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Gokusen [ごくせん]



Drama Details
Telecast:2002-04-01 to 2002-07-03
Season:Spring 2002

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TV Station:NTV
Duration:12 Episodes

Newly graduated Kumiko Yamaguchi wants to make her mark on the Japanese educational system as a teacher. All well and good until she finds out that the school she'll be teaching at has its fair share of troublemakers and rabble-rousers. The ruffians at the school don't frighten her though for she has a secret of her own-she's a fourth generation crime syndicate member and next in line to head it up. She's gone straight and wants to be a teacher though, but she's one person in whose class you don't want to be caught fooling around!

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Feel your breeze [V6]LYRICS ]

Actor/Actress Cast (22)
Nakama Yukie
Yamaguchi Kumiko (Yankumi)
山口 久美子 (24)
Matsumoto Jun
Sawada Shin
沢田慎 (18)
Namase Katsuhisa
Sawatari Goro
猿渡 五郎 (46)
Utsui Ken
Kuroda Ryuichir
黒田 龍一郎 (71)
Anan Kenji
Wakamatsu Hiro
若松 弘三 (43)
Kaneko Ken
Asakura Tetsu
朝倉 てつ (27)
Uchiyama Shinji
Tatsukawa Minoru
達川 ミノル (23)
Ryogoku Hiroshi
Sugawara Makoto
Oguri Shun
Uchiyama Haruhiko
内山 春彦 (18)
Waki Tomohiro
Teruo Kumai (Kuma)
熊井 輝夫 (18)
Narimiya Hiroki
Noda Takeshi
野田 猛 (18)
Ishigaki Yuma
Minami Youich
南 陽一 (18)
Itoh Misaki
Fujiyama Shizuka
藤山 静香 (26)
Nakazawa Yuko
Kawashima Kikuno
川嶋 菊乃 (27)
Nabe Osami
Ando Osamu
安藤 治 (51)
Komoto Masahiro
Iwamoto Kouhei
岩本 康平 (36)
Ookuma Ichirou
Oyama Hajime
大山 はじめ (28)
Tayama Ryosei
Shirakawa Gonzou
白川 権三 (66)
Saito Satoru
Washio Kanji
鷲尾 寛治 (43)
Sawamura Ikki
Shinohara Tomoya
篠原 智也 (30)
Sakata Tadashi
Kashiwagi Yutaka
柏木 豊 (26)
Tanaka Kei

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Drama Reviews (131)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. This series is average [Rating: 6/10]
Yankumi (Nakama Yukie) certainly didn't fit as the heir of a yakuza family. When she went into "Yakuza mode" there were more times I wanted to hide under my blanket in embarrassment than not. She was not credible as a yakuza, everything from her facial expression, stance and the way she spoke was just wrong. If anything, I'd say Nakama Yukie ruined this series for me. I might also add that I don't like Nakama Yukie in general, everything she does feels forced.

Sawada Shin (Matsumoto Jun) wasn't credible as the leader of a gang of delinquents either. I really never understood why he was the leader, he hit a teacher once and acted high and mighty (of course, this is the writers fault, not Matsumoto Jun's), was that it? Can't take much to become a leader of delinquents in Japan. It looked like there were a lot of people who could whoop Sawada Shin's ass just in class 3D, and isn't that usually how a leader of delinquents is born, being the toughest guy around making people respect you with strength? As for the actual acting, I guess he did a good enough job.

Teruo Kumai (Waki Tomohiro) did a really good job in my opinion. He was good both in the serious and less serious scenes. This is probably my favorite character in this series along with Minoru and Tetsu (the two of the four yakuza who live in Yankumi's house who had the most screen time).

Noda Takeshi (Narimiya Hiroki)... I never really understood what this guy did in this series, he was probably just eyecandy for the female audience. There was nothing delinquent about him, he would have fit better in a beauty salon.

Uchiyama Haruhiko (Oguri Shun) and Minami Youich (Ishigaki Yuma) both did good jobs, I have nothing more to add to these characters.

I liked the school staff too, the vice principal could be hilarious at times and the male audience also got some eyecandy here from the English teacher Fujiyama Shizuka (Itoh Misaki)

In Yankumi's house, as I already mentioned, I really liked Minoru and Tetsu, they were hilarious and they actually felt like yakuza. So did Wakamatsu Hiro (Anan Kenji), but unfortunately he didn't really get much screen time. The yakuza boss Kuroda Ryuichir (Utsui Ken) was just as credible as a yakuza boss as my can of coke here next to me. A yakuza boss shouldn't run around screaming "KORRRRRRRRRRA" at everyone, but at the same time he shouldn't feel and look like he couldn't hurt a fly even if he wanted to.

This series is watchable but not recommendable. The comedy does its job, but many of the delinquent/yakuza scenes feel forced, especially when the main character is present. This series is average and gets a 6/10 mainly because of the side characters.
Reviewed by coop on 21 July 2009
2. Gokusen another GTO look-alike? [Rating: 9/10]
i must say, lilke alot of others, when i first saw the synopsis of this drama, i was thinking "this is going to be like GTO, gangster-like teacher with delinquent students but eventually she wins them over". however, i soon found out that while it on the surface reminded me of it, this is by no means a GTO-esque drama. much like sorimachi eikichi seemed to perfectly epitomize his role as onizuka, so did yukie nakama play her role brilliantly. playing a teacher trying to hide her yakuza background with a cutesy exterior, she showed it to perfection. i really felt i could follow the story and it took the story beyond what onizuka had accomplished. with GTO it is a feel good with a teacher being able to connect with students who trust noone, however with gokusen, not only does she create the connection, it does not end there, she even brings out the best in her students leading them to the ultimate reward for a teacher, taking her delinquent students that noone believed in, and bringing them to the graduation stage, showing a disbelieving body that yes her students were capable of graduating too. it had it's moments, and seeing her students respond to her was hearfelt, her neverending trust breaking the tough exterior to reveal a heart of gold not only in the teacher, but in the students

to sum up, this drama went beyond where i thought it would, and it is only my belief that nothing is perfect that i gave it a 9, but in actuality this deserves a 9.99999999, not a 10 for nothing is perfect, but damn close to it
Reviewed by aznanimedude on 27 February 2008
3. Class Dismissed!=) [Rating: 10/10]
From NTV comes another teacher genre show, Gokusen puts a new twist to the original Kinpachi-character, having Yukie Nakama playing the heiress to a powerful yakuza family whose life ambition is to become a teacher like her father.

