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Ichi Ritoru no Namida [1リットルの涙]


Drama Details
Title:Ichi Ritoru no Namida
1 Liter of Tears/A Diary with Tears
Telecast:2005-10-11 to 2005-12-20
Season:Fall 2005

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes
1 Special

Based on a true story

This story is about a girl named Aya who suffered from an incurable disease, but lived life to the fullest until her death at 25. The original story is based on the diary Aya kept writing until she could no longer hold a pen. The book that later followed entitled �gOne Liter of Tears" has sold over 1.1 million copies.

Aya's only wish was �gto live." By carefully depicting Aya's earnest desire to live, and the love of her family, friends, and lover, the drama, �gOne Liter of Tears" wishes to deliver her simple but strong message: �gJust being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing."

Episode One

The drama starts right before Aya is hit with the tragic illness, called Spinocerebellar Degeneration, in which the nerve cells of areas necessary for the human body to move and balance - including the cerebellum, brain stem, and spinal cord - transforms and eventually disappears.

15-year old Aya Ikeuchi is the eldest daughter of a typical Japanese family. She lives with her cheerful and reliable mother, Shioka, father Mizuo, owner of a tofu shop, younger sisters Ako and Rika, and younger brother Hiroki.

On the day of her high school entrance exam, Aya is full of energy as she leaves the house. But she falls asleep on the bus and misses her stop. She gets off the bus and starts running in the rain, slips and falls, injuring her knee. That's when she meets Haruto Aso, who was planning to skip the exam. He gives her a ride on his bicycle to school where the exam will be given. Aya is allowed to take the exam in the school nurse's office, and manages to pass.

When the new semester begins, Aya is elected class rep. and joins the basketball team. On the boys team is someone she has eyes for, which adds to the things she has to look forward to.

Amidst her happy days at school, Aya begins to experience physical difficulties. She often drops food from her chopsticks while eating, can't pour water into a cup without spilling it, and occasionally wobbles while she walks. Aya's mother Shioka, a former nurse, is the only person that realizes these changes.

One day, Aya is about to leave home as usual. When she starts to run, she trips over her own feet and falls. She couldn't protect herself with her arms while falling, causing her to land on her face - making her bleed heavily. This injury soon reveals the existence of Aya's fateful disease.
Fuji TV

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (3)
1. Only Human [K]LYRICS ]
2. Konayuki 粉雪 [Remioromen レミオロメン]

Actor/Actress Cast (23)
Sawajiri Erika
Ikeuchi Aya
池内亜也 (15)
Nishikido Ryo
Asou Haruto
麻生遥斗 (15)
Yakushimaru Hiroko
Ikeuchi Shioka
池内潮香 (40)
Jinnai Takanori
Ikeuchi Mizuo
池内瑞生 (45)
Narumi Riko
Ikeuchi Ako
池内 亜湖 (13)
Fujiki Naohito
Mizuno Hiroshi
Koide Saori
Sugiura Mari
杉浦まり (15)
Sanada Yuma
Ikeuchi Hiroki
池内弘樹 (11)
Miyoshi Ai
Ikeuchi Rika
池内理加 (5)
Matsuyama Kenichi
Kawamoto Yuji
河本祐二 (17)
Matsumoto Kana
Matsumura Saki
Mizutani Momosuke
Onda Kohei
Totsugi Shigeyuki
西野良三 (30)
Hashizume Ryo
Nakahara Keita (15)
Katsuno Hiroshi
Asou Yoshifumi (50)
Kato Kazuko
Fujimura Madoka
Tonesaku Toshihide
Takano Kiichi
Kawahara Makoto
Endo Yuya
Hoshino Natsuko
Sato Tomohito
Asou Keisuke
Kawaguchi Shouhei

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Drama Reviews (144)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Something that everyone should at least once watch [Rating: 10/10]
my my my where do i even begin to describe this drama? i was first introduced to this drama about a year ago. in that time, i have watched and rewatched this drama too many times to count. yet each time, the experience is just as bone chilling as the first time i ever watched it. even now, watching it i can't keep from crying. the hallmark of a good drama, the yardstick by which it is measured is not the initial viewer ratings, for which these were quite good. no, the measure of a drama is what it leaves you with, whether a month, a year from now, it still affects you, it still refuses to leave your mind, you still look back and think "damn". if a drama manages to grip you, to take you into the story, to cause you to connect to the characters, to ride the waves both up and down, to grive when they grieve, rejoice and celebrate with them, to share in their joys and memories, when you connect to teh character to the point that anything that happens to them, it feels like it happens to you, that is when you know you have found something special. and readers i can tell you, this is something special. no matter how rock hard or ice cold your heart is, there is not a single person i have ever told about this drama who has not left it without shedding a single tear, feeling even the littlest bit of sympathy for a girl who had such an unfortunate series of events. NOT ONE. even a year after watching it, having watched and rewatched it, it still has not gotten old or boring for me, it is as if each time i am viewing it for the first time. such a beautiful blend of music, swelling and retracting at the perfect times to correspond with the scene, it is something that cannot be translated into words no matter how i may try. this drama has truly been a life changing experience for me, taught me to learn and appreciate the value of life, the price of dreaming, the courage to live life as if there is no tomorrow, to accept both the good and the bad that may come our way. but even then, i still have not enough words to say about this series, and what it encompasses and represents.
i leave with this word, you may be doubting whether or not this series is good, whether it is worth your time. i can honestly say that before this series i was not an avid drama fan, i was not into romances, dramatic plots, but this changed my view, caused me to appreciate the finer arts of acting, performing, it changed my outlook on life. this is no ordinary simple love filled drama, so if that is what you seek then this is not for you. but if you seek something that will change you, cause you to rethink and leave you with a lasting impression, i can honestly say you will not be disappointed.
Reviewed by aznanimedude on 25 June 2007
2. This will make your life THINK TWICE. [Rating: 10/10]
When i first read the synopsis, i thought it is just another true based drama which have been overdone.

And after reading those reviews, I thought those who mentioned it must be over exaggerated. How can this drama so dramatic and left impact on some viewers??? So I decided to buy and watch it and judge for myself.

I wasn't that thrilled after watching episode 1. I found it quite normal and nothing so sad about it. It was the episode 3 that makes the whole drama the turning point. That was when you realised your tears flowing out so easily. That was when your heart starts to feel sad for Aya.

In this drama, it reflects how cruel our society is.

When Aya is down with the deadly disease, you can see how friends keep away from her.
You realised how fortunate to be a healthy person and the ugliness of public perception at those disabled.
You can see how her 1st boyfriend shun her despite that he knows that she suffered from the disease.
You realised friends are NOT forever to help you, they will feel 'tired' one day and give up on you.
You will understand the strength of a family support. That kind of strength that support till the end and never ever give up on you.

I thought Precious Time is sad but not until i watched Beautiful Life. I thought that is the saddest drama but that changed after watching Orange Days.

And i thought that's it. Enough of sad dramas.
But this was really a DRAMATIC drama, as a guy, i seldom shed a single tears for watching drama.

For this, i can't help it but feel sad for Aya.
and yes, i did shed 'a few' tears. She really motivates people with her strength and quotes.

Favourite quote:
"While other people struggling for their future, I'm struggling to live."
Reviewed by Deceased on 11 April 2006
3. A life lesson [Rating: 10/10]
The fact that this drama is based on a true story made it that much more meaningful. It was painful to see one of my favorite idols act the part, since everything felt so 'real'. This is what I liked the most about the drama-- it's not like your typical drama where there are cheesy jokes and cliché plot twists all around. Everything from the character interaction to the acting felt real to me. I almost felt like I was right beside Aya, and felt the pain she was going through every episode.

Now I'm going to warn you; this drama does not have a happy ending. It's very painful to watch at times (in fact, it's probably the saddest drama I've ever seen), because you really feel Aya's pain. I'm not afraid to admit that I cried my eyes out during the last few episodes. I think every episode made me teary eyed. I'm usually not one to cry during a drama or a movie...hell; I can watch Titanic with a straight face.

I'm glad to have seen a drama like this, because you take a lot of things from it. For one, I've began to appreciate my life a lot more. Even the little things such as walking, being able to talk, having a healthy family and friends. I am now more grateful of everything that I have in my life. I think this drama is a must watch for anyone. There's just so much to take from it...and we can all feel Aya's pain. This girl was a truly a remarkable person; and seeing her stay strong gives me motivation to live on, even during the hardest of times. I feel that it's a necessity to tell everyone about this drama, because it was life altering for me. I now wake up every morning, thankful for being alive, and for being able to have all the simple things in life.

