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Koori no sekai [冰の世界]



Drama Details
Title:Koori no sekai
Ice world / Inanimate world
Telecast:1999-10-11 to 1999-12-20
Season:Fall 1999

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes

Investigations on a mysterious woman Toko (Matsushima) started when Sonoe, a teacher, was found dead. Eiki (Takenouchi), sent by the insurance agency, and Takeshi (Nakamura), an ambitious police detective, found links between this case and the deaths of Toko's 3 fiances...
Le Chateau de Jo

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Diamond Dust [Himuro Kyosuke]LYRICS | RINGTONE | MIDI ]

Actor/Actress Cast (11)
Takenouchi Yutaka
Hirokawa Eiki
Matsushima Nanako
Egi Tohko
Uchida Yuki
Shono Tsukiko
Oikawa Mitsuhiro
Hisamatsu Koichi
Nakamura Toru
Ujou Takeshi
Kaneko Ken
Sakota Shogo
Katase Nana
Kimura Tae
Matsuo Reiko
Tsukayama Masane
Nakajima Tomoko

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Drama Reviews (28)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. my 2nd fav, Matushima Nanako drama (so far!) [Rating: 9/10]
I really like this drama. Although it might seem boring and too difficult for many audience at first, however, you would appreciate the details, storyline as the story goes.

I always like the scriptwriter (he also wrote the sleeping forest and oishi kankei), however, I think in the sleeping forgest, although the story is great, however, it seems that the actors just play a secondary role. Luckily not in here. There were heaps of scenes which allowed Nanako to display her great acting. I really like her role in this drama, tragically sad and beautiful, no wonder all the men love her to death. Nanako just shines in her role here, she make the audience sympathise with her even she is a likely suspect for nearly the entire drama.

I really like the scenes which Nanako was in the prison, the lines are hilarious and her acting was so great.

I also like love scenes of Takenouchi Yutaka and Nakako together, their encounters and lines said are so toching and romantic, too many to list here, go check it out yourself!!!!

The ending is a weaker part, it is a bit too dramatic (expecially about the "resurrection" of Takenouchi Yutaka)

by the way, Takenouchi Yutaka and Nakako is a great couple here. They look soo good together, wish they will have a chance to work together again.

Love this drama and it deserves 9 marks.
Reviewed by seles on 20 July 2006
2. Good drama with an implausible ending [Rating: 8/10]
I recently watched Koori no Sekai. The script was quite wonderful and the actors are superb in their roles, especially Nanako. Being that I just saw her in GTO, it is quite a transition to see her acting like such an Ice queen, so cold and scary. However, her acting was one thing that really pulled me in amongst a good story with too much exaggeration.

The process through which the plot with developed was quite wonderful and well-done. However, the ending, what some others described as surprising, is rather predictable and way out of this world goofy. Who the true killer is was very unbelievable, how the love was placed together (not spoiling anything like some other "considerate" reviewers) was very Fairy Tale as well.

