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Proposal Daisakusen [プロポーズ大作戦]


Drama Details
Title:Proposal Daisakusen
Operation Love
Telecast:2007-04-06 to 2007-06-25
Season:Spring 2007

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes
1 Special

Iwase Ken and Yoshida Rei have been friends since elementary school. Ken is obstinate and unskilled in love, but he fell long ago for the lively and cheerful Rei. Rei, however, is about to get married to another man. While Ken and other friends from high-school attend the wedding ceremony, a fairy appears and sends Ken back in time, giving him a second chance to win the girl he loves.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (2)
1. Ashita Hareru Kana [Kuwata Keisuke]
2. Chiisana Koi no Uta [Mongol 800]

Actor/Actress Cast (18)
Yamashita Tomohisa
Iwase Ken
Nagasawa Masami
Yoshida Rei
Eikura Nana
Oku Eri
Hiraoka Yuta
Enokido Mikio
Hamada Gaku
Tsurumi Hisashi
Fujiki Naohito
Honda Tetsuya
Mikami Hiroshi
Yosei (Fairy)
Matsushige Yutaka
Ito Matsunori (Sensei)
Yamazaki Shigenori
Minorikawa Junzo
Morimoto Leo
Yoshida Takanori
Miyazaki Yoshiko
Yoshida Reina
Watabe Gota
Nedu Shigeto (Socrates)
Hara Fumina
Matsuki Yuko
Kikuchi Kenichiro
Nishio Tamotsu
Ikezawa Ayaka
Kitamura Kaito
Young Iwase Ken
Matsumoto Tamaki
Young Yoshida Rei (third grade)
Hashimoto Kurumi
Young Yoshida Rei (primary school)

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Drama Reviews (49)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Back to the Future: Tokyo Drift [Rating: 6/10]
PROPOSAL DAISAKUSEN, or "Back to the Future: Tokyo Drift," or "The Boy Who Leapt through Time" XD

Really, I would've watched this even without YamaPi (heh heh) in it because I liked the CONCEPT. The premise is really a sort of vicarious expiation for anyone who's ever loved and lost, and who secretly yearns for that One Chance to go back and redress a wrong, or a series of wrongs. And what better way to do this than by the finger-snapping and heel-clicking of a benevolent fairy taking an interest in mortal affairs? (Waiiit... that saturnine looking, bowler-hat-wearing dude's a fairy? Looks more like an oversized leprechaun to me. T___T

And the unusual spin on the narrative structure was promising enough, though a bit dicey--all that zipping back through time and ending up at the same wedding reception, where the Leprechaun of Love gives YamaPi another pep talk before zapping him back again into the next photo, could get tedious after a 4 or 5 episodes. Still, props to the writers for taking the risk. Time-pretzel plots always have that intrinsic mind-screwy quality to them, and the sooner you stop vivisecting your brains thinking of how changing the past alters the future and all that, the better for you.

But oh--a twist! YamaPi has to do it all within the time it takes to frame one day's events in a single snapshot. Does he have what it takes to win his One True Love back? Can he finally pull off... that buzzer-beater and win? =P Can the Leprechaun of Love singlehandedly outwit, outplay and outlast the Cosmic Juggernaut of Fate? And in the end, will it all have been in vain? Everything will be illuminated in due time... Hallelujaaaaah... CHANCE!!!

Oh, YamaPi, whyyyy ssso sseriousss... :twisted: It just ain't the same without watching you flap your arms and giggle spazzily and dig your chin into Kame's bony shoulder! I think I like you best weird and silly and flaky, YamaPi. Don't grow up and become a man just yet. (Come to think of it, all that high school friendship stuff strangely felt more real in Nobuta wo Produce than it did here in Proposal Daisakusen. Nobuta Powwah, entah! *flashes V-sign*) But, seeing YamaPi in all that pain... (Kame, hold him... lol) I was Team YamaPi all the way! (And well well well... I see someone's been working out since NwP, ehh? *hentai leer*) As for Fujiki Naohito--what the eff, man? :crazy: All that charisma and Buchou mojo from Hotaru no Hikari--where'd it all go??? Here, Fujiki's just this creepy nerd who hits on his student--then dates her, then waits for her to graduate so he can marry her, ugh! An F for you, Fujiki! F is for Fail Fail Fail!!! F is for Faculty Members Who Apparently Forgot to Read the No!Screwing!Of!Students! Clause in the University Ethics Manual!!! >D (Buchou, where are you when I need you... *swats randomly at fireflies between swigs of beer*

And one nitpicky thing: This drama operates on the assumption that time is still essentially LINEAR, and that each "pit stop" that YamaPi makes through time, in which he Does Something that incrementally alters his relationship with Nagasawa Masami, has no bearing on other events involving themselves or the people around them. In the Proposal Daisakusen framework, one snapshot (or "pit stop") leads to the next, whether or not YamaPi goes back in time to change a few things. It's conveniently reductionist of the writing to disregard the "ripple effect" that one seemingly inconsequential action makes on future events. In contrast, take for instance the 2006 anime film The Girl Who Leapt through Time, where the eponymous heroine goes back to "tweak" the past, only to discover that one altered action can have more far-reaching consequences than initially thought.

Well, whatev, man. Like I said, this drama is better enjoyed if taken at face value. I didn't LOVE it, and I didn't think much of the YamaPixNagasawa chemistry either (YamaPixKame 4vr!!! lol), but the drama does have some poignant moments between the two leads, where regret and heartbreak and hope intermingle afresh with each revisited snapshot. And a picture really does paint a thousand words. =)

The last episode's main weakness, however, is that The Way Out of the shoulda-woulda-could've-been-lovers' predicament comes by way of Fujiki Naohito's Final Act of Selfless Love (lol), instead of arising from Nagasawa Masami's personal decision (after realizing she doesn't want to be some stuffy professor's Lab Assistant with Matrimonial Benefits after all, hehe). If Fujiki Naohito were... a different kind of man, and instead had said, "Screw it, woman (lol), I'll fight fo' your love!!!"--THEN WHAT? Game over, baby. So I felt that the resolution was too conveniently placed for Nagasawa Masami's character, who seemed powerless to change her own fate. But but BUT I did love the drama's final moment on that deserted road, when the camera zooms in on YamaPi's face as he looks off in the distance. This little scene doesn't exactly spell out What Happens Next, but it leaves no room for ambiguation, either. No open ending here in my book.

