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Nobuta wo Produce [野ブタ。をプロデュース]


Drama Details
Title:Nobuta wo Produce
Telecast:2005-10-15 to 2005-12-17
Season:Fall 2005

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TV Station:NTV
Duration:10 Episodes

Shuji Kiritani (Kazuya Kamenashi) is one of the most popular guys in his school. He is
pretending to care for all of his classmates, but deep down, is quiet and doesn't open up to
others. But for some reason,when his eccentric classmate Akira Kusano (Tomohisa Yamashita)
is around, he can show his true self.
One day, a new girl from another school comes to Shuji's classroom. Her name is Nobuko
Kotani (Maki Horikita). Nobuko=Nobuta. Fromher gloomy looks, she begins to get harassed
by the class bullies in no time. The harassment was devastating. Her lunch gets ruined, she
gets a vase of flowers on her deskmeaning she had died, and she even gets water splashed
while she is in the toilet booth. After knowing that the bullying is by Bando (FumikoMizuta),
Shuji and Akira advise Nobuko to try to harmonize with others. But Nobuko tells themthat
she has tried to do so in the past, but every time it turns outmiserable. Shuji tells Nobuko to
have a more positive attitude, and he protects Nobuko from the harassment. However, he
feels that the bullying won't stop that easily.
Hearing about this, Akira comes up with the idea to makeover Nobuko from her looks to
her personality, so that she'd become one of themost popular girls in their school. That way,
there's no way the bullies can harass her. And so Shuji and Akira's greatmake-over begins...
A Cinderella story which portrays the social life of Japanese teenagers. Can this gloomy girl really become popular in her school?

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Actor/Actress Cast (15)
Kamenashi Kazuya
Kiritani Shuji
Yamashita Tomohisa
Kusano Akira
草野 彰
Horikita Maki
Kotani Nobuko
Toda Erika
Uehara Mariko
Ukaji Takashi
Kiritani Satoru
Fukaura Kanako
Kiritani Nobuko
Nakajima Yuto
Kiritani Koji
Okada Yoshinori
Yokoyama Takeshi
Fuwa Mansaku
Iehara Yasuo
Imawano Kiyoshiro
Owner of the Gooyoku Diner
Takahashi Katsumi
Hirayama Ippei
Natsuki Mari
Daito Shunsuke
Hiragi Rumi
Mizuta Fumiko

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Drama Reviews (121)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. did i miss something? [Rating: 5/10]
I was anticipating something special from nobuta wo produce since it grabbed the best drama award and some best acting awards along with it, but somehow I think the plot was never well developed enough, and ended up making the drama only a mediocre product.
I understand the distinction between the different characters, each with their own misfit problem, Shuuji appearing to be an overcomer, Akira ignoring/not acknowledging his misfit problem, and Kotani acknowledging but unwilling to overcome hers. The story kicks off with how the guys try to help kotani by reinventing her to become the popular girl in school only to find out in the end that she helped give them strength and support, esp the nasty turn of events when shuuji's popularity drops overnight and finds himself in an unpleasant situation. I think in a sense, these parts of the plot are intricate and with a nice twist [(1)referring to the popular can never underestimate how things can overturn for him/her and (2) that kotani, however weird and abnormal she seems, is opening herself up as a friend, and her unusual self is enough to be a friend in a time of need], and more could have been done to further develop them. I for one was so impatient seeing how they are gonna reinvent Kotani, and wanted them to speed up, but the drama just kept moving on at crawling speed leaving me exasperated (they took really long to get that her cut her hair). There were some touching moments in the drama, esp when they put together the ghost mansion/house for the festival. The friendship between the 3 are supposedly strong, reflected by the fact that akira and nobuta both chose to trust shuuji when he was ostracized but I never felt that bond was strong when they had their chats on the rooftops. I had a feeling the drama was trying to convey something, but that something just remained surface deep and wasn't able to penetrate through the walls. If there's one special thing abt the drama, I think it'll be how unartificial the plot is. The story is kept simple, and there's no further adornment to purposely reach a climax point or to cause an adrenaline rush for viewers. I view that as one of the pros and not a con.
Out of the 3 main characters, I think kame did a decent job, he pretty much fit his role. Kotani's character was kinda weird, esp how she'd drag her two feet to school with her head hung low, then all of a sudden when she does her nobuta power pose, it was kinda fast and smooth as if she's 'normal'. I've seen a lot of people acting as outcasts, but this just didn't seem to pull off for me. Her acting was anime-like, however I couldn't yet relate that to a drama. Akira's character too was kinda unusual, esp how he gets drunk over soy milk (?). I feel Yamapi did not have a chance to fully develop his character compared to Shuuji who Kame played. I've heard so many good reviews that I was kinda let down. Have been searching high and low reading other people's reviews to see if there's something I missed to grasp in the drama. Putting aside comments such as Akira's soooo cute when he's drunk and such (though I agree Yamapi's good looking), I regret to say I never trully felt emotionally moved compared to other dramas. I still think Nobuta wo produce won the awards because of an affecting quality. I might watch it a second time, this time DVD quality videos, to make sure compromised video quality wasn't the affecting factor, though I highly doubt so.
Reviewed by webfeet on 27 June 2006
2. Good Friends Are Hard To Come By [Rating: 9/10]
Good friends are hard to come by, and sometimes those reasons are because we often push away others for what we think is best for ourselves. The lack of trust is often a by-product of selfishness.

I hate the word "expectation" because it has the rather high potential of being destructive. Many times expectations set us up for unnecessary downfalls. I watched Nobuta wo Produce with rather large expectations. Rather than crashing down on itself, the show scaled up the "wall of expectation" with incredible ease -- a popular show proved itself worthy of my tears.

Nobuta wo Produce attacked almost every one of my soft points. For example, one of the best characters, Uehara Mariko (played by Toda Erika, who did a fabulous job of being hot), despite her hanging relationship having been blown away by truthful words, realized how important that truth was and continued to care for her crush as much as she used to. It takes incredible strength of character to do that. I believe this is part of what makes this drama so special -- the fact that each character learns and grows from their high school experiences.

I found myself tearing up at certain points at almost every episode, many times dabbing my eyes at points that don't even make much sense to shed a tear at (I do this often). I was sorta disappointed at how formulaic each episode was with the blatant "theme" having to be solved by the three main characters, but the writing was done so well and the acting every bit as good as the writing that for the most part I didn't care. Every episode had me at attention and ready to face the next thing it was going to dish out. Near the middle of the series it had my complete trust that it was going to move me by the end of each episode.

This was my second exposure to Kamenashi Kazuya, as I started (and finished) this series after watching the first three episodes of Sapuri. Watching Sapuri, I wasn't too interested in this actor, but in Nobuta wo Produce, he did a good job of being the loner wearing the popular guy mask. Yamashita Tomohisa did particularly well acting as the eccentric self-proclaimed friend; after watching the episode 0 special and ending special you get a clear view of how abstractly different his character and real persona is. And like many people, I first saw Horikita Maki in Densha Otoko with an obviously tiny role as Densha's sister. I felt she didn't really get a chance to spread her wings in Nobuta wo Produce. She did a great job being the one who gave up on the world, her dark, brooding personality screaming for help. I know her role required this the whole time, but besides frowns and tearing frowns, topped with several half-assed smiles, did really allow her to cover a decent emotional expanse. Still, her character here was extraordinarily different than Densha's, so that warrants some merit.

