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Matsuyama Kenichi 松山ケンイチ ( Kenichi Matsuyama )

NameMatsuyama Kenichi
Star SignPisces
Birthday05 March 1985
Blood TypeB
B/W/H86 / 73 / 83

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Filmography (10)
A LIFE ~ Itoshiki Hito [2017]
アライフ ~ 愛しき人
Igawa Sota
Futagashira Season 2 [2016]
ふたがしら 2
Dokonjo Gaeru [2015]
Futagashira [2015]
Taira no Kiyomori [2012]
Taira no Kiyomori
99-nen no Ai ~Japanese Americans~ [2010]
Hiramatsu Jiro
Zeni Geba [2009]
Gamagori Futaro/Nonomura Shinichi (ep. 4, 6) (23)
sekushii boisu ando robo [2007]
Sudo Ichiro (Robo)
Tsubasa No Oreta Tenshitachi 1 [2006]
Shingo (Episode 2)
Ichi Ritoru no Namida [2005]
Kawamoto Yuji
河本祐二 (17)

Users who voted for this artiste (47)
1. *Sayaka*
Matsuken is currently my #1 most admired Japanese actors. Most are aware of his role as L in the Death notes movies, and that is where I started to notice him myself. I also remembered him in NANA as Shin and he delivered a good performance in that film as well. I'm currently watching Sexy voice and robo, and while the drama's plot may not tailor to my tastes as much, Matsuken really shines through as Robo-- robot-loving otaku. ^^ He can REALLY act! Regardless of whether it's comedy, thriller, or whatever genre. He has great expressions too! Because of Matsuken, I've lost interest in Yamapi. *apologizes* Matsuken is number 1 on my list. o(^^)o
2. yuyuan
L L L!!! perfect acting in death note!! cute, likes super sweet stuffs and has weird habits of sitting.. i like the part where he dropped his marshmallows into the milo(?), stirred it with a lollipop and finally drinking every single bit of the cordial(>.<) - even sticking out his little tongue to lick the very last drop of his masterpiece.. ^^ hahas.
3. Kotori
Great in Nana, great in Ichi litteru no Namida, great in Death Note (L!!!!! *_______*) and of course great in sexy voice and robo!!!!! <-- he is soooo funny and cute in that!!!!!!!!! He difinetely deserves more votes than that! *O*
4. Gosik
He impressed me with his acting skills, he is doing his job very well. Plus the 1st movie I saw him in was based on one of my favourites mangas ever. He is a busy actor so he takes his job seriously.
5. Tukata
so perfect as L in Death Note. Bright future awaits you... You are now very famous all over Asia and everyone loves you... doesn't matter how many votes you got here.... Fighting !
6. valenresh
Great actor n model...saw one of his advertisments...so sweet to his 'gf'. Can't believe matsuken got only 9 votes. i tot matsuken is very popular among girls.
7. Rena-chan
Hyaaaaaaaa L! L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L !!!! I LOVE L!!!!!! I LOVE KENICHI NO L!!! hyaaaa Kenichi-kun sooooooooooooooo damn kakkoi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. strawberryfzz
One of the most talented young actors out there. He's great in Zeni Geba and is so versatile. You'll never recognize him in some of his other roles.
9. obentou
Ahhhh :smitten: I fell in love with him at first sight. Both as Shin in NANA and as Ryuzaki in the Death Note movies. He KNOWS how to act. :D
10. kim_sienna
such as great actor,, really defines what character he really portrays and you going to love him, haha.. of course death note movies...
11. ross_diadame
he's portrayed L perfectly!!! and hes damn cute too.... he's not only famous in asia but most continents now... gambate!!!
12. shinshin
Great actor. He portrays his characters really well. I'm so excited to see his movie "L" which is coming out next year ^_^
13. bihearts
a very versatile actor... i guessed the greatest actor who could portray anime characters....

being L is just awesome.
14. darkskinempress
He's my absolute fave actor. Great roles that are 'out there'; best performance, L Lawliet. ^ ^
oh, and cute...:)
15. ongrina82
He acted as L in death note very well...I din know he was the one acting the seipai in 1 litres of tears...
16. wachi
My favorite actor ever! He's adorable & talented! I love him as L, but he's so good as Robo too <33
17. LaCorneille
Matsuken wa chyo kakkoi da yo! I love his acting. And he has an exeptional face.
18. acetone_addict
whoooaw!!! idoL L!!!! see yah on more dramas/movies!!! you rock!!!
i love this guy^O^
he's so HOOOOOOT....
OMG.... kyaaaaaaa....^^
20. haengbok1987
I loved him for portraying L on DEATH NOTE movies!!! \(^^,)/
21. ~CoOLnESs~
he reali did a good job being L... reali suit him..
22. kyon-kyon chan
He is such a cool guy... and very talented.. ^^
23. joykimlee
Matsuken can act dorky, sexy cutesy and smarty.
24. w-kassy
I love his act as L Lawliet in Death Note.
25. keax
He portrays L perfectly in Death Note. :D
26. wreckx
he's so hot he takes away my brain cells
27. oonqy
his acting as L in Death Note is superb!
28. shampoo_conditioner
you deserve more votes than this...
29. RkoCenaHolic23
He was born to be L! So kakkoi ne?
30. Vosem8
�K�u�~�y���y �|�������y�z!

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