes a waiter at 'Antique'. This is a refreshing, yet heartfelt comedy about the 4 very unique personalities that work until the wee hours of the night at the small confectionary. The series follows the romance, family life, and most importantly friendship that these 4 men from different generations experience.

This is a confectionary with a "flavor" not like most. Located in the middle of an ordinary residential area, "Antique" stays open until 2 a.m. Every single thing in the shop is antique, in fact even the sherry glasses that water comes in look like they would cost 50,000 yen. On top of this, all the sweets that are sold are unbelievably delicious. The thing that is most peculiar about "Antique" though is that all 4 of the men that work here are very handsome, and each has an interesting past. Those that frequent the store also have a story to tell.
Fuji TV

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Youthful Days [Mr Children]LYRICS ]

Actor/Actress Cast (14)
Takizawa Hideaki
Kanda Eiji
神田 エイジ (20)
Shiina Kippei
Tachibana Keiichiro
橘圭一郎 (35)
Fujiki Naohito
Ono Yusuke
小野裕介 (28)
Izuka Momoko
飯塚桃子 (25)
Abe Hiroshi
Kobayakawa Chikage
Manabe Kaori
Shimazaki Tamami
島崎 珠美 (21)
Enari Kazuki
Yoshinaga Shota
吉永正太 (17)
Tsuji Kazunaga
Munakata Katsuo
宗像 克雄 (56)
Nishino Taeko
Uchino Akane
内野 茜 (24)
Muta Teizo
Kanda Genichi
Yachigusa Kaoru
Shirai Fukiko
Ikuta Etsuko
Tachibana Hiroko
Kobayashi Susumu
Noma Atsushi
野間 篤史 (43)
Konishi Manami
(guest star)

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Drama Reviews (65)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Antique ~ Yummy! [Rating: 8/10]
I love this show! This is a light-heart comedy about 4 men and a cake shop: Tachibana (Kippei) is the owner of the shop but ironically, he doesn't likes cakes; Kanda (Hideaki) is a star champion boxer who is force to say goodbye his boxer career due to some problems; Ono (Naohito) is the master chef who doesn't likes girls; Chikage (Abe Hiroshi) is the mysterious man who is actually.....

It all begins when Tachibana bought over an Antique shop and turned it into a cake shop, and meanwhile, Ono was fired (yet again) from his job as a chef but managed to "win" Tachibana over, who finally hired Ono as a chef at his shop. At the same time, Kanda, a star boxer, was told that he couldn't box anymore due to a problem. Feeling somewhat devastated and unsure of what he should do next, he went out jogging one night and came upon Antique. Bowled over by the delicious cakes Ono made, Kanda persuaded him to take him as an apprentice, much to the chargin of Tachibana (whom Kanda called "Uncle" ^^;).

And then... the story starts. It may also seems like the story is about those yummy cakes ^^;, which in fact it do, but the main plot here is about these 4 men whose lives revolves around the cafe. There're touching and heartwarming stories about family, friends and romance, which is kind of related to the cafe (or the guys) and how the guys helped themselves and the other characters over the tide. ^^ The way the story is told is quite different from normal plots, so I think it's rather refreshing. (I love those cute words popping out! ^^). Of course, some parts can be quite slow, but I think most stories can be slow too at times, so it's kind of understandable. I guess I got a little confused in the beginning, but the story connects itself nicely in the end. ^^

And oh yeah, the ending is weird, but I think it's rather nice, down-to-earth and encouraging.:) It's really very funny and yet touching at the same time. Kippei was great (and really pitiful *lol*) as the boss and Naohito was both sexy and kawaii as the master chef, and Hideaki, well, he was yummy (esp when he was eating the cakes ^^) and Hiroshi did very well as Kippei's shadow. *lol* And OH!! I love the way Naohito always looked at Kippei with those "....." eyes and in the end, Kippei.... *lol*
Reviewed by Yayoi on 21 November 2004
2. Sitting on the Fence [Rating: 7/10]
After watching this drama �| and taking my time to do so �| I still don�ft know where I stand with it.

To begin with, I had some trouble with the actual disks. The VCDs lagged and so the audio and images were severely distorted. I�fm convinced that the problem wasn�ft the CDs, but my own device through which I played them. Then I had a problem with the subs, which were TERRIBLE! I�fm thankful that someone took the time to sub the drama, but they should also have taken the time to have them proof-read. The English was broken and at times it was difficult to figure out what the characters were saying�c

But regardless of these annoyances, I still decided to push through and finish the drama. I was deeply aggravated with the constant narrations that popped up on the screen (not the subs, but text part of the actual drama). It was like the director didn�ft think we�fd �gget the message�h through the facial expressions of the actors and therefore provided the information for us. This bars us from thinking on our own and I was slightly offended. Aside from this, the drama was enjoyable. The casting was great. I was once again reminded by Koyuki�fs performance that she really is grand, and of course Abe Hiroshi was brilliant in his portrayal of his role, as usual. Fujiki Naohito convinced me that he�fs really more than just a pretty face, and do I dare admit this: Tackey wasn�ft THAT bad. The surprise for me, and a rather pleasant one, was Shiina Kippei. I have seen him in Seikei Bijin and thought that he was terrible, but I�fve completely changed my opinion. He was absolutely marvelous in this drama, and truly held the cast together.

