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With love



Drama Details
Title:With love
Telecast:1998-04-14 to 1998-06-30
Season:Spring 1998

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:12 Episodes

It all starts when Hasegawa Takashi (Takenouchi), a talented composer who could not write a love song ever since his girlfriend Rina left him, accidentally sends an uncompleted piece of his latest work to Murakami Amane (Tanaka) via email. Deeply touched by his music, Amane writes back to him, though without getting a reply. Amane continues writing to him, pouring out her thoughts. Only when she signs as "Teru Teru Bozu", does Takashi responded with a mail saying "WHO ARE YOU?", because what Rina left him as a farewell gift was a teru teru bozu!
Le Chateau de Jo

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (2)
1. Destiny [My Little Lover]LYRICS | RINGTONE ]
2. Once in a Blue Moon [Hasegawa Takashi]RINGTONE | MIDI ]

Actor/Actress Cast (14)
Takenouchi Yutaka
Hasegawa Takashi
Tanaka Misato
Murakami Amane
Oikawa Mitsuhiro
Yoshida Haruhiko
Fujiwara Norika
Imai Kaori
Asada Miyoko
Kawaoka Daijiro
Kinoshita Kentaro
Hara Chiaki
Hara Sachie
Shibuya Kotono
Shirai Akira
!TODELETE Sato Hiroyuki
!TODELETE Sada Marie
Kitamura Soichiro
Fukazawa Kuniyuki

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Drama Reviews (38)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. I Have to Fight to be Objective on This... [Rating: 7/10]
On an emotional basis I want to give "With Love" a 10 out of 10, because as is the case with many other Americajin, the first J-Drama one sees is generally an unforgettable experience. This was the first J-Drama I watched, on the now-defunct International Channel (later renamed AZN Television before it shut down,) sometime in '98 or '99. It was also the very last dorama aired in America with English subtitles, after FCI discontinued providing subs. That was a crushing blow for me - to discover something you love instantly, only to have it yanked out of reach just as you're anticipating the next. I had to wait nearly ten years before I found some incredibly poorly-translated DVDs in LA's Chinatown, and eventually found sites like Crunchyroll and Dramafever - before I could continue the long-delayed addiction.

Presumably everybody here has his own deeply personal story of "discovering" Japanese dramas, so can understand the weird kind of emotional bond one has with one's first dorama experience. "With Love" has some serious flaws that require a lower rating, but I *want* to max it out - because I feel like I'm reviewing a part of my own life, shared vicariously with a group of people that I came to love almost like family over the span of the series. (Hey, am I maudlin or what? 8^)

Anyhow... "With Love" tells the same general story as the American film "You've Got Mail," but as a 12-part soap opera rather than a single feature-length movie. Both were released in 1998 - "With Love" on April 10 and "You've Got Mail" on December 18, a full eight months later - so apparently the similar storylines were created spontaneously and independently of one another.

The flaws of "With Love," as I see them:

- The relationship between Takashi and Amane is central to everything, but there's little or no chemistry between the two either as actors or written characters. They don't even mesh as mutually-disdainful adversaries, which they become by roughly halfway through. Takenouchi-san is perfectly cast as the brooding and somewhat-cold composer who's haunted by a past relationship, but Tanaka-san's role is far too bland and detached to be believable as Takashi's eventual love interest. The fault lies equally in casting (Tanaka-san is badly miscast as Amane,) and the way her character is written. Amane works at a bland job, has a relatively bland social life, and isn't particularly passionate or deep in her everyday life in the way her online writings would suggest she ought to be. The online Amane is a deeply poetic intellectual, while the here-and-now Amane is a shallow bank teller who doesn't talk with her friends about much of anything except banalities, who doesn't do anything of interest but cursory after-work socializing, and whose personality is incredibly wooden and uninteresting. For someone with such a passionate and poetic outlook on life, a career as a bank teller is implausible from the outset; I can't say if it's Tanaka's acting or the direction, but Amane's reaction on recognizing Hata-san's song at her reception...it should have been an expression of shock, but all she does is sit up a little straighter and blink a couple of times. The scene demanded a more expressive display of recognition and emotion from Amane, but neither the directors nor Tanaka-san provide it.

By the climactic final episode, it's difficult to believe Takashi's attraction for her is genuine, or that Amane's distaste for what she had seen as his unrefined nature has suddenly turned to love. As a result, the audience is left with more affection for *the general scenario* than for the actual people involved in it. A drama with such an interesting and then-timely story concept should have had a central couple about whom one would end up caring deeply almost immediately (think: Soichiro and Natsuki in "Over Time.")

- The inability of Takashi and Amane to recognize one another becomes more and more difficult to believe as time goes on - the classic suspension-of-disbelief problem. A more subtle and varied set of circumstances and "almost" moments were needed to pull off the "mystery identities" scenario through the course of twelve episodes. There are quite a few moments here when you're just shaking your head at the television, thinking "Figure it out already!" This is more of a writing and direction issue though - Takenouchi and Tanaka generally did a great job of acting what they were given to do.

