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Joined:  30 Jun 2006
Total posts:  160
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Country (Nationality):  Thailand
Location:  Yamapi's loving arms
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Tukata's drama votes (9)
Aikurushii [あいくるしい]
I love this drama. Acting of every leading characters are great. My most favourite scene is the scene where family members having meals together - it looks so natural and warm.
Hana Yori Dango [花より男子]
simply love Matsujun in this drama, ... he looks great...especially in that Napoleon's outfits...
Kimi wa Petto [きみはペット]
Both Koyuki and Matsujun are adorable. Watching this drama making me so happy. Jun is so cute, want to keep him as my own Mo Mo ! kisses...
Koori no sekai [冰の世界]
Yutaka Takenouchi always chose the right role. I love this drama. The casting is perfect, you can feel the chemistry between the two leading roles.
Kurosagi [クロサギ]
I love this drama. Good drama with great plot and especially greatig acting from Yamapi. Thank God that he got this leading role. A right man for the right job :) He looks attractively handsome (as always...).... I am quite impressed with Yamapi's improving acting skill. A little disappointment with the casting of the leading actress, why Maki ?, the role absolutely doesn't suit her (and no offense, she - earning the academy award as best supporting actress ? a joke ? - sorry-) The remaining ensembles are quite good. Hope to see more of Yamapi in different leading roles.... he is a truly promising actor... hope to see him in an international platform as well... love you, my darling Yamapi... from Thailand !!!!
Long Love Letter [ロング・ラブレター〜漂流教室]
Long Love Letter is one of the best Japanese TV dramas. The unusal plot on environmental concerns is timely. Through the story, you understand the meaning and the value of love and every minute which passes us by.. The whole ensemble cast should be praised for their acting. I would like to add a credit to Yamashita Tomohisa, my favourite Japanese singer and actor, for his improving acting skill. I am glad that he took part in this wonderful piece of drama. It's worth to add that the soundtrack and music scores are very beautiful....
Nodame Cantabile [のだめ カンタビ−レ]
One of the best dramas. I enjoyed every moment of it. Thumb up to the whole ensemble...
rinbukyoku [輪舞曲]
love everything about it..the actors, the story, the acting...and ..directing...
Summer snow
one of the best and inspiring dramas.. with impressive cast especially great acting from Dohmoto !

Tukata's artiste votes (8)
Kaneshiro Takeshi [金城武]
Gosh... how to describe this gorgeous and truly handsome actor...Takeshi Kaneshiro and Yutaka Takenouchi are the most handsome Japanese actors who ever live.....Takeshi's stardom has reached the international level.. .... surprisingly he is not that well received in Japan. Would that probably be because he is half-blooded ? His reputation and recognition are well known far beyond Asia.. it is not easy for anyone to catch the eyes of Hollywood.. only a few Asian succeeded to do so... like Jackie Chan, Zhang Ziyi and Chow Yun Fat. I think the Japanese Film Industry should think about this seriously.. Actually, he might be the only Japanese who could make it. If you couple him with, say, Japanese heart throb, Takuya Kimura, with no offense,... the movie might make it big in Japan for Takuya's sake but... elsewhere outside Japan... it will definitely be Takeshi who attracts the international audience.... The best deal will be Takeshi and Yutaka...together on big screen.. it will hit the international market like storm.... huhhhhh....
Matsumoto Jun [松本潤]
Matsu Jun, so cute ! He is so natural. I love his sweet and innocent smile and his eyes - so romantic. When he dances, it moves me. He looks great in Kitto Daijobu MV. Love him in Hana Yori dango and You are my pet too... you are my Mo Mo !!! love you, Matsujun...
Matsuyama Kenichi [松山ケンイチ]
so perfect as L in Death Note. Bright future awaits you... You are now very famous all over Asia and everyone loves you... doesn't matter how many votes you got here.... Fighting !
Odagiri Joe [オダギリジョー]
Joe Odagiri... a true artist...he has so much to offer in acting.. one of the most talented actors in Japan. I think he will become a great actor one day soon..watch him closely...
Okada Junichi [岡田准一]
Very talended. Among all Johnny's, he is the best. His acting skill is amazing. He carried out and made us believe in all the characters he were in. I see him more as an actor rather than a singer.
Takenouchi Yutaka [竹野内豊]
so gorgeous... most handsome japanese actor.. (only he and Takeshi Kaneshiro) acting skill also very impressive.. very professional and big screen quality :-) love him... hopefully he will gain international recognitions in a very near future.. really wish to see him and Takeshi together on the big screen some day soon...Gosh .. it's going to be a mega hit !
Tsumabuki Satoshi [妻夫木聡]
so boyish, so good looking, so talented, so adorable, so handsome, so romantic.... love him in Slow Dance and Haru no yuki... really want to hug him... Hope he will make it to the international fame very soon... he is soon to be the next star of Asia..
Yamashita Tomohisa [山下智久]
There are so much about him, talented, good looking, nice voice, great dancer... I love his eyes and especially when he smiles, it shines.... what an adorable face he got... Yamapi is kinda sexy in a way.. Hope to see more and more of his works...in music and in acting.. It would be nice to see him on big screen with Satoshi Tsumabuki, Joe Odagiri, Matsujun and, especially with Takki....Yamapi will soon shine over Asia...