The plot definitely progressed through a manufactured pattern and most of the episodes were �gfillers�h between an otherwise interesting storyline, but the directing and atmosphere were amazing.

I guess I sit on the fence with this drama.
Reviewed by Wynter on 2 July 2007
3. Very good!!! [Rating: 9/10]
I�Lm still watching this series but I�Lm loving it!!!
I wanted to watch because of Takki, but this drama really worths!!
Takki is "genki" all the time, acting as a caring, sensitive and pure guy. He�Ls also funny with his manners, calling Kippei as "oyaji".
Fujiki... hmmm I didn�Lt find his acting was awesome. But... he�Ls so good-looking!!!
Kippei! I just saw him on Over Time, but his role wasn�Lt too big as in Antique. He�Ls a very talented actor indeed. His acting was so hillarious!!!
Abe, another good actor. Very funny too!
Koyuki - just saw her on Last Samurai, and I guess she�Ls more suitable to comedy roles!!! She�Ls also so funny, specially in the moments when she�Ls with Fujiki!!!

At the beginning of this series, I wasn�Lt too interested at all, because the first 2 episodes wasn�Lt so good at all. But, it gets better after 3rd episode. It gets better and funnier!
This drama have all elements to be a real entertaining show: good cast, wonderful OST (Mr. Children�Ls songs are amazing!), it�Ls funny, it gets a bit "emotional" at times (I cried in a few of episodes) and it�Ls heart-warming.
You won�Lt get bored watching Antique! Definitely not!
Reviewed by shiruchsn on 21 June 2005
4. Really funny! [Rating: 10/10]
I'm a NAOHITO FAN so u must understand my ratings... However the show on the whole is really funny. takizawa was really cheery and he managed to brighten up the show with his character's forthrightness. And Shiina Kippei looked adorable with his little moustache. His role as the desparate(for women) but good at heart boss was well done. Extremely hilarious are the moments when he has eye contact with Naohito. The seemingly "come-hither" eyes of Naohito and Shiina Kippei's flustered gaze never fails to get me laughing. :)
For Naohito fans like me, though he's the quiet one on the show, do not fear. His presence is seen and heard. He's still as charming and DROOL MATERIAL calibre as ever!(YES! Even in a white kitchen get-up!) It's a light hearted comedy so enjoy!
Reviewed by mel on 21 March 2002
5. UMAI! [Rating: 10/10]
I searched far and wide for this series, and I am glad I was finally able to watch it! Antique is such a "sweet" series: sweet characters, sweet stories, and sweet cakes! I especially enjoyed Abe Hiroshi's performance. He is so funny! ...And yet he can scare your pants off sometimes. The entire cast was simply so superb. I had read many mixed reviews for this series, including those that complained that it moves too slowly. But I believe that is not the case. The story moves at a pace which is appropriate for the series, and it really is quite enjoyable! Also, it picks up and becomes much more amusing in later episodes. So it's a series to watch and stick with right until the end!
Reviewed by Susan on 5 August 2006
6. less than zero [Rating: 1/10]
it's a shame i can only give a 1 to this debacle, for it deserves even less than that. EASILY the worst drama i've seen, not even one of my favorite actor, abe-san could have save this. the acting was ok i suppose, but the storyline totally blew. i could not follow the story (meaning didn't even spark an interest) and stopped after 7 eps, asking myself when is the ���݂��낢 part going to happen?
Alas, that part never came and this still remains the only drama I have started but not finished because it just sucked.
Reviewed by niko2x on 2 June 2004
7. Sweet Taki... [Rating: 9/10]
The boxer, he's adorable in this drama. I recommend for anyone who likes a soothing story of triumph. Although Taki is a pretty boy Johnny member, he's still a great actor, and should go far. Love watching Fujiki in this one too, he's so cool as the Chef that never wants to fall in love...
One of the best dramas, and the cakes looked SO delicious, I just want to go there myself and buy a few of my own!
All should watch the amazing Taki pull off one of his best talents into this drama!
Reviewed by Kirari Ililah on 27 August 2005
8. unique [Rating: 10/10]
It's so unique and creative that it deserves a 10 rating, only the creative japanese can think of such a style. Because it is so different, not everyone can appreciate it. There are many funny moments but I am disappointed that it lacks romance. I was hoping naohito could be with that lady reporter, like the way she fell for him, quite romantic but then it just died off. The ending is confusing with those "interviews", but overall, I enjoy the show and would call it a gem.