Nobuta wo Produce was a great series and knowing full well that it would never get a second season like most other good dramas, I bet you 20 bucks that they could easily come up with another season of material for this. And that is a great thing for a show to have: potential. Excellent drama!
Reviewed by chesed on 1 August 2006
3. Surprisingly Good [Rating: 10/10]
I don't give many 10 ratings but I think that this drama was excellent all around. The first half of the show was lighthearted and funny. The second half really brought the power; it was drama in every sense of the word. When you're watching the shows, you can't help but notice the director's work. The director uses slow motion for emphasis, spot lighting for isolating characters, and colored lighting to change moods to name a few. How someone can balance artistic direction with emotional acting is amazing to see in a drama. I think Shuji's progression as a person throughout the show was believeable. Akira's behavior (like he's always high) was interesting. He kinda overacted a bit in the 1st episode but lightened it the rest of the way. Nobuta was easily likeable. People think this way about such and such and Nobuta is there to offer the contrary and it works. Very much a breath of fresh air (although she was only supposed to smile in the last episode, she breaks character when she's laughing in one of the episodes shortly before the finale). The 2 problems I have with the drama dealt with resolve. Akira all of a sudden expresses his feelings for Nobuta but they quickly go away by the end of the episode for the most part. My 2nd problem was with the shared dream. I'm not talking about Santa visiting, I'm talking about Aoi jumping off the roof. That was hardly believeable. And the impression of the fall on the ground was comedic. I see where they were going but it wasn't executed well. Overall this show though, is a must see! Its funny when it needs to be funny and sad when it needs to be sad. Shuji's isolation from the rest of the class was an amazing scene. There are two things that I wanted to add to the drama if I had final cut as a director. 1 - I wanted Bando to eventually go to Go-Yokudo herself, after her make-up with Nobuta, and not get kicked out because the owner sees she has become beautiful and a good person. 2 - The willow tree that was removed in the 1st episode should have appeared at Shuji's new school rather than overseas somewhere. That would have really brought things around. If you think about it, the major characters (Shuji, Akira, Nobuta, Aoi, and Mariko) had a lot of depth. You can't-not think about things and expect the drama to explain everything in the little time they have. Definitely a surprising drama and if you think that any of the storylines were cliche, I bet you Nobuta wo Produce does a better job than most dramas out there. A 10! A f**king 10!
Reviewed by himitsu-kun on 23 August 2007
4. way beyond my expectations [Rating: 10/10]
this is a drama that got me back into Jdorama watching i thinK~ after like my last dorama was Orange Days i think haha~
last fall.. i was just bored and then my friend was gah-gah-ing over Yamashita Tomohisa ~ I know about him i watched lots of drama with him in~ he never impressed me much
and Kamenashi.. ugh.. i know who kattun are.. and uh.. i didn't like them~~

all i wanna say is.. i wasn't a fan gurl~ (well it's not after this that i started to notice these younger Johnny boys Yamashita and Kamenashi~ i've always liked Domoto Tsuyoshi. Takizawa, Kimura's acting a lot)

out of curiosity i watched cuz the plot sounded quite light hearted~~

as i watched the 1st epi i just thought UGH to Kamenashi (his eyebrows! ahha) and Yamashita was overacting so much

but i continued to watch epi2 and 3~ and it caught my attention~

this drama is light hearted (Akira outshines everyone i think~ his performance got better as the episodes got further) and fast paced with many serious stuff in it too~ like talks bout frendship and growing up and stuff that many of us might have encountered b4~ and we can really relate to it~

you can't help but say "ii na.. seishun" when watching~~

Kamenashi proves himself to be the material of "main character" ~ his acting is so natural how ever the character he needs to portray.. ~ i now understand that it's not "outta Nowhere" that he's one of the most popular teen idols these days~

Yamashita ~ he improved a lot n i think it's his 1st time putting "heart" into the acting~ hope he will not flunk in Kurosagi~ i just find him a bit unatural when he acts "cool" and "serious" ~

Horikita is def fresh and with losta potential! i like so a lot! so cute!

but most of all i think props have to given to the awesome script writer ~ and adaptatation to drama from the novel was awesome~

i was kinda disappointed how the ratings werent too high tho~

this drama is total recommendation~ a drama that i'd rewatch for sure!

btw... i don't think that Nobuta and Shuuji's affair was "unresolved" ~ cuz there was the confessing scene @ the end~ but then they both know that frendship > romantic love ~ that's why they kinda kept it subtle~~
Nobuta definitely liked Shuuji ~ but this romantic part of the story was turned into really subtle and let the watchers to ponder about~~ main focus is that friendship rox haha
Reviewed by Lulurz on 12 April 2006
5. Entertaining! though a bit slow at times, lacking [Rating: 7/10]
I watched this drama in a few day's time. It was entertaining enough to keep me coming back and watching, and overall, I enjoyed it. I do have to say though, I feel it's quite over-rated as it does have a few problems. I'll mention a few that saw...

Before you get into an episode, you dont really feel like there's a real plot that you're expecting to be developed upon (maybe aside from answering the question of who is the mystery girl causing the three of them trouble). Nobuta's popularity thing fades quickly as the story isn't focused on it most of the time, and even tries to teach us that it's not really important.. but sometimes we have to care about it (even if the characters don't) because it's the only plot point still there. And then come completely unrelated problems that pop up in an episode and overshadow every other, more developed plot points (like the selling of those pig charms).

The drama sometimes expects us to care or be emotionally attached in some situations, but doesn't do enough explaining or character development to make us care. For example, the short bit about Nabuto's relationship with her father. I also wasn't really even sure what the real motivation for "producing" Nobuta was.. the motivation for all three characters wasn't made completely clear.

It made me chuckle a few times, but it seemed the jokes were getting old as they were being used repeatedly... such as Akira being clumsy and tripping over things.. or showing students in the background doing random, crazy things.

Still, I do recommend this drama. I enjoyed it an felt attached to the characters after a few episodes. But, I would say that due to these and other unmentioned problems, it is quite over-rated.
Reviewed by derekhhh on 22 September 2010
6. I laughed out loud 5 times and cried once [Rating: 9/10]
I was unimpressed with the first episode. So unimpressed I wanted to cry for the time I had wasted. I couldn't understand why people said this was one of the best they'd ever watched.

Perhaps I laid my judgment too soon.

This IS one of the best I've ever watched, and I haven't been watching many good dramas lately. From the second episode onwards, the series drew me in. The storyline was simple and very, very sincere, and I loved the fact that it wasn't over-dramatized or trying too hard to impress.

The chemistry between the three leads was particularly impressive. I'm not a big fan either of them, but they did a very good job of it. I can't think of anyone else who could be Shuji, Akira or Nobuta, that was how good they were. I particularly enjoyed Yamashita's quirky portrayal of Akira. Thumbs up. Two thumbs up.

The side characters were perhaps, a little underdeveloped, especially Bando who seemed to be the main antagonist - right up until about, episode 3 or 4, and then disappeared from the face of the earth - but this show IS Shuji, Akira and Nobuta.

I've probably repeated this word many times, but I'll just repeat it again - this drama was IMPRESSIVE. So much so, for the first time in my history of watching J-dramas, I wish there was more to come. Ten episodes of a good thing isn't enough.
Reviewed by Limes on 5 March 2008
7. Nobuta POWER! Chu-nyu. [Rating: 7/10]
It was a cute drama, although a little corny at some point, the plot was quite comforting. I think that Kamenashi & Yamashita make a pretty quaint duo, although it was shocking to see Yamashita play another role other than serious & cool. He plays a weirdo pretty good I'd have to say, he is like Tackey, and I believe his acting career can go as far.
The girl I was shocked about too, because she played in Densha Otoko as the younger sister and was such a high school girl that hated her brother, but in this, WOW she changed. A shy girl who was teased by other students, this is a plus for her. She can do such a change in roles, although pieces of her acting as Nobuta were a little iffy.
The ending was a little...I dunno it was questionable. I couldn't predict it, but it wasn't smooth either, but I guess it's kind of satisfying since everyone ended happy, though Akira's conflict between loving Nobuta & being with Shuuji was a little confusing and challenging to accept with what he chose to go to in the end...
All in all, this drama is calm story & the little boy playing Shuuji's brother was adorable. In Engine he didn't get much, but this one you get to see the brotherly side. Sooo adorable, this drama is good for the Johnny fans, & a person who likes to watch high school dramas. ^-^
Reviewed by Kirari Ililah on 14 April 2006
8. quite good. [Rating: 8/10]
Many seemed to enjoy this drama for the pretty boys. I did expect that. After all, it's Japan and its convenient marketing strategies. Fall of last year, almost everybody I know was nuts about this, doing the kon and whatnot. I'm not a big fan of either Kame or Yamapi, but I was pushed to watch this solely because of curiosity. I actually still couldn't believe that I consider this an overall good watch!

