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Fujiwara Norika 藤原紀香 ( Norika Fujiwara )

NameFujiwara Norika
Star SignCancer
Birthday28 June 1971
Blood TypeA
B/W/H88 / 60 / 88

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Fujiwara Norika

The beautiful and sexy Norika is a great actress and was the CM queen during the late 1990s. Since the early 2000's, she�s been the spokesmodel for Kanebo Cosme...

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Filmography (26)
Aru Hi, Ahiru Bus [2015]
Asakura Hazuki
Borderline [2014]
Alice no Toge [2014]
Date Risa
Umi no Ue no Shinryojo [2013]
Uchimura Aoi
Gyne ~ Sanfujinka no Onna Tachi [2009]
ギネ ~ 産婦人科の女たち
Hiragi Nachi
Tsure ga Utsu ni Narimashite. [2009]
Hayakawa Noriko
Oishii Gohan [2007]
Kasugai Tae
Damenzu Walker [2006]
だめんず うぁーか
Ooku~Hana no Ran~ [2005]
Propose - Sekai de Ichiban Shiawase-na Kotoba [2005]
(Story 2)
Kekkon no Katachi [2004]
Souma Yuki
相馬有里 (34)
Anata no Jinsei Ohakobishimasu [2003]
Hidaka Maki
Kanojotachi no Kurisumasu [2002]
Star no Koi [2001]
Kirishima Hikaruko
桐島ヒカル子 (30)
Mukashi no otoko [2001]
Saimin [2000]
Okuman chouja to kekkon suru houhou [2000]
Kinyoubi no Koibitotachi e [2000]
Kiken na kankei [1999]
Naomi [1999]
Toudou Naomi
Akimahende! [1998]
Aoki Ayame
青木あやめ (25)
Happy mania [1998]
With love [1998]
Imai Kaori
News no onna [1998]
星野 夏美
Love generation [1997]
Takagi Erika
Hitotsu yane no shita Season 2 [1997]
ひとつ屋根の下 2

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Users who voted for this artiste (54)
1. wsim
You know, people say she can't act very well, that might be true. Haven't seen a lot of her works to really tell, but in Star no koi, I thought she did a very good job. Attractive looks and eye candy may be her main selling point, but I think she has a decent personality and a sweet smile. Frankly, I think she's at her best when doing more glamourous roles in dramas. For the most part, alright acting ability, nothing special but she has had her shining moments.
2. ahochaude
Simply beautiful. She has got to be one of the hottest actresses in Japan. Though not the "best actress", I give her credit for giving it her best. She did however, play a very convincing role in Mukashi No Otoko as Akari.
On another note, I hope she comes back to shop at LV in Hilton Hawn Village. (She came around before I started employment there) I'd love to meet her!
3. qwiksXnd
If I had only seen Friday's Lovers and Love Gen, then I would not have thought much of Noriko. Star no Koi changed my opinion of her. She is extremely beautiful and classy... and she has a spectacular but! In Star no Koi she was the epitome of perfection. San Marcos Ham for life!
4. groink
I first saw her appear in SMAPxSMAP in 1998. She plays a great game of basketball! I've also seen her in GTO the movie, and she was great!! Very beautiful, nice smile... Man, she's eye candy!!!! Shwing!!!
5. Techie
I must say those who claim she can't act for nothing must never have been on stage. Dang... Sutaa no koi, episode 11, when "shooting a scene" she shows she is really where she belongs. On stage!!! 5+++++
6. purplemovie
Even though a lot of people say she cannot act.
I just find her very charming, professional, and admirable. I have enjoyed watching her performance whether it was small/big role.
7. InSearchOf
not only is she beautiful, but after watching "star no koi" - to me - she's an excellent actress! i'd put all my votes in for her if it was possible...
8. Replicant
Great actress! I liked her in Love Generation and I think she was a much more suitable match for Takuya than Takako Matsu.
9. Doramafan113
I really gained so much respect for her great acting ability after seeing Sutaa no Koi. She is fantastic.
10. effronterie
My personal vote for most beautiful dorama actress! She is luminous, and her expressions are so cute ^^
11. pcmodem
The hottest actress in dorama, yet not afraid to make fun of herself. A very soft and thoughtful voice.
12. iwan
Extremely HOT ChiCKS!! I really love to see every part of her body. Wonderful Perfect Woman in earth!
13. ping_bong
She's a wonderful actor! I don't know why many ppl don't like her work!
Fujiwara chan ganbatte ne!
14. Topdrunkee the ILLnificen
No words need be said of how much I adore Ms. Fujiwara.
Hell,I use a Norika fujiwara e-mail acount.
15. illuminati
I like her from Star no Koi and so far want to see her other dramas but kinda hard to get
16. cute_kyoko
her acting is OK! her character as a grudge person really suite with her...
17. aya_fans85
like her very much in Star no Koi...a great actress from late 90s..
18. pinky
100 marks for her in acting and appearance. Wish her all the best.
19. ralphm1999
What a charismatic and incredibly beautiful role in Star No Koi.
20. tjddks
waww.... Sekushii...... Great role in Naomi... I like it!!! :p
21. Guam Viewer
Very attractive. So so acting skills but who cares.
22. nieda
like her role as naomi.. very talented actress..
23. gto_girlz83
started to like her when watching Star no Koi..
24. jo
Good actress, sex appeal is another reason.
25. red_for_anti
Definitely deserves more credit than given
26. kirtil
Loved her in oishi gohan and star no koi
27. Michi
love her style... she's a major babe
28. zindaka
excellent in Star no Koi. very cute
29. Fans91
She is beautiful and sweet!
30. Juhis
One Word Says it All : Sexy

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