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Kisarazu Cat's Eye [木更津キャッツアイ]




Drama Details
Title:Kisarazu Cat's Eye
Telecast:2002-01-18 to 2002-03-15
Season:Winter 2002

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TV Station:TBS
Duration:9 Episodes

Twenty-one year old former high school baseball player, Kohei, learns that he is dying from cancer. He is told that he only has six months to live, and decides that he wants to do something daring and risky. He proposes to five trusted members from his former baseball club that they form a ring of cat burglars that would steal from those who commit crimes. His friends think it odd, but feel they cannot turn down a dying man's request. With only six months, how much could they do anyway?

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. A Day in Our Life [Arashi 嵐]

Actor/Actress Cast (12)
Narimiya Hiroki
Okada Junichi
ぶっさん (21)
Sakai Wakana
モー子 (21)
Okada Yoshinori
うっちー (22)
Abe Sadao
Sakurai Sho
Tsukamoto Takashi
Sato Ryuta
Yakushimaru Hiroko
Asada Mirei
Furuta Arata
Kohinata Fumiyo
Kosuke Tabuchi
Yamaguchi Tomomitsu
Yamaguchi Senpai

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Drama Reviews (10)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. near perfect [Rating: 9/10]
This is another example of Kankuro Kudo�fs talent of mixing the hilarity of a screwball comedy with the despair and the loneliness of the people living at the fringes of society. Most of the characters are seeming ne�fer-do-wells and losers: a dying 21 year-old cancer patient, juvenile semi-delinquents, owners of failing stores, a pathological shop-lifter, a strip tease dancer, a call girl, an unlicensed barber, a teacher who has decided to get back at the students who have tormented her at school. All of them somehow come out as individuals with dignity and humanity. (Kudo does not condone criminality. He describes the brutality and savagery of real predatory criminals (gangsters involved in juvenile prostitution and extortion) without any sympathy.)
As many critics commented, this drama is irreverent, unpredictable and funny, but the undertone is pathos, as was reflected in the scene where one of the characters, Ozzy, who has been brain-damaged in an accident during a baseball match, suddenly remembers the following phrases from Macbeth he played in his high school days. Kudo gets him to recite:
. . . Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.
Pathos does not diminish hilarity.
A few words about some older actors who are relatively unknown among young JDorama fans: Ozzy, the character who appears in the first scene, saying �gIt is the MORNING!�h and who later recites Macbeth is played by Arata Furuta who is a star player of the enormously popular Shinkansen Theater Group. �gYou�h plays a call girl on roller skates. (�gYou�h played the mother in Kore-eda�fs �gNobody Knows.�h) Sadao Abe (who played the incompetent policeman in Ikebukuro West Gate Park and Donta in Tiger & Dragon) plays the Cat. Fumiyo Kohinata, who plays the father of the leading character (Bussan by Junichi Okada), is in numerous movies and TV series including Fuurinkazan.
Reviewed by Tokumei on 8 April 2007
2. kisarazu.. cats! nyah..! [Rating: 8/10]
the first episode already made me interested as funny scenes were everywhere in the dorama.. the characters were all really special.. esp bambi.. so serious yet so sweet when it comes to moko-chan no koto.. bussan left a great impact on me.. it was the first time i watched a drama where i keep having the thought the lead was going to collapse anytime soon.. the show was filmed in a special way too.. drama fans probably watch lots of shows and are already used to seeing several "stories" happening at one time.. therefore the flashback method used in this show is really ineteresting and new.. it keeps you concentrated on one part of the story only to show the real happenings at the end..
Reviewed by arashinokoto on 3 July 2003
3. Funni~ [Rating: 8/10]
it was hard to get inot it at first, on any normal dorama i would've given up, but i hung on for sho and okada^^ and i didn't regret it. it was sooo funny, the ideas they came up with. sho in the guy's kimono was...hot^^ okada's antics were very funny, the way he moved around wen he was nervous because he nearly slept with sho's girlfriend ahah, i cried wen okada nearly died, but everything was alrite in the end. the cats do make a pretty good band don't they? all the cast was realli funni, narimiya hiroki as Ani's lil bro, kakkoii ^^, Master's hair was hilarious^^, Fuji's character....i can't describe it ^^ this dorama was VERY GOOD ^^~nyah
Reviewed by cola_cherry on 21 December 2003
4. NYA! [Rating: 9/10]
I admit to having an interest in seeing Kisarazu Cat's Eye for quite some time, and I was NOT dissapointed! It was hilarious. The acting and characters were all around superb, the misadventures were engaging, and the writing was endlessly clever! I cannot find a single fault with the series. Even the ending did not dissapoint. Who would have thought...?!? Although it isn't quite one of my favorites, this drama will always have a place in my heart! "NYA!"
Reviewed by Susan on 5 August 2006
5. confusing... [Rating: 6/10]
after watching this drama, i have a feeling i missed out on the whole subtle irony part of the story. o-o tat definitely affected my rating on the drama, coz basically, if u cant get the humor this drama is trying to portray, u wont get the whole story :P i was completely baffled by it. nevertheless, still convinced tat ppl who can catch the punch-line of this drama would be fairly amused :)
Reviewed by youhei_mito on 21 April 2005
6. Sad or crazy drama [Rating: 8/10]
It must be a sad dorama because the main character busan will die soon, busan maybe sometimes feel lonely when it comes to think about his disease. But because he always do crazy thing with his gank, i can't ever cry when i see him.
Reviewed by ester_grace on 11 February 2011
7. saiko desu [Rating: 10/10]
The best of the best drama I even seen.I wacth the Nihon series alot of time n I know what to say when times come. but i"m not have that series anymore coz I'm delect it. I also make this story mymanga in my drawing book
Reviewed by kacang on 26 July 2007
8. The Cats of Kisarazu [Rating: 10/10]
These Cats are so funny. Each episode will get you laughing and will make you want to watch more of it. Definately worth downloading. Its not stupid funny either, just great comedy.
Reviewed by K.T.Tran on 21 June 2006
9. sugoi !!! [Rating: 10/10]
love this drama especially okada & sho san. sho as bambi hontoni kakkoi. the drama so hilarious and some part of it make me wanna to cry.
Reviewed by SYILA78 on 13 December 2005
10. Ki.....sa.......ra....zu!! nyah...nyah..nyah...nya [Rating: 10/10]
this one's verry....funny and never failed to make me feel sleepy....nyah..nyahhhhhhhhh
Reviewed by amran on 1 May 2004