Watch it, live it, spread the word.
Reviewed by akibakenji on 15 January 2008
4. Good drama [Rating: 8/10]
Good, but not the best, in my opinion. Firstly - some elements of the storyline I find annoying - the constant eavesdropping on conversations to find out things (one episode had particularly many instances of it); the whole 'being there by coincidence' thing (and coincidentally then eavesdropping); Japan's apparent abundance of suffers of this rare disease; and the hospital scenarios which weren't really very realistic (I work in a hospital).

But someone has told me not to be so realistic. This, after all, is a dramatization.

Sawajiri Erika was astouding as the disabled Aya. It must have been both physically and mentally exhausting to play such a character, and she pulled it off marvelously. Nishikido Ryou, however, was a disappointment. Having watched him in other dramas, all I can say is that he can only project several emotions on his otherwise impassive face - smiley, sulky and teary. I loved Yakushimaru Hiroko's portrayal of the strong, positive, loving mother.

The character that appealed to me the most was Narumi Riko's Ako, but unfortunately the character's growth was stunted towards the end, as were the development of all the other characters apart from Aya. I felt that there could have been more done about the family, who were the key supporters to Aya. (They didn't even visit the grave with their parents at the end of episode 11. How dare they.)

The soundtrack is a great one to listen to; I do believe it's shot Remioromen to fame with Konayuki and Sangatsu Kokonoka.

I rate this an 8 mostly because I have several issues with the story and with Nishikido's acting, but I'd recommend this to anyone who loves a good tearjerker.
Reviewed by Limes on 19 March 2008
5. Too sad.. [Rating: 10/10]
At first, I thought this drama would just be another sad drama like Sekai No Chuushin(and it was). So, I've always brushed it off to the side and never got the chance to watch it until recently. Heard a lot of good things about it.

After watching it, I WASN'T disappointed. In fact, I think it's the SADDEST drama I've ever seen. This is one of those "life altering" kind of dramas. If you really get into it, you might actually cry a liter of tears. Fiction or non-fiction I think it'll still be as great, but the fact that it is NON-FICTION(partly fiction) makes it even sadder. Aya's words were just strong and meaningful. First episode, I thought.. eh okay. Wasn't that impressed. I thought it was gonna be boring. But, it got better and better as I watched. I got really into it after episode 6. Next thing I know I had tears on the side of my eyes. I think the addition of adding a love interest for Aya here just adds more tear-jerker factor. The interaction between them was nice, not too mushy/cheesy but it doesn't lack. The pace is nice. It doesn't bore you. There's always something interesting in every episode so don't skip.
The cast was great. Sawajiri Erika did a really great job on this. You'd just wanna cry with her everytime she cries. Her family and her love interest, was good too.
The music is very catchy. You'll like it, fits the mood of the drama perfectly. Especially liked Konayuki by Remiomoren which is played everytime Aya and Haruto are together.
Overall, it's a MUST WATCH buy it, rent it, or download it! Don't miss out! Even if you're not into melodramas.. 9.8/10
Reviewed by BOGCHI on 25 August 2006
6. The Best I have Seen [Rating: 10/10]
Unbelievable! this is the best JDorama I have seen ever! I guess it is all personal taste, but I like the sad ones better then the comedy dramas. If you like tear Jerkers there is no better one then this. And to think it is based on a true story of Aya Kitou.
She is trully amazing, I have read some of her Diary which has sold over 18 million of copies and it is very true to the drama which I think is fantastic. Erkia was amazing, I was captivated by her acting throughout the drama, I have never watched a drama where the cast was so well matched for their parts. I also want to give a shout out to Riko who portrayed the 13 year old sister, though she did not get much screen time she was amazing, I hope to see more of her in the future. Aya said "Just Being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing" The drama really makes you think, If you love the drama you should check out YouTube they have videos on the making of it and about the real Aya Kitou, it would help if you can understand Japanese.
The songs are perfect for the drama and complete it, with other songs it would just not be the same. K's song Only Human was amazing, I saw a video where they shot in a shopping Mall K singing he song to Erika who was dressed in her school uniform, very emotional and must have done an awesome job to promote the drama. YOU MUST WATCH THIS DRAMA!
Reviewed by duckboat on 10 October 2006
7. This is the dorama that will change youre life [Rating: 10/10]
First, let me start this review by saying that I do not like watching "pure" dramas. By pure, I mean those that lack any kind of comedy relief whatsoever. Second, I pride myself with the fact that I have never cried because of a show or movie. Ever. I even watched "Brian's Song" and "Saisyu Heiki Kanojo" and still nothing.

That being said, I can now say that my first and second statements no longer remain true. I started to watch this drama on a whim one day and was hooked from the beginning. hearing Erika Sawajiri's eerily weak voice during the first few minutes of the series already broke my heart. Erika Sawajiri was excellent in her role as Aya, and her performance was flawless. The entire cast was also great and the writing was nothing short of remarkable. The fact that it was based on a true story only adds more depth to it. This is the first show that actually made me cry, and by cry I dont mean "teary eyed but never really falls" cry, I mean "tears falling down while making weird noises" cry.

Whether its because this show will inspire you to live your life to the fullest, or to appreciate the smaller things in life, or turn you into an Erika Sawajiri fan (like me) after realizing how insanely hot and cute she is, or maybe all three, this show will change your life.
Reviewed by Grim Eyes on 26 April 2006
8. a total tear-jerker! [Rating: 9/10]
firstly, i expected much on this show since the it has the 4th highest vote. however, i got bored during the first few epis. it was slow paced up to the third epi. it only got me interested during the 4th episode.

i love how aya painfully survived the rest of her existence. after watching the 4th epi, it got my eyes all fluffy that i have to stop at every episode so as not to collapse due to dehydration. however, i cried my heart out not for her but for her family and asou. i mean, everybody knows that she will eventually die in the end, but what saddens me was the fact that her family, especially her mother will be totally devastated. and i must say that i totally felt for asou. she will leave him brokenhearted.

i was thoroughly disappointed at the ending because i feel it could have been better. though i know that aya will die, i was hoping that somehow, something very special shall happen between her and asou (like they could have been married... but of course, that's only my wishful thinking.:p)

however, this is a very inspiring drama. i still can't get over it. whenever i remember the way asou was looking at aya during the last scene where the show showed the time aya was still okay, i cry all over again.

"over there, you won't cry anymore right?"
Reviewed by ssie on 16 April 2007
9. Looking at life with a different perspective [Rating: 10/10]
you get to see life with aya's eyes. this drama is amazing. it makes you want to live life to the fullest and help those around you. you'll be surprised just to watch how aya puts everyone else before herself and humbly wishes to help anybody, especially people like herself when she's really the one that others should help.

the family's reactions are touching. her parents, sisters, and brother are extremely loving and caring - a perfect family. and asou-kun. you'll grow to love this guy lol. btw, the music is like SUPERB, i couldn't stop singing it in the shower, to sleep, and even in school. the acting is incredibly awesome (go erika!). although i must admit, if there was more romance..just a little more, nothing too huge, then i think it would have earned a true, perfect 10. i know that's not the objective of the drama, but wouldn't a well-rounded drama be the best? =)

anyway, you wouldn't want to miss this! it doesn't matter if you like dramas or not. watch it lol. if you hate touchy slash sad dramas, watch it! you don't actually cry because it's sad; you cry because you feel amazed by aya's humbleness and the cares of her friends and family.
Reviewed by pandaguitarist on 22 February 2006
10. a tearjerker but worth it to the last tear [Rating: 10/10]
this drama was bound to be depressing right from the outset, but i kept on watching every week just to stay in touch with the progression of aya's disease. it was a very shocking and different kind of sad drama because it focused a lot on the physical aspects of the disease, as it worsened in each episode. it also placed a lot of emphasis on the family's interactions and the family's reactions to aya's conditions... superb acting by all. sawajiri erika deserves more than just praise for her convincing portrayal of the strong-willed aya, and nishikido ryo amazed me in his role of haruto, the seemingly brooding boy who becomes a close confidante and more than just a friend of aya's. but i think that seeing how aya's family acted that caused me to cry in so many episodes... i wouldn't be surprised if i cried more than one litre of tears. but it's so worth it. the fact that this story is based on a true story makes this drama even more of a must-watch... seeing the pictures and quotes from the real aya's story at the end of each episode was... really overwhelmingly powerful.
Reviewed by sawadasmile on 21 January 2006
11. A Whole OUTSTANDING Cast, Sawajiri & Nishikido [Rating: 9/10]
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama, is was SO GREAT! Sawajiri does a great job in her dramas and she was phenominal with Nishikido!!! I watched the movie version of this and it was a little slow, so I suggest the drama over the movie. Sawajiri performed everything almost flawlessly, and she's so adorable it's hard not to think that she can do such a job!
She's constantly playing disabled characters, but she does a great job with them that you can't complain. She's good at putting the emotion into each scene, making me CRY! Nishikido was pretty excellent in this too, though he's just that cool type. Although there wasn't too much purpose for his character, the ineraction between the two was great. They have such good chemistry! Momosuke was pretty funny in this too, even though you only see him for moments at a time...
I suggest this drama for anyone that loves good stories and ones of inspiration. I do slightly feel sorry for the person that the story is based off of, getting it turned around and remade, but this one is just one of those dramas where it's hard to let go of!
Reviewed by Kirari Ililah on 14 April 2006
12. Words fail me... [Rating: 10/10]
But I'll try anyway.