The story is simple and usual; themes include love, friendship and everything else cheesy. I absolutely loved the performance of the actress, Maki Horikita. I couldn't have imagined anybody else in that role. Kame was okay, actually good in my opinion and better than what I expected. There was indeed an improvement in Yamapi, and his character Akira was a sweetie. I also liked Erika Toda's performance. :)

I never bargained for anything more than the usual in Nobuta. wo Produce, and indeed it was as typical as every other youth-centric drama. But it was good in its own simple way, made me laugh a lot of times and stressed on what friendship really meant. I would recommend this to anybody who likes those entertaining and light-hearted dramas that hold very simple meaning. I liked it!
Reviewed by Antique Pop on 3 April 2006
9. Very good, better than I thought. [Rating: 9/10]
I thought it would be a typical teen drama, but this has surprising depth and warmth. It started off slow. I didn't understand why people liked this so much except for all the teeniebopper fangirls of Yamashita Tomohisa and Kamenashi Kazuya. I almost stopped watching it after the first episode, but I continued on to see what's so special about it, and I'm glad I stayed with this drama.

The three main characters have incredible chemistry; they play off one another very well. They're just so likable. I didn't like Horikita Maki in Hana Kimi because I found her annoying, but in here, I find her endearing. I don't like Kamenashi Kazuya, but he's a revelation in here.

It's about three lonely people from different cliques coming together to become best friends. Their bond is so strong that nothing or no one can penetrate it. It makes me nostalgic for when I had such good friends in school. I love themes about friendship. What I also liked about this is that there's no romance. They keep it light, almost non-existent, and just focus on the friendship.

And, the theme song is one of the catchiest I've ever heard in a drama. I love it.
Reviewed by whatever0024 on 3 May 2008
10. Nobuta Wo Produce [Rating: 10/10]
i was quite interested to find out taht this drama had managed to beat out one of my top if not most favorite dramas, 1 litre of tears, in the drama awards for best drama, best music, best actor, best suporting actress and so forth. so i had hig expectations beginning this series that it had to have been good to prove that it had the quality to have bested waht i believe was an all time great drama. i am happy to say i was not in the least disappointed. the insert song green willow has become the uncontested top song in my most played list, the actors did superb jobs in their roles and played them out to perfection, the storyline was quite refreshing as it is less a romance than a motivational dramas chronicling the evolution of a shy girl who taps into her inner being and manages to, with help, evolve into a much better person, one who is confident in herself and her actions. while i didn't find myself crying to the extent i had been for other dramas, make no mistake, i did not leave this show with dry eyes. i highly recommend this show to any who ask about it
Reviewed by aznanimedude on 25 June 2007
11. Great Dorama!! [Rating: 10/10]
IMHO, this is one of the best doramas ever produced.
Storywise, it's so intoxicating that I kept moving from one episode to another non-stop. It's so intriguing to see Nobuta's development from a scaredy-cat to such strong personality, and the way she was inspired by her 2 friends and in turn, inspire them. The pure friendship between the 3 very different personalities were very touching, just like Yamappi's character said "they both are more important than me" - one could only hope for such deep feelings for friends...
Film making-wise, I really like the way this is shot. The way camera moved.. taking the classroom shots at different times, creating different feelings. There are many scenes were taken without actors in it, and they add to the 'feel' in this dorama.
Actor-wise, I could not imagine anyone better to play the 3 leading roles than the actors themselves. Except Yamappi maybe, despite his very kakkoii face he's so often seem like contantly on drugs.. ^-^ But even acting like that, it seems fit for his role..
So, here goes my TEN for this one!
Reviewed by bells on 7 August 2008
12. Scam! [Rating: 5/10]
I really don't get why this dorama should be THE one which is praised amongst all the j-series. The plot is a bit weak, it lacks emotion, it's rarely funny and it gets corny and boring at some point.

If the male cast is quite fine (Akira is on my opinion the most interesting character and Yamashita Tomohisa's doing a good job playing a weirdo) I didn't love so much the girls. I didn't quite like Nobuta, she is just dull and despite the new haircut I don't see so much changes in her that would make her more popular. As for Toda Erika... she's just plain bad, I think she cannot act I've seen her in three different doramas and it doesn't get better.

Hmm. But there are also good sides of course, for example I really enjoyed the "ghost" episode, and the connection which is gradually growing between Akira and Shuji, or what's behind Shuji's poser's "guise".

To conclude I'd say it's average and I could recommend much better doramas than this one.
Reviewed by Finndlin on 11 July 2012
13. Stop the whining! [Rating: 3/10]
I am currently on the second to last episode and I have to say, this is the first Japanese drama that I've seen that I haven't fully enjoyed. It's far too slow. I am having a great deal of trouble finishing the episodes in all honesty.

Now it could be that I'm at a different place in my life than the show's target audience, but the characters whine far too much. And this critique is coming from someone who has a high tolerance for whiny teenagers. After all, I love Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye!

Now, as for what's good about the show. Nobuta is adorable, but the other characters really don't strike a chord with me. Now it could be that I had high hopes for this drama, but it just isn't that good. I've been forcing myself to finish this series in the hopes that it will get better, but I fear with just one episode left, it's going no where! I really wish I could have given this a good review! I had such high hopes for the drama!
Reviewed by tsukushi on 10 July 2006
14. Classic [Rating: 10/10]
Fall 2005 was when I started watching Jdramas on a regular basis and I was spoiled rotten with the likes of HYD, 1LoTs and my favorite of the three, Nobuta wo Produce.
Awesome cast. Tatta Hitotsu no Koi and Sapuri were godawful but Kamenashi Kazuya gives a standout performance as Shuji.
Yama-pi's performance was completely offbeat but extremely entertaining and equally outstanding. So many classic catchphrases. Horikita Maki also did a great job. Could not believe she was the same person who played the role of bi&chy sister in Densha Otoko.
Supporting cast was great all-around.
Awesome soundtrack with that distinctive Yoshihiro Ike sound.
Excellent/innovative camerawork and cinemetagrophy.
The ending was subpar but the story overall was magnificent.
This will always be one of my favorite dramas even though the actors involved particpated in horrendously crappy works such as Kurosagi and Tatta Hitotsu shortly after. hahaha.
Reviewed by doubledown11 on 29 April 2007
15. Unexpectedly good [Rating: 8/10]
Good script, check. Unique story, check. Good actors, unbelievably.. yes. The actors here actually did a good job or maybe even great job on this dorama. From Akira to Shuji to Nobuta.. they were all played well. KUDOS.
At first I thought people(mostly girls) just voted for this dorama.. because of "eyecandy".. but after watching it, I finally understood why it's on the top10.
It's hilarious, touching, and light to watch. The chemistry between the 3 leads were electrifying. The story is very new and will keep you interested. One of the best school doramas out there.
A MUST WATCH for guys and girls.
Minus 2 for the stupid ending though. Other than that.. you should go and check it out.
After watching this.. i find myself saying KON KON..
Reviewed by AZNBryan on 4 July 2006
16. zzzzzzzzzzzzz [Rating: 2/10]
Boring with a capital B... i'm still struggling to figure out why it's so high in the drama rankings on this site... the only reason its not "1" is because I managed to finish this drama unlike other dramas I have seen. Come on guys, this drama really is not that great! The plot was boring, I wasn't touched at all, and the acting was sloppy. I guess the only good thing about this is the phrase "bye-bye-bicycle" that was kinda catchy lol. But if you're not a fan girl (or boy) and want to watch some great acting and plot.. check out KimuTaku's dramas (it took me aages to even give this guy a shot, but PRIDE made me realise how much more superior his acting talents are to these newcomers- they still have much to improve on)
Reviewed by �ؓގq on 11 September 2008
17. nobuta power~! unique & touching ^_^ [Rating: 8/10]
an interesting story about 3 mismatched personalities who came to be best of friends. :) shuji, the popular guy who spent his whole life reaching the top of the social ladder; nobuta, the introvert girl who's socially-challenged; akira, the care-free heir who tags along without invitation.