Comments From Users (159)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 9/10]
A fresh drama with a cast of popular actors from the Japanese pop scene. Again, the directing and editing in this drama is excellent and exciting. Not too mention creative. It's one of the high points of this show. The acting is a bit overdramatic, but that's what contributes to the comedic factor of the show. Even with such a depressing topic such as cancer and the Bussan (the main character) knowing that he only has 6 months to live, the story was entertaining and very enjoyable.

Each episode of this drama has a particular method of editing. It's separated by innings (ie 9 episodes and 9 innings in baseball). In each episode, the Kisarazu gang decide to steal something or make money somehow and they always manage to have it work out in one way or another. How it works out is often shown when the tape rewinds itself and repeats it from a different point of view. I thought this was one of the most interesting aspects of the show aside from the quirky characters. Each member was special and enjoyable to watch and one of my favorites was the teacher who liked to play tricks on her students in the beginning of the series.

I highly recommend especially to fans of the director's work such as "Tiger and Dragon" and "Ikebukuro West Gate Park".
2. Comments by Dr_Pain [Rating: 10/10]
Omg Kisarazu is so funny! THe Cast is adorable too :D
I love it the gags which has to do with japanese entertianment in general. The fact that is actually a dorama with baseball isn't that bad, although i really dislike baseball. Anyhow this Dorama reminds me of Ocean's Eleven/ Twelve....how they did it? yes...for the ordinary Watcher its very difficult to see what they did..because the hints are too complicated to find out. but in the end its always so logically.
The fact that there are also 2 movies of it, is of course more motivating if you really love the dorama like me. I couldn't get enough of it and its so balanced...although mostly strict matters are not seen that strict and more like something funny its such a beautiful dorama...it makes me enjoying my life more than i did bedore watching it. but acutally i DID enjoy it before watching kisarazu.. so~
3. Comments by Nermal [Rating: 10/10]
10... probably one of the first time I've ever given a perfect score.. and not because the actors are cute (cause they are!). I had very few expectations before watching this drama, or actually expected something completely different I guess. Already 5 minutes into the first episode, you'll be crying your eyes out from laughing too much. The characters are really endearing, unreal and yet somehow it makes perfect sense when you watch it. Keep in mind though that this is very Japanese and exaggerated in the way an anime usually is.

