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Takenouchi Yutaka 竹野内豊 ( Yutaka Takenouchi )

NameTakenouchi Yutaka
Star SignCapricorn
Birthday02 January 1971
Blood TypeO
B/W/H95 / 75 / 93

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Takenouchi Yutaka

His career spanning over 10 years, Yutaka's earlier works include lead roles in Heaven's Coins ('95) and Beach Boys ('97). More recently, he played lead roles i...

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Filmography (31)
Good Partner ~ Muteki no Bengoshi [2016]
グッドパートナー ~ 無敵の弁護
Sakisaka Kento
Suteki nan sen Taxi [2014]
Taxi driver
Mou Ichido Kimi ni, Propose [2012]
Miyamoto Haru
BOSS Season 2 [2011]
Nodate Shinjiro
Nagareboshi [2010]
Okada Kengo (37)
Fumo Chitai [2009]
Hyodo Shinichiro
BOSS [2009]
Nodate Shinjiro
Tomorrow [2008]
Moriyama Kohei
Kazoku -tsuma fuzai oto no sonzai [2006]
Kamikawa Ryohei
rinbukyoku [2006]
Nishijima Sho / Kanayama Takumi
Ruri no shima [2005]
川島達也 (32)
Ningen no Shoumei [2004]
Munesue Ichiro
Ruten no Ouhi - Saigo no Koutei [2003]
Aishinkakura Fuketsu
Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru [2003]
吉森 真也
Time Limit [2003]
Psycho Doctor [2002]
Toshiie to Matsu [2002]
Reisei to Jounetsu no Aida [2001]
Dekichatta Kekkon [2001]
Hirao Ryunosuke
平尾隆之介 (30)
Manatsu no Merry Christmas [2000]
樹下涼 (29)
Koori no sekai [1999]
Hirokawa Eiki
Seikimatsu no uta [1998]
野亜 亘
With love [1998]
Hasegawa Takashi
Beach boys [1997]
Suzuki Kaito
Risou no kekkon [1997]
Hoshi no kinka Season 2 / Zoku hoshi no kinka [1996]
Long vacation [1996]
Hayama Shinji
Mada Koi wa Hajimaranai [1995]
Hoshi no kinka 1 [1995]
Nagai Takumi
Tokyo daigaku monogatari [1994]
Boku no shushoku [1994]

Users who voted for this artiste (259)
1. carnie_webb
Look into his eyes and you'll be hypnotised and mesmerised for life! Don't believe me? "Psycho Doc" is the answer to your excessive infatuation. Could you imagine serving him on ya plate all year round or just for special "manatsu no merry christmas"? Well stop dreaming! We live in an "ice world" that dreams shatter like the "beach boys' " careers. But deep down inside, if wishes were horses, l'd ride him to a "risou no kekkon" and honeymoon away in a "long vacation". (>*^.^*<)

"Between calm and passion" Takenouchi Yutaka is the "Proof of the man"; his dedication and integrity towards his work and completeness of self, greatly humbles me. YUTAKA gambatte ne! "With Love" teruteru bozu (_)^.^(_) Btw did l mention he is chokingly breathtaking!
2. Tukata
so gorgeous... most handsome japanese actor.. (only he and Takeshi Kaneshiro) acting skill also very impressive.. very professional and big screen quality :-) love him...

