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Yamashita Tomohisa 山下智久 ( Tomohisa Yamashita )

NameYamashita Tomohisa
JPop GroupNewS
Star SignAries
Birthday09 April 1985
Blood TypeA

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Yamashita Tomohisa

Yamashita Tomohisa, or YamaP to fans, although usually drawing attention because of his pretty-boy face, has also received feedback from acting. With him gradua...

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Code Blue Season 3 ~ Dr Heli Kinkyuu Kyuumei [2017]
コード・ブルー 3 ~ ドクターヘリ緊急救命
Aizawa Kousaku
Boku, Unmei no Hito desu [2017]
Boku, Unmei no Hito desu.
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5→9 〜私に恋したお坊さん〜
Hoshikawa Takane
星川高嶺 (30)
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Shiratori Sakuto
白鳥咲人 (28)
Naze Shojowa Yukai Sa Renakereba Naranakatta no Ka? [2014]
Narumi Saku (29)
Summer Nude [2013]
Mikuriya Asahi
Saionji Kousuke
Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~ [2012]
Code Blue Season 2 [2010]
コード・ブルー 2
Aizawa Kosaku
Buzzer Beat ~ Gakeppuchi no Hero [2009]
Kamiya Naoki
Code Blue: Doctor Heli Kinkyu Kyumei [2008]
Aizawa Kousaku (Flight doctor-in-training)
Proposal Daisakusen [2007]
Iwase Ken
Byakkotai [2007]
Kurosagi [2006]
Nobuta wo Produce [2005]
Kusano Akira
草野 彰
Dragon Zakura [2005]
Tajima Yuusuke
Sore wa, Totsuzen, Arashi no you ni... [2004]
Fukazawa Takuma
深沢 拓馬
Stand UP!! [2003]
Iwasaki Kenko
岩崎 健吾 (17)
Lunch no Joou [2002]
Nabeshima Koshiro
鍋島光四郎 (18)
Long Love Letter [2002]
Otomo Tadashi
大友 唯
Ikebukuro West Gate Park [2000]
Kabachitare! [2000]
田村 優太 (16)

Users who voted for this artiste (634)
1. aryena

Okay, i can really see improvement in his acting skills since shows like stand up to dragon zakura, to nobuta wo produce and kurosagi.

i tink nobuta was especially commendable because he was really able to bring out the cheerfulness and weirdness of the character Akira. although some find Kame's character ( shuji ) more outstanding i tink that Akira would be more outstanding because his character requires much more effort into portraying it well.

kurosagi was also another commendable effort. although i tink the success of the show did not only depend on pi's acting, but also a good plot with interesting twists. yamapi's different *characters in the show brought out the skills of his acting because of the wide number of *characters that he has to act as.

