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Okada Junichi 岡田准一 ( Junichi Okada )

NameOkada Junichi
JPop GroupV6
Star SignScorpio
Birthday18 November 1980
Blood TypeB

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Okada Junichi

Okada Junichi, the youngest member of V6, one of Japan's successful boybands, has an established acting career. His most notable drama was "Kisarazu Cat's Eye" ...

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Filmography (15)
Gunshi Kanbee [2014]
Kuroda Kanbee
SP [2007]
Inoue Kaoru
Tiger & Dragon [2005]
Yanaka Ryuji
谷中竜二 (24)
Fuyu no Undoukai [2005]
Taika no Kaishin [2005]
Nakatomino Kamatari
Suekko chounan ane san nin [2003]
柏倉一郎 (25)
Renai Hensachi [2002]
Story 1 Ryuji
リュージ (22)
Kisarazu Cat's Eye [2002]
ぶっさん (21)
Chuushingura 1/47 [2001]
忠臣蔵 1/47
Oishi Chikara
Oyaji~ [2000]
Kanzaki Tadashi
Mona Lisa no hohoemi [2000]
Dear friend [1999]
Shin oretachi no tabi (ver.1999) [1999]
Pu-Pu-Pu jump [1998]
D&D (dangerous angel x death hunter) [1997]

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Users who voted for this artiste (95)
1. eugenia
Okada is a extremely quiet person and he can dun talk for the whole day. I'm simply amaze by this! I think his acting in monalisa no hohoemi and Oyaji is great! Okada is very kawaii when his is younger, he is handsome of course but i wish that he can focus more of his career as a V6 member. Okada motto genki de onegaishimasu!
2. ryoko293
Where did I see you first Junichi? I guess it was in the Thunderbirds PV! WOW, you are such a hunk, you caught my attention immediately! Since then I've seen you actnext to JunJun in Tokyo Tower 8sorry, but JunJun rules ^^) and some other PVs by V6 ... for me you are the most beautiful guy out of them all~ *muack*
3. pedang_patah
he's so kawaii in shin oretachi no tabi ver.1999..he's so much different now cuz i noticed that his eyebrow is thinner...im not his fan in v6.only in shin oretachi no tabi cuz he looked more manly in it.he's talented yes.outstanding actor..made me laugh in shin ore...he's kakkoii without his present hairstyles
4. aoi_dolphine
He IS a talented actor and a natural to that. Which shows in dramas like Tiger & Dragon & Cat's Eye. The thing which amazes me most is when he pulls off every challenges most ppl thought is not possible. Interestingly he has a deep interest in the Three Kingdom which really surprises me. (^^)v
5. miaka
My favourite member of v6....This guy is just so talented....he also has a very nice, deep eyes...or perfect eyes i can say....Good at acting, playing piano, drum and guitar....etc...Gosh!!!...can't stop thinking of him!!!My dream guy....
6. czajka
Ahh...such ahandsome guy. Saw him in "Tokyo Tower" but didn't pay much attention, cause MatsuJun was there. But after seeing "Kisarazu Cat's Eye" I'm looking for more of his dramas. He's one of the best Johnny's actors out there :)
7. CheeSauce
Ok Tiger & Dragon and Cat's Eye. Is there anything else to say? Junichi is one of the funniest, best actors! His character as Ryuji was so cute! I love that bimbo ^_^ I definately hope to see him in much much more!
8. Tukata
Very talended. Among all Johnny's, he is the best. His acting skill is amazing. He carried out and made us believe in all the characters he were in. I see him more as an actor rather than a singer.
9. flowerman
Jun is my Love and be forever....
I love him in every acts--> singer in V6,Kamisen,J-friend.-->Actor.. so sexy and Kawaii. He's really Perfect Guy! ... Care your self , don't hardwork na...Junichi
10. FallenStar
He sure has become more and more well-known as an actor.
Someone who has the looks and the talent. And a great personality as well.
Definitely will see his face constantly on TV for a while.
11. ssaturn3689
^.^ Ta hen shuai haiyou hen keai ^.^
I like him in V6 and in his acting -- smooth voice that relaxs me after going through a day in college -- I can't wait to see more of his doramas ^.^
12. Juppi
he is really really cute and charming... i watch him in V6 show "gakkou e ikou", and he's the cutest with ken... kamisen daisuki!!!

i haven't watch his drama yet but sure i'll do!
13. Nermal
A very talented actor, really surprising. Put up a brilliant performance in Kisarazu Cat's Eye and other dramas and movies. Will be looking forward to more dramas with him.
14. keikotl
AH! He's definitely my favorite from V6!!! I just totally adore this guy's acting!!! He's so cool and good-looking! He also has a very nice voice for singing ^^
15. kyouki
i've always liked him for his goodlooks, but now i can see that he is more than that.. he gave an excellent performance in tiger and dragon..
16. kaikochan
Though he looks like the kind of guy who'd stick to "quiet" roles, he does very well in all kinds of roles! Plus he's handsome too!
17. takuya_angel
What a good looking guy! I was instantly atttracted to Junichi chan when i was saw him in Renai Hensachi! Such a good actor too!
18. Gwynnie
Drop-dead gorgeous looks and a terrific actor who can nail comedy, drama or action roles. And what mesmerising eyes he has!
19. SabrinaOshio
Love him went he smile and lought..and he make me kept looking at him... easy to say CAN TAKE MY EYE'S OVER YOU.
20. aishetru
he is loaded with talent. he has great acting skills, plus can sing and dance. and he's smart & sexy.
21. kamisen_fanatic
good looking, nice body (as seen in an.an n elektra), manly voice, fine acting...need i say more
22. oli
Okada is not only a good looking guy but he can sing and act. His what I call a triple threat.
23. iem
Wonderful actor, singer, dancer. As he is maturing is becoming more and more gorgeous... :)
24. Mylani
We've only seen him in Kisarazu and Tiger & Dragon, but he seems to be very talented ^^
25. Irenilla16
Este chico es tansexy y maduro >.< es perfecto!! y ademas actua muy bien *^^* lo amo :P
26. keiichi_mibara
Love him as an actor and more as a V6! And his "odeko" makes him look attractive... XD
27. isma
he's one of v6 member that i like..i must vote for him..yeeey banzai okada-kun..
28. elyse
One of the best actors in JE. I really love his acting & his personality :3
29. Svetonie
I like him so much in DXD (1997)!
So youngest and passionate.
30. dianix
i really like seeing him in shin oretachi no tabi ver.1999! kamisen rulez!

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