Reviewed by ladyelf on 9 October 2003
9. Not Bad [Rating: 8/10]
Itz reely very funny Fukjiki Naohito is very cute! Too bad he doesn't appear tt often... The way this show is presented is quite unique with the description of the scene being 'typed' across the screen... quite interesting, gives a better view of what is reely happening. However I don't reely like the last episode, it is a little confusing and does not reely give a conclusion... That's the main minus point of d drama but as a whole it is pretty good, worth watching!
Reviewed by koptastic on 9 September 2002
10. Antique -> Another Funny Dorama [Rating: 8/10]
Indeed funny with all those delicious cake. Is this dorama trying to make people to like sweet cakes or what ^_^ The 3 main roles each have interesting character from very different background which made this dorama really interesting to watch. Takki is really kakkoii here isn't he? Naohito Fujiki who played as Ono Yosuke is really charming too, each just soo perfect for their role. It's an easy going dorama that'll surely entertain you!!
Reviewed by HimuraGirl on 29 August 2002
11. very good! [Rating: 9/10]
I really enjoyed watching this drama. the subtitles sometimes left me confused(especially at the end) but it wasn't that big of a deal. It was my first drama with Naohito and now i am a fan of his! I love the different quirks of the characters, it was funny and different. Was all those cake shots necesary though?? It was torture! But anyways all in all I recommend this one, especially if you are a fan of any of the main characters!
Reviewed by angel12 on 25 November 2002
12. Antique= good fun [Rating: 10/10]
Antique is story about 4 men in a cake shop. It is a nice story and simple. Great acting I just can't get enough of this series it is realy good. More people need to watch it. It is very funny I just cant say enough nice things about this show. Take my word for it its good!! Watch it if you need it I have it for trade. The acting was great nothing was over acted. Great cast. one of the best I have seen.
Reviewed by johuth on 18 November 2004
13. Great & Funny [Rating: 9/10]
I really like this drama...Hideaki was so cute in it :D and I fell in love with Fujiki..especially his eyes. The story is so funny and really shows different characters between the leads and their customers, and make us think about our own character and it impacts to others, especially our love ones. It shows the importance of friendship and to value it. This is surely a very nice drama to watch.
Reviewed by juita_ejet on 7 May 2002
14. A Must See!!! [Rating: 10/10]
A creatively thought out story with lots of twists and humor. Definitely a light-hearted type of drama. The story is unique and each character is clearly developed. The story is smooth and like most dramas, convey a lot of messages about life. I really liked this drama because it is so original and the story just keep developing and the main characters, all male, have really nice chemistry.
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 1 December 2003
15. Wunnerful ^_^ [Rating: 9/10]
Its a very interesting story to watch from beginning to end. All of the actors were great (especially cute takki, the ex-boxer) =P
The cakes that Antique make are all beautiful. Each person that works at antique has a story that ties in with soem of the customers. Antique is heartwarming and funny to watch =)
WARNING: Watching this drama may create a craving for eating cakes...
Reviewed by Lady_Susie on 9 October 2005
16. must watch! [Rating: 10/10]
This drama is the funniest drama i had ever watched.It's not a hillarious comedy like MBMH but it can make you laugh loudly without you realize it.It's a great thing to combine tackey, fujiki, shiina and abe for the main roles.I think this is the first time for them to play a comedic role (except abe) and they're doing a great job.Watch this because it's so 'delicious'.
Reviewed by maui on 27 November 2006
17. Excellent [Rating: 10/10]
Not too sappy, overly dramatic, or unbelievable. The sweets look great and all of the actors and actresses do a fine job in this one. I really enjoy the balance between humor and drama and if I could give it a vote higher than a 10 out of 10 I totally would. "Antique" is excellent...don't know what else to say. Definately worth watching. *thumbs up!*
Reviewed by shoujo22 on 26 July 2005
18. Funniest drama that I've ever seen [Rating: 9/10]
The story is refreshing telling about western cake shop with many people problems. Takky is cute (I wish he can cook some cake for me), the bos is the most funniest character in this drama.