great acting skills. always looked good. from young to now, i tink he has always looked great. xD
2. Iza_Yanti
I like his act in IWGP that the boy who are really good in art. he's so adorable when fell from the locker when he died in IWGP drama. then, i saw him in Nobuta wo Produce. His crazy n like drunken guy makes me.. wow!! he is good.. yes, admit wit his gorgeous face.. but, 1st drama dat i know him was in Dragon Zakura.. i felt nothing with diz guy.. but after i watched the character of kusano Akira.. i like him.. MayB i like the akira not yamaP.. hm.. but, after i've watched many his drama, his song and his real character.. i like yamaP.. he can act.. he can sing (even his live performance was not good.. P n NEWS's member improve rite now).. he can dance (His donce really sugoi n look's kakkoi..)
he also can compose song.. i like LOVE SONG that P compose it.. really love it!!
3. leehy0ri
first i watched him in nobuta wo produce. i thought..what is this drunken guy 'doing'?..well..actually i didnt know the soy drink made him drunk LOL..i like kame at first..but when i watched closely i think his face is more photogenic than kame..hmm..this regenerate my thoughts after a while.. then i watched dragonzakura..it was like, OMG yamapi was so damn HOT!..his role was totally different than akira-the-drunken-guy..plus his haircut in dragonzakura was much seXXier.. i looove HIM.. yamapi COMEL<3
4. Yamapifans
I can write a 10pages essay to talk about why I like him.....To summarize, all I can say is that he's the BEST artist I've ever seen!! Good looking, Good personality, Good manner, Good acting skills, Nice voice, and got lots of talents: He can sing, he can act, he can play guitar, he can play piano, he can write and compose songs, he can dance, and he's good at sports. AND he's a student in one of the most famous univeristy in Japan!! Who else can compare to him?
5. Organized Chaos
Yamapi. Gosh he must have the most fangirls possible. Everywhere I go its, "Yamapi is soo cute and hes so talented!" I'm not suprised because he really is. Yamapi has the looks and the talent and thats why he deserves to be where he is now. I came to find out about Yamashita Tomohisa through Nobuta wo Produce. I know ladies, I'm a noob. :P Anyways, *switches to fangirl mode* when he played Akira in Nobuta wo Produce he was so cute. I love his little "kon" thing. XD
6. kumaxell
YamaP's acting has improved by leaps and bounds.
He captured my attention in NwoP as Akira. But, Akira is very much like himself, so not much of an acting stretch for him there.
In Kurosagi, you can definitely see his improvements. His acting was so bland for the first 5 episodes that it was bordering on bad. Then, in episode 7 he completely blew me away. I just couldn't take my eyes off him (and Horikita). Now, he has captured my full attention.
7. mushu
there is no word to describe him... or maybe there are not enough words to describe him, it is your choice. he is wonderful, really! i'm not saying this because he is a bishonen! i'm saying this because he is a wonderful actor. i think he is more made for acting than singing (even though his voice makes my heart stop beating!) he can be so funny like in nobuta and so deep and serious like in kurosagi. his acting skills are very wide!!!
8. strawberrynkiwi
Watching Yamapi in Nobuta was enjoyable. At that time, I thought his character was pretty retarded. BUT after Kame&Pi's single, I got to know NEWS etc etc and really liked his personality in perf etc. After that, I watdched Stand Up! which turn me into a total JE fangirl. I LoOOoOoOo his voice, his personality, his looks and he is working really hard as an actor. I hope he continues to improve because I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF PI =P
9. Di@na
STAND UP!! was the first dorama with Yamapi I ever watched (it was before his debut with NEWS <3) and I think when I now watch Kurosagi there is a huge difference.
Seriously..I am so impressed because he improved a lot!
All in all Yamapi becomes better and better!
He is attractive
He is charmy
He is totally cute
He is talented
..OH he can actually act XD Ganbarre Yamapi!!!
I cannot wait for his next dorama ^^
10. RubberDuckie
YEP. Being the most exposed member out of all NEWS, he really does act like the leader. I LOVE his personality, funny and outgoing. I hope he NEVer eeever feels lonely (as jin said, he does feel that sometimes) cause he doesn't deserve to feel such a thing. With all his skills, talent, and hottness hes coming out to be the best of Johnnys' Plus, he's going to be with Golf and Mike, which will let him be more world-known. I <3 himm~
11. Tukata
There are so much about him, talented, good looking, nice voice, great dancer... I love his eyes and especially when he smiles, it shines.... what an adorable face he got... Yamapi is kinda sexy in a way.. Hope to see more and more of his works...in music and in acting.. It would be nice to see him on big screen with Satoshi Tsumabuki, Joe Odagiri, Matsujun and, especially with Takki....Yamapi will soon shine over Asia...
12. eftermiddag
saw him first in Nobuta Wo Produce. And I was like: omg soo funny, give him a lead role plz!! and then he got one in kurosagi but yeah... it's a good show though, but not really my "cup of tea" (<--my englishteacher loves me). In stand up!! he's good too.mowhaha trains! hmm i guess i have to say he's my favorite actor...and not that it's necessary to mention but yeah he's hot, and i love his hair!!! XD
13. compaqmac321
NOT ANOTHER JOHNNY'S GUY! lol yamapi is dope...ive seen all of his rolls, BY FAR his best roll is akira in nobuta wo produce...some say he's been dull in some of his other rolls, but i think its just the way he talks so it makes him seem dull when he's saying a regular line...he most definitely does his best in comedys but oh well he can play a variety of rolls...KON!
14. Evil_Ellie
I've never noticed him that much but in Nobuta Wo Produce, he is totally hot (in that school uniform) and his bakaness was so cute, his acting skills are very good and i love his singing voice and his dancing!! I've seen quite a few of his dramas now and he really does have a variety of skills, whether it's acting like a baka or a popular guy or just a sweet person.
15. Andro
Yamapi is a good singer and actor. I saw him first in P.P.O.I., where he played with the Arashi member Aiba Masaki. He was so cute that time. After that I saw him in Dragonzakura, where he played a deliquent student, who wanted to go to Todai. And now I'm watching him in Kurosagi.
He's very talented, and can play so many rolls. And so kakkoi! I love YamaPi!!!!
16. 5_lvis_20
i like him....he is cute.....http://jdorama.com/drama.483.htm