The impact this drama had on me was something I never thought possible. I had a lump in my throat for pretty much the whole duration and cried several times. ( ...and I'm a guy by the way ). No other drama, movie or any form of fiction ( even if based on reality ) has made me think like this one has. It made me feel like I'm wasting so much time of my life for nothing. It made me feel like I should try to live life to the fullest at every moment. It makes me feel horrible to think I've been given so much time and I'm wasting it, while others are given so little. It makes me think of all the chances I've been given that I've passed on, when others never get the chances. This drama made me feel more in the course of the few days I watched it than I've felt the last couple of years combined.

This drama belongs to the number 1 spot. However much I enjoyed GTO, it has nothing on Ichi Rittoru no Namida. My worry now is; is there anything left for me to see - no, to _feel_ - after this masterpiece as far as dramas go?
Reviewed by Greyhorse on 11 January 2008
13. A life altering drama [Rating: 10/10]
Honestly, people of all ages should watch this at least once in their life time. For me personally, I think, no, I know I'll watch this again when I think everything in my life is turned upside down and need some hope in my so-called-life. Although many people have already mentioned this, but Aya has really touched a lot of people even after her passing, whether healthy or sick, and inspired them in such a way that not many can do. After watching the drama, which I don't know why I took so long to do so, but I had an epiphany about my life so far and how I want to change it. I think the majority who watches this well written drama will have an epiphany and think in retrospect how they can really start living life if they haven't done so already. Honestly, I don't know why this drama isn't number 1 because I watched Summer Snow, Gokusen, and GTO and this one out beats all of them hands down! I can't remember the last drama show that made such an emotional impact in me. Needless to say I cried in so many scenes in this drama.
Reviewed by hyannisann on 26 February 2007
14. A Life-Altering Dorama! 4 THUMBS UP! YOU MUST WATC [Rating: 10/10]
The rating actually should be more than 10! Well, this dorama is really amazing! The background story (based on real life), the main actress (love Erika-san's acting in this dorama, very very outsatanding) and supporting actors/actresses, the plot, and the most important, the red line or keypoint of this dorama. The plot is really simple and the keypoint is actually very plain: it is how about appreciating your live and treasuring anyone you care. It is also proving that HEALTH and SANITY are the most precious thing that every human ever have! I need whole 11 days, only to watch this dorama and it even brought into my dream! This dorama is really really and 100% purely touching my deepest heart, and even my cute sister and niece couldn't hold down their tears when watching every sad and most touching scenes! I can't say no more: You must watch this dorama, there's no exception about that! It may change your way in appreciating your health and life!
Reviewed by enrique_chen on 14 November 2006
15. Truly Exceptional. [Rating: 10/10]
on a scale of 10, i'll give this show a 12. okay...so its mathematically impossible, but this is by far THE best show i've ever seen in my life yet.

like a few others, i started out watching this show bcos i've heard from many how good it was. but i didn't believe that it touching to the point that my guy frens wld actually tear over em, or at least be close to tearing. and like many other guys as well, i previously held on to the belief that this show, no matter how touching, wld not make me cry.

but oh boy, how wrong i was. i daresay i did tear. it wasn't plenty, but i want to admit it here bcos i feel the show is worth it. the only show that has made me teared by far. the pain that aya had to go thru, it was as tho i was going thru it myself.

i say give this show the chance it truly deserves. the show will definitely leave very delible memories.

oh, <3 sawajiri erika :D
Reviewed by ex(alibur` on 12 September 2006
16. Heart-wrenchinly good =( [Rating: 10/10]
I hate these kind of dramas where I feel all depressed and stuff from watching it but cant stop watching cause its too addicting and emotionally attatched to quit. I actually have a decent level of tolerance for this kind of show but even so.....its not easy to just forget about it after finishing it.

But im thinking for others it might be even harder to handle and they probably cant recover for a week or so....I would put this drama in the elite category for sure as it was life-altering and made me feel better about life overall.....dammit these kind of dramas should all have an alternate ending(happy one) whether they have to use sci-fi aspects or not, would make myself feel alot better but that defeats the purpose and ficiton part of the show then.

Oh well cant have them all but I dont regret watching this even though its not too good for the heart to take sometimes......
Reviewed by Takumi3000 on 20 October 2006
17. Will change your view of life! [Rating: 10/10]
The fact that this plot is based on a true story only adds to an already amazing concept. Every episode is so powerful and heart-wrenching that I couldn't help but cry litres of tears during each one. Erika was absolutely amazing and I don't think the series would have been as powerful without her in the leading role. With such a sweet and innocent face, and such a keen acting ability, she truely depicted the hardships of such a disease. Ryou, not only good looking, is also and amazing actor. His character's feelings for Erika, coupled with the song that always played when they were together, have truely made their "romantic" scenes memorable for all viewers. Everyone is brilliant in this drama and it is truely a must-see. When you're done watching, you continue to thinkk back to it and reflect on your own placement in life. Aya is truely an inspiration to all mankind.
Reviewed by Wynter on 3 August 2006
18. Try not to cry [Rating: 10/10]
When I first heard the title of this drama I thought the title sounded silly and lugubrious and the show would be horribly overwrought. I just finished watching the final episode and have to say the title is perfect and the drama is nearly perfect. The story is, of course, sad but also inspirational. I teared up pretty much every episode. I guess the fact that it is inspired by true events is what made it so poignant for me. I'm truly amazed by the courage of this young woman and what she, and others like her, have to endure.

The acting was good all around. I had never seen Erika Sawajiri act before; she was just a pretty face to me. I was completely blown away by her performance. Her abitlity to portray both strength and fragility was amazing. I will definitely be hunting out other work by her.