Great! Hideaki can play anything, example be so difficult man in Taiyou No Kisetsu (2002), etc. I proud to be his fans.
Reviewed by rinarina on 6 April 2003
19. Always take chances [Rating: ?/10]
I alwiz hated to take chances when I choose unknown japanese dramas to watch, especially when I am forced to. it wuz a buy 2 free one offer that i took antique home to watch. yukata, it wuz my best choice. but if i have the chance i wud change the ending a little. i'm sure others wud feel the same.
Reviewed by starlightave on 15 August 2003
20. Above Average [Rating: 8/10]
An interesting story line with above average performances from the stars. This was vote the best show in 2001 by the viewers. But I think something is missing. It lacks touching moments. I cannot recall any great scene? A disappointment! In general, the setting, the direction and mood were good.
Reviewed by jdfan on 3 July 2002
21. My Little Boring Chef [Rating: ?/10]
Couldn't figure out what this dorama was about. A storyless showcase of pretty faces? An 11 hour-long advertisement for confectionery? A chance for Mr. Children to unload half of their repertoire? Gave up after 3 eps and went to stuff myself at the local bakery for better entertainment.
Reviewed by shari on 14 April 2007
22. a very nice show [Rating: 9/10]
This show is GOOD.Takky's fans must watch this show.Because his character in the show is more cheerful than his other previous shows.And he looks so cute in the show!Naohito is more quiet in the show though but he look so cute!......more ever the cakes in the show looks so tempting...
Reviewed by claud302 on 26 February 2002
23. Not Bad!!!! [Rating: 8/10]
I've watched this drama. Very funny at times and its story.....quite interesting.I think the Takky's and Naohito's fans will like it. The story is about how three different man from three totally different world, met each other and became great friends. Ummmh.....very meaningful!!
Reviewed by googal on 11 April 2002
24. not bad~ [Rating: 8/10]
this is quite a good show. i think it's really funny. =) however i got e vcd with both chinese and english subtitles. e english was atrocious!so pls be aware. dun buy e duo translation one.
in singapore, e 2 vcd shops at suntec have very new vcds. ca check out there for e latest.
Reviewed by yellow on 18 February 2002
25. Good.. but could have been better! [Rating: 7/10]
Took me awhile to get used to the weird cuts both of music and camera. When you get passed that concept.. the drama itself is really good ans sweet but don't expect the standard type of drama. You're in for something weird all the way but good nontheless!
Reviewed by Nermal on 10 January 2004
26. Artsy Fartsy! [Rating: 3/10]
At first bought this show to see more of F.Naohito but was immensely disappointed with his character in the show which sucks!generally very boring except for the cakes!but Hideaki was pretty funnny though esp. when he was puzzled by Naohito's gay gaze.
Reviewed by Nicole on 23 March 2002
27. superb [Rating: 10/10]
what on earth somebody could produce such great drama...beautiful plot and story line and everything so creative.Mr. children song such a great combination with the drama. Sorry guys i think if you said this boring probably you don't have good taste
Reviewed by asylum on 20 May 2002
28. Not Too Bad [Rating: 8/10]
Bought this show oredi... although abit slow paced but then the acting is pretty good by the 3 male leads...
fans of takky shld buy cos takky acted alot in it...naohito is quite quiet in the show though...
nevertheless not too bad a show...
Reviewed by stellaowen on 23 January 2002
29. A decent drama with yummy cakes [Rating: 8/10]
I wanted to eat all the amazing cakes and pastries and I like the cast in this drama but why didn't the characters grow? It could have been so good if they spent a little more time developing characters and a little less on side stories.
Reviewed by MonsterZero65 on 15 August 2010
30. not like what everybody expected...=( [Rating: 2/10]
i don't know bout' other people that have watched
this drama....but for me it's damn boring..
the story line is tooooo unique till' u get bored
easily...i'm a big fan of takky and fujiki naohito..
Reviewed by dgurl_86 on 4 January 2002

Read all 65 reviews from users

Comments From Users (253)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by SayaOtonashi [Rating: 7/10]
Strange feelings. Four different men of different ages and environments get to work together in a cake store. The dorama started slowly and it lacked some depth for my taste, but I loved how characters were presented: everything was a riddle and it reminded me to these not-so-old point-and-click adventure games, even for the scenario (Antique store) that was gorgeous. I've never liked Fujiki Naohito's smile; Takizawa Hideaki was just fine; Shiina Kippei was a great surprise (his character is so funny!); finally, Hiroshi Abe, he's the best without doubt. I just didn't like Koyuki in this one, but that was maybe because of her character, too naive and nervous for my taste. The dorama does not focus on Eiji's learning experience or the customers (who on the other hand play as nice "fillers")... Well, I'm not sure if this dorama is focused on anything, but by the end you'll notice there always are some secrets for each living persons that may or not be revealed. Overall, an enjoyable dorama that didn't make me want to eat cakes at all.
2. Comments by MixxDreamer [Rating: 8/10]
its not a bad show actually, i dont care what others thought of this show, its not boring to me, as much as im a sushi lover, but i also love cakes! i used to work @ a bakery/cake store so i can relate. the first episodes contains more secrets and mysterious plots, but it gets very interesting later on and has some funny dialogues that i enjoy! the only thing that dissapoints me that the english subs arent very good and inaccurate, the grammars are wrong but at least i can still tell whats going on.
i know ive read so many bad reviews about this but for people who havent seen it but cared what others thinks, dont be stupid and rely on others' opinions, we all have different taste, who knows u'll end up liking this show or what not.. see for urself and watch it!
3. Comments by Akiiness [Rating: 9/10]
The first time I picked it up, I couldn't get through the first episode. For Takki fans, it would be a good sort of 'pick up' to the drama... but for me, that's where it lost points. I thought there would have been more comedic in the beginning if they used Shiina Kippei (Tachibana) as their 'pick up'. But once I got through the first episode, it was just like a simple joy ride! Amazing drama & another one I'd definitely recommend. Nao's character (Ono) is actually very different from the manga/anime, but you'll grow to just want to pinch his cheeks. XDD;; The drama on the whole runs parallel to the manga/anime; it's different, but it picks up ideas here and there. And Hiroshi did a great job with Kage. ;) WATCH IT.
4. Comments by apple_grenade [Rating: 9/10]
I love the beautiful shop. I love the cakes. I love pretty much the entire cast, especially Fujiki-san. And I love the OST; Mr. Children is darn sugoi. Sure, it's another food drama, and the ending is sort of 'huh?'. They did try to bring in the BL feel I guess, with that scene between Shiina-san and Fujiki-san, and also that scene between Fujiki-san and Takizawa-san... Koyuki-san is a journalist here (again), and Abe-san is his awkward!funny self. If you like humour, romance and lots of beautiful sweet things, then this one is for you. Fortunately, I love those mentioned things, so this one is definitely for me.

