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kaonashi's drama votes (9)
Beautiful life [ビューティフルライフ]
A Kimura Takuya drama is usually a great one. Beautiful life's certainly no exception. Great cast, great story. This drama has everything & is one of the absolute best.
Good Luck !! [グッドラック!!]
A Kimura Takuya drama always comes with high expectations. Good luck doesn't disappoint. Everything is top notch & I really liked the airline theme. No need to say more, one of the absolute best.
Koi ga shitai Koi ga shitai Koi ga shitai [恋がしたい恋がしたい]
A drama that deals with various aspects of life, full of insights. You feel good after watching it. This drama can't compete with the very best, but it's one of my absolute favourites.
Long vacation [ロングバケーション]
Great! Kimutaku as the pianoplayer Senna was the first j-dorama I watched and it's still among the best j-drama ever.
Love generation [ラブジェネレーション]
This is what J-drama is all about, at least for me. Can't get any better. In my opinion, this is the best drama ever.
Nemureru mori [眠れる森]
Although I'm not a big fan of this type of j-drama (suspense/detective), I have to say that this one was stunningly good. It captured me from the first minute and didn't let go until the very end. The plot's brilliant & meticulous in every detail & it's so much more than just a captivating murder case. In terms of j-drama I'll even use the word masterpiece. Highly recommended
Shota no sushi [将太の寿司]
17 episodes without a dull moment. That says a lot about how good this show is. In fact I wanted it to continue even further. Great cast, great characters, great storyline. I can't find anything bad to say about this fantastic drama, I loved it.
Wedding Planner [ウエディングプランナー]
A hilarous & touching drama with a top notch cast. A drama that makes you happy.
Yamato Nadeshiko [やまとなでしこ【大和撫子】]
Stylished, fast paced & funny drama with a great cast. One of the absolute best ever.

kaonashi's artiste votes (6)
Kimura Takuya [木村拓哉]
Above all, a Kimura Takuya drama's usually a great one.
Kimura Yoshino [木村佳乃]
One of the best supporting actresses around. Great performance in Sweet delivery.
Nakama Yukie [仲間由紀恵]
Without a doubt no 1. She really has it all.
Takeuchi Yuko [竹内結子]
She sure is cute & has charm. Hard not to like her.
Tsutsumi Shinichi [堤真一]
Have seen him in drama & other movies as well. Think he's a talanted actor.
Yada Akiko [矢田亜希子]

kaonashi's dramas (232)
101 Kaime no Puropozu [101回目のプロポーズ]
14 sai no Haha [14歳の母]
Ai no Uta [あいのうた]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
A weak & predictable storyline about a neglected girl who gets accepted by a new family. The 2 leads didn't match & there were very few touching or funny moments. Still it wasn't that bad, I kind of enjoyed watching it. And the themesong was pretty nice. But it's not like I'm recommending it.
Ai wo kudasai [愛をください]
Aishiteiru to Ittekure [愛していると言ってくれ]
Aisuru Tame ni Aisaretai [愛するために愛されたい]
Akimahende! [あきまへんで!]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
One of the best family drama I've seen so far. Better & funnier than Oyaji, Otousan & Hotman. 8+
Algernon ni Hanataba o [アルジャーノンに花束を]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Adapted from a book, this script about a retarded man who regains full brain capacity is very suited for a J-drama series. It's a touching story & it's funny & sad at the same time with pretty good acting from the leads. There are quite a few hows & whys, since we're not getting much scientifical explanations. Just don't demand logical answers & you will most likely find this drama enjoyable.
Anego [アネゴ]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
This drama may give the viewer some idea of what goes on in the head of a 33-year old unmarried OL. I didn't like the leads though & the ridiculously huge age gap between them was simply too much to swallow. With other lead actors I would've enjoyed this drama a bit more, cause it's not that bad & I like office themes. But now I'd say this one's only a must see for fans of Kat-tun.
Antique [アンティーク〜西洋骨董洋菓子店]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
The story revolves around a cafe & the art of baking delicious cakes. There are some things missing to make it a truly great show, but it's creative, funny & has a strong cast. I would've enjoyed it even more with a better english translation. 8+
Aoi Tori [青い鳥]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
This is a tragic yet wonderful drama with perhaps the best acting performances I've seen in a J-drama, especially by Toyokawa Etsushi, Sano Shiro & Suzuki Anne. I won't recommend this drama since I understand that this may not be to everyone's liking. As for myself, I thought it's was an exceptional drama in every aspect, very well written & beautifully shot in visually stunning scenery. Well, in terms of J-drama, it's a small masterpiece. 9+
Asunaro hakusho [あすなろ白書]
Rating: 4/10 (Watched)
Drama about university friendship. Slow & draggy, but if it wasn't for the female lead actress my rating would've been a bit higher. But I really didn't like her at all. I kind of like the main plot but the middle part, before they all split up, is actually the only strong part of this drama. In short, barely watchable.
Attention Please [アテンションン プリース]
Rating: 5/10 (Watched)
Only for die hard fans of Ueto Aya. The rest will probably only find her acting laughable & annoying. This is a crappy story & it's not even funny. The last 3 eps were ok but overall it's just an extremely poor version of "Good luck".
Bambino! [バンビーノ!]
Beach boys [ビーチボーイズ]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
No complicated plots, no heroic actions & no overdramatic love stories & maybe that's why this one's good. Just 2 guys taking some time off to lay low, have a good time & to figure some things out for themselves & in the meantime experiencing an unforgettable summer. A story about life, in a philosophical sense. Far from beeing one of the best j-drama ever made, but it's good.
Beautiful life [ビューティフルライフ]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
A Kimura Takuya drama's usually a great one. Beautiful life's certainly no exception. Everything's top notch, one of the absolute best.