For a story of this type it's hard to think of a better one.
Reviewed by johnjeon on 11 January 2006
19. Prepare tissues [Rating: 10/10]
I think this drama is the saddest thing I have ever watched. I've never cried so much while watching anything. Almost every single episode I found tears dripping from my face. The acting was incredible. Erika did a great job in making the character Aya seem so loveable. The doctor and the family members acting skills were also very convincing. This drama also made me realize what a great actor Nishikido Ryo is as well. I didn't really like him nor hate him before watching 1 liter, but now I'm a big fan of his. The Aya x Haruto scenes were so sweet and adorable...thinking about it makes me smile.
The soundtrack of this drama makes it even more amazing. I loved the insert songs "KonaYuki" and "sangatsu kokonoka." The theme song is also very touching. I've watched it twice already and it was touching even the second time around. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Reviewed by noodlefreak on 8 February 2006
20. great [Rating: 10/10]
I just finished the whole drama today. One of the saddest stories i have ever heard in my life and also the saddest one i have ever watch on the screen. This drama made me even want to look up this spinocerebeller degenerative disease and see what it is all about. I really want to read that 1 litre of tears diary that she wrote when she had this disease. I believe it would be an interesting if not an uplifting read that won't be able to be put down such as with this whole series. This dorama series is highly recommended for anyone who just got into the joy of doramas or an dorama addict. It is guaranteed that it will be a tear jerker and anybody who watches it will crie that 1 litre of tears w/ every passing episode, and crie more and more until the tears truly comes out in the final episode. With this series, you will know the true meaning of becoming breathless.
Reviewed by vietchino on 10 March 2006
21. One of the Best [Rating: 10/10]
This jdrama is one of my very first Jdrama collection. Since i watch this i truly fell in love with jdrama. i will just say it, no other dramas are better from JDORAMA!!!! this story about a girl with very limited physical capabilites due to sickness is very good expressed by the actress. You will not cry out of sympathy. Yet you will cry because how the main character sees her world is better than we usually do! Every weeks, its getting better, the sacrifices that she made so that she and her closest family and friend can live happier. I fell in love with aya chan character in the first sight... it is very good expressed by sawajiri erika, 5 star for your acting!! in fact, i rarely seen drama performs the same as this one. even the next drama by sawajiri erika (Taiyou no uta) is not comparable with this one..
Reviewed by ricky1 on 31 October 2007
22. Heart moving, heart breaking : a must see ! [Rating: 10/10]
The fact that this drama was based upon a real story makes this truly heart moving, even heart breaking. Honestyl, I couldn't help myself crying when watching episodes 2 & 3. I guess the rest of the series will be emotionally painful.
I also have to emphasize the fact that Sawajiri Erika's performance is exceptional. I would have never imagine she was able to perform like a true actress. Most of japanese teen actror/actress don't cry on screen (I guess they don't know how to cry on screen). But Sawajiri does. And she does pretty well : it definitely adds a true deep emotional dimension to her performance. I am very impressed, because I thought she was only one of those "teen idols" Japan produces each month, but I am glad to realize I was wrong and that she has a strong potential as an true actress.
Reviewed by MSZ-006C1 on 30 October 2005
23. Best Ever!!! [Rating: 10/10]
words can't never describe how i felt when i first watched this movie, it was probably one of the best, or could possibly be the "BEST" film i ever saw in my entire life. This movie gave me more than just a sastisfaction, it showed me something important; something called family, love, affection, struggle, courage, and most importantly appreciating every breath that you inhale to keep u alive, every step that you can take to reach your goals, appreciating life the way it is uniquely created for each of us. I cried watching this movie, but it was not something that i should be ashame of, because i cry for having to experience such a masterpiece. The actors also magnificently do their job, they really act very well, especially erika sawajiri, who are now becoming my number one favorite artist.
Reviewed by mr.children on 29 October 2006
24. Your heart shed tears for her. [Rating: 10/10]
In this drama, it reflects how cruel our society is. When Aya is down with the deadly disease, you can see how friends keep away from her. You realised how fortunate to be a healthy person and the ugliness of public perception at those disabled. You can see how her 1st boyfriend shun her despite that he knows that she suffered from the disease. You realised friends are NOT forever to help you, they will feel 'tired' one day and give up on you. You will understand the strength of a family support. That kind of strength that support till the end and never ever give up on you. This is really a DRAMATIC drama, you can't help it but feel sad for Aya. She really motivates people with her strength and quotes. Favourite quote: "While other people struggling for their future, I'm struggling to live."
Reviewed by popdod on 21 July 2008
25. The Greatest of all [Rating: 10/10]
I've been a fan of japanese drama for quite a long time...but there is a time when im too busy...and just dont have time to watch anymore...
but last year(after so many years outdated from my japanese heartthrob) i watch this drama....my eyes was swollen sooo badly...and the next day i cant go to class...huhuhuu....right now i still watch it over and over again...and still crying it out loud when watching...i just need to watch it...urmmm...addicted!!!!
this drama is too great...far tooo great...when i watch another drama i have to compare with this....
after this drama i become a big fan of ryo nishikido..i guess he's so cool in this drama...erika was very good too...so is the other cast...i guess i have to wait for a long time for my heart to accept other drama this well again...
Reviewed by konkon on 19 February 2008
26. A sad, touching story [Rating: 9/10]
There's really a lot to like about this drama. You really have to appreciate the effort the producers put into this drama. The story, while already sad, is even even more sad because it's based off of a true story. You really have to like Aya, how she keeps a positive attitude and doesn't let her disease affect her. I also liked Haruto's character growth and how he stood by Aya. The music, while depressing, is beautiful. I only had two minor complaints. I wished they showed something on Aya between ages 21 to 25 when she dies. The other is that Jinnai Takanori, who played Aya's father, overacted quite a bit at times. Still, the great story and Aya's character are more than enough to make this a great drama. This drama is a must see.
Reviewed by mrsmith10 on 14 June 2011
27. One of the Best [Rating: 10/10]
Really good drama. this is one of my first j drama!!! but until now, i could not say any other drama performs better than this one. i have now watched more than 25 titles. If u don't like a sad drama, this is not for you. but through out the movie it is not the sickness that makes this drama sad so you would not cry because of sympathy. Yet you will cry because of the main character's willing to live and how she sees the world with her weakness. I just felt i am nothing stronger than this character even though she has physical limitation. After saw this drama i believe you can just appreciate your life more!!! I fell in love with aya chan character on the first sight. One of the best character in drama i have seen so far.
Reviewed by ricky1 on 31 October 2007
28. tears, also very inspiring [Rating: 10/10]
the fact that the drama is based on a true story makes it not only a tear jerker, but also very inspiring.

it reminds us the cruel reality that medical research/technology, which is progressing steadily but slowly appears so puny and helpless in face of diseases and on the other hand human's desire to live and optimism is so powerful.

i wonder what I would do if I had that disease.

ten years ago, i would say, "study hard and find a cure of it";

yesterday, i would say, "kill myself and donate my organ for medical research"

now having watched this drama, I realized that more courage is needed to keep living/struggling the life than abandon it. Am I going to be as brave as Aya?
Reviewed by iamhuzhe on 7 November 2006
PERU KARA KITE moOu---6 nEn KuRai TACchimasUUu KEDOOOOoO AnnMAri"""NIHONGO""YOuuZu De Wa ArimAshEnnNn XSSS
DRAMA suGoiDEsuU nEe....MiTeru TO SuGgOiiiii KANDOU shimAsUshiiiii!!!(L)(U)
HOnTOu ni AyA-Chan KAWaiSOoOO!!!NAnDE ByoUkI Ga chouDO AYa ChAn ni kEmTA nO KAnAAa&iquest;?S0Re Wa.......(N)
Ahh!!!!TORRENT?????kAna :S ????DOuuuYatTee DOWloAnD suRunDesu-ka???MAE kaRA ZuuuuuuuuuuuuTtO SoRe wO kikiTakuTe....:S:S HonTOw ni PC De miTaI Desu!!!!!
DaKARa DaRekAAa oShieTE kuRemASenkAAaa???OnEGai onEGaiii.......PlEASE!!!!!!!!!
(((((YARiKATa oShiETe kuDAa Saii!!!!!!!!!)))))))))))
DEWa DEWa...MinnA kYoUSuKETEee!!!
bai bAiiChUUUUUU!!!!!!
Reviewed by chikibbom on 16 December 2005
30. The best drama !!! [Rating: 10/10]
I started seeing this drama becasue of Ryo>.<....but later on,i continued this drama because of the touching story and characters.

This drama is definely a life-altering series,this drama tought me alot about life,about not giving up ,about treasuring my friends and family...this drama is REALLY sad~~~i really cried 1 litre of tears...i always dislike this kind of sad-ish series,but,this is the 1st sad-ish drama that i enjoyed watching even if i cried about 90% of the time watching it.

I recommand this show to everyone,you'll surely learn something out of this wonderful,touching,real-life drama...what are you watiing for?quickly get this show!!!NOW!!!!
Reviewed by sharonfruits on 11 January 2006

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1. Comments by MokaGirl [Rating: 9/10]
I just finished watching this drama few minutes ago. I still have tears drying all over my face. I must say. I really really like this dorama. The way it has been presented was really realistic. It makes me wonder as I found Aya so courageous and strong. Also knowing that this is based on real fact, knowing there was really an Aya out there that went through something very similar to what I've seen, it's simply heart-breaking. Somehow, I'm really relieved to know that there's strong peoples in this world that fight for their life until the very end. We can guess and try to imagine their pain. But it just not the same when it's presented on screen. I got myself totally into this drama. It really been a while since I got myself so hook up. I've even been crying at work while thinking about few scenes of this drama. I cried for all episodes. Sometimes during a particular scene, sometimes during the credits, sometimes during the preview of the following episode. Eventho I'm quite a sensitive person. I don't always cry like I did for this drama. My latest must be years ago while watching Grave of the Fireflies the Anime version. The only con I found was that they made it slightly a bit too corny at the very end. I would have crop few minutes off and I would give this serie an 11/10 really.