Such a pity I couldn't get my hands on a quality version, though... T_T
5. Comments by Susan [Rating: 10/10]
I searched far and wide for this series, and I am glad I was finally able to watch it! Antique is such a "sweet" series: sweet characters, sweet stories, and sweet cakes! I especially enjoyed Abe Hiroshi's performance. He is so funny! ...And yet he can scare your pants off sometimes. The entire cast was simply so superb. I had read many mixed reviews for this series, including those that complained that it moves too slowly. But I believe that is not the case. The story moves at a pace which is appropriate for the series, and it really is quite enjoyable! Also, it picks up and becomes much more amusing in later episodes. So it's a series to watch and stick with right until the end!
6. Comments by blakmetalik [Rating: 7/10]
I didn't expect much from Antique because of the ratings - I was only interested in seeing Takizawa Hideaki and Fujiki Naohito (^^). However, I was pleasantly surprised by: (1) the fact that the show is based on a story by Yoshinaga Fumi (a mangaka I like), and (2) how much it made me laugh. I found it cute, funny, and entertaining. Mixed in with the comedy are some touching moments here and there, and the show gets better after the first 4 or 5 episodes. For some reason I was never really fond of Shiina Kippei before, but watching him in Antique made me curious about his other dramas. Anyway, this is not a bad show at all; it has heart and charm.
7. Comments by Oba-chan [Rating: 9/10]
Very antique.. really funny, that four man did really well to make me laugh especially Shiina kippei. Every of them have their own charm. And also about the mistery of their past make this hard to forget. The 4th episode was the best episode in this series, i just cry in the end of this episode. The bad part of this drama are the Soundtrack. They put all Mr.Children song on that series, it's like you watching this drama in mr.children concert. Maybe the theme song was good, but at least just 2 or 3 song from the musicians, that was an odd idea to put too much song like that.
Theme Song: Mr. children 9th album: 7 (yeahhh)
8. Comments by Szabotage [Rating: 9/10]
Very quirky, extremely funny, wonderful ensemble cast works together perfectly to produce one of the most original dramas I've ever seen. Takizawa Hideaki is so earnest that you just cheer for him every minute. Shiina Kippei as the owner was absolutely hilarious, as was Abe Hiroshi. And Fujiki Naohito is such a pretty and elegant man, I could watch him all day and not get bored. Koyuki was great as the reporter and showed a real talent for comedy as well. The stories were well written and kept us involved, while the ending was a surprise, although it's still a feel-good one. Highly recommended!
9. Comments by jess [Rating: 7/10]
this drama is a real 180 degree difference from the usual jdramas. this story revolves around 4 men and an unique cake shop, Antique. Although this drama may not be as interesting and captivating as other dramas like nobuta wo produce, it does have a special way of plot development. The show with an air of mystery around practically everything and as the show goes, the mystery just uncovers one by one. Each episode can stand by itself and has its own plus points. Oh well, in all a drama recommended for one who doesn't like cliche stories. And naohito was super charming in this drama =)
10. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 9/10]
A great, fun drama to watch with touching scenes between Takizawa Hideaki, Naohito, etc who become good friends while working at a cake store. I really enjoyed it. This quirky series has no structured plot, but it's simply a story about four men and cake. Some offbeat comments and acting really added to the comedic factor for this drama. I highly recommend it for light viewing purposes. For me, it's one of those dramas that I have fun watching and rewatching and the fact that there's no structured plot, but more of an episode by episode viewing, it's fun to skip around.
11. Comments by tetsukei [Rating: 7/10]
A 7.5/10 from me. First of all, I am surprised by the great performances from Shiina and Koyuki. A really entertaining drama, with good looking men and delicious-looking desserts! One of my favourite actors, Abe Hiroshi, is starring in a supporting role, which provides so much comic relief. Takizawa is, as usual, the cute boy with unbeatable optimism and energy. Some of the pauses were too long for comfort, especially in the first few episodes. But as one gets used to the length of pauses and starts noticing the little details, this is a great manga-like series.
12. Comments by zooone [Rating: 10/10]
can't rave enough about it. i was quite unwilling to let it go after watching the last episode. if u look at the reviews for this, u'll find that it's pretty extreme, people either love or hate it.
I love it cos it's much much better made than many other jdoramas, the story was developed well, there was a quirky but loght-hearted feel to it all. very funny. characters are well-layered.
people who love it should read the comics of the same name for a another take to the story, which has a more structured story, but still funny at times.
13. Comments by marzyu [Rating: 9/10]
I never thought Koari Manabe wuz in here . . . .OMG . . .. she looks soo KAWAII-NE!!!!!!!! haha anywayz this wuz actually a pretty good drama! I thought it wuz going to be boring cuz all it talks about cake hehe who knows it'll actually make u want to watch the next episode everytime! At first, I bought this drama cuz of takki . .. . but I actually like it now! It totally deserves a high rating ^.^ and this is the show dat made TBS go back into popularity when it wuz beginning to slip! Totally shouldn't miss out!!!
14. Comments by Aunty Coco [Rating: 9/10]
A very refreshing comedy... Besides the mouth watering cakes & deserts, at least there is some depth in the humour unlike other comedies which only provide lame laughter... (U must be attentive to read the thoughts typed out or u'll miss out the jokes...) Great cast... Especially Hideaki & Naohito really made the ladies drool for more... Wonder if there is any eatery with only good looking male employees? However I was a bit dissapointed with the closure of the drama... But still, it's a must-see drama...
15. Comments by enen_shun [Rating: 8/10]
this show was really very "eye-tempting" ... haha ... not mainly because inside there's 2 very kakkoii male lead ... (Tackey & Naohito) .. but because the cakes in the show is sooooo eye-tempting !!!! omg ... i always drool when i'm watching the show ... haha ... i like the style of the cake shop ... so atique ... so class ... the storyline is quite okay ... Naohito Fujiki's character very cute ... haha .. i remembered the boss of the shop is very interesting ... haha ... enjoyed watching this show !!