Bengoshi no Kuzu [弁護士のくず]
Rating: 4/10 (Watched)
Besides the 2 lead actors this drama seems to be a low budget drama. I had some hopes before watching it but the plot's hollow from start to finish & with mediocre acting performances. It's not totally crap, I have seen much worse drama. But I have to categorize it as a waste of time.
Besuto patona [べストパートナー]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Pretty weak story but it has some hilarious moments. And as I like office drama & Watabe Atsuro I think it was fairly good. 7-
Big wing [ビッグウイング]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Better than expected. Perhaps the plots aren't that strong but I like the airport theme & I felt good watching it.
Bijo ka Yajuu [美女か野獣]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
A mediocre love story in the news business. This drama's way overrated. It's not funny at all, I can only remember laughing once during the entire series. For fans of Nanako it's probably worth watching. 6-
Blackjack ni Yoroshiku [ブラックジャックによろしく]
Boku dake no Madonna [僕だけのマドンナ]
Boku ga boku de aru tame ni [僕が僕であるために]
Boku to Kanojo to Kanojo no Ikiru Michi [僕と彼女と彼女の生きる道]
Botan to Bara [牡丹と薔薇]
Brand [ブランド]
Rating: 4/10 (Watched)
Pretty lame story about a romance in the fashion industry. What saves this from a much lower rating's the final episode where things sum up. That final episode's good & the reason alone for making this drama almost worth watching after all. But the overall problem with this story's the lack of credibility. And one great episode can't make up for 10 bad ones.
Brother Beat [ブラザー☆ビート]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
A drama about a widow & her 3 sons. Pretty corny & kind of cliche but I enjoyed it & I really liked the cast. A typical feel good family drama & a pleasant watch.
Bus stop [バスストップ]
Byakuyakou [白夜行]
Cheap Love [チープラブ]
Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu [誰よりもままを愛す]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
Ok, so what differs this family drama from others is that the husband, Tamura Masakazu, is the "housewife". He's cooking, cleaning, worrying about the children & overall acting girlish. It works for a while but then it's not fun anymore, it just gets irritating & pathetic. The highlight of the show is Abe Sadayo who does a very convincing gay, the funniest part of this drama. I'm not sure I liked the outcome of that subplot though. Basically it's just another family drama, not that bad but not that good either.
Dekichatta Kekkon [できちゃった結婚]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
I liked this drama. It's about a couple who don't know each other but decide to marry because of an unexpected pregnancy. Very nice chemistry between the two leads & a great supporting cast. Would've enjoyed it even more with a bit better english translation. Recommended, 8+
Denchi ga kireru made [電池が切れるまで]
Densha Otoko [電車男]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Geek gets the hot girl type of story. It's quite funny & since it's based on a true story it brings hope to every otaku outthere. Definitely worth watching.
Double kitchen [ダブルキッチン]
Double score [ダブル スコア]
Rating: 4/10 (Watched)
Kind of a japanese Beverly Hills Cop without the witty dialouge. Not totally crap, but pretty darn close. Not recommended.
Dr. Koto Shinryojo [Dr.コトー診療所]
Dragon Zakura [ドラゴン桜]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
A lawyer/teacher engaging his students with somewhat unusual methods, straightforward brutal honesty. This drama's not top notch, Abe Hiroshi's acting's pretty stiff & the ending could've been a bit more powerful. But it's an inspiring story & I liked the moral. One of the best teacher/student drama I've seen.
Egao no Hosoku [笑顔の法則]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Actually, I don't think this drama was that bad, it had a decent plot & it's lighthearted & funny. Maybe some emotional scenes could've been more powerful & there were indeed some massive overacting from some supporting actors. But the leads were good & had ok chemistry. Overall, this drama's not original in any way, but still slightly above average.
Engine [エンジン]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Ok drama but for beeing a Kimutaku drama it's a disappointment. The storyline feels sloppy made & KT's just a parody of his former characters.
Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta! [エラいところに嫁いでしまった!]
Rating: 5/10 (Watched)
One of those stressful dramas that's only funny the opening episode and then just irritates you. These dramas are never original instead repetetive & predictable. Those who like dramas such as "Perfect bride" might enjoy this. Otherwise I only recommend this one for die hard fans of Nakama Yukie.
Face [フェイス]
First Kiss [ファースト・キス]
First Love
Food fight [フードファイト]
Rating: 3/10 (Watched)
A repetitive drama about all-you-can-eat challenges. Shallow plot & although it's a comedy it's not even funny. And I strongly dislike Kusanagi as an actor, he's just so lame. Well, if you wanna see a comedy about challenges, watch the magnificent "Shota no sushi" or at least "Golden bowl" instead.
Friends [フレンズ]
Rating: 5/10 (Watched)
Cute story but not a very good drama. The well-meant purpose & the nice shooting of Seoul & Tokyo saves this minidrama from an even lower rating.
Fugoh Keiji [富豪刑事]
Gakkou no sensei [ガッコの先生]
Gal Cir [ギャルサ]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
A japanese cowboy from Arizona ends up in a group of lost para para girls in Shibuya. Everyone should understand that this is not a top notch quality drama but it's not pretending to be anything else but a simple lighthearted comedy either. It follows the same concept as for example GTO, an extreme character shows up & help some lost youngsters. It's ok entertainment.
Ganbatte Ikimasshoi [がんばっていきまっしょい]
Gift [ギフト]
Gokusen [ごくせん]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
I must say it was a bit of a disappointment. "Yankumi's" unique family ties was a great idea for a drama, but it's basically just another teacher/student thing. It's a good drama, but not the great one that I expected it to be.