That being said, IMO the renzoku's finale did NOT necessitate the 2008 SP--which wasn't a BAD tanpatsu, just rather... superfluous. The story focuses more on their friends' (Funny Hobbit-boy and Pretty, Popular Girl) impending wedding about a year after the drama's events, and if you're a fan of the drama as a whole (which I'm not), you'll probably enjoy these added scenes. The SP also tackles the inevitable fallout from the renozuku's finale--getting the Parents'!Approval, dealing with the Jilted!Groom!, Nagasawa Masami and YamaPi's clumsy, tentative attempts at a Serious!Relationship, etc. That's all very... admirable (lol), and the final declaration of love on the beach is very... Happy Ending-ish, but the SP somehow diminishes the original drama's afterglow (as most SPs inevitably do).

Anyway. Life is short, so make the most of it, and all that. Because (to recall an old movie tagline) NOTHING is ever as big as your First Love. Hallelujah, chance!
Reviewed by Ender's Girl on 22 October 2009
2. One of the best Japan doramas I've ever watched [Rating: 10/10]
First off, I would say that I wasn't a fan of modern Japanese drama at all. I'm definitely not a fan of over the top, fake, cutesy, cringe-worthy and unnatural acting that I often saw in Japanese dramas and movies I've watched. This however changed my whole outlook of Japanese doramas overall. The first time I watched, I was like "Finally, something worth watching." and it is indeed worth-watching and definitely not one to be missed, even if you're not a fan of J-doramas.

One thing I liked best about Proposal Daisakusen is the amount of morals that weaved their ways brilliantly into the plot of each and every single episode. For those who loved meaningful and moving storyline about friendship, love and life, you'll be right at home with this. In fact, it's one of the most meaningful storylines (especially for young adults) I've seen for so long. You won't walk away from this feeling like you've wasted several hours of your life sitting through it, or feeling nothing at all. It will however teach you something, tug at your heartstrings, and most likely you will not forget about it for a while. Or you will even watch it again from time to time like me, that's how good it is.

Of course the good doesn't stop there. I would say 99% of the casts are likable. Tsuru, Eri and Mikio were all likable and showed some very good acting for their parts. Ken himself (Yamashita Tomohisa) looked good and acted good, though not in the same league with Rei (Nagasawa Masami) who showed not just good looks but consistently great and naturally expressive acting skills every time she's on-screen.

As for the music, they are all well-composed, of high quality, and very fitting. Some of the best you will hear in a J-dorama.

All in all, if you like J-doramas or those movies with good messages and morals, you owe it to yourself to watch this. Proposal Daisakusen has everything that a great dorama needs, great main casts and supporting casts, a fitting and quality soundtrack, plenty of morals, great acting and chemistry, good editing and scripts and more. Don't miss it.
Reviewed by fate-ss26 on 9 March 2009
3. touching moments ~ [Rating: 10/10]
The reason I give this a 10 is because I don't rate drama based on any criteria but my personal enjoyment at the end of the series.

Sure, every episode starts and end with somewhat expected result but the process of each moment in Ken's life was excited. Perhaps it was their acting prowess that moved me emotionally with each passing moments in their life (characters').

After I've finished watching this drama, looking back, there were a few things that seemed really kinda illogical - e.g. Ken, mentally 23 years old yet he was unable to confess to Rei, who his world evolves around, on several occasions. Then Rei, if she loves him so deeply for such a long time (ever since 9th grade love letter incident) why didn't she accept his feelings expressed at several pts in the drama?

If they are as reserved as the show made them out to be, surely a kiss (which none of them felt annoyed) or when he said "if I hit the target, would you go out with me?" ?

or before she accepted the proposal from Tada-sensei, he did propose to her. Kinda strange don't you think? especially when both of them have strong feeling for each other for such a long time as well.

Maybe cultural difference is the main reason which make me feel annoyed at those interactions but...

In the end, I still thoroughly enjoyed it - some excellent acting skills at the end which made me feel like crying on more than one occasion. I really thought the drama would end tragically - which would be a fine ending as well - though cliched happy ending type made me feel happier (strange isn't it ^^~)

anywayz :P excuse my ranting - overall, it's an excellent drama in that you can lightly enjoy whacky moments yet there are still serious undertone of regrets, romance etc :)
Reviewed by dawnflower on 16 August 2008
4. Wow, this was a boring drama... [Rating: 7/10]
Okay, so here�fs the thing. When I started watching Proposal Daisakusen, I got bored right away. Every episode copies the same format, and the format got really tiring. I found the actors/actresses disconnected and it seemed they were just doing the roles because they were being paid for it. There was no heart.

Then, about episode 7 (yes, it took a LONG time) I finally started to enjoy some of the characters. I thought Fujiki Naohito was great, but then, he always is. I also really enjoyed the connection between the two side characters: Eri (Eikura) and Tsuru (Hamada). YamaPi�fs character, Ken, really started to grow on me as well, and although I found the character�fs actions really frustrating and annoying, I thought YamaPi�fs portrayal was positive. I really began to buy into his dilemma. Masami, as always, remained annoying until the last episode, where her character finally gains some sense.

The end of the drama was VERY satisfying, and this made up for all the boredom I suffered through. The SP was great to, and I was left feeling nice and happy.

Would I recommend this drama? Probably not. Even though I enjoyed it by the end, the drama over all is still boring.
Reviewed by Wynter on 8 August 2008
5. Good plot, horrible acting [Rating: 6/10]
OK, fair review.
This drama has good plot, if you can call it "plot". It doesn't really have much "action" (aka unpredictable events) in it, but I appreciate the slow plot (to the point that it was sleep-inducing thanks to the cast) that tried to portray the emotions and reluctance of Ken (main character). However, with a drama driven by emotion/internal feelings like this one, you need a really strong cast to convey the idea. Just think about it. When you're watching an action movie, you're not gonna be pausing for the expression on a person's face for long before the next action scene kicks in. However, in dramas like this where there are long pauses of characters looking at each other, it just puts me to pain how expressionless, emotionless YamaP was, and how Nagasawa Masami, with her trademark big grin, was overacting. Two opposites don't really make a good one in this case. The only thing that kept me watching 'till episode 9 (and after that I just fastforwarded to the special) was the tolerable development of the character.