Here we are treated to the comic talent of the beautiful Yukie Nakama as the goofy but dedicated first-time high school Yankumi (a nickname given by her student). Its inevitable in watching this show, you would start falling to the charms of the delectable Yankumi, as she goofs up trying to hide her sometimes overly fierce yakuza persona from the school or going all out to to save and understand her student. She is at the same time cute , funny, beautiful and caring. In the words of the school's principal: "she is someone who can really bring about some good to the school"

But what is such show without the students. The "problem" pack, lead by Matsumoto Jun, is a gang of misfits who has no interest in school and constantly gets into the trouble. They areof course not really rotten in a core just misguided and as the show proceed, you realize each of them are just simple boys hiding in their tough exteriors. The boys put in a good performance and handle their part well alongside Yukie Nakama.

The fine performance and good scripting means that this show will definitely tugged your heartstrings as the show winds down to the grand finale. Really makes one wish for a good teacher in the like of Yankumi. yosh!
Reviewed by dashx on 15 October 2005
4. More violence perhaps? [Rating: 6/10]
I guess the high ratings are understandable. The story really was entertaining.

However, personally I thought it was a bit lacking. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed it enough that I finished all 12 episodes in a week. But I found it too idealistic maybe? Sometimes Yankumi really pissed me off. We all know that in real life, problems cannot be settled with just a fight and good long lectures. If it was so, it'd be a breeze, ne?

So in that respect, I found some of the more intense episodes tiresome to watch. Also, I was expecting much more violence; such as that of the manga! I'm a big fan of mob movies, so when I found out she was of yakuza descent, I was hoping that the family business would at least be more pronounced even if it's just a side dish. Instead, we have yakuza members selling takoyaki, and we don't find out anything else. That disappointed me severely.

The actors were brilliant in their stead though, especially Yukie, so the show carries a charisma that is hard to ignore. It's passable in my books.
Reviewed by myami on 22 August 2006
5. Recommended Drama [Rating: 9/10]
Outstanding acting by Nakama Yukie. I have not seen her doramas until this one and I became a fan of her after finishing this Dorama.

The student cast has actors who can act. Sawada Shin is surprisingly cool and is suitable for his role. Aside from some of the superfluous one-dimensional male teachers in this drama, most of the supporting class is strong.

Like GTO, the plot is basically formed from merging the different subplots of the problems and troubles faced by the students and some of Nakama's colleagues. The story can be predictable at times, but the ideas and lessons that Yankumi delivers after the different scenes in which Yankumi comes to the rescue after her students beat up someone (or get beaten up) are quite touching. In the end Yukie delivers a lesson on what being a "nakama" (or friend) is about, and I think I learned much from that.

Overall, a refreshing drama. 10 for the acting. Some marks off for those annoying male teachers. But a recommended dorama for sure.
Reviewed by nhk9 on 25 February 2006
6. "College humor" [Rating: 6/10]
I did it, I watched the infamous "Gokusen" which is pretty much supposed to be one of the funniest jdrama.

First of all if you're looking for something realistic and plausible you can spare you the trouble of watching it. You're not going to believe one second that the story could have actually really happened. For example you can clearly notice that Nakama Yukie can't fight, which makes all those tough yakusa combats positively ridiculous!

As for the general plot, the idea of a the granddaughter yakusa being a teacher was rather nice and caused many good jokes (sometimes a bit repetitive..)

Actor were just plain, and most of them weren't natural. It was very disturbing during the emotional sequence, the result was gross. Oh and I absolutely hated the moral lessons which were inappropriate for this kind of entertainment.

I'd say it's a fair comedy, distracting and very forgettable ;)
Reviewed by Finndlin on 11 July 2012
7. Goes beyond the GTO comparisons... [Rating: 8/10]
The show is very much GTO in so many ways its not funny, but the diferences are noticable as well. The drama follows essentially 40-50 characters maybe. GTO was about GTO, Gokusen was about everyone, her students, her family, the faculty, and the police officer love interests, all the characters are dynamic but not believable, which helps lend to the shows strong sense of humor. Humor IS the one thing the show has going for it, the jokes are funny, and they are pulled of well, there is chemistry from everyone even between those who receive the weaker lines. The show is best taken in as a whole, it is unwise to make judgements until the end of the special. Yukie Nakama is very much the star and I would probably watch Gokusen 2 only for that characther, though the show in the end is just slightly above your average disposable feel-good fluff. It is fluffy, but I have to admit, good fluff.
Reviewed by gohmifune on 13 July 2005
8. Subarashii!! [Rating: 10/10]
After having to wait over a few months just to only watch up to episode 5 of Gokusen subbed in English, I finally found the entire version in Chinese. And after completing it (I was in a two-day marathon), I found myself absolutely loving it!!!! It's one of the best series and one of my all time favorites! It's one series that I consistently find myself watching over and over again (without getting bored of it). Nakama Yukie does such an impressive job as Yamaguchi Kumiko, very similar to the character in the anime series. And I found myself falling in love with Matsumoto Jun (Sawada Shin). The rest of the class is just as memorable and likeable.

Even though there are more exaggerated scenes in comparison to a regular JDorama, I found myself laughing so much. Each episode was just so much fun to watch. I didn't want this series to end. Luckily, there is a "Gokusen 2" now.
Reviewed by donna8157 on 31 January 2005
9. I loved this one. [Rating: 9/10]
This drama got me hooked until the end, and no parts were dragging in my case. The story is not entirely original, and the stories in the manga were still better in my opinion (it was like a whole new story; they just kept the basic theme and the characters). But, the drama was still as enjoyable.

The acting, I think, was quite good. Nakama Yukie's performance as Yankumi was funny, and I loved her in this drama. :) My favorite actor in this one is Oguri Shun. The difference of his role as Uchiyama and his role in GTO as Noburu is quite huge, and it's interesting to see him act as the bully this time around. Narimiya Hiroki was good, even though this was his first big role. Matsumoto Jun was absolutely pretty as Sawada. Overall, he didn't give off the impression that manga-Shin made on me, but he was still cool.