However, watch it anyway, it is worth it.
Reviewed by ArcAngelo88 on 14 September 2003
3. ice world [Rating: 10/10]
1)fantastic script for a mystery drama-kept u on the edge right up to the end.2) outstanding acting by Nanako and Yutaka - u can feel the sadness and loneliness of nanako yet occasionally creepy;Yutaka-he's just completely awed and lovestruck by Toko. credits to Nakamura and "the villain"too 3) fantastic OST. i know a lot of people are upset/ridiculed by the ending BUT it's a credible ending- human's heart stopped suddenly due to hypothermia;eiki wasn't shot at the heart - after the temperature normalised and long enough CPR(at least 1/2 hr),the heart will start pumping again (believe me!i'm from the medical field - i just don't want people to feel 'cheated'by the ending
Reviewed by souldoc70 on 5 August 2011
4. A great mystery drama [Rating: 8/10]
There aren't that many mystery or suspense dramas in Japan, so when a good one like this comes along, it deserves a good rating. Although I am a Yutaka fan, I didn't like this drama because of him, but rather he really fit the role. ( I think they wrote this script with him in mind). Nanako displayed her range by playing a rather cool and serious character. The drama is dark, but not boring, or slow. The plot develops nicely, no lags or anything, and it gets more and more interesting with each episdoe, (like it is supposed to) and ends well. For those who are tired of love soaps, this is recommended!
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 27 December 2003
5. a different kind of love story [Rating: 9/10]
quite an involving drama. i watched the whole of it in 1 weekend. it is exciting to find story line that is quite different from the typical love stories. the plot is twisting and turning and it makes you think about what had really happened. nanako is as gorgeous as ever. however the ending doesn't quite match up to the rest of the story in terms of congruence with the plot. unexpectly disappointing from my personal opinion. cut scenes and flash backs are well utilised. the music is also good.
Reviewed by cedrictang on 8 July 2001
6. The Best [Rating: 10/10]
One of my favorites. The ending was full of suspense and surprises! This story will keep you up all night!! I spent almost 12 hours straight to find out who the killer is. What happened at the end was amazing. If you think you know who the killer is, you will be wrong. Takenouchi Yutaka and Matsushima Nanako looks great together but this is not just an eye-candy show. I hope they have the opportunity to work together soon.
Reviewed by jdfan on 27 June 2002
7. scary abit... if ya want suspence watch this... [Rating: 10/10]
the drama at first, u'll be thinking that some mad producer wrote the script but later you'll find that the drama's isn't as 'boring' as u think... it's very touching without the cutting scenes... i have watched twice..... one on television and one the VCD i bought, so much diference that u can find in the VCD and the TV, i guess it's not bad to watched it after all... *^^* suspence!!! murdering!!! blood!!!! =p
Reviewed by jaycee on 23 June 2001
8. Icy.... [Rating: 9/10]
Had the same dark, chilling atmosphere as Sleeping Forest but the storyline, plot, acting and music was definitely notch above. Matsushima Nanako's acting was superb and the supporting cast did a spectacular job as well, keeping you guessing as to the identity of the murderer up until the end. My only complaint is an illogical event in the last episode and the pacing being a tad slow in the earlier episodes.
Reviewed by Shindou on 16 July 2008
9. What a great show! [Rating: 9/10]
Wow, I was so captivated by this drama that I finished it in a weekend....I just could not stop. The suspense was getting too much! Nanako and Yutaka - wow! What a couple!

The plot is so interesting, full of suspense and mystery. The cast acted very well and the OST was great!

Really worth watching. I have not watched such an interesting drama in a long time!
Reviewed by renni72 on 26 April 2004
10. ULTRA COOL [Rating: 9/10]