Okada Junichi also puts up a wonderful performances from A to Z. Talk about a natural, it didn't feel like an act at all. And I have to say all of the actors felt very natural toghether, like a bunch of friends that really grew up toghether.

Very touching story, will make you cry and laugh for sure. Must see!
4. Comments by EstherM [Rating: 10/10]
My favourite drama by screen writer Kudo Kankuro - even though storywise IWGP and T&D are better.

This is mainly because of the story�Ls central character - Bussan, a terminally ill lad who had not much of a perspective anyway.
Bussan is warm, cute, loud yet frail and really really funny. His love for baseball, his small town and his four friends is really touching and never pathetic.
Besides the wonderful cast (at least 2 JE Boys, but they deliver) you get hilarous flashbacks, excentric side characters, the über-cool references.

I want to see the two movies, which followed really badly :-))) EDIT: have now watched the movies - the nihon series movie is great but the world series movie only half great.
5. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 6/10]
Alright this was a pretty good dorama and i totally understand all the praise it gets, but it�Ls just not my type, no main plot and some of the stories just didn�Lt make sense.
One thing that�Ls awesome in this is the characters: Bussan(Okada Junichi), Uchie(Okada Yoshinori), Master(Sato Ryuta), Bambi(Sakurai Shou) and Ani(Tsukamoto Takashi); all of them in their own way were great, the virgin jokes about Bambi allways cracked me up, the acting from the 5 man was awesome, most of times i really don�Lt care about the acting as long as i�Lm entertained but this guys were awesome.
Overall this is a great dorama, very funny with awesome acting so i think most people will enjoy this a lot.
6. Comments by Jessicasoon [Rating: 8/10]
gosh i nv put kisarazu!! can't believe i forgot! i thought i did! luckily i checked. sho-kun is chooooo kawaii in here! even okada too! and i like takashi alot. and also the little extra guy that always messes up but solved everything in the end! okada's eyes are really mesmerising, have to stop myself from staring at him for too long or will get electrified. this is a really funny drama! too bad the plot is crappy and pretty meaningless or i'd have given it a higher rating. haha. oh i totally LOVE sho's baseball stance!! he just look so good!!! i like the way they always have those rewind scenes to show what really happened. even though it got a little too repetitive. oh well.
7. Comments by Amber [Rating: 9/10]
I really like this dorama, not only because as a lot of people say it is diffrent from other doramas but also way the sory is told is very interesting.
What i found fascinating is the switch from funny to serious and visa versa in this dorama. Its great, a scene being hilarious all the time, changes suddenlich with only some words to a very seroius heavy atmosphere, great!
The cast ist great, its funny and interesting, always a twist.
No 10 points because the end was no end, i think. Its not bad, but it doesnt feel like an end, so i waited for what was going to happen next, but it ended...
Definetly a recommentation, for boys and girls, for young and older people!
8. Comments by pash [Rating: 9/10]
Very funny dorama with some touching moments. Great characters (Ucchi is by far the funniest!), elaborate plots and great performances by the whole cast. Nice music too. It reminded me a bit of "Lock, Stock, etc.", with a Japanese twist. I don't give it a full 10/10 only 'cause I think it could've been developed better here and there, but it's still a great dorama! p.s. After the dorama, they also made two movies, titled "Nihon Series" and "World Series", respectively; whereas the second one is ok, even funny at traits, the first one is embarrassingly bad!
9. Comments by haruyume [Rating: 8/10]
After seeing a couple episodes for the first time, I gave up on this dorama, but IM GLAD I CAME BACK:D Okada Junichi ish very hot in it ~ love his voice and his confident manner. Bambi grew on me!! I love him soooo much towards the end!! Made me like Sho-kun much much more!! Watchign the first time is a bit confusing with all the flashback, but when I rewatched the second time, I got all the humor bits and it was actually really fun to watch!! It may not be an elegant-looking dorama but if you understand it, it's very sweet and tanoshii!! Recommend this!