To whoever haven't seen this yet, please give this drama a chance as this was a great production full of realism. One awesome production I've seen without the pretention of asking us to cry for them. The tears just normally flow. And I'm glad to have been a viewer.

Great acting from cast, nice chemistry between all characters, good-directing. One must-not-be missed Japanese dorama !!!!! Cheers
2. Comments by geezbee [Rating: 9/10]
One of the best dramas I watched in this season (along with HYD). Based on a true story, this is a drama with all the right elements. The female lead is outstanding as Aya (Erika) imo...she played the role of a girl who suffers an incurable disease very well.. The emotions and tears..really moved me at times..and made me wonder if she did shed "a litre of tears"!

Also, the male lead (Ryo from Johnny's boyband Kanjini 8) did very well as the person who plays an impt role in Aya's life after she is diagnoised with the disease. The scenes he shares with Erika are one of the best scenes in this drama imo. (brings to mind the song Konayuki too :)) An interesting fact of his character is that it was unreal in real life! This was written in at the request of the Aya's mother as one of Aya regrets before she died was not experiencing love. A sweet gesture I must say.

Besides the two leads, I really liked the other cast members' roles, esp the family members. I can sort of understand the pain, suffering, indifferences that occur at the start of discovering Aya's illness...the siblings unable to come to terms...the parents who couldn't bear to tell Aya the news at 1st and then doing everything they can for her as her illness deteriotates...it is really touching the way the family bonds together as the drama progresses.

I have to say Aya has taught us a lesson in life..I have learnt so many things from this drama. "Being alive is such a good thing"
3. Comments by Deceased [Rating: 10/10]
I wasn't that thrilled after watching episode 1. I found it quite normal and nothing so sad about it. It was the episode 3 that makes the whole drama the turning point. That was when you realised your tears flowing out so easily. That was when your heart starts to feel sad for Aya.

In this drama, it reflects how cruel our society is.

When Aya is down with the deadly disease, you can see how friends keep away from her.
You realised how fortunate to be a healthy person and the ugliness of public perception at those disabled.
You can see how her 1st boyfriend shun her despite that he knows that she suffered from the disease.
You realised friends are NOT forever to help you, they will feel 'tired' one day and give up on you.
You will understand the strength of a family support. That kind of strength that support till the end and never ever give up on you.

I thought Precious Time is sad but not until i watched Beautiful Life. I thought that is the saddest drama but that changed after watching Orange Days.

And i thought that's it. Enough of sad dramas.
But this was really a DRAMATIC drama, as a guy, i seldom shed a single tears for watching drama.

For this, i can't help it but feel sad for Aya.
and yes, i did shed 'a few' tears. She really motivates people with her strength and quotes.

Favourite quote:
"While other people struggling for their future, I'm struggling to live."
4. Comments by phlargo [Rating: 7/10]
Go into this knowing that the main character is in for a rough ride. Her health basically goes downhill the whole series. The story is sweet and there is lots of inspiration to be seen in Aya's fight with her disease, but it's a hard road to watch.

I think the younger sister, Ako (the very talented, young, and pretty Narumi Riko - wish I had liked her more in Honey and Clover) was the real winner for me in the series.

Aya's father, Mizou was also a favorite character for me. I think he was actually the best at showing the devastation and confusion of watching Aya's descent into invalidity.

Ryo is way better in this than he is in Last Friends. He was a pretty sympathetic character really, and often quite realistic.

That was the best thing about the characters in this series - the attempt to show their inner conflicts: guilt, concern, openness, fear, anger, jealousy. They touched on them, but they could have been accomplished so much better.

I find I didn't really "get in" to the series until the 5th or 6th episode, but from there it was a really good watch. In some ways, some aspects of Aya's changes felt rushed and others felt labored. I think this drama could have been 6 or 7 episodes.. or 20 episodes. I'm not sure they figured out the pacing for her story.

Very inspirational.
5. Comments by ex(alibur` [Rating: 10/10]
undeniably good, ichi ritoru no namida is a powerful, influential drama. if the media can be seen as a mass communication tool used to convey an ideal influence, then this drama will be a perfect example.

ichi ritoru no namida shines in every possible aspect. it has the most impressive cast i've ever seen yet, a very fitting OST to depict every mood needed throughout the show, as well as a true story that has probably already touched the hearts of many of it's viewers.

sawajiri erika's role as aya was flawless; i personally felt that nobody cld have done it better then her. the same can be said for hiroko's and takanori's role as aya's parents. even ryou's fictional role as aya's love interest (haruto) was a welcome addition.

many touching scenes; aya's earnest desire to live on bravely despite her illness, aya's family unwaivering support, the cruelty and setbacks aya faced throughout. it would be hard to hold your tears on this one.

ichi ritoru no namida has left a very deep impression within me. the show fully delivered what it has intended; to make it's viewers feel that being alive/healthy is a bliss which many have taken for granted. a gem among other dramas, undoubtedly THE best i've seen yet.
6. Comments by zileas [Rating: 10/10]
Most touching series I have ever seen. Knowing this story is based on a real girl adds further weight of course. Don't be mistaken; this is not about a girl with a disease or sadness or anything in that direction. It's about life. Superb acting by the mother and Aya-chan all the way through. As a matter of fact Aya-chan becomes more impressive when the role gets tougher. The sister who played the main part in Ruri no Shima also acted excellently. She has definately grown since then. While it might have some cliche parts in the beginning, Aya's fate and struggle still has a great impact. Each episode ends by quoting some lines from the actual diary and showing old photos of the real Aya, accompanied by a really meaningful song. It brought tears to me everytime I listened to it after I had finished the series. A real tear-jerker, though as said before it isn't about sadness at all. Shortly said this is a really touching and meaningful story about Aya and her life. This is a true masterpiece because of the impacts and realizations it delivers. A timeless story and an inspiration for all of mankind.
7. Comments by popdod [Rating: 10/10]
Episode 3 is the turning point. That was when you realised your tears flowing out so easily. That was when your heart starts to feel sad for Aya. In this drama, it reflects how cruel our society is. When Aya is down with the deadly disease, you can see how friends keep away from her. You realised how fortunate to be a healthy person and the ugliness of public perception at those disabled. You can see how her 1st boyfriend shun her despite that he knows that she suffered from the disease. You realised friends are NOT forever to help you, they will feel 'tired' one day and give up on you. You will understand the strength of a family support. That kind of strength that support till the end and never ever give up on you. This is really a DRAMATIC drama, you can't help it but feel sad for Aya. She really motivates people with her strength and quotes. Favourite quote: "While other people struggling for their future, I'm struggling to live."
8. Comments by UtadaFan [Rating: 10/10]
I was asleep one night, only to wake up found out my eye were in tears cus I had the secne from the last ep running through my mind, I just can't stop thinking about the ending and what an Ending it was, I was SO moved by this great series, they couldn't have pick the better cast than what they have, esp to Aya and her Mother. What a Mother she is, always thinking about she children. Yakushimaru Hiroko you are the perfect mother in my mind. Just thinking about the X'mas secne with all family members together makes me want to cry(I'm a guy BTW). I've seen many many sad dramas in my life(Beautiful life, God! please give me more time), but this one is the best, never before I seen a series that make me cry while I was asleep. Thank you Fuji TV and the great fansub group for bring this great great story to us all. Only Human - What a song, just listen to the song makes me want to cry....
9. Comments by G-Pjube [Rating: 9/10]
Wow. After completing this drama, it really touched me. It again show's us what we take for granted. We think of running as something normal, we think of eeting as something normal. But this just showed there are people who can't do that and just want to return to such a normal life. This is really a hart breaking drama which will flow lot's of tears. Not because it's based on a true story, but the story itself and the characters were great, really, superb even. I also really liked Erika's acting as she did a great job of playing the role as Aya. When you see her acting in this drama, it's almost if you're looking at a person who has her disease for real and she is very convincing. I'd love to see her act more! Just my thought about this drama ;)
10. Comments by Jalapeno [Rating: 10/10]
One of the best dramas I've ever seen. The cast are great actors in their own right, especially Sawajiri Erika who played Ikeuchi Aya. I never thought she could act with such passion. She added depth to the character and made the series really meaningful. Same goes with the actors who played her Mom & Dad. It's really a sad drama and will make you think about your life and what it really means. Geez, it's heaps better than watching meaningless "Kimi wa Petto"! Trust me. You shouldn't miss this for the world!

