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Majo no jouken [魔女の条件]




Drama Details
Title:Majo no jouken
Witch's requirement / Forbidden love
Telecast:1999-04-08 to 1999-06-17
Season:Spring 1999

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TV Station:TBS
Duration:11 Episodes

Michi, a 26 year old high school math teacher, tentatively accepts her boyfriend's proposal of marriage, uncertain of her love for him but feeling pressure from her father and society to do what is expected of her. Hikaru, a 17 year old boy frustrated by his home life with his single mother and having been expelled from many high schools for bad behavior, enters Michi's class as a new transfer student. As their relationship grows they realize that they both feel that they have lost themselves to the pressures of those around them, and it is this common bond that draws them dangerously close. What follows is a heart-wrenching story of forbidden love where Michi must face society's judgement for corrupting a minor, abandoning her fiance, and disappointing her parents and co-workers.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. First Love [Utada Hikaru 宇多田ヒカル]LYRICS | RINGTONE ]

Actor/Actress Cast (13)
Matsushima Nanako
Hirose Michi (26)
Takizawa Hideaki
Kurosawa Hikaru (17)
Kuroki Hitomi
Kurosawa Kyoko
Bessho Tetsuya
Kitai Masaru
Nishida Naomi
Uda Kiriko
Yamada Maiko
Kinoshita Jun
Shirakawa Yumi
Hirose Motoko
Tsuji Kazunaga
Hirose Motoko
Yamaguchi Yuichiro
Godai Yu
Ozawa Rin
Sugai Miharu (Hikaru's home tutor)
Tayama Ryosei
Okajima Sensei (Ryousei High School Director)
Nukumizu Youichi
Matsuoka Sensei (History Teacher)
Yajima Kenichi

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Drama Reviews (100)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. There are some spoilers [Rating: 8/10]
I was actually hesitating to watch this drama since this is the first time I think that I've watched a series where a subject is a teacher-student romance. And I want to watch it cos I'm liking the actress Nanako. I'm actually trying not to expect much from the drama itself cos so far from I've watched in Japanese dramas , they usually started so slow, but actually this one moved really fast and focused more on the conflicts of having a teacher-student relationship. Also this is a drama that should be watched with open mind, while it's still not acceptable to have this kind of relationship to protect the students, certain circumstances may lead this to happen.

I actually liked the fact that they casted actors that are the same age as their supposed characters since we can see the stark difference, the main actor looks like a young guy and the teacher looks like an adult. I'm actually happy that they didn't get an actress that looked young to make this more acceptable. Though I have to admit having two quite attractive leads doesn't hurt the drama.

The story started when Hikaru driving a motorcycle hit Michi, then he turns out to be her new student. Then that started their interaction with each other at school and when the time Michi got bullied, they ditched school together and that started their attraction with each other, I think it started when they met but I think it was confirmed at that time.

I've thought Michi's character was weak especially at the beginning, she doesn't have control of her life, somehow she ended up accepting or more like forced to do things that were asked of her and the fact that she want to be accepted so much that she's handling things in a way that makes you just want to shake her. As one of her student said, she ran away when she encounters difficulties. She's quite impulsive too, she doesn't think of the consequences of her actions, there are so many times while watching this that I was like try to think of your actions more thoroughly since it's not only your life that gets affected. Announcing to a morning assembly that she's in love with Hikaru could quite possibly be the most romantic or stupidiest thing to do. I vote for idiocy on her part since like, was she stupid or what ; she's a teacher first and foremost, she should understand why there are rules that prohibits the teacher-student relationship since not many adults actually falls in love and just end up taking advantage of the student. I understand why she did this though, it's to show to herself , Hikaru and everyone that she made a decision and she's sticking through it, she's running from adrenaline now that she realized she can make her own decisions in life. She redeemed herself in the latter part of the show, the experiences she and Hikaru went through made her stronger and more mature, she knows she makes mistakes on her decisions and yet I don't think she ever regrets any of them. She has taken control of her life and one might say she can be rather reckless and irresponsible, but I believe that the's biggest turn in the story for me. She learned and accepted that there are consequences with her actions, she grew up.

Hikaru is a troubled student, while he may seem more mature than Michi since he comes off as serious and quiet, but for some reason I've never thought he was mature throughout the series, he's a young guy, he still needs a lot of guidance which he is not getting from her mother who seems to spoil him and had planned his life for him. He makes rash decisions too, I've thought he and Michi are like two adolescents trying to find their way in life except that Michi is supposedly the older one.

Now that I'm writing this review that I realized that aside from the love story between Hikari and Michi, the story has focus more in the development of Michi's character, could it be I'm bias on Nanako but nonetheless that's how I feel. Now to discuss their love story, it's sweet, poignant and makes you want to root for them. But there are many conflicts as well which is quite disturbing especially how Hikaru's mother treats him, there's a suggestion that the mother is in love with her own son. Then there's the fiancee and the best friend of Michi. I liked the side plot of her student who is being abused by her father, in a way she's instrumental in Michi's growth, she realized that more than focusing on being accepted, as a teacher her focus and priority should be her students. Then there is Michi's parents, the conflict in their family.

I rated this drama originally 9 but changed it to 8 because when I thought back on the story, while it tackled the difficulties that one may encounter if they pursue a teacher-student relationship, there are many parts of the story that I believed are used to detract from the taboo relationship, like to make it more acceptable, let's have a mother who's too possessive of her son's affection and the fiancee who turned violent when he can't get Michi back. It's like the direction is for the audience to root for the couple instead.

And really, is it like common for Japanese people to slap people around, why so violent, that really is disturbing and the fact that Michi was liked to be raped in the series and she didn't complain or report it to authorities, I don't know if it's because it's like an older drama but still I hope women and children and the weak are protected in their society because just basing on this drama, it's alarming to know that it's happening and that it's somehow acceptable.
Reviewed by dramawater on 7 May 2014
2. Spoilers!!! Ending Discussed [Rating: 8/10]
The Ending!! Please do not read this if you have not finished watching the entire series! Spoilers directly ahead.

I am a big fan of ambiguous endings, films or TV shows that don�ft spell out exactly what has happened have more impact because I�fm thinking about what happened at the end and how I�fm supposed to interpret it. My first reaction to this ending was, what just happened! I expected that Michi played by Nanako Matsushima, was going to awaken from her coma and when she opened her eyes and ran her fingers through Hikaru�fs hair I had the happy ending that I fully expected, until Hikaru portrayed by Hideaki Takizawa, opened his eyes and then went back sleep. So her awaking from the coma was only a dream. Throughout the series the couple would talk about running away to somewhere that they could be together and free a happy land, the only happy land that the two of them could share together was a dream.

The drama at times I believe had the characters doing some very stupid things. I thought that Michi jumping right from her near marriage, to a love affair with a student rather too quick. Michi declaring her love in front of the assembly was a very bad idea, the only excuse I can conceive is that she was in shock from her fathers betrayal and decided to lash back but obliviously ruins Hikaru�fs chance for happiness at the school and thereby her own. The other motivation I question is that if Michi truly loved Hikaru couldn�ft she have waited until he finished school, he would be of age and also a much brighter future then the gas station attendant he eventually becomes. Why couldn�ft she wait or was her emotional state just so agitated that she couldn�ft.

The drama reminded me a lot of Aoi tori aka Bluebird which is about an illicit love affair between a station master and a married woman. In fact the protagonists of both dramas lose jobs they love and take employment as manual laborers at a fish market as they are forced to flee there homes under the pressure of society.

People speak of the disturbing factor of this drama as the student / teacher love affair but what I find more disturbing is Hikaru�fs mother played by Kuroki Hitomi. At times the jealously that motivated her appeared driven more by lust then by motherly concern. I would consider incest to be more taboo then a twenty six year old woman having an affair with a seventeen year old male.

I�fve had this drama for a while but finally watched it this past weekend as this ongoing case in Albany New York, sparked my interest and I wanted to see a different cultural perception on this issue.

