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Oyaji~ [オヤジぃ]




Drama Details
Father / Oh, Dad! / Stubborn Dad
Telecast:2000-10-08 to 2000-12-31
Season:Fall 2000

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TV Station:TBS
Duration:11 Episodes

He's the ultimate in cantankerous dads! Internist Kanzaki Kanichi, father of three, is a meddlesome know-it-all. He lectures not only his family and patients, but even strangers' children, and young lovers kissing on the street. His kids are on the verge of rebellion, but fortunately, their mother Miyako keeps them mollified.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (2)
1. Sayonara daisuki na hito さよなら 大好きな人 [Hana*Hana 花*花]LYRICS ]
2. Sayonara Daisuki na hito さよなら 大好きな人 [Hana Hana 花*花]

Actor/Actress Cast (19)
Tamura Masakazu
Kanzaki Kanich
Kuroki Hitomi
Kanzaki Miyako
Mizuno Miki
Kanzaki Sayuri
Hirosue Ryoko
Kanzaki Suzu
Okada Junichi
Kanzaki Tadashi
Ishida Yuriko
Kimizuka Yuriko (Machiko)
Yazawa Shin
Kato Koji
Ohira Goro
Imai Yoko
Nurse Atsuko
Oikawa Mitsuhiro
Kunisaki Hiroshi (epi 1-7,11)
Tanihara Shosuke
(epi 1)
Nakamaru Shinsho
Kunisaki Hiroharu (epi 2-4,6)
Matsumoto Rumi
Kunisaki Chieko (epi 2-4,6)
Nakamura Toru
Tsutsumi Yasuhiko (epi 7)
Seto Yoichiro
(epi 3)
Hanmi Kazuaki
(epi 7)
Hanahara Teruko
(epi 8)
Yamaguchi Yuichiro
Matsushima Kosuke (epi 8-11)
Shirakawa Minami

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Drama Reviews (20)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Heartwarming & Comical Family Dorama [Rating: 6/10]
Okay, first, I'd gotta admit that I am no sucker for family-related dramas. The only reason why I watched this VCD was because I read from other reviews that the dorama is a comedy. Now, I AM A sucker for comedies (^^;), so I decided to go ahead and watch this dorama.

Oyaji is a story about the Kanzaki family (of five). Headed by "super-naggy" dad (Tamura Masakazu) who nags and lectures like a machine gun, the Kanzaki family also consists of eldest daughter (Mizuno Miki), second daughter (Hirosue Ryoko), youngest son (Okada Junichi) and a very sweet and docile mum (Kuroki Hitomi) who helps to keep the Kanzaki family sane. Typical of any other family dramas, everyone in the Kanzaki family will face a personal conflict which they have to resolve with initial objections from their stubborn dad.

Tamura Masakaz did quite well as a stern, no-nonsense dad who can, sometimes (and unfortunately), does nonsensical things. ^^; While we may sometimes get annoyed at the way he treat his kids or say mean things to them despite his true concern for them, it still bring tears to our eyes when he shows his concern through actions secretly (or bring laughters when he DID showed his concern openly and ended up ruining things -_-0) But I think the dorama was successful in a sense that the whole plot and casts were very down-to-earth. :)

Granted, there are tear-jerkers moments, but the dorama is also funny at times and you can't help laughing at their general silliness at times. The dorama also subtly talks about moral issues and certain situations are quite thought-provoking. My only gripe is that the story started off rather slow and some parts of the drama can get a little slow too. But I guess most dramas are like that so ... ^^ Also, the ending was kind of nice, but I think it was a tad too abrupt and predictable.

Lastly, as a personal (bias) opinion, what I wanted to say is, maybe I don't know who Oikawa Mitsuhiro was before this dorama, but I'm glad I did watch this drama because he was also one of the eye candy in the drama (IMO, IMO!!!). I think he did very well too and it kind of touched me at the end of his story. I guess it takes lots of courage to be able to do what he did, but then again, like I said, you can almost learn many things from the various characters in the drama; courage is one of them. :)

So, if you have the time, take the time to watch this drama with an open mind. While some of the situations can be predictable, it's also what make the drama heartwarming and so close to home. Who knows, you might learn something from the drama too. ^^
Reviewed by Yayoi on 12 December 2004
2. O Oyaji! [Rating: 9/10]
I�fve always been completely indifferent to family dramas. I almost always enjoy them, but never get excited or overly anxious to watch one. They are always just�c there. After having finished Oyaji, however, I need to admit that I absolutely adore family dramas. I adore them because they�fre corny, because they�fre heartwarming, and because everyone who has ever lived in a family can relate to them.