Gokusen Season 2 [ごくせん2]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
A bit overrated since it's exactly the same as the first series. You think they could've added something new but nope, nothing. Hence if you liked the first one, you'll like this one as well. 7-
Golden Bowl [ゴールデンボウル]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Horrible soundtrack & a repetetive storyline with a new bowling challenge in every episode. I liked the leads & they had a nice chemistry despite the age gap. Those two were probably the biggest reason why this drama rises above average.
Good Luck !! [グッドラック!!]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
A Kimura Takuya drama always comes with high expectations. Good luck doesn't disappoint. A high class drama with high class casting. Good plots, fast pace & funny. And I loved the airline theme. No need to say more, one of the absolute best drama ever.
GTO [麻辣教師]
Rating: 8/10
Not my favorite drama, in my opinion this one's extremely overrated with a storyline more repetitive than average. Far from beeing the best drama ever. Still I do agree it's a must see, it sure is good entertainment & Soremachi is perfect as Onizuka. The special episode & the movie's quite boring though.
H2~Kimi to itahibi [2〜君といた日々]
Hana Yori Dango [花より男子]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Not much to say, guess noone has missed this one. I enjoyed this drama a lot even though I never heard of the manga before. Highly entertaining & the cast's good & the themesong's great. I don't think this drama is one of the best but it surely is a must watch. 8+
Hana Yori Dango Season 2 [花より男子]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
As usual with sequels, they don't surpass the original. The main plotline's ok & if they would've kept it simple the result would've been better. Instead they added too many stupid incidents that only harmed the story. Anyway, if you liked the first series, which you most likely did, you'll like this one as well. 8-
Haruka 17 [はるか 17]
Hatachi no kekkon [20歳の結婚]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
A true pleasure watching Kimutaku & Matsu reunite again as they both are great actors & have a nice chemistry. This time they're working as prosecutors who solve different cases in each episode. Hero's a fastpaced, smart & funny drama, a nice break from draggy love stories. 10-
Himitsu no Hanazono [ヒミツの花園]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
I had some hopes after reading the synopsis, seemed to have potential to be a fun series. The main plot's good, 4 brothers write a popular manga aimed for girls hiding, behind the name Hanazono. But it really wasn't that funny, mostly draggy & I had a hard time sticking around to the end. The cast's ok but overall it seemed like a low budget production. This drama could've & should've been funnier. I felt a bit like a good idea for a drama got wasted.
Hito ni Yasashiku [人にやさしく / 3ピース]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
3 guys who live together get their carefree lives turned upside down by an unexpected visitor, a little boy who has nowhere to go. You could say this is a Japanese 3 men & a baby. The beginning is a bit slow but it then got better for each episode & in the end it was a really enjoyable drama. The good cast & the cool themesong are also worth mentioning. Not a top drama but I recommend it.
Hitotsu yane no shita 1 [ひとつ屋根の下 1]
Hitotsu yane no shita Season 2 [ひとつ屋根の下 2]
Home & Away [ホーム&アウェイ]
Homework [ホームワーク]
Hoshi no kinka 1 [星の金貨]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
An American style soap opera full of intrigues, betrayals & unexpected turns. If this overly melodramatic plot was to be characteristic for a J-drama in general, then I would certainly not be a fan. But since it's more of an exception, I felt it was nice for a change & got addicted to it. Terrific show & I even liked the disputed ending. 9-
Hoshi no kinka Season 2 / Zoku hoshi no kinka [續。星の金貨]
Hotaru no haka [蛍の墓]
Hotaru no Hikari [ホタルノヒカリ]
Hotman [ホットマン]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
A man with a bunch of younger half siblings are living together. This is a typical family drama with decent plots & an excellent cast. It's entertaining but sometimes maybe too moralizing. 7+
Hotman Season 2 [ホットマン2]
Ichi Ritoru no Namida [1リットルの涙]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
Based on a true story, this is probably the most heartwrenching j-drama ever made. Even the most coldhearted humans will most likely find some moments nearly unbearable. Highly recommended.
Iguana no musume [イグアナの娘]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Mostly this drama's about accepting yourself for who you are & that everybody has some sadness in the past to overcome. It's a touching & heartwarming story that I suppose everyone can relate to but at the same time it teaches a harsh lesson, that the main responsibililty to become a good & happy person lies on the children regardless how cruel the parents sometimes are. The drama's great in many aspects but I don't think the ending was satisfying enough. 8+
Ikebukuro West Gate Park [池袋ウエストゲートパーク]
Ima Ai ni Yukimasu [いま会いにゆきます]
Iryu [医龍 Team Medical Dragon]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
I began watching this drama without any expectations at all & it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It's an inspiring feel good drama about a highly skilled surgical team who perform miracles together. This just might be Sakaguchi's best drama so far. It's not quite as good as the 24h ER series but it's close. Recommended 8+
Itazura na Kiss [イタズラなKiss]
Itoshi Kimie [愛し君へ]
Itsumo futari de [いつもふたりで]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Two childhood friends meet again by incident in Tokyo. Overall this drama's a disappointment. Too slowstarted, it took about 5-6 episodes before it got interesting & the ending could've been better. It's a decent drama but not a very memorable one.
Jikou Keisatsu [時効警察]
Jodan Janai! [冗談じゃない!]