I loved this drama, and I did not regret of buying it.
Reviewed by Antique Pop on 2 December 2005
10. Too self righteous for a start. [Rating: 8/10]
maybe it was because of all the good reviews, that I was really excited to watch the drama. After the first five minutes, I was stunned. Her intended introduction to the school was so self righteous and so naive, that I felt that if I were a student in the school, I would just roll my eyes and dismiss her as a fake. In the first three episodes, she had such a self righteous air about her, that matsumoto Jun always had to step in and explain things to her. HOwever, as the show progressed, the show got better, the 'cool' unity of the class was very funny to watch, and so were the teachers and Nakama's very obvious crush on Sawamura Ikki. Overall, I gave the drama 8 out of 10. Minus two for the irritating self righteous personality at the beginning and the very clique stunts.
Reviewed by mysticalgal84 on 18 February 2004
11. gokusen season 1 [Rating: 6/10]
actually i dun tink the story should stop..coz gt 4guys like yukie is jun,ikki,ken and ikki assistant...soo they should continue tat yukie will choose which guy and nt stop this story and start a new gokusen season 2 in new character...they still haven finish their studies,sooo actually they should continue...if gt gokusen season 2,i think the director should ask this 4 person in the character again and let yukie choose which guy he like...nt always she help the students and fight wif the bad person...should haf some romance tooooo..if nt,nt really that nice...soo i hope gokusen season 3,this 4 guys will chase yukie and ofcoz yukie aso will help student..like tat i tink is more interesting...hope director can see...thanx...
Reviewed by ahfang on 4 October 2006
12. Super Repetative [Rating: 4/10]
Has no one noticed this? There isn't much to a storyline for this series. It's quite overrated and too similar to GTO.
Each episode begins with a student having a problem(usually with another group of punk kids), teachers don't believe the student and tries to expels them, YanKumi defends them is is doubted. Her grandfather gives her some random advise that seems to answer her doubts and another student comes to her and tells her that the student with the problem is getting beat up.
YanKumi goes and fights off(horrible fighting by the way) random punk kids attacking her student, student starts to "believe" in her and goes her posse of followers.
Other than the crappy storyline, awesome acting for Oguri & Matsumoto.
Reviewed by OneWingedAng3l on 29 June 2008
13. Certainly recommended [Rating: 9/10]
This serie is simply awesome! "Yankumi" does a great job. I like how they made her this very strong person who also has some faults like her naivety in certain matters, but keeps her spirit.
The series has a superb cast. Sawada is very enigmatic, the had-teacher someone you love to hate, the yakuza are funny and the kids in her class have realistic problems that they won't always react to in the way that is expected for them. They are not just misunderstood kids, but do quite bad stuff from time to time.

Also nice additions to the cast are the policeman, the nurse and the other female teacher. It makes it that Yankumi is not just interacting with her class but deals with people her age as well.
Reviewed by sannah on 28 March 2005
14. The BEST Japanese drama!! [Rating: 10/10]
I thought that Taiyou no Kisetsu was the BEST Japanese drama I have ever watched, but I didn't know just how WRONG I was! This drama is WAY better, and much more exciting and bright! While Taiyou no kisetsu was a dark and moody drama, this was a bright and exciting drama!
The best I love about this series is Yukie Nakama and Jun Matsumoto! I wish they were a couple in this series, but that was impossible cuz Yukie was Jun's teacher, it's not a good idea for a teacher to date her student...unless they truly love each other...which they were NOT! So yeah...disappointing for me...but I still think they make a cute couple! =D
Reviewed by linda100 on 7 August 2004
15. sugoi.. [Rating: 9/10]
it's really great.. i thought.. so much of a higher calibre than GTO.. at least now you have students who can act and are funny to boot.. nakama yukie was very successful as yankumi.. and it seems like all due to this drama she has gone to greater heights in japan.. matsumoto jun is convincing as shin.. as i watched the drama.. i cannot help hoping matsujun would one day tell yankumi about his feelings for her.. :) the other guys are good too.. and they complement shin to like form a group of five guys with wierd appearances but kind hearts.. best drama i've watched for since a long time.. simply cannot forget the plot..
Reviewed by arashinokoto on 25 May 2003
16. Loved it! [Rating: 9/10]
I have finished watching all episodes and I really loved this show! It had its far-fetched moments, but its soooo cute!!!
It was so good that it focused on the main plot story line of Yankumi's school job, and didnt go into much of the 'love' story line - which was a strong cliff hanger...was constanlty wondering who she ended up with...and i loved the way it ended...
tempted to watch gokusen 2...but sad that it doesnt have the same cast...so i cant see much of a continuing story...will have to think about it....but if you havent see this show yet - YOU NEED TO WATCH IT! Matsumoto Jun is WONDERFUL here!!
Reviewed by ckohone on 7 September 2005
17. It's Funny & Interesting, but where is the lov [Rating: 8/10]
It's really funny drama, saw Yukie acted so hars and impolite (not her style) is really a new thing. This is a funny, touched drama (I cried when Kuma's dad died).

The soundtrack also nice, but I probably won't watch the sequel, because the love story was missing in this drama and maybe in the sequel too (Yukie liked somebody) Yup she was but at the end she's ended with nobody. TOO BAD. I think GTO is the only teacher-student's drama which has a love story (onizuka ended with his beloved), Naomi (cast. Fujiwara norika) also didn't have a love story and guess what? Yup that is a teacher-student's drama.
Reviewed by rinarina on 28 February 2006
18. Incredibly Cheesy GTO Clone [Rating: 5/10]
The show mixes things up with the Yakuza family aspect and has some funny moments. However the drama is mukkied up by too much excessive sentimental junk that serves no real purpose. The worst parts are the fight scenes that are rediculously campy where they're trying to portray her as this super heroine..... In the end the show fails in so many aspects in comparison to GTO that I found it rather dissapointing. This has got to be one of the most overrated Jdramas out there. I did enjoy watching it through, however the current placement under GTO on ratings is disgusting really.
Reviewed by zoglog on 6 September 2006
19. Fight Oh... OH! [Rating: 9/10]
Very funny and entertaining, I watched 8 episodes in a row, just couldn't stop watching it. This is more like GTO anime/manga than GTO live action is, which is no bad thing, great stuff. Just a note that this is 12 episodes + a special. I also like when they are having the welcome party in ep1 that sawatari (head-teacher) calls yankumi yamada sensei referring back to when they were back in Trick together, nice touch that. If you liked this then you must watch Trick, the chemistry and comedy is far beyond what this has (and that's saying something)
Reviewed by Tatakau on 26 September 2005
20. One of the best [Rating: 10/10]
I enjoyed Gokusen from start to finish. I never found myself smiling at the computer screen as often I did while watching this. Nakama Yukie was wonderful as Yankumi, and Matsumoto Jun was also great as Sawada Shin. ALL of the characters were memorable, and I loved the unity and loyalty of Sawada and his friends and the rest of 3-D. I could go on forever listing all the great things about this drama, but I have to stop somewhere. I'll say one last thing -- GTO ain't got nothing on Gokusen.
Reviewed by madsky on 16 July 2005
21. GTO and Gokusen ? [Rating: 8/10]
Well i thought this was very much like GTO..we all realized that now dont we ??? So that forces me to make a comparison..But even the idea of it gives me the creeps so..no i wont compare them to each other..But Gokusen,on its own,is probably one of the best. It is hilarious! And of course,Hiroki Narimiya is playing too..that was the first I began watching this in the first place lol ! Anyway,the actors here are great,and it is so much fun just sitting down and watching this over and over !
Reviewed by triyandafilisus on 25 July 2005
22. Great Drama [Rating: 9/10]
I love this drama. I have just recently purchased the next one as well. I finished the whole season in 3 days. that is a lot of japanese. This show includes romance and phisical fights as well as emotional ones. I like that all the topics this show seems to cover. The only thing I would change about this show is to make it longer. 12 episodes...not enough. Jun doees a great job of acting, plays his character very well.
Reviewed by Hiyo-Chan on 20 November 2005
23. Love It. [Rating: 9/10]
I loved the whole series it was so interesting. I liked the actress who played "Yankumi" because she was the perfect person to play the part. When I finished watching theis season I was so upset because I had no idea there was a second season. The reason I voted it a 9 instead of a tenparts seemed a little too fake for me but... I still loved it considering it was like my first jdrama in a really long time.
Reviewed by randomprincess101 on 20 August 2006
24. MatsuJun ~KAKOII!!! [Rating: 10/10]
It was such a good drama!!! definitley my all-time favorite. i cried and laughed at the same time. it was incredible. Nakama Yukie's character was hilarious and cute at the same time, makes you want to be her friend. and Matsu Jun....too good to be true. he was incredibly hot in this. made me fall for him the minute he spoke. he played such a good role. all the casts are extremely talented. a must see ^^
Reviewed by cola_cherry on 9 September 2003
25. shirokin gakuin high school I want to go there XD [Rating: ?/10]
shirokin is a school exclusive for boys but.. the students are pretty scary.. because of a bad record.. especially theclass 3-D but they have a good heart and love each other.. especially their "friend".... Yamaguchi kumiko who's called "YAKUMI" by his students is the 4th Oedo generation.. she didn't took over the family business because she love her dream than became a teacher!! XD........ FIGHTO - OH!!
Reviewed by rahci akumatsu on 2 January 2006
26. Funny and Enjoyable [Rating: 10/10]
I like this drama... It is so funny and enjoyable especially Yankumi. She try hard to be 3D teacher though she did not look like a teacher... Well, What I want to say is that this drama is worth of watching. Anyway, I am curious Yankumi will choose who to be his lover. At the end of the series, you can see that there are 4 people like her. One of them are Sawada Shin. Haha... Maybe only Yankumi know.
Reviewed by kumiko87 on 7 June 2006
27. The planets align [Rating: 10/10]
Everything aligns near-perfectly to make for a spirited comedy-drama in the spirit of GTO. The plot isn't completely unfamiliar: a high school teacher also happens to be the next in line to succeed a yakuza family.