16. Comments by aki_07 [Rating: 10/10]
You'll love the ambience and mood of this drama. It reminds me of a cake restaurant in Europe attended by wacky Japanese men. All the cakes are so yummy and pretty it makes you want to learn bakery and set up your own cake shop. Fabulous performance by all 4 actors. Quirky Japanese humour that catches you off guard and makes you laugh out loud at all episodes! What more to ask for - funny, great cast, totally enticing cakes & restaurant. A great drama that lifts your mood after watching.
17. Comments by Hontoni_Kawaii [Rating: 10/10]
It's such a GREAT show!!! Based on the GREAT manga!!! And the Actors are sooo GREAT & BEAUTIFULL!!! ^^ However there is a BIG difrences between the original MANGA ans the SERIES - it was supposed to be shounen-ai - originally - so I kinnda got disspointed because in the J-Drama they cut that fact - which my most favorite part - and caused a HUGE DIFFRENCE between the manga and the drama
But still Antique is a GREAT series, cute and funny and I've enjoyed it greatly!
18. Comments by mikamika [Rating: 7/10]
This is the drama based from the manga Antique Bakery by Fumi Yoshinaga right? At least, they have the same title, story and character names. But...the manga is a shounen-ai, so is the drama the same? I've only seen the first half of episode one which didn't tell me much... I plan to watch the rest when I get around to it, but I was curious as to how similar it is to the manga before watching. However, it's good so far! Pretty men and yummy cakes :D
19. Comments by ReD [Rating: 9/10]
Kalau anyone yang beli/tonton cerita/drama ni dan tidak tergelak.....maknanya dah nak mampos la tu.Storydia memang ngam...cara mara sedara mara gila sioot."kisah 4 org lelaki dgn kek"...hmmm ending pelik jer....yang aku paling puji tentang angle and stroke view camera.lagi satu montage memang cool(special montage.....yang mana setiap episode berlainan montage).Tak rugi beli....dan tak rugi ponteng kerja sebab lambat bangun pagi...hahaha.
20. Comments by sasukekun6 [Rating: 9/10]
What a fun drama. I watched the anime version of this years ago and decided to get the drama and didn't watch it until recently. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the actors did portraying the characters. The acting was pretty good and truly reminded me of the anime. Overall a very funny and interesting drama. I very much enjoyed Shiina Kippei as Tachibana. He's so fantastic with these kind of crazy rich guy roles.
21. Comments by outlaws0025 [Rating: 8/10]
Sugoi dorama! Love the story and the characters! Great acting all around - especially Abe Hiroshi!
The only complains I have is that Mr Children was just played way~ to much. I don't hate Mr. Children at all, but it was like 15 min with their music in each and every episode. Also I wasn't so fond of the last episode. I won't reveal anything of what's gonna happen, but they could have made a better last episode.
22. Comments by dnie [Rating: 8/10]
this dorama is so unique coz it is abt three men and a cake shop..one is the owner(who hates cakes), one is the chef(sooo drop dead gorgeous but afraid of..women) and the apprentice(who learns to become a chef becoz he loves eating cakes so much..) there are also other characters who become regular customers, coming to the shop with their 'antiques'..very funny! esp the boy who cant say I love u.! LOL!
23. Comments by juita_ejet [Rating: 8/10]
I really like this drama...Hideaki was so cute in it :D and I fell in love with Fujiki..especially his eyes. The story is so funny and really shows different characters between the leads and their customers, and make us think about our own character and it impacts to others, especially our love ones. It shows the importance of friendship and to value it. This is surely a very nice drama to watch.
24. Comments by joyluck_sista82 [Rating: 10/10]
Loved the unique way the stories were told...watched it quite a few times...i like the cake and fujiki naohito seems so professional...even tho the ending is a bit confusing to me at first, my sis explained it and it made sense...all the characters surrounding the main characters are superb too...seems like evryone's important...and the best part, i always watch it while eating cakes....yummm....
25. Comments by anoneko [Rating: 9/10]
I thought this would merely be a simple, lighthearted drama but it surprised me. Antique made me laugh out loud but also moved me to tears on some occasions. A very sensitive portrayal of human emotions and relationships. Definitely worth watching. Of course, the 'watchability' is enhanced by the presence of the three very cute male leads. Naohito Fujiki is especially gorgeous in this show. ;)
26. Comments by mizsymurda [Rating: 8/10]
SOO much eye candy in this drama!! hehhe..the cake makes me drool T_T !! from watching this drama..i know the importance of cake and how it can make you happy by the sweet taste lolz..but great drama!! i love all four main guys in the antqiue cake store..they're all funny!! it wasn't boring for meeee cuz i really enjoyed the characters in there! even that little boy..hes so funny and dorky =/
27. Comments by crvn107 [Rating: 6/10]
I haven't watched any of Takizawa Hideaki's dramas before this and I mainly watched it because I want to see why is he so popular. Well,he did okay and his character is adorable. Tachibana as the manager is funny and he did a good job. Overall,I'd give this drama a 6/10 because I can't really tell what is drama is all about other than the cakes. So, 3 points for the cakes and 3 for the drama.
28. Comments by Aurora [Rating: 10/10]
I'm giving this drama a full rating due to the variety of genres this show offers. It's hilarious, it's touching and it's delicious(i mean the cakes). A simple theme of a story of four baka guys trying to fulfil their dreams in a cake shop, ends up being developed so well that it has kept me watching disc after disc as if it has set a crave on me. Abe Hiroshi is funny in this, catch it.
29. Comments by amane [Rating: 10/10]
Impressive.Beyond my expectation.thought it was an ordinary drama with takizawa hideaki and fujiki naohito as the attractions but the story turned out to be really funny.make me burst out laughing none stop.i love the chemistry between tackey and shiina kippei.and as always abe hiroshi's performance never failed me.good storyline and the casts performance were amazing and hilarious.
30. Comments by Yayoi [Rating: 8/10]
I really like this drama! So funny and yet touching at times. ^^ Can be a bit slow at some parts, but I think that's normal since certain scenes of other dramas can be slow too. For me, it's the comic parts, Kippei and Naohito who makes the drama so interesting! Love Naohito's sExY glance and Kippei in the show. So "pitiful"! *lol* For more info, please read my review instead. ^_~

