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Trick Season 3 [トリック3]

Drama Details
Title:Trick Season 3
Telecast:2003-10-16 to 2003-12-18
Season:Fall 2003

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TV Station:TV Asahi
Duration:10 Episodes
1 Special

A unique duo of a beautiful female magician and a strange physician are back! After two successful TV series, a record high DVD sales record in the newly released drama category, a smash hit theatrical movie, the best selling novelized book, etc., the show has made a come back to a weekly prime time slot.

The drama takes place at a remote mountain village bound by convention. In each episode, a beautiful female magician and a strange physician witness various supernatural phenomena far beyond their imagination. Just as the previous series, the two will try to investigate and seek what lies behind these paranormal events and logically prove what the tactful trick would be, only, if any. Now reaching its third series, the drama assures an ever more emphasis on the performance of the unique casting, stronger and original scripts, and more fun delving into the mysteries of this favorite title!
TV Asahi

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. 私とワルツを [Onitsuka Chihiro 鬼束ちひろ]

Actor/Actress Cast (50)
Nakama Yukie
Yamada Naoko
Abe Hiroshi
Ueda Jiro
Namase Katsuhisa
Yabe Kenzo
Nogiwa Yoko
Yamada Satomi
Kyo Nobuo
Kikuchi Aisuke
Oshima Yoko
Ikeda Haru
Abedin Mohammed
Jami-kun (Johnny)
Seto Yoichiro
Yamada's secret fan
Morimoto Leo
Shibakawa Gen (epi 1&2)
Yajima Kenichi
Onigashira Risan (epi 1&2)
Satoi Kenta
Etou (epi 1&2)
Komoto Masahiro
Aisawa Sokushi (epi 1&2)
Shima Daisuke
嶋 大輔
Inoue Shinichi (epi 1&2)
Arakawa Yoshiyoshi
Inoue Shinji (epi 1&2)
Guts Ishimatsu
Gattsusekimammushi (the flying insect) (epi 1&2)
Takahashi Hitomi
Suritto Mikako (epi 3&4)
Kuroda Arthur
Akutagawa (epi 3&4)
Yamamura Momiji
Suzuki Tome (epi 3&4)
Nakanishi Ryota
Misawa (epi 3&4)
Kimura Yasushi
Kawabata (epi 3&4)
Sanga Kazutoshi
Mishima (epi 3&4)
Ito Masako
Tsuda Tokiko (epi 3&4)
Wada Shu
Nishimura Hiroshi (epi 3&4)
Takashima Masanobu
Akaji Youji (epi 5&6)
Kondo Yoshimasa
Manda Kametaro (epi 5&6)
Asano Kazuyuki
Senda Tsurujirou (epi 5&6)
Shimokawa Tappei
Akaji Shigerukura (epi 5&6)
Yokoyama Akio
Furukawa Ryouhei (epi 5&6)
Shoji Eiken
Okada Shouzou (epi 5&6)
Sugimoto Aya
Kyou Asuka (epi 5&6)
Mori Yasuko
Kyou Sadako (epi 5&6)
Hada Michiko
Kameyama Chitsuru (epi 7&8)
Hoshaku Yuka
Kameyama Chisato (epi 7&8)
Inoue Aoi
Kameyama Chiharu (epi 7&8)
Kurobe Susumu
Kameyama Seisaburou (epi 7&8)
Yamaguchi Miyako
Kameyama Fumiko (epi 7&8)
Kameyama Tetsuya (epi 7&8)
Maruoka Shouji
Kameyama Jirou (epi 7&8)
Oka Mayumi
Kameyama Reika (epi 7&8)
Irie Masato
Kameyama Hiroshi (epi 7&8)
Yuki Tsuyako
Kameyama Tsuruko (epi 7&8)
Jin Masaki
Yami Jurou (epi 7&8)
Matsuzawa Kazuyuki
Matsumura (epi 7&8)
Matsumoto Kaoru
Matsumura's sister (epi 7&8)
Otani Naoko
Hase Chikako (epi 9&10)
Narimiya Hiroki
Kishimoto Seichi (epi 9&10)
Musaka Naomasa
Minamikata Kumasaku (epi 9&10)
David Ito
Kitami Noriaki (epi 9&10)
Washio Machiko
Kanai Genzo's wife (epi 9&10)
Kyou Nobuo
Kikuchi Aisuke