What really makes it special is the cast. This series is packed with top talent, and the script is crisp and energetic. With GTO and Shomuni, one of my all-time favorites.
Reviewed by jdoramadotcom on 29 April 2008
28. Yankumi, Shin, Uchi, Noda, Minami, Kuma~ THE BEST [Rating: 10/10]
I decided to watch this drama because Oguri Shun acted in it^^ Well, I just sat gaping, admiring the attractive story that made me glued to the screen since the first 3-5 minutes of the starting itself! I admitted that I never felt like that before. I completd watching 12 episodes in 3 days though I have exams ^^"
GOKUSEN is really the BEST drama ever!!! Fighto-oh!!!
Reviewed by MAYSEVENTEEN on 10 January 2007
29. overrated [Rating: 7/10]
this drama is fairly amusing, to say the least. o-o female-version of gto, except tat she has the background to back her up. however, that's where the strong points stop. the drama is entertaining in a sense, however it does not have a strong plot to pull through the whole series. overall, an ok so-so drama, especially if u're a fan of school-based dramas
Reviewed by youhei_mito on 22 December 2005
30. Super! [Rating: 8/10]
Great acting by Nakama Yukie! Wonderful lead/supporting roles by the group of five and the other two teachers. In particular, Matsumoto Jun, Oguri Shun, and Narimiya Hiroki stood out for their great performances. Storyline is similar to GTO, and while, at times, a tad repetitive, the episode plots were all quite refreshing and entertaining.
Reviewed by Shindou on 14 August 2005

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Comments From Users (891)
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do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by minochi99 [Rating: 6/10]
A GTO clone. Yankumi isn't even close as a dynamic character as Sorimachi's Onizuka. Don't expect any romance here. The romantic interludes between Yankumi and Shin were not very convincing. I didn't see any chemistry at all btwn them. And it seems out of place somehow.

Lame fight scenes & constant preaching about honor from Yankumi makes it hard to take the series seriously. It made the story corny & predictable. It's hard to avoid comparing this to GTO if you watch both. Notice the many comparisons to GTO from other viewers. Gokusen always being compared to GTO, but not vice versa. GTO is original, Gokusen unfortunately is a pretty blatant copy. Sorry, points docked for no originality. Just b/c you change the teacher to a pretty female and fill the class with cute boys doesn't mean it will work for everyone.

Now, if you watch this one first, it might leave you with a different, more favorable impression of Gokusen. I think Gokusen was at times funnier than GTO, but somehow, there isn't that satisfied feeling you get when finishing a series. GTO has a better plot, stronger cast, better antagonists (no Uchiyamada), it's more romantic, and GTO just left a more pronounce impression on me than Gokusen. Maybe it's b/c the ending was very underwhelming and not as dramatic as GTO. The ending seems rushed and a little under written. Inconclusive.

I'm stunned at the number of votes this series got as it's a little above average tbh. The plot really is weak. Wished Yankumi's class was co-ed. It would've brought balance to the series as Yankumi could've applied the female touch and help the young girls also. Maybe the writers felt they've ripped off enough of GTO already so probably didn't want to push it. But I guess that explains the high vote count as all the Jun & Shun fangirls are probably voting for this ;-)
2. Comments by RedSamurai [Rating: 7/10]
As much as I loved (and still loves) Nakama Yukie from her earlier performances (Trick, Musashi, etc...) , all this love couldn't get me to appreciate Gokusen! The main (and obvious) thing you'll notice is that it's a direct ripoff of Takashi Sorimachi's GTO!!! I mean at least they should have tried to have a small even a liiiittle bit of fresh ideas... HUnfortunately, it's mostly a Ctrl-C >> Ctrl-V with a female lead actor and some more accent on "comedy" than plot.
Maybe it comes from the fact that I watched GTO beforehand, but it's still not an excuse since ONIZUKA's been out 3 or 4 years before. So even if you see it for the first time, you'll probably find it very entertaining at the first 4 or 5 episodes, to only get "bored" by the redounding formula for each episode! As someone already mentioned it goes like:
1*Students get in some sort of trouble
2*Yankumi barges in to save them beating up all the bad guys (which is very unbelievable! such a poorly built girl beating gangs of several street guys)
3*Yankumi gives a lecture which NEVER FAILS to reform everyone who's listening
4*Yankumi gets advice from her kind-hearted grandfather