the story itself is quite compelling, the whole idea of 'adopting' an unwanted classmate, doing all sorts of things to make her feel accepted. the growing friendship btw the threesome was also heart-warming. however, the story could have showed more depth (maybe it was too short). and the ending was not solid enough either :) all in all, still worth a watch
Reviewed by youhei_mito on 17 February 2006
18. Nobuta Power... ENTER! [Rating: 10/10]
When I first heard of this drama, I didn't think that I'd like it very much. At last I watched it... and discovered it to be one of the best dramas I have seen! Nobuta Power... ENTER! The relationship of Shuji and Akira was very cool. It wasn't until the end that I understood that this was more a drama about their friendship, and not just about Nobuta. At first Akira was a bit annoying, but he definetly grew to be my favorite character after Shuji! The only dissapointments I had in this series were how Shuji and Nobuta never hooked up, and how Nobuta was left behind in the end. It was an almost-sad, but satisfyingly happy ending.
Reviewed by Susan on 5 August 2006
19. Loved it Lots [Rating: 10/10]
When I decided to watch this drama, it was really only because Kamenashi Kazuya and Yamashita Tomohisa were going to be in it. After watching a few episodes, I realized that I liked this drama, not only because of the actors, but because of the actual drama. It wasn't easy for me to predict the outcomes like I had been able to do in other dramas I have seen prior to this one.

I laughed out loud during some episodes, and cried during others. I absolutely loved watching this drama. (I've already watched it 3 times and I still love it). Some episodes seem a little long (the first one was longgg), but I still recommend it.
Reviewed by noodlefreak on 7 February 2006
20. One of the best dramas around [Rating: 10/10]
Yamashita, Kamenashi, and Horikita are awesome! I actually didn't know if I would like Nobuta after the first episode (a thought Akira was an obnoxious character and that the show overall was just a little too weird). Boy was I wrong. If you feel the same after ep 1, stay with it. It won't just grow on you, you actually be addicted. It's that good. Kamenashi is great as popular but flawed Shuji, and Yamashita works perfectly as oddball Akira (who becomes surprisingly philosophical as the show progresses). Finally, Horikita plays Nobuta as well as anyone could. Great performances all around. Don't miss it.
Reviewed by kusaisaru on 16 January 2007
21. Watch this with your gf! [Rating: 10/10]
This drama was a fresh breath of air from my usual hiatus of jdramalessness. Character development was a given for Nobuko, however Shuji and Akira grew as well on their own paths. The storyline does not stray too far from its linear path of producing Nobuko, so none of your useless filler. Every episode you can look forward to learning a bit more about the characters you learn to love. There is the exception of Mariko who, as a supporting but vital role, did not receive the same concentration as the main 3 roles. Aside from that, this drama was easy to watch and will flow from beginning to end.
Reviewed by gizm092 on 6 February 2009
22. Touching [Rating: 9/10]
Loved it, I only give it a 9 since the ending seemed less than satisfying. It was really funny at times. The acting was good. The supporting cast of the high school classmates and the staff were all good as well. I think the staff deserves extra mention since they were some of the most colorful characters, especially the principal and teachers. Add in the great theme song and a nice animation sequence and you have a highly entertaining Jdrama. Definitely one of the better ones I've seen so far. I want to see more YAMAPI, I hope he does more dramas.
Reviewed by bettebogart on 20 May 2006
23. One of the best [Rating: 9/10]
This drama is one of the three best dramas I have ever seen. It makes you warm inside, and is great to watch when you are feeling down - well, sometimes not.
Nobuta wo Produce wouldn't be the same without Kusano Akira though, and that is a fact. His role brights up the drama, and even though he has his own problems, he just endure it and helps his friends no matter what.
But, overall, I think that all the characters are very admirable. Shuuji is strong too, and Nobuta is unbelievably strong indeed!
The OST is great, as expected actually.. (^^')
Reviewed by Sammet on 15 March 2006
24. Nobuta Power ga hoshii! [Rating: 8/10]
A brilliantly offbeat dorama with credible performances by all three main actors. An endearing story about the depth of friendship and how we all suffer and triumph with the struggles of the human condition. Worthy in many respects, this show will definitely elicit much laughter, cheer, and heartache. YamaPi gives a stellar performance as the undeniably exceptional "Akira." This character will standout as a hallmark of funny and grossly entertaining efforts given by an actor in the oft used "school dorama." Wildy funny and unique.
Reviewed by Tu_triky on 20 December 2005
25. Great and Funny [Rating: 10/10]
I totally love this dorama and every chapter I saw is even better
I love Akira (Yamapi`s character) sooooo much he`s such a cute guy he`s funny sweet and never care for what people think of him he does whatever he wants whenever, totally opposite from Shuji that`s always afraid of losing his popularity although he always do good at the end...
I do believe Nobuta will end up with Shuji but If it was me I would prefer Akira to be the one winning Nobuta`s heart he was so cute in episode 5 I just can`t stop saying "kawai" hehe----
Reviewed by Aisling on 16 November 2005
26. A new kind of school drama [Rating: 7/10]
A couple of key things make this drama different: a pretty original plot and different directing. This makes the drama unique and stand out from all the other school dramas which i feel has been overdone in recent years.
This one is not too extreme like Stand Up, but not too traditional where it's always a teacher trying to inspire some gone-astray students.
The plot isn't that one-dimensional and at times throws in a few surprises here and there. Also, the cinematography is great, and has a comic-book touch to it.
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 24 September 2006
27. Great Film PRODUCE [Rating: 10/10]
This is my first review even though I'm lazy but I think, I must tell that this film really SUPERB..In this film you can learn many things about friendship, trusting & believing people and how to care to another person. It has a good morale and lesson especially when you overcome a problem with your environment (that you don't like maybe especially in the scholl)..
Maybe it can make you loves your friend or parents more (hoping for that)..

It is highly recommended...