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Drama Reviews (19)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Trickest?! [Rating: 9/10]
[SPOILERS] Like my previous review & comments for Trick & Trick 2, this sequel also has the formula: TRICK = Thrilling + Romantic + Intriguing + Comical + Knowledgeable! (For details about why I gave this formula, please read my review for Trick 2. Here, I am going to yak about what I like in Trick 3 instead. ^^)

First of all, the plots are still as intriguing and mind-boggling as the previous Trick series, and the chemistry between Ueda and Yamada is still going strong. Ueda has since released 4 books, but he's still as faint-hearted as before. ^_~ The episodes are still enthralling in their own ways but my only gripe is that some parts are kind of repeated from the previous series, so it can get pretty irritating when you see "almost the same thing" happening again. However, the outcome is different, which is good since you can still get to learn something. ^^

The stories are still as comical as before! Maybe it's just me, but I think that Trick 3 requires you to be more attentive and alert. If you're are, perhaps you can see some weird (and funny) events happening at a corner of the screen or somewhere inconspicuous enough! (SPOILERS) Look out for that THING flying across the moon!! *lol* It's my one my favorite moments during the drama; the additional details such as these do really add comic relief to an otherwise intense moment. ^_~ Also, Yamada sometimes make references to previous happenings in Trick 2, so if you've never watched the other series before, you won't be able to catch the humor there. ^^

Yabe and his wig is back again, but his previous sidekick (Ishihara) has been replaced by Kikuchi (Kyou Nobuo). I admit it does take some getting to to, especially if you're used to seeing Ishihara in the previous 2 series, but Kyou Nobuo did quite well as Kikuchi, a Tokyo University graduate with a bright future in the police force. (Plus he's one of the eye candy in the show!! XD) NOTE: Hiroki Narimiya also appeared in the last episode (another eye candy!!).

The ending was beautiful too, and it was also comical. :) Although it seems like it kind of happened "too fast", I think the ending was straight-forward and quite sweet. For someone who's not as into romance dorama, the ending was quite perfect for me; it made me laugh, but it also kind of touched me coz their love was almost too innocent! ^_~

The Trick series is overall, a wonderful dorama to watch. Do give it a try if you like detective, mysterious or comical dramas!
Reviewed by Yayoi on 8 December 2004
2. Trickiest [Rating: 8/10]
While watching the third season of Trick, I was wondering what I would write about for its review. Having already written a review for both the first season and second season, I was finding myself running out of things to say.

I noticed that the scenarios for each episode drifted further away from actual magic tricks and became more the �gmurder mystery�h types. Which was fine. The mysteries were even more complicated in this season, which was welcome, except I found the last episode quite rushed and not at all mind-blowing. At this point I was already feeling quite indifferent to this season and didn�ft care to write it out in a review. Until the very end.