Oyaji is a great drama about a stubborn father who does little more than lecture his family and the family members of others, who keeps a firm hand and tends to overly control those living beneath his roof. He is set in his ways and yells at anyone who will disagree with him. Tamura Masakazu plays the role perfectly. This is my first experience with him and I cannot imagine him in any other role. He was really fun to hate and although I failed to sympathize with him even at the end of the show, I�fm convinced that was his intention. Complimenting him beautifully was Kuroki Hitomi. There is little I can say that will communicate just how much of a fan I�fve become of hers. She plays the perfect housewife in every respect, and because she�fs so sweet and kind you tend to hate anyone who hurts her in this drama. Hirosue Ryoko did a fab job as always, but her character was perhaps my least favourite. Okada Junichi and Ishida Yuriko provide the perfect balance (Ishida is such a diverse actress!). The breakout star (in MY frame of reference) was definitely Mizuno Miki. Why haven�ft I seen any of her dramas before? Not only could I relate to her as the eldest daughter of a strict family, but she ends up following the path I wish for myself.

I recommend this drama to anyone who enjoys a good family drama that is both heartwarming and real.
Reviewed by Wynter on 4 November 2007
3. Spectacular performances featuring one of the best [Rating: 10/10]
If you are familiar and likes Fox's series drama, Party of 5, then you will no doubt like, Oyajii. While similar to a Japanese drama ver. of Party of 5, Oyajii maintains it's original concepts and perspectives.

Meet the Kanzaki family, 5 people who seems to be perfect individuals living ordinary lives. But as living in ordinary lives, comes of course the tough ordeals with it.

Each member of the Kanzaki family has his/her own problematic issues that deals with character conflicts; mostly in their inner circle as a family. Oyajii isn't all about dramaticness, it involves a great deal of humor in it as well. There would be times where you're looking for a roll of tissue because you're crying for a very sad scenario, but there are times where you will laugh too.

All in all, Oyajii is a family drama that deals with real family issues in real-life. It also implies ethical proportions that can be learned. This drama is so great that I can possibly even give it a higher score than 10 I tell ya! ^_^'
Reviewed by Anjiro on 27 May 2002
4. Great from Tamura and...Okada... [Rating: 9/10]
honest speaking, i like this drama more than i expected.

i actually watch this becuz im a fan of V6 and yes, Okada is in! my sister even called the tv station in our country when the showing time suddenly changed, and on the 'supposed date' we turned on our tv and saw nothing of this drama.

I love tamura alot!!! i think he look great even in his 60s. i was shocked because i thought he is definitely younger. i gave 9 becuz i dun like ryoko hirosue's character and the way she acted in this drama. i juz feel that anyone can easily act that role, but she do have that 'arrogant face' when trying to argue with her family members.

Great drama that makes me wake up earlier on Sunday juz to watch!!!
Reviewed by atata on 30 May 2005
5. Heartwarming, Funny and Original Family Drama [Rating: 9/10]
This was a very good family drama with interesting twists. Each family member goes through their own problems, often keeping their problems to themselves. This is a drama that shows the strength of a family, how you can love and support family members even though you don't agree with their decisions. Tameru Masakazu steals the show with his acting, he's great as the meddling, overbearing and loud Dad. He's a nightmare, but it's only because he loves his kids so much. Also, Okada Junichi and Ryoko Hirosue are very good as well. There's some serious moments, but these are contrasted nicely with a healthy helping of comedy. Very entertaining and as such highly recommended.
Reviewed by bettebogart on 7 November 2008
6. Superb! [Rating: 9/10]
An excellent all-round dorama. The top-notch cast succeeded in bringing this dorama to life by portraying these endearing characters to the audience. The chemistry between the cast was instrumental to the success of this dorama and the humorous plotlines definitely made the whole series very enjoyable. Despite the all-too-regular types of problems this family had to face (ie. pregnancies, school problems, marriage etc.) the script really made the situations unique and memorable experiences. Excellent OST and theme song for this seris as well!
Reviewed by Shindou on 3 August 2006
7. subarashii... [Rating: 10/10]
Tamura Masakazu playing a role that only he can play ... actually, i could see Takeda Tetsuya playing this role too, but Tamura was classic in this one. as said in earlier reviews, it's a real family involving real-life situations. thoroughly enjoyable.
another great drama with an appropriate theme song. as you watch this series, you see each child try to move on his/her own way by moving out of the house ... ergo, sayonara, daisuki na hito (talking about the father).
i could watch this one over and over again. it's that good people.
Reviewed by jpnallbuzzedsaw on 15 June 2002
8. synopsis is wrong [Rating: 9/10]
the above synopsis is for otousan, a similar show featuring same guy who plays the dad but everyone else is different. Oh, hirosue ryoko is in both too but play diff characters. Her character here is vastly superior to her boring character in otousan. this show is about the stubborn dad, his wife, and 3 kids (2 daughters, 1 son).