I really would give a 9.25. Everything about the drama has a well thought out ultra cool presentation (the soundtrack, the characters and locales as far as the bar scenes and even vacation trips). I would strongly recommend it for anyone wanting to escape from the usual saccharine sweet dramas.
Reviewed by warren.mcclendon on 6 November 2002
11. Very complex drama [Rating: 2/10]
Didn't really like this drama, only watched it becasue of takenouchi yutaka. This dorama is too dark and complicated, the story takes too many complicated twist and turns that it is so unbelieveable. They made the storyline too complex, which made the drama too boring too watch.
Reviewed by dys199 on 20 January 2004
12. Great complex storyline [Rating: 9/10]
I won't say much - just that it is great and refershing to get to see a dorama with a real story, a complex plot, and characters with a story.
The actors are great and reinforce the quality of this dorama that could have been a movie.
Reviewed by Jackykero on 4 October 2008
13. sugoiii [Rating: 9/10]
man...nanako n yutaka looks so cool here!
always wearing black!
darn cool wei!~
nanako is so mysterious i really thought she's a killer!
i lvoe the ending n the soundtracks..
darn meaningful
Reviewed by juliana_phang on 21 June 2003
14. Fantastic Plot [Rating: 8/10]
A very good detective story that keeps you guessing. Not a romantic show though, can't feel the love between them at all. But the suspense is good, though not a show that I would watch a second time.
Reviewed by ladyelf on 1 August 2003
15. Ice World or Nanako? [Rating: 10/10]
Nanako is the best japanese actrees and the pretiest. her acting in this drama is very excellence, It is not a boring drama but a very attractive drama. This drama cannot compare with ohter j-drama
Reviewed by joseph_pranata on 20 November 2001
16. Cool! [Rating: 8/10]
The drama is cool.. nanako's acting is as cool as ice. she's good at being ignorant to other people although they accused her of being the murderer. on the whole, good drama and good theme song.
Reviewed by rakuen on 14 May 2001
17. The Best Drama! [Rating: 10/10]
Nanako and Yutaka looks so compatible. They was so perfect as a couple. Their acting was great, story was great and also the theme song. Hope to see them together in the future.
Reviewed by Garfield on 5 June 2001
18. Probably one of the best [Rating: 10/10]
Very mysterious. The shroud covering the whole story is slowly removed to reveal the brains behind the operation. Nanako did a great job playing the ice-cool teacher.
Reviewed by sparkz43 on 11 August 2001
19. =) [Rating: 9/10]
I enjoyed watching this drama alot!!! Takenouchi Yutaka is such a good actor!!! >.< I liked the music and the plot alot too! =) A recommended watch!
Reviewed by taisuki on 19 July 2004
20. love it [Rating: 9/10]
I loved and enjoyed the ending, so much! It was so touching and memorable~ nanako n yutaka, they were cool!! the ost were great too. ~
Reviewed by Michi on 10 December 2001
21. awesome! [Rating: 10/10]
i love the ending.. i love the actors.. i love the soundtrack... i love them all! muah!!! go ice world go!!! go nanako go!!!
Reviewed by chunli on 18 December 2002
22. Cool!! [Rating: 9/10]
If u like cool, icy and mysterious story, then u better watch this drama. The leads are so great and the song too.
Reviewed by juita_ejet on 8 May 2002
23. OK to me [Rating: 8/10]
Nanako and Yutaka are compatible like Garfield-san said.Good storyline and a bit of suspense
Reviewed by curian on 5 August 2001
24. great [Rating: 10/10]
great drama...
yutaka and nanako's acting are great~!
nice soundtrack too
Reviewed by yutaka_takenouchi_fan on 1 December 2001
25. The Best! [Rating: 10/10]
One of my all time favorite dorama! Excellent storyline, just perfect!
Reviewed by mauvymauvy on 24 August 2002
26. So-so, but music is GREAT! [Rating: 7/10]
Only good thing about this one was the music and the ending chapters.
Reviewed by UWFShooter on 2 November 2003
27. Good [Rating: 8/10]
the best drama had i see after GTO...
Reviewed by private_syaki_03 on 10 May 2003
28. good~! [Rating: 8/10]
good drama
u should realli watch it
Reviewed by marzyu on 5 March 2002