The benefit of watching all three seasons was in seeing the growth of Naoko and Jiro. In the first season there was an awkward, sexual tension between them that created amazing chemistry. In the second season, after having grown with each other in the first season, the tension between them was more mature, relaxed, and there was a sense of understanding between them. By this season (the third), they were already comfortable enough to sleep in the same room, to joke with each other, and there was also a small element of jealousy. By the last episode, and having seen nothing in suggestion of further growth in their relationship, I gave up hoping they would fall in love and live happily ever after. After all, Trick isn�ft a romance drama, and Jiro and Naoko would probably kill each other before confessing any hidden feeling. You can imagine my surprise then at their parting scene. SO ROMANTIC! And so sweet! The last scene was absolutely perfect, especially in the way the �gwalking by the beach with the one you love�h scene was brilliantly mocked by the exceptional character combination Abe and Nakama make. After three seasons I was finally satisfied, and I am well aware I would not have been if I had not watched from the very beginning.
Reviewed by Wynter on 30 September 2007
3. Losing a bit of steam [Rating: 8/10]
I still enjoyed this third installment. It was a bit better then part two, where they focused a little too much on village cults, and the stories took up too many episodes. Part three moved a bit faster, and while they still couldn't move away from these village cults, they didn't drag on as long.
I was hoping they didn't go back to that whole "I have supernatural powers from this island" thing from part one, but they didn't. That last episode in part one was really confusing, and I was in no hurry to see that storyline again. But I guess the writers decided since it was going to be last installment, they had to go back to her roots or something.
Maybe it's just my imagination, but i felt Ueda lost some steam in this last one. He didn't seem as charged as he did the first two. Maybe the script called for that, or maybe he got tired of the role and it showed in miniscule ways. Overall it's still fun to watch, and I give them credit for making a third one without making the stories seem too far-fetched, or too rediculously easy to solve.
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 17 August 2006
4. TRICK IS AWESOME! [Rating: 10/10]
Trick3 is definitely a great dorama nt to be missed! Yukie Nakama potrayed her role in such a way tat i almost tot tat she is tat Yamada Naoko. Abe Hiroshi is great also as Ueda Jiro and i love the chemistry and every little small things about them. I give this dorama a 10/10 becoz every story is great and the trick is really difficult to guess. Rollover rollover! Why don't you do your best? This two phrases are the famous quote by Ueda Jiro in the show. Even Yabe and Kikuchi is great too as policemans. It is very funny watching them talking and it juz makes me watch from the first episode to the last. The ending is superb and it makes me smile after watching the whole drama.

After watching this makes me realize tat there is no supernatural power in this world. Everything is juz a trick. Recommend to all who loves mystery doramas and of course Yukie and Abe's fans!!
Reviewed by eugenia on 25 November 2005
5. Loved it! [Rating: 10/10]
The episodes are good but they are so original in terms of Trick. I like the small details, suspense, comedy and performances by the actors. It's all great. You can't help but compared it to previous seasons and in this sense, it doesn't quite add up to par-plotwise that is. However this applies only to the middle episodes, not the first or the last one. I absolutely love love love the first and the last episode. Won't say anything except that you have to watch it to understand. (I have found that I always like the last episode of every Trick). Chihiro Onitsuka wrote another beautiful song for Trick. It fits perfectly. (My review is bias: this show is my absolute favorite. Bias but honest. :))
Reviewed by tsuki77 on 27 January 2004
6. The Real Trick [Rating: 8/10]
The real trick for this show is how it manages to keep the audience captivated despite being in its 3rd season...

I enjoy Trip 3 much better than Trip 2 and slightly better than Trip 1. Trip 3 is closer to the format of Trip 2 with the goofy cases and the character development. Some of these clues are rather obvious and I've managed to solve the "tricks" before the explanation.

The ending is a nice complement to the series. But then, who wouldn't have guessed that was probably the ending. I would love the ending more if it were a sad ending though, but that's probably not what the average audience wants.
Reviewed by anna_tran on 5 June 2006
7. I WANT MORE [Rating: 10/10]
More of the same which is great, everyone is on top form again, and I really liked how it ended. It also made me sad watching it knowing there wasn't going to be anymore, I think this is my favourite j-drama, it's great. We as viewers we're really lucky, most series only get one series, but with this we we're lucky enough to get three, I want more though, can't get enough of the cast and their whacky adventures.