This is from the Times Union Website

Former teacher pleads not guilty in rape case
Sandra Beth Geisel faces trial in Christian Brothers Academy case
By MICHELE MORGAN BOLTON, Staff writer Albany Times Union
First published: Wednesday, September 14, 2005
ALBANY -- Sandra Beth Geisel cradled her head in shackled hands and cried Tuesday after she pleaded not guilty to raping a 16-year-old boy.
Geisel, 42, a former teacher at Christian Brothers Academy, was indicted Friday on charges that also include engaging in a criminal sexual act with her former student.
In New York, it is illegal to have sexual contact with anyone under 17.
The student was three months from his 17th birthday when the incidents allegedly occurred.

So in the circumstances presented by this drama it would not be illegal for Hikaru and Michi to have sex in my home state, I don�ft know what laws would be broken if they had runaway together as they did this drama.

My biggest objection with the situation as presented is the student/teacher relationship. Because Hikaru and Michi are so close in age and because Hikaru is so close to legal age, I do not have a strong objection to their relationship, quite the contrary I was rooting for them.

The other thing I question is if the roles had been reversed would my attitude be different. If it was a male teacher and a seventeen year old girl, or if the teacher had been older or the student younger; I would be more apt to be against it.

Society although touted as being free has many rules and customs that it imposes on individuals, rightfully so in many cases, no one condones murder or theft, but rules and customs do change over time, the hateful practice of slavery has been outlawed for a far shorter period of time less then a few hundred years. It was considered the norm in many societies for the prior four thousand years.

I enjoyed the drama very much it had a superior ending and gave me much to ponder. I would highly recommend it no matter what your feelings are on the subject matter itself. The acting was first rate from all of the principal actresses and actors.

I also posted this to my blog with working links
Reviewed by Bodhi on 15 September 2005
3. A Complicated Mediocre drama [Rating: 6/10]
I have finally found all the episodes�c (URGH!) I could go on living even without it, I don�ft even know if I will succeed to see all the ending episode without getting sick tired; The plot it�fs not so bad but the drama is sometimes slow, sometimes fast, they didn�ft know how to take advantage of the interesting points of the story so the drama seems sometimes empty and in the end what u can see is only a woman and a teenager, a teacher and a student ,or maybe it�f better to say two immature person who fall in love with each other.
A woman with the peter pan complex ,who doesn�ft seem to be able to do something on her own initiative and prefers to follow the flow, one day discovers herself entrapped in her uncomfortable but convenient world made of:
1. her father-despot, who takes all the decision on her life, but on who she discharge all her responsibilities;
2. A mother who always stands on the side of her daughter. She will discover that she doesn�ft love her husband anymore and will leave him feeling that she has wasted many years of her life (it sounds a bit like desperate housewife eh,eh);
3. A boy-friend which she doesn�ft love but she doesn�ft leave either, she even accepts to marry him;
4. Her work that she hasn�ft chosen (naturally!).She feels inadequate and doesn�ft know how to behave with her student, how hold a dialogue with them, so she ends hurting the people more in need;
5. Her �hbest�hfriend ,she has introduced to her her present boyfriend, she always talk with her about her problems at school but never really listen to her, so she doesn�ft even notice that her �hbest�h friend has always had a crush on her boyfriend.

A boy who finds himself alone.
His father is dead, his mother is suffocating and ambiguous (Does she see her husband in her son? IS she in love with her own son? !she�fs too much slimy !Disgusting!!!).She wants him to inherit his father clinic, so he must study to fulfil her dream, in the meanwhile she use a doctor to keep the clinic on going(and she use him 4 her sexual desires, like an anti-stress ball, the doctor is the true victim!)
He has betrayed his friend because he didn�ft want to be excluded from his school class, so he lost him.
They are both immature (the prof ..she�fs not only immature, onto BAKA deso!) and doesn�ft want to take their responsibility , they want to be accepted by the society and have a place in it, but in the same time, not accepting the responsibilities and always following an harmful concept of freedom (some sort of island of Neverland), they refuse it.
When they fall in love with each other they have to decide to follow the rule of the society, do what the society wants them to do or do what they really want, even if it means to hurt all the people around them.
They decide to run away together and try to find their �gisland of Neverland�h but in the end they will be drag back in the reality and they will be torn apart, they will reunite and then they will be torn apart again�cUff!!!
!will they find in the end the courage to face the realty (and the people who they have hurt) and build an healthy relationship? Or will they run forever from reality just closing their eyes in front of it?

The leading actress, I think she�fs really beautiful, but, as usual, she recites quite bad , she seems always the same character! Hello Fuyutsuki-chan!(see G.T.O)Nothing to to see at all with the interpretation of Koyuki (Engine) in the teacher role!Takizawa Hideaki portrays pretty well his character.
The other actor are good too (I�fve liked the character of the Hikaru�fs uncle, it�fs the only one that moved me), but in the end I can�ft think of recommend it, it�fs a mediocre drama.
Reviewed by Nekrad on 17 October 2007
4. Disgusting subject matter, great actress [Rating: 5/10]
I try not to have any biases when I start a drama, but after I read a synopsis for this one I knew I wouldn�ft like it. Reasons? For starters, this drama stars Takizawa Hideaki. I�fve seen two of his dramas and I�fm convinced that he�fs one of the most terrible actors I�fve come across. Watching his acting is like watching a dead fish pretend to be alive. Regardless, I figured that because the drama also stars Matsushima Nanako, then there could be a chance of survival. This leads to the second reason. I read the plot summary. As a teacher, I have no respect for stories where the sexual relationship between a teacher and student is glorified. It�fs disgusting and inappropriate and should NOT be made light of. With these two factors already affecting my opinion before even beginning the show, I knew it wouldn�ft have a chance.

To make matters worse, the first episode really upset me. It�fs clear that the writers/producers are aware that this topic is inappropriate, and so decided to manipulate the characters, and thereby the audience. They made the teacher appear really young (she�fs 26 years old), and immature. She lives at home with her parents, who pamper and �gbaby�h her, and she has no responsibilities. This poor ickle teacher only got a full-time position because her father works in the field. The student (who is 17) bursts onto the scene on a motorcycle, which an average high school student couldn�ft possibly own. He comes off being really �gmature�h for his age and responsible as an individual. Therefore the relationship can work, right? I mean, the child is really mature for his age, and there�fs only a 9-year gap�c not something outrageous like a 10-year gap.

O come on, now! I�fm a 25-year-old teacher with a 7-year gap between my 18-year-old students and myself. When I started teaching, I was 23 with only a 5-year gap. I have never once been attracted to any of my students for the simple reason that I just don�ft see them as possible mates. I see them, really, as children that I must nurture and aid in their growth as human beings. I�fm utterly disgusted and disappointed that in this show, they try to make the relationship �gwork�h by suggesting that, really, they�fre equals. This is morally wrong, and illegal. Completely disgusting.

As the show progressed, however, I began to sympathize with Hirose-sensei. Matsushima Nanako did an excellent job with the character and truly brought her to life. I could see the connection the sensei had with her student, and how age never matters when it comes to the bonding of souls. But why the SEXUAL relationship? The premise of the story, when you look at the message and meaning alone, is so strong that I think the story would have worked without the sex. This same story could have been portrayed through a FRIENDSHIP and would have worked equally as well.

The writing was good and the acting by Nanako was grand, I just wish the situations were altered.