And of course, some girls want to watch this for the sake of Nishikido Ryo. He can act and he's a cutie at that! haha. Enough! But yeah, the whole cast are superb! Worth every hour you spend on watching each episode. :)
11. Comments by rikastar [Rating: 9/10]
This is one of those that will leave a deep impression in our hearts and minds after watching... a truly touching story about a girl and her strong will to leave when inflicted with an incurable disease. What I really like about this story is the strong focus on the family. The story really tugs at the heartstrings but is never OTT, I guess it's because it's from a true story and thus is very real indeed. I felt the inclusion of a fictional character in the form of Haruo was very nice, he was another important source of emotional support for Aya. I only wish the real Kitou Aya had someone like Haruo too. Sawajiri Erika's portrayal of Aya was very good, I think this is a real breakthrough for her.
12. Comments by yetters [Rating: 10/10]
Yes, the rumors are true it is a tearjerker. Story-wise, it was painful and beautiful at the same time --a real inspiring story. Surprisingly, it wasn't dragging. The story covered a long period of time, and you really see the change in the characters. Erika Sawajiri was the heart and soul of this drama and the series wouldn't have worked had she not given a great portrayal. Nishikido Ryo was a great surprise also. His acting gave you the impression of real hurt and love. He's got beautiful tears, yes. The acting of the enitre cast was good. *clap clap* Anyway, its rare to find a drama that will stay with you a long time. I don't think anyone will dare forget this story. Its just impossible.
13. Comments by meiohsetsuna [Rating: 10/10]
It's no secret that this drama will leave you in tears. From the first sentence in this drama to the ending sequence, you know this girl is going to die. And you know it is a true story. With that in mind, you get to put yourself into the mind of a young girl just starting highschool. Sawajiri Erika performs beautifully as Aya, the girl inflicted with the paralyzing disease. Nishikado Ryou plays a love interest, and a very sympathetic one at that. I'd be so happy if I learned that his charecter existed in real life. I also applaud the performance of Narumi Riko, who plays one of Aya's sisters. Definately heartwrenching, and makes me tear up when I think about it.
14. Comments by GreenIce [Rating: 7/10]
Decent dorama. Thought it was going to be a standard tearjerker at first, but there's more to it than just that; the amazing courage of the main character in the story was quite inspirational. It is based on a real-life story, loosely or closely I don't know, but knowing that someone really went through all that makes it well, more real. The way the family and friends react and pull together to help one of their own is also touching.

One of those shows that makes you think about your life and whether you're happy with it. The fact that the two main characters are eye candy does not hurt the watchability of this show. Konayuki is a great song by Remioromen!
15. Comments by Coolsmurf [Rating: 10/10]
Never really expected something to top Sekai no Chuusin ai no Sakebu, but after watching this, this really topped it! Great potrayal by Erika Sawajiri of Aya who never gives up from the moment she learnt about her illness. The plot was from a real-life diary and it was written perfectly for the drama even with a fictional character like Asou Haruto. The pacing never lagged and everything went by flawelessly and you really feel for Aya in almost every episode. the scene at the bridge between Aya and Haruto where she said "Bye Bye!" and Haruto could only hold on to her wheelchair without saying anything, that was very well-done. Definitely getting the DVD set.
16. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 8/10]
A drama that is based off of a true story of a girl suffering from a serious spinal condition. Some events of the drama go acccordingly to the actual life of the young woman, but some things such as the romance story between the main character and Nishikido Ryou did not happen in real life. In fact, the mother wanted to add the romantic story into the drama because she felt that was one thing that she would have liked her daughter to experience.

The drama has a few touching scenes with suprisingly good acting from the new actress. Although for some reason, I still prefer "Sekai no Chuushin de Ai wo Sakebu" over this. Still a great tearjerker though.
17. Comments by ilovetakuya [Rating: 8/10]
This drama is very sad. I wanted to read the book after watching this drama. Sawajiri Erika's very pretty, hope to see her in other doramas as well.... However, she wearing makeup even in last episodes was distracting. She really shouldn't have worn mascara after about ep.4.
I really liked Narumi Riko too. Can't believe she's born in 1992. She looks, like, 16.
Though I liked Nishikido Ryo's character, he looked a bit unhealthy in this drama.
This drama shined because of Jinnai Takanori and Yakushimaru Hiroko. They were great actors that gave this drama substance. Well done! Overall, it was a good drama that made me to appreciate what i have..
18. Comments by sirhin [Rating: 10/10]
I'm not an emotional person but this drama definitely squeezed a good amount of tears from me. Erika Sawajiri played her character to a tee and if I didn't know better, she could have been diagnosed with it herself. Nishikido Ryo's character was absolutely perfect as it was a gradual development and was believable. Though the ending was very sad, you could also say it was a happy one and I commend it and recommend it, along with a box of tissue on the side. Ichi Ritoru no Namida is an incredibly touching drama that captures everything that came with the plot realistically and I'm glad. This is got to be one of my most memorable dramas to date.
19. Comments by mornin_view [Rating: 10/10]
based on true strory, this drama is about aya's life. a young girl who suffered from Spinocerebellar Atrophy, is a rare neurological disorder of the central nervous system. It is the slow degeneration of certain areas of the brain often associated with poor coordination of hands, speech, and eye movements. to date, there is no known cure for this condition.i must admit that it is very hard not to cry when i was watching how she struggled and fought her disease and how she wrote her deepest thoughts until the last day she could hold a pen, she did not give up hope.. she was strong inside. It brings strength and motivation to me. Arigato Aya.
20. Comments by sadacori [Rating: 7/10]
This drama is a real tearjerker, but sometimes I had the feeling like it was trying too hard to make the viewer emotional. Parts of it may seem slow-moving at times because it focuses on every little detail like Aya gradually not being able to do the things that she used to (walking, picking up things, etc.) There is also focus on relationships between her friends and how things changed between them because of her illness and also how her family copes with it.

I found this to be one of the more realistic Japanese dramas that I've seen. No flashiness, no excitement, just an interesting drama that focuses on a well-told story.
21. Comments by norcal37 [Rating: 10/10]
For the most part, I did not enjoy the show up until episode 10; I almost wanted to quit watching. But after watching the emotional and tearful finale, I was really glad I watched the whole drama.

With the show finished, I want to read the actual book and get to know Aya's story; hopefully I can find a translation for this.

The reason why I give this show a 10 is because this is one of the few shows that has made me cry. I'm a guy and you may think I'm a weakling, but I don't care. The only shows that I have cried to in my lifetime were the anime, Fushigi Yuugi, and the movie "Friday Night Lights" (American).
22. Comments by akane_MYV [Rating: 10/10]
Just the best drama I have ever seen, I recommend it to everybody, who wanna see something, you won't just so easily forget!!!
No episode was boring, you will be entertained in every minute - 0% of boredom! I cried from episode 3 upwards! Because it's based on a true story, it makes you cry more....such a sad drama, the saddest I ever seen. T_T There are such many situations, where your tears just rolling down your face without you knowing it!
I had a really good time on this drama, just my favourite!
It's such sugoiiiiiii! I love it!
I definitely would watch it again! Perphaps more than one time XD...
23. Comments by michiru3 [Rating: 10/10]
I love this drama!! All the charas are good, esp the main actress. She did a great job. Nishikido Ryo's chara gets more and more likable. Just too bad his relationship w/ Aya never gets too deep. All the eps are enjoyable. I'm just sad that Asou-kun didn't visit her in the end. Even tho a lot compare this w/ SekaChu, I like this one a LOT more than SekaChu b/c the girl is stronger, more hopeful, & isn't as reliant on the guy. I gave up SekaChu by ep.8 b/c I know what's gonna happen, but this one...I couldn't stop watching until the end!! I wonder if Asou-kun is based on a real person too.
24. Comments by ScrappedShinigami [Rating: 9/10]
This was a really really good drama. Good as it was I don't think I could put myself through it again, it is so very sad. But to all people who haven't watched it before, you should see it at least once. It's a really touching drama, really sweet and extremely emotional!
This was the first dorama I have seen Eriki Sawajiri act in and she really played the role fantastically! Ryo was Kakkoii!!! And I really loved Fujiki Naohito's character he was fantastic and sweet and caring and I want one ^__^
Overall a great series! If you watch it make sure you have a couple of toilet rolls at the ready!
25. Comments by helicoptersky [Rating: 10/10]
It's pretty shallow to call a television drama life-changing, but that's exactly what 1 Liter of Tears is. Although I hate tear-jerkers [& I cried buckets and buckets watching this], I daresay it's the best jdrama I've ever watched: I could go on about the brilliant scripting [symbolism ftw!], the A++++++++ cast [Sawajiri Erika, Narumi Riko and Fujiki Naohito were excellent, and Nishikido Ryo broke my heart several times over], the absolutely awesome on-screen chemistry [They never so much as held hands, and yet!], and the really really great music [3/9 and Konayuki are heart-breaaaking].
26. Comments by summershine [Rating: 10/10]
Although I promised myself I would never watch one of these dramas - boy falls in love with incurably sick girl - I accidentally found myself watching it one day. Okay, so it was really hard to resist Nishikido Ryo. :) However, what I found was an AMAZING drama, which brought me to tears more than once, and offered excellent acting. I was also happy that Nishikido-san's role was not overplayed, as I really wanted the drama to focus on Aya's life (as it was in real life) and not become another teen romance story. Sawajiri-san was absolutely fabulous as Aya, and made the show. 10/10
27. Comments by IniQx [Rating: 10/10]
This drama marks the 100th Jdoramas I've watched. A drama I've been anticipating & it did not disappoint me. Very thought-provoking & tear-jerking. There was not a single episode that I did not shed a tear. Like the little snippets of quotes from the real Aya & photos of her showed how strong she was struggling to live on despite her illness. This drama also has a superb theme song which is very aptly named - Only Human. We are all only human & precisely because we are human, we live strong & on. Ichi Ritoru no Namida....I think I did shed that much of tears.
28. Comments by OCster [Rating: 10/10]
Never seen anything like this in my life. It's been 6 months since I last watched it, and I still cry listening to the OST. I cry listening to OSTs of other dramas thinking about 1LOT. It's made that much of an impact on me. Erika Sawajiri gives the perfomance of her life here, and I believe it's probably a little too hard to surpass her accomplishments in this one. It may be a little depressing to watch, but it is ultimately uplifting and inspiring. It made me want to treasure every little thing life had to give.