This is very heartwarming family drama featuring a great cast and good stories for each character. Everyone was terrific in their roles and play off each other wonderfully. Don't miss this!
Reviewed by kikkuman on 18 October 2004
9. A really good family drama! [Rating: 8/10]
The Kanzaki family is an interesting lot but the Father played by Tamura Masakazu steals the entire show despite the 2 lovely daughters, son, and his wife (Mizuno Miki, Hirosue Ryoko, Okada Junichi, and Kuroki Hitomi). They face ordinary problems in an extraordinary manner.

Touching at times, funny at other times it is a nice blend of emotions that it creates and instills in the viewers at least for me.

It can be a little dull in a few parts and looses direction at time but well worth your time.
Reviewed by MonsterZero-65 on 13 November 2009
10. Watch this with your gf! [Rating: 8/10]
All in one sitting...this one is like Lay's Guacamole Chips. You don't really want to start eating it, but once you do, you finish the bag. People keep mentioning 7th Heaven but I haven't seen that, but I figure this would be the J-equivalent. It's cute, it's just about right for a jdrama named "Dad". Wow, I feel like i just watched a really long movie. Sleep now. Oyasuminasai!
Reviewed by gizm092 on 21 February 2004
11. Get your hands on it now! [Rating: 10/10]
One of the best jdoramas I have watched. Great acting all around especially the father character. The father is different from your typical jdrama otousans because he is more flawed and an asshole. The plot is nothing special but it is the well rounded characters that truly make this a very good drama. Highly recommended
Reviewed by akiramike on 4 November 2003
12. Well rounded drama [Rating: 8/10]
This was one of the first dramas I've ever watched and I still enjoy it. There's a lot of character growth I especially loved the mom's storyline. It made me understand her more and why she made the choices she did. But Sumika (and her 'relationship' with Tadashi) was the highlight of the series for me. :P
Reviewed by lastcalendargirl on 1 March 2009
13. enjoyable [Rating: 8/10]
I found this drama to be very pleasant to watch. Its not the most emotionally evoking drama but there are some points that make you teary-eyed. Its nice to see how each of the family members mature and progress. Also, you'll see how stubborn and outspoken the father is in many situations. Recommended.
Reviewed by biga816 on 7 June 2002
14. funny [Rating: 7/10]
this is what i call a family comedy drama. a sitcom that take place in one family. a stubborn dad and his family. he is so care to his family, but he always force his way and ignore others feelings. overall is not that good drama, but it has some touching moments, and lots of funny moments (^O^)
Reviewed by kuuryu on 18 January 2002
15. That's entertainment! [Rating: 10/10]
Showcase performance by "stubborn dad" Tamura Masakazu keeps the laughs and tears going in this sentimental family sitcom. Great job by the entire cast. Lots of funny moments, touching moments, but most of all, lots of love in this family.
Reviewed by ichiban_noodles on 24 August 2002
16. Disfunctional Family I don't think so. [Rating: 8/10]
A comedy/drama of a family problems doesn't seem to be caused by the kids, but by the father. Ha ha ha ha The characters are rememable and the story lines are good. Reminds me of 7th Heaven, without the wholesome christian family.
Reviewed by Siamman on 5 August 2002
17. Oyaji [Rating: 8/10]
Yes, that is a classic figure and the Kanzaki family is entertaining to say the least. The drama is good. It is a bit slow at times but I enjoyed it.
Reviewed by MonsterZero65 on 16 August 2010
18. ma-ma [Rating: 7/10]
started out quite nicely but got sappy towards the end. otherwise this series could have been great thing to watch.
Reviewed by fingerfish on 22 July 2007
19. Average [Rating: 7/10]
Good family drama. A little above average. A mixture of funny and touching moments. A little slow.
Reviewed by jdfan on 27 June 2002
20. Best [Rating: 10/10]
Reviewed by Piloha on 5 December 2004