Ganbatte kudasai (^-^)
Reviewed by Chris_Ito on 8 June 2007
28. Okay? [Rating: 6/10]
The "low" rating I gave (compared to some others) is because this drama didn't really leave an impression on me. Dramas that are really good leave an impression on me no matter how many years pass by. This drama...I watched last year...and hardly even remember what happened in it. Now that I think about it, I watched this drama because of the high ratings people gave to it, but after watching it for myself, I just got the reaction: "Umm..okay...don't see how it's THAT good, but I GUESS it's okay..."
Reviewed by SweetKiwii on 20 November 2008
29. Funny/ Emotion [Rating: 5/10]
Watching Nobuta Wo Produce, I found that it had a great deal to offer. For someone who is new at school would usually get along with eveyone however Nobuta did'nt as she was separate from eveyone else. She has a different lifestyle from everyone else at school. So this is where Shuji & Akira come in, where they try to make Nobuta the most popular girl at school, however it's a big shame that I never had a chance to see the last 2 episodes, but I'm sure that they ended well.
Reviewed by sesil on 11 November 2006
30. only a so-so.... [Rating: 7/10]
This is only a so-so drama, never understand why people praised it so much. Despite the fact that I really love and adore Yamapi, I feel that this is only the same old theme which Japanese dramas always hook to. Most shocking to learn that this drama got the best drama award... gosh... why not one liter of tears.... and Kame.. best actor... my goodness.. how could it be! What a dissapointment... huhh... sorry for the fans.. but this is my true feeling about this drama...
Reviewed by Tukata on 3 September 2006

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Comments From Users (707)
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do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by pi_kame [Rating: 10/10]
Probably best coming of age drama ever!
I can�Lt put in words how I was touched by this wonderfull drama and its characters...
The sub-plots are somewhat unexpected corny and weird at times (haha, the truth man xD), but it was well balanced with the much more serious parts of the story. There were even some scenes that made me cry (and I�Lm not much of a crybaby when it comes to movies or dramas <_<)
The leading cast (Maki, Kame, Yamapi) was great, there was really much chemistry between them. Even if you�Lre not a JE Fan, you can�Lt deny that there was some strong acting coming from Kame (I think this was his best drama so far) and Yamapi (He�Ls incredible funny and dorky in this... normally I think that most of JE Boys are just looking stupid when they overacting, but in Yamapis case by playing Akira he has really created a unique and loveable Character )
and Maki... is just plain cute <3 Just perfect as Nobuta, I think no other actress in this world could play this character as well as her.

hm, to finish this review I will say that the Soundtrack is powerfull, definitely one of my favorite drama OSTs. I even love the theme Song "Seishun Amigo" by Shuji to Akira (Kame and pi of course ^^), a cheesy piece of j-pop (and a karaoke evergreen) which enlight my days xD
2. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 10/10]
A great drama thus far revolving around three high school students. Kamenashi Kazuya plays Shuji, a smart and popular boy in school who has the affection of many of his classmates including the most popular girl in school, but he's unhappy with his situation. Yamashita Tomohisa (Kusano Akira) is the rich and wealthy kid who feels that he has nothing to do and annoys the other students. Lastly, the new girl Kotani Nobuko played by Horikita Maki - the depressed and lonely female who just doesn't fit in with anyone. Shuji decides that he wants to give Nobuka (aka Nobuta) a makeover along with the help of Akira. Together they plan to produce Nobuta into becoming the most popular girl in school.

Thus far this drama has been very entertaining even though it is off the high school genre dramas. The filming and acting is very unique compared to others and the characters' personas are definitely out there. I would recommend watching this drama very much. It's one of my favorites for Fall 2005.
3. Comments by ~ushi~ga~iru~ [Rating: 10/10]
aaaaaaaaaaaaaah~ one of my all time drama�fs will probably stay one of my favorites, it really left a lasting impression, and I know some people will say " another dumb pointless jho0nnys drama used to sell CD's" but I don�ft care, its a really cute sweet silly offbeat drama, with a colorful cast of characters form shuji a cynical popular student who only fakes his happy go lucky cheerful attitude to glide thought school to my favorite, the drunken acting akira, who has more depth and seriousness despite his spastic demeanor and nobuta, quirky shy, but dedicated to changing her self and showing appreciation to her "producers"
this is a wonderful drama that plays off differently then others if your looking for a really mushy high school love drama, or a tearjerker about a kid with a terminal disease then this is nor your drama, but if your looking for a cute funny drama that reminds you of your wacky class back from high school and the little oddities of life then nobuta is for you.
4. Comments by hurh. [Rating: 10/10]
I had no idea what this drama was about, but I read the description somewhere. Judging from that, I thought it would be a typical, lighthearted teen drama. My friend visited from Osaka and she was like, obsessed, so I wanted to see it. I was only going to watch it out of curiosity (plus YamaPi and Kame were in it). From the first episode though, I was really impressed, it was a lot different than I had expected. It was actually kind of quirky and dark, and was more serious than I had anticipated, though not without humor. The drama wasn't really about Nobuta's 'makeover' at all, but more about the value of youth and friendship.
I like the main cast and characters very much (especially Akira xD). I thought YamaPi, Kame, and Horikita Maki were great! I also love how the minor characters were all unique.
I also like the cinematography a lot. :D
One of my favorite dramas~!
5. Comments by pinkokoro [Rating: 10/10]
COMPLETE. Great drama! Highly higly RECOMMENDED. If u hate the actors/actresses, forget it for a while, watch the drama cos it's a nice ride. It was ceatively and uniquely adapted..... every episodes were full of values, wacky scenes, humour and seriousness. It becomes a bit dark as it progressed but still entertaining and has its own humour..... everything was directed nearly perfect. U got to love the episodes, the scene and definitely Akira wacky character, somehow hate Shuji's fake character but as the story went on began symphatizing him... You will love the friensdship between the 3 lead character... u'll love how each message is brought into screen.... it's not a plain, repetitive, same youth/school based drama, it's something different that deserve at least a watch, It's a pity to miss it, it's a great drama that deserve recognition. GO WATCH!!
6. Comments by occultangle [Rating: 8/10]
I came into this with the lowest expectations possible. I presumed that this would be a series existing solely to showcase boy-band eye candy. There is some truth to this, but I found it to be surprisingly good, so surprising in fact that I wonder if it really is good or whether I was just so set on it being bad that the "shock" is clouding my vision. I was really happy with the Mariko character I thought it was going somewhere else with her but she ends up being really great. However the ending was horrible
(spoilers...) not as in bad but as in just to brutal, to cruel. It was heading in a not very happy direction and I was fine with that, but then it flipflops and ends up much worse, but I suppose many would find it to be the most appropriate outcome. I am quite surprised to say it but it's a highly recommendable drama.
7. Comments by ilovetakuya [Rating: 9/10]
I love this drama. This drama is so funnily weird and quirky.. hahaha; It made me to think a lot about the evil inside us. I especially related a lot with Shuji, because I'm so like him in so many ways. I'm afraid of not being accepted by my peers. Because of that, I wrap myself up. In front of my friends, I'm always smiling and funny. But inside, I get easily depressed and I feel loneliness painfully. I'm sure a lot of people can relate to the this and the overall theme of this drama.
I loved Nobuta because she's so brave, honest, and loyal. The friendship of NObuta, Shuji, and Akira touched me. Definitely recommended.
Also, Yamashita looked cute here. I didn't like him at all when I saw him as a singer and in dragonzakura... But then, he was so cute here..:)
8. Comments by Jeanxi [Rating: 7/10]
Pretty good, reeeeeally funny, but is completely lacking in substance (as most high school dramas seem to be). There are some very special moments/scenes in this series that I will remember forever (like when Akira teaches Nobuko the "Nobuko Power chuunyu" scene, when Akira breaks a stack of stone blocks to warn Shuuji, and when Akira tells Nobuko that her hands are not dirty and puts one on his cheek) but the storyline/plot is mostly just okay. My favorite scenes all have to do with Akira, I think =P Yamapi is so cute in this series...I never used to like him much, but I'm liking him much more now that I've fallen in love with his character in this drama. Final note...Kame is so totally a girl (kind of not a good thing, I mean, he's nice looking, but a girl =P)
9. Comments by akane_MYV [Rating: 9/10]
Also one of the best drama! I really love the character of Akira, he was soo cute! A little bit crazy, but that made me love him!
If you wanna see a drama, where you really can learn much of friendship, then I recommend it to you. The time during class really really can be fun, like it was shown in this drama, so it made me a little envious, because my class is really terrible. So I loved to watch the scenes, where the three of them had a good time...*jealous*...
You also would see some conflicts between students, so you really enjoy watching it, how they will solve it.
I also liked the ending, it wasn't such terrible, but a little sad, I think it was a good solution!
I also would watch it again, I really really wasn't bored watching this drama!
10. Comments by Lulurz [Rating: 9/10]
this is one of my favorite dorama maybe because I really didn't have any expectation when watchin this~ actually after epi 1 i thought it was just OK~ and thought "what's with Yamapi acting all drunk and stuff??"

