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Love generation [ラブジェネレーション]





Drama Details
Title:Love generation
Telecast:1997-10-13 to 1997-12-22
Season:Fall 1997

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes

Katagiri Teppei (Kimura) is a promising creative agent, but whose attitude gets him transferred to the sales department. He has to learn to adapt to the new working environment, which includes cutting his precious locks of hair to create a neater and more appropriate image. Helping him along the way is Uesugi Riko (Matsu), whom he tried to pick up along the street earlier but was tricked by her instead. Riko does not have a good impression of him at first, but falls for him gradually. However, Teppei runs into his ex-girlfriend Mizuhara Sanae (Juuna) who is now the girlfriend of his brother Soichiro (Uchino). Consoling him is Riko, whom Teppei likes gradually. Just when Teppei and Riko start dating, Sanae realises that she still likes Teppei...
Le Chateau de Jo

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (3)
1. Shiawase na Ketsumatsu [Ohtaki Eiichi 大滝詠一]LYRICS | RINGTONE ]
2. True True [Meo]LYRICS | RINGTONE ]
3. Hear me cry [Cagnet]RINGTONE ]

Actor/Actress Cast (24)
Kimura Takuya
Katagiri Teppei
Matsu Takako
Uesugi Riko
Fujiwara Norika
Takagi Erika
Uchino Masaaki
Katagiri Soichiro
Junna Risa
Mizuhara Sanae
Moriguchi Yoko
Shiroishi Nami
Hirata Mitsuru
Kurosaki Takeshi
Kawabata Ryuta
Yoshimoto Tamio
Izutsu Shinsuke
Sasaki Taisaku
Kishi Hiroyuki
Fukiishi Kazue
Uesugi Midori
Sato Tamao
Nakamura Ikuji
Inoue Takashi
Yamazaki Naoki
Igarashi Izumi
Uesugi Youko
Suzuki Mie
Uesugi Youko
Kurotani Tomoka
Igawa Hisashi
Namase Katsuhisa
Kondo Kyouzou
Harada Shuuichi
Nomura Shinji
Shimamura Mitsuru
Shiina Kippei
Ogasahara Korekiyo

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Drama Reviews (66)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. So much lovely angst! [Rating: 9/10]
For the first few episodes, I was really mad that it was going so slow. Then I was mad because I couldn�ft understand the random glass apple that popped up everywhere. Then I was mad because Kimura�fs character, Teppei, was such a �glecher�h, and that Takako�fs character, Riko, was so flakey. And I was upset near the middle of the series because I was not at all convinced that Teppei loved Riko, no matter how many times he said he was.

And then suddenly �| and I can�ft seem to pinpoint the exact spot in the drama �| I came to the realization that this was the point. I was not supposed to be convinced, because Riko wasn�ft convinced either. Suddenly everything fell into place, and I began to appreciate the raw emotions battled within each character, and how characters like Sanae were necessary to enhance the taste of the love story.

Kimura did a grand job as always, and Takako was a big surprise! She was so different from her role in Long Vacation �| the only other drama I have seen her in. I was totally blown away with the way she portrayed Riko�fs character. The supporting cast was also brilliant, and I�fm glad the sub-plot was just as good as the main.

There was so much angst in this drama, and one misunderstanding after another. But for a hopeless romantic like myself, all the angst and all the misunderstandings were welcome! The drama, and the characters, captured my heart and I ended the series quite satisfied. If there is one thing I�fd like to change, it would be the last scene. After all the heartache of being apart, I really wanted to see Teppei embrace Riko in a tight grasp to imply that he�fd never let her go, or vice versa. Other than this one selfish complaint, the drama was grand and I highly recommend it to all the romantics out there.
Reviewed by Wynter on 14 February 2007
2. Uneven, but generally good [Rating: 8/10]
It takes a half dozen episodes before the plot finally gels, but solid acting and the undeniable chemistry between Tatako Matsu and Kimura Takuya is consistently appealing. Takuya is likable and convincing, here as a sensitive, brooding would-be salaryman - who can't seem to forget his first love (Jinna Risa). Matsu is flirtatious and guarded about romance, and it takes some time until they realize they might be ideal for each other.

The main drama tries to sustain tension through a series of misunderstandings and miscommunications - which can be somewhat annoying over time. LOVE GENERATION isn't exactly predictable, but it's a fairly typical love story that desperately needs something (wit, inventiveness) to push it to the next level. The soundtrack is fairly bland, and doesn't capture key moments as well as better dramas. Even the title is about as generic as they come.