Comments From Users (102)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by yourasthma [Rating: 9/10]
currently, i have yet to watch the finale, but i'll write my review first. best ensemble cast, everyone is perfect for this show; from the strict cranky dad to the brown face girl. miki mizuno was brilliant and i have watched her scene where she reveals her secret to her family so many times. ryoko hirosue was annoying at first but i cant see anyone else playing this role. lighthearted with original and non-slapstick humour, but also with real dramatic moments. i just hope the finale doesn't disappoint.

update: finale was a bit too sentimental and neat, but overall the show was great. the finale brought the rating from 10 to 9...
2. Comments by rikastar [Rating: 9/10]
A wonderful family comedy slash drama, a really good combination because it makes you laugh and feel touched at the same time. The cast is also great and do a great job - the dad who talks and nags too much but is actually really soft-hearted, the wonderful mum who is really too beautiful and caring to be true but I'm glad they showed that no one is perfect in her storyline, the quiet but strong older daughter, the outgoing and wilful younger daughter, and the directionless and kind young son. Underneath their problems and fights, I see that it is a family that really cares for one another.
3. Comments by supermidget [Rating: 8/10]
[On DVD] Good funny drama/comedy about a family that is being terrorised by the "stubborn dad" ("Oyaji"). The Oyaji cares very much for his family and has many (traditional) ideals. Too bad for him his 2 doughters and son have all kinds of problems that don't fit his ideology at all. A pattern seems to be children leaving the house because of their dad, then dad won't admit he misses them but still allows them back in the house. I still have to see the last few episodes, I'm really looking forward to how the finaly issues are being solved :-) Please give this drama a look
4. Comments by kartanoman [Rating: 10/10]
Perhaps the funniest Jdorama my wife and I have watched! Tamura Masakazu is one of our favorite actors and his portrayal of a cantankerous yet overly caring father (in a somewhat odd manner) makes this one most enjoyable to watch. Ryoko Hirosue also did a fabulous job as the rebellious daughter and has also become a household favorite with us. Miki Mizuno and Hitomi Kuroki also turn in stellar performances and we've gone out of our way to watch as many doramas as possible with these four characters. Bottom line: this one is our personal favorite!
5. Comments by Shindou [Rating: 9/10]
A first-class dorama! Kuroki Hitomi, Tamura Masakazu, Hirosue Ryoko, Okada Junichi, Mizuno Miki and Ishida Yuriko made up a very effective cast with great chemistry together. The plot flowed along with a good amount of humour and character development. There were definitely some surprises along the way and I very much enjoyed ryoko's performance in this series. She was vibrant and somewhat boisterous - very different from her subdued and quiet character in Summer Snow.
6. Comments by yume [Rating: 10/10]
I have watched this sooo many times! It is hilarious! The father is played by the perfect guy for the part. You really feel like this bunch is a family because they all interacted so well. And at first, I thought his wife was his daughter she looked so young O_O;;! Anyway, I like how the story of love isn't forced out on all the characters. It's a drama that relies more on developing the characters than developing love situations.
7. Comments by EstherM [Rating: 8/10]
Man that family was a real pain! The mother is a pushover, so is the oldest daughter, the two younger kids are spoiled and the dad, oh my god, the dad is a major hypocrite. The grand bit is though that all what shouldn�Lt happen to a perfect Japanese family happens, morale has to be thrown out of the window at the end of each episode. Good stuff, great actors!!!
8. Comments by xploring [Rating: ?/10]
I like the story with Sayuri and Tadashi, the middle few episodes were absorbing/engaging than I expected, and Hirosue Ryoko was great as the cheerful, rebellious middle daughter. I thought Mizuno Miki could have made a lot more of her role. She seemed much the same as in Beautiful Life and Koi ga shitai x3. But overall, in hindsight, it wasn't that great.
9. Comments by DragonSpirit164 [Rating: 8/10]
Good family drama.. Tamura Makazaru was great as the very stubborn dad who never admits when he's made a mistake... But deep inside, he really cares about his kids and would go to great lengths to protect them... Can't believe how many times the kids tried to leave home when they have an argument with their father... but always end up coming back..haha..
10. Comments by Yayoi [Rating: 6/10]
A nice, heartwarming (and funny) family dorama! My fave moment was where the Kanzaki dad and Michiko (the mistress ???) met at the department store and later, tried to hide from 2 persons. (^_~) The scene was simply hilarious!! I still laugh when I think about it. :D I also liked the appearance of Oikawa Mitsuhiro; I think he did quite well. ;p
11. Comments by bigfire [Rating: 6/10]
A pleasant telling about a strict father and how his teachings affect his childrens' lives. They each come to understand the reasoning behind his madness. As he comes to understand his self and his marriage. Not bad, but not great. Some good acting by the father, but some mediocre acting by Hirosue Ryoko, who I normally adore.
