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Hana Yori Dango [花より男子]


Drama Details
Title:Hana Yori Dango
Boys Before Flowers / Boys Over Flowers
Telecast:2005-10-21 to 2005-12-16
Season:Fall 2005

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TV Station:TBS
Duration:9 Episodes

Hana yori Dango evolves around a story about a poor girl who enters into an elite high school where she meet a group of 4 young powerful rich boys in that school, and from then on she encounters various of problems and also start a piquant spring love story.
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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (3)
1. flavor of live
2. Wish [Arashi]
3. Planetarium [Otsuka Ai]

Actor/Actress Cast (22)
Inoue Mao
Makino Tsukushi
牧野 つくし (16)
Matsumoto Jun
Doumyouji Tsukasa
道明寺 司 (17)
Oguri Shun
Hanazawa Rui
花沢 類 (17)
Matsuda Shota
Nishikado Soujiroh
西門 総二郎 (17)
Abe Tsuyoshi
Mimakasa Akira
美作 あきら (17)
Sato Megumi
Sanjou Sakurako
三条 桜子 (16)
Matsushima Nanako
Doumyouji Tsubaki
道明寺 椿
Kaga Mariko
Doumyouji Mariko
加賀 まりこ
Nishihara Aki
西原 亜希
Matsuoka Yuuki
松岡 優紀 (16)
Seto Saki
Asai Yuriko
Fukada Aki
Ayuhara Erika
Matsuoka Emiko
Yamano Minako
Sada Mayumi
佐田 真由美
Toudou Shizuka
藤堂 静 (23)
Kato Takako
Sengoku Sachiyo
千石 幸代
Kobayashi Susumu
Makino Haruo
牧野 晴男
Tomiura Satoshi
Makino Susumu
Ishino Mako
Makino Chieko
牧野 千恵子
David Ito
Oshinari Shugo
Sakai Ayana
Kurimaki Ayano
Handa Kento
Kaku Tomohiro

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Drama Reviews (158)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Japanese Version! ! ! [Rating: 10/10]
Japanese Version! ! !
Advice: if you want to see connotation please see Japanese version, Korean version is like a beautiful but incapable person, and has no connotation.
If you want to see a very natural ( from my point of view) please see the Japanese version, if you want to see an Auntie shout out loud please see the Korean version
If you want to see a very touching film please see the Japanese version, if you want to see a melancholy version, please see the Korean version
at first glance, you will fell that the actor of the Korean version are nice, but unfortunately too vases(vases mean is like a beautiful but incapable person, and has no connotation.); not engaging, and most important thing is not being able to acting well, people feel not able to reading the korea actors' expression, and also changed a lot of the plot (i am so afraid of that korea actress, she is Auntie-level characters , all the day shout out blindly, and lost the feeling of Makino, as well as that Zhi Hou, he has no facial expressions, so I suspect is he my favorite Hanazawa)
When i saw the Arashi boy, at first i feel the way he potrayed Domyoji is a little. . .However, the Arashi boy is acting very well (in the end i feel he is quite handsome) potrayed the domineering and childish Domyoji very good) As for Hanazawa , Shun Oguri is simply what the Animax cartoon want, the temperament, the look of the eyes, Actions ...Really nothing to say, my classmates think he looks handsome, acting also "handsome" (184's height, Ah, he look very much like a model), two other characteristics of F2 also put their own grasp of good looks, are also engaging and For Makino of Japan is recognized as the best version, grow Kawaii,she is a girl who is also very self-reliance, although only 18 years old in the year of 2005, but her acting is also commendable, let you cry then make you laugh (Taiwan Makino, i always felt that something was missing, Korean version: i am speechless ) inside the supporting role is also very good, in particular, there is a big glamorous actress! ! (Domyoji Sister)

Some people say that South Korea has gorgeous scene, I do not think so, you can compare, South Korea is just putting the camera light very well, and make it shining too, while the Japanese version: that is a really glamorous actors, places, cars are all expensive.And Japan, the scene: they pay attention to detail and the original comic, such as the escape stairs

Music is only my personal point of view, Japanese version of the song is really nice to listen to (planetarium), listening to it make me want to cry, and South Korea's standard is so-so, pity it does not leave me a profound impact, on Japan's background music ties in with the scene of the drama, the atmosphere very good!

Korean drama has some original plot, I will not say anything, but still could not escape the korea dramas old-fashioned plot, Japan is very compact and lively, if you read the original comic books, you can feel the Japanese version is really reflects Yoko Kamio (author) the love that she want to write (Korea version is very funny, but lack the touching moment where I feel the urge to cry; Japan, the cry and laugh are from the heart, it is natural)

Clothing strengths and weaknesses, each have their own characteristics

In short, just want to pursue the latest, most idols,you go to see the Korean version.Want to feel the real feelings, please see Japanese version

Merely personal point of views! ! !Want to quarrel, please find partners in kindergarten ! !
Reviewed by noname1 on 9 December 2009
2. Just like the Manga [Rating: 8/10]
I consider myself a very big fan of the HanaDan manga. When I first heard that TBS was going to make a drama out of it, I was a bit skeptical but I changed my mind soon after watching the series.

I loved it! They were able to maintain the manga feel to it, while still making it stand on its own as a live-action drama. The production was great. I think they took pains looking for the right locations. The location/set they had for Eitoku Gakuen was fabulous!

Acting wise (I may be a little biased being a fan of Mao Inoue, Matsumoto Jun, and Oguri Shun), I felt that the actors fit their roles to a T.

Mao Inoue was a very convincing Makino Tsukushi. I knew she could pull off the fiesty schoolgirl role since I've seen her as Akane in Kids' War, but I didn't expect that she could also project the more sensitive side of her character. She made Tsukushi as how she should be- tough exterior with a soft center :)

Matsumoto Jun as Domyouji Tsukasa was a joy to watch. Not a stranger to bad-boy roles, Matsumoto Jun was heartless as the equally bad-boy Tsukasa. But what I loved about him is the heart-wrenching look he solely gives to Mao/Tsukushi . Speaking of which, he and Mao Inoue not only looked good together, they also had a strong chemistry on screen.

Oguri Shun was as mysterious and as mischievous as Hanazawa Rui could be. Perfect! I loved how Oguri Shun played his character.

The only misgiving I have of this series is that it was a little too short for my taste. The manga had 36 volumes and they were only able to squeeze half (or even less) in 9 episodes. The series left me longing for more, knowing that there should be more!

In fairness to the writer, they were able to include the more important parts and condense them solidly to a single good story.

And if you are wondering how I would rate this compared to Meteor Garden (which I admit was a good-enough attempt), I would say that I love this Japanese one better.
Reviewed by coven on 5 February 2006
3. The best adaptation of the manga! [Rating: 9/10]
As a manga fan, I thought the drama couldn�Lt achieve the same level of manga. When I saw that a Johnnie would play my favorite character, Doumyouji Tsukasa, I thought it would be lame.

But I had a surprise since the first episode of Hanadan.
The settings were perfect; everything looked glamorous and poshy. The locations were also great, with beautiful images of Tokyo.

The cast were pretty good too, and I got wrong about Jun�Ls acting skills. He really surprised me with his perfect interpretation of Doumyouji, who�Ls so complex and complicated. Mao as Tsukushi was a perfect choice, and another actors such as Shun, Megumi and the one who played Okami-san did a pretty decent job. Nanako, as always, was good. The rest of them were ok, though I don�Lt think they suited for their roles, specially Yuuki and Kaede.
Abe (Akira) and Shouta (Soujiro) could�Lve been replaced by anothers actors, who would play them better. And they�Lre not handsome enough!