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1. shoujo22
Again, if you've read my review for "Virgin Road" you'll find that I tend to enjoy dramas that don't focus too heavliy on roamce and unbelievable complications. So I think that "Antique" is one of the best dramas ever. I also enjoy the fact that the story is not focused heavily on one character in particular, but four. Humor frequented this drama also. The fact that the main characters were actually even capable of smiling was a more than enough to keep me watching. Naohito Fujiki, Takizawa Hideaki, Shiina Kippei, and Abe Hiroshi did an excellent job in this drama. "Antique" certainly gets my vote.
2. mizune
While the stories taken by themselves are nothing really special, combined with the strong acting and post production additions (like the typewriter captions), this drama becomes one of the funniest and most enjoyable series I have ever seen. Absolutely hilarious! I never get tired of watching this one because every time I watch it, I always find some tiny detail I hadn't noticed before. It pokes fun of itself on so many levels...Definitely for Mr. Children fans... This one is especially good to watch if you are tired of romantic melodrama common in many jdramas. Lots o' fun!
3. Hontoni_Kawaii
It's such a GREAT show!!! Based on the GREAT manga!!! And the Actors are sooo GREAT & BEAUTIFULL!!! ^^ However there is a BIG difrences between the original MANGA ans the SERIES - it was supposed to be shounen-ai - originally - so I kinnda got disspointed because in the J-Drama they cut that fact - which my most favorite part - and caused a HUGE DIFFRENCE between the manga and the drama But still Antique is a GREAT series, cute and funny and I've enjoyed it greatly!
4. anoneko
I thought this would merely be a simple, lighthearted drama but it surprised me. Antique made me laugh out loud but also moved me to tears on some occasions. A very sensitive portrayal of human emotions and relationships. Definitely worth watching. Of course, the 'watchability' is enhanced by the presence of the three very cute male leads. Naohito Fujiki is especially gorgeous in this show. ;)
5. Bsalez
Alot of funny dialogue between the three main character...'Specially when they try psychic communication' :) Good act shown by all main cast..most of them are veteran in Jdrama..but important factor of this movie is the music by:Mr children who built the emotion during the important scene.Hate Da ending though but Fully recommended for smart and funny comedy :)
6. sojuqueen
In all honesty, I love this series. It's so cliche but this drama makes you realize that the most important thing in this world is for you to be happy and to find your place in the sun. We might have different ways of getting there but in the end, the journey and the triumph makes life worthwhile.
7. insomniac
i love this dorama! the cakes look so delicious that i want to eat a cake while i was watching! i like the idea of 4 men working in a cake store.