12. Comments by marzyu [Rating: 7/10]
pretty good . . . although there's not much okada junichi scenes *criez* so of course i wont like this drama much hahahaha
the girl looks soooo freaky with all that make up . . .i tihnk she looks pretty when she looks natural . . . i bet okada will fall for her if she was more "normal" but luckily he did in the end ^.^
13. Comments by KIKKOMANdingo [Rating: 8/10]
Great story about an old fashioned father who tries to deal with lifes problems in a changing world. Great acting and directing create a humourous atmosphere that maintains, even during times of uncertainty. Thanks to local station KSCI 18 Los Angeles and FujiSankei for bringing this wonderful series to me.
14. Comments by lastcalendargirl [Rating: 8/10]
This was one of the first dramas I've ever watched and I still enjoy it. There's a lot of character growth I especially loved the mom's storyline. It made me understand her more and why she made the choices she did. But Sumika (and her 'relationship' with Tadashi) was the highlight of the series for me. :P
15. Comments by Qky [Rating: 7/10]
Another drama regarding daily family life and we have Tamura Masakazu as the dad (i really like the way he acts.. very nice).. and ofcourse, everybody's favourite, Ryoko-chan. :P.. overall it is good and touching. it deals with daily life problems, but i still prefer Otousan better.
16. Comments by iluvhyde [Rating: 6/10]
Eh... if you are not a Ryoko, Oikawa or Okada fan, you'll find it quite boring. The plot is so predictable. However, there are certain parts which is really touching and funny. There is also a very "funny" twist in the beginning. Watch this when you have time~ :)
17. Comments by loveaomori [Rating: 9/10]
a great great family dorama, better than otousan and mukodono (in the ranking of family doramas). Acting is just nice and with only a few caracters you won't get bored. I don't give it a ten because it's a very good dorama but quite easily forgetable anyway.
18. Comments by GhstDreamer [Rating: 8/10]
One of the best family sitcom/dramas. The situations are believable The cast of characters are very human with fundamental human flaws like insecurity, fear and regret - and shows how each character develops as the story progresses. A wonderful drama.
19. Comments by Susan [Rating: 8/10]
Certainly not the best drama I've watched, but I did enjoy the conflict between the family members and each of their own experiences as they grew first apart and then back together again. Hirosue Ryoko was especially awesome in this series.
20. Comments by Tu_triky [Rating: 9/10]
Fun to watch and the acting was pretty good all around. The father's character was expertly played by Tamura Masakuzu. Hitomi Kuroki as the mother was also great. A must for all fans of Ryoko Hirosue as well. Good stuff!
21. Comments by aiscess [Rating: 9/10]
This is the first time I watched a family drama wherein the members are complete. A father, mother & children. We can really relate to it and it's always nice to have a family to support you & help you all the time.
22. Comments by eltinator [Rating: 9/10]
The best family drama IMO! An all star cast for an all star family. Ok that was cliche but the whole drama was amazing. A very great message on morality and the theme of family was knit into every episode. Must watch!
23. Comments by oldasianguy [Rating: 7/10]
This series is similar to the show "Otousan" which also starred Tamura Masakazu....in both shows I found him annoying...The supporting cast was great...but because he was so arrogant I could'nt fully enjoy show....
24. Comments by gaijinmark [Rating: 8/10]
Great family drama. Everybody talks about Tamura, Kuroki, Hirosue, Mizuno, and Okada and they were very good, but I want to make special mention of Shin Yazawa as Sumika and Koji Kato as Goro. They were excellent!
25. Comments by maui [Rating: 9/10]
This is very heartwarming family drama featuring a great cast and good stories for each character. I love this series as much as i love otousan.Tamura Masakazu is so good as a stubborn dad but with a kind heart.
26. Comments by dnie [Rating: 8/10]
Excellent and energetic performance from Tamura Masakarazu!! Okada Junichi is sooo adorable as the youngest son, and Ryoko Hirosue is so pretty..
anyway, i like the plot and how it is resolved at the end..
27. Comments by Okojo [Rating: 3/10]
Didn't like the plot. So many things disgusted me in this drama... I hated the characters, the traditional point of view. This family drama was horrible to watch. The only nice thing were the actors...
28. Comments by I LUV V6! [Rating: 9/10]
Very touching.... I loved the chemistry between the cast here. And Okada Junichi showed how great of an actor he is. I love the moments where the father-son relationship/similarities are shown.
29. Comments by v1olet [Rating: 10/10]
Oh Dad ! No matter how stubborn he is, he's still the best father in the world. Fun to watch yet very touchy and realistic with family values. The casting is well chosen, especially the father.
30. Comments by Ezalor [Rating: 8/10]
Heartwarming, entertaining family Drama. Shows the Japanese family ideal and the problems the members encounter. I like the role and the actor of Oyaji. Nearly all other actors convince as well.