In general, good plot but unfortunately the cast couldn't fulfill half of what the plot wanted to carry.
Reviewed by HHND on 5 August 2009
6. Epic [Rating: 10/10]
i gave it a 10, but a 10 does not do this drama the justice it deserves. I admit i had been hard pressed to find a recent drama that would live up to the caliber already set by past dramas. Before i had started this one, my unquestioned favorite drama was 1 litre of tears, which a large measuring stick to be placed against. I can say without a doubt tho, that this has proven it's merit and deserves it's spot atop my list of dramas, and within the top 50 of this site.

This is a drama that will satisfy anyone, not only the hopeless romantics but the more serious crowd looking for a wonderful plot. Romance, sadness, it has it all and will appeal to all walks of people. This too has reached and surpassed the bar by which dramas of magnificence must strive to attain, and that is the fact it will make you want to watch it again, remember it, and while oyu watch it it will grip you and take you along for the waves of emotions it brigns. a truly wonderful experience that cannot be put into words

-more written on my site-

:) seriously watch it
Reviewed by aznanimedude on 15 June 2008
7. Hallelujah Chance!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~ [Rating: 9/10]
The ending was really not anticipated, but it was the best it could be. And I liked it a lot.
There are lots of good morals to learn from this drama!
Sometimes, I guess we do wish to go back in time to correct our present. But, this dramas has made it easy to see that our present life is what we should be worrying about and changing our future is even more important. There were times where I thought Kenzou really could have succeeded, but you will understand in the ending. All those memories do really build up nicely and relate well in the end. I must say this drama deserves a kickass award. Don't forget to watch the SPECIAL.

As a guy, I find that YamaPi's acting was just a tad too stoic. (that is my only complaint) =p

Also, I really love the OST of this movie! The background music is very uplifting and some are relaxing. Track #9, "SUGAR", and track #12, "�Z�s�A�̋���" in the OST CD is my favourite!!

ASK and it shall be given to you.
Reviewed by Tranc3r on 11 May 2008
8. Yes, It was good. :)) [Rating: 10/10]
<spoiler start> 11 words... Dont ever be friends with hot teachers that attract your crush. <spoiler end>

Well, that wasnt much of a spoiler. But idecided to warn you anyway. Yamapi had a regretful aura, the WHOLE time. I mean, why'd you like a girl like that. Well, its Ken's ideal. Masami's mean in real life too. I feel sorry for the three dudes. They were buliied by her. If you havent heard, watch the video in youtube. ;) Forgot about the title. Well, it had an amazing story. Time travel, cool. :)) And yet again, I hear from the infamous Fujiki. The drama is older than Around forty, I know, but I watched Aroforo before this. He was the character I wanted to punch, no matter what. He had no idea Yamapi, um, Ken, had a crush on Yoshida. But in the end, it still ends up like.. that. I was about to spoil it, but it worth the watch, so you go on and watch it yourselves.

>>>Perfect 10<<<
Reviewed by JEaddicthellyeah on 3 November 2009
9. HALLEUYEA! CHANCE! [Rating: 10/10]
this drama gave me my confidence back! i really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really
really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really
really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really
really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really
enjoyed watching this drama, i'm going to try my hardest to find the girl of my dreams, nothings gonna stop me now!
Reviewed by mr_dreamboy on 12 August 2007
10. OK Love Story [Rating: 6/10]
While watching this drama, I couldn't help but try to imagine what a better actor would have done with the part. Yamapi is borderline terrible in this part. He doesn't fit at all. For a love story, he shows so little emotion. When he's happy, sad, angry, or whatever, his face is always the same. An actor like Yamada Takayuki or Satoshi Tsumabuki would have been far better in this part. Yamapi is ok in parts that don't require a range of emotion, like Kurosagi or Nobuta, but this drama required he show *something* to us, other than the same look on his face. It was still an OK love story, though it had an abrupt ending which wasn't really satisfying. It was also quite boring at times. I still liked it overall, but wouldn't watch again.
Reviewed by bettebogart on 13 February 2008
11. Save yourself. Don't watch it! [Rating: 2/10]
It starts out promising, but it's the most drawn out, frustrating, depressing, and unsatisfying drama I've ever wasted my time on. Think of a mean person offering you a piece of cake, and then taking it away just as you're about to get it. Repeat 11 times, and in the end, you never get it. What was the writer thinking? Man, this was so frustrating!

Ok, now that I've vented, a few more detailed comments. Yamashita Tomohisa needs to get acting lessons. Rei's character is not likeable at all and you just want to slap her. Probably half the drama involves prolonged shots of the actors' faces with nothing happening. And the open ending doesn't suit the buildup.
Reviewed by justjuice on 19 October 2008
12. OH MY GOD [Rating: 1/10]
i really liked this show alllllllllllll the way until the last episode. even though it was frustrating at times, there was the hope of being fulfilled AT LAST~ of ken finally getting with rei in some grand awesome way. BUT NOPE. NOPENOPENPOENOENPENOPENOPE. YOU WAIT THE ENTIRE SERIES TO JUST FINISH THE LAST EPISODE AND WANT TO BREAK SOMETHING. i can usually deal with vague endings but this drama sets it up so hard that you NEED some sort of fulfilling resolution. whoever wrote and filmed this drama is basically a jerk for the way it ends. i hope this crushes everyones expectations about the end so when you see it youll think its not too bad. UNLIKE ME.
Reviewed by le_awakening on 6 July 2007
13. My thoughts on being cheated [Rating: 6/10]
My reaction to the ending:
"Oh, thank god for that...so? Ok, slight pause, nothing wrong with that...a causual smile, ok yeh, so its finally gonna happen now! Cool...wait...huh?! You smarmy piece of..."