Jyoou no Kyoushitsu [女王の教室]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
This drama's about a sadistic teacher who's tormenting her 24 elementary school students. The question's her purpose, is she actually trying to teach something or is she just a dinosaur teacher who's been hiding away for the last 100 years? The acting performances are terrific, especially Amami Yuki & the ending may be cliche but nevertheless satisfying. I won't say this is a must see, but it's a thoughtful drama that encourages debate. 8-
Kamisama mou sukoshi dake [神様、もう少しだけ]
Kao [顔]
Karei naru Ichizoku [華麗なる一族]
Kasouken no Onna [科捜研の女]
Rating: 4/10 (Watched)
Mediocre. Not funny at all & the plots are weak. Can't believe they made 4 more of this. 4+
Kasouken no Onna Season 2 [科捜研の女 2]
Rating: 4/10 (Watched)
Like the first series, mediocre at best. 4+
Kasouken no Onna Season 3 [科捜研の女 3]
Rating: 4/10 (Watched)
Like the first two series, mediocre at best. 4+
Kasouken no Onna Season 4 [科捜研の女 4]
Rating: 4/10 (Watched)
Mediocre at best. 4+
Katagoshi no Koibito [肩ごしの恋人]
Kazoku -tsuma fuzai oto no sonzai [家族〜妻の不在・夫の存在〜]
Keizoku [ケイゾク]
Rating: 6/10
One of the better "crime" drama I've seen. And I liked the cast. But as always, it's becomes boring after a few episodes. 6+
Kekkon Dekinai Otoko [結婚できない男]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
This is kind of a Japanese remake of the Oscar award winning movie "As good as it gets". Just like the movie, the drama grows on you once you get familiar with the characters, who are all portrayed by a terrific cast. It's not hilarious but indeed amusing. And I'm sure it's a drama that most guys can identify themselves with. For those in need of a break from teen-idol-dramas, this one's highly recommended. 9-
Kimi wa Petto [きみはペット]
Kindaichi Shonen no Jikembo Season 3 [金田一少年の事件簿 3]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
Recommended for those who like drama such as Kasouken no onna & Trick. Personally I think all detective drama become quite boring after a few episodes.
Kindaichi shonen no jikenbo 1 [金田一少年の事件簿 1]
Kindaichi shonen no jikenbo Season 2 [金田一少年の事件簿 2]
Kinyoubi no Koibitotachi e [金曜日の恋人たちへ]
Kiraware Matsuko no Isshou [嫌われ松子の一生]
Kisarazu Cat's Eye [木更津キャッツアイ]
Rating: 4/10 (Watched)
I'm probably the only one who totally didn't get this one. Even if the comparison's ridiculous, a japanese Pulp Fiction wannabe's the easiest way to describe this drama. I tried to like it but though the whole series I didn't feel anything, completely indifferent. I give it a 4 but don't know why cause it's nothing but a waste of time.
Koi ga shitai Koi ga shitai Koi ga shitai [恋がしたい恋がしたい]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
The story revolves around 5 random persons who first met each other in a Gyudon restaurant. It's a drama that deals with various aspects of life, it's full of insights & you feel good after watching it. This drama can't compete with the very best, but it's one of my absolute favorites. 9+
Koi ni Ochitara ~Boku no Seikou no Himitsu~ [恋におちたら〜僕の成功の秘密〜]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Presumably partly inspired by the old American movie "Secret of my success" with M J Fox. It's a well casted drama with a nice theme song but the story doesn't offer anything out of the ordinary. In other words, what you see in this drama you've already seen several times before.
Koi no Chikara [恋ノチカラ]
Koi Seyo Otome [恋セヨ乙女]
Koi wa Tatakai [恋は戦い!]
Koi wo nan nen sundemasu ka?
Rating: 2/10 (Watched)
A tragic drama in many ways, not a tribute to love & marriage, more like a bitter reminder of reality. The story has some good points but the happy moments in this series are easily counted. It was a relief when it finally ended.
Koibumi [恋文~私たちが愛した男]
Koishite Shinitai [恋して死にたい]
Konna koi no hanashi [こんな恋のはなし]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
This kind of theme is hardly original, predictable from start to finish. Still, it's always uplifting to see a man change. And even though I think this drama could've been better made, I enjoyed it & watched it all in one day.
Koori no sekai [冰の世界]
Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003 [高校教師 2003]
Rating: 3/10 (Watched)
Nope, didn't like this one. Took me a loooong time to finish this series. And the reason why I finally did wasn't out of curiousity, more like a feeling of obligation. The lead actors & Ueto Aya in particular have many fans outthere & that must be the main reason for the high ratings. Cause this drama's really not that good.
Kougen e Irasshai [高原へいらっしゃい!]
Kuitan [喰いタン]
Rating: 1/10 (Watched)
No no no! One of the most pointless drama ever made. It was impossible to finish this one. I can't believe they made a sequel. It's supposed to be a comedy but it's not funny at all, just plain stupid. Lame criminal cases, ultraboring cast & bad acting. Well, if you like Vivaldi's "Four seasons" you'll enjoy the music. But that's about it. Pathetic drama. 1-
Kurosagi [クロサギ]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
A superficial plot & ridiculously lame swindle cases. The second half of the drama's a bit better but then the ending wasn't really satisfying in any aspect. The cast's ok with some of the top young stars in Japan. A watchable but extremely overrated drama. 6-
Kyousoukyoku [協奏曲]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
2 men with conflicts of interests in both love & profession. In spite of that they're always honest & show mutual respect for each other which is wonderful. This is a different & unpredictable drama with convincing acting performances & a very satisfying ending. Very good.
Kyumei byoto 24 ji [救命病棟24時]
Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji Season 2 [救命病棟24時 2]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
A japanese ER. An inspiring drama with a pretty good cast. This one's really good. I'd love to see the other two series as well, hope they'll be available with english subs someday.
Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji Season 3 [救命病棟24時 3]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
This time the emergency team's trying to save lives after a massive earthquake. A scenario that is more than realistic for Japan residents. The second series was slightly better, but this one's really good too & I recommend it. 8+
Last Christmas [ラストクリスマス]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Little bit of a Kimutaku style drama, but just not as good. The final episode was way too corny but overall it's a decent story & a pretty good cast. I liked it.