There is a 9-year gap between the two. Ten years down the road this would have been fine. This choice was not made, and as a result, I couldn�ft appreciate this drama at all.
Reviewed by Wynter on 22 June 2007
5. very touching [Rating: 9/10]
the story revolves around 'forbidden love' between a teacher and her student. Although I would imagine to some, just the thought of a teacher getting together with a student may be too much to stomach, and in society, this issue is so controversial, some would just not accept it. But for me personally, this series was enjoyable...although some people's initial reaction would be that it's disgusting for a teacher and student to form that kind of bond, and it's utterly wrong, but watching Nanako and Takki's (Hideaki) characters going through so much problems and obstacles, my heart just goes out to them, and eventually, I supported them and their relationship. Love is so un-predictable; you can't choose who to love and who not to love, and sometimes you could find yourself falling in love with someone you least expect. For Michi (Nanako) and Hikaru (Takki), some would see them as criminals simply because they gave in to 'forbidden love', but in my eyes, they're no criminals, in fact, I instead see them as 'victims' of true love; they were so overcome with true love for each other that they were so devoted to each other and so eager to run away to a place where their love would be accepted...I was truly touched by their love in the series, and I do support them. Although their situation would've been alot less complicated if the couple had at least waited till Hikaru turned 18 before they embarked on such a controversial relationship, but if they had waited, then there wouldn't even be a story or a purpose would it? If they had waited, then the series could've easily ended with 3 episodes! Then what would've been the purpose of making this series then? So the fact that they embarked on a relationship so quickly had its purpose. And I'm surprised that there are people out there who think the story is "un-realistic", come on people! Look around you, teachers becoming involved with their students has become more and more common in our society nowadays, though it may be considered a crime and wrong, but it DOES happen alot. I would think the story is VERY realistic. The only drawback for me about the series itself was the ending, it was abit confusing and left viewers hanging...other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it overall. Anyway, both the performances from the casts, particularly Nanako and Takki were great, Nanako was brilliant as aways (I've always liked her), and although Takki's performance was quite stiff at times in contrast and he had practically the same expression on his face most of the time, but it's understandable since this was one of his very first acting roles, but he still did good. And despite the age gap between them, I thought there was wonderful chemistry between Takki and Nanako, even though appearance-wise, they may seem mis-matched, but in my opinion, they certainly have the chemistry. I certainly wouldn't consider this a "tear-jerker", like so many Korean series, but it definitely had it's very sad moments where you would shed some tears here and there.
Reviewed by linda100 on 15 December 2007
6. Get ready for a long-winded one, folks :D [Rating: 7/10]
It seems many people are getting so worked up over the teacher/student controversy in this series that they miss the big picture. This isn't real life; it's a *dramatization* of what can unfold when ANY two people fall into ANY kind of relationship that society labels as deviant. The reactions of those around the lead couple would've been essentially the same for any other taboo relationship; namely, a scant few have the wisdom and compassion to understand (Hikaru's uncle, Michi's mother, Kinoshita), but the vast majority are too selfish and close-minded to see that certain details - age, race, gender, anything - really aren't so big a deal when two people love each other. I think that's why it didn't focus much on story-specific issues like the legal age law - it was meant to be a representation of "deviant" relationships in general.

Really, Majo no Jouken has far more psychological depth than many give it credit for. It's not just a teacher and a student in love, nor is it just a pair of pretty faces to glee over. Aside from the obvious central issue, we also see an almost incestual obsessive mother, a short-tempered selfish father, power-hungry colleagues, possessive exes, child abuse, and still more, all serving to create as much unnecessary grief as possible for the lead couple. Of course, they also make several mistakes themselves throughout the series that only make things worse, but hey, it wouldn't be a "drama" if anyone was perfect.

Overall, while this won't go down as my favorite drama, I'm grateful to the makers for coming up with a series that can make people think about these prejudices and the unnecessary suffering they can cause. I just wish more people could see it that way. This is definitely a drama that should be viewed with an open mind.

Getting away from the psychological stuff... this is a decent drama, but not the best I've seen. The story is compelling, the characters are extremely well-designed... but the acting is just satisfactory. Matsushima's character especially felt a bit hollow to me. She had the least depth and personality of the entire cast, and it actually amused me that Takizawa's character was more mature than hers. Not sure if that was the writing or the acting, though.

I actually rated this a 6.5 simply because the last half was so frustrating and depressing, which sort of diminishes the re-watch value for me. But I rounded up because I'm willing to admit the story had me glued to the screen and rooting for the lead couple (but less willing to admit that Takizawa IS nice to look at *shame*).
Reviewed by Bekkichan on 23 January 2007
7. Forbidden love [Rating: 1/10]
good choice of theme, good plot, good actors(All except the 17-yr boy). The script (or the boy's acting turns a 10/10 drama into a 1/10 one because it is so unconvincing that such enduring love (not infatuation) exist between the two.
For those theme for non-traditional values just like teacher/student love, incest etc, they have their values because the laws of the society cannot take care everything and true love between those not accepted by society did exist, it was raised as themes in many dramas all over the world.

I have seen many pair of teacher/stuent lovers, not approved by outsider but they have true love because they have mental compatibility.
In this drama, you can just see 2 persons lost in their life meaning and direction and going to search of themselves. They can be companions in their journey searching for their own needs but not lovers fighting for their relationship sacrificing everything. Nanako was a woman who is in need of direction, goals and self-determination in life. Therefore she will falls on someone with these qualifies. What is this 17-yr boy?
1. No direction, no goals, spoiled child - no responsibility whatsoever in his life (compare to the students in GTO, they are cute because they are responsible to themselves, they may not good in academics but they devote themselves in some other areas with enthusiasm.I would fall on Onizuka as a 17-yr old bike gang rather)
2. No guts - If he likes(not even love) the teacher, he should at least stand up for her when she was bullied. sorry, not even once in the drama, how can you fall for such cry baby? When facing challenge, he just withdrew himself just like timid child.
3. No initiative whatsoever - during their elopment, you can see a big sister nurturing a young brother, she did everything for him.

If Nanako is a very strong woman and looking for someone to protect, then it would be more convincing that they are lovers.

I talked so much because it is so disappointing to waste a drama like this. It can be potentially drama of the year and get nanako the best actress but now just a mediocre one. Go watch Pride or Yamato Nadeshiko, you will be more fulfilled.
Reviewed by ImageHaHa on 19 November 2004
8. FANTASTIC. [Rating: 10/10]
This is an extremely good Japanese drama. I must say it is the best drama I have watched so far, even better than the Taiwanese drama "Meteor Garden", in my opinion.

Anyone who says that this drama is disturbing/taboo must be a close-minded Christian conformist. It shouldn't really affect you that much, because after all it is just a story. And it will probably stay that way for a while, because society is afraid of changes. But when you watch drama series like these, you have to approach them with no prejudices and biases. And maybe put yourself in their place and just think about it for a little bit. Most people just look at it and just say "that's just wrong". But they never seek to understand before they judge. Like Michi says in the drama "he just happens to be 17".

Anyways, that was just for the disturb viewers.

This drama really made me cry. Such pure love and no one can understand. It's sad. My favorite and also my most hated scene is the beautiful ending... because there's two broad ways you can interpret the ending..
1.) Hiraku was just dreaming, and Michi never really did wake up.
2.) Hiraku wasn't dreaming, and Michi really DID wake up.
I kind of go towards him dreaming.. and Michi doesn't really wake up.. because of the song... it's so sad...

"You are always gonna be my love
Even if I fall in love with someone else once again
I'll remember to love, you taught me how
You are always gonna be the one
Now it's still a sad love song
Until I'm able to sing a new song

Time stood still, but it's trying to move once more
Full of things I don't want to forget

I'll surely be crying tomorrow at this time
I'll be thinking of you

You will always be inside my heart
There's always a place just for you
I hope that I have a place in your heart, too
Now and forever you are still the one
Now it's still a sad love song
Until I'm able to sing a new song"

It's like Hikaru is singing the song to Michi.. depressing. haha.
Reviewed by viet_la_amour on 7 June 2006
9. Just beautiful *Spoiler alert* [Rating: 10/10]
While I was a bit hesitant at the thought of watching a jdrama about a teacher falling in love with her student, I decided to give this a go and I'm so glad I did. It is by far one of the best and most romantic series I've ever seen!

I was unable to stop watching this, anxious to know what was going to happen in the next episode so I spent the whole weekend glued to my TV. The whole thing was perfect, until of course the ending. I wouldn't exactly call it an anti-climax but I will say that it was a bit strange. Before reading up on MNJ on the net, I honestly thought that Michi woke up, which is perhaps why I found Hikaru's expression weird coz I thought he would be a little bit more excited to see his true love awake at last.

Now that I've read some of the reviews and some say that it was a dream, I had to rewatch it and I honestly dont think it was a dream at all. Like I wrote earlier, I personally think that she really did wake up. How could they go through all the hardships and obstacles only for Michi to remain unconscious at the very end?? Furthermore, I think the final image of Hikaru and Michi minus the shackles also indicates that the 2 of them can finally be happy together after overcoming the final obstacle (Michi being unconscious) when she woke up.