Comments From Users (120)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by jdfan [Rating: 10/10]
With great directing and acting skills, plus amazing soundtrack, this drama is like a roller-coaster-ride, will not only keep you holding your breath tensely right to the end, it will also be so entertaining that it's one satisfying way to spend weekends at home! Fantastic soundtrack by Taro Iwashiro who also composed all the romantic numbers in "With Love". One of my favorites too. The ending was full of suspense and no to mention surprises! I spent almost 12 hours straight to find out who the real killer is. Takenouchi Yutaka and Matsushima Nanako looks great together but this is not just an eye-candy show. I hope they have the opportunity to work together soon."Kori-no Sekai" is one MUST-SEE drama!
2. Comments by occultangle [Rating: 8/10]
I'm not a big fan of mysteries, and this drama is a good example of why. There really isn't a lot of characters and you will be constantly wondering, "who did it?", "who did it?". Well, through simple process of elimination it ends up narrowed down to only a very few possible people, but it would be stupid to the plot if any of them were the murderer. And how does it end?... Hmmm...

But there is a nice mood to the whole thing, and I really liked the idea of someone falling in love with a woman they are afraid they may be murdered by.
3. Comments by Shindou [Rating: 9/10]
An unexpectedly good dorama.....truly was kept on the edge of my seat trying to figure out who the murderer was. The supporting cast did well in portraying their characters, keeping you speculating throughout. The acting by nanako and yutaka was outstanding. The choice of music and background was better chosen than Sleeping Forest which unnecessarily created more tension than existed. Definitely a must for all mystery fans out there!
4. Comments by dnie [Rating: 8/10]
Nanako Matsushima is a woman cursed..whoever is engaged to her, will meet certain doomed. This intrigues Yutaka Takenouchi to investigate her, and then hopelessly falls for her..
I like this story coz it has great storyline, a good script and stellar acting fm its cast..my only complaint..what ?! The ending is so unbelievable even if u wanna stress that love is all-powerful..
5. Comments by Oba-chan [Rating: 9/10]
Cold and sometimes scary. Sometimes i feel this drama was a horor drama. You can see that by looking Nanako cold face, i have a nightmare after watch this drama..hiiiiiii.. Yutaka and nanako did really well, they are really great artist. Yeahh the Ending was the weaker part of this series.
Theme Song: Diamond Dust [Himuro Kyosuke]: 10 (Old but great song)
6. Comments by marzyu [Rating: 6/10]
Okie drama along the way . . . . I think while watching this all I wuz waiting for wuz the ending! And sure enuff the ending didn't dissappoint me! I thought that Nanako acted too cool in this drama . . . harsh seemz liek she wuz da killer . . . also seemed liek she hated the whole world dun u think so?! Well, all I realli enjoyed wuz the ending!
7. Comments by glyq [Rating: 6/10]
lol.. its ok.. just found it real funi when Yutaka was zipped up and Nanako got told that he's dead.. and she runs up to the dead body baggy thing that Yutaka is in and up zip it and did mouth to mouth .... and *wa la~* he's alive.. im like wtf? that's not very nice... not double checkin if he's alive or dead....
8. Comments by Akiiness [Rating: 10/10]
This drama is amazingly done. Not so much near the end where it seemed like they're pulling things out of thin air, but the plot is amazing! Good performances from both Matsushima & Takenouchi... and despite what it seems, I have to say this is probably Matsushima's best role yet. Highly recommended.
9. Comments by rockysfr [Rating: 9/10]
An excellent mystery story with a strong cast... this is a must watch. A barrage of plot twists will keep the viewer puzzled as to who the actual killer is. Each episode offers more insights into the investigations but also results in making every single character a probable suspect. Great job!
10. Comments by majinbads [Rating: 9/10]
I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE NANAKO! Honestly, she is the reason I watched Jdorama. This crime/thriller drama was quite good especially in the earlier episodes. I�ve known it all along,Nanako is no killer (though she has killer looks). The drama has some X-Files styles in some scenes. Gambate Nanako!
11. Comments by rikastar [Rating: 8/10]
This is a mystery/thriller type of drama which wouldn't appeal to me usually but I watched it for the 2 leads. Wasn't disappointed as the story was engaging and the acting good. It's a darker kind of plot but not slow either, and the ending was well done, does't make you feel unsatisfied.
12. Comments by Michi [Rating: 9/10]
I loved and enjoyed the ending, so much! It was so touching and memorable~ nanako n yutaka, they were cool!! the ost were great too. ~ the Celine Dion song is great, and really fit the whole situation ~
At first it was so sad but fortunately the ending never disappoint us!
13. Comments by Eyrien* [Rating: 9/10]
Mystery/Suspense drama about an ice cold teacher suspected a murdering her ex's and an insurance investigator suspicious of the teacher. Yutaka Takenouchi and Matsushima Nanako are incredible here, and the lesser character put on a great performance as well. A must see!
14. Comments by *����~sara* [Rating: 9/10]
My girl Matsushima Nanako Nakamura Tooru and Takenouchi Yutaka. What great combi. Eiki, annoying but so hot and Nakamura Tooru hot hot hot but kawaiso-. Matsushima Nanako played such a great dark and mysterious one. I'm imagining her to be like that in real life
15. Comments by AngelXing [Rating: 8/10]
Dark drama. Loved Nanako here. she was sooooo cool!!! Of course Yutaka looked droolish in the drama as well. At first, i thought it was kind of boring, but it picked up and i found myself getting glued to the screen. Over all a great drama. Loved the ending.
16. Comments by moonchyld [Rating: 8/10]
intriguing. nanako's performance as a cold beauty was very effective.. i don't think anyone could've done it as well as she did. i didn't like the ending thou... it wasn't satisfying enough after all the hype the past episodes created..
17. Comments by Sean [Rating: 9/10]
One roller coaster ride of romance and suspence. The twists and turns are so enthralling and exciting. The musical scores are excellent too, and above all the unforgetable theme song. I have the soundtrack CD, feel so lucky!
18. Comments by hide_hikaru_minako [Rating: 9/10]
Like this story, the story uncovers slowly bit by bit through the episodes, evenly distrubuted. Kept in suspense till the end. Although Nanako has many ahem scenes in here, the story itself is wonderful and mysterious.
19. Comments by taisuki [Rating: 9/10]
I liked this drama alot!!!! ^^ Hmmm this is my first time watching Takenouchi Yutaka in a jdrama besides seeing him on the poster in GTO. He's so cool!!! ^_^ Great drama, good music, and good actors/actresses!!!!!!
20. Comments by tetsukei [Rating: 7/10]
Much suspense, but the ending is most terrible! I yawned and giggled in the last episode. We call this : Dragon head, Snake tail. Disappointing ending.