Tukata's dramas (1)
Kiken na Aneki [危険なアネキ]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
funny and entertaining, there are some touching moments as well...an interesting plot about family ties between sister and brother...

Tukata's drama reviews (10)
Akimahende! [あきまへんで!]
Good acting from all the ensembles ! & really [Rating: 8/10]
A warm family-valued theme drama .. never out of date..lots of laughs though. Good acting from all the ensembles. Something to watch when you feel bored. It can lighten you up. Nino is cute, just want to twist his cheeks... ... how come all these years he has never changed ! ... always looks young.. very boyish face... up til now... love him..
Iryu [医龍 Team Medical Dragon]
Too unrealistic ! [Rating: ?/10]
Great production, good acting, very educative, however it's too unrealistic and too heroic ! Japanese dramas are always overloaded with this extreme heroic roles.... By the way, I hate the ending.. in Thailand we have only great and world-class doctors,..... there is no place for Dr. Nogouchi... :-b .... but we would welcome someone like... Ryotarou Asada.... and Ijuuin (most wated ha ! ha ! ha !)
Karei naru Ichizoku [華麗なる一族]
Only Takuya but nothing else [Rating: ?/10]
Takuya Kimura might have been the most popular actor among many other Japanese fans, however, in my personal opinion, in all his TV series which I have seen, I can only saw "Takuya Kimura" himself but hardly the characters he acted in. Acting is such a challenging career and it proves your skill to "act". For me, he can't be counted as a good actor. He is always his own self. Honestly, starting from the first chapter, just seeing his hair style, I wonder whether the 'Executives' in the late 60's in Japan, in particular, would wear that Takuya hair style ? ...... needless to say more... The plot however, is very interesting. It shows how people could be so ruthless and cruel...c'est la vie... bad guy lives....
Ningen no Shoumei [人間の証明]
where have all the good things go.. [Rating: 10/10]
I only had a chance to see this drama only recently and I have to admit that I enjoyed every minute of it. Everything is perfect both the storyline and the acting of the whole ensemble. My thump up for the talented Yutaka Takenouchi whom I have never been disappointed, such a great acting from him. After watching this drama... I kept on asking myself... where have all the good things go.. how come ... I can hardly find any drama of this kind anymore ... then I realized that .. yes, there was one .. ''Rondo" of which Yutaka was also there... a big hand for him for choosing the be in only quality drama... thanks ! and thanks a lot !
Nobuta wo Produce [野ブタ。をプロデュース]
only a so-so.... [Rating: 7/10]
This is only a so-so drama, never understand why people praised it so much. Despite the fact that I really love and adore Yamapi, I feel that this is only the same old theme which Japanese dramas always hook to. Most shocking to learn that this drama got the best drama award... gosh... why not one liter of tears.... and Kame.. best actor... my goodness.. how could it be! What a dissapointment... huhh... sorry for the fans.. but this is my true feeling about this drama...
Proposal Daisakusen [プロポーズ大作戦]
love Yamapi but.... [Rating: ?/10]
I do love Yamapi but just wonder why he always ends up acting with the same leading actresses, I mean now twice with Masami Nagasawa, and twice with Maki Horikita... Gosh...it's boring to see him act with the same girls... also wondering what would he be thinking that he always be with the same actress especially in Nobuta and Kurosagi... it completely kills the chemistry... huhhh..... perhaps mine, not his...
rinbukyoku [輪舞曲]
wonderful work ! [Rating: ?/10]
Thanks for a great drama and an interesting change in the J drama storyline, for once. Yutaka... what a great actor..thanks for wonderful acting. You are gorgeous. I love this drama and Yutaka.....
Satomi Hakenden [里見八犬伝]
Tackey - a samurai ? [Rating: 6/10]
The story is quite interesting but casting of the leading role is a disappointment. Despite his good looks, Tackey is not a suitable actor to act as a samurai. He is too short (sorry !) and his face is too pretty. The last scene also proves that he is far priettier than the princess bride ! What a pity! huhhhh....
Tokyo Wankei [東京湾景]
beautiful and touching love story [Rating: 8/10]
I love this drama. The best part of it is a strong chemistry between Wada & Nakama which leads to a beautiful and touching love story....
Yume de Aimashou [夢で逢いましょう]
They've just got married ! [Rating: ?/10]
Oshio and Yada are now married !.... wow !....


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