For any later comers there is now a new SPECIAL (2005) out and a TRICK 2 Movie next year (2006)
Reviewed by Tatakau on 8 October 2005
8. Perfect Ending... [Rating: 10/10]
Trick, at this point, is my all time favorite Drama, it was great, I mean it succeeded in keeping me entertained, and I loved it. Everything was just perfect. Now, really, it all gets overshadowed by the perfect ending, sure I would love a Trick 4-9, but the final episode left me, and I hope all viewers, with a sense of finality and joy in that we were able to watch a truly amazing show. Trick, was good. No, Trick, was perfect.
Reviewed by gohmifune on 15 November 2005
9. Funny! [Rating: 9/10]
This drama is just so crazy! When I first started watching it, I knew nothing about the series, and just found myself confused. But then I started getting really into it, laughing at sooo much stuff. Although it was really funny, interesting, and unique, it isn't really my ideal type of drama (thus, the 9). But the puns and crazy characters really make this drama interesting and unique.
Reviewed by noodlefreak on 8 February 2006
10. Enjoyable! [Rating: 10/10]
By far, the funniest of the Trick series! Although, at this point I was bit bored by the formula, I found the jokes and the chemistry between Yamada and Ueda to be at their peak. Trick 2 lulled in that aspect. Some of the engrish-y jokes and the Japanese play on words were a bit hard to follow, but enjoyable nonetheless! I laughed so much during Trick 3, and it had a superb ending.
Reviewed by Susan on 5 August 2006
11. I <3 Trick! [Rating: 10/10]
Though I missed some episodes, I still loved it nonetheless. The stories were not as scary as previous versions of Trick, but they were still as great. Ueda, Naoko and the rest of the characters keep us watching from begining to end. The final episodes of Trick 3 were awesome. As for the ending, what can I say? I was in tears. The show is just awesome!
Reviewed by Silent_Eyez on 26 September 2004
12. Nice Trick! [Rating: 8/10]
The third season of Trick comes with some better cases more in the style of the first season and are better thought out. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the whole Trick series and I only wish there were more tricks to watch!
Reviewed by Shindou on 12 December 2005
13. My only problem... [Rating: 10/10]
...Is that there was no Trick IV after this. A wonderful final to the trilogy. They really kept the humor, mystery and feel of the series growing. The charachters developed even more and nothing got old. Great great great!
Reviewed by MonsterZero-65 on 9 November 2009
14. This one deflates and falls flat [Rating: 5/10]
The Trick collection ran out of breath with this one. Low production values make it look like a homemovie with a lot of props. Ms. Flat and Mr. Big should have known better.
Reviewed by shari on 21 December 2006
15. Not Bad... [Rating: 7/10]
Sometimes I lost during certain cases and jokes bcoz of bad subtitles...but still I like all stories and I luv both characters and it's the ending that hit me....!!!
Reviewed by farah_is_me on 14 September 2004
16. Funny... [Rating: 8/10]
Even though the tricks weren't too good, the chemistry between Abe and Nakama was great...so funny and Ueda is the best character, so CREAZY!!!
Reviewed by Kirari Ililah on 3 November 2004
17. where to get dvd [Rating: ?/10]
anyone know where to order dvd for all the Trick series. Trick 1,2 , and 3. With English Sub. What website? Thank you.
Reviewed by tenhead on 17 August 2006
18. Still great! [Rating: 9/10]
Even in it's 3rd season I kept wanting more and more of this great cast and odd story line.
Reviewed by MonsterZero65 on 15 August 2010
19. Pla&#236;n [Rating: 6/10]
Plain Predictable Boring
Reviewed by ester_grace on 12 February 2011

Comments From Users (144)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Szabotage [Rating: 10/10]
In this, the third installment of the popular Trick series, Ueda and Yamada continue to investigate weird psychic phenomena, with hilarious results. It is very much the same as the first two seasons, almost too much so. Ueda invades Yamada's apartment, blackmails her into helping him investigate something, and off they go on an adventure. Some more variety might have been nice.

Yabe-san and his wig are back, but Ishihara-kun has been replaced by another less charismatic younger cop whose purpose in life seems to be to try to outshine Yabe-san. He's just not as funny. The wig gets some action, though. Watch for it!

By now, one should know better than to expect lovey-dovey romance from Ueda and Yamada, but their relationship still has some surprises left. Abe Hiroshi and Nakama Yukie are as great as always--those two play off each other beautifully.