10. Comments by moonchyld [Rating: 8/10]
quite a fun bunch to watch! i love how japanese boys are sooo noisy and crazy and just plain entertaining when put into groups~! i also came to understand why they chose okada junichi to lead Tokyo Tower the movie, as he really feels like the kind of guy that has a "barrier-free" heart (as popularized by Beautiful Life) in that he doesn't care about age differences and stuff. and the dear tsukamoto takashi & narimiya hiroki are here -- as brothers!!! gotta love that~ sassuga the director of IWGP to come out with an another unconventional jdrama!
11. Comments by fybabe [Rating: 9/10]
so funny!!
i think this is the best performance by okada and sho ever!
the pacing is great and the editing is great.
but coz of the style of the edit, i tend to get pretty confused at times... still thumbs up!!
didn't give it a perfect score coz of the odd ending. it's still great, but i would have preferred if it didn't drag on for the last 15min ^^...
and i gotta comment that okada looks really OLD in this drama (too much smoking? staying up at night? clubbing? drugs? girls?^^)... and Bambi is chooooooo kawaii ne!! wanna kiss bambi!
12. Comments by d0npian0 [Rating: 10/10]
I just love this drama! Out of all the dramas of Kudo Kankuro, this is definitely my favourite.
When I watched it for the first time, I just laughed my way through it. The characters are just so weird and sometimes random, you just cannot not love them!
By now I watched it five ior six times and while I still think that it's fun to watch, I also realized that behind all the craziness there's realness. It's not your average no brain comedy but in my eyes at least a piece of genius.
13. Comments by Susan [Rating: 10/10]
I admit to having an interest in seeing Kisarazu Cat's Eye for quite some time, and I was NOT dissapointed! It was hilarious. The acting and characters were all around superb, the misadventures were engaging, and the writing was endlessly clever! I cannot find a single fault with the series. Even the ending did not dissapoint. Who would have thought...?!? Although it isn't quite one of my favorites, this drama will always have a place in my heart! "NYA!"
14. Comments by aoi_dolphine [Rating: 7/10]
(^^)v wat to do? It's Okada again and this time Sho is also in this drama. This drama has a dark humour to it and the dialogue is interesting. However, certain part of this drama does not really have any logical barrings to the storyline. Some may love it or simply find it a waste of time. Which was why I gave a 7 rating. To complete this drama there are 2 moives on it. Try serching for it for those who love this drama.
15. Comments by Tu_triky [Rating: 9/10]
This dorama was seriously a breath of fresh air! Refreshingly unconventional, funny, and well-paced. The incredible chemistry between the central characters carried the show rather well and was gleefully enjoyable to partake in. I laughed out loud numerous times and I suspect many other viewers did as well. An evolved example of Japanese comedy that's not to be taken too seriously but definitely to be enjoyed.
16. Comments by enen_shun [Rating: 10/10]
really good drama ! i love the way the drama is written and filmed .. it's a fresh and never-before-seen style .. drama written by Japan famous young scriptwriter Kotowu Kankuro ~ who won numerous "Best Scriptwriter" awards (including Kisarazu Cat's Eyes) in Japan .. every single casts chosen for this drama was perfect ! made me laugh and cried countless times .. hee a really worth-watching drama !
17. Comments by gopro [Rating: 8/10]
Alrighty- This drama rides on a lot of japanese culture and whatnot and its hard to understand if you watch it without the group who is subbing this not put any "cultural notes" and ieven if they do its still difficult ot understand why its so important in the show or why its funny. Still found this drama good even though I did somewhat know culture stuff. I recommend this. (Watched Summer 2007)
18. Comments by Sailorprinzess [Rating: 10/10]
This is a type of drama you either love or hate. I absolutely loved it!

It makes you want to laugh and cry all at the same time.The main actors are all cute, and still are very good at acting in this drama. I totally recommend this to everyone. If you love baseball, beer, manga, stealing things, or even porn, you'll find something to relate to in this drama.

