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Joined:  06 Apr 2005
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Country (Nationality):  Canada
Location:  Canada
Occupation:  Student
Interests: Arashi, J-Dramas, Yaoi, Anime, J-Pop, J-Rock, Art, Computers and Tennis
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Kawaii Kinomoto's drama votes (9)
Gokusen [ごくせん]
Awesome actors, love the plot, I wish Yankumi was my teacher!! lol!! matsujun made a perfect shin as well as oguri shun as ucchi and narimiya hiroki-kun as noda!! <3 luv u all!! yukie nakama was awesome too!! luv the ending theme too... by v6: feel your breeze!! the last episode made me cry!! so cute!!
Hana Yori Dango [花より男子]
Greaat Cast Line up!! Definately gonna watch when it comes out!! can't wait!!! my matsujun baby finally has a new drama!!
Ichi Ritoru no Namida [1リットルの涙]
so sad and cute!! the love between aya and haruto is so pure and cute!! aya-chan's story is so sad and it really makes you appreciate the things we take for granted... just life is such a beautiful thing! i cried more than 1 litre of tears
Kimi wa Petto [きみはペット]
matsujun made the best momo ever!! be MY pet jun!!! i luv u!!! and koyuki was great!! luved her ever since the last samurai!! plus luv the song darling by v6! but die fukushima!! leave sumire-chan and hasumi-sempai alone!! momo daisuki!!!^___________________________^ <333333
Kindaichi Shonen no Jikembo Season 3 [金田一少年の事件簿 3]
Excellent acting from all the actors. the cases are all very interesting!! it amazes me how smart kindaichi is!! he figures out the murderer from the smallest clues!! lol...
Kisarazu Cat's Eye [木更津キャッツアイ]
luv the actors!!! sho sakurai from arashi^___^, junichi okada from v6^__^, and nariyama hiroki!! ^_____^ u guys r the best!! sakai wakana is good in this too but ever since her role in kimi wa petto as fukushima it made me hate her cuz she played it so well...lol.. she's still cute though!!^^
My Boss, My Hero [マイボスマイヒロ]
the best drama ever!! it's so hilarious! the cast is great and fit the roles so well!! luv all the characters!! makky, kazuya, sakura nantoka, hikari, hoshino!! except mikky should burn in hell!! he needs to die!! but ahhh the show is getting so good now!!
Nobuta wo Produce [野ブタ。をプロデュース]
hilarious and cute and sad and happy all at the same time!! the cast has great chemistry together!! horikata maki is too cute!! and kame and P are just too sexy!! especially when they're together!! seishun amigo is such a great song!!
Stand UP!!
very funny!! great show!! for slightly older and mature viewers. great actors!!! entertaining the whole way through... quite a bit of eye candy as well:D:D