- I disagree with what people have said about the "villains" in this dorama being "two-dimensional." Haruhiko Yoshida and Kaori Imai are excellent dual counterpoints that continually threaten the core relationship from either end. Where the problem lies, however, is again with chemistry - specifically between Yoshida and Amane - and again with suspension of disbelief. There's really no reason to believe that Amane would be attracted to Yoshida, except that he pursues her relentlessly - not a strong enough reason to believe she'd go anywhere with him, much less decide to marry him. That eventual decision makes Amane seem even more shallow and capricious, neither trait being a positive addition to the character. The suspension of disbelief becomes difficult here too, in that we're expected to believe that Amane would accept Yoshida's assertion that he is HaTa-san, the composer of "Once In A Blue Moon." In order to believe that, you as an audience member have to conclude that Amane is a complete fool - again, not the desired outcome in a story's character development.

- More broadly, in addition to the lost opportunities for more dramatic impact in "almost" moments and the richness that better chemistry between the leads would provide, the Hasagawa Takashi character is needlessly undercut in the script on a number of key points.

The writers begin with an emotionally-conflicted yet brilliant and principled artist, but later have him blithely acquiescing to a sellout of his ideals. Imagine how much stronger the story - and HaTa's character - would have been if he had flatly refused to cheapen his work for the sake of a lucrative contract, then had suffered a disheartening (yet temporary) consequence for sticking to principle. Instead, the writers make Hasagawa act as capriciously as Amane, thereby severely undercutting the excellent character they'd built up to that point. Such a waste, in both cases - though it was arguably necessary in Amane's case, in order to make the storyline work. Better writing would have found a way to do it without undercutting the integrity of the characters, though. Integrity is the key to both characters from the outset, yet the writers apparently didn't realize it.

- Finally, the scene with the two reciting their entire online conversation from memory is horribly contrived, implausible and maudlin - which is a big part of why I liked it anyway, hahahaa. By that point you're so glad they finally hooked up that you're willing to swallow anything. 8^D The scene really cheapens the whole series though. A better scene would've been a more fleshed-out conversation in which they would *occasionally* throw in a line from their emails, then react to it with either humor or affection or both. Instead it's written almost like the final act of a high school play. It gives the impression that the producers were in a rush to complete the final episode, took a look at a rough draft of the episode's script and said "This'll have to do."

The positives:

They're hinted at in my list of negatives and on balance they handily offset those negatives, and even nudge this dorama into "classic" territory.

=> The music is easily the one element that carries this dorama, more than anything else.

* The love theme "Once In A Blue Moon / Link to Fate" is simple, yet powerful and unforgettable - ideally suited as the "fragment" that Amane accidentally hears and can't resist, and as the key to the ultimate revelation of identities;

* HaTa-san's "Ash" composition "Miniature Garden" - sung magnificently by the late Kaori Kawamura - is incredibly entrancing and packs an emotional wallop that weaves through the entire fabric of the series (I'm listening to it right now, as I write this, and I'm nearly choking up - it's like being physically shaken);

* Though only presented in full in one scene, Iwashiro Taro's composition "A Day Like This" is another great piece, intensely evocative of the series' mood;

* The opening theme "Destiny" by My Little Lover is oddly incongruous in its light, breezy attitude, but is iconic of the series regardless.

Taken together, and given the central role that music plays in the plot, the music is actually another principle star of "With Love."

=> The Hasagawa Takashi character is the other great strength of the series, even though he's severely undecut by the script midway through the series, as I noted earlier. HaTa the composer reminds me of Roark the architect in the novel "The Fountainhead" - fiercely yet calmly independent, supremely self-confident, endlessly innovative and competent at his art, and unshakingly principled. ...until the writers undercut him with capricious compromises. ~ arrggh ~

Nonetheless, the overall strength of the HaTa-san character - along with the soundtrack - is key to what makes this dorama so interesting and enduring, where it otherwise could have been mundane and trite. It's just too bad that inconsistent writing and direction, along with some poor casting, prevented it from being a truly great story.

Even with its flaws (and acknowledging a definite bias,) I consider "With Love" as a must-see dorama - do not miss this one. It's worth the trip for the music alone.

[P.S. - becca82, below, apparently missed my point. I didn't say there was any "connection" between this drama and the American movie "You've Got Mail" except having the same general story. I explicitly said: "...apparently the similar storylines were created spontaneously and independently of one another." I only brought the point up because it's an interesting coincidence that I thought others would find interesting as well. But I don't have any "misconception" - we're basically saying the same thing here.]
Reviewed by Sakebitosan on 29 June 2011
2. With Love [Rating: 10/10]
Initially I just wanted to write a comment because when I read the first review posted on this page, for this drama. I was compelled to clarified something the author wrote. But I cannot leave a comment, or don't know how to. So this will do.