The story followed closely to the manga, although they�Lve cut a lot of things(which was obvious, since they had just 9 episodes), which kinda dissapointed me, but, overall, the script writers did an awesome job. It was fast-paced and sometimes I felt I was in a mess, but in the end, everything worked very well.
The soundtrack is great; the opening song suits to image of Hanadan and so the insert song.

Even having some "time" problems, acting problems, it was the best adaptation of HYD manga they�Lve ever did. The drama is very good, it has a lot of comedy scenes, a lot of romantic scenes, and the main thing: the essence of HYD was well capted by the actors and the producers. It�Ls an amazing drama, and probably you won�Lt regret watching it.
Reviewed by shiruchsn on 18 December 2005
4. Great Drama, If Somewhat Cliche [Rating: 10/10]
The first drama I watched; after seeing the anime first. Yes, sometimes unbearably cliche (Numerous fiancees, etc.), but the actors do a great job at portraying the characters.

Inoue Mao was a great Tsukushi, and Mastumoto Jun made a much quirkier and interesting Doumyouji than the one in the manga and anime. I probably enjoyed his portrayal the most, as a very serious and dedicated romantic, but a stupid, silly guy as well. I loved to hate the evil Eitoku girl gang in the drama a lot more than the anime.

The romance is cliche, cheesy, and sitcky sweet, but still nice and touching to watch. Be ready for a lot of extreme drama. It was nice to see a reluctant girl and a guy that was head over heels end up together instead of the classic, girl who is hopelessly in love with random hot guy at school, and poof! The guy falls for her back. While this did happen in HYD with Rui, it didn't end up too predictable-like, which I was glad for.

All in all, a great classic romance kind of drama. If you can't STAND some cliches, then steer clear of this drama. But if you can deal with a few predictables and still go along with the story, then I'd highly recommend it. Anyways, cliches can be great if they're played out correctly. And unlike many, this cliche was done fabulously.
Reviewed by Khalida on 1 February 2008
5. HYD vs Meteor Garden [Rating: 9/10]
I have never read the manga but saw the Taiwanese version "Meteor Garden". MG was ok, but I really thought Jerry Yan's acting was soooo lame. Everyone obviously was newbies to acting, except for Barbie Xu.

With HYD! OMG, it's a different story! I love how every actor was able to portray their roles well. Too bad I haven't read the manga (now I'm searching high & low for it!).

I'm not into pretty boys who can't act, (i.e, Takizawa in "Majo no Jouken") but Matsujun is really good at what he's doing. Seriously. I am very critical of my actors and Matsujun was really good at his portrayal of Domyouji. From happy to sad to mad, he was awesome. Although I'm not a fan of curly haired Matsujun but I guess that was needed in the drama.

Inoue Mao also struck me as a superb actress. She's really charming throughout the series. I can't wait to see her in more shows.

In the latter parts of the series the storyline went really fast. I wished they stretched the drama from 9 eps to 12 eps! Then they would've covered more of the manga. But it's all good. The locations, sets, etc were really thought of and perfect.

HYD is really amazing! I can't wait to see the sequel! I hope they do come out with it! And YES, it's heaps better than Meteor Garden. TRUST ME ON THIS!!! :P
Reviewed by Jalapeno on 20 March 2006
6. too many versions, too many comparisons [Rating: 8/10]
i guess having watched so many versions of the exact same story kinda made new versions seem stale. i have read the whole manga, watched the anime series & the oh-so-overrated taiwan version (MG), and after giving this one a shot, i must say MG is ahead in terms of story & plot (but definitely not in terms of F4 though, coz the jap F4 were so much more classy & convincing ^_^)

i think the jap version is a little rushed & compact, totally forgetting tat dramas are all about the little things & details tat make the viewers go 'Oh~~ tat's sweet'. instead they tried to cram as many important scenes from the manga into 9 measly episodes. not good.

however, i do commend the jap version for their neat sense of style & class. the school seems classier, the F4 seems more real & more convincing as the school heart-throbs, they wore designer clothes, drove hot sports cars around. :P and they got the casting right :)

all in all, it's quite a no-loss choice to watch this drama :) if u've never heard of HYD, watch for the original & creative storyline. if u've followed every version of HYD, watch for the sheer pleasure of comparing all the versions. haha.
Reviewed by youhei_mito on 25 January 2006
7. Will you read this? [Rating: 9/10]
First I was hesitant to watch this dorama. I thought it was just another high school cutesie drama full of overrated young actors who are only popular because they're cute. Much to my surprise I was wrong. It's one of those I almost had to watch all the way through. I had to work the next day which prevented me from staying up all night to finish the series. There were some really funny parts in the movie and I really like Inoue Mao's expressions...they just sem to come at the right time.
One of the reasons I wanted to watch the drama was because Matsushima Nanako is in it and of course she didn't disappoint me. I was also hesitant because the main characters were mostly guys but there were a lot of cute girls in it. This is the first time I saw Inoue Mao and I thought she did an excellent job portraying her character. Everybody seems to think that Matsumuto Jun is so kakkoi but I don't see it. He did a good job though I gotta give him that. That whole F4 thing was kinda ridiculous but thank god the story focuses more on Makino Tsukushi but I wish Matsushima Nanako had more part in it though.
The OST was OK but then again I think I've grown over that boy band thing.
Reviewed by sinned12 on 12 February 2008
8. Ok But not as good as it could be [Rating: 7/10]
Ok When I saw the first episode I was amazed..
I like Jun and Shun too and I tough they fit their character well,
I saw Meteor garden and like it, but Tsukasa from that serie was hansome but still something was missing he didn`t exactly fit the strong violent character
I know the drama and manga so I know what I`m writing about don`t be mad at my comments but in the third episode everything change with Tsukasa so fast in the japanese version
when I knew it was going to be only 9 episodes I understood why they were so fast at everything plus they miss some of my fav scenes like the one when Tsukasa is jelaous from Rui and forcefully kiss Makino and after that she fears him but still likes the kiss ^__^ or when Makino`s childhood friend enter Eitoku and Tsukasa is so upset he put a red tag on him and after that he discuss with her and hit her and she hit him too.. just to mention some of the scenes
it`s logical since it will be only 9 from my point it`s sad coz I was waiting at least 12 episodes
the only thing is still perfect for me is Shun as Hanazawa Rui They couldn`t choose a better character he`s perfect!!!
I love him!!!
Reviewed by Aisling on 16 November 2005
9. was my decision the right one [Rating: 8/10]
i must admit i've been shying away from this drama for the longest time. why you ask? it's so high on the jdrama list of top 50, obviously it must be good right? well i guess a lil explanation is in order. basically, the plot didn't interest me at all. i read it and thought to myself, this cannot work. 4 rich people, but only one of them falls in love with the 1 girl being focused on? it didn't sound too good to me. and the premise of the romance sounded wayy too cliche, girl hates guy, guy n girl are worst enemies, guy realizes he's in love with girl, akwardness, outside influence affects relationship, finally they get together. the ending was a nice cliffhanger to lead to the second season, and it does leave the viewer with a nice warm feeling knowing the romance has finally come to fruition. however, the plot, while i can see why people like it, is very cliche but to each their own preference. i must admit i can see why it is so popular, and i agree that it is a good drama, just not one i'd personally put up there as a top drama, but it was admittedly good nonetheless, seems my aversion to it was unjustified and wrong :P
Reviewed by aznanimedude on 4 May 2008
10. loved it :) [Rating: 10/10]
This is my favorite drama so far. It had its share of lame and boring scenes, and cheesy lines, but there was just something about this drama that has kept me wanting for more. I was almost never let down from beginning to end.