Anyway, regardless of whether the ending is a dream or not, MNJ is a definite must-watch. Even though this is just a drama, watch it with an open mind and allow it to teach you one of the ultimate lessons in life - that true love can conquer age differences, disapproving parents and rules set by society and prevail in the end.
Reviewed by alchocoholic on 30 April 2006
10. Great series. Needs to be rewatched to be fully ap [Rating: 9/10]
For me, I like the first 2 episodes quite a lot, especially when it tackles society's expectations and the pressure Michi (or anyone of us) is under. Then, after Michi's courage rose to declare her love for Hikaru and they ran away together, I was a bit disappointed. Some of the minor characters' choices and actions just seemed too unbelieveable, the story seemed to meander without much focus, perhaps much like the characters themselves, and I couldn't really tell what they were thinking/going through. The best part of the story for me is at the end, where it rose above even the love story and really took some surprising directions to say things about how to live and carry on, and reasons to live. With this in mind, in hindsight, I think I missed quite a few things conveyed by the story and characters' transformation. I actually thought that Nanako's acting in some of early and middle parts was not that good, but now I think perhaps I really didn't understand what Michi was going through. Michi's transformation/growth throughout was really quite inspiring. I really like this jdorama a lot. I am going to rewatch this, probably another 2 or 3 times, to understand more about what the story and characters tries to convey.

For me: 9/10. at the moment, possibly more after rewatch

P.S. It didn't occur to me at all that the ending is up to intepretation. LOL
I thought Michi had really woken up. Still do actually.
Reviewed by xploring on 8 July 2007
11. It had its moments [Rating: 8/10]
Its hard for me to give this one a bad rating, even if I really wanted to.

Hideaki Takizawa...oh what a dreamboat, yadda yadda yadda. Actually, I found his character quite stiff, and uninteresting.

The female lead however...well, even she annoyed me. She was too 'bleeding-heart' for me to put up with.

But somehow, the combo of the two made for an enchanting experience. I was compelled when they aired it on sundays here, to watch every week, to find out what will happen next. The main theme by Hikaru Utada was perfect for setting the mood of this drama.

What I liked about this drama, is the various challenges on Japanese society it posed. The relationship aspect is a given, but it even tackled such things as child abuse, which I thought was a great idea to bring to light to the public through a media form such as the tele dorama.

This is NOT a guys dorama. Definately one of the 'chick flick' types. It has subpar acting from both leads, but manages to find a chemistry that is not only engaging, but even, dare I say it, entertaining, and possibly even tear-enducing at some points.

I hated it, but it still had me coming back every week. I even watch some episodes on tape...I'm a sucker for it, what can I say.
Reviewed by Winter on 16 April 2004
12. MnJ -> Ichiban Daisuki Dorama [Rating: 10/10]
I really like this dorama!! The first dorama i watched over and over again. Matsushima Nanako and Takizawa Hideaki are really suitable on their roles in this dorama. The "Yurusanai Ai" between a class teacher (Hirose Michi) and a transfer student (Kurozawa Hikaru) expecially when the teacher is a woman is really an interesting story to me. Also this dorama is well made with great song too ^_^ From the first episode i couldn't wait to watch the next episode until it reached the end, every scenes just like fill over my mind that i even remember the words. One of my favorite quote from this dorama is "17sai no shonen o aishitara byouki ni naru desuka? Kyoushi gakusei o aishitara byouki ni naru desuka? Kare o aishiteru kono kimochi ga byouki tte iu nara naoshite morau na donaru desu. Byouki no mama de kamaimasen." Maybe the love here seemed so naive with the question why, how and what will happen, but then isn't "Love doesn't need any reason". About what will happen isn't the dorama already show that they don't need to run away to find a "Jiyuu no Kuni" where people didn't judge their love, what they have to do is live their love so people could deal with it ^_^ Kono dorama wa suki yo, suki, daisuki...
Reviewed by HimuraGirl on 29 August 2002
13. Taboo [Rating: 8/10]
To sustain the balance in a society, laws are implemented. Taboos are ostracized by the people. Social issues greatly influence the people.
"Forbidden Love" is one of those series that breaks the wall of taboos... In our society, a teacher-student relationship is greatly prohibited. However, this series shows that when it comes to love, the status of a person doesn't matter. what matters is that you know how to love and you felt love.

The age gap of the two protagonist also contributes to the problem between the lovers. However, if u think about it, many men today have relationships with older women, and few people just give a damn about it. In this movie, it just happened that Michi is the teacher of Hikaru. But if u'l just focus on the love that they have, you can say that they deserve each other.

What i don't like about this drama is that they should have waited for one year to let other people accept their relationship. And Michi should have left her job as soon as she felt love for hikaru so that they won't face greater problems. they would have felt more freedom f they have think the consequences of their "forbidden love" to refrain the existence of heavy problems...
Reviewed by meflanka on 15 July 2006
14. Just too taboo and disturbing [Rating: 1/10]
While I love Nanako as much as the next guy, and can understand a student falling for her, the drama's whole premise is just too criminal to overlook as just another sappy sympathetic love story. Here in the US, this is flat-out statutory rape. Makes no difference if the underage student is a boy or girl, how physically and mentally mature the student is, and how willful the student's participation. I'm certainly not a puritanical prude, but seriously, isn't this patently distasteful and wrong? The Japanese shows and culture fascinate me to no end, but the fact that the country has made an accepted cottage industry in underage prostitution and porn is sickening.

I'm not calling this drama porn, and I do know Hideki Takizawa is an adult in real life. Strip it of its awful premise and this could be mistaken as any other tale of lovers battling the odds to be together. But how can one really turn a blind eye to such a criminal and dangerous premise in the first place? I don't know if I'm more disturbed by the fact of the drama's premise or by the glowing reviews here not even finding the slightest fault in such an irresponsible tale.
Reviewed by ichiban_noodles on 20 August 2002
15. Very disappointing... [Rating: 3/10]
The main reason why I watched this show was because I love Taki, but now, I don't think I can stand watching anything of his again. The plotline of this drama is very disturbing. I know it's supposed to be about love conquering all, but I just can't help to see the unlawful crimes committed repeatedly by Michi. I just can't believe a 26 year old woman would be so stupid, reckless, and uncaring of how her actions would affect others around her. It's supposed to portray the essense of unrelenting love, but there were so many scenes that in all honesty annoyed me. Also this show is way too repetitive. The same situations, conflicts reoccurring; this show could have easily finished in about 6 episodes. But the scene that annoyed me the most had to be when Michi announce her love to the whole school. Shouldn't that have been kept a secret? And why the hell isn't she put away in jail forever? All in all, good actors, horrible horrible plotline. I'm now scarred, and don't think I'll be watching anymore of Taki's dramas.
Reviewed by Angelwings on 31 August 2003
16. The Best! [Rating: 10/10]
God, it is 4 in the morning and it takes me nearly 10 whole hours to finish watching this series in a day. When my friend recommeded this series to me, i wasn't really interested, because like some people in here i found teacher and student relationship to be very distrubing and disgusting. However, after a few hours through the series, i realized that so what if he is 17 and she is 26, as long as they love each other, then they should have the right to be with each other. We, as a society, are so closed minded. I really really recommed this to anyone who are looking for a reason to cry their heart out and are questioning themselves if their is still a love that as true and strong exists in this world. This series will protray all of it. One more thing, am i the only one that noticed that the hariku's mom is kinda weird and nut, i mean, it seemed to me like she has a crush on him or something. Well, beside this, i would rate this drama as the best jdorama since GTO.
Reviewed by yinki on 8 June 2004
17. Excellent [Rating: 10/10]
This is the first dorama i've watched, I heard the main theme and just decided to check the series, best thing i've watched in years, with great characters and performances, touching music played in all the right places. Plenty of twists and turns and you really do feel the ups and downs of the characters, I shed so many tears watching this just glad no one else was about to see, but then again what's the point in watching stuff like this if you don't get anything from it, Im afraid to watch other stuff now as I fear it won't live up to this, excellent, the only word i can use over and over again to describe it. All other love stories after this will be pretty tame, watch at your own risk, and dont forget the hankies. I liked the ending, if you think about it for a minute and compare the last image of the opening credits with the end of the credits in the last ep you'll see what has happened, very sad ending just thinking about it makes my eyes fill up.
Reviewed by Kitchen on 21 August 2005
18. Could have been better..... [Rating: ?/10]
The opening theme song is great, actually perfect. Main storyline is good too ; Teacher student "forbidden love".... Until she confesses to him in the library, everything about it was so cool.... but after that.... when she wanted to keep it a secret and eventually everyone finds out she decides not to quit and confesses in the midst of the entire school.... that was so stupid.... i understand it's all about love, but what kind of love will u have to go through all of this for? Insults, Disrespect, Accusations, it simply is not real enough... fits on screen but never wanna see something like that happenin for real....
after they go through all the trouble of running away, their passionate relationship misses all romance.... thru out she's busy working and he's home.... he finally confesses to her but she's asleep.... no holding hands, no lovey dovey talks.... and finally she's arrested.... asked shameful questions....
it really is dramatic....
Reviewed by mercury0687 on 14 February 2008
19. overrated... o-o [Rating: 3/10]
technically speaking, i'm not one to give comments on this drama -- due to the fact that i merely finished the 2nd episode. o-o but i guess tat does contribute to the fact tat this drama is a sleeping pill to such an extent, even a j-drama lover such as myself would sleep on a drama! *LOL*