11 episodes and I get that? pfft...
One more observation:
Why does Ken have all the responsibility of confessing? There's to sides to the coin. I understand that he personally let his opportunity go past him but, the girl similarly had the same opportunity and let it go and yet somehow the guilt only rests with Ken.
One more: I have never seen anyone, I mean ANYONE, have such trouble in saying that they like someone. Just say it Dude! Geez...
Reviewed by dekatrain on 4 February 2008
14. Disappointing [Rating: 6/10]
Oh, how this would have been so much better as a two hour movie than an 11 part TV series!
Ken's repeated lack of courage quickly becomes tiresome and then really irritating. Finally, it became hard to root for him since Rei deserves someone much better than him.
The main reason to watch is to witness why Masami Nagasawa is an increasingly popular actress. She is so very engaging and likeable on screen that she can almost make you overlook the plot.
My recommendation for new viewers would be to watch the first two or three episodes and then skip to the last episode.
Reviewed by johnjeon on 23 September 2007
15. Worth Watching [Rating: 8/10]
Just finished watching this drama plus the SP last night, and it was good. I enjoyed the character building and the plot line... I mean who wouldn't want to go back in time and try and change your future for better! I did feel though this dorama dragged on abit and should have ended a few episodes earlier. It also was a bit frustrating because he could have told her how he felt so many times, but silly circumstances prevented it. Anyway, if you looking for a cute drama with some touching moments, this one has it and you won't be disapointed.
Reviewed by Spider on 3 January 2009
16. nothing special [Rating: 6/10]
Ugh, so cliche. I usually love stories about going back in time to change the future, but things can get pretty bland without a fresh twist to it. The only episode I felt worth watching was the one about Kenzo's birthday.

I found the short guy and Eri's storyline cuter than that of Rei and Ken. Overall, it's not a terrible drama but I think it could have been a lot more engaging with better writing.

Yamapi's poker face continues to bother me, but I have to admit he has a cute smile when he actually does show it.
Reviewed by strawberryfzz on 25 August 2009
17. Good but no more better [Rating: 7/10]
This story was good,and pretty interesting,the acting was good too. The starting episodes was good, but when at the middle episode area,it sort of become a form of drag.And i don't agree with such a simple ending. I know my imagination of the ending may not be what it was really supposed to be and that make me fed up with the simple ending. The plot of the story is good with the fairy but seem like the scriptwriter just didn't bring out the essence to make it a prefect drama.
Reviewed by rhninjaxe on 4 August 2007
18. Clever and amusing [Rating: 9/10]
The concept is for this fantasy/romance is quite engaging - that the little moments are the ones that are most important. The hapless hero is faced with the painful irony - of helping put on the wedding for the girl he loves most of all. There's good chemistry with all the actors, and a sweetness to the whole project. Once you buy the basic idea, there's a Midsummer's Night Dream quality to the drama that's hard to shake off.
Reviewed by jdoramadotcom on 22 March 2010
19. Absolutely a lovely drama [Rating: 9/10]
I have watched Proposal Daisakusen until the latest installment (number 6) and I love every episode of this drama. The actors and actresses have the right chemistry to bring the film into a SUGOI level.

I love the story line, the twist between humors, drama and love.

I also adored Masami chan, and also always anticipating Yamashita's film.

GREAT DORAMA....recommend it a lot for people who once love SUMMER SNOW.
Reviewed by asoysugoi on 4 June 2007
20. love Yamapi but.... [Rating: ?/10]
I do love Yamapi but just wonder why he always ends up acting with the same leading actresses, I mean now twice with Masami Nagasawa, and twice with Maki Horikita... Gosh...it's boring to see him act with the same girls...

also wondering what would he be thinking that he always be with the same actress especially in Nobuta and Kurosagi... it completely kills the chemistry... huhhh..... perhaps mine, not his...
Reviewed by Tukata on 20 June 2007
21. Great show <3 [Rating: 9/10]
I simply love this show~~ Even though it's abit draggy because Kenzo can't confess for the most part of 11 episodes T_T And theres that lamo 'hallelujah' chorus refrain whenever he goes back. It's still a thoroughly enjoyable drama~! I love the mini stories and the characters such as Tsuru are so funny and heartwarming. It's a really nice drama which I'd definitely recommend X) The OST is really awesome too!!
Reviewed by sezling on 28 October 2007
22. Great Drama [Rating: 9/10]
Very heartwarming drama about lost love and regrets, and the steps one lonely soul takes when he is given another chance. I would definitely say that it was really well done, and definitely had my eyes watering in several parts. The way it wraps up is the only thing that preventing me from giving me a 10 for this one, but for some people it may suffice. *Crossing my fingers for a special*
Reviewed by pinoymutt on 7 July 2007
23. the most frustrating drama i've ever watched! [Rating: 6/10]
yamapi's cute. masami's cute. nana's cute. everybody's cute but really, why must every episode seemed like a let down? i had to skip the latter part of the series and fast forwarded to the special. glad the 2nd half of the special kinda redeemed it a little for me. but this isn't one of my faves.
Reviewed by weetzie_bat on 20 April 2009
24. PD [Rating: 9/10]
I think it happens averytime, we hold back instead of saying what we should or doing what we should in a critical situation!!!!!!!
that's the main topic in this story, do what it's needed to be done, at the time it should be done, so that in the future don't regret it!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by Nyke on 23 August 2009
25. The GreaTesT Drama I`ve eVer SeeN~ [Rating: 10/10]
I Love this Drama Xoo MucH!!
The StoRy is very" GreaT
We Can FounD This Kind of Love StoRy eVery Where
That make this filM seem like a reality
And The acTor n` Actress who played @ this drama is Very" CooL, EspeciaLLy "Yamashita Tomohisa"
I Love Him Soo MucH^^
Reviewed by Pie-Chanz on 20 April 2009
26. Sweet Dorama with lesson behind it. [Rating: 7/10]
A sweet series which reminds me of not being wishy washy in life and treasure all the chances we get in life as well as the people around us. But sometimes it is quite depressing to watch how some people just wouldn't say out what they mean. Overall an enjoyable watch.
Reviewed by kawaii on 22 August 2007
27. Proposal Daisakusen [Rating: 9/10]
I think this was one of those dramas where Yamapi's acting shone. Although some parts were really repetitive, once you get to the end, it ends up being a drama to remember-- helping you remember all those times you've regrettable, and making them seem less burdening.
Reviewed by b0redomness on 5 October 2007
28. Quite fine but a bit boring... [Rating: 6/10]
Quite ok!!!! Well, i can assume that finally Rei and Kenzo are together. In the part when Ken pushed the Benz, a girl shouted for KENZO and the only girl calls him KENZO is Rei. If they show Rei's part i think i will give it an 8 for this drama.
Reviewed by opospa on 23 September 2007
29. Must see! [Rating: 10/10]
I'm glad I didn't skip this one. It was surprisingly good. Saw from start to finish in two nights. Each episode left me wanting to watch just one more episode...Haven't seen such a good drama in a long time. Plus it has pretty Yamapi!
Reviewed by k4g0me on 31 July 2007
30. could have been much better [Rating: 6/10]
if they had picked someone other than Yamashita Tomohisa as the male lead I'd give this a 10 but he can't act he can stand there and look pretty but as I am male that's not enough. Everyone else keeps it from being a much lower score.
Reviewed by Sajen16 on 20 January 2011

