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Nagasawa Masami 長沢まさみ ( Masami Nagasawa )

NameNagasawa Masami
Star SignGemini
Birthday03 June 1987
Blood TypeA
B/W/H83.5 / 57 / 82.5

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 Nagasawa Masami (National Pension Fund) 2008
Nagasawa Masami (National Pension Fund) 2008

 [CM]Calpis - 君の近くにいたい夏 第二話 妹篇
[CM]Calpis - 君の近くにいたい夏 第二話 妹篇


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Filmography (24)
I Am A Hero ~ Hajimari no Hi [2016]
Sanada Maru [2016]
Toshi Densetsu no Onna Season 2 [2013]
都市伝説の女 2
Otonashi Tsukiko
Summer Nude [2013]
Koukou Nyushi [2012]
Haruyama Kyoko
Higashino Keigo Mysteries [2012]
Aoyama Yayoi (Story 6)
Toshi Densetsu no Onna [2012]
Otonashi Tsukiko
Bunshin [2012]
Ujiie Mariko/Kobayashi Futaba
GOLD [2010]
Nikura Rika
Wagaya no Rekishi [2010]
Ichinose Yukari
Sotsu Uta [2010]
Tachibana Hitomi
Boku no Imoto [2009]
Egami Saya
Tenchijin [2009]
Last Friends [2008]
Aida Michiru
Hatachi no Koibito [2007]
Sawada Yuri
Ganjisu gawa de batafurai [2007]
Proposal Daisakusen [2007]
Yoshida Rei
Sailor Fuku to Kikanju [2006]
Koumei Ga Tsuji [2006]
Hiroshima Showa 20 nen 8 Gatsu Muika [2005]
Dragon Zakura [2005]
Mizuno Naomi�@
Yasashii Jikan [2005]
Minagawa Azusa
皆川 梓 (19)
Toubousha [2004]
Onizuka Sari
鬼塚咲 (15)
Sakura [2002]

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Users who voted for this artiste (111)
1. OCster
There's something about Masami that I can't quite put a finger on... she's nowhere near as stunning as say somebody like Misaki Ito, but she has this charm, this tender beauty about her that is deeper than any other Japanese lady I've watched. She has the most infectious, adorable smile too! First saw her in Proposal Daisakusen, where she was so endearing and beautiful. Her acting was also top notch; she was able to convey so much emotion with the slightest change of expression. I was in awe of her in that series - she just shone like a star. I then decided to see Last Friends for her, and though she was very cute in this series, the role of Michiru limited her ability to showcase her acting talents. Her movies have also been great and very enjoyable to watch. I hope this girl continues to go far, the way she has, because she is top stuff. There is a reason why she is Japan's top girl. Love her.
2. koala_bry
like her character in dragonzakura..but LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE her in proposal daisakusen!!! she's sooooooo kawaii..her acting is pretty good too!! really like her..!! HALLELUJAH CHANSU...BOMBAHE..!! LOOOL gyabooooooooo.. ^__________^
She is most popular young actress among Japanese movie directors.
The Rookie Actress of the Year 2004 Award winner. Very talented.
She graduated high school this spring, and she can concentrate on
the acting career now.
4. neonloneliness
She looks very charming and talented young actress,
I think she can go forward and being success in her career.

I really really love her smile and the way she is.

totemo kawaii masamichan ga daisuki!
5. buzz19
Great Actress.

Please to all Masami Nagasawa fans join:
- forum http://forum.masaminagasawa.com
- gallery http://photos.masaminagasawa.com upload images here.Bravo to Masami Nagasawa and her fan.
6. missnerdberd
she's very very very adorable! her smile just melts people's heart~ i so so love her in nada sou sou, gonna watch 'crying out love in the centre of the world' soon =]
7. michaela
she's a talented actress not to mention she's pretty, i like her performances in prodai, sekachuu, dragonzakura and touch but why her acting is become worst now.
8. catisneko
I have always loved Masami-chan in movies more than in dramas... but she has always given a good job in every project she has. I hope to see more of Masami-chan!
9. nicpkh
I love her in dragonzakura and Sekai Chuusin movie.... She really adorable and pretty...Hope to see her more in her up coming drama...Masami-chan Aishiteru...
10. kuroi_rose
I like Masami a lot. She is always so bubbly and cheerful and of course kawaii in so many ways. She has acted in a couple of movies too i believe.
11. oldasianguy
She turned me on in the special "Butterfly in the Ganges"......Lots of people hate on her...but I don't see it...I think her acting is great.....
12. unknowndevices
first seen in Dragon Zakura...then seen her acting Operation Love(still airing)...she's really kawai'i and funny...and her acts really good!...
13. bto_1999
"Sekai no Chushin De Ai Wo Sakebu" (movie) and "Proposal Daisakusen" were my favorate Nagaswa Masami shows. More recently Confidence Man.
14. nakamotosan
Masami's role as Rei in Proposal Daisakusen was great. I bet many men wished they had a good friend in her like Kenzo did! She's awesome!
15. karen69
She is lovable and cute. I noticed her @ 'Touch'. She is doing very well beyond her age and has potential to become the best actress.
16. kenjilina
beautiful and mature. along with hasegawa kyoko she is the stand out actress in dragon zakura. i'm sure she'll have a big future.
17. speed.sheep
notice this cute girl after watching Sekai no Chuuushin movie. She acts very well and still so young. ���V�܂���chan��D����!
18. ester_grace
She's so pretty.. I became her fan since proposal daisakusen, good pairing with yamapi. I love both of them so much.
19. venusling
She has the look and talent. Like her role in Proposal Daisakusen. Hope to see her more in future drama series.
20. Kunimi-kun
She's so kawaii in Sekachuu movie, then I watched Dragon Zakura, I like her character ^^
21. docalion
A very fine lady. A natural beauty!! Her smile is the best!~ Great future is on her way!
22. expanzee
A natural beauty with hidden talents. She plays the "good girl" character pretty good.
23. ryouji
she's acting was too normal that's why i'm loving her!! i will support her forever..
24. atheon
One of the best actress of the new generation that we should pay attention to.
25. Seghal
She's an extremely talented young actress. One of the best of her generation.
26. roberto2006
First saw this girl in Dragonzakura...she's really very cute attractive.
27. peterpoom
She is a very good actress, she knows how to smile and she is very cute.
28. zushan
A great actress. Was amazing in Proposal Daisakusen and Dragon Zakura.
29. Rizuki-sama
i like the voices of her. what is called at akibahara

30. sshirakawa
to our No.9 in the 2007 Most Influential People in Japan, kanpai!

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