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Kaneshiro Takeshi 金城武 ( Takeshi Kaneshiro )

NameKaneshiro Takeshi
Star SignLibra
Birthday11 October 1973
Blood TypeO

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Kaneshiro Takeshi

Half-Japanese, half-Taiwanese with versatile acting skills displayed in his dramas and movies. His mysterious and cool flair in "Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake" has ...

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 TAKESHI 大麥香茶,Kaneshiro,金城武
TAKESHI 大麥香茶,Kaneshiro,金城武


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Filmography (3)
Golden Bowl [2002]
Akutagawa Shu
Nisennen no koi [2000]
Yuri Maroefu
Kamisama mou sukoshi dake [1998]
Ishikawa Keigo

Users who voted for this artiste (180)
1. johuth
I love this actor I have seen him in a lot of wonderful films outside of Japanese drama. For a long time I stopped watching Japanese drama and I am trying to do more with the site now. I am a big fan of Chinese film and actually that is where I am most familiar with him. The first movie I saw him in was Don't Give a Damn this movie was not a very good one. It is the most raciest piece of garbage I have ever seen. Actually that is the reason I love it so much. it was done 1995. It was directed by sammo hung a blemish. Then I started watching him in Wong kar Wai's Chung King Express. It is a wonderful movie. then in the sequel fallen angels. I don't really no if it is right to call him on of my favorite japanese drama actors. I have also seen him in his american movie called to tired to die. That is a good movie if anyone ever wants to watch it is about a guy that learns he only has 24 hours to live. It is a beautiful film. For for awhile i started watching asian american films. just a wonderful actor one of my favorite chinese actors. haha

Sometimes I don't think of him as Japanese. Actually if anybody can recommend japanesse stuff for me to watch by him that would be great.

Jonathan Huth
2. Tukata
Gosh... how to describe this gorgeous and truly handsome actor...Takeshi Kaneshiro and Yutaka Takenouchi are the most handsome Japanese actors who ever live.....Takeshi's stardom has reached the international level.. .... surprisingly he is not that well received in Japan. Would that probably be because he is half-blooded ? His reputation and recognition are well known far beyond Asia.. it is not easy for anyone to catch the eyes of Hollywood.. only a few Asian succeeded to do so... like Jackie Chan, Zhang Ziyi and Chow Yun Fat. I think the Japanese Film Industry should think about this seriously..

Actually, he might be the only Japanese who could make it. If you couple him with, say, Japanese heart throb, Takuya Kimura, with no offense,... the movie might make it big in Japan for Takuya's sake but... elsewhere outside Japan... it will definitely be Takeshi who attracts the international audience....