Le Parfum De La Jaolusie (Shitto no Kaori)
Liar Game [ライアーゲーム]
Long Love Letter [ロング・ラブレター〜漂流教室]
Long vacation [ロングバケーション]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
Kimura Takuya as the somewhat introvert pianoplayer Senna was the first j-drama I watched & is still one of the absolute best drama ever made. Has a little bit of everything & the cast is great.
Love again [ラブ・アゲイン]
Love complex [ラブコンプレックス]
Love generation [ラブジェネレーション]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
A "Tokyo love story" rip off? It's not even close in my opinion. In any case, Love generation's one of the best drama ever, maybe even the best. To me, this is what J-drama's all about, can't get any better.
Love letter
Rating: 8/10 (Bought & Watched)
In the category romantic Asian flicks, Love letter's one of the best.
Love Revolution [ラブレボリューション]
Love Story
Lunch no Joou [ランチの女王]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
This drama's top notch until the last episode. It's funny & versatile with lots of things going on at the same time. However the final episodes spoil the overall impression a bit since most of the major questions that the story depends on & that captivates the viewer, don't get answered, leaving the viewer with an empty feeling at the end. That's a shame since the drama had all the right ingredients to be remembered as one of the best. Now it's not.
Majo no jouken [魔女の条件]
Mama no Idenshi [ママの遺伝子]
Manatsu no Merry Christmas [真夏のメリークリスマス]
Manhattan Love Story [マンハッタン ラブストーリー]
Mayonaka no Ame [真夜中の雨]
Medaka [めだか]
Meguri ai [めぐり逢い]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
Since I almost fell asleep just by reading the synopsis, I expected this series to be boring as hell. So I guess things could only get better & in the end it wasn't THAT bad. And the music was pretty ok. But it sure was a draggy love story, definitely not a drama you can finish in one day.
Moto Kare [元カレ]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
This could & probably should have been a 5 episode drama. You can easily skip the middle part of it without missing anything important. And another minor flaw is that the viewers most likely sympathize with the wrong girl. Ok drama, but not memorable.
Mukashi no otoko [昔の男]
Mukodono 2003 [ムコ殿2003]
Mukodono! [ムコ殿/女婿大人]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
I expected a lot from this drama & to say it was a disappointment would be wrong. It's good & I almost watched it in one day. And the cast is excellent. I just felt that they could've got much more out of it.
My Boss, My Hero [マイボスマイヒロ]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
A Yakuza boss forces his 28 years old son to attend high school. The first half of this drama was hilarious. Later there were some flaws & a couple of meaningless episodes but overall it's a good comedy. And compared to the other popular Yakuza related school-drama "Gokusen", this one's more versatile. Recommended. 8+
My Little Chef
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Akiko Yada's plays a chef who's able to prepare unforgettable food, but only after a personal talk with the customer. Not the best drama there is, but sometimes this is exactly the kind you wanna watch, a lighthearted comedy. A surprisingly strong cast & lots of well known actors show up in supporting roles.
Namida o fuite [涙をふいて]
Nanisama! [なにさまっ!]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Didn't expect much of this drama before watching it, but it turned out to be quite good. Especially the first half was really funny & the cast was surprisingly strong. It's a good drama.
Nemureru mori [眠れる森]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
Although I'm not a big fan of this type of j-drama (suspense/detective), I have to say that this one was stunningly good. It captured me from the first minute and didn't let go until the very end. The plot's brilliant & meticulous in every detail & it's so much more than just a captivating murder case. In terms of j-drama I'll even use the word masterpiece. Highly recommended
News no onna [ニュースの女]
Ningen no Shoumei [人間の証明]
Nobuta wo Produce [野ブタ。をプロデュース]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
A drama about friendship & the toughness of beeing yourself, among other things. The hightlight of the show's Yamashita Tomohisa as the goofy Kusano. Overall it's a good cast. A bit overrated drama in my opinion but it's good, it's funny & has a nice ending.
Nodame Cantabile [のだめ カンタビ−レ]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
For lovers of J-drama & classical music this one's indeed a must see. It's very entertaining & has an interesting cast who all do a great job in making their musical skills look credible. Maybe I think that the power of music a bit covers up for the lack of a truly great storyline because it is the music that makes this drama rise high above average. Recommended 9-
Ns' Aoi [Ns’ あおい ]
Odoru Daisousasen [踊る大捜査線]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
If there's one drama that justifies a sequel, it's this one. Even after the final episode it felt like the beginning of the story. I wanted to get to know the characters more. This drama doesn't offer any complicated murder cases, just the "everyday life" of police officers & how politics affect the detectives work. A very well scripted drama with lot's of humor & emotional moments. One not to be missed. 9+
Ohsama no resutoran [王樣のレストラン]
Orange Days [オレンジデイズ]
Rating: 9/10 (Bought & Watched)
A story about some university friends & a mute girl. It's a fresh & modern drama with a young & talented cast. Reminded me a bit of "Asunaro hakusho", but this one's so much better. Recommended.
Otousan [おとうさん]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Kind of an Oyaji II. This one's a bit better though. The story & the characters are more intersting to follow & to run a sobashop is more original than beeing a doctor. The usual family drama with a happy end. Not bad. 8-
Over Time [オーバー・タイム]
Oyaji~ [オヤジぃ]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
A nice & funny family drama. Good cast & a nice themesong. I think "Otousan" is slightly better though. 8-
Papa to Musume no Nanokakan [パパとムスメの7日間]
Pretty Girls [プリティガール]
Rating: 3/10 (Watched)
This drama's starts off as a feel-good-drama that makes you happy. Then around halftime the series changes character and from that moment it's going downhill & eventually ends up as a big disappointment. Barely watchable.