It's not that it's a bad drama or anything, it's just that it has a really high bar to reach to before rising it. So, my advice would be: If you have seen GTO and loved it then chances are that you wouldn't be able to enjoy Gokusen without neat picking and comparing each little detail or scene thus spoiling all the enjoyment, however if you haven't seen GTO yet then try watching Gokusen hoping that you'll find the series refreshing enough; and don't forget to watch GTO no matter what!! :D
3. Comments by michiru3 [Rating: 7/10]
altho Nakama Yukie's acting isn't great & gets kinda distracting, I like the chemistry btwn the students. Noda (Narimiya Hiroki), Uchi (Oguri Shun), & Kuma (Waki Tomohiro) are especially great. Kaneko Ken as Tetsu is also good. he's sooo diff from Mizuki in Kochira Hon Ikegami!! Sadly, I'm disappointed w/ MatsuJun as Sawada. I really liked him in Kimi wa Petto, and here he just acts so dead & boring. But then again, I guess that's how Sawada is in the manga too, so I can't really blame MatsuJun. The story's cornier than GTO (sorry, gotta compare) and Nakama isn't really strong as Yankumi, so that didn't help. But it's enjoyable to watch. I have to admit though, I started watching just for Oguri Shun and it's too bad his part's not that big. Also, I don't like that his chara (Uchi) is always the one who gets mad & bursts out in anger. The characters are pretty diff from how they are in the manga. Like, Uchi is much more cowardly and Tetsu & Minoru are switched! (Tetsu's the big one, not Minoru)
4. Comments by fybabe [Rating: 10/10]
This probably reached the limit of slapstick, stereotype, corniness, silliness before it gets too overboard for me! And because of this balance, it's unique in it's own way.
Firstly, kudos to the director and editing guys to get the pacing crisp and sharp.
Next are the 2 leads, Yankumi and Shin, of course, for bringing the manga characters to life. gosh, i thought they walked out of the anime! if nakie hadn't been as over-the-top as she acted or if jun hadn't been as contradicting, dead cool as he perf, the drama would have gone straight to being another silly, forgetable, low budget, high school story.
to me, the script plays the least important role in this drama. i believe you can replace any of the episode storyline with any other stereotype student problem script and it will still be a hit.
i mean the formula is set already: superhero teacher + super kakkoi problem kid + villain who interferes at all the right time + feel good storyline = predictable success
5. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 10/10]
One of the funniest and most entertaining live-action remakes yet. Instead of just basing it off of the manga and anime, the show really brought to life these characters (especially Yamaguchi-sensei and Sawada Shin). The acting and directing were superbly done and there was never a dull moment in the series. In fact, I found myself a little sad when the series was all over.

For anime fans, this series stands separate from the anime and the manga. There are some characters and scenarios that were never there in the anime, but are present in the drama. I most highly recommend it.

For fans of GTO Live Action, at first I thought that this was going to be another "clone" of the most popular inspiring school series, but it really wasn't. It's really become it's own type of drama because of the amount of comedy and light-heartedness in dealing with the students, teachers, and yakuza. A series you shouldn't miss.
6. Comments by apple_grenade [Rating: 7/10]
On the negative side, it's typical school drama. Gangster-related teacher: check. A class of troubled yet pretty students: check. A host of fussy administratives who are constantly breathing down the gangster-related teacher's neck: double check. Weekly plots whereby said gangster-related teacher would solve the students' problems in mostly unconventional ways... Oh, you know the drill.

On the positive side, though, and there are quite a few, Nakama-san gives a brilliant performance, as she always does. The relationships between the characters are really interesting. Really. The sound effects lend this drama a slapstick feel, which I enjoyed immensely. The main members of the Oedo family are darn funny. And of course, there's Oguri Shun. I seriously SERIOUSLY love this guy. The theme song is not bad. Typical pop song, but fun to listen to.

I am indeed a sucker for this sort of dramas...
7. Comments by occultangle [Rating: 6/10]
I don't have anything bad to say about this in particular, but I am at a complete loss as to what all the fuss is about it. The comedy is only maybe sort of half funnyish, which is admittably better than the average comedy series, since I usually found them not funny at all. The plot is nothing memorable. Nakama Yukie's "fighting scenes" are infrequent and underwhelming.

Having watched this quite a long time after it aired, I can't help but notice that nearly all the young actors in the class have gone on to very prominent acting careers, so I can't help but to guess that the only real reason for this drama's popularity was all the young pretty boy actors. Which is fine I suppose, but it's very shallow, much like this show itself.

Again, I'm not trying to call this bad, but I see nothing in it worthy of the level of fandom it receives.
8. Comments by MoonxBunny [Rating: 6/10]
This is the first Jdrama that I have actually watched, and the first time I saw MatsuJun and Nakama Yukie in action as well. The characters' chemistry are great, their relationships are good. I liked the way how they portrayed the trouble-making-guys-but-on-the-other-hand-they're-really-nice people. I'm not disappointed at all with the screenplay writers not including the Shin-Yankumi relationship {sorry, I'm not in favor of that type of student-teacher relationship}. There were touching scenes, and the background music really suit every scene {I loved the OST}. Although the fight scenes were kind of lame at times LOL. The only fight scene acceptable and okay was at the Graduation Special. xP

In addition, this is one of my favorite dramas as well. :D MatsuJun pulled off Shin great, and Nakama Yukie and other artistes are also great as well.
9. Comments by Hitorigoto [Rating: 10/10]
I just started watching this one - and fell instantly in love with it from the very first episode. I am myself about to start teacher education this fall, which makes this dorama extra fun to watch. Although the students in class 3D were rather extreme (at least to begin with), I am certain that to some degree this kind of thing will be part of a teacher's job. Who knows - perhaps I'll pick up a few tips on how to handle that, huh?