anyways.. i never really liked Yamapi and Kamenashi~ but then this drama is wittily scripted and touches many aspects of youth and growing up~ as well as frendshipand stuff~
even tho they are serious topics ~ the script made it in a funny and goofy way that can make u really into this drama~

not to mention Yamapi did a really good job being the funny akira to relieve the seriousness of the topics~ this is his best drama imo~~ the KON KON and Nobuta Power enter was really classic haha

also the theme song is addictive haha
11. Comments by norz [Rating: 10/10]
I love this drama! Although it has the high school theme it has more of a shojo manga type feel with its 2 hot guys and a caring leading girl. Besides the male eye candy, I absolutely love Nobuta. Horikita Maki does an excellent job protraying as outsider and keeps her self true throughout the entire series. "she may look plain on the outside and weird but she is beautiful on the inside" althogh cliche and played a lot in many stories, it really worked in this drama (im lost for words!) And how those guys make she shine is beautiful. Kame's performance was by far excellent, his storys character was very unique and touching (a character not seen or played in full like how hes done with it).. and yamapi kawaii :P
12. Comments by jekert [Rating: 8/10]
I just downloaded this drama randomly and although the first episode didn't get me hooked, i stuck through with it and watched the next episode. until i realized i was already nearing the last episode. i enjoyed this drama as it talks about high school life, where the battle between the popular and the unpopular never ends, where you find some of your life's bestfriends, where you start wondering about your purpose and the meaning behind life. made me wanna go back to high school. anyway, the only thing i didn't like about this drama was the very GAY ending scene where shuji and akira chase each other around the beach. that was so gay. hehe. my first horikita maki drama and i liked it.
13. Comments by jess [Rating: 10/10]
yay. the first drama i gave a 10 to. watching this drama had been so satisfying. It really shows the many challenges in high school life and how 3 friends stuck together and pulled through in the end. Although Shuji and akira's main intention was to "remake" nobuta, I think Shuji, in particular, gained a lot in understanding the true meaning of friendship, and gaining 2 such real friends. I really enjoyed pi's performance in this drama, the story would have been so much more boring without him :) Kame and maki were good too of course. Meaningful plot, great actors, what more could you ask for? School-goers esp, will be able to relate to this drama and i guarantee you will enjoy it.
14. Comments by akibakenji [Rating: 9/10]
Very memorable performances from the 3 main characters (Yamashita's performance especially...his quirky character was hilarious). Its got everything that makes up for a perfect J-drama formula. I loved the whole "friends" theme, and the fact that this drama swayed away from the typical theme of love. Horikita pulled off an excellent Nobuta, and Kamenashi fit the part well too. This is definitely one of my favorites, but doesn't get a perfect score because I wasn't a huge fan of the ending. Not going to spoil anything, but it was unnecessary IMO and the drama could have lived without it-- you could tell some parts of the drama started to drag with the ending.
15. Comments by passionpete2427 [Rating: 10/10]
call me addled and crazy, because i'll admit that this show truly changed my life. What made this show more special is because i just accidentally watched it. i dont why this show show made me cry so much and why i re-watched the whole season 3x in a week. Maybe, this was just i needed at that time. i owe this show a lot...
that i'm working hard so that i could thank the people behind this show...yes, i'm crazy.

i recommend this to high schoolers or to lost kids.

this show got me hooked on j-dramas.
part of my top 3 j-dramas.
great cast. great ost. great script. must watch!

WARNING: first episode is slow and a bit boring...
16. Comments by Susan [Rating: 10/10]
When I first heard of this drama, I didn't think that I'd like it very much. At last I watched it... and discovered it to be one of the best dramas I have seen! Nobuta Power... ENTER! The relationship of Shuji and Akira was very cool. It wasn't until the end that I understood that this was more a drama about their friendship, and not just about Nobuta. At first Akira was a bit annoying, but he definetly grew to be my favorite character after Shuji! The only dissapointments I had in this series were how Shuji and Nobuta never hooked up, and how Nobuta was left behind in the end. It was an almost-sad, but satisfyingly happy ending.
17. Comments by sirhin [Rating: 7/10]
This was a very different look at Maki Horikita (I honestly didn't know she played the character until I looked it up) and her acting at the character was pretty good! Of course, she is one of my favorite Japanese actresses. Yamapi's character was also very adorable and so was Kamenashi's portrayal of his role as one of the popular students at school. It had a good plot, but honestly, it didn't keep my attention as much as some of the other dramas I've watched. I still recommend it as I know many people were much more hooked on it than I - so just give it a shot! It also has an original ending, and that has got to count for something. :)
18. Comments by jica [Rating: 10/10]
I first thought it was a light hearted teenage school drama, but it's much more than so. It's not any manga-storyline, I think they deal with deeper things, about life, friendship, how to be a good person etc.... Of course I started watch it because of Kame (and Kame's one reason that makes this drama so good), but now I have come to like the other characters too... The first episodes don't make you hooked, but it's getting better and better (and darker and darker though....) Hope it will have a good ending. O-o

Edit: No need to fear, I just loved the ending. It was soooooooo good, a little bit sad but absolutely great. =)
19. Comments by d0npian0 [Rating: 9/10]
This was one of the very first dramas I watched and when I watched it for the first time I loved it. After watching more dramas I wasn't so sure anymore whether this drama really was that good (school dramas tend to be shallow, the storyline is ridiculous at time, I know that at least Yamapi isn't exactly a good actor,...), so I rewatched it and I still liked it a lot.
The drama portrays a makeover no only of Nobuta but of Shuji and Akira, too. The three of them don't really get along with others. In a way they're defective personalities who learn to know the value of friendship.
Good stuff. :D
20. Comments by enen_shun [Rating: 10/10]
at first i thought this drama was only a hilarious and entertaining drama ... but i never thought that this drama actually has depths on friendship ~ i believe the drama's version is more towards heart-warming and hilarious compared to the original novel .. the whole drama's on friendship .. and the friendship among Nobuta+Shuji+Akira is really special .. it's hard-to-find such touchy friendships now in dramas ~ and this drama did made more ppl realise that Yamapi is "not only a pretty face" .. this drama is a worth-watch ~ special plot and roles .. and showed many sides of a human being ~
21. Comments by meiohsetsuna [Rating: 9/10]
Two hot guys, one female transfer student. A friendship is formed when the three decide to 'produce' the girl, in hopes of making her one of the most popular girls in the school. This proves to be a difficult task, as Nobuta can't speak clearly, walks funny, and never did learn social skills. Although there isn't a ton of 'producing' happening, its a good story of friendship and bizarre occurances that happen in daily highschool life. The ending song 'Seisshun Amigo' is a must-have! It describes the two males character's (Shuuji and Akira) relationship, and was a number one hit in Japan.
22. Comments by Qky [Rating: 8/10]
OK.. this is one unique drama that stands out from the others in terms of story. It emphasizes on friendship rather than the same-old love stories. The show really catches in the first few episodes, however in my oppinion the story was going pretty slow near the ending. Although I still have to give an ovation for the main characters for doing a great job. Erika Toda is very cute in here and Akira (played by Yamashita-kun) is really entertaining through out the show. :D. Maki-chan also did a great job to portray Nobuta and Kame-kun showed his top quality acting as always.
23. Comments by Iza_Yanti [Rating: 9/10]
Diz is the drama abou Freindship!! The best drama about friendship. Even i watched YamaP for the 1st time in Dragon Zakura, but i start to like YamaP in diz drama. He is so like drunken guy. kawaii, crazy n kakkoi. yamaP not control his 'coolness'.. so like him on diz drama. shuji also really good on diz drama, talkactive and nice talker. Maki-chan? i feel like my neck really hurt to saw Maki-chan alway let down her head. diz drama was really sugoi. the actor and actress are really good. The director was good to direst the camera view, lightning and oher situation.
24. Comments by Kirari Ililah [Rating: 7/10]
It was cute, the pig thing was such a nice mascot for Nobuta. The three-legged pigs actually exist, I have 2 myself, and they are strange but sooo adorable. This story is like an average Japanese high school story, but with an encouraging "umph". It reveals the power of friends, and how important it is to help those that have trouble. Doing something about a situation is better than just watching & building guilt. It's a nice drama, although has some corny scenes, it funny and fun to see. Johnny boys once again, but they are a good combination..
25. Comments by kai0227 [Rating: 8/10]
This was a good drama but it could've been so much better. The story was a simple yet good one and I liked the relationships between the main characters. The drama also deviated from the typical drama formula which is a refreshing thing. But too much time was spent on petty things when it could have been used on further development of charaters and relationships. Otherwise, it was a fun drama to watch with some hilarious acting from Yamashita and Horikita was pretty convincing as an outcast girl especially since she's so damn cute in real life.
26. Comments by ocha4ever [Rating: 7/10]
i was not enjoying 1st-3rd episodes...they were not get me at all...
but i get stick on it until the last one and i enjoy it...
maki was so great,,her cast was so different, she can't smile here--compare it with Hana Kimi--