The best deal will be Takeshi and Yutaka...together on big screen.. it will hit the international market like storm.... huhhhhh....
3. Terryb
One of the coolest actors around, I don't know him from Jdramas though (only seen him in Golden Bowl) I think he's at his best in Wong Kar Wai's: "Fallen Angels" and a HK movie called 'The odd one dies' he's so funny in those. If you haven't them I suggest you go check them out! He also stars in the current hit movie "House of Flying daggers" which is also worth watching.
4. jdfan
Kaneshiro is a good actor that showed in his range too. In addition to his good look, he found himself quite comfortable with different styled doramas. I believed he pick and choose roles that challenge him as an actor. Just look at his list... His latest dorama, Golden Bowl, demonstrated that he can be the lead of a comedy too!
5. Yayoi
He's so suave! I started liking him a few years ago when he was acting in Chinese movies. He's a very good actor. And last week, I saw a preview or something about a game: Onimusha 3 I think, and he was really awesome! Er, nothing to do with J-drama, but I'm gonna get my hands on that game!! XD Way to go Takeshi!
6. amaranth
Like most people abroad, I discovered Takeshi Kaneshiro through Wong Kar Wai's movies. To me, those will always be his best performances. In drama, he does tend to overact a little... I guess it helps to have WKW behind the camera. Still, when he puts his mind to it, he can really be excellent.
7. milkdrinker2002
A cool half Japanese & Taiwanese guy I ever saw..! I also get to know him from the show "God! Plese Give Me More Time..". With his cool looking long hair & sun glasses, he looks like a killing machine to me. For a little deeper, he looks like a ASIAN VER. TERMINATOR.....lol^.^
8. FierceStriker
He was fantastic in both Golden Bowl and Kamisama mo sukoshi Naritai, he pulls off his roles so well and just exude coolness (it must be the chinese blood, hehe). I think he needs a better picture on JDorama though. His picture now is soooo old and dorky, anyone listening?
9. miumiu_sky
Coz he's a mix (taiwanese/japanese).. just like me.. also mix (chinese/portugese), hahha!! Just kidding =P!! I like his acting skills, just great!! He's doing a good job each time. That's why he's so hot international, hahhah!! Been a fan of him for years. Such a CUTIE^^
10. Wu Xueli
Have always been aware of him through his Chinese movies but only started liking him after watching Kamisama, Mou Sukoshi Dake. Love 2000 was nice but he was really funny in Golden Bowl. He no longer seem to act in Doramas any more but I look forward to seeing his movies.
11. shoujo22
Kaneshiro-san kicks ass. He's starred in some of my favorite Chinese and Taiwanese movies, then there was "The Returner" and "Golden Bowl". They were both good. And that's a lot coming from me because usually I could care less about bowling ^__^'
12. ilengxw
Being so versatile and so talented, i've always been a fan of his dramas and movies. I first saw him in Mermaid got Married, and refer him to Kenji alot. Don't know how he does it, but he's got the gals, and my vote too.
13. kumukurukuk
I'm in love with this guy, I lthink he's a talented actor and he's super handsome to boot. he acts and sings , sooo talented. I wanna watch all his movies and series. If ever i go to japan I'll make sure to see him
14. dira
i love him acting in Kamisama give me more time and love2000..havent watched golden bowl, will give it a try..and a hong kong movie Turn Left Turn Right, omg he's sooo cute and sweet in that movie!!
15. nakiko
Three words: Returner -- Leather Trenchcoat.

(I didn't like him much until this film, but wow -- he's gorgeous.)

Plus he's the model for Samonosuke on one of my favourite PS2 games --- Onimusha 1/3
16. ping_bong
What can i say, he's one of the best actors in the world and not to mention he's also one of the sexist men on earth! I must say, you have to watch him to believe it =)
Kaneshiro chan Ganbatte ne!
17. Lissy24

the looks, the height (ok tad on the short side, but it's okay), the appeal, the charism, the hotness....yea...he's all around good. you've got to see House of Flying Daggers! so pretty!
18. yuichan
Although when he was young, i don't like him much but since i watch kamisama, i start collecting his dramas. He can take so many different characters and managed to do it great.
19. cokecheers
I got to know him since he was the "Four Little Heavnly KIngs" in Taiwan... really a very talent actor... really miss his singing... hope he can release a new album soon.
20. chokakoi
I would say he is Asian most good-looking man, thanks to his mixed heritage, giving him those special and unique features. Too perfect. He is just like a piece of art...
21. Ashmarina
A man from the past who once convinced me to watch J-dorama for the first time. His unique face is surely the "it" factor, despite his awesome talent as an actor.
22. pinky
He's so cool and handsome, even boys or girls will like him........i mean boys will respect him.I loves his movie 'Returner', space traveller and many more......
23. amyliaz
His acting is good and that is reason enough to be in the top 50. He acted well in "Turn Left Turn Right", the movie. I hope to watch his dramas soon!
24. katsup
All of his movies are amazing! I've really only seen him in hong kong movies, but sweet rain was SO good!! He should do more japanese movies!
25. DiorKaneko
Groovy voice! and lovely acting, especially in the film Returner and the TV drama Precious time.... sadly story but well done acting....
26. ThyGriever
He's so fluent with Japanese and Chinese! He's a perfect mix as well! he's got great looks and he's a good actor. I love all his movies!
27. jenney_neyh
yeah..in kamisama, he was a gentleman => made every woman falled in love... he is also a real Buddhist... not only a great actor...
28. ryoko293
Great actor, seen some older movies with him too, but House of the flying daggers was awesome!
His singing is bad though~ sorry~
29. sherzes
proUD Of hIM AS a aSIAN!!!!!!!!!!! LoVES hIM SO mUCH WHY nO MoRE dRAMA ROLE fOR HiM?? HoPE to see hIm in Another drama casTing!!
30. DT04
I first saw Kaneshiro Takeshi in Kamisama....I thought he was great in that drama. I just wish he'd do more Japanese dramas!

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