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do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Kitsuchi [Rating: 5/10]
Uh, I'm actually unsure about the rating.. what grade to give this series. It repeats itself over and over again every eposide. "Hallelujah chance!" like 11 times, for every episode.. Kenzou makes the same mistake everytime but even though, he improves a little every time, while helping others by giving them the courage to do things which he knows they will regret in the future (because he time-slips to the past by the help of a churchfairy to solve all the things he regrets..). But the one he should give that courage the most to is actually HIMSELF. I kept getting frustrated at him all the time, like "Come on now, what's the problem this time for not uttering a word?! What is your purpose actually for time-slipping to the past?".

The churchfairy actually said a lot of wise things to Kenzou which he should have considered twice. But then, it was actually even more easy to get angry at Rei. Why isn't SHE saying anything? She kept waiting for Kenzou to confess, she only wanted things from him, like, do you remember, the coffee milk, Kenzou's second button when graduating.. Kenzou did SO much for her, yet she only stands there waiting for his confession. I wanted to hit her and felt sorry for Kenzou.

Ma~, it couldn't be helped I guess. Me, who have never experienced the feeling of love so far, couldn't possibly understand the feelings the couple have gone trough, but they should have known better.. That's what I think..
However, the only thing I actually liked about this series is the purpose of it. And that is to make sure not to regret any single day of your life. If you regret something, make sure to make up for it by any way. I liked the character Honda Tatsuya, how he seemed so nice and calm all the time, and confident. Especially in the end where he had those two buttons in his hands when making the bet with Rei.. Really thoughtful.

To be honest, I liked Rei's Jiji the most! I don't think I'll be able to forget his lines. I liked the series best when he was involved. I think that, those lines he uttered was the whole purpose of the whole Proposal Daisakusen-series!.. which is the following:

"Those who say they'll do it next time are idiots! Those who say they'll do it tomorrow are also idiots! If you don't do it the moment you think of it, you'll get nowhere!".

Oh, and yes, the ending was really horrible. I got disappointed. They should at least have shown us Rei and Kenzou getting married. Those two always waiting for each other, miss each other when they pass each other by, coming too late.. Are they really destined to be with each other when they are like that.. ? Destiny is weird sometimes.

This series really did left marks on me even though the low rating. You shouldn't ignore this.
2. Comments by kartanoman [Rating: 10/10]
Easily one of my favorite doramas of all time! Absolutely loved the acting of Nagasawa Masami and Yamashita Tomohisa who perfectly complemented each other. The story was well written so well that my wife and I were fully engaged in this one ... almost yelling at the TV in hopes "Ken-zou" would grow a pair and tell "Rei" exactly how he felt about her. After viewing the childhood sequence, where a young "Ken-zou" vowed to always watch after and care for "Rei," it was almost painful to see him flounder, with each passing episode, in his vain attempts to convey what was, and who was, in his heart. Only when all hope seemed lost, right before the wedding, when he, in tears, finally confessed to her in front of everyone (including the sensei - her soon-to-be groom), and seeing a teary-eyed "Rei" completely moved by the magnitude of the moment, it validated their childhood vow to each other and it was very hard not to be choked up by that moment. With Keisuke Kuwata's beautiful and touching song "Ashita Hareru Kana" playing in the background, the show reached a powerful emotional climax.

It was a shock, as well as a bit of a disappointment, to see the series end in the matter that it did - despite "Rei" chasing down and catching "Ken" as he was pushing his taxi cab. As I write this, however, the P.D. "Special" was televised (it will be available on DVD in July 2008) and it picked up from the series' end and provided a beautiful and touching end to the story.

Again, both leads were phenomenal and worked very well together. I personally look forward to seeing Nagasawa Masami in more doramas in the future as she has wonderful acting talent and is a pleasure to watch.
3. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 7/10]
I really liked the idea behind the drama - being able to travel back through time through pictures seen at a wedding so you can possibly (even if it's a small possibility) change the future and end up with the person you love. Iwase Ken (Yamashita Tomohisa) is the best man at his best friend, Yoshida Rei's (Nagasawa Masami) wedding although not by choice. He has known her since they were in primary school and has loved her ever since, but she doesn't know. She's marrying someone else.