When comparing the story line of this drama to the American film You've Got Mail, as both being similar, the author made a remark about the "coincidence of neither being written inspired on the other" in this case it would have been You've Got Mail since the author went to state the dates of their release, YGM being released after With Love.
For those wondering about the connection of these two stories. There is none. You've Got Mail is the remake of the 1940 American film Shop Around The Corner; the story was adapted for modern viewers and instead of both characters being in love trough letters, they are in love through e-mail.

With Love just happens to be another story inspired by the possibility of a romantic relationship between two strangers, by means of a computer. Technology bringing two hearts together.

If the writer for this story was inspired by The Shop Around The Corner, I have no clue. As it is the same kind of plot: two people that don't get along with each other in real life, while they fall in love through mail. Be it letters or e-mail.

Having been watching plenty of shows both western and eastern, I can say that while there are some authors that blatantly take a story and make it their own, nothing is really new in this world. Everything has already been created, all the stories are basically the same, what makes them different is how they are told and the details.

Aside from this little misconception of the author for this review I am referring to. I do agree with him/her on every other aspect that was addressed on the review.
Like this reviewer, I have also given With Love a 10 but I know It could never be rated as such objectively.
However, I feel confident that for most of us, when watching this drama we can all feel the same nostalgia of a love that once was or could have been. We can all connect with the feelings of Mister Hata and Amane.
I have also lived an online love story, unfortunately he wasn't my Mister Hata. But this story touches really deep in my heart. And I feel confident to say that it will do the same for most of us.

The music is so beautiful it will make you want to listen to it again, again. I personally bought the soundtrack. I love it.

I have written a very un-official review. For that forgive me.
Reviewed by becca82 on 30 June 2013
3. i could have given it a 5 but... [Rating: 4/10]
...it has got to be one of the most disappointing jdoramas i have ever watched. i couldn't help but compare it with kamisama (mou sukoshi dake), with the premise being almost the same: famous composer falls for ordinary girl. that drama i wasn't disappointed with. "with love" however really made me regret patiently watching all 12 eps (really, i could have done something more productive!). i stuck around and kept on watching, hoping that it would redeem itself with the next episode. well, ep after ep i gave it a chance. no such luck though. it just fell flat.
for starters, each episode is slow in development - as slow as a snail mail (this story is all about email, you'd think they could have speeden it up a bit). second, the character development of the main protagonists, who are supposed to have each other as love interests, have evolved so as to make the watcher root for the secondary characters (yoshida and kaori) falling for them instead. takashi and amane just do not have the chemistry to lure viewers into believing their love is believable and real. they have absolutely no spark! nada!
then there's the ending. it was so boring that it put me to tears (watching the ending is like watching two people exchange poetries without feelings).
the drama is not without its moments. actually, there is only one part that i really like, and that is when takashi gives amane her first (and only) kiss. other than that...well, the other eps are not as memorable as that. and although the music redeems the drama somewhat, you don't really watch a jdorama solely for the music, do you?
so if you're planning on buying/downloading this jdorama (all 12 eps of it), do yourself a favor. don't. unless you have time to kill and can afford to spend time watching them all - and then say in the end, "THAT is a love story?".
Reviewed by paloma on 13 July 2007
4. Quite a letdown [Rating: 6/10]
In 1998, the world of internet-dating was pervasive enough to inspire this drama, and in this particular premise, the love story challenges the difference between the emotional and physical connections of a relationship.

I'm sure that many of those who watch this drama will stand up and take notice of the hair-flipping Yutaka Takenouchi, and yes while his obvious good-looks can somewhat pose a distraction to read the subtitles, he manages to bring conviction to the intense and jaded character who no longer believes in true love. However, he can be too monotonous at times. Tanaka Misato's character is demure and timid and I believe she is very charming in her role.

Where the story falls short, however, is the leisurely pace that seems too slow and draggy, and the gratuitous need to repeat a certain scene in the middle of the story to remind viewers of the events that happened 5 minutes ago every chance it gets, which gradually gets very frustrating. The plot twists are instigated by infuriating supporting characters that are not fully developed and too one-dimensional. And while the relationship build-up between Yutaka and Misato seems fine, it kicks in a little too late in the story that in the end, I question whether the love they supposedly have for each other, albeit on the emotional level, is present. The leads lack that little spark that could've changed my view otherwise.