I wasn't going to rate this one as high as the others in the Trick series, but the last episode changed my mind. It really had an impact.
2. Comments by kneehard [Rating: 10/10]
The third installation of this fabulous series, and it keeps on improving everytime. Better plot than the previous two series, although I think the first Trick series is the most hilarious. At the risk of providing a spoiler, I have to say that I absolutely LOVED the ending because finally you know there's a development in the Ueda + Yamada relationship. The cases are pretty easy to solve if you read a lot of detective stories like Detective Conan or Kindaichi. The one thing I don't like is the replacement of Ishihara with Kikuchi. Ishihara is far more entertaining in his dumb ways.
3. Comments by waffer [Rating: 8/10]
Okay almost the same comment as in Trick 2. This installment lacked a lot of the spark the first season had. I had so much more fun with the original season, I sometimes regret watching the last two because they ruined the feeling the first trick achieved. I only liked the ending because Ueda admits finally what I wanted for him to say. I wonder if there's a 4th season that might finally save this series from joining my okay list rather than my memorable one.
4. Comments by Yayoi [Rating: 9/10]
TRICK 3? Thrilling + Romantic + Intriguing + Comical + Knowledgeable. ^_~ The stories are still as mind-blowing and hilarious as before! Yamada and Ueda are still as funny. And Yabe's sidekick has been replaced by Kikuchi (Kyou Nobuo). Fortunately, Kyou Nobuo, along with Hiroki Narimiya, is a real eye candy!! ^^ My fave moment in this show is the cute little car flying across the moon (hope that's not my eyes playing TRICK on me!) Details? Read my review! ^^
5. Comments by gopro [Rating: 9/10]
Last of the Trick series. I gave a 9 BUT I was going to give this around an 8.5ish but I upped it because of the ending. The ending really did it for me. Good Ending to a good series. It shouldn't come back in any form whatsoever. The ending to each case is much deeper than previous seasons. I didn't care for them too much but it makes sense to do in that way. "YOU!!!"
Watched Fall 09
6. Comments by krazeealiens [Rating: 10/10]
hehe gotta add the last one as well... even more cases and also keeps u on the edge and wanting more... lol i loved the ending aww its sooo sweet... but damn it y didnt they at least make it so her character isnt soo poor and pathetic... lol... and the landlords are a lil whacked... lol hahaha but i loved hiroshi and yukie... they are very cute... together and hiroshi is hilarious...
7. Comments by Susan [Rating: 10/10]
By far, the funniest of the Trick series! Although, at this point I was bit bored by the formula, I found the jokes and the chemistry between Yamada and Ueda to be at their peak. Trick 2 lulled in that aspect. Some of the engrish-y jokes and the Japanese play on words were a bit hard to follow, but enjoyable nonetheless! I laughed so much during Trick 3, and it had a superb ending.
8. Comments by yume [Rating: 10/10]
Seeing Yamada Naoko's (Nakama Yukie) emotions in a more realistic light in the end of this season, TRICK3 is a bit more touching than its predecessors. You also wish that the author would progress the characters' lives a bit more, and stop recreating the same "Ueda-visits-Yamada-randomly-and-they-go-on-an-adventure" scenario. Other than, it delivers what we love TRICK for!
9. Comments by meiohsetsuna [Rating: 8/10]
I loved this season of Trick the best! The cast is back. They are up to the same 'ol 'tricks' again. The last two episodes feature Hiroki Narimiya with a bowl haircut.. *lol* And the ending was much better than I could have asked for. It was so.. comedically romantic! If you were wondering if this season was worth it, I'll vouch for it and tell you that you MUST see it!
10. Comments by SayaOtonashi [Rating: 10/10]
I usually try being objective when rating doramas, having in mind the plot, acting, producing, writing... With Trick I just can't. It's my favourite show; I love Nakama Yukie and Hiroshi Abe pair. Sorry, I'm being totally subjective, that's why it has a 10 :D Three seasons and 2 films just kept me really entertained. Love it.
11. Comments by marspeach [Rating: 9/10]
My favorite season, I think! It seemed like they were running out of ideas for mysteries though because some of them were pretty familiar. The last episode was by far the best ever! Too bad the dumb special and second movie had to screw everything up. Trick was a really funny show with great acting as well. Watch it!
12. Comments by Jessicasoon [Rating: 8/10]