Now, to say that Matsumoto Jun is a good actor is an understatement. At first I never expected him to do well as Domyouji Tsukasa, mainly because there are just so many things about him that don't quite match with the character of Domyouji. He proved me wrong as the story went on; he played a Domyouji that no one else could have. I am truly satisfied and impressed with his acting skills. Inoue Mao is a great actress! She was cute throughout the series, and she fitted into the character of Tsukushi very well. I would love to see her in more lead roles soon! The other actors also did well for their part.

Hana Yori Dango is pretty much everywhere and the story in itself is quite basic, but the actors' performances and the (high-budgeted) overall presentation of the series added to its expected success. I would recommend the series, definitely. And I'm looking forward to a second season perhaps? ;D
Reviewed by Antique Pop on 28 December 2005
11. FunFun [Rating: 8/10]
HYD is a fun drama and a little refreshing given the number of sorrowful dramas out and about. It is a romantic comedy that doesn't overdo the comedic relief, nor overdo the romantic elements.

The drama is a bit predictable, and there are no cliffhangers to make you itch for the next episode. It is full of cliches, but who ever said cliches were bad things?

Inoue Mao was excellent. Her facial expressions and her "crying" was very good. She's pure and silly and funny -- the perfect actress for this role. MatsuJun was okay, as were the rest of the F4. Doumyouji Tsubaki was wonderful.

I found the story a little rushed in the end and perhaps another episode or two would have added in making the character development a bit more successful.

There was definitely a "Harry Potter" feel to the show (especially with the background music) and I found it terribly funny when Makino actually makes a reference to it. Fun stuff.

All in all, not terribly brilliant and a bit regurgitated, but still good and pleasent.
Reviewed by Wynter on 1 September 2006
12. on the edge of my seat [Rating: 10/10]
i wouldnt have thought that this drama will turn out to be good...actually, good is an understatement...i should say, it was GREAT...i was hooked on this drama since episode one and i was on the edge of my seat the whole time...i stayed up all night trying to finish all 9 episodes...i was so sleepy the next day...but what the heck, its all worth it.....i havent seen the taiwanese version and a lot of people said that its better than the japanese version...but i dont care......the actors are so good...specially the lead actress, tsuzuki and the lead actor, dumyoji....i thought oguri shun looks so gorgeous on this drama and he really displayed his acting abilities...it also showed the other parts of the japanese culture...its very unique...not like any other japanese highschool drama....this is like another side of the japanese culture we dont normally see on tv...but like most of the people who gave their reviews...i wish it was longer...i heard theres a part 2 on this...i hope so...cause im looking forward to it...
Reviewed by mitchyko on 28 June 2006
13. A Different View of Japan [Rating: 10/10]
Well, I've just finished the live action Hana Yori Dango. And what can I say... this series just blew me away! I wasn't really familiar with the story, since I haven't read the manga or seen Taiwan's "Meteor Garden".

Honestly, this is only my third dorama (I got started with Nobuta wo Produce, followed by Gokusen) but I already think this is one of the best doramas ever! The pace keeps you at the edge of your seat, the casting was very well thought out, and overall production was flawless!

This show gave me a different perspective of Japan. Although based on fiction, it could somehow be real, right? The mansions... the lavish lifestyles of these pampered rich kids... the stretch limos... it's so different from the crammed Tokyo and mediocre high school students I'm used to seeing on Japanese dramas.

Emotions run high on this series. It has made me laugh out loud, cry, and cheer on. Hana Yori Dango is a gem that everyone should consider watching. You will surely cherish it.
Reviewed by bruisedlee on 5 February 2006
14. its true [Rating: 9/10]
my mom is always saying that if you try smoking just once it can get you hooked and now i learned its the same with Jdorama....here is my story.......

One day i was surfing the web looking for pictures of the hana yori dango manga i had just read so i could put it on my myspace (i loved it so much) thats when i found the drama that would chage everything....that day i watched all of season 1 and i couldn't get enough so i watched season 2 (now you see why i mentioned the ciggarates) after i finished Hana Yori Dango i watched another (hana Kimi) then another (Gokusen) and another (nobuta wo produce) and another (tatta hitotsuu no koi)........and now have seen 15 season of jdorama :( i have an addiction all becuase of Hana Yori Dango....it started with one and now i am hooked :(...................but i love it so dearly
Reviewed by animefreak101 on 25 June 2008
15. Another Classic Beauty From Matsumoto & Oguri [Rating: 8/10]
Pretty good combo with Matsumoto & Inoue, and they are so funny together. At first it was hard to get used to Matsumoto as a rich naive boy, but then everything fell into place. Inoue is a perfect fit for the girl with power, she played one in Kids War 4, so she's a great match to be Tsukushi.
I really like Oguri Shun as Rui, he looked so cool, and he became the eye of every girls dreams! I couldn't help paying attention to him, he was just always the most pronounced in my eyes. Oh and Matsuda as Nishikado was pretty cool too, his acting skills are very good, I hope to see him in more dramas.
I recommend for the fans of Johnnys and anyone that wants a good story of a powerful girl, who finally gets love. It's not a total love story, but it's so good that you can't resis watching it anyways!
Reviewed by Kirari Ililah on 14 April 2006
16. eee..... maaa... (!^_^) [Rating: ?/10]
I love the shots!!
the every single detail of the set was awesome..
i won't blame the 9 episodes..
Damyouji's castle was amazingly quite similar!
It must have cost a lot.. A HUGE LOT!!
This should explains those short episodes affair..
In overall, so far.. the drama is really nice..
i've just watched the first two episodes..
i love the part when makino shouted, quote, Is THIS HARRY POTTER??!! Hahaha.. i actually did thought the background music was a bit like Harry Potter... hahaha... that script was on the spot!..hehe..
Sugeii tanoshi.. looking forward for the next episodes.. (^,^)

P/S: Jun-kun to shun-kun kakaoii nee??!! i'm so jealous looking at shun-kun bending over like sort-of-going-to-kiss towards mao-chan!! Suteki!!! kyaa-ha~!
Reviewed by shooqie on 20 November 2005
17. Exceeded my Expectations [Rating: 10/10]
I read the manga Hana Yori Dango a few years ago. I heard about the Meteor Garden drama in Taiwan, but I didn't watch it due to their laughable translations of F4.

However, I decided to give the J-drama HYD a chance and I was blown away. It was superb. Inoue Mao was a perfect fit for her role as Makino Tsukushi. She was a fiery soul, but she still had her cute moments. I can't think of a person to better play her role then she did. Matsumoto Jun as Doumyouji Tsukasa was also played brilliantly. He did well in his parts of being the total bastard and the parts of being a total idiot.

All in all, Hana Yori Dango is one of the best dramas I've watched for a while, and I can confidently say: watch it; you will not be disappointed.
Reviewed by aznkether on 25 July 2006
18. Wonderful and heartwrenching [Rating: 9/10]
I absolutely love HYD...miles ahead of MG in every facet (acting, budget, directing, etc.) except the love scenes, which MG championed because of the greater amount of episodes. My first time watching Matsujun, and boy what an impression he made...excellent actor who has a long career ahead of him, great acting range, unbelieveably charismatic, has a great relationship with the camera. Inoue Mao, fantastic and spot-on as Tsukushi - you will sympathise with her. F3 are capable and all play their roles wonderfully...special mention to the hilarious Okami-san.

HYD will make you laugh, cry, swoon. It will make you cheer.

Only problem is that it was far too short!

BTW, I'm not an 11 year old girl.
Reviewed by gemtsoi on 9 March 2006
19. Funny and Romantic [Rating: 10/10]
After Watching Hana Yori Dango this year back in February, I started to think are there real boys just like F4 in this world?? Who knows.