Anything under a 10 for this series is absolutely absurd.
29. Comments by ameagari48 [Rating: 10/10]
when i lost hope in jdramas because my japanese station kept showing reruns and old shows, this drama pulled me back into the whole scene again. i absolutely loved it. you'll cry buckets but even though its one of the saddest shows, it's the most touching and heartwarming and you'll start to think about your own life and making sure it is worthwhile. its values of family, strength, love and living are deep at its core and you'll never regret watching it. this drama made me fall for nishikido ryo but all the actors were superb and did an oustanding job. best drama ever
30. Comments by lijachan [Rating: 10/10]
Beautiful. The most heart breaking and inspiring drama I have ever seen. I bawled through the entire thing. Erika's performance was simply amazing. This drama does a good job of really putting you in the main character's shoes- you feel life from her world. Also, by being a true story, this drama has the power to change your life. It definitley changed mine. The main character goes through struggles that are unimaginable to most of us and yet lives to the fullest and continues on. The music is also very fitting and stunning. Everyone should watch this show at least once.

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Users who voted for this drama (578)
1. deathstar550
Really surpassed all of my expectations. They couldn't have picked a better cast for this drama... The leads, Sawajiri Erika and Nishikido Ryo, were nothing short of stunning onscreen. Sawajiri is amazing when she smiles, amazing when she cries, amazing when she has that determined look on her face... she really was the perfect actress for this role. As for Nishikido... to be honest, I didn't warm up to his character at first. He was always so cold. But as the drama went on, I saw that he was anything but that.

Sawajiri and Nishikido -- awesome, awesome acting. There was just so much life behind them, so much intelligence, so much uniqueness. I can't put it into words, you just have to watch to show.

And this drama has just about the BEST supporting cast I've ever seen: Yakushimaru Hiroko, Aya's mother; Jinnai Takanori, Aya's father; Narumi Riko, Aya's sister; and Fujiki Naohito, Aya's doctor. These four supporting characters had acting quality of such high-calibre that they're on par with the lead actors of many other dramas. There are so many scenes where these actors shine so brightly... agh, just watch the show. :)

I've talked about Ichi Ritoru no Namida from a pure "actors" view, where I just gave my impressions on the actors and their acting. But just because I haven't talked about the main plot doesn't mean it's not worth talking about... it's just that... well, no spoilers. ;) Rest assured, this drama has both the good acting and the strong story -- Ichi Ritoru no Namida is the whole, beautiful package.

Before this turns into a rant (if it hasn't already ^^')... let me end by saying -- This drama blew me away. I double-clicked on the first episode not expecting ANYTHING. I came away from the last episode amazed and humbled at the message of this drama and the power with which it was communicated. If you could only watch one drama this year, make it this one!
2. kanon
A very emotionally gripping drama. The interaction with the characters, especially Aya, was ever-present. At times, you would just wish you could jump into the scene and bare at least half the pain for Aya.
The actors/actresses in Ichi ritoru did an exceptional job. In particular praise, Sawajiri Erika and Yakushimaru Hiroko(Shioka) were outstanding. The mother plays the role so well in the nurturing of her children. While everytime when Aya was crying, I was crying WITH her or at least tearful. It is indeed heartbreaking to see Aya lose her abilities of moving around freely and all the other things she must give up as a result of her disease. She is such a great person and brave fighter, so at the time when EVEN she collaspes; her supporters can feel nothing but hopelessness and injustice (as to why she is the chosen one of this disease).
One of the saddest dramas you'll ever come upon. But due to the way it humbles the viewer, it makes you feel that you are seeing the scenes from a first person view. And its amazing how much the show prompts the viewers to deeply sympathise with the characters. Ichi Ritoru is definitely one of the most influential, and profound dramas, ever. It communicates very well with the viewers through courage, love and despair. A must watch!
3. OCster
This drama kills me emotionally, but it's so beautiful and uplifting that it really doesn't matter. Erika is absolutely amazing in this. After watching this drama, I have to say that it's THE best drama I've ever seen (especially in terms of how much it has affected me). It's told from such a tender and loving viewpoint, from a young girl who tries to live life despite her illness and to live happily at that. It will brutally shatter your heart to pieces, but it will also inspire you in ways that can't be explained... we are taken on a journey, from the first moments of Aya's discovery of her illness to when it all ends. We watch her laugh, we watch her cry, we watch her battle the illness like she were our own friend. The OST is wonderful, but I'm very wary of listening to it because it always makes me cry. Anybody who doesn't watch 1LOT is missing out BIG TIME.
4. KJjap
God! Feels like I cried more than "1 liter of tears"!!!!!! Hell!... I just finished watching it and my eyes are so red. Plus, I ran out of tissues. How can you carry on with your life just as usual after watching this? I knew what the ending was going to be like. I had expected it all since the beginning. And yet....
I dont know what to feel. What if it happened to me? Will I also gradually die along with others that have the same disease? Would I be afraid everyday? Will I struggle and fight to live a little bit longer everyday?
I feel like yelling, screaming with all my lungs, with all my heart. I really want to get rid of this painful and heavy dullness. I want to get rid of all this sadness I have accumulated along this drama...
Sorry for getting too emotional. I guess I must be tired.
I was profoundly touched. Rest in peace Aya.
5. Amber
This dorama is unbelievably great, I dont know how one could put this dorama into words.
It is really a dorama that not just only touches you (i cried in each episode eccept for the first) but makes you think about a lot of diffent aspects with regard to life. One really starts to rethink and you will definitely change after watching "One litre of tears", you will start to appreciate your life and other people. It will change you. It is just great I would watch it over and over again. I cant describe how wonderful "One litre of tears" is. It will motivate to live your life the way you want to. It is really a great dorama everybody should watch, not only dorama viewers but everybody, it a great real-life story about a very very strong young woman who inspired a lot of people. Incredible!
6. mornin_view
based on true strory, this drama is about aya's life. a young girl who suffered from Spinocerebellar Atrophy, is a rare neurological disorder of the central nervous system. It is the slow degeneration of certain areas of the brain often associated with poor coordination of hands, speech, and eye movements. to date, there is no known cure for this condition.i must admit that it is very hard not to cry when i was watching how she struggled and fought her disease and how she wrote her deepest thoughts until the last day she could hold a pen, she did not give up hope.. she was strong inside. It brings me strength and motivation in my life. Arigatoo Aya.
7. ckh019
This is the first full drama that I watched while living in Japan. I would watch this with my friends that understood little Japanese, so they thought it was weird when I would start to cry a little. This drama left a mark in me that will not be removed. The story is so sad and well portrayed that I could feel their emotions. All of the actors and actresses did a wonderful job, but I have to say that Sawajiri Erika did outstanding. The theme song, "K - Only Human" is also my favorite song, whenever I heard the song play in the show, it was hard for me to not feel some emotion. Best drama I have ever seen
8. koomiya823
words cannot explain how good this dorama was. not only this was based on the real story, actors did extremely well. I was suprised to see ryo nishikido acting this well. It was the first time for me to see ryo acting, and i admit i was NOT expecting much from him since he is just an idol. but GOSH, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. towards the end, I could tell that he was really crying because he coudnt do much for the girl exept being by her side... I now ABSOLUTLY RESPECT RYO for doing AMAZING JOB on his role, and I don't think he is just a pretty faced idol anymore.
9. redknox
Super sadness JDrame i've ever seen in my life. Great actress and actor especially Erika Sawajiri(I believe she will be next greatest actress in japan) her mother(shioka), father, asou-kun, sensei, ako, hiroki, rika. Great storyline, makes me cry every episodes. This drama make a huge impact in my life, trully i feel shame with my life regarding aya-san who struggle with courage. I'ts really worth to collect watch it again and again. So you can be a better person and life with happiness. In scale 1-10 i give score 10. Sughoooi desu.
Hontou ni arigato aya-san.
10. Deceased
I thought Precious Time is sad but not until i watched Beautiful Life.