fujiki naohito with his mysterious character is so gorgeous while hideaki takizawa is so adorable with his character's childish ways.
8. keikotl
Want to see some yummy food? Want to see some yummy guys^_* Want to see some weird vibes flying around between the guys? Antique gives you the most unexpected laughters ever haha And you'll be drooling over Tackey like you'll be drooling over for those yummy cakes!
9. raffz
It's a funny dramas. I watch it many times. I love Tackey in this dramas and also his bos. Among the other dramas I already watch, I feel this drama is still funny and still make me laugh even if I watch it hundred times.

Sorry my english is bad "\ o_o /"::
10. donna8157
This drama is by far the most hilarious one I've seen to date. I enjoyed all of the actors' performances, each had their little quirks and weird habits, but they were so funny. I highly recommend it.
11. junny
Fujiki Naohito + Shiina Kippei + Abe Hiroshi = all kinds of awesome. Lots of funny, heartwarming moments. Plus great songs by Mr Children, and all that delicious, gorgeous cake!
12. arashilove
Clever, humourous. Great chemistry between the three main leads, plus of course Koyuki and Abe Hiroshi. I was drooling over the cute guys and scrumptious cakes! Fun to watch.
13. sadako-sempai
Antique is soo funny.. i liked the whole theme of the story.. all the actors and actresses are great.. fits to the whole story.. and.. the cakes are so oishiiiiiii.. umeii!!
14. tsuki666
Just have to love Takki in this dorama... so sweet, as a cake!!!!!! Touching, different, is a good dorama, evenmore if you are fan of the guys...so handsome!!!
15. apithea
Great drama, Funny too. Let you know though you can do something that you love msot, you still can do the second things that you love most en still feel happy.
16. some_gurl
this is really a very funny, entertaining and heartwarming series.. All the characters did a realy great job. I love Fujiki Naohito in this movie!! Kakkoi!!!
17. ocha
I love cakes. That the first reason why I watched this dorama. But..suddenly I fell in love with the chef, Ono Yusuke..he..he.. He's soooooooo cute ! ^_^
18. chocfudge_8008
Funny! Funny! Funny! Some of the reviews made me uncertain to buy it, but it's worth every cent. It's weird, but also heartwarming.
19. c_linxi
Hillarious one.. very funny yet mixed with touching moments. Luv the narration parts! And the cakes....drooling up til the end ^-^
20. xhidex33
One of my earliest dramas... and one of my favorites. I loved the humor and the characters... And the cakes killed me.
21. Yayoi
What can I say? It has got Kippei and Naohito and it's really very funny! Read my review if ye wanna know more! ^_~
22. xaxa
this is very unique drama: it has a great atmosphere and very funny acting. I enjoyed watching it very much.
23. Frits
Antique is antique (just like the title)!! The characters, the story and the humour are really antique.
24. Eve
Wonderful screenplay. Fantastic chemistry between the actors and besides..... ITS ALL ABOUT CAKE!!!
25. michaela
takky playe cheerful boxer who like a cake, he always shows his cute smile here :) i love it
26. ReeNa
It's all about cakes!!!...a lot of cakes that look very delicious...Funny and unique drama
27. secretlove
it shows passion for delicious cakes and sweets. its pretty funny. i just like it<3
28. blackwhis
its a different kinda drama very interesting and the cakes look damn tempting
29. paripy24
I think this is a really interesting drama! It's funny and the cast is great!
30. dianix
i like cakes hehe! and takki is so funny here, love to see him eating cakes!

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