Even if I don't, this IS a good drama with a lot of humor and warmth. "Yankumi" faces a lot of challenges and uses her smarts and guts to see past insults and attitudes and eventually set things right. And that is without doubt due to her passion and determination as a teacher, as well as the fact that she truly cares about her students. I find such qualities AWESOME.
10. Comments by Shouryuuken [Rating: 6/10]
I actually thoroughly enjoyed this drama for the most part. The story-line was fresh and the characters were interesting in each of their own rights. Unfortunately in the final three episodes, the monotonity of the script starts to take effect and all that is left is a feeling of an attempted clone of GTO. Nakama Yukie's character, although interesting at first, becomes annoyingly hypocritical by having a complete split personality: a teacher that strives for politeness and good behaviour in school but then beats the shit out of the 'villains' with yakuza style. Although I'm sure she's 9th dan karate, I become slightly sceptical when she defeats 10+ massive bad guys with various weapons etc. when she has a massive height of 160cm and weighs 46kg (according to JDorama)
11. Comments by sirhin [Rating: 8/10]
This reminded me of GTO and there were many similarities - though they were done differently. Even so, it was pretty good and it had me waiting impatiently for school to be over with until I could get back and watch some more. :) Yamaguchi sensei was pretty dorky at some times and totally cool at others. It was an odd mix, being so dorky when coming from a yakuza family, but I suppose. Along with the cast (all of whom were great), it was colorful! I liked Oguri Shun's character, and I was a bit disappointed that though Matsuyama Kenichi had a part, it was REALLY small. Matsumoto Jun's character wasn't bad at all, either. :) All in all, it was good entertainment and pretty touching. I find that I wish I would have watched it when I graduated from high school. ^_^
12. Comments by zileas [Rating: 8/10]
The style really reminds of an anime. Exagerrated characters, the comedic situations and the unbelievable yet totally believable resolutions. Actingwise the young idols aren't impressive with the exception of Kuma and some other smaller parts. Teachers on the other hand proves to be a bunch of interesting and entertaining characters. The plot is nothing revolutionizing or even original, but it is good executed and enjoyable. Maybe a bit episodic though; some further development wouldn't have hurt. Overall a funny and a bit heart-warming j-drama that lacks the little extra. Another thing worth mentioning is the ending song with the video where everyone is running. That one radiates joy, and it is contagious :).
13. Comments by Jwen [Rating: 8/10]
Hmmm....I love Oguri Shun and Matsumoto Jun.....the spark of chemistry that comes from Juns eyes whenever Yukie's around really really keeps things interesting. Occasionally its actually funny but if i am allowed to compare, i would prefer Takeshi Sorimachi to Yukie's acting skill. I don't think she's a natural comedian, more like a sporting actress. She acts better in cunning roles I believe... and once again Oguri Shun demonstrates great acting skills........The soundtrack's not too good here. A good one could have given this drama extra boost.
Someone coulda taken the potential further..but nvm, theres always a sequel.....Still, i'm glad i bought this!
14. Comments by yume [Rating: 10/10]
Nakama Yukie plays another wacky female role--but don't worry, she's not replaying the same character as Trick. Gokusen is a very well-written comedic drama. From the cover, and just some reviews, I really don't know what to expect, but I am so glad I watched it. People compare it to GTO because she's a rough-house teacher who teaches her students lessons--but I think this is better than GTO because there are an array of characters to like and while she does do the somewhat GTO-ish "save the world" bit, since this has a comedic touch, it never gets too annoying or sappy. I really love her character! It makes me want to be a teacher like that, hahaha.....
15. Comments by MokaGirl [Rating: 9/10]
I first thought of giving this drama a 10 but thought it would be slightly too much and It was mainly from a biased opinion I have toward this serie so a 9 for Gokusen season 1 !!! For it comical side, the nice casting ( main characters and cameo simply fits in this drama ), Sweet chemistry between all characters, the nice OST. This drama is one good directed drama as it has never forgot the main theme and each episodes is simply greatly entertaining. Great show !!! A must watch !!! Some randoms corny scenes and overacted but it just adds a different and refreshing flavor to the storyline. I absolutely don't mind it at all.
16. Comments by AjiKan [Rating: 10/10]
Man, this drama was FUNNY. Nakama Yukie is a great comedienne, and i love her expressions. When she would always get caught for speaking in Yakuza lingo, it was priceless. Her interaction with the five main guys was very good, and seemed real. The Vice Principal is very funny too. Everything is funny! I was hoping season 2 would be good, but no one seemed to like it.. But that's all right, we got a great big laugh out of the original one. I think it did a really good job of being a school drama, and also not being a total knockoff of GTO or Kinpachi. It had its own atmosphere and humor. And i think it's awesome. 10/10 ^^
17. Comments by ginger ale [Rating: 10/10]
Escapades of troubled adolescents and high school seniors and a compassionate teacher with a secret who turns them around. Mmmmm seems like a favorite theme for jdorama. I love Yankumi's double life as heir to a crime syndicate and teacher of ruffians with heart.Funniest scenes, Yankumi in a blonde wig and skin tight dress masquerading as a victim for a mugger and when she defeated the gang by the waterfront who fought with her students. MatsuJun and Shun Oguri lite up the screen as delinguent students. This school drama made me laugh and cry and omg so many eye candies.A really entertaining seishun drama.
18. Comments by joyluck_sista82 [Rating: 10/10]
Love evrything abt this drama...the casts, the plot, the soundtrack...i cud watch it many times and never got tired of it...and matsujun's fabulous as sawada shin coz he did the character just right...even tho he looks cool all the time, a few scenes where he tried to hide his smile made his character more interesting...and he's different when he's at yankumi's house...he toned down and that's good he did not hav to be the unsmiling shin thru out this drama...but other than matsujun, i love all the students...interesting ppl...the best drama on teacher-students' relationship, not as depressing as others...
19. Comments by icpmat [Rating: 9/10]
Even though this drama shares a lot of similarities in settings with GTO, the actual story line is very different. It's a lot more light hearted, and even though the whole drama was shot in a manga-like tone, the lines/dialouges during the more 'moving' parts are more realistic and less cliche than GTO live action.

ps now that i have seen the anime, i am immensely impressed by the Nakayama Yukie and the wadrobe dept of this drama - she really brought Yangumi to life!! from her appearnce, dress, right down to the way she talks, it's a very good translation from anime to live action.
20. Comments by shoujo22 [Rating: 10/10]
I liked it very much. I wasn't really all that familiar with any of the cast, so there were honestly no biases on my part. The only bias that I might have had was the fact that I love the anime ^^. Some might say something along the lines of "It wasn't realistic".