The theme is more carefully thought out than you might think. The glass apple that appears frequently in various episodes suggests that transparency of motive helps balance out the ever-present possibility of temptation. The two pair of couples at the center of this drama address this issue constantly, and transparent honesty is supposed to be the antidote to the risks of intimacy. Of course, knowing the theme doesn't solve the drama's loose, indifferent pacing.

The main problem is that the co-leads, though good at drama, are only passable at comedy. In addition, a number of dramatic sequences begin promisingly, then fizzle.
Reviewed by jdoramadotcom on 2 February 2012
3. A good "copy" of the original [Rating: 8/10]
After watching this, it is obviously blatant rip-off of TOKYO LOVE STORY. Yes, the actors are slightly more attractive. The music has a more modern edge, and may be considered a little more enjoyable. But, it has very little originallity. I can count in the dozens scenes, actions, reactions, breakups and people swapping on the rebound that are almost direct ripoffs of the oringinal. Sure they changed the location of where TEPPEI works instead of KANJIs workplace, but the main couples interaction between the two dramas are the same. The Matsu charateristics are identical to the lady in Tokyo Love Story. The other girl that is the ex high school girlfriend in both dramas has the same looks and personality. SHe comes across as a doting airhead that is obsessed with her man, whoever that is for the moment. They went thru so many of the same scenarios, point for point, that I got to be where I could guess where the next jealous outburst would come from, or when someone would be caught on the rebound, the trip to the "baths", and I was almost alwys right. They changed the two male leads to be actually brothers instead Tokyo that had the two leads that were close enough friends at the beginning that they looked like brothers. In both dramas the lady who gets "kicked to the curb" is the always super positive and more attractive one.
Reviewed by warren.mcclendon on 14 August 2002
4. Good Love Story [Rating: 8/10]
I backtracked and watched this drama after watching several other Takuya's works. I realized that his dramas are all pretty much the same, and it started either with this one or "Long Vacation". I guess this sort of role really fits him well, as seen in his later works, which pretty much have him playing almost the same type of person, personality wise.
He's this kind of reserved person, but with lots of ideals and when pushed, is very expressive and shows a lot of emotion. But that takes a lot out of him, because most of the time, he's very indecisve about himself, and throughout the drama, you can see his inner self struggles. The drama is slow, but that's how there are back in the mid to late 90's. But it's smooth though, and with patience, one can surely appreciate the thought put into both the story and the directing.
Reviewed by Hiro Toyo on 26 January 2004
5. Like Long vacation but slightly better [Rating: 10/10]
This just might be the best dorama ever. Some say it's a rip off of Tokyo love story but I haven't seen that one so I don't know. I find this beeing similar to Long vacation though, but LG is slightly better. Can't explain exactly why, something with the atmosphere in the drama. However, they're not spending as much time in the same apartment here as they did in LV which is a good thing.
I'm not the biggest fan of Takako Matsu, but she's a good actress and here she's very cute and charming. Kimura Takuya is always solid in his performances. The supporting cast is carefully chosen and doing a great job as well.
Along with Yamato Nadeshiko&Long vacation, it surely is the best drama so far.
Reviewed by kaonashi on 10 June 2004
6. Most touching [Rating: 10/10]
This is the most touching love story, it is so real, so lively, so common, and so lovely. Riko was always cute, lovely, true to her feeling. She can be petty, suspicious of teipei, possesive can't cook, and yet, you can't help but love her. The two leads just have that special on screen chemistry that will make you glue to it from begining to end. Perfect couple. The quiblling between Riko and Teipei always make one laugh. Many have been comparing LG with Long Vacation, but for me, LG is simply that much better, more believable, more enjoyable. The best drama that I have seen for a long long time. In fact, cannot recall any that is better, JDorama or not.
Reviewed by lefty on 30 April 2003
7. Love tug-o-war [Rating: 8/10]
I have to say this drama took a different approach than usual. Usually one sees two main characters and their struggle to be together; however this drama involves the two main character's struggle to stay together. I also have to admit this theme got a little repetitive making me say "uh oh here we go again". Just the fact that the two main roles were Matsu Takako and Kimura Takuya made this drama really interesting because they had such chemestry in this one. I believe Matsu Takako really showed her acting range with Kimura Takuya playing his normal usual self ^_^. This is a great drama that any hardcore jdrama fan should pick up.
8. THE Dorama of all time!!! [Rating: 10/10]
My all time favourite! Love generation has it all, a great cast, great acting, great soundtrack, great... everything! Kimura once again convinces me that he is just the man for this kind of parts. He is just the best. Like some people I too had hard time appreciating Matsu Takako after seeing her in Long Vacation but she completely blowed me away in Love Generation. Surely it must be one of the all time best performances by an actress in a Dorama. Can't think of a more MUST SEE series than Love Generation, it's simply the best...
Reviewed by Zunzeto on 20 June 2004
9. Simply one of the best [Rating: 10/10]
This drama is great the story is good the acting is good. I would defantly recomend this drama to anyone I watched it in 3 days I finished it. It kept me watching it has a great cast. great cast.
It was funny but could be sad if it wanted to. It is a averge love story and the ending was expected but i just love it that is a I can say about love generation. It is realy realy good. I still havent found a bad Takuya Kimura drama!!! I wonder if there is one!! if there is please let me know becuase I cant find one i dislike.
Reviewed by johuth on 1 December 2004
10. Lotsa misunderstandings between the love ones [Rating: 8/10]
Kimutaku's and Matsu Takako's chemistry fit each other! This was first drama I've seen with lotsa relationship problems and misunderstadings between them! KimuTaku plays his part well as a salaryman, once as an advertise creative now "demoted" to salaryman position. I loved Matsu Takako's part as a noisy and bold OL! stickin her nose to other people's business!
Great drama with great music from Cagnet! Melancholy theme song ohtaki Eiichi, hehe!
Recommend to people who are into complex human relationship dramas!
Reviewed by Pemu on 23 April 2003
11. kimura-matsu = best on-screen couple [Rating: 8/10]
this is another drama tat came out during the peak season of jdramas (in other words, the kimura era ^_^). for some reasons, kimura & matsu takako just seem so right for each other on-screen. too bad they're not real couples off-screen. haha.

