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Denchi ga kireru made [電池が切れるまで]

Drama Details
Title:Denchi ga kireru made
Till the battery runs out
Telecast:2004-04-22 to 2004-06-24
Season:Spring 2004

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TV Station:TV Asahi
Duration:10 Episodes

A new hospital teacher at a crossroads in her life discovers the real meaning and value of the human spirit through communicating with severely sick children. Based on �gLife�h, a positive poem written by an innocent girl who suffered from serious diseases.

A touching story of a hospital teacher that discovers the real meaning and value of life though her experiences teaching terminally ill children. The story is based on a real and encouraging poem written by a girl who died at the age of 11.
TV Asahi

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Himawari ひまわり [Hoshimura Mai 星村麻衣]

Actor/Actress Cast (10)
Zaizen Naomi
Kawada Satori
川田さとり (36)
Hara Sachie
Mizushima Wakaba
水島若葉 (27)
Kaname Jun
Mamiya Kyoutarou
間宮京太郎 (29)
Yoshioka Miho
Honjou Maiko
本条麻衣子 (21)
David Ito
Kashiwagi Kouta
柏木耕太 (36)
Kurokawa Tomoka
森下薫 (14)
Narumi Riko
橘結花 (10)
Nogiwa Yoko
Hyuga Masako
日向昌子 (58)
Jinnai Takanori
Suenaga Seiichi
末永誠一 (45)
Yagira Yuuya

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Drama Reviews (5)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Warning Semi-Spoiler!!! [Rating: 5/10]
Not much more to add as far as reviews are concerned... Fairly pedestrian tear jerker series. Not bad, Not spectacular. Sadly, the most impressive part of the drama to me is the creative main title credit roll. I found the visuals inventive and matched the music nicely... Two questions:

1. Why isn't Hirakawachi 1 Chome's song, "Kimi No Bun Made" listed under the Theme Song section on this page? It's far more prevalent throughout the series than "Himawari"... A great song, interesting band. I'm listing it now in case someone else like me was wondering, can't read the japanese on the drama's main site and couldn't find the information. If you're curious and want to know more about the band here is an excellent (English language) fansite: http://junjou.net/h1c/

2. Warning! This is a semi-spoiler. Does anyone else wonder like me, why the Maiko (Teacher's assistant) & Mamiya-Sensei relationship was never really touched upon after Mamiya-Sensei ignored Maiko-chan's initial advances? Seemed like that was setting up another little side-story (it would have been a nice bit of relief from all the other intense, tragic subject matter), but the series ended without ever bringing up the subject again. The producers really dropped the ball with that one.
Reviewed by tatsx on 23 March 2005
2. Tearjerker start slows to the ending [Rating: 8/10]
After the first 2 episodes I'd cried my ass off and I really thought this was finally going to be the one competing against Ichi Ritoru no Namida in best ever -category.

But no... After those episodes (watch them, they are really good! Especially if you're into tearjerkers like me) things start to slow down and story begins to repeat itself.

Even though the rest of the story is still compelling, touching and almost all acting is also good, it still left you with a feeling like "what?". They show the most touching and important part of the storyline right at the beginning and afterward everything feels a little lame. That's 'cause all the time you're waiting for more massive things to happen and it just won't. You've already seen the punchline of this series.

This one was failed by the wrong rhythm and ordering of the story. It's really a shame because the beginning was really, really good.

If you like tearjerkers, watch this to the end. Story is still good and touching. Hopefully you won't feel the same disappointment I did. If you don't, I think you'll give this one at least 9 :) For me it ruined the series though...
Reviewed by morical on 3 August 2009
3. super touching [Rating: 10/10]
This is one of those dramas that I found really inspiring. I cried so much while watching this drama. I really liked how they showed all the kids in the hospital helping and supporting each other all the time. They were so close, like a family. Very touching. All the children, especially Yuka-chan did amazing jobs at portraying their characters.
Reviewed by noodlefreak on 17 March 2006
4. Good drama [Rating: 10/10]
I was so amazed when I saw this drama, it was so sad at times, and it truley can be an inspirational series. It had little things that gave true meaning to the video. I would defentiley buy this video if I can find it.
Reviewed by legendarysim on 15 June 2005
5. LIfe [Rating: 10/10]
It really is quite a beautiful story. I love it a lot. BTW can anyone translate the poem on "Life" to me? PLEASE! I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks
[email protected]
Reviewed by Stairs2QuietDays on 7 December 2004