hopefully he will gain international recognitions in a very near future.. really wish to see him and Takeshi together on the big screen some day soon...Gosh .. it's going to be a mega hit !
3. johuth
This man is a good actor he can play many differnt roles he is truely very gifted. I saw him first in his role on long vaction that was a great. He sure can play the bad boy role very well. But other roles as well. I enjoy him in dramas even if the drama is bad like Merry Christmass in Summer. He saved it a little bit. I will say more about him later.
4. kneehard
I can't believe I haven't voted for him yet, I loved this actor since watching him in With Love. Since then I saw him in Long Vacation, Koori no Sekai, Dekichatta Kekkon, and Psycho Doctor. He is so good looking, from when he was a pretty boy up to now, when he looks a bit more rugged and manly. Wasn't there a rumour about him marrying a hawaiian lady??
5. Jeanxi
I loved his earlier works like Beach Boys and Koori no Sekai. Ningen no Shoumei was also pretty good, but lately, his works have become more and more mediocre, to my great disappointment. Nonetheless, Takenouchi continues to be one of the hottest stars in the industry IMO and is definitely still worth a vote if only for his earlier dramas.
6. momodesu
look at that picture, he really does exude all that strong, silent charm in his recent roles, like Ryuunosuke in Dekichatta Kekkon with hirosue ryoko. he wasn't at all this appealing in Heaven's coins. he's now got a rugged masculinity that makes his considerate gentlemen personality (like in Dekichatta Kekkon) all the more appealing.
7. kumukurukuk
This guy holds my heart, yes takenouchi yutaka is my biggest crush ever (together with takeshi kaneshiro). a great actor and he sooo cute , I can't get enough of him, I like seeing him on tv. that;'s why I'll go hunt down all his series. I'll go to japan just to see him (maybe in the future when i'm grown up and have the money)
8. bigfire
One of the most underrated actors in asian drama. His acting is completely subtle like the texture on a clean sheet of water color paper. This makes his moments of colorful emotion that much more intense. He can convey volumes with a mere glance and make you feel extreme tension without saying a word.
9. calico
He is an actor I have grown to really respect. He was cute in his Beach Boys days, but I really start to enjoy watching him on screen in his recent dramas - he has become very creditable, and his very good looks have matured well. Ningen no Shoumei showcast his acting abilities and talent for languages.
10. YgY
has got to be one of the most charismatic actors to have ever graced japanese television screens, and is so darn good looking that it should be illegal. the man also has killer screen presence and manages to be better than the material almost everytime. one of the finest actors of his generation.
11. rastelou
His extremely good looks notwithstanding, Yutaka never fails to capture my attention with his intense onscreen presence. He clearly immerses in every role that he takes on and the result of his efforts is that we get to enjoy his excellent performances! :)
12. aoi
My prince charming *_* He played a LOT of doramas & he played them well. Rebellious in Hoshi no Kinka, wild in Long Vacation, reserved in Beach Boys, cool in Koori no Sekai, easygoing in Dekichatta Kekkon & royal in Ryuuten no Ouhi.
13. supersumoCG
he's so cool. he has these puppy dog eyes. and so sweet in merry christmas. everytime i think of him though, i see him in a big black suit with black sunglasses. His acting is good. he can switch different character modes decently.
14. aki_07
The first time I saw the actor, I was like "wow, how can anyone's looks be so perfect", tall, broody and handsome. Then he further proved his acting with the varied roles all done so perfectly. So he is one brilliant package.
15. jpride
He is an amazing actor and the most handsome Japanese I have ever seen! I have watched all of his dramas that are available. Even though I have watched hundreds of Japanese dramas, I don't change my mind. He is the best!
16. pcmodem
While many dismiss Yutaka as a model attempting to be an actor, he's more than that... he's especially good at playing anti-hero, rough, and ragged characters. Terrific as the troubled Junsei in Calmi Cuori Appasionati.
17. Eve
Wonderful in a variety of roles. From the self sacrifficing samurai in Toshiie to the ne'r do well in Long Vacation, he can be counted on to give a solid performance that backs up his super fantastic good looks.
18. dango
he's hot and ���������� and i love him all over. at first, he was just the face and could only do one character, but as he's aged he's really become a very decent actor, as well as remaining hot.
19. DiorKaneko
Takenouchi is a very good actor, he can act as well as having a good voice....
He can also change his style... from a player to a teacher, and from a musician to a doctor...

very good...
20. iedot
he is such a great and cool actor!!! his face does not look like a comedian, he is more for a 'serious drama' but.. 'SUPRISE' ^_= he is a good actor. he can be anything! with his cool face.
21. Tu_triky
This kat is just too cool, man. He's got that smooth vibe that just comes across so naturally. His comic talent is also something to behold....this guy is a talented actor worth watching.
22. souldoc70
had been the most consistent actor after all these years. he's so good looking still now even at 40;bet many of the current male stars(young ones) won't be able to sustain as long as him
23. flaunder
just started to re-watch all my old jap VCD and i started to really like him all over again. He looked very extroadinary in all his dramas.... Anyway hope he can act in more good dramas.
24. amyliaz
He is so handsome and he can act well! What more can I say about him? He acted really well in Shotgun Marriage. Hope to watch his other dramas. I'm sure he has improved tremendously...
25. Chokoreto_Gal
he is so cool, his acting are suberb, his face is so damn cool...and he got many talent...what should i say?love him till the end of the world!!gyaaa....gambatte ne..
26. tinyamaki
I first saw him in Shotgun Marriage but I didn't noticed him (beats myself)...then I watched Ruri no Shima and I appreciated his acting and gorgeousness there... ^^
27. Wynter
Okay, so we all know this guy is drop-dead gorgeous, but he's also a wonderful actor who plays a wide range of roles... and pulls each character off flawlessly.
28. yume
A talented actor that isn't afraid to take on any role--you've got to love that! Oh, and the fact that many people would be willing to have his babies...^_^;
29. godai-san
He looked super-cool in Long Vacation. As soon as I'm done downloading Heaven's Coins, I'll check that dorama out. I wish I could grow a mug like he can.
30. chesed
One of the best actors to ever grace the Japanese drama scene. He is versatile, confident, and I'm sure his looks helps with the ladies. Dude has it all.

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