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Nakama Yukie 仲間由紀恵 ( Yukie Nakama )

NameNakama Yukie
Star SignScorpio
Birthday30 October 1979
Blood TypeA
B/W/H82 / 60 / 88

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Nakama Yukie

Nakama Yukie represents her fresh natural beauty and acting ability which enabled her success in the entertainment industry. After her successful hit TV dramas ...

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 Nakama Yukie uses Shiseido
Nakama Yukie uses Shiseido

 仲間由紀恵 Yukie Nakama 資生堂 BEAUTY VOLTAGE
仲間由紀恵 Yukie Nakama 資生堂 BEAUTY VOLTAGE


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Filmography (51)
10 no Himitsu [2020]
Sendai Yukiko
Kizoku Tantei [2017]
Mysterious woman
Rakuen [2017]
Maehata Shigeko
Aibou Season 15 [2016]
相棒 15
Yashiro Miyako
Bijo to Danshi [2015]
Sawatari Ichiko
SAKURA ~ Jiken o Kiku Onna ~ [2014]
SAKURA 〜 事件を聞く女 〜
Mizosawa Sakura
Aibou Season 13 [2014]
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Mori Mitsuko wo Ikita Onna [2014]
Mori Mitsuko
Hanako to Anne [2014]
Hayama Renko (Hana's lifelong friend)
Honey Trap [2013]
Endo Natsumi
Saki ~ Mitsuketa. Anata no Kowashikata. [2013]
サキ ~ 見ぃつけた。あなたの壊し方。
Amihama Saki
Ghost Mama Sousasen [2012]
Uehara Choko
Renai Neet ~Wasureta Koi no Hajimekata~ [2012]
Kinoshita Rin
Nankyoku Tairiku ~Kami no Ryouiki ni Idomunda Otoko to Inu no Monogatari~ [2011]
Kuramochi Yukari
Tempest [2011]
Mazuru/Son Neion
Utsukushi Rinjin [2011]
99-nen no Ai ~Japanese Americans~ [2010]
Hiramatsu (Matsusawa) Shinobu
Shinzanmono [2010]
(special appearance) (special)
Untouchable [2009]
Narumi Ryoko
MR. BRAIN [2009]
Akiyoshi Kanako (ep. 5-6)
Arifureta Kiseki [2009]
Nakashiro Kana
Gokusen Season 3 [2008]
ごくせん 3
Yamaguchi Kumiko
Joshi Deka! [2007]
Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta! [2007]
Yamamoto Kimiko
Koumei Ga Tsuji [2006]
Yamauchi Chiyo
Satomi Hakenden [2006]
Haru to Natsu/Haru e Natsu [2005]
Gokusen Season 2 [2005]
Yamaguchi Kumiko
山口久美子 (25)
Otouto [2004]
Tokyo Wankei [2004]
G@me [2003]
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Trick Season 3 [2003]
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平野瑞穂 (23)
Musashi [2003]
Byoki Wa Nemuranai [2002]
Gokusen [2002]
Yamaguchi Kumiko (Yankumi)
山口 久美子 (24)
Trick Season 2 [2002]
Yamada Naoko
Uso Koi [2001]
杉野 恵美 (25)
Ashita ga arusa [2001]
仲間 (22)
Face ~ mishiranu koibito [2001]
Trick [2000]
Yamada Naoko
Nisennen no koi [2000]
Mashiro Maria
Aoi Tokugawa Sandai [2000]
P.S. Genki desu, Shunpei [1999]
Kimi to ita mirai no tame ni ~ airu bi bakku [1999]
Hashire koumuin! [1998]
Kamisama mou sukoshi dake [1998]
D&D (dangerous angel x death hunter) [1997]
Itazura na Kiss [1996]
Yada Sonoko
Mou gaman dekinai! [1996]
Maho no kimochi / Mokuyou no kaidan 97 [1996]

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Nakama Yukie Official Homepage (SJIS)