i don particularly have anything against student-teacher relationships watsoever, but i do expect a breakthrough storyline regarding such a controversial topic in society. and this drama definitely did not do so. the drama did not deal with this debate in the face, wat it did was only conveniently & tactfully evaded the issue based on the simple 'love-conquers-all' crap theory. which is hardly convincing

to me, this drama is just riding on the student-teacher issue to help with its lame 'love-surpasses-obstacles' theme, even if it means going around the obstacles instead of facing them.
Reviewed by youhei_mito on 16 April 2005
20. wakannai [Rating: ?/10]
-I like the soundtrack;suits the scenes.
-I didn't understand why Michi had to steal at the supermarket;it is weird.
-Poor Michi and Hikaru because they both had to teach and study in a terrible school. The school teacher was getting bullied and nearly rape by the students in their own teacher's room and no actions were taken? What kinda school is that?
-I don't think girls will like the story because Hikaru was shorter and younger than Michi.
-A very strong love between both of them;They can't even get apart for one day.
-I like all the parts where they were hugging especially the part where Michi was chasing Hikaru and she said "Please don't leave me alone again".
-I'm not so happy with the ending. It's kinda hanging.
-I don't know whether I like this drama or not, but I just can't forget it.
-Nanako san plays the character really good in this drama.
Reviewed by reft111 on 12 May 2005
21. Unconventional but intelligent! [Rating: 10/10]
Wow, was this one odd. It was interesting to see the script present the relationship between Michi and Hikaru as something pure and even wonderful. There were a few scenes of tender affection that had me squirm, despite the fact that I was rooting for both of these characters from the first episode on--proof that this type of subject matter just isn't easy to handle. For the most part, the writing is intelligent and mature, save for a few moments where logic is thrown out the window for the sake of a twist or two; the final few episodes are especially guilty of this. But the show makes you think, and it opens your mind, and presents everything in such a way that you're still allowed to either agree or disagree with it in the end. I'm impressed with all the different levels that it works on.
Reviewed by Kam on 24 March 2005
22. Loving Unconditionally [Rating: 10/10]
I must say this was one of the most fascinating love stories I have ever seen in any japanese drama. It poses to us an interesting question of how two people fall in love despite the age difference, but the fact they genuinely cared and loved for one another despite what others said to them. I was very moved by that. It taught me that loving one another should not be stopped just because society says its wrong, but rather it must be decided by the two lovers and Michi and Hikaru displayed to me, what it means to truly care and love for one another. The place of freedom we so desperately desire in our own lives was shown to me and to others who have seen this and who will see this. Remember where the "place of freedom" is for you. Great Japanese Drama and love story
Reviewed by Golfguy45 on 20 April 2003
23. Not a romance [Rating: 6/10]
As a romantic tale it completely fails but as a story of a deeply emotionally disturbed woman, it's fairly good. This woman has serious problems and I'm not talking about falling for an underaged guy. It's how she deals with it. She seems incapable of rational thought or having concern for anyone but herself. She had to know how her life and the lives of those around her would be impacted but instead of waiting a year for the boy to graduate and avoid all these problems she went ahead.

This is mostly just a criticism of the main characters actions and not so much against the drama. As a psychological portrait it was interesting, as a romance it was very lame.

It's about two immature people falling in "love" and making a series of really bad decisions.
Reviewed by johnjeon on 23 September 2005
24. A drama hard to forget [Rating: 9/10]
I think most people either like it or hate it. It made me a little uncomfortable but strangely I enjoyed the uneasiness it gave me because social oddities like this do happen in life. If you pay close attention to the intended message of this drama, you will appreciate it more. Mom's obsessed jealousy about her son, the society discrimination about student-teacher love affair, the dilema & struggle of doing the "right" things to please the society rather than yourself etc. Many good colloquial dialogues as well. Love can happen anywhere at anytime to anyone. Very bold of the writer to attempt something like this that can make the audience squirm. It brought Takizawa to fame! I'm adding this drama to my collection for sure!
Reviewed by aki_07 on 6 June 2005
25. a bittersweet love story [Rating: 10/10]
my fave jdorama . I liked the way nanako and hideaki showed their love to each others. it was really touching when i saw them together trying to find their freedom and cannot be parted . the ost is really sweet though really sad ..but the thing that makes it always remembered was the ending such a beautiful ending. i prefer happy ending because they had struggled for their love and just like hikaru�Ls uncle said �Nthere�Ls sadness and hardships but there�Ls happiness and joy in the end..nanako played really brilliant i really could see her love to hikaru when they were looking each others.and for takizawa oh my god he was really cute+hot+charming in this drama...(wait a minute..he is always hot +charming+cute..isnt he?)
Reviewed by adinda_indriaputri@yahoo. on 25 December 2006
26. "FIRST LOVE" ..... [Rating: 10/10]
Reviewed by SYILA78 on 13 March 2004
27. The most touching one... [Rating: 10/10]
This drama can just deserve 10. It would be that I'm living a similar story, it would be that the host make you cry until you don't finish your tears, it would be because this story is so beautiful and touching... But this drama is really a magnum opus.
Hideaki Takizawa had act very well in this serie, and so also Nanako Matsushima, who play the role of the teacher who fall in love of her student, Hikaru. The host, then! Wonderfull, my koibito also bought for me the cd! Utada Hikaru has a wonderfull voice, and the song First Love is so touching! Just watching the sigle you need to cry, for the emotion...
So, a must for the romantic persons!
Reviewed by Myri on 1 February 2005
28. Pretty good, but a bit weird at times [Rating: 8/10]
I just love Nanako Matsushima, her acting and her baeuty really impresses!!! Hideaki Takizawa... oh my God, too good to be true!!!
The story about forbidden love between them is not digusting like some of people have written, I guess is pretty normal to fall in love with a teacher, I have already did it. But love, when it is a true love, must go on, must be lived. And that is what they felt for each other.
But I didn't like some parts of this drama, I don't know why, but it gets weird at times, specially Hikaru's mother manner.
Besides that, it is a pretty good drama, a must watch and the song by Utada Hikaru is simply one of the best!!!
Reviewed by shiruchsn on 13 November 2004
29. Tastefully Done [Rating: 9/10]
A story about a teacher who runs off with her student. Sounds sketchy? At first the taboo topic of a teacher-student relationship really turned me away from wanting to watch this, however surprisingly the show was able to pull this off quite tastefully. And I found myself even rooting for the main leads to stay together. Matsushima Nanako and Takizawa Hideaki did a great job and had great chemistry despite the age gap.