As I said Jun played a very good role Tuskasa, and so did Mao who played Tusukushi along side Hanazawi Rui Orgui Shun. I couldn�ft stop watching Hana Yori Dango over and over again. It�fs so romantic but also funny, and it kicked off with a punch in Tuskasa�fs face. However it doesn�ft compete with 'Meteor Garden 1 & 2' or 'Hana Yori Dango anime�f as they were long series. I can't wait to watch Hana Yori Dango 2 next year '2007' and I hope it will be more than 9 episodes. I will be definitely reviewing it. I rate HYD 10/10
Reviewed by sesil on 5 November 2006
20. Finally watched ^^v [Rating: 9/10]
Oh! ^^ One of my favourites. Oguri Shun was unforgettable as Hanazawa Rui. He is a good actor. And "Yay!" for the girl's character, Makino Tsukushi. That's an awesome character... Domyouji is unforgettable too. Realistic storyline.. though, a bit awkward with the whole Shizuka & Rui relationship. I Like the castings and the darkness of the whole story! ^^v My, didn't think it'd make me cry, but it did... and it made me laugh (always at the right time) and it made me wonder and all the emotions you can think of. Recommend it, for those who like witty humour, great girl power action, interesting characters, cute and talented actors .. and some reality. -
Reviewed by underthesky on 10 February 2006
21. Cute! [Rating: 10/10]
I think I've watched this drama 3 times already. Although some of the stuff seems a bit unrealistic in it, it really is an adorable story. Very very cute. I planned to watch it only because Oguri Shun was in it, but then I realized how entertaining it actually was. I cried a little, and laughed a lot. I cannot compare it to meteor garden or the manga because I know nothing about neither of these versions, but I thought it was pretty good. I ended up changing my positions on who should be with who in the drama several times. The ending (for me) was really unpredictable and I was happy with it. Too bad it was so short!
Reviewed by noodlefreak on 8 February 2006
22. Love it [Rating: 10/10]
Actually, this is the second japanese drama I've ever watched, which made me fall in love with doramas! It is full of clichés, especially when it comes to poor girl rich man stuff, but the way Matsumoto Jun played the role of the totally dumb badass with a truthful loving heart made me melt away. Having watched this drama over and over again (and a lot of other ones) I realized, that some scenes really piss off because they are so not realistic. But still, since it has something magical the whole time, it deserves 10/10. At least for me! And I think in the end, this is Matsumotos only good acting drama.....
Reviewed by Syaufmia on 13 February 2016
23. Horrendous drama, seriously! [Rating: 1/10]
I am surprised to see such appreciation for this third rate drama. The plot is so flawed and artificial that it is difficult to feel for any of the characters. Every character is so fake and the 'twists' in the story are downright irrational. How did such a poor family manage to send their kid to Eitoku?
The height of ridiculousness was in episode 5 when they show the girl who got plastic surgery done just because she once was called ugly. And to add to it, she has henchmen!
It is truly difficult, if not impossible, to find a more senseless drama. Save your time by not watching this piece of junk.
Reviewed by makkumatr on 30 August 2008
24. =) [Rating: 10/10]
Very good drama played by very good actors/actresses and very good story.

This drama was not as predictable as people say it is. I would say that when I first watched episode 1-3 I thought FOR SURE Rui and Makino would get together. As the series went on I felt it seemed it was impossible for Makino to like Domyouji.

The music was pretty good although I prefer season two's music.
I loved the comedy and how Domyouji sucks at japanese. (how attractive ne?) Well produced and very cute story!

The ending left me greedy for more. Watch season two! It's just as great with lots more drama.
Reviewed by xEternal on 19 February 2008
25. Fun Drama with Gorgeous Actors [Rating: 10/10]
This was my first drama that I've watched so it holds a special place in my heart. When I saw the first episode, I thought "You gotta be kidding me." After watching the 2nd and 3rd episodes, I warmed up to it and fell in love with the story. It's so fun and so heartwarming at the same time. It is a little cheesy but so cute!!

MatsuJun is awesome. I totally fell in love with him in this drama. He's so good and so adorable, it's awesome. I love the way he portrays Doumyouji so that he actually has a quirky personality.

Yes, so many beautiful people in this drama. Especially the F4.
Reviewed by MissMonika on 26 December 2005
26. BETTER THAN EVER... [Rating: 10/10]
Taken from the manga and anime with the same title Hana Yori Dango...this dorama make a lil bit controversi because of there are a previous version from taiwan that become a blast a couple of years ago.

However..dont espect it will be totally the same with the manga and the taiwan version, Hana Yori Dango dorama will come out with better story telling [not that long]...and also better Cast and Crew [not just selling faces, but also acting-no offence for f4 lovers] just watch it and you'll understand what am i talking about ^0^

Reviewed by Chokoreto_Gal on 31 October 2005
27. loooove at first sight ^^ [Rating: 10/10]
i absolutely LOVE this show!! the f4 are great, dom's wardrobe is a bit quirky but he does make a fashion statement... of course i first i was really excited to see jun as domyouji but it has become so much more than that... i love shun as rui, i love the f2 sidekicks... inoue mao is adorable, and jun's performance is simply amazing- his acting has stepped up to a completely new level! this drama has surpassed my expectations... for them to compact hana yori dango into 9 episodes seemed impossible, but it worked!! i hope there will be a special :)
Reviewed by sawadasmile on 21 January 2006
28. Just love it [Rating: 9/10]
I would've given it a 10. However, no offence, I seriously think that there is something wrong with Jun's hair in the show. I prefer the Sawada Shin look, or at least the Kindaichi Hajime look, despite the fact that Jun did a really good job. Anyway, Oguri Shun is so cool. Really good actor i must say. In comparison with Meteor Garden, I find this version more meaningful, the soundtracks were superb and everything came in at the exact right moment. Abe and Matsuda were good too, but they were a little overshadowed by Jun and Shun...
Reviewed by Kiyomi L. Denise on 27 March 2006
29. My Absolute Favorite!! [Rating: 10/10]
I have been obsessed with the manga, anime, and TDrama. I often wondered when Japan would make their version and now that it has been released, it was worth all the wait.
This isn't just a melodrama, the story line was great and how the drama was put together surpasses any other drama that I have watched. The main casts' acting skills will make you smile and cry. They all fit their roles perfectly and I couldn't ask for more. The settings were beyond perfect for this drama. I CANNOT wait 'til the second season starts.
Reviewed by hmm_yeh on 19 September 2006
30. Cute! [Rating: 9/10]
Another J-Drama bites the dust! I have to say, I was skeptical about Hana Yori Dango, but in the end it was one of the most enjoyable J-Dramas I have ever seen! Matsumoto Jun was very fun and outrageous, and Inoue Mao was very cute. I especially enjoyed Oguri Shun. As he gets older, his acting and roles just get better and better! Everyone in this series definetly has a bright future in entertainment! This series only gets a 9 out of 10, however, for being just a bit obvious and irritating at times.
Reviewed by Susan on 5 August 2006

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do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by ilovedrama [Rating: 1/10]
Overrated and poison to humanity.

Way way overrated, the mother of all cliches. Rich kid bullies the poor kid in the beginning and fell in love with his/her target by the end. Took place in high school to boot. Wonder if the director had to pay a royalty fee to the manga artist in order to license the Hana Yori Dango title? If he did, then it's kind of stupid to pay for licensing a cliche storyline.

Now about the show, lame jokes abound remember Heminyah... Lousy acting. I'm lost for words seeing Oguri Shun sitting cross-legged like a girl while batting his eyes and grating oranges.

