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zileas's drama votes (5)
Hana Yori Dango [花より男子]
Ichi Ritoru no Namida [1リットルの涙]
Long vacation [ロングバケーション]
Nobuta wo Produce [野ブタ。をプロデュース]
Summer snow

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zileas's dramas (46)
Algernon ni Hanataba o [アルジャーノンに花束を]
Attention Please [アテンションン プリース]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
Certainly there have been better plots in a drama than becoming a cabin attendant. Worse too of course. As suspected the plot didn't turn out to be anything spectacular either. However it was still quite entertaining, mostly thanks to the laidback comedic approach and fitting acting from most main characters. So while nothing revolutionizing it is still a nice watch and recommendable for those wanting an easy show to watch with smiles and some laughs.
Beautiful life [ビューティフルライフ]
Rating: 6/10
As with many of the dramas involving a handicapped or sick main character, it tries to portray everyday life, the seemingly small yet important moments, the things we take for granted, the beauty of life. However, despite the title, it didn't rise much above average. The dialogue is awkward, and although it is intentional to reflect the main characters slightly dishonest personalities, it doesn't convey much emotion. As a result, the main characters were rather dull and unengaging. Also, all the "coincidences" that caused misunderstandings, and lack of depth in both characters and plot didn't help either. Summarized it's more of a regular relationshipsdrama with an OK pace. It doesn't use the illness-concept to bring a new level in either understanding or emotion, as some better counterparts do in this genre.
Brother Beat [ブラザー☆ビート]
Byakuyakou [白夜行]
Denchi ga kireru made [電池が切れるまで]
Densha Otoko [電車男]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Quite original, and also based on a true story. It really has its moments, and "kiiiiita!" will always be remembered. The constant crying by the main character grows annoying though. As a comedy it serves well, but as a drama it wasn't particularly amazing. Overall enjoyable and recommendable.
Dragon Zakura [ドラゴン桜]
Rating: 5/10 (Watched)
A bit boring. Very unlogical arguments sometimes. Bad performance by the main cast. Several great side characters though. They were the ones that made this show bearable. Some of the episodes were good, but most of them were nothing special. Overall too uninspiring. Great opening song by the way.
Engine [エンジン]
Gokusen [ごくせん]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
The style really reminds of an anime. Exagerrated characters, the comedic situations and the unbelievable yet totally believable resolutions. Actingwise the young idols aren't impressive with the exception of Kuma and some other smaller parts. Teachers on the other hand proves to be a bunch of interesting and entertaining characters. The plot is nothing revolutionizing or even original, but it is good executed and enjoyable. Maybe a bit episodic though; some further development wouldn't have hurt. Overall a funny and a bit heart-warming j-drama that lacks the little extra. Another thing worth mentioning is the ending song with the video where everyone is running. That one radiates joy, and it is contagious :).
Gokusen Season 2 [ごくせん2]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Admittedly the cast, especially the older one, is worse than the prequel, but the head teacher is still here. And once again he proves that he is a brilliant actor with his orginal facial expressions and acting. Might be worth seeing for that only. Otherwise the biggest difference is that this is a sequel, and it follows pretty much the same concept as in Gokusen. Therefore it loses in freshness and originality, but if you liked Gokusen, chances are you will like Gokusen 2 too.
Good Luck !! [グッドラック!!]
Hana Yori Dango [花より男子]
Rating: 9/10
Hana Yori Dango Season 2 [花より男子]
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e [花ざかりの君たちへ]
Hito ni Yasashiku [人にやさしく / 3ピース]
Hoshi no kinka 1 [星の金貨]
Hoshi no kinka Season 2 / Zoku hoshi no kinka [續。星の金貨]
Hotaru no haka [蛍の墓]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Based on a good famous novel, it is hard to not make a good story out of it. Sure, it might be hard to reach the novel's level, but it is also hard to mess up with such a good foundation. It is also unavoidable to compare with the well-known anime from 1988 with the same name. First of all it is a bit different, mainly the feeling it emits, but not necessarily worse. More things happen, which is expected since the drama is one hour longer than the anime. So they explain more regarding the circumstances and such. That's a shame, because they explain a bit too much. The anime lets you draw your own conclusions, which is more effective. However, the movie is still definitely worth a watch if you haven't seen the anime. But somehow it lacks the atmosphere, the magic, that the anime has.
Ichi Ritoru no Namida [1リットルの涙]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
Most touching series I have ever seen. Knowing this story is based on a real girl adds further weight of course. Don't be mistaken; this is not about a girl with a disease or sadness or anything in that direction. It's about life. Superb acting by the mother and Aya-chan all the way through. As a matter of fact Aya-chan becomes more impressive when the role gets tougher. The sister who played the main part in Ruri no Shima also acted excellently. She has definately grown since then. While it might have some cliche parts in the beginning, Aya's fate and struggle still has a great impact. Each episode ends by quoting some lines from the actual diary and showing old photos of the real Aya, accompanied by a really meaningful song. It brought tears to me everytime I listened to it after I had finished the series. A real tear-jerker, though as said before it isn't about sadness at all. Shortly said this is a really touching and meaningful story about Aya and her life. This is a true masterpiece because of the impacts and realizations it delivers. A timeless story and an inspiration for all of mankind.