However, more than anything else . .this series has a great ending! I absolutely loved it and I think the ending is one of the reasons why this series is so memorable for me.
Reviewed by donna8157 on 4 August 2005
30. ichiban! [Rating: 10/10]
this is my all-time fave!!! i still feel it's superb even after watching so many jap dramas over the years... this is one of the first jap dramas i'd actually fallen in love with coz of the very touching and romantic plot... the chemistry between takizawa hideaki and matsushima nanako is unbelievable! teacher-student relationships are more or less a taboo even in today's society. to imagine yourself to be either one of the lead characters in this jap drama is perhaps fulfilling enough, despite knowing that it's fictional... do watch this superb drama and i'm sure you won't regret it!!!
Reviewed by celest8787 on 28 November 2004

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1. Comments by Sun_Shang_Xiang [Rating: 3/10]
A serious subject actually, so I would expect the script writers to give reasons and points for both sides of the issue. But this drama is so one sided and contrived (How Hirose arrives in time to stop Kyoko - Hitomi Kuroki drowning I do not know - is she wonder woman in disguise ?), no one bothers to state to Matsushima Nanoko's character Hirose Michi the obvious "Well why do you think society and schools have rules against this sort of thing" or "So your 26 and he's 19 what exactly do you 2 have in common that you can build a secure relationship in the future" or "How do you really know the baby's his are you psyhic?", of course stating these obvious points would ruin their case.I am not a conservative nut job and I do believe that age should be no barrier to love provided the people involved have the maturity but the KY teacher whose father had to pull strings to get her the job and the rebellious bike riding son who both seem to have not bothered with contraceptives, just don't have that maturity. Acting wise Hitomi Kuroki was great as usual , hell she could have played Matsushima Nanoko's character as well.
2. Comments by Di@na [Rating: 9/10]
Well, well�c famous JDrama about a 26 years old teacher who falls in love with her 17 years old student. Very controversial but also SO romantic! Hmm of course it's a very scandalous and serious topic and all the actors, producers, director and screen writer were very brave and CRAZY to be part of this movie. The interesting thing is.. You really want the main characters to stay together and to show their love in public even if it's wrong and a crime. Maybe because Takki is so premature and Nanako's character is so lovely and kind of naive, you really believe that they love each other in a pure way. But there is also passion... especially when you watch the library scene. Wow, that scene was very touching and sensual. BUT there are also moments where I thought Michi is extremely selfish and she should control herself! She is a mature and grown up woman, she should take responsibility and end this relationship. Well, like I said a very very serious topic and it's hard to write a bias review about it. PS: "First Love" by Hikaru Utada was the theme song of this drama and it became huge hit. :))
3. Comments by marzyu [Rating: 10/10]
I LUVED THIS DRAMA TO PIECES!!!!! This is a realli great drama! It'z this drama dat made me realized true love will never seperate 2 people apart! Takki made his big break in this drama! It wuz this drama dat made me like him! Nanako also made a great performance! It seemed like she actually did like Takki as u were watching it, seem liek a real live couple on screen . . . haha but of course we all know Nanako wuz dating Takashi haha the music realli fits the drama and I LUV the video of the beginning of each episode when they were singing first love . . .sooo romantic feeling and MTV-STYLED! YEAH BABY! haha sorry for my outburst! My 2 favorite dramas is this one and to Heart, altho this is a pretty dark drama since it's realli mean and stuff, it'z still realli good! haha probably u're all thinking dat I like this drama because of Takki, u are wrong! This is a realli good drama, or else why would it get such high-rating and rated #2 for season drama! Dat's pretty hard! I'll be shocked if usual dramas can make it to top 10! Anywayz, this is only my opinion so I won't force u or anything ^.^
4. Comments by pinkokoro [Rating: 5/10]
COMPLETE. quite slow. forbidden love between a female teacher and her student. they say, love trascend all. this might be okay to see in a drama, but personally I'll never approve such relationship in real life. On the issue of being one true self or yourself, I always believe that everything you do is your true self, it's all about how you control yourself, so it's not a good excuse. Can the criminal say, 'this is myself, I want to be myself, couldn't help it, changing it mkeans other person'. no, wrong. If you change it'll still be yourself. what i'm trying to say is, you can choose how to control yourself, so you can't use 'this is my real self' as an excuse. That's why I can't accept Michi's 'this is my real self'. this is not main issue though. for most, when you're feeling it your way I know you can't help to ask, 'I done nothing wrong. loving someone is not wrong', but in the eyes of the society, such love especially relationship between female teacher and underage boy, is something wrong. this comes back to individual perception or one that's carved by the rule of society.
5. Comments by makky [Rating: 10/10]
For me, this drama is a classic and more than deserving of the 10 rating I am giving it. There is no other show daring enough to explore the controversial issues the way it did. Those concerned that the drama might have occult themes of witchcraft, as suggested by the title, need not worry. The imagery of the witch is only used to depict Michi�s �deviant� ideology and her being hunted for it. However, the themes explored certainly are not children material and parents might want to take note. There is really too much stuff for me to include in this short little review and people might want to check the link at the top for the episode guides to have a more in-depth idea of what the drama encompasses. All I can say is, watch this show with an open mind and you will really enjoy it. To finish off, let me just give you some food for thought. In our modern society that preaches freedom, equality and enlightened thinking, are we really that free, equal and open-minded?
6. Comments by reft111 [Rating: ?/10]
-I like the soundtrack;suits the scenes.
-I didn't understand why Michi had to steal at the supermarket;it is weird.
-Poor Michi and Hikaru because they both had to teach and study in a terrible school. The school teacher was getting bullied and nearly rape by the students in their own teacher's room and no actions were taken? What kinda school is that?
-I don't think girls will like the story because Hikaru was shorter and younger than Michi.
-A very strong love between both of them;They can't even get apart for one day.
-I like all the parts where they were hugging especially the part where Michi was chasing Hikaru and she said "Please don't leave me alone again".
-I'm not so happy with the ending. It's kinda hanging.
-I don't know whether I like this drama or not, but I just can't forget it.
-Nanako san plays the character really good in this drama.
7. Comments by Kitsuchi [Rating: 10/10]
This was a heartwarming and a loving story between this sensei's and her student's love. Whereever they go or do, everyone misunderstands them and noone understands their feelings. The only thing they want is to be together and love each other, and everyone accepting them. Just because the male is younger and a student of the woman, everyone sees down to them.
I think they're really strong. If it were me, I may have given up long ago. But they didn't. They were always intending to go forward, not losing hope of freedom and future.
They go through all kinds of hardships.. You get shocked by watching them going on through all that..
It's a strongly recommended dorama. It proofs that it actually doesn't matter how old you are, you can fall in love with whomever. And there may be a future of freedom - if you got the will.
Watch it ^_-.
8. Comments by blakmetalik [Rating: 10/10]
I could not stop watching this show - I was totally addicted! I can understand why people have a problem with the storyline, and from a realistic point of view, there are a lot of unanswered questions. However, IMHO, I think the point of this show was to make people question the pressures and prejudices of society and to show that love (romantic, familial, etc.) comes in many forms. I admired how the main characters find the courage to stay true to themselves and manage to carry on through all the hardships. (My goodness, Matsushima's character goes through SO much.) Great performances by Matsushima Nanako, Takizawa Hideaki, and Kuroki Hitomi. My only wish is the ending went a little further... At any rate, this show is one of my favorites and I could watch parts of it over and over.
9. Comments by abbyneesan [Rating: 8/10]
I was expecting this drama to be really amazing and become one of my all-time favorites but really it was less than I expected. I was very intrigued by the plotline and it was great at first but it seemed as if it didn't really go anywhere. Something bad would happen then they'd bounce back and then another terrible thing would happen and the cycle would start all over again. Of course, with a plot like the one it has, sad moments are to be expected. The good points of the drama were the cast (I discovered Takizawa Hideaki! He's sooo amazing) and the soundtrack. The acting was good but honestly, the kiss scenes were painful; they were either a bit much or not enough! I mean cmon normally when people kiss they don't just rest their lips on the other's. But haha like I would know xD
10. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 9/10]
What can I say that hasn't been said over a hundred times before in all of these reviews? It was great. I liked how they portrayed the start of the teacher/student relationship. The chemistry between Matsushima Nanako and Takizawa Hideaki was great. It was definitely there even with the apparent age gap. ^_~