We all know why the show's popular, it's because fangirls/boys like how pretty Oguri Shun & Matsumoto Jun are. Have those two locked in a room bouncing a ball up and down for 9-10 episodes and there still be tons of fangirls swooning over the show.

Anyhow the sad part in all of this is we are sending the message to the producers that they don't have to write interesting, original stories. Instead just pick some lame cliche storyline and cast some pretty boys/girls and voila you got a "masterpiece".

What a slap in the face it must be to other hardworking & talented actors/actresses who may not be young & pretty to see such a lame show as Hana Yori Dango getting all the attention. Might as well get plastic surgery to look younger & more beautiful because it seems that's what the audience really wants. Why bother working hard anymore. Alright enough of my Hana Yori Dango hating but just got to get this off of my chest
2. Comments by Dr_Pain [Rating: 10/10]
I didn't see the other versions of this dorama yet and i don't know the manga but I think this ist the best conversion of the manga alhough i was taught that there are much scenes missing.
Also the cast is much better, more up-to-date and more talented than the others i guess. ^-^
Just this version is quite short but we can hope that there is a second season because i was very touched from it and It was quite gripping. there wasn't a time i thought "Oh man, this is boring..." ^^ this is what a good serie makes I believe. the acting was so good so that I didn't get the feeling this is a dorama like some other 1000 because of the good acting of the cast. they all did there work very well and play their role so convincingly that it is already scary o.o but i enjoyed the time when watching it. I was really all for it. Every little scene made me sick in positive sense. For that I hope they will continue because I loved this cast so much that and had a really great time with it. I recommend everyone to watch this dorama out. It is one of the best I have seen in year 2005 and one of the best i have ever watched.
3. Comments by icebaby028 [Rating: 9/10]
Oh my God! This has got to be the most fun-est drama I've watched in a long time. I loooooove this drama! I never really liked Matsomoto Jun and I hated him at the beginning of this drama but I started to like his character by the middle and loved him at the end! Oguri Shun was great in this drama. He was mysterious and cute. Inoue Mao was definiately great in this drama. I've never watched anything with her in it before but I think she is a pretty good actress. I liked the script and I think they really developed the love between Tsukasa and Tsukushi
well. It made me want to be Tsukushi because of how much Tsukasa loved her and how much he would do for her. I also liked Matsushima Nanako's role but I would've preferred to see her more because I like her and I think she's a great actress. The only disappointing thing was the ending...I don't want to give it away but it feels like there might be a second Hana Yori Dango coming. We'll see how that one works out.
4. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 9/10]
If you're a fan of "Hana Yori Dango" manga, anime and "Meteor Garden" TW drama, then you definitely should not miss this series. Great casting and great acting on the part of the three main characters - Inoue Mao, Matsumoto Jun, Oguri Shun and as a bonus Matsushima Nanako who appears in this drama as Doumyoji's sister.

The theme song by Ai Otsuka is very catchy, but mellow and contributes to the overall feel of this series. It's a little bit more serious than the manga was (much more serious than "Meteor Garden") but has kept all the characters derived from the manga intact.

Inoue Mao does a very, very convincing portrayal of Makino Tsukushi - the common person who dared to stand up against Doumyoji Tsukasa. I enjoy her performance much more than Barbie Hsu's version. The other two main actors although they bring a different flavor of the their respectful character are still able to pull off a great job. I highly recommend watching this series.
5. Comments by princess [Rating: 9/10]
Like what I say to everyone. THIS IS NOTHING LIKE THE TAWAINESE ONE ( METEOR GARDEN). In fact in my opinion, this japanese version rocks so much harder than the tawainese one - in terms of the scenery/atmosphere ( lol, the Harry Potter like house... XD) and the acting. The only thing I didn't like about this version ( which is why I gave it a 9) is that it's far too short. It's missed out so many bits that I was looking fowards to see from the manga itself ( like the part where Domoyoji was suppose to speak German or sth and impress Makino ). But then again, you can't really expect the a live action drama to follow the manga completely.
Overall, I totally recommend this drama. If I was you, I would watch this one before the tawainese one and the manga. The acting in this drama is definte thumbs up! ( Duh? There's MatsuJun and Oguri Shun, how can you not watch this? LMAO. And I think Mao as Makino did an amazing job. =D )
6. Comments by shanghai_honey [Rating: 7/10]
Quite entertaining, but too rushed for me to really feel the bond developing gradually between Tsukasa and Tsukushi. The cast chosen for F4 aren't exactly what I had in mind physically, but they did justice to the roles. Matsu Jun is a little fragile to play the domineering and tough Domouji, but his acting is quite endearing in bringing out the baka and softer side to the character. Inoue Mao made for a very cute Makino, she resembled the manga character the most, compared to the rest of the cast. Oguri Shun's Rui was suitably quietly appealing although I don't know what he saw in this Shizuka (eh...they could've picked a better actress for the role). All in all, Hana Yori Dango is very entertaining, but not really deserving of a top 10 position in the charts (which it seems to be heading at this point in time). It's ridiculously overrated by fan girls of Jun and Shun.
7. Comments by Sasaya [Rating: 8/10]
As a manga purist, I give this series some credit for pulling off a story within such a limited amount of episodes. Seeing as how this series is extremely popular, I fail to see what is exactly special about Hana Yori Dango. Yes, I did enjoy it, but I found myself not as engaged with the characters as I usually am with other series.

The characters were well-played. I give Matsumoto Jun a lot of credit for playing the best Doumyouji imaginable, hands down. However, a part of me is disappointed with what they did to Yuki's character though. As I mentioned before, I'm a manga purist, and I couldn't believe the stalker-like personality they had given her character at the end of the first season. If you haven't guessed, she's my favorite out of all of the characters in Hana Yori Dango.