What is most memorable for me, though, is the soundtrack that is beautifully intertwined between scenes. 'Destiny' and 'Once in a Blue Moon' are classics in their own right, thanks to this drama.
Reviewed by Mint on 8 May 2008
5. Actually, pretty good! [Rating: 8/10]
One thing that I love about this drama is the style & the music. It's so different from other dramas that I love watching it. The characters of course are a bit of a mismatch...but they play their roles perfectly. They fit their roles perfectly. It's just the chances of these two opposites being together would be a bit overboard.
When I watch trendy Japanese dramas, I focus in on things that many people don't. From the style, the settings, the locations selected. "With Love" has some really good locations that I even had to travel to Tokyo to Odaiba to check out the "Statue of Liberty" across from the Fuji Sankei Biru and Takenouchi Yutaka's fashion is just really cool! The music is also great and I highly recommend the soundtracks. Each time I watch the engagement party scene, I can't help but smile and tear...what a powerful scene and to see how music does influence a drama's setting. - KNDY
Reviewed by kndy-nt2099 on 9 February 2004
6. Not for everyone........ [Rating: 6/10]
From the beginning, "With Love" is a slow-moving serial, in its storyline and serene feature song "Once in a Blue Moon". Both hindered by bitter experiences in their past love lives, Takashi (Yutaka), a steely musician, and Amane (Misato), a passive banker, accidently find each other from a wrongly sent email. What proceeds is a long-drawn "email" love story that works, for the most part.

Yutaka and Misato are quite good in "With Love". Yutuka fits the mould as the cool, seemingly emotionless rock star perfectly, and Misato is equal in her role. Dame Norika Fujiwara and Mitsuhiro are also quite convincing in their secondary roles, but the fine job by the cast is all for none due to the story's weak, predictable storyline.

"With Love" will be good for some, but it's definitely not for everyone. BTW, "Destiny" by My Little Lover, the opening song, is a catchy tune that must be checked out.
Reviewed by Undying on 16 August 2001
7. Must watch....if you like Takenouchi [Rating: 8/10]
I didn't like it when I watch it a bit here and there on TV the first time, I didn't even like Takenouchi that time. And then I watched it the second time, this time in mandarin on SCV, and started to be a bit interested, because the letters are read out it mandarin and I didn't need to spend so much effort reading the subtitle.

And I started to be captivated by Takenouchi. But due to some reason I didn't get to watch the last epidsode, and for a long time this show was always on my mind. Finally I bought the VCD, watched it alone all over and gosh! I realise if you really follow the whole show you can feel how the love between them develop. Of course, to have the patience you must be someone who likes Takenouchi. If you like him, my! you will enjoy this show, very much.

This is a show I will watch over and over again. Well, I admit it's because of Takenouchi, I adore him!
Reviewed by ladyelf on 20 June 2003
8. Internet love [Rating: 10/10]
I'm watching right now this drama. I'm stuck at 8th episode so I still didn't see the ending, but I'm sure it won't dissapoint me. I'm curious to know how it ends.
Anyway it's really a beautiful story. An argument very near to all of us. At who of us is not happened to fall in love through internet? It's a wonderful thing and people shouldn't have shame of it.
Unfortunately for the ignorance of some people who think body and look are the most important things, without thinking to who thinks sex is the most important one, it make us feel shy about it.
I totally love the actors. I already liked Takenouchi Yukata thanks to the drama Heaven's Coins. I'd say, he's so good to act in very mysterious and sexy parts, how he's good to smile with those killer smiles which make you melt :D
Point: 10!
Reviewed by Myri on 10 April 2005
9. Mature and intelligent writing [Rating: 10/10]
The slow pace may be detrimental to some, but I personally loved how this drama took the time to carefully develop the characters and their feelings. Generally, I find Japanese dramas to be somewhat superficial, but there was a depth and maturity to the writing here that took me by surprise, in particular with the way that the characters' plights were linked to their professions. The final episode felt a little forced, unfortunately; the way resolutions were reached was too picture-perfect, and even a little lazy. But otherwise, the other 11 episodes are perfection.
Reviewed by Kam on 14 June 2005
10. The Longest Lasting Drama EVAH [Rating: 8/10]
Okay, so this drama seemed to drag on forever, but who cares! The longer the show, the more screen time for Takenouchi Yutaka. I think this drama was the epitome of hotness for him. I mean, he looks great now, but dang. That voice of his made me melt everything time I turned the DVD player on.

The rest of the drama was decent. It was a love story, and had its merits. I'm not sure I'm satisfied with the end and will never watch this drama again because of it, but it was still enjoyable while it lasted.
Reviewed by Wynter on 21 January 2012
11. Yutaka looks good, but the story...... [Rating: 4/10]
The only reason why it even got a 4 is because of Yutaka. If it weren't for him, I can't imagine watching 10 minutes of it. If you are a fan, you might like it, if not, don't waste your time. The story is pretty dull, and they keep going around and around. Also, you can totally feel that the director was trying really hard to make Yutaka look really good, giving him all these different angle shots. This is a drama made exclusively with the purpose of making Yutaka as handsome as possible, in my opinion.
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 2 December 2003
12. Kono taipu no koi ga hoshi [Rating: 9/10]
With Love is a pure love poetry. Its use of music in accordance to the themes of alienation, helplessness, fear, and desire of love is perfect. Yutaka did a great job and looks so good in this dorama. The female lead did a great job too and fit her role very well (even though most people seem to dislike her but I think the casting director did a good job).