it's pretty good!! their moves are so funny. poor hiroshi spends half his time banging into something cos he's so tall. nakama's good too. flat-chested. lol. can't believe i spent 2 whole episodes trying to figure out whether tt guy is hiroki or not and it's really him! wonder when he grew tt crop of hair...
13. Comments by nadrika [Rating: 8/10]
Abe Hiroshi and Nakama Yukie. Hilarious. I love investigative type of shows, so really enjoyed this. This drama didn't get a 9 because of the sometimes silly sexual references which i think were unnecessary... And i can't differentiate between Trick 2 and Trick 3. Don't ask me why. Both are enjoyable though.
14. Comments by FierceStriker [Rating: 8/10]
As good as Trick 2, nothing improved, nothing changed. Nice ending though, however, the romance seems to come from nowhere. Watch it directors, you cannot ignore the romance for two entire seasons (Trick 2 and 3) and then decide to give it a love love love ending.
15. Comments by eltinator [Rating: 10/10]
In the 3rd installment of this legendary series, Nakama Yukie and Abe Hiroshi are nothing short of stellar. The same comedic humor and thrilling mysteries were present as ever in this series. In my opinion, this is the best of the 3! "Why don't you do your best?"
16. Comments by nienna [Rating: 6/10]
Though it's silly because it's a comedy; i love it a lot. Especiallt the parts where Naoko and Ueda keep on fighting over funny and irrelevant topics. It is a disappointment that both of them have yet to develope feelings for each other or make any moves ><
17. Comments by arashinokoto [Rating: 9/10]
i would never have given the drama this high if not for the ending.. i LOVED it..!! this time, more emotion given to ueda and kikuchi, although not ishihara-like, gets funny after a while.. a great drama i thought.. nakama yukie mo kirei..!
18. Comments by nishishi [Rating: 8/10]
The ending is the BEST!!! The stories are a little weak in this one... Specially the one where the old folks never dies... (the explanation for the trick is the worst from all series...) i still believe that Trick 1 was the best of all....
19. Comments by emiko [Rating: 8/10]
Naa.. I liked Trick 2 better. The cases in Trick 3 are easy to guess and not scary enough. Although the production staffs decided to give us a very romantic happy ending, but that's not enough to cover for the entire series. Duh!
20. Comments by Tatakau [Rating: 10/10]
More of the same which is great, everyone is on top form again, and I really liked how it ended. It also made me sad watching it knowing there wasn't going to be anymore, I think this is my favourite j-drama, it's great.
21. Comments by Anees [Rating: 10/10]
so good! just as good as the first 2 seasons, watch it! The more Japanese you know, the better you will be able to understand some of the jokes. But even if you don't know any japanese, it will still be aweseome!
22. Comments by DragonSpirit164 [Rating: 6/10]
Very much slapstick comedy. If you don't really like that kind of comedy, it is quite hard to find it funny. However, the cases and tricks are really intriguing though. Nakama Yukie gives a great performance.
23. Comments by Oba-chan [Rating: 9/10]
Finally the conclusion of a relationship between naoko and jiro is here XD. They change yabe partner but its ok for me, that todai joke works on me lol.
Theme song: ���ƃ����c�� [Onitsuka Chihiro]: 7
24. Comments by shikka [Rating: 8/10]
go watch it if u are a nakama yukie n trick lover....
the way they presents those "trick" is different from conan or kindaichi....
a very suitable dramma for those mysteries lover!!!
25. Comments by Danji [Rating: 7/10]
The third season isn't as good as the first two. They don't mix it up and give us much of anything new. That being said, I still found it an easy show to watch all the way through.
26. Comments by Lucian Dureau [Rating: 9/10]
The last season of this incredible drama. At last we'll discover the origins of Naoko Yamada. As i said with the 1st and 2nd season, the 3rd won't disappoint you, either. Amazing!!
27. Comments by rainbowglasss [Rating: 10/10]
The jokes are so crappy but it made me laugh. Usually mysterious shows can be quite draggy but this one is quite fun. I like all the stories and the theme song by onitsuka chihiro
28. Comments by chibichan [Rating: 10/10]
shibarashi !!!! never bored with Trick, i really love the last episode when Ueda showed that he really care for Yamada and finally propose to her (altough all he say just j'taime)
29. Comments by Signo [Rating: 7/10]
Not so funny as trick 1 and 2, but the stories were a little bit better.
The specials and movies are worth watching and i hope there will be more "trick" in the future!!!
30. Comments by bobspelledbqwrds [Rating: 10/10]
I loved it!! Perfect balance.
No one could have done a better Ueda Jiro than Abe Hiroshi.
Last episode...... FINALLY!!
you'll see what i mean ;]