Kisarazu Cat's! Nya! Nya! Nya!
19. Comments by Hoshi [Rating: 6/10]
Erm... even though this dorama features a cast of bishounens (with Okada and Sho, no less), it didn't really pique my interest in the beginning, the middle, or the end. I held on all the way to the end because of the bishounens :P But still, I agree that the way they tell the story is different from other doramas, so that's something fresh. But I didn't really like the storyline...
20. Comments by Cerebus [Rating: 7/10]
Typical Kudo Kankuro mania. It often made very little sense, and often resorted to lots of running and shouting. That didn't really matter it was a lot of fun. I was a bit concerned that the leads where chosen for their haircuts rather than acting ability, but I needn't have worried as most where reasonable actors and a charismatic lot and they where clearly enjoying themselves.
21. Comments by michiru3 [Rating: 7/10]
Okada, Sakurai, & others make interesting chara and good to watch. The story was boring for me until ep.7 (which is the best ep so far, I feel.....and not just b/c Kishidan appears). Altho confusing at first, this drama grew on me and the ending wasn't disappointing. I also liked the unique way of storytelling and how it's consistent thru out the whole series.
22. Comments by mmyy [Rating: 10/10]
Another amazing series penned by Kankuro Kudo, this is a lighter, fun-filled adventure tale of a group of friends searching for excitement and close bonding. The usual wackiness ensues, with the kind of distorted, WTF scene-changing moments similar to Tiger & Dragon's style. If you like bizarre humour and seeing a bunch of crack dudes being dorky, get this!
23. Comments by kneehard [Rating: 10/10]

Great dorama, different and funny. The first episode was hard to understand, but you wont regret sticking on the story because it is so hilariously entertaining. Makes you want to visit Kisarazu!! The lady acting as Miss Mirei is a bit too old for the role though, but otherwise the drama is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KISARAZU...CATS..nyah!!!!!!!!!!!!
24. Comments by kaonashi [Rating: 4/10]
I'm probably the only one who totally didn't get this one. Even if the comparison's ridiculous, a japanese Pulp Fiction wannabe's the easiest way to describe this drama. I tried to like it but though the whole series I didn't feel anything, completely indifferent. I give it a 4 but don't know why cause it's nothing but a waste of time.
25. Comments by jess [Rating: 7/10]
It's the most unique drama i have ever watched..
Though most of the drama made me go "EH!?!" and "OHHH" when they finally do the flashback, i think the concept for this drama is really original and commendable. Good acting by characters too ^^

the only bad thing was the main character totally didn't look like he got cancer -.-
26. Comments by takuan [Rating: 6/10]
Fun and campy, but pointless drama. It does draw your attention in and is overall an enjoyable drama to watch, but it's not something I'd rush out to get immediately. JE fans may beg to differ as popular JE boys Okada Junichi (V6) and Sakurai Sho (Arashi) play the main lead and one of the main costars.
27. Comments by nishishi [Rating: 6/10]
Really funny... but the plot is somewhat confusing. Didnt like the chars development through the story... i dont know... this type of comedy is different from anything ive seen so far... not saying that its bad... its just new. Higly recommended if u r looking for something different to watch....
28. Comments by yolande [Rating: 8/10]
bizarre and weird, i got totally confused over the first episode. yet once you get used to the style of filming and cutting, you will start to enjoy the show. exaggerated and comical, this dorama gets you laughing. sho is adorable in the show. yoshinori is amazing.
29. Comments by AngelXing [Rating: 9/10]
AhhHh....oKAdA jUinIcHI!!! Should i say more? Well....this is a well worth watching drama because it's not like your usual Love/tragic romance and stuff like that. It's totally different. About friendship...and a whole different concept of dying.....WATCH IT
30. Comments by x_XJules [Rating: 9/10]
the style of this show reminded me of IWGP (had a few of the same actors too). it's hillarious and creative. Don't trust the synopsis. when i read what it was about i thought it'd be sappy and sad.. but no, it's just plain funny. strongly suggested.