Pride [プライド]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
At first I thought the idea of hockey as main theme seemed pretty cool, but in reality the hockey part was the thing that dragged this series down. Nice chemistry between the 2 leads though. Not one of the best KT drama but good enough.
Proposal Daisakusen [プロポーズ大作戦]
Remote [リモート]
Rikon Bengoshi [離婚弁護士]
Rikon Bengoshi Season 2 [離婚弁護士II〜ハンサム ウーマン〜]
rinbukyoku [輪舞曲]
Rating: 3/10 (Watched)
I'm sure they tried hard to come up with something special for the sake of Choi Ji-woo. But a nice & simple love story would've been far better than this ludicrous plot. Takenouchi Yutaka's a good actor & did the best he could. Unfortunately it's wasn't enough to save this crap.
Sapuri [サプリ]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
A drama set in an advertising company with a pretty lame plotline, some lame acting & weird dialog. The two leads didn't match nor had chemistry. I like Kamenashi but he's not fit to play a lovesick "jester" like this, it seems like they made him act even younger than he already is. Well, after "Sapuri" & "Anego" I think we've seen enough of older women falling for teenage guys for a while. However, I liked the setting & especially the cast. And it's only because of the cast I rate this drama higher then it actually deserves. 7-
Sarariman Kintaro 1 (TBS) [サラリーマン金太郎]
Sarariman Kintaro Season 2 (TBS) [サラリーマン金太郎2]
Sarariman Kintaro Season 3 (TBS) [サラリーマン金太郎]
Sarariman Kintaro Season 4 (TBS) [サラリーマン金太郎]
Satorare [サトラレ]
Sayonara, Ozu Sensei [さよなら、小津先生]
Seija no koushin [聖者の行進]
Seikei Bijin [整形美人。]
Sekai no chuushin de, ai wo sakebu [世界の中心で、愛をさけぶ]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
As I expected the tv series was slightly better than the movie since this is the type of story that benefits from a large amount of time in order to develop the story & the characters. Osawa Takao was way better than Ogata Naoto as the grown up Sakutaro though & overall I wasn't too exited about the cast here. And maybe that's one reason why I say this is a good drama but not great.
Sensei shiranaino? [先生知らないの?]
Shiawase No Shippo
Shin Hoshi no kinka [新・星の金貨]
Shiroi kage [白い影]
Shiroi Kyoto [白い巨塔]
Shomuni [ショムニ]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Since they made three Shomuni series, I expected the first in line to be better. Some episodes were really funny while others were pretty boring & meaningless. The cast's ok but not great. I kind of like office drama though so I enjoyed watching this one.
Shomuni Final [ショムニ ファイナル/庶務二課]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Just like the first 2 series. Some episodes are really funny & some are boring. Especially the episode with Tokunagas husband, it was terrible. 7-
Shomuni Season 2 [ショムニ 2]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Just like the first series, nothing more nothing less. Some episodes are funny. 7-
Shota no sushi [将太の寿司]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
17 episodes without a dull moment. That says a lot about how good this show is. In fact I wanted it to continue even further. It's a heartwarming drama with many touching moments. Great cast, great characters, great storyline. I can't find anything bad to say about this drama, I loved it. 10-
Slow Dance [スローダンス]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
A mediocre plot that doesn't offer any surprises whatsoever. No chemistry between the two leads & they weren't a very good match in the first place. It's an ok drama but definitely not a must see. 7-
Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi [空から降る一億の星]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
A suspense drama a la "Nemureru mori" that goes a step further. "Nemureru mori" is a better drama though, in every aspect. The 2 main reasons are that this series is too slowstarted & also rather predictable although it tried hard not to be. Much more can be said about the plot, but to do that would spoil the whole story. Overall, it's a dark, tragic & good drama with a nice cast & some impressive acting. I do recommend it. 8+
Stand UP!!
Rating: 7/10
4 teenage guys trying to lose virginity before the summer ends. Not hard to figure out what to expect of this story. But if you take it for what it is, it's a quite charming drama about youngsters confusion of life, love & friendship.
Star no Koi [スタアの恋]
Rating: 1/10 (Watched)
Japan's version of "Notting Hill" should've been much better than this. A predicable love story like this requires some charm & finesse, but even the opening episode, which is supposed to capture the viewer, is a disaster, just ridiculous & plain stupid. And the choice of leads is horrible, especially Kusanagi who's the worst actor I've seen in a J-drama. He's acting's just so pathetic. Well, I really can't find anything good to say about this drama. This is one of very few J-drama that I've given up watching. 1-
Strawberry on the shortcake [ストロベリー・オンザ・ショートケーキ]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Captivating drama at first but as it moved on it gradually lost its good spirit & towards the end it was kind of draggy. The music's great & I like the cast. Not a bad drama but could've been better.
Style! [スタイル!]
Suekko chounan ane san nin [末っ子長男姉三人]
Suiyoubi no Jouji [水曜日の情事]
Summer snow
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
This love story about a young guy who's running a bike shop & taking care of his younger siblings turned out to be much better than I expected. And to me the ending came as a total surprise. A sad & funny drama with a nice themesong.
Suna No Utsuwa [砂の器]
Taiho shichauzo [逮捕しちゃうぞ]
Taiyo no Kisetsu [太陽の季節]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
It's unusual that the main character in a J-drama's quite a detestable person that you don't sympathize with. Like a Japanese "Mr Ripley", he's deceitful & manipulative almost all the way to the very end. It's a somewhat frustrating series to follow & I'm not sure I liked the ending but in spite of that I have to say it's a pretty fascinating series to watch.