in my opinion, this drama is probably one of the more memorable kimura dramas. it shows a very light-hearted love story, and u cant help thinking this couple should be together. cant remember much of the scenes, but i do know this drama deserves its top rating.
Reviewed by youhei_mito on 19 February 2006
12. Knock Out! [Rating: 10/10]
One of the most fantastic love story that ever created. It seems so real, nothing whimsical, that one can relates to own experience. Misunderstandings that often ruin one's relationship.

Even after watching the 2nd time, it still gives you the lovey dovey feeling. The show is so memorable and Matsu Takako character in the dorama seems like a perfect partner that one ever wish for.

Indeed one of the best dorama that you should watch. No regrets even it is an old one. Simply mesmerising story.
Reviewed by popdod on 21 July 2008
13. Recommended [Rating: 8/10]
~_^ Definitely RECOMMENDED!! Really worth it!! It's so funny & romantic. Takuya and Matsu really share the on screen chemistry together!! Only i have to say that his brother and his ex-girlfriend's part is so boring!! Other than that, its great!!

Personal comment: I really hate Teppei sometimes, he never try to make Riko happy! It is always Riko trying to happy him!! He kinda not appreciating her! But he is sure a gentle man, since when Riko cutted his hair, he still can control himself!
Reviewed by Michi on 25 February 2002
14. An immensely satisfying love story.. [Rating: 10/10]
Headed by a strong cast of Kimura Takuya, Matsu Takako, Fujiwara Norika, Uchino Masaaki and Junna Risa, this drama was very well acted out. Takuya's performance in LG is particularly alive, far more than usual. A well-paced, well-written and well-executed script and plot made this drama truly satisfying to watch. The soundtrack and theme songs also suited the drama very well. In all, an immensely enjoyable jdorama that definitely stands among my favourite series.
Reviewed by Shindou on 14 April 2006
15. Great Love Story [Rating: 10/10]
One of the best romances I have seen on television, no matter the country of origin. Kimura Takuya and Matsu Takako are both wonderful, especially Matsu Takako, the scene on the bridge, she's just phenomenal in that. The soundtrack also goes well with the scenes. The only thing I didn't care for was the glass apple being in so many scenes. That was a bit weird. Overall, this is one of the cream of the crop in Japanese dramas. You can't go wrong with this one.
Reviewed by bettebogart on 13 February 2008
16. Watch this with your gf! [Rating: 10/10]
I was thinking to myself that there was no other drama which I repeated multiple times in a 24 hour period other than Yamato Nadeshiko. WRONG! This one was also one that I really liked and couldn't get enough of even after watching it over and over and over again. The story is awesome, and it comes together so nicely to the end. Although I've forgotten alot about what happened in this drama, I'll never forget the impact that it had on my emotions.
Reviewed by gizm092 on 23 August 2003
17. Primitive! [Rating: 3/10]
The most primitive drama I've ever seen. It reminds me of cheap hispanic soap operas. Absolutely not touching, not interesting, only very-very boring. And I don't know why Takuya Kimura is here, maybe he needed money at that time.
P.S. And I forgot to mention that Takako Matsu is totally unbearable here. Just awful!! Norika Fujiwara was a much more suitable match for Kimura. Only because of Norika, Takuya and a theme song - 3 instead of 1.
Reviewed by Replicant on 1 May 2009
18. Gotta Watch [Rating: 9/10]
This is #2 on my all time list behing LV. Every episode was fast moving and entertaining. My favorite scene was the morning after Kimura and Matsu did the - you know what - and Matsu's character Riko started writing on Kimura's character Teppei's refrigerator and started writing "Teppei su---" and Teppei thought Riko was writing "Teppei suki" only to find that she wrote "Teppei sukebe." I couldn't stop laughing. Great theme song too.