Comments From Users (22)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by MixxDreamer [Rating: 10/10]
be prepared for tissues cuz this drama will make you cry!! This drama speaks to the deep recesses of our hearts... life, death, but most of all love... the patient who loves the jogging boy and is happy just to get his letters of love... the love of all the kids for each other sacrificing their soba noodle class for the sake of another... and on and on... and the tears continue to flow... i love this drama~! the drama ended with a peaceful sight. im relieved. A+++

@ yume> give a good spanking when a child is sick?!? well why the hell are u watching this? simply id be glad to kick your ignorant ass!
2. Comments by rikastar [Rating: 7/10]
Gosh, this made me cry every episode. Kids + sickness = lots of tears. I like the poem by Yuika a lot, and the opening title was very nice too. One might recognize many of the kids from recent dramas/movies like Narumi Riko, Yagira Yuuya, Miyama Karen, Kurokawa Tomoka etc... Nice performances from these young children. However, I think they should have one more episode at least. One minute we see Kaoru on the brink of death and the very next minute she's alive and healthy. The conclusion was too rushed.
3. Comments by Pochi [Rating: 9/10]
Beautiful story and a great show! It's a story centralized at a hospital for children with serious diseases and a worth to watch, it's a very touching story with a fantastic soundtrack!
4. Comments by lawsco [Rating: 9/10]
Very sad & touching series. 1st series I could not watch without taking a break & watching something less intense. You'll need the whole box of tissues for this one!!!
5. Comments by yume [Rating: 4/10]
Talk about depressing.�@Not to mention the kids just annoy the heck out of me.�@Terminal illness�@is a reason to be down and out, but sometimes they deserve a good spanking.
6. Comments by IkematsuSosuke [Rating: 10/10]
This is one of my favorite drama! It is really touching..gave me some new perceptive..I really love it..be prepared to cry or have tears in your eyes
7. Comments by Yumemiru Hito [Rating: 9/10]
Great drama, excellent acting with a fascinating exploration of childhood illness. Heatrending and heartwarming.
8. Comments by gaijinmark [Rating: 7/10]
Good cast, but pretty standard story of critically ill children, check Riko Narumi in one of her first roles.
9. Comments by lovejdorama [Rating: ?/10]
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10. Comments by Super No. 1 [Rating: 10/10]
You can never foget a story like this. It is filled with characters that you can geniunely care about.
11. Comments by ct_subang [Rating: 7/10]
the kids are soooo cute in here....definitely alotta sad moments in this one...
12. Comments by Mali [Rating: 9/10]
So sad... I cried almost as much as when I watched "Ichi Littoru no Namida"...
13. Comments by deadlydandelion [Rating: 10/10]
I was crying every episode. This drama was just so moving.
14. Comments by Dega Kima [Rating: 10/10]
Made me appreciate life a little more. Highly recommended.
15. Comments by Dorochive [Rating: 6/10]
Started so strong, ended up so weak, dissapointing.
16. Comments by noodlefreak [Rating: 10/10]
i love this drama! it is sooooo good!
17. Comments by allanah [Rating: 10/10]
What can I say? This was beautiful!
18. Comments by fasix [Rating: ?/10]
Till the battery runs out
19. Comments by KyoMono [Rating: 8/10]
very touchy
20. Comments by lynn [Rating: 8/10]
21. Comments by debabsayang [Rating: 6/10]
22. Comments by Parishilton [Rating: ?/10]
23. Comments by Golfguy2047 [Rating: 10/10]
24. Comments by m|rA| [Rating: ?/10]
25. Comments by Stairs2QuietDays [Rating: 10/10]
26. Comments by erubisan [Rating: ?/10]
27. Comments by JRodJiro [Rating: 9/10]
28. Comments by juliana_phang [Rating: ?/10]
29. Comments by tjddks [Rating: ?/10]
30. Comments by kurusawa [Rating: ?/10]

Users who voted for this drama (6)
1. allanah
I was so sad when I saw the first review here, glad theres some better ones now that I can elaborate on.
I saw this drama after watching a special about patients from the real Children's hospital it takes place in. It was aired the Sunday before it started on TV Asahi, and how I got hooked.
This story was touching, inspiring and heartbreaking. I watched it every week.
"Life" is got the be the best poem I've ever read <3
2. Pochi
You can't miss it! =] It's a must watch! Very touching story with great soundtrack!
3. MochaValencia
never thought that something this depressing could be so beautiful...
4. IkematsuSosuke
I love this drama..a must watch!
5. Parishilton
nice drama
6. Dega Kima