Ikebukuro West Gate Park [池袋ウエストゲートパーク]
Juken no Kamisama [受験の神様]
Kamisama mou sukoshi dake [神様、もう少しだけ]
Kimi ga oshietekureta koto [君が教えてくれたこと]
Kurosagi [クロサギ]
Last Christmas [ラストクリスマス]
Long vacation [ロングバケーション]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
Rocksolid series with one of the best soundtracks I've encountered in the dramaworld. Great acting and interaction by most characters, and the depiction of the lead female character is an instant classic. The drama has many small shining moments just because of her. Nice balance in series between serious and funny moments. Often both combined splendidly. Overall a very enjoyable series with a bit of everything. Must-see.
Majo no jouken [魔女の条件]
Rating: 4/10 (Watched)
If it's supposed to taboo and controversial, it's not. Rather it's taking all possible cliches and making a quite stereotype soap drama. For love, you can sacrifice all; sunshine will always come after rain. Not that I claim it is right or wrong, but it has been done before, and most importantly - it has been done better. Most events, coincidences and turns reeks soap opera. It has a serious ambition to be a good and moving drama, but because of this, when cliches stack upon eachother, it's hard to enjoy the few actual good parts. Overall an ambitous work that never rises considerably and finally falls under its own weight.
Nobuta wo Produce [野ブタ。をプロデュース]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
One of the few j-dramas I have seen where the young people and idoles actually shine. The three main characters act incredibly well here. Their chemistry is excellent. Interesting and funny practically all through the show. Interesting approach and it avoids all common traps, making it quite unpredictable. A good mix of comedy and drama with a message. Overall a funny and touching series. Definately a memorable must-see. Nobuta power... Enter!.
Nodame Cantabile [のだめ カンタビ−レ]
Orange Days [オレンジデイズ]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
Portraying the end of college and entering the adult world with a bittersweet feeling and nostalgia. At least that is the intention. It is remarkably ordinary, which is both good and bad. It always stays on a quite realistic level, so you can't blame on much being wrong, but at the same time it doesn't have any real forte, a strong point that distinguishes the show from the others. I didn't fall for the sign language concept. It's nothing wrong, but it's nothing special either. Just a little unusual ingredient that they couldn't master and do something extraordinary of. It did have some quite enjoyable moments and a good ending episode, but overall the show fails to fully captivate one. It lacked a bit of feeling.
Otousan [おとうさん]
Oyaji~ [オヤジぃ]
Pride [プライド]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
The classic Queen's song "I was born to love you" with the cinematic-feeling opening video is incredibly well done. It even sent chills down my spines the first time. Add the close-shots of the main character's killing-gaze and it might even be epic. Concerning the show it is definitely better when it isn't too serious and has a more humorus approach. Later when it eventually turns into a full-fledged drama it becomes rather ordinary. Still, good acting from the cast, and the drama is still very good despite the somewhat inconsistent quality in the show.
Ruri no shima [瑠璃の島]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Really beautiful photography. The island seems like to be taken from a dream. Superb performances by the foster father and the female teacher. Ruri is pretty good too, considering as young as she is. Overall it was solid performances from most people. Maybe it has something to do with the lack of idols. Ruri no Shima is supposed to be a touching and heart-warming j-drama, and it does good in this department. This time I think the script is a little lacking. Some things are very cliche and it is not really original in any way. Yet it is still a very good j-drama because of the cast and beautiful scenes.
Sekai no chuushin de, ai wo sakebu [世界の中心で、愛をさけぶ]
Shin Hoshi no kinka [新・星の金貨]
Summer snow
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
Very entertaining because of the nice flow in conversations. Spectacular acting by most leading characters. Especially by the two main characters. Also a plus for not using their past, their passed away parents, as an excuse for anything. Not delving into that at all was only positive, since there are too many of those already. Some incidents/characters felt a bit fake or out of place though. I'm particularly thinking of the young policedetective and the police station chief, but fortunately they don't affect the drama much. The good things like the messages and general feelings still gets acrossed, and those aren't fake. That's the most important part. Overall a very entertaining and quite touching with a great ending.
Taiyou no uta [タイヨのうた]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
Hesitate to watch this if you have already seen "1 Litre of Tears" and is hoping for something that might rival it. Sure it shares many similarities background-wise, including Erika as a sick lead character again, but the drama isn't anywhere near quality-wise. While the basic plot is fine, the flow in the execution can be questioned. It's nothing special, and the show has something of an identityproblem between serious and funny. The mix does not work. Another thing is that it tries too hard to be emotional engaging with the very dramatic music. The problem is that the drama seldom reaches as high of a level, making it seem forced. Erika still pulls out quite a good perfomance, and is likeable. However, and this might sound harsh, but it is when she is sick, weak and fragile that she is at her prime. Overall it is still a fine drama, but do not expect a masterpiece of any kind.
Tengoku e no Kaidan
Tokyo Love Story [東京ラブストーリー]
Trick [トリック]
Trick Season 2 [トリック2]
Trick Season 3 [トリック3]
Wonderful Life [ワンダフルライフ]
Yasashii Jikan [優しい時間]

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