i watch him first time in this drama....
after that....
i watch him in Long Love Letter....
i like him in http://jdorama.com/drama.470.htm

he is very cute......
i also hav watch <Stand Up!>
but not really like him in this drama...
but i will support him in next drama.....
17. jahvi
What's more to say? I love him! I think he's the best! He had gone through several characters with different personalities! and I LOVED the way he portrayed Akira from Nobuta! I think that character was the sweetest and cutest character he had ever portrayed! It's so cute! I love his character in Kurosagi and Operation Love as well! ^^
18. mana-chan
suki da~~~!!!!!!! havent seen much of him actually... but i'm sure that his acting skill is worth the votes in here...
bijin kao, saiko no karada, good singer, jishin ga aru, yuuki mo aru, natural dancer, atama ii, great MC, puraido takai, sugoi actor, makezu girai, ii tomodachi, rippana otoko...what else he doesnt have?? kanpeki da~~!!!!
19. luvnickie
hm.. i realise i have watched a lot of shows with yamapi in it!! i've bought a lot of shows because of him.. for example stand up and this show he acted with esumi.. dunno the english title.. i've always thought he's very handsome ... but what really opened my eyes is his role in nobuta!! he really acted so well!!!!!!!! akira !!
20. Qky
Finally another male artist worth voting. I watched him playing as Akira in NwP and I seriously had one great laugh. Akira was one of the most hillarious person I've ever watched in dorama. And what really surprised me was that Yamashita isn't actually like that, which means, he has a great talent in acting. AKIRA-SHOCK! :D
21. gymahz
Yamapiiiii is sooooo kawaieeeeee
I know I destined to be his (ehehehe) eversince I saw his debut in Nobuta wo Produce.... I love his character in that... I also love him in Kurosagi... but having the same heroin just drew it away (plus the heroin's character is soooo hateful... but I kinda like the actress)...
22. Yumechan
First time seen in "Stand up!!". Everyone who watches it and doesn't fall in love with him...there is just something wrong then XD"
And who wasn't convinced of his acting ability just has to watch his latest Drama "Nobuta. wo produce", in which he acts as (the somewhat strange but defenitely very cute) Akira.
23. nike_girl
Very good actor with his cute baby face.... I start notice him in nabuta wo produce. I like Akira role very much although some people say Akira is annoying.Then, i watch kurosagi which is very different from his role as Akira. What i can say here is that he can act very well and i like his chemistry with Maki.
24. kath123
He is the closest thing to perfection.He loves his craft and continues to improve and provide us with wonderful performances. I look forward to CODE BLUE. From the flaky but kind Akira the Angsty lonely Kurosaki to the indecisive Kenzou to name a few. THis gorgeous being is born to steal our hearts .BANG!
25. Hamano-Itoe
i think yamashita tomohisa is a great actor....he was excellent in the movie nobuta wo produce i actually thought he was funny and cool...and his show stand up was funny....he was great in that one too...and i thought he was good in other ones too....he so good looking...thats why i like him!!!!!
26. may_t
dude, he is so hot!!! love him to death!!!
first saw him in stand up and fell in love!!! and he was so wonderful in nobuta.. and so handsom and sexy in kurosagi!!!!
oh and he was so cute in IWGP!!!!!!!!! dame!!!!!!
plus he has such a nice singing voice!!!! love NEWS ta death too!!!!!!!!~
27. imalone
The first time I saw Yamapi was in Nobuta. I didn't know who he (Akira) was until I searched on the web. Then I watched Lunch Queen, Kurosagi etc. His best role is still Akira. I got to know that he's a member of NEWS & I became a crazy fan of them. He's really cool & a nice guy.
28. elyse
The next KimuTaku? :D Well, his aura is similar to KimuTaku's already. Yamapi is always doing his best in everything that he does, I like that quality of his. He's not pretentious & is comfortable with just the way he is. Started to like him after watching him in Proposal Daisakusen.
29. ishikumi
another actor that i've seen growing up on screen, Yamapi's acting ability has definitely improved throughout the years, only getting better and becoming more believable with each new character he takes on. most adorable as Akira in NOBUTA WO PRODUCE;very sexy as Kurosaki in KUROSAGI.
30. dee8o8
i first saw him in Nobuta.. first thought.. "this dudes got some cool ass hair!" lol yeah its corny but hey, im a guy ok.. funny also.. then i found out he sang too.. cool.. funny how asian artists can make the switch... but american ones cant./... lol.. i just find that hella funny!!

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