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi [たったひとつの恋]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
Set in Yokohama, this is a classic love story between the rich girl & the poor guy. It's not only the music that'll bring your mind to "Titanic". It's a cute story, too cute sometimes, which follows the concept of a typical love story. It surely isn't a must see, but I didn't find it too bad either. I'm no fan of Ayase Haruka's acting but the rest of the cast's did fairly good. This role suited Kamenashi much better than the role as the goofy airhead that he did in "Sapuri". Well, it's an ok love story, just don't expect it to be anything else. 6+
Tengoku ni ichiban chikai otoko [天国に一番近い男]
Rating: 5/10 (Watched)
A pretty hysterical drama. Weak story & Tendo, the angel is too noisy. Some episodes are ok & it has some funny moments. But overall a mediocre drama.
Tengoku no kiss
Tentai Kanzoku [天体観測]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
This drama's about some university friends slowly drifting apart after graduation. Unfortunately it failed to make me deeply sympathize with any of the characters. On the contrary, Sakaguchi & Koyuki were annoying most of the time. I liked the moral of the story though, that everything has it's time. 7-
Tiger & Dragon [タイガー&ドラゴン]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
Such a terrific drama, it's fast paced, funny & mixes up traditional & modern Japanese lifestyles superbly. And the use of a traditional japanese art of speech combined with the somewhat vulgar Yakuza talk works brilliantly as another absurd contrast. Great chemistry between the whole cast, seems like they had a lot of fun making this drama. This is not only Nagase Tomoyas best drama, it's one of the best drama made in recent years. Highly recommended. 9+
Tokyo Friends [東京フレンズ]
Rating: 6/10 (Watched)
A story about 4 girls who all go to Tokyo to pursue their dreams. The plot's cute but shallow & has some major flaws. Most of all this is an Ai Otsuka idol-drama & we can establish that her singing is way better than her acting. Since it's just a 5 episode drama it's worth watching but mostly for the good music. 6-
Tokyo Love Cinema [東京ラブ・シネマ]
Tokyo Love Story [東京ラブストーリー]
Rating: 8/10 (Watched)
Tokyo love story is, in my opinion, not mainly a lovestory but a story about big city life including love, friendship, loneliness, confusion etc. The cast could've been better (not referring to Suzuki Honami, she was great) & the hideous fashion of the 80's is just regrettable but apart from that, it's terrific & I recommend every fan of j-drama to watch this classic piece.
Tokyo Tower ~Okan to Boku to, tokidoki, Oton [東京タワー2007]
Tokyo Wankei [東京湾景]
Rating: 9/10 (Watched)
This mix of a korean style drama in a japanese format was quite successful. Everything may not be top notch here, but it's addictive & has some typical korean-drama-twists. I liked it, 9-.
Top Caster [トップキャスタ]
Toshishita No Otoko [年下之男]
Trick [トリック]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Pretty entertaining drama, funny & original without romance. But besides the great leads & some captivating tricks & magic, there were too many important things missing to be a really good one.
Trick Season 2 [トリック2]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Like the first series, but the cases here are less about magic & more detective stuff.
Trick Season 3 [トリック3]
Rating: 7/10 (Bought & Watched)
Like the fist 2 series. Same leads, same jokes.
Tsubasa No Oreta Tenshitachi 1 [翼の折れた天使たち]
Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi Season 2 [翼の折れた天使たち]
Umizaru [海猿]
Unfair [アンフェア]
Utsukushii hito [美しい人]
Rating: 2/10 (Watched)
One of the worst drama I've seen. Way too draggy & Tamura Mazakasu doesn't fit in his role. What saved this from getting a 1 was that I kind of wanted to know how it'd end. And that's a good thing at least, I guess.
Virgin Road [バージンロード]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
A bit similar to Dekichatta kekkon (which btw is a much better drama), both deals with a pregnant woman without a husband but this one may focus a bit more on family ties. It's a bit slowstarted, takes a few episodes to get into it. Worth watching.
Watashitachi no kyokasho [わたしたちの教科書]
Water Boys [ウォーターボーイズ]
Water Boys Season 2 [ウォーターボーイズ2]
Wedding Planner [ウエディングプランナー]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
I sure had doubts about a drama that revolves around something so cliche as weddings. But with a lot of cleverly added subplots, tons of humor & a great cast with great chemistry it turned out to be awesome. I loved it & it's one of very few j-drama that I've watched more than 3 times. One of the best drama ever made.
With love
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
The japanese version of "You've got mail". Pretty good but would've been even better with a stronger female lead as Tanaka Misato doesn't quite match up with Takenouchi. 7+
Yamada Taro Monogatari [山田太郎ものがたり]
Yamato Nadeshiko [やまとなでしこ【大和撫子】]
Rating: 10/10 (Watched)
About a woman who's determined to do whatever it takes to marry a rich guy & put her poor past behind her. This drama's so underrated. It's a stylished, fast paced & funny show with good plots & a great cast. Great drama, one of the best.
Yan Papa [やんパパ]
Rating: 5/10 (Watched)
Predictable story about a young guy who becomes a substitute father of 3 kids. You know exactly what will happen & the ending's very weak. If there's a message for us to catch, I guess it's that blood sometimes isn't thicker than water.
Yasashii Jikan [優しい時間]
Rating: 7/10 (Watched)
Surely not a drama where you can't wait to find out how it'll end, but if you're in the mood for a slow & gentle drama, it's not that bad. The episodes are fairly short & they're not overdoing the story or dragging out on things. I'd say this drama's good for beeing a mediocre one & I'm giving it a 7- for its peaceful touch & beautiful scenery.
Yasha [夜叉]
Yome wa mitsuboshi [嫁はミツボシ]

kaonashi's drama reviews (13)
Dekichatta Kekkon [できちゃった結婚]
Up there with the best [Rating: 9/10]
Once I got into this story it was entertaining to follow. I think there was a nice chemistry between the leads Hirosue and Takenouchi. The supporting cast's doing a great job and make us care about their characters as well. The father played by Sonny Chiba was quite funny. And scary too. There were a few draggy moments in the show but overall a high class drama. Not the best, but as the voting shows on this site, it's in the top-10.