Reviewed by Guam Viewer on 28 July 2003
19. rAwKS [Rating: 10/10]
this is such a nice show man!! esp matsu takako...she looks so kawaii :P her chemistry wit takuya kimura is wonderful...look like a real couple..wow..the last 2 discs were very touching...was on the verge of tears for a few times..some parts are really very very sad...but at the same time very funny also..theme songs are also worth listening to ...Cagnet' Hear Me Cry can make u cry..such a sad song..all in all..this show RAWKS!!!
Reviewed by cupidarrow on 13 November 2004
20. GREAT DRAMA.. [Rating: 10/10]
this drama is really good as it has laughter, tears n many other feelings..its like goin on a roller coaster ride..although this drama was shown quite way back it is still really nice compared 2 dramas nowadays..takuya kimura n matsu takako also really acted really well in here..great chemistry..watch this show if u have not..i highly recommend it as i have duno watch this show 4 how many times already..its addictive=]
Reviewed by fre3domlin on 1 August 2008
21. LOVED IT!!! [Rating: 10/10]
I loved this JDrama!! I just couldn't stop watching it! It brought out about every emotion in me, from loving Riko's quirky personality to being irritated with her jealousy, to pissed at Teppei for screwing up again and again, and sad about both being hurt, and happy when everything was going well. I watched the entire series in 2 sittings, and loved every minute of it! Highly recommended!!!!
Reviewed by IchibanB on 29 August 2004
22. The best! [Rating: 10/10]
This drama really got to my attention. The thing i really loved about it is the way Takako and Kimura meet. At first Takuya was nothing to Takako and she just left him. After she did that he didnt treat her soo well and then they just fell in love. But the thing i love about this drama is the love scenes in this story are sooo emotional, thats what makes it sooo good ^_^
Reviewed by Ryo_San on 28 October 2003
23. A Pretty Good Series Though Draggy [Rating: 8/10]
This was a fun series at the time that I was watching it, however right after I finished it and reflected .. I found myself thinking that the series was pretty plain and stereotypical of other romances. The characters' "love game" with one another was at times quite tedious and annoying.

All in all, Kimura Takuya still pulls off a great job! ^_^ (as usual)
Reviewed by donna8157 on 1 February 2005
24. Nice show, nice soundtrack [Rating: 9/10]
The chemistry between Kimura and Matsu is fantastic! The storyline is rather similar to Tokyo Love Story... but with a happy ending. It got a little draggy towards the end. But all in all, it's still one of my fav dorama and I enjoyed it tremendously. The part where Riko snips off Teppei's locks is priceless!
I lurve the OST as well.
Reviewed by kook05 on 7 April 2004
25. reallyyyyy sweeeettttt...... [Rating: 9/10]
i love it since from the very first episode....and i can't even stop watching untill the very finale episode...thruthfully, i fall in love with it and i want to watch it over and over again...takuya & matsu did fabulous job in this story...and they're so well-matched esp in this drama....the storyline really touched..
Reviewed by angeleye on 16 January 2002
26. A good story! [Rating: 8/10]
I think this is a really nice story. I finished watching it on the day i bought it!! I think feel sorry for Riko-chan here for falling in love with Teppei who's still inlove with his high school ex. Luckily he realised who 'is in his heart' later on! Wat a nice couple although they fight alot hahaha
Way to go!!
Reviewed by CubicU on 14 December 2001
27. love this drama.. [Rating: 10/10]
Hey!!!!!!!!! Love this drama sooooo much..
It's weird cuz It was such a predictable story..
but I liked Takako Matsu..She was so endearing..and I liked Takuya's role here..
Hatable, vulnerable, imperfect, yet impossible not to love..:-)
super romantic drama..