Anyway, each episode is designed so that Ken travels back in time after each picture is shown at the wedding. Rei always looks weird in some way or another in the picture (sad, shocked, upset, etc) and Ken tries to make her happy. It's a cute idea and it's nice to see how the story unfolds. The only problem I found with the show was that it was a little too slow and I started to lose interest in the characters towards the end. However, I'd recommend this drama for all people who like the idea of a second chance and who are fans of Yamashita Tomohisa.
4. Comments by shinji1246 [Rating: 7/10]
Well, to start off with, I must agree that the ending was not as fulfilling as one had hoped, but it definitely did not suck. This drama was very different to other Jdoramas I've seen as to how it was set out. I was quite frustrated in every episode how Ken cannot confess his love. But on the other hand, I think this is how life is. Even when we are given a chance to go back in time to correct our regrets, I don't think much is going to change. Given the person you are (what you can and cannot do), the outcomes will turn out to be the same. So I think that the writers are trying to say that 'there is no going back in time, do not dwell onto the past hoping to achieve something from it and work on it from the present on.' Whereas what Ken tried to correct in the past had little effect on the wedding, the ending shows that the biggest change was to work from the present onwards, and not from the past. This was the message I got and I must admit, I did learn a little something from it
5. Comments by pinkokoro [Rating: 9/10]
COMPLETE. The story starts of okay, then skyrocketed to be very great. I especially love the fourth episode. The drama brought up the dillemma and questions of real life and projected it creatively on the screen. at first I think it's pretty repetitive, one photo to be solved in each episode, going back and coming back. as the story progress I'm surprised that it's not that predictable and repetitive afterall... and how the director doesn't resort to easy problem solving, they find a way to put us to believe there's no way he can solve something when the hope seems faded at the very first moment he returned to the past.. but they managed to find some cool way to settle that. the thing bothering me is the ending! yes, I'm one of those who dislike the ending..that's why it's 9 instead of 10. I was in dilemma to give this either 8-9 but then I think the strong part of the drama, which is somewhere in the middle help me to give this a 9
6. Comments by aliceeatcow [Rating: 9/10]
It's the first time I saw Yamapi in a starring role and I can proudly say that I am finally convinced he is deserving of the praise showered on him by rabid fans and critics alike. For all the countless times I've seen his dead-fish-eye look on his face, it makes it all the more heartbreaking to see him break out of it and show some emotion. It was entertaining, warm, funny (even knew when to make fun of itself), and more deep than I imagined it would be. But definitely the best part about this drama was the soundtrack--the music was timed perfectly and make it so much more heartbreaking. The conclusion did not disappoint and was a really satisfying and slightly bittersweet without seeming forced or unrealistic.. impressive considering the drama includes a fairy that repeatedly sends a dead-fish-eye faced guy back in time ~_~
7. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 6/10]
I don�Lt dislike Yamapi but he was awful in this, he looked so fake in his exagerating reactions, it was really a disapointing performance by Yamapi after his awesome delivery in Nobuta wa Produce.
The main plot of this dorama had tons of potencial but was ruined with meaningless and boring episodes, Rei(Nagasawa Masami) was a really boring character and joined with Yamapi�Ls terrible acting...
I really enjoyed the side story of Tsuru and Eri, much better than the main plot. And once again i was amazed with Hiraoka Yuuta, he was by far the best character in this dorama, it�Ls the second time i�Lm ipressed by this guy in a secondary part(thank god he�Ls already playing lead parts).
Anyway it was a very disapointiong dorama.
8. Comments by ssie [Rating: 10/10]
Woah! I love this drama. Despite all the bad comments about the ending, I think the ending is cool. I mean, what can you guys expect? The audience I think wants something mushy for the ending. It's already good as it is, and I can't imagine a better ending for this drama. The part where Rei calls Ken Kenzou again is an indication that they are back to the world where there's only the two of them. When Rei keeps calling Ken is an indication that this time, she's the one running after Ken and not the other way around. I think you guys should learn to read between the lines and not always expect mushy endings ^_^ hands down for Proposal Daisakusen. I hope they adapt this to manga.. lol
9. Comments by dekatrain [Rating: 7/10]
My reaction to the ending:
"Oh, thank god for that...so? Ok, slight pause, nothing wrong with that...a causual smile, ok yeh, so its finally gonna happen now! Cool...wait...huh?! You smarmy piece of..."

11 episodes and I get that? pfft...
One more observation:
Why does Ken have all the responsibility of confessing? There's to sides to the coin. I understand that he personally let his opportunity go past him but, the girl similarly had the same opportunity and let it go and yet somehow the guilt only rests with Ken.
One more: I have never seen anyone, I mean ANYONE, have such trouble in saying that they like someone. Just say it Dude! Geez...
10. Comments by nishishi [Rating: 10/10]
Almost perfect... Proposal starts really good, and then each episodes seems to get a little better thant the previous one.... But in the end it gets worst! Speaking of ending.. Proposal Daisakusen has one of the most predictable endings ever.. (at least imo) i could almost say everything that would happen in the end..

But overall its an excellent dorama.. The casting is superb, The songs are awesome (Ashita Haeru Kana by: Kuwata Keisuke is wonderful!) In the end this dorama is really heartwarming... and some scenes r really funny!!! If only the end of this dorama was a little bit better i would give a 10 out of 10...
11. Comments by takuan [Rating: ?/10]
I'm greedily dl'ing this as it comes out. Excellent romantic comedy that has a very nostalgic feel to it. The characters are well developed and believable. It's one of those dramas where you can sympathize with all sides. I am not a Yamapi fan (and generally feel that his acting leaves a lot to be desired), but this drama still manages to captivate me and make me really love and sympathize with the character Kenzo. Nagasawa Masami's acting is great as usual, and she makes a very adorable Rei. The series does a good job of portraying a childhood relationship that develops as the children grow older.
12. Comments by Inujun [Rating: 9/10]
I have always had a weak spot for childhood sweethearts, and this drama hit it right on. Seriously there were many moments that touched me and left me teary due to kenzo's regretful and desperate attempts to win back his love. Yamahisa performed quite well overall but his tearful act in the last episode takes the cake. Story is fast paced and has its share of humour and drama, both fare well. The supporting cast is also equally lovable and great.
Very good show indeed, although I have to admit the ending could be extended just a little bit longer
13. Comments by ishikumi [Rating: 8/10]
it took me a long time to finish this drama because it was so formulaic. and to predict (and rightfully so) that the whole series would take place at the wedding got tiresome. but as i got into the later episodes it seemed to get better. and then came the anti-climatic and unsatisfactory ending... geez... what a disappointment. if there was a SP to give some definite closure, rather than just Pi smiling, i think it would make it better for me.
EDIT: added 1+ point since the release of the SP. got my closure, now i'm happy.
14. Comments by michimaru [Rating: 8/10]
it took me a long time to finish this drama because it was so formulaic. and to predict (and rightfully so) that the whole series would take place at the wedding got tiresome. but as i got into the later episodes it seemed to get better. and then came the anti-climatic and unsatisfactory ending... geez... what a disappointment. if there was a SP to give some definite closure, rather than just Pi smiling, i think it would make it better for me. EDIT: added 1+ point since the release of the SP. got my closure, now i'm happy.
15. Comments by yurifly [Rating: 9/10]
at first i didn't like yamapi's acting but he improves throughout the drama. Great chemistry between all the actors and great message too. The plot seems predictable enough but I was interested at the way each characters develop and particularly the friendship between all 5. There was something endearing about how 5 of them are always together. Unlike most ppl, I actually like the ending. A flatout happy ending would be too predictable. Btw, confessing love in the bride's wedding is pretty damn bad idea.
16. Comments by sw33t_laydee [Rating: 9/10]
I thought it was good overall, but didn't like how it dragged on and put in fillers. There was eps where it should have ended there but it seemed like it just kept going and kinda got annoying. In addition, the ending was lame and thought there should have been more to the end.