but i just hate the ending,,why did they have to be separated that way????
can they just enjoy their friendship after what they did by producing nobuta...

i love the friendship that they make...sooo touching...

i'd like to have "nobuta power" and the key chain (where can i find it????) LOL... hehe hehe
27. Comments by epin8 [Rating: 10/10]
This was the first jdorama i've ever seen, which enabled me to watch many more. I have to say this is one of my favorite drama's. The acting is superb, especially: Yamashita Tomohisa and Horikita Maki. The friendship of the three main characters is real and pure, not based on things that really don't matter. Their acting made it look and feel real. The ending was really sad, because I wanted them to stay together. This is a must watch, if you can still identify with high school students, or want to go back to those younger years ;)
28. Comments by phoenix_angkasa [Rating: 8/10]
I totally love this dorama and every chapter I saw is even better
I love Akira (Yamapi`s character) sooooo much he`s such a cute guy he`s funny sweet and never care for what people think of him he does whatever he wants whenever, totally opposite from Shuji that`s always afraid of losing his popularity although he always do good at the end...
I do believe Nobuta will end up with Shuji but If it was me I would prefer Akira to be the one winning Nobuta`s heart he was so cute in episode 5 I just can`t stop saying "kawai" hehe----
29. Comments by �ؓގq [Rating: 3/10]
I do not understand how this drama gets such high praise on this site. I watched it, I perceived this drama to be an attempt to go past social norms: a popular guy that feels he's a fake, a weird guy who does what ever he wishes, and a girl with complete lack of socialising ability all becoming friends. I don't know, I was not convinced. I finished this just because I was waiting for the big bang that made this drama "great" as people say. The ending was absolutely revolting, but this drama was watchable therefore I give it a 3
30. Comments by Mimori [Rating: 10/10]
I loved this drama so much. It's definitely among my top 5 drama. The three different personalities of the main chara blend together and complement each other very well.
The plot was very heartwarming and funny and could also teach a lesson about appreciating the differences in other people.
I loved all three characters but Akira was by far my favorite, he was just such a sweet baka, though his personality was more of a "go with the flow" kind of guy than an idiot. xD
Overall great series, great acting and great plot.

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1. deleted_user
Great drama! Highly higly RECOMMENDED. If u hate the actors/actresses, forget it for a while, watch the drama cos it's a nice ride. It was ceatively and uniquely adapted..... every episodes were full of values, wacky scenes, humour and seriousness. It becomes a bit dark as it progressed but still entertaining and has its own humour..... everything was directed nearly perfect. U got to love the episodes, the scene and definitely Akira wacky character, somehow hate Shuji's fake character but as the story went on began symphatizing him... You will love the friensdship between the 3 lead character... u'll love how each message is brought into screen.... it's not a plain, repetitive, same youth/school based drama, it's something different that deserve at least a watch, It's a pity to miss it, it's a great drama that deserve recognition. It can't be anything better (just that I hope the mushy ending part at the beach can be edited out XD)GO WATCH!!
2. Nomanymore
10/10 This is certainly the most memorable & meaningful school drama that I've ever watched. The storyline is not cheesy like others same genre but unique & brings a different feeling to the viewers. I feel very close to the trio & also their surroundings. I admire their friendship, no matter what happens, as long as they think of each other, everything is ok.. The drama is not only a lesson on friendship but also on many different sides of society, such as violence in school, racism, money, wealth, etc people feel lonely in this wide world, have to fight by themselves to survive; there's what friends for, without friends, they'd be lost their paths soon or later..
The cast deserves much appreciation & awards too. The trio Kame-Maki-YamaPi all showed their best performance here.. Especially Nobuta played Maki, I don't think anyone could play that role as her..
3. pinkokoro
Great drama! Highly higly RECOMMENDED. If u hate the actors/actresses, forget it for a while, watch the drama cos it's a nice ride. It was ceatively and uniquely adapted..... every episodes were full of values, wacky scenes, humour and seriousness. It becomes a bit dark as it progressed but still entertaining and has its own humour..... everything was directed nearly perfect. U got to love the episodes, the scene and definitely Akira wacky character, somehow hate Shuji's fake character but as the story went on began symphatizing him... You will love the friensdship between the 3 lead character... u'll love how each message is brought into screen.... it's not a plain, repetitive, same youth/school based drama, it's something different that deserve at least a watch, It's a pity to miss it, it's a great drama that deserve recognition. GO WATCH!!
4. shoujo22
It was just like reading a manga. Well, almost. Having said that I really enjoyed it. Especially how they ran into/tripped over stuff all the time XD. It was so funny because that kind of stuff happens to the best of us. The characters were over the top and just all around entertaining. As far as the story goes, it wasn't too complicated. I liked it so I gave it a 9/10. Didn't give it a 10/10 because...well, maybe I should since I couldn't find anything wrong with it. Anyway, I enjoyed it. I had no idea that any of the Johnny's boys had roles in this mini-drama (since I don't know a lot about JE to begin with) unitl the very end of the series, so this is a totally unbiased vote here. I honestly enjoyed this drama for what it was...so yeah. It was great. That's all. Thanks for reading this.
5. jekert
I just downloaded this drama randomly and although the first episode didn't get me hooked, i stuck through with it and watched the next episode. until i realized i was already nearing the last episode. i enjoyed this drama as it talks about high school life, where the battle between the popular and the unpopular never ends, where you find some of your life's bestfriends, where you start wondering about your purpose and the meaning behind life. made me wanna go back to high school. anyway, the only thing i didn't like about this drama was the very GAY ending scene where shuji and akira chase each other around the beach. that was so gay. hehe. my first horikita maki drama and i liked it.
6. sword_of_heaven
First episode, I thought every character was weird. In fact, I could actually identify better with Nobuko (sorry Nobuto) than the others. But later, they started growing on me, and besides, its always nice to see Cindrella type stories.

Yamashita (the guy who has the role of Akira) was a real surprise because his character was one I found *extremely* annoying but then started liking the most after a while. You really get used to all those irritating things he did and the way he spoke.