Anyway, it really brought to light a different side of the teacher-student relationship for me. I'm surprised that they were able to pull it off without any awkward feelings coming from the audience side. I know that I cheered for the both of them throughout the viewing. The ending was also pretty realistic in how Nanako's character believed that breaking up with Hikaru would be the best for him and it was even sweeter when Hikaru finally decided on becoming a doctor.
11. Comments by Oba-chan [Rating: 7/10]
mmm... good drama, but not great for me. I only agree about "living in world of freedom". Yes, if You love each other, you must not care about other people look at you, i Really agree with that. I mean, their love each other, but everyone doesn't want them to be a lover. Love is pure and doesn't have a condition, i like this idea. But the love between them grew too quick, i don't know why michi love hikaru so much beside his pretty face. Hikaru personality are weird, and also he doesn't have a talent or something to show off, only because he have a bike like that, and then sensei can runaway with him. But the Ending was Great, just read another comment i don't want to give anyone a Spoiler, Worth to watch, but not Great.
Theme Song: First Love [Utada Hikaru]: 9
12. Comments by aki_07 [Rating: 10/10]
I think most people either like it or hate it. It made me a little uncomfortable but strangely I enjoyed the uneasiness it gave me because social oddities like this do happen in life. If you pay close attention to the intended message of this drama, you will appreciate it more. Mom's obsessed jealousy about her son, the society discrimination about student-teacher love affair, the dilema & struggle of doing the "right" things to please the society rather than yourself etc. Many good colloquial dialogues as well. Love can happen anywhere at anytime to anyone. Very bold of the director & scriptwriter to attempt something like this that can make the audience squirm. It brought Takizawa to fame! I'm adding this drama to my collection for sure!
13. Comments by farfie [Rating: 7/10]
Although the idea of teacher/student relationship is rather cliche, I was pleasantly surprised by the difficulties that the characters encountered and all the trouble that they endured before their love came into fruition and their relationship was accepted.
But Matsushima Nanako's Michi is a bit too irresponsible and immature, and makes it difficult for me to believe that she is a grown adult and teacher.
Takizawa Hideaki's character Hikaru is also not very personable as the "aloof rich boy who's hurting on the inside" is a trite stereotype that he never really grows out of.
Yamada Maiko's character provides an interesting story, however, it seems tangential and destroys the unity of the drama.
But all in all, it's worth watching.
14. Comments by EstherM [Rating: 6/10]
I think I am writing this review four or five years after watching it so my memory is a little blurred but it left an impression. Acting gets high points but the script not so. This is a classic example of a Japanese drama I have serious issues with the ethics of the main characters. Typically, in these kind of dramas something fundamentally wrong is portrayed as something pure and romantic, in Kamisama mou sukoshi dake for example it�fs ok to sleep unprotected with a HIV-infected person out of love. Here the high school teacher falls for a 17 year old boy, which could happen alright, but instead of taking the right measures, resigning from the school and agreeing to wait until the boy is older, it gets all muddled up.
15. Comments by yume [Rating: 7/10]
To be honest, I didn't want to watch this because I thought it would be a typical adult-high schooler love story with the female/male roles switched--but it's quite different. The first episode is probably one of the most jampacked first episodes I've seen in awhile--laughter, tears, love, friendship, bravery, etc. There also great cameramanship at work here (is that a word?). I thought I would want to buy this, but I have changed my mind. As the episodes progressed, it became a little too much for me to handle Matsushima Nanako corrupting the 17-year-old student. The reality is that he is 17 and she is nearly 30. To pressure him into a relationship seemed really out of line to me.
16. Comments by mochi [Rating: ?/10]
28 May 2005 gurai

Some cheesy anime-esque cliches: there was a scene where michi first came to hikaru in school grounds when he was sitting nonchalently under a tree heavily blooming with cherry blossoms - like a mei shao nan being discovered just as he has blossomed as the pink cloud overhead did. but that apart the show was a good watch. i got really tensed up when michi's fiance (who looked primed to be a psycho murderer) started pursuing them across town. also touching was how they came to discover that they really like each other but were forbidden to commit to each other openly because of society norms :'( the ending was pretty and sweet.
17. Comments by andrewujin [Rating: 7/10]
urm, it's not as good as i thought it was. somehow or rather, the utada hikaru's edited for opening theme didn't touch me as i thought it would though i love that song really a lot. plot too draggy at times, and some horny scenes which is a little unbelievable. its a self-fulfilling cycle. plot goes round and round and the same thing happens again after its been resolved. things only picked up a little in the end/ what's really funny to me is that nanako is so tall and the boy is "not tall" and it seems really weird to see them together especially when they hug or kiss
i would say, seen it once, don't think i will be that willing to see it twice.
18. Comments by GreenIce [Rating: 7/10]
Kind of disturbing in some ways.. the Dorama supported the idea of a teacher-student relationship.. I suppose not in that particular sense but as a "Why should external factors such as Society's views get in the way of true love?" way.

I guess it might have been appealing to me if the couple still looked physically compatible(yes, visual compatibility is a factor in the plausibility of dorama relationships) a la Return of the Condor Heroes aka Shen Diao Xia Lu where student Yang Guo still looks physically compatible with Teacher Xiao Long Nu. Still, I guess I was brought up in the traditional way so this doesnt really cut it.
19. Comments by zileas [Rating: 4/10]
If it's supposed to taboo and controversial, it's not. Rather it's taking all possible cliches and making a quite stereotype soap drama. For love, you can sacrifice all; sunshine will always come after rain. Not that I claim it is right or wrong, but it has been done before, and most importantly - it has been done better. Most events, coincidences and turns reeks soap opera. It has a serious ambition to be a good and moving drama, but because of this, when cliches stack upon eachother, it's hard to enjoy the few actual good parts. Overall an ambitous work that never rises considerably and finally falls under its own weight.
20. Comments by Superpimp2g [Rating: 9/10]
Really good drama. I liked Nanako's acting a lot and it was kind of surprising to see her this emotional casue the first drama I saw her in was GTO, but she also played a teacher. Its interesting to see the different ways she portrays her role as a teacher in both GTO and this one. She is just that good of an actress. Anyways the story was pretty interesting in that it showed a student and teacher falling in love which is different from most of the other dramas out there. The drama executes this portrayal of two people trying to battle society excellenty. This is definetly a drama I would reccomend.
21. Comments by Spider [Rating: 8/10]
Every 17 year old guys dream, to fall in love with the hot teacher at school! This drama was quite good but lacked that extra range to get a higher score and be an incredible series. I'm really becoming more of a fan of Matsushima Nanako, as shes not only pretty but can act too! This dramas did its best to be both touching and compelling, but it just lacked a certain emotional quality that could have made it really special. Still, I would recommend if you in the mood for a touchy feelie teary kind drama with an attractive and likeable heroine.
22. Comments by heavenightmare2k [Rating: 8/10]
One of the very best dramas about the relationship of a student and teacher. I've always been especially interested in "abnormal" relationships such as "student-teacher", "brother-sister" sorta thing. It's interesting to see something that doesn't happen very very often (In my opinion). Takizawa Hideaki looked very good in this drama, and a well performed role from Matsushima Nanko. I've only watched part of this one because I didn't catch all the episodes on TV, but still, very good drama!
23. Comments by dnie [Rating: 8/10]
Majo no Jaouken is about love across boundaries( err..age actually). If u ask me if this
is convincinglydone, yes esp to Nanako Matsushima! She was very genuine and never
once did she falter from excellence. Takky, well at some scenes he cd do more but he's
also goodtoo in his portrayal as a love struck student. If the ending is not beautifully done, I wd have ignored this dorama as chasing the impossible but the ending saves it. The themesong 'First Love' is also one of the best dorama song ever!!
24. Comments by juita_ejet [Rating: 10/10]
This is the best drama I ever watched and most importantly, this is the first japan drama I bought. It has a very sweet story line and hideaki and nanako were just great in there. They really makes me feel how love can change your life and the way you think. Most of my friend who's not a great fan of japan dramas started to like watching them after the watched this drama. I strongly suggested to those who haven't watch it to watch it. The theme song is great and really touched my heart.
25. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 10/10]
My number one dorama, GTO and Densha Otoko intruduced me to jdoramas but Majo no Joken made me love it. This dorama is really great, i love this forbiden love stories and this one has everyting i want in a dorama.
Many people don�Lt like it because of the contorversy(teacher/student relatioship), but that�Ls one of the things that i found appeling in this dorama, and the acting was very good by both leads, a must watch for people with "open mind".
10 points right away for this one :)
26. Comments by �ؓގq [Rating: 9/10]
This drama gets around a 9.5 for me. I think that when I finished watching this I would of given it around a 10, but since watching most of Kimutaku's drama's the bar has been set high. Although the theme may disturb people and may be controversial, I think that the actors did an amazing job to have me rooting for them. The extent they are willing to go for the sake of each other was marvellous! I hope that someday I will find someone that I feel that way for :)
27. Comments by Namielove [Rating: 7/10]
I know so many people love this drama, and I thought it was okay. Maybe if I could understand more of Nanako and Takky's conversations it would mean more to me. I just found the love aspect to be a little unbelievable, or maybe I'm remembering it wrong. They didn't, to me, look neccessarily happy together, and I found it hard to believe that they loved each other enough to go through what they did for each other. It wasn't for me I guess.
28. Comments by VCN [Rating: 1/10]
I do not recommend this series at all. The only reason I finished it was because it had a lot of possibilities and it really could have been great, but it fell short on every count. The story is not very good, nor is the acting, and I felt next to no chemistry between the characters. The family drama can be entertaining, but altogether this is the drama I have enjoyed the least of all the ones I have watched thus far.
29. Comments by DDT [Rating: 10/10]
I didn't expect much in the beginning. Teacher and student relationship... heard this type of thing in the news. But as I watched on, I became increasingly emotional and wanted Michi and Hikaru's relationship to work out. Obvious issues involved are love and public acceptance. Matsushima is so beautiful (the first time I seen her in a jdrama). An overall excellent drama! (Not to mention a kickass theme song!)
30. Comments by amakaj [Rating: 10/10]
I bought this drama expecting to find an interesting story. It turned to be more than I could asked for. Controversial, yes, and ultimately touching to the point I was rooting for the both of them from beginning to the end. Utada Hikaru's First Love is just perfect! After watching this drama, I believe love trancends age, race and everything else. It's sad isn't it that the best love stories are always tragic.