Humour 0/10 Story 7/10 Actors 7/10 Music 8/10 Thrill 7/10
21. Comments by ystlu [Rating: 8/10]
A+ for creativity in what you would traditionally expect for a
romance drama. Limited character development for Nanako Matsushima's
role, otherwise, worth trotting through the sometimes too repetitive
22. Comments by atheon [Rating: 7/10]
Nanako was soo gorgeous in this drama, so does yutaka, kakoii. Great matching, but i found out quite boring sometimes, maybe cos this is a mysterious type drama. The atmostrophe was dark almost all time....
23. Comments by laramatsu [Rating: 8/10]
I love the plot of the story which keeps me guessing til the end. But imho, this is one of the dramas that are great to watch for only one time because the suspense won't be there in the second round.
24. Comments by Jackykero [Rating: 9/10]
It is refreshing to get to see a dorama with a real story, a complex plot, and characters with a story. The actors are great and reinforce the quality of this dorama that could have been a movie.
25. Comments by aleen84 [Rating: 9/10]
I think Nanako Matsushima and Yutaka Takenouchi is a very good pairing. This series is their first combination and was very good. Too bad I heard they're not very nice to each other on the set.
26. Comments by ilovetakuya [Rating: 8/10]
This drama was pretty good, but I preferred 'Nemureru Mori' over this one. I was a little bit bored time to time.
Still, I really recommend this drama for people who like mystery/ thriller
27. Comments by joseph_pranata [Rating: ?/10]
In this drama Nanako acting is very good she is very cool female actrees, i watched this drama and i think Nanako is very suitable to perform in this drama. The story is very high class.
28. Comments by jetfire [Rating: 6/10]
one fo the highly awaited series. Takenouchi Yutaka
has great areas of improvements in his acting same with his costar but was led down by the lousy ending. On the whole worth watching
29. Comments by zealous [Rating: 9/10]
a very good drama... this is the first drama about invetigation(???) wit jus a little dark site(???). the couple (yutaka n nanako) very suitable for me(:)). worth it to watch...
30. Comments by Sun_Shang_Xiang [Rating: 9/10]
Takenouchi Yutaka , Matsushima Nanako and Uchida Yuki provide great performances in a suspenced fill drama. However the ending spoilt it , a bit Deus Ex Machina for my liking.

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Users who voted for this drama (35)
1. for3vergirl
The casts are amazing and the plot makes it even higher standard. I think this is the best recent dramas that I watched. I feel old dramas are the best, but this is one of the three newer dramas that I listed in here. Such a mystery, yet it almost unsolvable unless you keep remembering all the scenes and why it happened that way. Very captivating.
2. mizune
I love Nozawa Hisashi stories. Always very mysterious with a predictably unpredictable ending. :) Among Nozawa's works, Koori no sekai stands out for me just because I loved how the subplots of each character intertwine and develop. And the acting is top notch, of course!
3. ashley
Very intense and dark drama. Very good acting by Nanako, who impresses in her slightly haughty and distant role of Egi Toko. Excellent chemistry between the two leads and a suspense story that keeps u guessing till the end.
4. laramatsu
I could never guess who was the perpetrator until the very last critical moment. Nanako was so icy that I could feel her stare. She's a very good actress along with Yutaka. Dang he's so cool in this drama
5. jpride
Suspense....I just loved the drama...wondering what was going to happen until last minute. Takenouchi-kun's role and acting were amazing. He looked so cool!
6. Tukata
Yutaka Takenouchi always chose the right role. I love this drama. The casting is perfect, you can feel the chemistry between the two leading roles.
7. thereds
i like this dorama because it's different from other dorama. and i like watching nanako matsushima n yutaka takenouchi.
8. saito
start kind slow but the story is very good and Nanako acting is so good in this drama. Nanako fans dont miss this one~!
9. Gimackii
Really suspenseful!! Kinda scary in some parts. Keeps you wanting to watch to find out what happens!!!
10. Kaze
One of few good suspense thriller series ever in Japan. Good change from all the boring life drama.
11. Lazsu
Quite the tearful from this one. Love how cool Matsushima Nanako is in this dorama.
12. jdfan
Top stars paired together! Great script that keep you hanging until the end.
13. cynee
great mystery yet not too dark... good chemistry between Nanako & Yutaka...
14. chunli
I like he storylike... loves the ending... admire the dialogues... (^_^)v
15. kiwisannnn
Great mystery -- I was so shocked at the end! Loved every minute of it.
16. cursed within
bored but romantic ...you'll get a surprise at the ending.
17. joykimlee
Very well thought out suspense murder thriller.
18. arwenna
Dark and intriguing. Kept me glued to the TV.
19. Replicant
Great mystery/romance drama with top acting!
20. panda21c
superb performances plus excellent casting
21. yumiko
yutaka and nanako have a lot of chemistry
22. dannylai
Nice Plot... Insurance... hmmm.. Nanako..
23. serewen
loving u!
24. compaqmac321
25. russia
26. belmont_a
27. lee931
28. 1cy^Dr3@mz
29. nur_dalilah
30. masaki-chan

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