Kimura & Matsu --> Best Couple
Reviewed by ilovetakuya on 22 May 2005
28. THE BEST JDORAMA EVER!!! [Rating: 10/10]
When the Love Generation is aired in the Philippines, I really excited every Sunday at 12 in the afternoon! And also their original theme song what a nice! A GREAT SALUTE FOR THE CAGNET BAND AND ALSO THE CAST FOR LOVE GENERATION!

Reviewed by areshi on 17 August 2011
29. My all time favorite [Rating: 10/10]
This is without a doubt my all time favorite drama. Great chemistry and story. I could really feel that these two characters were meant for each other and rooted for them the entire drama. Even seeing it years later I still have the same feeling about this drama. Best ever!!!
Reviewed by MonsterZero65 on 15 August 2010
30. the most beautiful luv story!! [Rating: 9/10]
Such a great drama!!! Takuya and Matsu Takako definitely have the most perfect on-screen chemistry!! I LUV THEM!! The love story is soooo romantic, TOO romantic I'd say!!!^^ I think this one have beaten Long Vacation in terms of the romantic scenes ^_^ A must-watch drama!
Reviewed by yanie_chan on 19 December 2001

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Comments From Users (396)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Larc [Rating: 8/10]
Love Generation took a lot of the ideas from the classic drama, Tokyo Love Story. Granted, I'm taking off points because it's not very original. Even the girl's name, Riko (from Love Generation) is similar to the name Rika (from Tokyo Love Story)... Hmm. Ironically, there is a scene in Tokyo Love Story where this one kid on the train calls Rika, Riko instead. Although, Matsu Takako (Riko) did a good job (even though she was a bit annoying in the beginning), she clearly is trying to be like Suzuki Honami's (Rika) character. Haha, are you still with me on the Rika and Riko thing? Okay, whatever. Obviously not everything is the same but there sure are a lot of similarities. I mean, it does have some of its own moments (like the ending for episode 5 was... cute). At first it seemed really cheesy between the two, like, why is this Riko girl seriously obsessed with this Teppei (Kimura) guy even though he was clearly treating her like crap? (I guess it really is true how girls go for that type than the typical nice guy?) But anyways, later on, I guess they do match together. Some of the episodes were really good, but then it kind of dragged on between the two always fighting. It was sort of like watching between a real reality couple. The theme song for this drama is nice, it's one of those songs that really grow on you after hearing it many times. It also has CAGNET (Long Vacation). The soundtrack for this drama is VERY GOOD! I also liked the entire cast as well. Overall, it was memorable and there's definitely chemistry between the characters. I would probably watch it again. Remember though, this drama pretty much copied TOKYO LOVE STORY! It's not the other way around.
The ending was a bit cheesy for me too.
2. Comments by occultangle [Rating: 8/10]
I will now proceed to spoil every Kimura Takuya drama ever made. He stars as a super sexy, super cool Japanese James Dean, he is madly in love with some girl but in spite of his super sexiness he can't have her, and instead settles for some average girl with a crappy attitude. The end.
It's a formula they repeat infinitely, so that girls, no matter how worthless they may be, can believe that someone as suteki as KimuTaku will fall madly in love with them.
In comparison to his other dramas this one is exceedingly simple, and is quite possibly the most generic J-drama there is. But at least this time they show their cards early and therefore it doesn't feel as frustratingly random when he ends up with the girl. It actually is a very pleasant drama, that is up until the end where they throw in all the emotional back and forth that normal dramas would have spread out through the series. The last two episodes were nearly unwatchable, you know how it's going to end, but they keep jerking you around for an eternity. My statements may sound rather negative, but it is sort of a classic, so everybody should still see it.
3. Comments by Oba-chan [Rating: 9/10]
Old Style Love Story, kimutaku and Takako done their job really well, They act really natural especially Takako who play as "Noisy" Uesugi Riko. She really cute and i love her voice. I Laughed a lot when she and Teppei do a one of bounenkai event at riko place. But i Really bored with the Side Story between Mizuhara and teppei brother, they are really Boring Couple, I guess They are the Most Boring Couple of all couples that i've ever see in Japanesse Drama. The other character was useless, they just appear and then dissapear, really old style typical love story. The Ending, Bad, not so much emotion, chotto Dissapointed with that.