The ending dragged on a little too long, however, and it kind of ruined the overall symphonic love feeling, but it is a minor issue.
Reviewed by FierceStriker on 5 June 2004
13. Teru teru bozu [Rating: 9/10]
I could not help but feel attracted to this story as it is similar to my own life in many ways. Though this is nothing new and different now it seems rather ordinary as many people have met on the internet now but still not a lot of touching stories exist about that.

I felt it was well acted and well crafted. I felt their intent and could understand their motivations unlike many dramas where I go who acts like that!!!

A charming story that I enjoyed.
Reviewed by MonsterZero-65 on 13 November 2009
14. With Love [Rating: 8/10]
My rating is high due to my ridiculously biased attitude towards that insanely handsome Takenouchi Yutaka. Ladies, just seeing his hair makes the series worthwhile. On a more serious note the lead actress was charming even if her role was not much. Slow moving and about very reserved people somehow the story was still compelling in a way due to the fine performances of the actors. It was enjoyable but wont be making my top ten list.
Reviewed by Eve on 22 March 2005
15. Love it!! [Rating: 10/10]
This was my first j-dorama which i watched in 2000. It triggered my craziness for japanese things, manga, songs, and especially j-doramas. Takenouchi suits the aloof, cool heartthrob role and Misato is very dainty and delicate-like in this dorama. I wish there was more kissing scenes though!
Reviewed by kneehard on 7 June 2005
16. Boring, boring and boring! [Rating: 2/10]
The only thing that I like about this drama is the theme song! Haa~~~ The whole story is really very boring and not touching at all! Till now still can;t figure out why this drama will be so popular! But one thing that cannot be denied is that Yutaka really looks gorgeous!
Reviewed by clcs85 on 13 January 2005
17. Slightly disappointed [Rating: 5/10]
This was an okay drama but to me it seemed to drag along. I was disappointed with Misato since she didn't suit Yutaka at all...she looked more of a aunt or something. Although it kept me watching i was slightly disappointed. But at least Yutaka was as cute as hell!!!!
Reviewed by elise3000 on 13 October 2002
18. Hit home [Rating: 10/10]
This story really hit home for me. It really was similar to my own real life experience in many ways. I was touched by the drama and though it is kind of dated it still has a lot of relevance and with the superb acting I highly recommend it.
Reviewed by MonsterZero65 on 15 August 2010
19. So so... [Rating: 5/10]
The first drama I saw Yutaka act in. He was pretty much ok, but I didn't like the plot. For me it was kinda dragging. Anyway, if you're into the movie "You've Got Mail", you might like this one, although there ain't much comedy here. ^___^
Reviewed by Jalapeno on 9 June 2001
20. With Love [Rating: 9/10]
I love this drama,well,although slow moving,I notice that most Japanese movie do slow moving,anyway,this is still my favourite J-drama,love the music ,actors and actresses,story,etc,etc........
Reviewed by mouselee72 on 28 May 2006
21. just Ok..... [Rating: 5/10]
i watched this show just because of yutaka...no other reason...the storyline was not so bad but the plot was very slow and not so clear..furthermore, i hate the endings...
Reviewed by angeleye on 16 January 2002
22. A little slow. [Rating: 7/10]
It's an alright show.
The plot was a little too slow-paced for my liking, but it's still a decent show.
Nice music and a very delectable Takenouchi Yutaka!! ;)
Reviewed by kook05 on 6 January 2004
23. His Hotness [Rating: 7/10]
Yutaka is insanely gorgeous thru out the drama, reading sub was unnecessary & felt like a distraction while I toweld off drooling.....

Yutaka 10/10, Plot 7/10
Reviewed by lovejdorama on 20 May 2005
24. Very Boring [Rating: 1/10]
Takenouchi Yutaka is very cool in this dorama, but this one is a snoozer. The storyline moves too slow and you find yourself falling asleep during each episode.
Reviewed by dys199 on 20 January 2004
25. thumbs up [Rating: 10/10]
great plot
yutaka looks so cool here
love this drama a lot..maybe because i'm very into music
after watching this drama i cant stop listening to its OST
Reviewed by juliana_phang on 21 June 2003
26. Love this drama [Rating: 8/10]
Interesting story line; a Japanese version of "You've got mail". The couple didn't get together until the last two shows will drive you crazy!
Reviewed by jdfan on 3 July 2002
27. OMG........... [Rating: 7/10]
OMG...THIS DRAMA IS SOOOOO SWEET but it'z a dam dat they took so long to know each other dat they're the net perosn!
sorta slow drama i guess?
Reviewed by marzyu on 22 February 2002
28. Simply lovely [Rating: 4/10]
Another sweet and romantic love story.But Yutaka's acting was just....slightly above the average. Not his best performance though.
Reviewed by googal on 15 April 2002
29. Not a bad performance by Yutaka [Rating: 6/10]
Ok.......this drama it is only ok but this drama yutaka acted in is creditable and for me this drama is for people who likes love
Reviewed by curian4 on 27 April 2001
30. Once in a blue moon [Rating: 6/10]
I think it's a good story . Will i be that lucky to receive any nice music accidentally? lol ~ Dream on !
Reviewed by Michi on 10 December 2001

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do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Undying [Rating: 7/10]
From the beginning, "With Love" is a slow-moving serial, in its storyline and serene feature song "Once in a Blue Moon". Both hindered by bitter experiences in their past love lives, Takashi (Yutaka), a steely musician, and Amane (Misato), a passive banker, accidently find each other from a wrongly sent email. What proceeds is a long-drawn "email" love story that works, for the most part.