I thought that is the saddest drama but that changed after watching Orange Days.

This is it. I'd enough of sad dramas.

But, reviews and recommendations makes me want to watch this drama.

It was really a DRAMATIC drama, as a guy, i seldom shed a single tears for watching drama.

For this, i can't help it but feel for Aya.
and yes, i did shed 'a few' tears.

She really motivates with her strength.
11. wahyu_ru
i'm a hard-hearted guy(:p)... yet i cried when i watched this....
Erika will definitely become the next superstar.. juz like Kyoko Fukada with the Kamisama back then.... (both died at the end)...
Erika's acting juz stole everyone's heart... i mean.. that cute-innocent face, yet has a hard time...
i would like to see more of Erika in the future...

btw... is the cast for the other disabled girl, the same one who played the character Aya in the movie version?? i think so..
12. crysta03
at first i didn't want to watch this drama because i knew how sad it would be. but the reviews for it was so good, that i had to watch it. this is such a touching, heartfelt drama. please tell me that i'm not the only one who cried while watching every single episode, even the 1st one!! the ending credits for each ep. is so sad cause it shows you pics of the real aya. and i have to say that watching this drama has made me a fan of nishikido ryou. he's such a cutie!!
At first I didnt konw if DL this drama or not, because it preview was sad. But then I decided to DL it n Watch IT...and then falled in love just with the first episode. It so good acting, all its so real, the characters, locations, situations, etc. Its really really sad, and make me cry so many times...the songs by Remioromen and K are just perfect for this drama. A Must WATCH!!! Love Erika Sawajiri acting!!!! This drama left a big message to all of us...
14. meiataka
It goes without saying that this drama was a very touching one. What made it truly superb was the amazing acting done by the entire cast, not just any one person. From Erika Sawajiri's potrayal as Aya to the heart rendering performace of Aya's mother, everything was done in a way that evoked the viewers emotion. This was by far the best drama I have seen so far, making drama's like Beautiful life (which i watched later on, a bit dull)
15. yukari_no_hoshi
This is a very very inspirational and touching drama! After watching it, it really changes your perspective on life, reminds us how lucky we are just to be alive and to have dreams that are possible to reach for...

A big congratz to the cast, they made the story very very convincing, every single emotion, every line in the drama...I seriously couldn't stop crying...right from episode 1 to 11!!!!!!!

It's good to be alive ^^v
16. michiru3
This drama is awesome!! Similar to SekaChu, but I like this so much more b/c the main chara is a lot stronger and the main guy is cooler (not like, "without you, I can't live on"). The main actress really impressed me w/ her acting skills and Nishikido Ryou is just SO kakkoii here (^__^). I wanna see more of both their acting. Altho this drama is sad, it's also very uplifting. One of the best dramas I've seen.
17. sujukara
One of the best Drama's I've ever seen...I have watch so many drama and never i felt this way...this drama is the only drama that can make me shed 1 litre tears.. I don't think any other drama can do the same..the storytelling was great and added her love scene making it way more better.... i can't find any other drama that as good as this...!! and Erika did well with Aya Character... 10/10 from me...
18. qweqwe123
I voting cause this drama really got to me. I usually don't cry for dramas maybe a few, and its only one time. This drama had me in tears all the time. Never cried so much for any show or movie before.

By the end it felt like my tear ducts were empty and my face hurt.

Amazing story, with a great cast of actors. All of the characters grew on me. Especially Aya's dad.

10/10 this is a good one.
19. venusling
1 Litre Tears is based on real life story. I can feel the emotion the actress potrait. Very good acting skill and good story. This drama shows that how lucky we are as a healthy person thus we need to appreciate all the people around us and enjoy life as much as possible coz we have limited life time in this world. Life will be more meaningful with nice memories though it's short.
20. Takashi
�gJust being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing.�h - Kito Aya

This 15 year old young girl who was able to face her disease bravely, wow.... i would have probably commited sucide if that happend to me, but to know that this is a drama is based on a true story, its really touching!

This drama has a great meaning, and becuase of it i am living life to the fullest!
21. cold_jade
This drama really motivates... Everything were great. The script, the quotes, the cast, the music... And it leaves a really big impression and impact in your heart. Even though Asou-Kun isn't real, I think the director and Ryo-chan himself made Asou Haruoto very realistic, not too perfect to be unbelievable. And I love all the songs! This drama is just wonderful.
22. aki_07
I cried from episode 1 all the way to the last. It's not a tragic tragic plot that just wants to squeeze tears out from the audience. It's heartwarming and at the same time breaks your heart!! Makes you appreciate your health and life better. Gd values instilled, great soundtrack by K, great acting, heart-rending story without nonsensical tragedy. A classic!
23. fuyuke
I didnt knew that this show was so sad at first and I just wanted to watch it due to Erika and Ryo but crap! It really can make people cry even if u are not those who cry often. Erika did well in the show and since it is based on a true story, it makes the whole thing seem real. Good show with good plot and good looking main actors. What more do u ask for?
24. ainangst
"Powdered snow, this heart that has transcended time is faltering
And yet, I want to continue to protect you" (trans by honyakukonyaku)
the love story between aya&haruto is fictional but the pain that aya went through is real.
don't be perturb by the sad theme
worth every single tears you will shed. this is a story about love, courage and strenght
25. megumi s.
BEAUTIFULLY done. very moving. it's not the typical drama about a love story with the twist being that one partner has a disease. although there is romance, the focus is on the heroine, and her and her family's emotional struggles as she progressively gets worse. everything about this drama is amazing: the acting, the music, the storyline, everything.
26. NeWiA
This drama is so amazing! (Superb in everything! to the cast.. music.. acting.. everything!) It really touches your heart. It will open your eyes and teach you lessons about life.. I have learnt so many things from this drama. It's so inspiring.. I really love it!... One of the greatest drama for me. I will never forget this drama in my entire life.
27. Baka Senpai
an excellent drama, promoting good moral values such as compassion, kindness, patience, thanksgiving and sympathy.
sawajiri erika will have trouble topping herself again with the superb performance she gave in this drama.
ooo and please pay attention to episode 6 when ako owns hiro for aya's sake...sucha touching scene!!! definitely in my top 5.
28. pandaguitarist
depressing is not the word that describes Ichi rittoru. rather, it makes you want to live life to the fullest. it's beautiful in many aspects..and the casts light up the story. whether you like dramas or not, or whether this is the type of drama you like watching, i would suggest it just because it's THAT powerful. Ichi rittoru humbles you.
29. yamapi_lover
dear lordy.. this was one HECK of a tear jerker.. i mean seriously.. cried in EVERY EPISODE! i dont know how thats possible. but i managed to do it!!! soo sad.. sooo touching makes you appreciate what you have!!!
i lOVE RYo!!! hes a hottie in this! soo cooL! i love him!! and the girl was pretty! watch it! it touches your SOUL!!!!
30. IchibanB
This series was almost too painful to watch at times, but it was also very very good. Erika Sawajiri's performance was excellent, and she really made you feel for her. I watched the 1st 4 episodes and then had to take a break for awhile, because I was in tears every one of them, and it really wore me out. Really emotional stuff!

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