My response: ......well, yeah. It's a live action-type drama themed after an anime/manga. What else did you expect? Of course it's not realistic. Read the summary and choose wisley *nods*. Anyway, I liked it because it made me laugh and because it was a bit over the top at times. I recommend it. That's all.
21. Comments by sawadasmile [Rating: 10/10]
I absolutely LOVED this drama. It was really original (though also on the predictable side after an episode or two), and was also just an adorable, feel-happy show... Nakamie Yukie does a great job, and Jun's performance as sawada was quite good as well. While I did get irritated at Yankumi for taking so darn long to get in there and help her students sometimes, I can overlook that. I've watched this dorama SO many times, with so many diff people, and I still love it every single time. This drama is what brought me to the jdorama world, and for that I am grateful. :)
22. Comments by KokiChan [Rating: 10/10]
I watched this drama recently and I totaly got hoocked up. Nakama Yukie is realy wonderful and I can't wait to watch more of her work ! After seeing MatsuJun in Kimi wa Petto and Hana Yori Dango seeing him in this drama changed my impression of him from "He's cute" to "He's hot !!!" ^^ Oguri Shun surprise me with his role so different from Hanazawa Rui (it was good to see him smile more ^^') I'm now reading the 8th manga of Gokusen and it makes me sad that the 2nd season didn't continue with Sawada's 3-D class because there is some great ShinKumi stuff happening ^-^
23. Comments by Jalapeno [Rating: 10/10]
I love it! Reminiscent of GTO but with a female lead. So refreshing with all the serious dramas coming out. I love Nakama Yukie (aka "Sadako" of Ring 0)! Who knew Sadako can be endearing? Hahaha. Namase Katsuhisa is such a riot - with his funny facial expressions and outrageous hairdo. Matsujun is a surprise - I didn't know he can act. I'm proud of my Arashi boy! He's not just a pretty face to draw in viewers. He's good, well better than Takizawa in "Majo no Jouken" as far as I am concerned. Anyway, if you like GTO, I think you'll love this one as well. :)
24. Comments by Lucian Dureau [Rating: 4/10]
At first i thought that was a bad version of GTO with a female character, but while i was watching the drama i saw that was something different. However, i think that this drama could be better. Some charactars, specially some teachers aren't so good, i think Yukie Nakama is not the best actress for the role of Yankumi, and i don't like anything the background music, it's unbearable.
The best: The five main students, specially Kuma's character. And some chapters like 4, 11 and the SP, episode that for me it's not a special but the 13th chapter
25. Comments by pandora [Rating: 9/10]
Some one described this Dorama as a female GTO, I have to say that it was deciidedly different, it was so much better. If GTO had not already used the concept it would have made for an excellent (one of teh best) dorama. Great comic, and yet serious acting and her dealing with the problems of each episode was not over the top or as irritating as he way Onchi of GTO dealt with them. Although teh ending is inconclusive, it was apropriate to the theme of the dorama. Her acting when she turns on her Yakuza side can be a little over teh top though
26. Comments by Ashes_Wishes [Rating: 9/10]
2 first ep's I thought this was some kind of copy of GTO [THE MANGA. I haven't seen the drama yet] but now, after 8 ep.'s I've decided this is good. Very good, and not a copy of GTO.
Yankumi's actress [Nakama Yukie] is the same as Sadako in Ringu 0. I was horribly surprised when I saw Yukie in Gokusen, because I never knew her name or anything and only knew her being in Ringu [I loved her as Sadako.]
I love the humor in this, and even if I'm not big fan of het. pairings, I have to say that Yankumi/Shin -pairing would be soooo pretty. <3
27. Comments by atheon [Rating: 7/10]
Mac 2004: I bought it bcos of the positive reviews, but i kinda dissapointed. This drama is more like those teen drams, with good looking cast and entertaining plot. I don't think nakama yukie fits the role that well, cos she's more girly type, she had to act in some fighting scenes, which is quite fake and speaks in rude language, rather annoying. BUT, this show is funny and heart-warming, with lotz of cute guys, esp shin. Nakama yukie is soo kirei in kimono ( not yankumi ) hehe. Watch it if u're fan of Johnny's boys.
28. Comments by Lochly [Rating: 10/10]
In the case of Gokusen, adapted from the popular manga, I can honestly say this was one of the few series from any country that kept me interested and actually made me care about the characters. Kumiko's desire to honestly help her frustratingly delinquent students without letting her family (or their rather lucrative profession) affect her decisions is really heart-warming. Yukie Nakama does a phenomenal job of bringing Kumiko to life and Matsumoto Jun succeeds in making you want to disfigure his pretty-boy face.
29. Comments by Tiffany [Rating: 9/10]
In the beginning, I thought it would just be a female version of GTO. I thought wrong. It seems to be set on a higher level. And I LOVE it. I loved how I was able to remember distinctly each student because they were all so 3-dimensional. MatsuJun was all but too perfect! I totally wanted a love story between Yankumi and Shin, but then it really wouldn't be the same light-hearted yet serious story that it is. A lesson was taught in each episode, and the whole cast was PERFECT. They have awesome chemistry together.
30. Comments by �ؓގq [Rating: 9/10]
Although I used to rank this drama at 10 before, I have since seen many other great dramas. I guess why it has lost a couple of rankings is that it is not as in depth as other things I have seen and can be repetitive at times. It does not take away the fact it is an excellent drama with great comedic timing and matsumoto jun (although I would of never thought) was attractive in this one. Yankumi is pretty cool with her nerdy appearance but Yakuza background. Light hearted, hilarious comedy my ranking =(8-9)

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1. pedang_patah
love it bcuz it is a hilarious dorama.about friendship bond between da students of class
3-D.wish i could be part of them and wow,my high school years would be much more fun while surrounded by circles of friends.the bottom line is,i love it bcuz it's a story about high school students with loads of kakkoii and kawaii boys and also their variety of characters posed by them made the drama more interesting to watch.watching them courting gurls,fighting for their rights and blablablabla..i talked too much.probably this seems to me like a remake of gto but with a female teacher as the lead role instead of onizuka.which comes to think about it,onizuka also had a gangster background and also has the ambition to become a teacher juz like yankumi!!1
2. fybabe
This is one of the best Japanese dramas I've ever seen.
Although I must admit that the plot is kind of cliche most times and the production value pretty low, the cast, the tight pacing and the hilarious script more than make up for the weaknesses!
Especially the cast.
I haven't seen much good, honest acting in many Japanese dramas (especially with idol actors), but here I must point out that Matsujun's charisma really hits you in waves! Especially when he's such a geek in real life. Ok, a loveable geek...
Yukie's overacting also suits her character in Gokusen perfectly. (I'm not sure if she'll do as well in other less comedic dramas though.)
3. donna8157
This is clearly one of my favorite series of all time. Each episode has its special moments and I didn't find even one of them a bit boring! It was just so much fun to watch that by the time I got to episode 12, I was sad to see that it was all over.

Nakama Yukie, Sawada Shin, and the rest of Yankumi's 3D class pull off such memorable scenes. I found myself liking each and everyone of the characters in this series. (Even the head teacher), each had their own weaknesses but sought to better them in the end. It was absolutely great!
4. antownia
Gokusen was one of the best dramas I've ever watched! The acting was brilliant, and the characters were characterized impeccably; you'd fall in love with them very easily. There were morals which were wonderfully shown - just enough for you to actually heed it, but not so much so that it's preachy. I think I cried in almost every episode of this drama. Matsumoto Jun SHINED as Sawada, and of course Yukie was absolutely BRILLIANT as Yankumi. Wonderful, wonderful drama. A must for everyone!
5. oshio_minahmi
yokatta!!it's a female version of GTO with fabulous sound effect (note the sound when yankumi moves her hand) & a heartwarming storyline. i learned new things in every episode. for those who loves GTO, u should watch this drama. and for those who don't, u still got to watch this drama:) there are some similarities, and also big differences, especially for those who like oguri shun, u can witness him evolved from a weak, bullied boy in GTO to a cool guy in gokusen..hehe..
6. sapphire
i love gokusen since its pilot episode....the story is very interesting...but what i'm very disappointed is that there is no love story of yankumi or sawada....my classmates also got that feeling too......any way....it's still one great jdorama....especially because of matsumoto jun as sawada shin and nakama yukie as yankumi....waaaa...it's pretty amazing....it's very funny....and there are many moral lessons every episode....

i love it!!!!!!
7. rinmoon
lovely drama.........Nakama Yukie was sooooo cute ....her acting was super....she shows her feeling sooo well throughout the series...i couldn' help but laugh...then cry at some parts.... and Matsumoto Jun hey he is sooooooooooo hot....couldn't help but hope they end up together somehow.....near the end shin did say that he the 4th person that gonna chase after her....hope they make a 3rd season w/ both of them in there
8. paito_chan
loved yankumi, sawada, kuma... e/1 are really good actors, i felt happiness, sadness and even anger with this drama. this was the first japanese drama i have ever seen and it really got into me... i'm just waiting for the subs for the second season and waiting for the great final... will sawada be with yankumi at the end?? will he not???? i'm looking foward to see it
9. jed_ka
The series is the hammer, I have so long felt so great, and there is so much to learn from the series,
Other men, the trust and not mutually sad to miss!
The friendship is an expensive word that you can not so easily abuse can!
Mann is not so easy to be angry that we should respect the others!