Kawaii Kinomoto's artiste votes (9)
Aiba Masaki [相葉雅紀]
I luv him!! he's such a sweetie!! especially in the 24 jikan TV special when he said that speech about arashi and everyone was crying!! i was crying to cuz it was so cute!! he's so thoughtful!! and he's sexy too!! and he's great with kids!! i luv u aiba!!!^________^ <3
Akanishi Jin [赤西仁]
he's too sexy to NOT vote for!! he's a great singer, actor, dancer and *coughstrippercough*! the way he licks his lips and shakes his hips is enough to make me die!! his ero-ness and his jinglish are always a plus!! plus he's cute and sexy at the same time!!
Kamenashi Kazuya [亀梨和也]
so incredibly sexy, pretty and talented... i luv him so much!! good singer, great actor, AMAZING DANCER!!
Matsumoto Jun [松本潤]
HE'S SOOOOO SEXY!! can play such diverse roles!! was so serious as shin in gokusen but was so completely kawaii and hyper in kimi wa petto as momo!! plus he's an awesome singer too!!:D:D LUV U MATSUJUN-SAMA!!!!!<3
Ohno Satoshi [大野智]
RIIIIIIDAAAAAAA!!!!!! KYAAA!! he just gets sexier every day!! his goatee and moustache is so sexy right now!! one of the best singers and dancers in johnny's jimusho!! riida i luv u!!
Sakurai Sho [櫻井翔]
ahhhh!! he's sooooooooooo damn sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he can rap soooooo well!! luv him in arashi and luved him in kce!! he was so kawaii in yoiko no mikata!! he's gonna make the best father some day!! luv him so much!!
Takizawa Hideaki [滝沢秀明]
completely awesome!! luv his acting!! luv his voice!! very sexy!! gotta luv the HIDEAKI TAKIZAWA ERO ERO DANCE!!! DAMN HE'S HOT!!
Uchi Hiroki [内博貴]
UCHI COME BACK!!!:( i'm so sad that you were only in 2 episodes of GI!! and i've only seen 3 episodes and random clips of doremisora!! come back so u can be in more dorama!! i miss ur sexyness and cuteness!! and pouting/crying when u cant do something right! ryo needs your love too!!
Yamashita Tomohisa [山下智久]
THE PERFECT MAN!! sexy, talented, sexy, pretty, cute, sexy, smart, sexy, crazy, respectful and did i mention sexy?!!!!! luv luv LUV him!! what's NOT to luv about him!! PIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kawaii Kinomoto's dramas (40)
Abunai houkago [あぶない放課後]
Ace wo Nerae! [エースをねらえ!]
Anego [アネゴ]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
really great show with lots of twists and turns!! great cast and great plot!!
Antique [アンティーク〜西洋骨董洋菓子店]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
somewhat slow plot but lots of eye candy because of the actors...so much yummy cake as well!! this show gave me the biggest craving for cake!! but cake isnt the only yummy thing in this show... yummy takki!!^___^
Attention Please [アテンションン プリース]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
somewhat slow plot... nice cast... nice eye candy for ryo-chan fans
Boku dake no Madonna [僕だけのマドンナ]
Bokura no yuuki ~miman toushi~ [ぼくらの勇氣 ~未滿都市~]
Rating: 7/10
only seen half of episode one... seems decent...
Busu no Hitomi Koishiteru [ブスの瞳恋してる]
Rating: 3/10 (Watched)
watched the first episode and it was NOT my thing!! i kept thinking "when is this gonna be over?" it just seemed boring to me
D&D (dangerous angel x death hunter)

have one episode of but seems REALLY awesome with great actors etc.
Dandori [ダンドリ]
Rating: 5/10 (Watched)
i gave it a 5 cuz massu's in it but the plot is pretty boring and slow... about a group of cheer leaders... watched 1 episode and kinda stopped after that... even massu couldn't really save it:S
Dragon Zakura [ドラゴン桜]
Gachi Baka ! [ガチバカ !]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
really good show!! nice cast, nice plot... a little over done with the whole new teacher gets a class of horrible delinquents and teaches them proper values and gets them to graduate but still nice!! massu and tego fans MUST watch this!!
Ganbatte Ikimasshoi [がんばっていきまっしょい]
Gokusen [ごくせん]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
incredibly awesome!! a must watch series!! awesome actors!! great plot!! very good series!! funny at times, sad at times, cute at times!! go watch this now if u havent seen it! ^^
Gokusen Season 2 [ごくせん2]
Hana Yori Dango [花より男子]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
i gave it a 7 cuz it's about tennis which i really like plus it's got taguchi junnosuke in it which is of course a plus!! dont really remember all that much.. gotta re-watch it soon...
Ichi Ritoru no Namida [1リットルの涙]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
VERY VERY sad heart warming drama... the cast was perfect... sawajiri erika played the role of aya-chan perfectly!! made me cry more than 1 litre of tears!! plus lots of scenes where ryo-chan gets all wet:D
Kamisama mou sukoshi dake [神様、もう少しだけ]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
saw the first 5 episodes and it's a really good show so far... gotta download and watch the rest... interesting plot and good cast... fukada kyoko is really good in this drama
Kimi wa Petto [きみはペット]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
very good series!!! very adorable with some romance and comedy in it, stars famous actors such as matsujun (from arashi) as momo (takeshi goda) and koyuki (the last samurai, antique, beautiful life, etc.) as sumire iwaya!! very good series!!
Kindaichi Shonen no Jikembo Season 3 [金田一少年の事件簿 3]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
Excellent series!! Matsujun plays the role of Hajime Kindaichi very well. The cases are really good with some surprising twists to them!! As usual Anne Suzuki plays her role adorably!! she's so cute!! Also has very excellent other supporting actors.
Kindaichi shonen no Jikenbo (2005) [金田一少年の事件簿]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
KAME!!!! anything that is kindaichi automatically gets a 10!! PLUS anything starring kame HAS to be good!! kame as kindaichi is automatically gonna be great!! the case was pretty good too!! about vampires!:P kame was sexy in this drama!!
Kindaichi shonen no jikenbo 1 [金田一少年の事件簿 1]
Rating: 7/10
only seen 1 case... was pretty good... acting seems decent too but i prefer series 3 just coz of matsujun and an suzuki
Kisarazu Cat's Eye [木更津キャッツアイ]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
seen the first 4 eps... like very much!! didnt understand fully cuz it was chinese subbed but awesome acting by sho, okada, takashi, etc.
Kurisumasu Nante Dai Kirai
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
only saw 1 episode but it was good so far... need to finish this series
Lunch no Joou [ランチの女王]
Minamikun no koibito [南くんの恋人]
NINO!!!! <3 WHAT A GREAT SHOW!!! never failed to amuse me... great performance by all actors... except maybe seiichi tanabe... well i'm biased cuz i dont like him in general. fukada kyoko was the cutest in this show!! very amusing and entertaining with a somewhat odd ending
Mukodono! [ムコ殿/女婿大人]