Still, I recommend this series.
8. Comments by phlargo [Rating: 6/10]
Pretty light and easy drama. Don't expect much from the story or writing - it's merely average at best. The characters are very cute but thin. The main character, "Makino" (Inoue Mao), has a good balance of strength and timidness which makes her both really cute and endearing. The male lead, "Domyouji" (Matsumoto Jun) is frustratingly thin in development. This series may have some of the most irritating and fake female laughing I've ever heard. While it can be very endearing at times and the direction is sometimes quite good, the series as a whole suffers too deep a reliance on played drama cliches and "classic" plot twists that make it so predictable, it can be a little rough to get through. Watch it if you love the actors, but otherwise your time can be better spent elsewhere.
9. Comments by hurh. [Rating: 10/10]
I've never read/seen anything HanaDan before, but I loooooove this drama. xD
Very funny and entertaining, but also has sweet moments.
I was really impressed by the first episode. I was like WOW. *_*
I really enjoyed the cast too. Hehe, I love MatsuJun, but when I read about the character he was going to play, I couldn't really picture him in the role...but he was amazing!! It's such a different character from anything I've seen him in, but he was perfect. I liked Inoue Mao-chan too. I think she was very likeable as the main character.
I also like the whole visual side of the drama. The cinematography and the sets and stuff.
The story was very fast-paced, but I didn't really mind. I do wish there was more episodes though. Dx
10. Comments by yetters [Rating: 8/10]
HYD live action was tons better than Taiwanese counterpart Meteor Garden. Casting was good; Matsumoto Jun fit into Domyouji Tsukasa's character like a glove, and Oguri Shun portrayed the elusive and contemplative Hanazawa Rui very well. The overall feel of the drama was quite dark, and it was faithful to the manga. I was a little bit annoyed at some of the camera angles expecially when they shot an actor at three angles to convey their presence with a rrrreally corny model-pose (aka when Tsubaki came). And when it just became too corny and over-the-top (then again, maybe that was the point). I think the shortness of the series (11 eps all in all) made me feel like watching a lengthy movie where every scene counts.
11. Comments by Qky [Rating: 9/10]
Not finished watching yet. I watched the Taiwan version of it and I loved it. The current version looks promising though, with the cutie Inoue Mao starring in it. :)
Just finished watching it yesterday. I have to admit that this is not really THAT much better than the Taiwanese version, but it is more original. The Taiwanese version is too... draggy... Also, Inoue Mao and Matsumoto Jun saved the dorama, seriously. They have put on really tremendous performance, so.. round of applouse for them. Although I have to admit I'm kinda disappointed with the dangling ending.. But I have to also admit that the final episode is really really touchy (wept myself a bucket..). :'(
12. Comments by randomprincess101 [Rating: 10/10]
It is basically a show about a middle-class girl, Makino, and her struggles and relationships in a rich school. At first she begins to love Rui who she tells to travel to Paris to follow his cousin but gradually she begins to fall in love with Tsukasa, the person who bullied her... but when Rui unexpectedly comes back from Paris and declares his love for her, she is caught in a love triangle that almost breaks up a friendship. On top of that she deals with 3 "popular girls" who feel its their duty to torment her and her realtionship with Rui and Tsukasa. Too be fair I will leave it at that because I don't wanna spoil the story. So Watch this series!! Definately Recommended
13. Comments by Inai [Rating: 10/10]
I love it, I really, really, really love it!!
Its the first time I watched a japanese drama.
I didn't know that japanese are such great actors. I couldn't take my eyes of HyD.
At first I didn'T liked M. Jun cause he smiled so crazy, the first think I trough of him was >he's soooooo ugly< but after he gog beaten up by tsukushi he looked so innocent *kawaii*
and after that how he smiled *nose bleed*
sooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeet
and especially him tsukushi and rui are acting wonderfull!! they are totaly skilled *want to hug them*
i love it *i know I said it bevor*
but I really love it!!!
14. Comments by summershine [Rating: 9/10]
Hana Yori Dango was, in my opinion, an excellent show. :) I think that the acting was amazing (especially Inoue Mao) and the chemistry between her and Matsumoto-san was very enertaining to watch. The F4, while maybe not being your typical "hunks", are definetly captivating in their own way, and grow on you quite a bit by the end. They sure squeezed in a lot of the manga into this show, and did it quite well. I was quite excited to hear they were making a Season 2, and would definetly not only give this a high rating, but say it was the best "Hana Yori Dango" out there, basing it against others such as the live action movie, and Meteor Garden.
15. Comments by AjiKan [Rating: 10/10]
A little rushed, but they only had 9 episodes to fit in alot of information, so it didnt matter to me. I didn't read the manga before watching the drama, so i don't have anything to compare it against. But i really enjoyed it. A lot of people were flaming the wardrobe and the writing, but i didnt' mind at all. This drama made me want to watch more of it, and it was saddenning to know that there was only 9 episodes of it. I give it a ten. I thought that MatsuJun and Inoue Mao along with the other F3 did a great job. IMO the wardrobe is awesome, especially Oguri Shun ^^ and sometimes Matsuda Shota. Will there be a season 2...?? ^^
16. Comments by Juu-ni [Rating: 10/10]
It is the first drama that I saw after more than 5 years I hadn�ft seen any Jdrama. So glad that I made the right choice
: P. Before I watched these, I watched the Meteor Garden 1 (Taiwanese vers. of Hana Yori Dango), and love the series. That�fs why I couldn�ft wait to see it.
It has the same plot with MG, but portrays it in different ways; It also the first drama that I have with Matsumoto Jun in it. He makes me laugh, sad, and sometimes I want to knuckle his head, especially when he says something in English�c hahaha LOL.
But, these series are too short. I am so glad that they make the second version.
17. Comments by enen_shun [Rating: 9/10]
this drama is Rich ! lolx ~~ i'm completely amazed by all the expensive "houses" , "clothes" , "cars" , "schools" in the drama .. hahaz ~ not-to-mention , this manga itself attracts ppl to watch it ~ every episode was entertaining ~ but i still think squeezing everything into 9 episodes is a little too rushed ... it's not enough to let viewers really feel the strong love between Doumyoji and Tsukushi (compared to taiwan's version) .. but overall this is one of the drama which made this season's dramas a really exciting one ~ (and the drama which made more ppl knew my Shun .. lolx)
18. Comments by Jeanxi [Rating: 5/10]
Okay, better than Meteor Garden IMO ('cause the actors can actually act for a change, tho many are not that much better) I applaud Inoue Mao's performance, I think she's really the only who stood out in the drama, all the other main characters were only so-so (...unless you count Matsushima Nanako, who was as great as usual ^^) It started great, but slowed down and became worse and worse as the story progressed. My favorite episode was the third one when Matsushima Nanako appeared ^^ I love that scene when she's talking to her little brother in his room...so funny ^o^
19. Comments by sadacori [Rating: 8/10]
Because of the manga/anime tie-in, I didn't expect much, but this was a surprisingly good drama. While I thought this would be one of those cutesy/silly dramas, thankfully that wasn't the case here.

F4, short for "Flower 4" (ridiculous name if you ask me), are 4 cool guys who rule the school. Enter tough, poor girl Makino Tsukushi, who slowly wins their friendship and heart(s).

The whole cast was pretty good, but I have to say that Kato Takako (Tsukushi's boss) was my favorite. it's cute how they refer her as "okami" like they did in the Onsen e Ikou series.
20. Comments by yamete_evie [Rating: 10/10]
Matsumoto Jun is an amazing actor. I read the Hana Yori Dango manga first, and when I heard Jun would be playing Doumyouji, I couldn't picture it. But Jun can bring manga characters to life straight off the page. His performance as Doumyouji was 100% entertainment from start to finish. Inoue Mao as Makino Tsukushi was gutsy and adorable. I also really like Oguri Shun and Matsuda Shota. This drama feels a little short and rushed, but it's definitely worth watching. (I should also mention crazy Sakurako and Okami san who bring great comic relief). ARIENAI ITSU NO (w)
21. Comments by meiohsetsuna [Rating: 9/10]
Boy meets girl in one of the most amusing ways possible. A romantic comedy focusing on the poor girl in a rich school, who butts heads with the school's lead bully. Although I do not generally like Matsumoto Jun, he made a version of Doumyouji that is somewhat likeable and believable to the audience. Inoue Mao deserves props for her acting - she was superb as the lead heroine. Oguri Shun did a turn around from many of his previous roles, playing the cool and socially inept Hanazawa Rui. I think his acting skills shine through in every drama he does. ^_^
22. Comments by lijachan [Rating: 10/10]
Personally my favorite drama of all time. From the very begining it caught my attention and held me in. It's unpredictable and exciting, while still romantic and funny. The characters were all perfectly cast and I came to love each and every one of them- and they proved themselves to be actors worthy of such a script. This show is beautifully filmed and has some great music. A love story more than anything else, it's hard for other romances to compare with Hanadan, for the struggles the couples face are anything but ordinary. Truly a must watch.
23. Comments by rock_dreamer [Rating: 10/10]
this is great i really love it i always watch it and i already bought its cd!! i cant help to repeat it watching !!

tO shIn anD mAkinO : you 2 aRe grEat .. i love your characters !! you act really professional i hope i will see you two again in another drama

tO : ogUri sHUn
i really love all his dramas !! i watch all his dramas always as wel as buying it !! his always looks great !! his acts very well .. i could not ask anything for it !! well i just hope to him to have the most wonderful carreer of all !! goodluck to you !! i love yOu
24. Comments by Nermal [Rating: 9/10]
while it was not astonishing, this was definetely something for me to look forward to every Friday night. Great cast of actors, main actress wa simply brilliant. Oguri Shun IS Hanazawa Rui (couldn`t have picked better).