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Users who voted for this drama (64)
1. enen_shun
this drama is a special one .. the way it's filmed and the way the storyline goes .. the scriptwriter - Kotowu Kankurowu is a superb talanted scriptwriter who won numberous awards in Japan .. i simply lurved the way he writes his scripts ! this drama is funny yet touchy at the same time .. with interesting character and great actors/actresses acting in it .. a really good drama !
2. Kawaii Kinomoto
luv the actors!!! sho sakurai from arashi^___^, junichi okada from v6^__^, and nariyama hiroki!! ^_____^ u guys r the best!! sakai wakana is good in this too but ever since her role in kimi wa petto as fukushima it made me hate her cuz she played it so well...lol.. she's still cute though!!^^
3. kyunspark
Superb dorama with weird plot and storyline. The dorama convey several dark issues such as terminal illness, bullying and pedophilia in a very interesting way. Funny as hell and yet touching... This dorama should get an award for unpredictable events... Standing ovation for Kudo Kankuro...
4. karmyk
It took the second time around (of watching the first episode) to get me hooked... but I'm glad I gave it a second chance. It's definately different... and you have to stick with it all the way through an episode to truly start appreciating it. Now it's one of my favorites. =)
5. nino_naru
This stupid n hillarious dorama really moved me!! I love the act in here. Five main charas are real good n crazy!! ^ ^ Even in d end of the series, they still did something unreal...

Love Takashi, Sho n OkaJun!!
6. saya317
Damn hyper show! Really enjoyable to be able to keep me hooked without understanding much of the dialogue(no subs). Glad this is my first dorama. And the movie was just as fun as the show. KCE ROCKS!!!
7. Asja
Kudo Kankuro... That's it. I've waited almost two years before watching this dorama. But I don't regret it now. Because it' great when you're watching another masterpiece for the first time...
8. Nukemarine
One of the best dramas. Not because it has boy toys or flavor girls, but because of top notch writing, directing, acting, and comedy timing. This story works in most cultures.
9. SabrinaOshio
Make me laught laught and laught....especialy Okada Junichi..and Love to see Tsukamoto Takashi ..... he look Cute ('',) in this drama.
Kisarazu Cat's...meau..meau..meau..
10. laramatsu
There was never a boring moment, lotsa catchy tunes - ie: Yassai Mossai and the KCE debut for the theme song of Kisarazu, LOL definitely makes me want to see more of it
11. emyLi
A must watch drama!!! it's so funny! from the first episode i knew i'll continue all the way to the last episode~ Sho is so cute in this drama!! Kawaii Bambi! n_n
12. flowerman
I like all of actor in KCE.
Okada Junichi as bussun is my Fav. actor--So cute , candy eyes and perfect. luv Sho and takashi tsukamoto,too.
13. dreamer10231
funny...really really really funny...i didn't like it at first but eventually...i'm just waiting the world series to be subbed...
14. Shibien
I vote for this jdrama, cause I think it�Ls pretty sad but interesting and funny sometimes too, I enjoyed a lot with it ^^
15. Serenah
SHO = HOTNESS !! the best actor ever .. so hott !! i hope he makes more dramas in the future .. he's really funny in here
16. Ororo_munroe
great dorama.... excellent performance from Junichi and Sho, I like the most Junichi reaction when he arrived in Tokyo
17. itsuka
what a crazy series ^_^ hilarious, yet touching at the same time. kazuuuuu cats! nya! cats! nya! cats! nyaaaaaaoo!
18. Nermal
Simply brilliant! Great acting from Okada Junichi, as always. Orignal style of drama, great cast, touching story.
19. czajka
Words can't describe just how much i LOVE this drama. It's funny and absurd but touching at the same time. :)
20. Mustiiien
Great show! So many memorable moments in this show. What a team, Bussan, Ucchie, Ani, Bambi & Master!
21. K.T.Tran
U...U...Uchie U...U...Uchie U....U...Uchie U U....U...Uchie, Bussaaaan, Maaaaaster, Bambiiiii, Ani!!!
22. riku_tsuyoi
Amazingly hilarious! A great watch! You'll laugh, cry, and just love the characters too much. XD
23. lucy_monostone
kiiiiiisaaaaraaazuuuuuu! meow meow meow meow meow meow!!!! Damn this dorama is craazzzyy
24. Li-san
It is weird but lovely, just as the main characters are. I liked it surprisingly lot.
25. CheeSauce
It was so funny!!!! I love all the characters and the Mission Chimpossible!
26. Rinrin
Keeps you interested throughout. The way they use flashbacks is good too.
27. rixile
i was laughing so hard when i was watching this!! and yet i also cried..
28. kisekied
for some unknown reason, corny and funny shows are always the best!
29. Mylani
Cute and silly drama ^^ Gotta love Okada Junichi and Sakurai Sho xD
30. kacang
too much happy part! I love this movie very much.........:D

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