Yutaka and Misato are quite good in "With Love". Yutuka fits the mould as the cool, seemingly emotionless rock star perfectly, and Misato is equal in her role. Dame Norika Fujiwara and Mitsuhiro are also quite convincing in their secondary roles, but the fine job by the cast is all for none due to the story's weak, predictable storyline.

"With Love" will be good for some, but it's definitely not for everyone. BTW, "Destiny" by My Little Lover, the opening song, is a catchy tune that must be checked out.
2. Comments by amane [Rating: 5/10]
slow moving dorama.what made me stick to it until the end was obviously because of takenouchi yutaka.most of people might said it was his pretty face,but for me it was his talent plus(don't want to deny it)his good looks that made me watch him.whether you agree or not, i still believe he got real talent inside himself which has been proved throughout his performances in his many doramas.and not to miss in this one too.he acted brilliantly here with his i-don't-give-a-damn-about-you look and his somehow convincing depressed life.so i must say,he did succeed in bringing out the character of hasegawa takashi.and i suppose fujiwara norika did pretty good job here too.she was beautiful and captivating.however tanaka misato was a bit dissapoinment for me.she did a good job but i believe somebody else might have done it better.over all,great theme songs,predictable story-line and damn long,slow moving story.in other words,boring indeed.
3. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 6/10]
A romance drama about two people who meet one another via chance email. You could practically smell the ending of this drama from a mile away, the series was just that predictable. Takenouchi Yutaka pulls off a pretty good performance in his earlier acting years with his cool and laid-back character, someone who has a lot of heart. His female counterpart also did a pretty decent job of being a rather dorky person at work, etc.

The main problem with the series is the fact that the story and dialogue was just very typical. There was nothing new about the series itself and even less so the story. This kind of show had been done before and were done better. After watching this series, I couldn't help but think that I had wasted some time on it. However, I would recommend this drama to Takenouchi Yutaka fans just because he does such a splendid job portraying him.
4. Comments by michelle [Rating: 9/10]
This is my FIRST drama. To be frank, I've never like to watch dorama before because I couldn't seem to understand what they are mumbling and I don't enjoy reading chinese subtitles coz' I'm not good at reading chinese. BUT THEN, "With Love" changed my opinion towards dorama. I started watching "With Love" from Episode 9 onwards when TeruTeruBozu finally realized the real identity of Hata-san. That was the moment when I overheard the piano piece "Once in a Blue Moon" and I fell deeply in love with doramas. That was also the moment when I'm so obsessed with doramas that I couldn't stop watching it eventhough I have to bear the fact that I have to read chinese subtitles. Ah...so in conclusion, "With Love" will make one addicted to doramas. Watch IT, pls!! ^_^
5. Comments by nadrika [Rating: 8/10]
Honestly speaking, didn't want to watch this AT ALL. But because i wanted to see all Yutaka's works at least once, i watched this on youtube with English subs when it was available. Not a fan of love stories per se. So i watched this with much scepticism.

I don't quite like Yutaka's look here cos they are trying to promote him as a pretty boy, which i really dislike. And his cold personality in this drama didn't help matters.

However that said, there was something about the plot in this drama that just keep me coming back for more and wanting to know what happens next. And in the end, i must say i enjoyed this drama overall. And the music pieces. WOW. I actually hunted down the two OSTs. Really love 'Once in a Blue Moon' and 'So Long' especially.
6. Comments by compaqmac321 [Rating: 7/10]
hmm, at first i liked this show and thought it had an interesting concept, and the story was pretty good, i also liked the casting, BUT by episode 6 or 7 i got annoyed, they ran in a ginormous circle the entire show, i was so annoyed by the fact that they were that close,and didnt notice each other, there were great big signs right in front of each other saying HEY IM HATA, HEY IM TERUTERUBOZU, but they never paid attention, stuff started to just get stupid........this show could have been better, there were thing that could have been done to make this show better than it was....it had elements from like 4 other shows in it too, like this show was a blue print for some other shows but to me, this show tried but in the end couldnt get it right.
7. Comments by FierceStriker [Rating: 9/10]
With Love is a pure love poetry. Its use of music in accordance to the themes of alienation, helplessness, fear, and desire of love is perfect. Yutaka did a great job and looks so good in this dorama. The female lead did a great job too and fit her role very well (even though most people seem to dislike her but I think the casting director did a good job).