Yukie Nakama Ring

Users who voted for this artiste (484)
1. lord_RED051604
Here's something...I saw her pics through a myspace friend, and all i thought that i was chatting with this girl through e-mail and through SMS. She said that she was from Makati, and i went over everything else just to go here where i am now. I did try to look for her (sad for me)...and I saw this girl from the RING-0 movie, got her name, searched her pics and dang...I was so dead to my toes seeing this girl whom I thought I was chatting with, and I told myself I'm inlove with this girl and she's a thousand miles away from me and to think that she's also a Japanese actress! Eversince, even though i didn't know that it was Yukie all those times, i already have loved her...and again I said, I ALREADY HAVE FOUND HER AT LAST!!! YUKIE NAKAMA, I LOVE YOU NOT JUST AS A FAN, BUT AS ANOTHER PERSON DEEPLY MOVED BY YOUR BEING...and hey, ain't she really a beau? Don't you agree?
2. milkdrinker2002
Hmm...YUKIE! I dont get to know her from the show "God! Please Give Me More Time.." I first played a video game called "ROCKMAN X4" or "Megaman X4" and I heard the Ending Theme of the game. The song called "One More Chance" & I just start to love Yukie because it was sang by her...!!!That song is CoOl..!! U gotta listen to it if u havent..! I dun know she was in the show of "God! Please Give Me More Time...". But later on I saw her name displayed on the screen while the Theme song of the drama was playing, then I realize that she was in the show! U GO YUKIE......!~~~
3. chrisyukiefan
I love Nakama Yukie.... She the best!! for me... Yukie is very talented... singing... acting... modeling... she's great... Yukie Nakama is the BEST thing that happens.. In My LIFE!!! I see her first in her movie ring-0.. she's really beautiful and very talented in that movie... woderful story!!...
Nakama Yukie... wish you good luck... be happy always.. Take CARE!! -=Aishteimasu!=-

and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! from your fan/lover!!

4. marienella
nice to know that she finally got the attention she deserves after gokusen 2 became the highest rated dorama of winter season 2005. became an instant fan after ring 0, then admired her more especially after seeing gokusen and trick. she surprised me again in god pls give me more time since she is relatively unknown back then. do your best Yukie, you have a bright future ahead of you!
5. Topdrunkee the ILLnificen
Can't really say that she's the best pick for Yankumi. Knowing since yankumi is pretty unattractive.
(Judging from the manga.)
Been a fan Nakama,Yukie ever since 1998.
Mostly due to her captivating presence,and elegant demeanor.
It was aggravating not seeing her get the respect that she deserved way back then.
Thank goodness much has changed since than.
6. eugenia
Yukie Nakama is simply awesome in Trick series. I first saw her in Nisennen no Koi and didn't really take notice of her as she is only a small role in tat dorama. However, i started to pay more attention to her when she started acting Trick series. Yukie is a great actress who can potray any role given to her. She is pretty too and talented of course.
7. babysports
Comedic, serious, clumsy, tragic, scary, name it she plays it. Amazing actress with lots of talents, the potential is already there. Wonderfully beautiful and hair that would make all the girls envy, she wasn't voted oricon's black haired beauty for the 3rd year running for nothing.
Watch trick, gokusen and ring 0, enough said.
8. yume
She has been in my favorite dramas and has a very lively character about her. Most importantly, she's not just a cute face without any talent. She can play all sorts of characters, and that's why I would vote her as an artist as opposed to a lot of other famous people out there who don't act, but just stand there and look cool.
9. doon
I actually saw her first in Toyko Wankai - which was not my favorite drama. However when I saw her in Gokusen and then Trick, I realized how talented she really is. Her timing is brilliant and her ability to play duel personalities is hard to beat. I hope she continues to broaden the scope "female leads" can play in dramas!
10. Fight-oh
She is an amazing girl with great talent and beauty and I look forward to watching her on more comedy and drama roles.. She was super in Gokusen and Gokusen 2.. I hope I meet her someday!! Yukie is also a singer too i just found out.. It just adds to her wonderful talents and great potential she has... Shes my #1 favorite
11. donna8157
A really memorable actress due to her work in both "Gokusen" and the "Trick" series. In each show, she is able to bring about a certain charisma onto the screen that gives her character so much vivacity. She has great chemistry with other actors/actresses on the set and I hope to see her in more TV Series.
12. ayabshue
yay!it's yankumi!!i absolutely loved her in gokusen!she's just so adorable and she pulled it off very well!she's definitely one of my favorite japanese actresses and i just can't understand why the chracters in gkusen think that she's ugly?!even with the pigtails and the glasses, she's still gorgeous!
13. Gheron
she's not only a good actress but she's also pretty,gorgeous,beautiful and voluptous...i hope that i can meet you somewhere,somehow.
if i could,then i would,even way up high or down low i'll go wherever you will go.
i hope you'll read this......................................<killua zordick>
14. amaranth
I was delighted by her performance in Ringu 0 -- how she was able to become a living image of the pain Sadako felt. She was so young, and already so talented! And Gokusen proved she can also show real comic genius. It's not easy to be so ambivalent. Anything she does, she does well. Simple.
15. __embryoBxTCH
YUKIE YUKIE YUKIE! She is so darn cute and clumsy that it shines through her acting. I loved her in Gokusen as Yankumi--super ecstatic teacher who would do anything for her students. She definitely has a sense of passion and love in her performance so I give her a vote. (^_^;;)v
16. lilbabi1004
OMGOSH~~~!!! I just love this woman!! She is able to adapt to any role she is given (no matter how weird it may be). In gokusen 2, she pulls off the cute and klutzy in one scene and the hott and cool in the next. She's so pretty too ^o^. need to go watch some of her other doramas!!
17. ihvana_003
f0r m3...