The series is also Toll, one can not describe with words!
10. deedlitmurata
I know some people find it similar to GTO, but it's not at all like that, it can make you laugh and it can make you get teary, because it's so emotional, and at the same time, funny; it's perfect, the characters they all are portrayed perfecty and it's really nice to see how the interact with each other; every episode is a gem.
11. Nermal
Often compared to GTO, Gokusen is neverthless a small gem worth the detour. Packed with light humor all the way, it'll make you laugh for sure by it's look and characters. Amazing work from the cast of actors that turned the manga/anime into this nice little drama. Well worth the watch, although sometimes a bit redundant.. ^^;
12. kantflixion
-nakama yukie is absolutely hilarious - great to see that a well-known pretty actress is still willing to take on comical roles - (compare her in tokyo wankei - seems like 2 completely different people!)
-just the right amount of corniness =) she acts more silly than she did in trick,
-great chemistry with the students
13. Strawberry-cake
I love this drama. It was hilarious yet touching at the same time. I'm really touched at the lesson of each episode. Plus the extreme acting skill of each actors in the drama makes the drama more enjoyable. Not to mention Matsumoto Jun was utterly hottttt in here. Oguri Shun, Narimiya Hiroki, Ishigaki Yuma was hot too.
14. __embryoBxTCH
Entertaining, funny, and moving all at the same time. I love Nakama Yukie's character as Yankumi--she did a very convincing job! Also, who can forget the absolutely adorable and troublesome 3-D BOYS! I was pretty much reeled in from start to finish and I will always love Gokusen. Plus, MATSUJUN! Hahaha.
15. Kawaii Kinomoto
Awesome actors, love the plot, I wish Yankumi was my teacher!! lol!! matsujun made a perfect shin as well as oguri shun as ucchi and narimiya hiroki-kun as noda!! <3 luv u all!! yukie nakama was awesome too!! luv the ending theme too... by v6: feel your breeze!! the last episode made me cry!! so cute!!
16. shizukanaotoko
great drama! heartwarming and inspiring ^.^ my whole family loved it, and they usually hate dramas!!! the actors were all great, especially yankumi (nakama yukie) ^.^ she's so cute!! now i wanna watch the anime version XD everybody who hasnt watched this drama, youre missing out!! hehe =D
17. aria_alice
i luv gokusen!!..it has all the genre a drama should have!!..humour, adventure, romance, action..everything!!...i really luv the plot nd everythin!!..sawada shin and yankumi was so cute....another thing about this drama is, you would never get tired of watching it again!!...its so hilarious!!
18. mieki
it was a lot like gokusen2, since i watched that one first, but both were really interesting and taught a lot about life! yukie-san does a really good job in both! matsujun's character was especially interesting because of how his character was. i really <333 this dorama like i do the second!
19. venusling
This drama teach us how to be a good teacher. Yankumi use her heart to teach her students without thinking about her own benefit. Very touching, memorable and entertaining drama. I like this type of drama coz it show how to treasure and enjoy school life! Hope Gokusen 2 is as good as this.
20. sword_of_heaven
This was a fun drama to watch overall. Though its not like the manga and/or anime, it was a very good theme. Jun is a pretty good actor, and the whole cast was fun to watch. You'll enjoy it far more if you don't compare it to the original manga (which I did and was initially disappointed).
21. Ashmarina
Gokusen is totally awesome! I wish I was Yankumi (hehehe... actually I feel envy with Nakama Yukie). Gokusen is really inspiring movie, I hope many teachers would watch this movie and take a good lesson from it... yeah, "It's ok to be a delinquent, but do it with pride and dignity!".
22. ms maleficus
i love this drama. i know some people might say that it's an imitation of GTO and ladeeda but who cares!!! i'm totally in love with matsujun in this drama. as a matter of fact, i won't even be interested in japanese dramas if not for this drama. ok so i sound cheesy and all. slap me.
Oguri Shun, Matsumoto Jun, Narimiya Hiroki, etc... acted in it! I love the teacher's character so much! She made and sacrificed herself to everyone in her class. I like the cooperation and the strong bond of freindship among the students of 3D.
Gokusen is the best drama! Love it!
24. Sami
Best drama ever. Stays true to the spirit of the manga (although there are definitely changes). Acting is excellent on the whole and it's just a lot of fun to watch. I think Sawada and Yankumi would be perfect for each other.

I LOVE MatsuJun in this! He is so kawaii! <3<3<3
25. ReDxFred4
An awesome drama teaching the life lessons to students of a bad class.. These lessons help them rethink of their lives and change them around to benefit themselves..Nakami Yukie provides a spectacular performance along with Itoh Misaki to make this one of the best dramas ever!
26. ghofigjong
I was very surprised with gokusen, since it is the first drama that i've watched that doesn't focus on romance.....Love the story, Has a lot of touching moments, plus I think Matsumoto Jun and Nakama Yukie are both very good in this series, plus they look good together.
27. crazy03hyper
very gooood drama!
i hope that the gokusen 3 will be played here in our country and also the gokusen 2!
i wish that i'll be seeing more of the original cast in the 3rd gokusen!
keep up the great work!
congrats to those people behind this phenomenal jdorama!
28. rain90
at first i wasn't really interested, but after the second episode i was obsessed! i love how yankumi teaches, not just the students but the viewers as well, many lessons about life. it's funny and entertaining.. but you will cry! and all the boys were awsome!
29. pikanchi_double
fun, moving, an appeasement...a real *gem*, currently, the best drama i ever seen...
In each episode, i`ve cried because of situation or..because of Yankumi`s words...So moving, so comforting... Arigato!
*-* ShinKumi


and...ever in my heart
30. -Takashi-
This dorama is pretty much AMAZING. It was just so amazing. Not one second was I bored with it. It combined so many things into one show. Plus, it has Yukie Nakama and Jun Matsumoto, which are both reallly good actors. Yes, you CAN go watch it now.

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