The ending dragged on a little too long, however, and it kind of ruined the overall symphonic love feeling, but it is a minor issue.
8. Comments by iluvhyde [Rating: 2/10]
Maybe its just me again.. this show is sooo boring that it is beyond words. Lousy plot... I think this is one of the worst drama I have ever watched. Even Yutaka can't save it. I watched the first 3 disc and skiped to the last 2 disc. And guess what! I can STILL catch what the story is about and its still on the same thing! Unbelievable... this show is like a 4hr plot dragged to 13 episodes... And worst of all, the last episode repeats everything they have said to each other (ALL OVER AGAIN)!
9. Comments by Sakebitosan [Rating: ?/10]
This has some flaws - most notably in that the otherwise-admirable Hasagawa Takashi character's integrity is undercut by the writers repeatedly; very poor chemistry between the two lead actors; too drawn-out to believe the two principle characters wouldn't have figured out each other's identity - but nonetheless compelling, excellent music throughout, and overall a stunning projection of human dignity and civilization.
(reviewed below)
10. Comments by marzyu [Rating: 5/10]
This drama wuz realli realli slow! Like a turtle! It'z kewlo how they find true lovez on net but I hate the part how they alwayz wuz about to meet and then something stupid happens! I mean if this story is about fate shouldn't they have some when they meet?! but instead it took them 12 episodes to finally meet! It'z all good dat they finally meet cuz dat'z da moment I've been waiting for! The ending wuz realli flat dun u think?!
11. Comments by Sasaya [Rating: 7/10]
I believe this was one of the first dramas I had the pleasure of watching, but I'll admit the only reason why I watched was for Oikawa Mitsuhiro.

It's inevitable that this series is compared with the movie You've Got Mail, but I did enjoy watching the series. My only complaint about this series is that it seemed to move slowly. It may not be the best I've ever seen, but it certainly is far from being the worst.
12. Comments by jdfan [Rating: 8/10]
Beautiful soundtrack, especially the piano pieces! This drama sounds a lot like 'You've Got Mail', but it will take you further and deeper to see the impact of words in someone's heart and mind. It's interesting to watch a cold-empty hearted person like Takashi can still be filled with warmth by just the simplest form of words. The couple didn't get together until the last two shows will drive most fans crazy!
13. Comments by jica [Rating: 9/10]
This one was good. My first Jdrama, I saw it with Cantonese dubbs... but then I rewatched it in Japanese with Eng subs, must say it was much better... Sweet story. I like internet stories and mailings.... kind of naive but romantic. Though the end was a bit.... dorky, when then quoted the whole mail-thing to each other... couldn't they have said anything more relevant to the present...? Anyway, watch it. =)
14. Comments by heavenightmare2k [Rating: 5/10]
I was looking forward to seeing this but I was quite disappointed. I ended up only watching a few episodes as the main characters were not as attractive as I thought they would be. The fact that the Takashi was a composer did spark some sort of an interest because I am a composer myself. Overall, not the kind of drama I was looking forward to seeing, but it still deserves a fair rating.
15. Comments by aimare [Rating: 9/10]
Thanks this drama, J-Series became popular in my country again at that time.
The love story of Hata and TeruTeruBouzu is so touching that I wish I would meet someone like Hata in the real world after watching it.
Pity, the pace is somewhat too slow. But there's one advantage from that; I could appreciate more on Yutaka Takenouchi. ^^
16. Comments by Michi [Rating: ?/10]
Will i be that lucky to receive any nice song mysteriously? lol ~ Dream on. It's a nice piano piece but the story is kinda dark. To me the best part is when Teruterubozu chase Hata on her engagement day.

When i was watching it, i wonder are they ever gonna know the truth. and thank god they did AT LAST. ^o^ yes its that slow!
17. Comments by Angry Machines [Rating: 7/10]
Eudroa, Win 95, 56k dial-up and love!! this show brought back some ol' memories when we first just got win95. I remember watching with love on satelite channel I-TV around 1997...Takenouchi yutaka looks very different here without a moustache and playing an all-new role for him. don't miss watching this good love drama!
18. Comments by jaycee [Rating: 8/10]
i watched this show so many times that i was getting real bored at it.... i dunno y it was shown on tv3 then on astro's channel 18 then again on astro's wah lai toi... but the dorama was real great...... but just the ending depresses me most..... fell in love with the 'once in a blue moon' melody......
19. Comments by Eve [Rating: 8/10]
My rating is high due to my ridiculously biased attitude towards that insanely handsome Takenouchi Yutaka. Ladies, just seeing his hair makes the series worthwhile. On a more serious note the lead actress was charming even if her role was not much. It was enjoyable but wont be making my top ten list.
20. Comments by Namielove [Rating: 9/10]
With Love...Not the best drama, frankly the girl got on my nerves, but Yutaka...he was too sexy for words. I bought it just for him. The story follows in the footsteps of "You've got Mail", except you don't have the cute Meg Ryan as a lead character.