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Users who voted for this drama (31)
1. Tu_triky
Another family drama. I love Ryoko Hirouse playin' the "bad kid" in the family. Nice change of pace for her showing her dramatic range. Also funny and uplifting..show the joys and ills of growing up with a supportive, tight knit family. The characters of the mother and father were expertly played as well. Another starstudded cast.
2. Sumire
Who wouldn't love this series? Its a nice lighthearted story about the depths of family and relationships. Plus it has almost all my favorite actors in it-Mizuno, Masakazu, and Hirosue. I love Masakazu and his little attitude, he's so funny. Ryoko is such a cutie and also Okada XD
3. tatsx
Tackles tough contemporary issues (Unwed motherhood, Homosexuality) with refreshing common sense approach. The scene where Tamura (Dad) defends Oikawa's character from his parents is exceptional.
4. yeong84
This is a heartwarming drama. You should definitely watch it. But if you are not japanese and if you do not know the culture, u might have difficult time appreciating the plot.. oh well..
5. shinkuji
It is a cute drama and where Hirosue-san plays in, it's funny how she and her younger brother tend to slap each other's head, and not to mention her nature attitude in this drama.
6. Shindou
A hilarious and endearing family comedy with many funny and memorable moments. This dorama and Otousan (a very similar dorama) stand among my favourite family-oriented doramas!
7. moviefan1970s
I really enjoyed watching the program so much. Tamura Masakazu, Hirosue Ryoko, and the rest of the cast and crew were terrific.
8. Vanessa
Very fun. I never had so much fun with a dorama. It's a great light viewing and alot of the characters were very real.
9. hopa_boy
funny and heartwarming... all the ladies are lovely (well there's one that wears a little too much makeup)
10. yourasthma
perfect example of an ensemble cast. compelling drama with non-cheesy humour. made me a miki mizuno fan.
11. Chickadee
Ah, the dad is soo stubborn. It was also the first drama I've ever seen. I'll never forget it.
12. I LUV V6!
Another touching family drama. I found myself supporting the characters and cheering them on!
13. aoi
Love this! It's so funny and heart-warming in the same time. My favourite family dorama.
14. Isa
When I watched it, It made me miss my family^^ ... it's an outsanding family dorama.
15. flowerman
Love OkaJunichi in this charecter. Kawaiiiii~~
I hope to having a son like him.
16. kamiyakaoru85
nice family drama, the dad is really funny and so is 'brown face' haha
17. chrisje
One of the best dramas I've ever seen! Good story & acting!
18. lye
Very funny, great situations! For all family watch.
19. Martini
Funniest thing EVER! You must wach this!
20. anton
want more..
21. sunlongan
22. AsukaLangley
23. incubus
24. SaintofKillers
25. gakkuken
26. ice_shi
27. conch
28. hikarisennin
29. muub
30. Lee-chan

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