In short, the acting's pretty alright all in all and its a nice way to pass time.
7. mmyy
Nobuta is absolutely fun! It was charming and immensely touching at times, the friendship theme really got to me. The ending was highly satisfying too. I thought Kame was awesome here. He was natural and full of vigor and I could feel the excitement just watching him act. I wasn't that crazy over Yamapi's act though, but I grew to like him in the end too. His antics cracked me up a lot after I warmed up to him. But really, it was Kame who shone the brightest here. Everyone who likes a hillarious and sweet show centred on high school life should definitely check this out.
8. mitchyko
i did know what to expect on this drama...i didnt even know the plot...but as soon as i finished watching the first episode i was hooked...i thought abt this drama as a funny and joyous portrayal of high school life...the bullying, the popularity that most of us has undergone...it talks so much about friendship and believing on the people that u love and treasured....the three main characters gave an excellent portrayal of their roles...well done and well crafted...made me cry in the end actually hheheh....this is one of the good ones...
9. bitsandpieces
although the drama has some weird parts which i can't explain ><, the storyline's good and unique. it explores friendship and every episode seems to have its values and meanings behind it. not those typical kind of sch drama that you would often see.

yamashita definitely did a good job in carrying off the character in a fun and cute manner that liven up the whole show.
the actress did just as well, was a truly convincing act as nobuta from her.

10. suzzy
my favo in this show is Yamashita Tomohisa
for two reasons.
one is for his laughing because everytime he would i would
and the second would be the fact that nuthing bother him until that girl showup and they stared to help her. it change after he cnfess that he love her to that "truth man" and now he cannot stop thin kabout her. awwwww
however (mr. kool)Kamenashi Kazuya and (mrs shy)Horikita Maki was as great so yea
can wait to many more from these actors
11. kkpryl
kaMe did well in this drama...i won't ever forget KIRITANI SHUJI....such a remarkable character... the thing where you would want to hate him or love him at the same time..."his just a lonely soul" and he hates lying...but this world just won't forgive him for being true and all... thanks to Nobuta & Akira....Shuji was indeed "reproduced"...

Kame acted well and has internalized the "shuji" character..that's how versatile he is!
12. morita
Well, at first I don't like doramas..at least until my friend told me about this dorama... So I watched it and....WOW..!!! This dorama is really good..!! This dorama makes me change my opinion about dorama..and it changed me from the person who didn't interest in dorama, to be j-dorama freaks...!!! This dorama is great yeah...I really like kame's, horikita maki's and yamapi's acting... the story also good..

a must see dorama..!!!!
13. obentou
I love this dorama just because of the moral lessons they teache viewers in their own eccentric way. Friendship is being able to cross over individual differences. Sometimes it's best to give up and let go. Even if you come to the lowest point of your life, it's not the end because you still keep on living. I learned a lot from this dorama.

And I loved the Yamaki and Kamepi pairings <3 *raburabu*
14. Organized Chaos
Nobuta wo Produce was brilliant. Because of this dorama, I became addicted to the whole Johnny's Entertainment craze. Mainly because of Yamashita Tomohisa acting as Kusano Akira. He did such a great job especially with those add in lines. The story line was great and it wasn't just another boring high school dorama. Horkita Maki did an excellent job as Nobuko and Kazuya Kamenashi as Shuji.
15. Saito.Sama
I thought that the idea for the drama was different and exciting. To watch Kotani get popular bit by bit was interesting and the quirkiness of the main characters was definitely one of the high points. However, the story was slow to progress and wasn't as emotionally intense as some of the other dramas I've seen. Overall though, a very good story, and I highly recommend watching it.
16. nike_girl
This is my fav drama among all japanese drama i ever seen. I like shuji, akira and nabuta in this drama. never bored although i watched this drama many times. From this drama i start notice Yamapi, Maki and Kame. Although its too late to know about their appearance in this industry, i will always treasure them bcos i like them very much. I'd like to see much from them in the future.
17. natsukoi
Even though Horikita Maki was a newcomer, she certainly gave justice to the title-character, "Nobuta". With Kamenashi Kazuya as lead actor and Yamashita Tomohisa as his wacky sidekick, the drama boasts a beautifully made cast which fit right in to the characters of the drama's wonderful plot.

With "Seishun Amigo"'s success, noone can stop "Nobuta wo Produce" from being praised.
18. xploring
I'm re-watching Nobuta wo Produce again, just watched episode 3. I really like this episode. Sometimes I think that, if this wasn't one of my first jdoramas, I probably wouldn't like it as much. But every time I re-watched, I discovered something new, even if it's just bits and pieces. I was in a slump, this series has rekindled my interest in jdorama by a little bit again.
19. passionpete2427
One of my favorite dramas ever! I literally cried a gallon of tears by myself that I felt so ridiculous when my friend passed by my house and witnessed my crying :))) This drama totally changed my life that i even put in my bucket list: thank Horikita Maki when I go to Japan. :') Call me nuts, cheesy or whatever for saying this, I don't care, this drama saved my life. :)
20. cheery
Nobuta was a really geat drama! In the beginning the show will makes you think that it's a really funny normal high school type of drama. But as it goes on the story was really a bit dark and went in depth of the friendship between friends. I was really surprise by this drama and Kame really protray his character as shuji very well. Also Yamap haha akira is just so funny!
21. cold_jade
Really entertaining. And I seriously love Kusano Akira this character, so carefree and random, yet is very determined in producing Nobuko.
I like how the drama have characters with totally reversed personalities, and how they agree and disagree on different issues. Also their point of view, opinion about the things around them.
Lastly, I love Kame and YamaPi~
22. NiikuraKaoru
this drama.... was bad. slow and very pointless in my opinion. ill admit i watched it cuz kamenashi was in it, but even his hotness wont save this drama. do realize something, NEVER WATCH A DRAMA WHEN THE REVIEWS ALL SAY "THIS WAS GREAT, HE WAS SO HOT" they are 100% without a doubt bias. i didnt even finish watchin this cuz it was so slow and lame x.x
23. Patazilla
This made me get depressed! XDDD I watched it at the end of summer holidays, totally catched in my own dream world and as I went to school, half way expecting good-looking guys as Akira and Shuuji I fell down a thousand feet! XDDDD~~~
No, but it really is great! Poor Nobuta at the end... But I wished I could be her! X3 With such lovely producers! XD
24. chibichan
The three cast did a really awesome job to make this dorama worth watching.
I have the whole series and i finish watching it in just one night.
i just cant stop watching, curious about what will happen to Kotani in the next episode. Well the ending not as good as i expected, but its OK, cause Kotani finally feel good about herself
25. jed_ka
A wonderful SchulDrama with much feeling!

I fine the whole series with astonished seen, I have cried, laughed and with much excitement seen the end!,

I would say that it deals with the everyday school problem and the school complex people!

So, I recommend penetrate to the masterpiece!

A masterpiece to be surprised!
26. halfshrewdhalfwhimsical
This is the drama that launched me to J-ent fandom. I find the plot interesting, fell in love with the characters, and became smitten with the theme song. I just didn't like the ending though. Overall, this truly deserves a high spot in the list of J-dramas and I am happy to contribute my single vote to it being on top.
27. enrique_chen
The first time when I watched the first ep of this dorama, I thought this dorama just an ordinary school life story. I was wrong! I think this dorama reflects the true story of today's Japanese youngsters: loneliness. Love Maki-chan's acting, though too stiff and too boring too watch. However, must be watched dorama!
28. dearlysaint
I simply love this story. It reflects about friendship and etc. I really love the part where no one trusted shuuji except akira and nobuta. this is what real friends are. when there is nothing to trust about your friend yet you still trust him... you just chose to trust him because he is your friend. so touching!
29. ogurin04
One of the most touching stories of friendship I have seen without becoming too sappy. It hits close to home on more levels than many other dramas. The three lead characters were all wonderfully cast and portrayed. The characters themselves were very interesting especially Shuji whose change touched me the most.
30. elventuna
this show is simply tooo adorabblee~!
love the bckgrd score.. and not to mention d wonderful cast!!
the ending was really nice and concluding.. not an open-eneded one.
akira kusano can be the whole reason just to watch this drama..
yamap really excel in this show.. and kamE gave a spectatcular perf. too..

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