Seriously a nice little gem that stayed fairly close to the manga although they could have done so much more. Too short.. only 9 episodes.

And Domyoji is for once lovable `cause no where in the manga can I say that he was this sweet. And I am not talking about the main actor here but really about the character.
25. Comments by Swedish_Japan_Lover [Rating: 10/10]
The first season is phenomenal and absolutely one of my faves. It was like a typical manga in dramaform with all the cuteness and excitement! The actors were good as well and yeah, not very much more to say. The SECOND season however SUCKED. It was annoying, boring and such a waste... I didn't understand the need of it and just by squeezing in more and more fighting between Tsukushi and Tsukasa made it so tiring.... The movie worked though being to fairytale ending. However it would have been enough with the first season.
26. Comments by athida [Rating: 10/10]
A must watch!! The story is truly entertaining and fun. I absolutely love it!! The cast is great and the settings are wonderful. At times, you will find yourself lol at the bakaness of Domyouji Tsukasa. He's silly, stupid, hot-tempered, rough, possessive, loving, gentle, challenging, protective, and would do anything for the ones he loves. And Matsumoto Jun portrays them all amazingly well!!! Domyouji and Makino make such an adorable couple. ^-^ This dorama makes me want to watch Japanese doramas all over again!
27. Comments by nagaioyasumi [Rating: 8/10]
Wonderful drama. My favourite of the season so far. I just want to say to all those people who have been complaining about how it's nothing like the manga - I have news for you. This ISN'T the manga, so get over it. It's based on the manga, yes, but to expect all 36 volumes to be perfectly reproduced in 9 episodes is silly. So, if you simply cannot accept anything other than the manga, please, save yourself the trouble and don't watch this. Otherwise, please just enjoy this for what it is, a brilliant drama.
28. Comments by daniela [Rating: 10/10]
I love this, best drama ever..actually, this was my first drama..I watched anime HYD and then I found out that there is a drama..
I even didn't like Matsumoto Jun at first (Rui was much more attractive) but I gradually fell in love with him..well, to be precise, I fell in love with his Domyouji^^

I love the music during those touching moments..Arashi is not bad either but i am into "psytrance" which is far away from it..so I cannot listen to Arashi everyday but I definitely enjoy it when watching HYD!
29. Comments by Susan [Rating: 9/10]
Another J-Drama bites the dust! I have to say, I was skeptical about Hana Yori Dango, but in the end it was one of the most enjoyable J-Dramas I have ever seen! Matsumoto Jun was very fun and outrageous, and Inoue Mao was very cute. I especially enjoyed Oguri Shun. As he gets older, his acting and roles just get better and better! Everyone in this series definetly has a bright future in entertainment! This series only gets a 9 out of 10, however, for being just a bit obvious and irritating at times.
30. Comments by michimaru [Rating: 10/10]
one of the main reasons why i loved HYD so much is for it's excellent live portrayal of the characters. the transition from manga to anime to live action was so flawless, you didn't really miss a thing. casting was spot-on excellent, from F4 and Makino to Kaeda to Tsubaki & Shizuka; with the one exception of Makino's mom, but i preferred her personality in the drama over the anime. with such great portrayals, it wasn't hard to make the stories come alive and feel real. excellent drama.

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1. bruisedlee
Well, I've just finished the live action Hana Yori Dango. And what can I say... this series just blew me away! I wasn't really familiar with the story, since I haven't read the manga or seen Taiwan's "Meteor Garden".

Honestly, this is only my third dorama (I got started with Nobuta wo Produce, followed by Gokusen) but I already think this is one of the best doramas ever! The pace keeps you at the edge of your seat, the casting very well thought out, and overall production was flawless!

This show gave me a different perspective of Japan. Although based on fiction, it could somehow be real, right? The mansions... the lavish lifestyles of these pampered rich kids... the stretch limos... it's so different from the crammed Tokyo and mediocre high school students I'm used to seeing on Japanese dramas.

Emotions run high on this series. It has made me laugh out loud, cry, and cheer on. Hana Yori Dango is a gem that everyone should consider watching. You will surely cherish it.
2. indayze
The set is phenominal, they managed to compress it into 9 episodes yet didn't feel that rushed. Granted they probably could have done better plotting out the story, I still love it. Maybe it's because it was my first drama and I'm biased but it IS my vote.