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Users who voted for this drama (153)
1. shoujo22
Very compelling and a little out of the ordinary. This was the first drama that I'd ever seen, so call me biased but...I really enjoyed it. The two main characters suit each other in an odd way. I wasn't bored at any point as I watched this drama so that's a good sign. I'm not a romantic in the least, but this drama really had me hoping for a happy ending. I think that a lot of people take it a little too seriously and are easily offended by it, but they shouldn't be. Hats off to the actors, actresses, and screen writers in/of this drama. Two thumbs up and highly resommended to jdorama beginners and vets alike.
2. makky
There is more of such imagery scattered throughout the story and I�m sure many people with greater intellectual ability will be able to spot more. The nature of the themes explored also ensures that the plot is definitely much deeper and carries more substance than other dramas, and that makes for a very compelling story. Very well conveyed as well is the vast difference between the ideal world that Hikaru and Michi dream of and yearn for, and the harsh realities of the world in which they live and eventually become trapped.
3. juunigatsu
one of my fav dramas. this is the very first jdorama i watched. and was instantly smitten by takki (he was that young, and had to act intimate scenes with nanako, but i think he did it really well for his experience then). it's a rather depressing show, and u just so want them to be together, and killing off all the characters who oppose them. a bold theme to touch on so it's bound to be controversial. definitely not for the narrow minded.
4. tsuki666
A very interesting drama. The story is full of turns, so it keeps you glued to the screen. Is of those stories that makes you think a lot: why? I kept changing from: I agre with him, I don�Lt, I think she�Ls wrong, now she�Ls right... It�Ls a very human and touching story. Sometimes you may feel troubled by it, but only because it shows all the aspects a human being has.
5. hodgepodge307
This is the second dorama that leave an impression to me, it draws you into curiousity and can't help yourself but to know what's going to happened next...and a very touching story...it is more than just the teacher-student intimate relationship between hikau and michi....it is more on getting what you really want.....that's why...GO MICHI!!!
6. krazeealiens
geezuz i just fell in love w/ this story... it was kinda disgusting when it was on tv in america... about the teach and the 15 year old student... lol or was he 13? lol but they werent cute... sigh i just loved this jdorama... and i was hoping gokusen had somethign like this hehe..but i guess not... i love nanako and hideaki...
7. areins7
i do really hate takky's mom in here..why she's been so jealous? seems like she's in love with her own son ne?i know her feeling..but she's make a big deal about it..rite? anyway...mybe i can understand her feeling..a litttle bit. what satisfy me..the cople are mean to be together...good ending..hurray!!!
8. kiwi
I had to scream like crazy when i 1st watched the 1st ep. Hideaki is so cute >__<. I searched the internet for summary and spent 4-5 hours to read till the last eps. My goodness, even the summary make me so touched. What an ending ! I thought she would be able to keep the child. sob sob
9. aiyachan16
wow.. one of the best i've ever seen! such a tearjerker.. but thats what i loved about it. from the beginning til the end... u can't help but feel the joys and sorrows that these two have experienced. great chemistry between the two. one word: KLEENEX
10. celest8787
it's a superb drama! i cant help but fall in love with it...the cast has marvellous acting talents, and the storyline is just miraculous...very romantic and touching, and simply hard to forget! this will always be my fave!
11. xilin
LLLLLOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE this dorama. Michi-Hikaru's love story is just so heart-tugging (actually, it makes me wanna take care of Hikaru...haha). It's one of my best doramas so far and it's way up, up on my list!
12. DragonSpirit164
Best drama I've watched. To me. It surpasses even GTO. Their love for each other was so strong, I have never felt so much for the characters in a drama like this before..but the ending, it's so abstract...
13. seles
the most romantic and touching J-drama I have seen.

I love every scene in the drama, who doesn't?

don't be driven away by the controversial topic, otherwise, you will miss the best J-drama ever.
14. RoTTen_AppLes
This drama was really good. Good story, good actors and it is really sad. I highly recommend this to anyone esp. if you are a Takki fan like me. A wonderful story about fighting for love.
15. aki_07
Great soundtrack, bold plot with a controversial issue, great dialogues. Go watch & ponder about it, see if you can accept love affairs like this. It's in my collection for sure.
16. pensee
What can I say about it? It's a must see. Every actor and actress perform a really wonderful life story. Their struggling in the life and with pressure outside is ... moving.
17. sojuqueen
This drama made me believe in the purity of love. Love really does conquer all. No matter what life might bring -- pain, hardships or suffereings, love transcends all.
18. �ؓގq
best romantic drama ive seen~
yes in reality a teacher + student is kinda disturbing but the love between these two characters was amazing, i really loved this drama
19. HimuraGirl
When I first watched it, I really like it that I watched it again over and over again, but then, few years later when I watched it again, somehow it lost my interest.
20. joykimlee
Endearing love story, convincing performance, beautiful actors and wonderful OST of all time. Taki & Nanako delivered great chemistry despite age difference.
21. ryuuseigun
17yr old tackey + the allure of nanako + forbidden love = one hella great drama!...
tackey is so hott u wont be able to resist watching..kyaaa...*meellttssss..
22. fallenknife
I liked everything about this dorama: Takizawa Hideaki and Matsushima Nanako, Utada Hikaru's First Love, the tantalizing "Teacher-Student" relationship.
23. FaBiAn
This is the best drama ever. Best not only for Jdoramas, but the best of all. WARNING!!: ALL OTHER LOVE DRAMAS WILL BE BORING AFTER YOU WATCHED THIS
24. marsqurine
This is a really good drama :) With A-listers such as Nanako and Takizawa, this drama was a hit with viewers :) One of my all-time favourites :)
25. cola_cherry
one of the best dramas of all time, so romantic and tragic all i one. HIHGLY reccommended. they are both so talented. it isn't easy to forget.
26. oluap
A good drama that leaves you with a good feeling, what I like the most is the story itself and how it evolves -specially Matsushima Nanako-
27. MTJ
If you like romance, you will love this drama. It was one of the "can't stop watching it!" dramas. Highly recommended, very very good.
28. marzyu
MY FIRST FAVORITE DRAMA!!!!! but got soon to be replaced by to Heart ><" Still good though!!! I loved the story line and the ending!!!!
29. Daze
Very touching..... i tot how could they put them together but after this i almost tot it can happen hahaha. A muz keep drama!
30. MrNiceGuy
Great movie ever! She's wonderful and so brave. I start like her in GTO but after this movie, I fell in love with her :)

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