This is a must for Yutaka fans!!!
21. Comments by matsu_takeiko [Rating: 7/10]
for personal reasons... ^^ it was the very first drama I saw. I saw it on TV and it was in chinese. Even though I couldn't understand it I pretty much got the gist (with much help too from the internet ^^) I just had a similar experience and this somehow made it all the more precious ^^
22. Comments by laramatsu [Rating: 7/10]
Ahh... internet love between teruterubozu and hata due to mis-sent e-mail. The ending is not quite what I hope it to be but I love the chase between those two. I actually hate Norika Fujiwara's character in this one - since she was trying to get between those two, hehehe
23. Comments by pedang_patah [Rating: 6/10]
it's a nice love story..but the plot of the story was too dull...i've watched it long time ago...at da moment,i like yutaka,hence,i never missed da episodes altho it was boring.the plot was draggy.the progress is slow..the ending is disappointing.no comedy.juz dull!!
24. Comments by yvetsh [Rating: 10/10]
Did not appreciate this show the 1st time I watched it,
i thought it is so boring and only the soundtrack is nice
...it wasn't till the 2nd attempt that i learnt to appreciate
and like this show. It actually shares a lot of insight of love
which is very realistic.
25. Comments by jdoramaniac [Rating: ?/10]
Generally love Yutaka but this is for the masochistic that can stand angst ridden plots that go on and on ad nauseum, there is no chemistry between the lovers - by the end of the 12th episode, I wished someone would just shoot them and put them out of their misery.
26. Comments by suerinn [Rating: 6/10]
Hmm... there's no chemistry between the lead characters. And the main actress is just boring and somewhat dumb. (I can't believe she was 21 here, she looks waaay older... that hairstyle �ʁ�). Only Fujiwara Norika and Takenouchi Yutaka did a good job in this one.
27. Comments by rikastar [Rating: 7/10]
I liked this quite a lot although I heard not so nice things about this dorama. I like the storyline and the plot was moving along quite nicely. Yutaka looks so good here too. :p I like the female lead also even though I heard so many complaints about here, heh.
28. Comments by zealous [Rating: 8/10]
i kindly attracted to the story maybe bcoz 'one in a blue moon'.... very nice n soft melody....& the nick name 'teruterubozu n hata' hehe... but when it comes to the ending.... i think - it failed. cuz why don't just let them be together directly.... hehe
29. Comments by Helena [Rating: 6/10]
Don�ft like e main actress, really hate her acting n facial expression, she just cant act, shes so stiff, god, I really dunno how she can become an actress, actually I really like e story n e main actor but becoz of e main actress, It ruined e whole drama
30. Comments by maeda [Rating: 10/10]
Yutaka's the one I've watched in this drama. The story's romantic but I can't trust it and seems they're fall in love in only e-mail so disappoint in the final eps. However, I like With love, smooth and beautiful. Yutaka and the songs're really great!!!

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1. winwin
I wished I had watched the drama during 1998 or then.... it sets me thinking if I would also have such a romantic story happening to myself!!! I think I have watched the drama back in 2002 or so... I still like the story now... one of the story that I still rememeber till now. However, I don't really like the female lead... I know according to the storyline, she's not supposed to be pretty but they should have gotten someone slightly better then...
2. ping_bong
What a sweet internet love story! I like the way how the drama shows two sides of Hata san. A cool heartless man on one side and a lonely sad side on the other.
3. aki21
I'm voting for this because this was basically the first Japanese drama I saw (with my best friend) and it opened me up to other dramas(Japanese). Ja'.
4. jpride
The plot is quite slow but Yutaka-kun is extremely cool and the story is very romantic. For all romantic souls out there...this is an amazing drama!
5. nieda
quite slow dorama but interesting.. love the performance of takenouchi as cool rock star was perfect.. love both songs in this dorama..
6. DiorKaneko
Nice drama with Takenouchi, and nice songs... especially Miniature Garden.. :) interesting storyline..........
7. abe_jame
At first three episode are little slow but it grow to make me sit in front of my tv
8. SyoCamui
This is one of my favorite dramas. It's a romantic story, and it's very well done.
9. iez
LOVE it! but i didnt expect the ending would became like that.... :)
10. irul
so touching and great ending.. if only the continue the ending...
11. manutunia
just love the way their in love...with word and never meet
12. UtadaFan
May be a little slow to start off with, but I just Love it
13. rina_rina
great romances between the two leading role..
14. Kaze
Yukata's ultra cool and Norika is ultra hot.
15. enrique
One of my first, and still one of the best.
16. takoyaki_gal
Another touch story with the nice songs...
17. cute_kyoko
its touching too... i like it very much
18. bigfire
My first Jdrama! Still spectacular!
19. obekenobe
20. yumiko
yutaka look so cool...
21. biru_gohan
A modern fairy tale!
22. vRacing
I like this drama..
23. Bsalez
MY no1 Favourite
24. Sugarplumie
i liked the OST
25. ladyelf
very romantic
26. natni
27. Yasuko
28. berybery
29. freak_of_psycho
30. carnie_webb

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