Friends [フレンズ]
Well...kinda cute. [Rating: 6/10]
A love story between a korean guy and a japanese girl. Anyone who's familiar with the relations between the two countries over the years knows that love isn't easy. That makes this story a bit exiting and interesting to watch. But it's really not that good. Too many silly scenes and I really don't think Fukada Kyoko is a good actress. But she's still the perfect choice for the role as Tomoko. Friends is a cute story and just 4 episodes so it doesn't get boring. Worth watching.
Good Luck !! [グッドラック!!]
Doesn't disappoint [Rating: 10/10]
A Kimura Takuya drama always comes with high expectations. Good luck doesn't disappoint. It's a high class drama with high class casting. Good plot, fast pace, funny, intriguing and with a nice atmosphere. I really liked the airline theme. No need to say more, another great drama.
GTO [麻辣教師]
Not my absolute favourite but ... [Rating: 9/10]
...it's definitely a must see. Quite funny, (especially considering the strict japanese school & social system), occasionally heartwarming & enjoyable to watch. Soremachi is cool as Onizuka & Nanako does another solid performance as a lovable but nagging b***h. Overall it's very entertaining. The special episode & the movie's quite boring though.
Hotman [ホットマン]
Above average [Rating: 7/10]
A family drama with decent plots. It's an entertaining show. At times too much moralizing, not nesessary to point out that clearly. Another thing that bothered me a bit was Enzos constant pestering about his daughter Nanami whenever Misuzu's around. Where I live that's a deathsin to do on a date. And a girl of Akiko Yadas caliber deserves slightly more attention....don't u think? Anyway, this drama's still good, above average and well worth my time. To me, 7,5 would seem like an exact rating.
Koi ga shitai Koi ga shitai Koi ga shitai [恋がしたい恋がしたい]
A bit like Magnolia [Rating: 8/10]
A drama that deals with various aspects of life, the everyday struggle with the doubt, the anxiety, the joy, the sorrow and of course love. Everyone can identify themselves with something (or probably everything) in this drama. It makes you think a little bit of the Hollywood movie Magnolia. Especially the end with the heavy rain and the following rainbow which brings new hope for everyone. I really liked this drama, easygoing and with a pleasant feeling. Kanno Miho and Mizuno Miki are both very talented actresses. Some parts could have been a lot better but overall it's enjoyable to watch and leaves you with a warm feeling.
Long vacation [ロングバケーション]
One of the best [Rating: 10/10]
My first contact with J-dorama and it got me hooked. It's a bit old but still one of the best. I liked the pianotheme and enjoyed every episode. It's romantic, funny and has a powerful ending. The acting is great all over. Of all the dorama I've watched so far, I rate this one as no 3.
Love generation [ラブジェネレーション]
Like Long vacation but slightly better [Rating: 10/10]
This just might be the best dorama ever. Some say it's a rip off of Tokyo love story but I haven't seen that one so I don't know. I find this beeing similar to Long vacation though, but LG is slightly better. Can't explain exactly why, something with the atmosphere in the drama. However, they're not spending as much time in the same apartment here as they did in LV which is a good thing. I'm not the biggest fan of Takako Matsu, but she's a good actress and here she's very cute and charming. Kimura Takuya is always solid in his performances. The supporting cast is carefully chosen and doing a great job as well. Along with Yamato Nadeshiko&Long vacation, it surely is the best drama so far.
Otousan [おとうさん]
Better than Oyaji [Rating: 7/10]
Kind of an Oyaji II. Otousan is a bit better though, I think. The story and the characters are more intersting to follow and there are more emotional moments in this one. To run a sobashop is also more original than beeing a doctor. Can't be easy to be the father of 4 daughters...scary. Well, you get the usual family drama, tears, joy, disagreements, reconciliation and with the happy end. 7,5 is my exact rating.
Summer snow
Surprisingly good! [Rating: 10/10]
Great drama! I didn't know anything about this one before I watched it so it surprised me that it turned out to be this good. I rate it as the 5-6 best drama all time. I'd say it's both a love and family drama, very sweet and heartwarming. And sad, very sad. At least for me the ending was unexpected. Good acting, Dohmoto Tsuyoshi is funny and Hirosue Ryoko irresistably cute as usual. Some scenes were way too corny, but it never got boring. After watching this drama I thought it was one of the best, I still do. And when I found this site, I realized that I'm not alone.
Utsukushii hito [美しい人]
At least I sat through it [Rating: 4/10]
This seemed to be a drama made for a little older viewers like myself maybe. But I don't know, it's not that good. The plot is somewhat interesting, but it's too draggy. Tamura Mazakasu's one of the most popular actors in Japan and this was the first time I saw him act. I got quite tired of his head nodding and artificial laughfter. I've now seen him in Oyaji and Otousan where he does more appealing roles. I give this one a 4 because even though it was boring I still wanted to know how it would end. And that's a good thing at least.
Yamato Nadeshiko [やまとなでしこ【大和撫子】]
One of the best! (spoiler herein) [Rating: 10/10]
Great dorama! One of my top 3 favourites! Stylish fast paced and funny with good plots and great cast. Stylish The only minor complaint is the ending which I found predictable but a bit disappointing. Up until the very end I was hoping that he'd choose Akiko Yada instead.
Yan Papa [やんパパ]
I've seen better, I've seen worse [Rating: 6/10]
Not that good, but if you don't expect too much it's watchable. Lighthearted and at times charming. Predictable of course and some things could really have been a bit more believable, too much even for a tv-drama sometimes. Guess the sensmoral is that blood sometimes isn't thicker than water.


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