EDIT: Okay, I just finished the SP yesterday and thought it was the perfect ending to the drama. I liked how Ken killed two birds with one stone by solving his commitment issues and Tsuru's. Great!
17. Comments by CheeSauce [Rating: 7/10]
Hmmm I has so many mixed feelings about this drama! I felt like there was no chemistry between the couple, Yamapi's acting was HORRENDOUS, the girl was just unhappy and annoying most of the time (selfish toO!) and in general it was hard to get through in the middle. On the other hand, The story was innovative and the idea was very interesting (although repetitive sometimes.) Also after seeing the special, I was quite satisfied by the ending.
18. Comments by PaperCaged [Rating: 5/10]
I honestly don't know how I managed to get through this. I guess once I get halfway through a show, I have to continue watching it. First of all, the show was extremely repetitive and the relationship between the two main characters was just annoying. Yamapi's acting did not impress me at all; he looked like he didn't even want to be there. I think the relationship between Eri and Tsuru was more interesting than the main character's.
19. Comments by aiscess [Rating: 10/10]
I began to cheer for Ken in the first few episodes, but then at the latter half, I became impatient and started to pity him. Still, Rei also got some issues of her own so you can't blame her for that. And the thing that I really like in this series was the friendship among the 5 of them. Plus the pictures, I was really looking forward to the next photo in the slide show. All in all, this was a nice romantic/friendship/comedy drama.
20. Comments by eftermiddag [Rating: 7/10]
I have to admit it. I hated this show for the first 7 episodes. It took a while but now I have finally finished it and now I can understand why people loves it so. The ending was beautiful but I couldn't help feeling that everything turned out crappy for Tada-san. He's a nice guy, why did they have to do that to him? (The show's writers I mean). Now I'm gonna watch the special and find out what happened after.
21. Comments by delaciel [Rating: 10/10]
I like this drama because of it's well planned storyline. Maybe it's boring for some people, but not for me. It's shows that love is a process. There's may scene that really touch me (yeah, maybe it's because I'm a big fans of romantic drama). I like Yamapi here especially at the last episodes (nice act).
This is the first Yamapi drama that I watch. And this makes me fall in love with him ;p.
22. Comments by joychin [Rating: 8/10]
The beginning was boring. Only after the stereotype episodes (the...halleluyah....chance..NOO..) it became more interesting. I really pity Tada......poor thing. I really like the eraser concept,ring concept as in how he left it at the DKNY statue of liberty and how eri ended up finding it and how mikio realised that kenzou was actually from the present. The happy ending made it even better :)
23. Comments by aimare [Rating: 9/10]
Proposal Daisakusen encourages people whose loves are not yet fulfilled to use all might to try their best. The storyline is well-written. Clever twists in every episode to keep attention throughout the entire drama. Yamapi is so cute when he does the 'Hallelujah Chance!'. ���킢��~�@>_<
Also recommend to watch the special episode. It helps to complete the story and is really touching.
24. Comments by Sun_Shang_Xiang [Rating: 8/10]
I enjoyed this but I thought Rei chose the wrong person,at first I was on Kens side but gradually I began to see Tada Sensei as the better choice. Ken had the chance several times to correct his mistakes and years to confess his feelings properly but Tada Sensei made the right choices at every turn with courage and in the end with selflessness.Which makes him the better man.
25. Comments by animefreak101 [Rating: 10/10]
OMG OMG OMG OMG If you havent ever seen this drama you HAVE to see it ESPECIALLY if your a Yamapi fan!!!! his "halleluiha chance" is one of the cutest things ive ever seen him do...Its like i have fallen in love with yamapi all over again!!! Seriously I loved it and the ending is cute too!!! i kinda wanted them to extend it a little bit though... :( I want more!!!!
26. Comments by maui [Rating: 9/10]
At first i didn't think that i will like this drama so much because yamapi is in it.But,this drama is one of the reason why i love jdorama much more than kdrama.So encouraging and so much lessons that we can learn from them.Oh, yamapi's acting improved a lot.His acting in the finale proved it.Good show and i'm glad with the ending.not so cheesy and happy ending.
27. Comments by nadrika [Rating: ?/10]
This was broadcasted on 8tv on Sat afternoons in 2007 or 2008. Can't really remember. I saw several episodes here and there. Found the premise of the story interesting. But was unable to catch the whole series because of commitments in real life that prevented me from watching it religiously. So would love to watch this if there's an oppotunity in the future.
28. Comments by aoi_dolphine [Rating: 8/10]
A drama where you going to dislike the character of Ken (played by YamaP) alot or maybe perhaps you can see the old self as the Ken character there. Mind you this drama has lots of back-to-the future feel to it but than wheather history changes with every trip back, you'll have to see this drama to judge for yourself. ^^ Overall a watchable drama ^^
29. Comments by Nermal [Rating: 9/10]
Turned out to be my favorite this season! Quite surprisingly since I couldn't care less about YamaP.

The story was quite interesting and it was fun to look forward to the next episode each week. The main character (Ken) though lacked serious deepness but Masami (Rei) filled up that gap quite nicely! ^^

Fresh young cast, interesting story! ^^
30. Comments by Dark^3nforc3r [Rating: 8/10]
First 5 episode is perfect.. episode 6 to 10 is totally torturing to watch... Too many irritating episodes.. If anyone wanna watch this.. MAKE SURE u have all the episodes including the Special. If not... u'll certainly kill KEN over n over again for episode 6 to 10. Nagasawa Masami acting is superb! YamaPi is pale in comparison..