Yukie-chan is the best thing that had happened in Japan!!!...actually she's the reason why I want to be a japanese, sometimes I'm thinking that I could die after meeteing her!!!...I'm soooooo inlove with her!!!...
~aishiteru Yukie-chan...go!go! Yukie-chan!!!
18. Kirari Ililah
I have a hrd time telling how she truely acts like in life, but she's also wild in her roles. Loved her in Trick the most, so unpredictable! Her and Abe Hroshi have such a great chemistry together. I hope she continues to do dramas that'll make me laugh...
19. oline
How can you not love her ? Funny, quirky, totally loveble !! She acts like nobody else! She imbodies a new, fresh, and dependable actress. I loved her in Gokusen. Thats when I first saw her. As of the moment she is the no. 1 Japanese actress in my list !!
20. calico
I love her comedic sense of timing, and not many great actresses can do comedy. Don't know why she is always cast as a woman whom others don't find attractive. Nakama Yukie, in my humble opinion, is one of the prettiest (and talented) actresses around.
21. meiohsetsuna
I'm impressed with her talent. I first saw her in Gokusen, then in Trick 1, 2, and 3. And now I'm seeing Tokyo Wankei. Her voice is beautiful and distinguished, she can hold alot of acting power behind that sly little smile. She's so innocently cute.
22. iretan
she's not the kind to catch your sights at first glance. but she does look beautiful as you see her more i.e. her 3 gokusen series. she's also in g@me and shinobi. she's definitely a great actress.. but my favorite is still misaki itoh.. tsk tsk tsk
23. darknitelight
She acts in many different types of shows which makes her a more versatile actress. She does pretty well in most of her shows and doesn't seem to mind taking on protagonist or antagonist rolls. Has a signature smile and is quite beautiful overall.
24. tsuki77
Great actress. I've seen her on the Trick series, Kao, Uso Koi, and the Gokusen series and I think she's a very good at expression and acting different characters. And she has this comic acting style that is great. My favorite J dorama actress.
25. kantflixion
-very professional & solid actress, she doesn't just rely on her looks; she's has a very impressive resume for her age - she really makes the most out of each role she takes on
-she has great range - comedy to drama, absolutely convincing;
26. SayaOtonashi
She has a lovely duality: she can be really serious and suddenly start acting as a manga character (as in Gokusen). She also irradiates a powerful aura. I've also seen her as co-host in 56th NHK Kouhaku Uta-Gassen and she was brilliant.
27. minochi99
Beautiful in a subdued way. Liked her in Trick and Musashi, didn't like her as much in Gokusen. Does look cute in glasses. Hmmm...I must have a thing for girls in glasses ;-)

She plays both the comedy and dramatic roles equally well.
28. tsuyoshi7nhwi
She didn't start off as my ideal beauty, but after watching her in "Trick" 1 & 2, "Kao" and "Ashita ga Arusa," I fell in love. She's quirky, funny and charming (and not too hard on the eyes, if ya know what I mean!). I'm in love!
29. hiroshi
Such a versatile, funny, and convincing actress. From Abe Hiroshi's sidekick through three series of Trick to 3-D gumi's homeroom teacher in Gokusen (Yankumi), she carried those series on her shoulders in her inimitable style.
30. aznpride26
i love her in gokusen 1+2, kao and satomi hakenden(although she plays a small part in that drama)
she acts very well and i also think that she is very beautiful and kiree.
much love for nakama yukie

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