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Users who voted for this drama (42)
1. iheartpandas
Damm...this was the TOTAL PACKAGE. Not only did they have one of the more unique plots, they also paired it with such superb actors Yukie Nakama and Abe Hiroshi. It made me laugh, it woke me up, made me cry, glued my eyes to the screen etc etc...Actually, all of the Trick series were great but i favor this one the most because of the last scene when FINALLY they admit that they have feelings for each other and Ueda proposes. It was done magnificently too...not tooo mushy mushy or lovey dovey, they still managed to throw in that comic relief. GOOD JOB
2. Yayoi
TRICK 3? Thrilling + Romantic + Intriguing + Comical + Knowledgeable. ^_~ Kyou Nobuo and Hiroki Narimiya are such eye candy! The entire story is still as hilarious as before; my fave moment is the cute car flying across the moon! Details? Read my review and comments! ^^
3. eugenia
Trick3 is nt only a funny show, it is interesting when it comes to Yukie on trying to solve the case. I muz admit tat Yukie and Abe makes a great couple in this show and they really have great chemistry. This dorama muz nt be missed. I juz hope tat there can be Trick4.
4. krazeealiens
i loved all 3 parts of it but i cant add them all... lol so ill just havta add the third part because the ending was wat i loved the most... and it was sooo cute... hiroki and yukie are soo cute together... solving mystery sidebyside.. lol watch it
5. alpha22
Thoroughly enjoyed the suspense that this movie had to offer. Loved the chemistry between the two lead actors. It is a pity Singapore channels never telecasted the previous two seasons, otherwise the fun would be tripled. :)
6. tsuki77
Great acting. It's funny, interesting mystery plot, action and even emotional at times. Very good compare to so many typical doramas out there. It's fresh and great! Highly recommended.
7. Coolsmurf
very quirky drama, liked the chemistry between the 2 leads and the stories are so believable until they break it as its always a ruse afterall
8. echo-Shan
When u're thinking something about the case,there will be something funny happens!!!
And, surprise.
It will make u feel surprise!!
9. Silent_Eyez
I loved it! Though, I seen a few episodes of it. :( Trick 3 is just as awesome, as the previous Trick series.
10. takim
leh tahan jgak..sambungan drpd trick yg lepas...
akhirnya...mereka meluahkan isi hati masing2...hahaha
11. niti
Wonderful, wonderful drana- one of the best if you ask me - humor, magic , adventure, got to love it
12. gohmifune
Trick, as in the whole series was perfect. This being the perfect ending to a perfect series.
13. Azumanga Daioh Fan
Loved every episode of it. So funny and so good and entertaining. It is hard not to watch it.
14. outlaws0025
Watched all 3 seasons and the SP and the 2 movies... but I still wish there were more Trick!
15. apple-freeze
Dry humour which makes my whole family snigger and the mysteries are always so captivating.
16. AmarnaObsession
Awwwwwwww....I don't wanna say what happens at the end, but it's pretty kick ass. =0)
17. cloud9
hilarious, great show, looking forward to the 2nd movie :-) banana boat...?
18. zechizen
My reason for voting? Yukie Nakama..what more can I say...
19. Tatakau
Want more, loved every second of this series (all 3)
20. swit_kiss56
21. bcgurl
very funny and quite scary in some episodes... =S
22. supersumoCG
excellent end to an excellent series. HILARIOUS.
23. babybluetezi
still watchin but enjoying it very much!
24. chrisyukiefan
I love it because of Yukie NAkama!!!
25. vicky20
very good drama
26. ayalight
nice nice nice
27. Shadow
Very Funny
28. Qinrong
29. angiemakino
30. rainbowglasss

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