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1. suzzy
well everything in this was all good
i like how yamashita got almost everything worng every time he goes back
but it ended up working out in the end
which was really good
but i was was shock at the end
it just stop
that was not really good i think
after that heartbreaking speach and him crying the church that is how it ened
nah that was not really goo
but over all the drama was really nice
funny in some parts and touching in some
2. aimare
Proposal Daisakusen encourages people whose loves are not yet fulfilled to use all might to try their best. The storyline is well-written. Clever twists in every episode to keep attention throughout the entire drama. Yamapi is so cute when he does the 'Hallelujah Chance!'. ���킢��~�@>_< Also recommend to watch the special episode. It helps to complete the story and is really touching.
3. Aunt_Jemima
i enjoyed this drama a bunch, but it would've been better if it was shorter. Mostly because it's kinda the same thing happening over and over, but the acting made me keep watching. And you kinda need to watch all the episodes, in order to truly fall in love & hate with all the characters. Its a cute story with a somewhat vague ending. =]
4. zushan
Great dorama, Nagasawa Masami looks Kawaii through out! Yamapi as always, puts on a great performance. One of the better shows of the past couple of years. I especially liked Hamada Gaku although at times, he was a little corny etc. But he's talented, and hope to see him in more shows. A vote it surely deserves.
5. Yamapifans
The deep, sincere, unbreakable friendship of the 5 young people is what I am looking for! And Yamapi is just toooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!! And I LOVE THE BACKGROUND MUSIC AND SONGS PLAYED IN THE DRAMA!!!!!!!!!! SP is the greatest and sweetest love story packed w/ tears and smiles.
6. wafiazizul
I love this drama,,,,,but i'm quite depressed with it ending before i've watched the special movie,,,,it really keep me in uneasy feeling without seeing the happy ending,,,after i watched the special movie, i feel very happy for both of them,,,haha,,=)
7. koala_bry
cute little dorama..i really liked this one!! specially the "BOMBAHE"..soooooooooo funny!!! bombahe..bombahe..looool gyabooooooo...wish that i could turn back time..HALLELUJAH CHANSU..
are??..it doesn't work!! ( �L____`)
8. 206
This seems to keep that common drama theme of confession of love going. Good story and the special ending fufills what was left off in the series ending. Misami Nagasawa is cute as ever. Yamashita's role reminded me of Kimura.
9. NeWiA
I love the story of this drama... but the ending.. i didn't feel its great. But its good thing there's SP for this drama to make it up for the ending. Nevertheless, I enjoy watching this drama! its a roller coster ride.. Love it!
10. kepe
Those who have good memory about their high-school romance should watch this drama.
The story is just perfectly blended with yamapi and masami acting.. and few weeks after finishing the drama, the nostalgic taste get stronger..
11. sonychak
Became one of my favorite Jdoramas. I laughed, I teared, I was wanting more. This is a good one to any Jdorama fan.

Make sure to watch the last seconds after the credits on the last episode! If not you will be unsatisfied!
12. yic17
This drama changed my life. It taught me that there is no time to lose to go for what you want. This is it, this is the moment of your life. If there's something you wanna do, do it NOW!!

A beautiful drama ...
13. Spackle1213
Loved this story. Watched it complete 3 tmes now. Gave me a real sense of nostalgia of school and love. Made me think of the decisions we make and the consequenses that arise. Perfect love story, great cast!
14. richief611
By far one of the best J-Dramas created! Made recently in 2007, it is a series that hasn't been here long, but it proves to be very good and is really inspiring. This is what you call true love!
15. crvn107
It is a surprise that I actually liked this drama given my disdain for time travel shows of any kind.The idea is pretty refreshing and the school life drama part of the show probably did me in.
16. frh88
a very touching love story n has a very different way of endinG (^^,) anyone who didn't watch final episode properly...i mean until the end of the theme song will hanging at the middle.......
17. missind33
I love Yamapi, and this series was still amazing. I loved the heartfelt comedy and romance. The series was sweet, and the cast was pretty cool (I just didn't like the leading girl too much)
18. tklover
i watched it in one sitting so it got a bit repetitive ('hallelujah chance' and then he messes it up). but i think that the stories were sweet and made me nostalgic about high school : )
19. hidezawa_himeko
this was the first time i saw yamapi and masami in dorama and their my fave couple.. prodai is a sweet love story about time slip but the ending make something different..
20. nakamotosan
There are many moments through out this drama that moved me one way or another. No disc to Koyuki or Kimi Wa Petto's directors but this movie shouldn't be behind that one.
21. eml132
Ichiban! One of the best dramas I've seen period. Some may not like the ending but I for one found it so very touching. Can't say enough about how good this drama is.
22. docalion
Your perfect love story with a twist. This is for teenagers while Bara no...is for mature love. Anyways, both are good example of romantic dramas. Both are the best.
23. aiscess
The nice thing about this series is the friendship among Ken, Rei, Eri, Mikio and Tsuru. It's one of those series that I wouldn't mind watching from time to time.
24. Frits
those are many time-slip stories but proposal daisakusen has something different and when it comes to the ending. yamashita and masami are so lovely together.
25. Tybalt
Its one of the most Nostalgic Drama's ever and it captures you cause its so easy to relate too. Its all about the critical moments in life! GOD I Love it!
26. aatm
It's just done extremely well. It's a good mix of humor and love. definitely my favorite for this season and up there as one of my all time favorites.
27. b0redomness
I adore this series. Even the ending, though some might disagree. The last episode made me cry so hard, I don't think I'll forget it for awhile now.
28. twinkletoez
Beautiful, touching, bittersweet. A really great love story that is also very relatable. The cast is brilliant and a must watch.
29. Hamano-Itoe
this drama was great!! they had great actresses and great actors!! yamapi and masami was awesome in this drama!! love it!!
30. kaitosan20
the best dorama..yamaP's part in the end made me cry so muchh..also pretty funny too. such a nice romantic dorama.

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