Inoue Mao played such a great spunky Tsukushi Makino with a cuteness I didn't see in the anime or in Meteor Garden. She really shined and basicallys owns the number one actress spot to me. <3 And Jun Matsumoto, great actor. Really has a range, like Nino. He played Domyouji's loneliness so well - his eyes alone potrayed so much emotions. Those moments focused on his eyes were the most heart wrenching to me. And together they had such great chemistry - let's see it shine again in Hana Yori Dango 2!
3. antownia
For sure, Hana Yori Dango outshone its sequel. The character, although played by the same people, were more in tact, I think, and were developed more. Mao was funny, cute and spunky - just like her character should be. Matsujun portrayed the bratty rich kid awesomely (if there is such a word), and Oguri Shun was impeccable as Hanazawa Rui. The cast was brilliant, as well as the script, the plot and the overall feel of the movie. It was lovey dovey, but not to the point of being overwhelmingly cheesy, and not to the point of sugar coating for sure. :)
4. epicduelgirl
This is actually the first JDrama I've ever seen. I had to see it because I love Hana Yori Dango (the manga and the anime). I've seen Meteor Garden which was nice, but I've always wanted a Japanese production of the series and finally it is here! And it is superb! Although only 9 episodes long :( it does a great job in capturing the essence of HYD. Inoue Mao is perfect as Tsukushi and Matsumoto Jun does a fantastic Domyouji!! I absolutely love this series and can watch it over and over again. Best series ever, based off great material!
5. xtine888
Hands down, THE BEST J-DRAMA I've watched yet. I watch everything else more critically now, because I'm always going to compare it (even on an unconscious level) to "Hana Yori Dango." It's the best television I've ever seen in my life, way better than any American TV shows I've seen. I don't understand Japanese too well, so I rely on subtitles. Nothing gets lost in translation; each episode makes me laugh, cry, empathize, etc. Freaking LOVE this drama; I could watch it a billion times and never get tired of it.
6. athida
A must watch!! The story is truly entertaining and fun. I absolutely love it!! The cast is excellent and the settings are wonderful. At times, you will find yourself lol at the bakaness of Domyouji Tsukasa. He's silly, stupid, hot-tempered, rough, possessive, loving, gentle, challenging, protective, and would do anything for the ones he loves. And Matsumoto Jun portrays them all very well!! XD Domyouji and Makino make such an adorable couple. ^-^ This dorama makes me want to watch Japanese doramas all over again!
7. Michiyori
Definitely a must-see for all manga-lovers, anime-lovers, Jun-lovers, Shun-lovers, Nanako-lovers (well that's a LOT! *grin*) and even Meteor Garden-lovers. Nice story plot (basically because Hana Yori Dango is a #1-best-selling shoujo manga ever in Japan); wonderful acting and gorgeous cast; everything just makes this a great drama!
Not to forget, it has the highest average rating for 2005 Fall dramas and 4th highest average rating for 2005 dramas.
HYD definitely deserves my vote *grin*
8. ishikumi
one of the main reasons why i loved HYD so much is for it's excellent live portrayal of the characters. the transition from manga to anime to live action was so flawless, you didn't really miss a thing. casting was spot-on excellent, from F4 and Makino to Kaeda to Tsubaki & Shizuka; with the one exception of Makino's mom, but i preferred her personality in the drama over the anime. with such great portrayals, it wasn't hard to make the stories come alive and feel real. excellent drama.
9. obentou
When I bought this dorama, it was a schoolday so I couldn't watch everything at once because of schoolwork. So I said, "Okay, just Episode 1"..and then after I saw Ep1, I said, "Ok, just Episode 2.." and then when I saw Ep2 I said again, "Ok, last, Episode 3, and I'm doing my homework," but then I ended up watching up to the 6th episode...and my mom had to ground me so I'd stop. This dorama will really get you hooked...PROMISE~! But the only problem is there are so less kissing scenes. >.<
10. michiru3
Great drama!!! I hated the HYD anime, Meteor Garden was a bit better, but THIS is awesome!! Inoue Maki does a great job as Tsukushi. Matsumoto Jun impressed me yet again as Domyoji (all the chara I've seen him play are so diff, I really respect that). Oguri Shun is great once again and SO cute =) Just too bad Hanazawa Rui is such a boring chara. The setting and clothes look great. Only bad thing is there's only 9 eps (v__v), there needs to be more of this great drama!!
11. kiasukid
Much better than I expected. I thought it was going to be horrid and only started watching to keep my mother company. In the end I was hooked and am quite impressed with the high production values and both Mao Inoue and Matsumoto Jun, as well as how well paced and scripted this series is. This is infinitely better than the mess that was the Taiwanese Meteor Garden which had terrible pacing, horrible production values and actors who really couldn't act to save their lives.
12. JuLy
Its break up the greatest Meteor Garden!! *Peace!!* Every single detail of the set incredibly awesome!! Lots and many kind of limos�cDoumyoji�fs castle that only similar with harry potter�fs one hehe�cspontanieous shouted that proven how great the scenario, luv the one when Makino�fs said �gis this Harry Potter??!�h hahaha�c. That all proven Hana Yori Dango as a must seen drama, surely u will cherish it! *Luv ur acting more & more & more JuN�ccuPsmmuah�chaha�c*
13. icebaby028
I've watched a lot of dramas and unfortunately many of them don't live up to my expectations. A lot of times you wish certain things would happen but they don't or that someone would say certain things but they never do...however, in this drama, they actually happen! The emotions portrayed by the actors are so real and you really just fall in love with all of them. I love the story and I love the script. The ending was a little awkward but overall I still loved it.
14. mariaclara
This is my favorite jdorama. I just love the HYD storyline. I thought this drama was excellent in terms of production and presentation compared to Meteor Garden. It made the HYD story more compact. There was not one scene in the entire series that dragged. It was highly enjoyable, and the ending was very romantic but also realistic at the same time, which I liked. I loved Domyouji, Makino and the rest of the F4.
15. zephyrscarlet
This vote is for Matsujun, whom I first thought was hideous but he does grow on you a lot. Now I think he's so damn fine. Would be so much better if he was taller though? And I love Matsushima Nanako as his sister. She's just such a pleasant and good actress. Basically, a very enjoyable drama. Not inspiring or touching (HYD2 did make me weep a little but not HYD1) but it's light-hearted and definitely fun to watch.
16. jm_im
At first, I only wanna watch it because of MatsoJun, probably known as Tsukasa Domyouji.. And at first I think that maybe Makino and Domyouji isn't for each other..

But when I continue to watch it, it seems like everyday I should watch it.. And tadda, I have go crazy about it.

Ireally really really really really love Inoue Mao and Jun Matsumoto's tandem..
17. Patazilla
Hana Yori Dango was the first dorama I ever saw and I'm so happy to have exactly this dorama as my first one, because it's sooo hilarious and still my favourite. The actors are ALL sooooo ingenious, the story made me laughing myself to death and crying the same time and Matsumoto Jun became my favourite japanese actor... *_* Oguri Shun's also a cutie...
18. razz_yuki
I vote this drama because I am madly and deeply in love with this drama. I love Jun Matsumoto's acting. Jun Matsumoto and Inoue Mao's chemistry is really strong.. Until now, many people want them to be together again in a show. This is the best drama series I'd ever watch.... :) ... I never regret watching this... this is the best, in my opinion ..
19. IchibanB
I just finished this series, and absolutely loved it! It is right up there with GTO for me. It was really funny, but also has serious and heart warming moments mixed in. Inoue Mao was incredible as Tsukushi, and her verbal battles with Doumyouji Tsukasa were classic! I could barely stop watching these as they were sooo good! Highly recommended!!!!
20. missind33
This is the first drama I had watched, and it was amazing! I was addicted to this series so much I could not leave my room! The drama and romance are intense! The actors are cute, and the leading girl is a strong, independent woman, something that we don't often see. So this is an amazing series and will always be in my heart.
21. rahci akumatsu
"hana yori dango"... I like this ... if you watch this ...you'll have fun.. you'll learn things for example.."you must love in order to be loved" pretty cool huh?... the actors so cute!!! XD .. soujiroh.. tsukasa... rui.. akira.. so handsome and cute.. whatcha think??

if you watch this you don't have regrets!!
22. miia
finally a jap adaptation... n there is jun n shun in it!!! my favourite 2 actors.. dis is seriously good... everything is to the point unlike the taiwanese one which has so many stupid and unneeded scenes... only short point is that it is too short (only 9 episodes) but there is a second season!!! Cho Sugoi!!
23. Jin_Matsumitsu
I heard this was an adaptation from the manga but I never heard about the anime version. So I watched this without knowning that there was an anime version and the plot of this drama got me hooked! This drama trouble moments of Tsukushi but also with the greatest moments that made her feel relieved and glad.
24. xEternal
I loved it so much; the storyline was so amazing and there were many funny parts as well as sad parts.

The cast is wonderful; I love Jun so much! XD

I'm not surprised to see this drama in the top 50, and personally I'd put it at #1 or #2. I strongly recommend it to everyone who's not afraid to cry =P
25. emmelion
frigggeeen AWSOME! i LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS! plussss the main girl reminds me of me :) haha shes a tough and i love that! you also hardly see any tough girls as main characters, especially in japanese drama/anime/manga... Ohh and the guys are hawt. great acting. so much better than meteor garden. yup (y)
26. Di@na
I love this Drama ! It has an awesome and interesting story..Shun looks damn HOT and SEXY there..MatsuJun kinda surprised me in a positiv way..he was good in Kimi wa petto, but I didn't expect he could act THAT well ..and Mao-chan showed that she is definitely one of the best actress of her generation.
27. KJjap
I could give away ALL my money to HYD's staff for them to continue this dorama!
This drama made me angry, happy, full of excitement, depressed... It touched me sooo much I kept crying AND laughing.
Tsukushi and Domiouji will remain FOREVER IN MY HEART!
28. Helena
WELL DONE! great story, great OST! love e leading actor n actress, great performance fr both of them, n of course e cake shop lady boss, very funny! other than Matsumoto Jun, e rest of F4 member, couldnt care less, they just cant act, exp: Oguri Shun , OMG, i can act better than him
29. jicks
The ultimate feel-good Cinderella story <33 Matsumoto Jun is magic as Doumyouji & Oguri Shun is love as Hanazawa Rui. Inoue Mao is the perfect Makino <3 There may be a few different versions of this story, but this one is head & shoulders above them all. HanaDan forever xD
30. jdramaaddict1
really good and makes u feel mad sad and happy according to how things happen in the drama. Like ur almost there and the plot I mean wow whoever thought of the plot was a genius and thats thanks to a mangaki named kamio yoko. Thanx. and thanks to the actors too really good actors

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