have one episode so far... wanna watch it before i watch 2003 version to see the differences etc. but it's got aiba in it!! and koyuki!! and tomoya nagase!! yuichiro sakuraba!!!:D
My Boss, My Hero [マイボスマイヒロ]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
one of the best dramas i have EVER seen!! EVER!!!! it's SOOOO hilarious!! it's got a great plot with a talented/sexy cast! nagase, tego and koki fans MUST watch this!!! and sorafune is the best song ever!!
Nobuta wo Produce [野ブタ。をプロデュース]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
such a great drama!! P and Kame together is the best duo!! SHUJI AND AKIRA!! KYAAA!! seishun amigo is such a great song!! horikata maki is the best in this dorama!! great plot great cast great music great everything!!
Ns' Aoi [Ns’ あおい ]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
only saw one episode and it was pretty good but not the best so i gave it a 6... will finish watching eventually
havent watched yet... but should be good with koichi as a detective
Sapuri [サプリ]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
pretty good kame drama!! episode 7 was DEFINATELY THE BEST SO FAR!! ahhh!! misaki ito and kame make a pretty good couple... enjoy oyaji is really funny... got it's good and bad moments... kame/misaki fans should watch
Sekai no chuushin de, ai wo sakebu [世界の中心で、愛をさけぶ]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
only saw 1 episode but after reading the manga i will efinately watch the rest... i just gotta find time to watch it... similar to 1LoT
Stand UP!!
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
finally finished the entire series!! Very enjoyable and comical!! Very good actors: Nino (from Arashi), Yamapi (from NEWS), Oguri Shun, Narimiya Hiroki, Anne Suzuki. the last episode really surprised me with the whole chie thing!!
Summer snow

have most of the eps so far but havent watched... heard really good things about it... got a great cast (tsuyoshi, tsubasa, oguri shun, etc.)
Taiyou no uta [タイヨのうた]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
another sad drama with sawajiri erika... i wish she'd get more diverse roles... but a great story... yamada takayuki and erika r really cute together!! a good drama but i think i like the movie better
Yasashii Jikan [優しい時間]
Rating: 8/10 (Bought & Watched)
it's so sad how nino always gets stuck with the horrible/broken up families in his dramas... lol... but OMG!!!! THIS SHOW IS SOOOOOOO SAD!!!! IT MADE ME CRY SO MUCH!!!! plot is kinda slow and boring(especially some of the scenes in the coffee house) but really sweet and cute as well!! great acting... especially from nino!!! luv ya tons nino!!!!
Yoiko no Mikata [よい子の味方]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
this series is very good!!! Sho Sakurai makes the perfect Taiyo-sensei!!! He works so well with children which makes this series even more enjoyable!! plus he's SUPER MAJORLY SEXY!! SHO-SAMA!!!! And all the little kids are so adorable!! plus we get to see some cameo appearances by Ohno, Aiba and Matsujun!!:D
Yonimo kimyou na monogatari
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
only saw one episode with jun and it was creepy but pretty good still

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