Theme Song: Shiawase na Ketsumatsu [Ohtaki Eiichi]: Zero Point!!.. (the worst theme song that i've ever heard, even more terrible than masami nagasawa voice at sailor fuku to kikanju. *SPOILER*At episode 8, at the ending scene, when the emotion was high because teppei found cheating and suddenly... kami wo hodoita~~~... LoL it ruin my mood and make me want to laugh..hahahaa)
4. Comments by koalabear [Rating: 8/10]
A friend said I wouldn't like this as the on again off again romance is very tedious, but to be honest, Riko and Teppei are such a sweet and lovable couple, that you can't get mad at them for having so many difficulties. I particularly felt for Riko - after having seen the actress in LV and Hero, I really hadn't expected that she could be so touchingly vulnerable and heart-on-sleevish in her acting. She was really wonderful and there are some very touching moments in this jdorama. The only bad things are - big big thumbs down to Teppei's Annoyingly Tedious Ex Girlfriend. I KNOW every single jdorama (except the fabulous Good Luck ;) seems to need to have a Previous Love for which One of the Main Characters has not recovered, but this girl was particularly tedious. Why didn't she just move in with Teppei instead of parking herself outside his apartment everytime she had a problem - which was all the time :) Anyway, great jdorama - highly recommended.
5. Comments by amane [Rating: 4/10]
i bought and watched this dorama long time ago and it had no sub at all.i had to used all my knowledges on nihongo and had to struggle through the lines in order to understand the story.but still i can't give my final comment here since it was not convincing enough,for me at least.i probably will have to rewrite this after i rewatch the dorama.overall, it was an ok show.nothing else but rabu story.a very plain love story.all circle around long lost but unforgettable former lover, jealousy and uncertainty,and finally realization of who is the right one.a very predictable story-line,no climax(or at least i didn't feel one) and very plain.this was not the first time kimutaku teamed up with matsu takako and i must say,this dorama was not their best work together.they shown much more credibility as an actor/actress in their other doramas. and if i can pick one,i say it was 'hero' that brought out the chemistry between them.
6. Comments by ilovetakuya [Rating: 8/10]
This drama is pretty good. It's themes and plotline were very cliche, and yet it didn't bore me at all. I really liked the chemistry of Kimura Takuya and Matsu Takako here. Takako looks very cute, and Takuya, as always, is oh-so-charming. Also, I didn't dislike the theme song at all.
The problems this couple encounters are very real for sure, and that makes this drama so touching.
However, this drama was VERY similar to Tokyo Love Story. I didn't know this because I watched Tokyo Love Story after this, but when I watched Tokyo Love Story, I was amazed by the similarities in these two dramas.
I think Tokyo Love Story has better plotline and soundtrack, but i'd give this drama 8 just because Takuya looks so cute in this drama.
7. Comments by catcat [Rating: 10/10]
my all-time favorite japanese drama. it's the best drama i've ever seen and it also stars kimura takuya and matsu takako who i believe are the best onscreen duo. this is a romance drama where takuya is a designer who has been demoted. at his new job, he meets matsu takako, who hates him but will eventually likes him, and their lives will never be the same because of this. also starring uchino masaaki as kimura's brother, junna risa as kimura's ex-girlfriend who is now uchino's fiance and fujiwara norika as matsu's best friend. most definitely recommend this to anyone who hasn't watched it. a pretty good drama to start off with for people who just started to watch japanese dramas.
8. Comments by yanie_chan [Rating: 10/10]
Could it BE a more beautiful love story?? This is like, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY EVER!! And one of the BEST romantic comedy dorama, indeed! I LOVE IT!
Takuya and Takako Matsu is just the BEST couple! They shared a perfect on-screen chemistry!!!^_______^ I just love how they made every precious moments looks beautiful, y'know with the combination of beautiful background musics, beautiful and deep meaningful dialogues, and of course they did a great job in the acting section!!^^ This is my most favorite dorama!
However, the supporting characters' story is weak =( Soichiro and Sanae's love story is just too lame and boring....oh, well, every drama has it's own laxity!!^^
9. Comments by Angry Machines [Rating: 9/10]
I didn't expect this show to be this good. I mean it's really really good show. Matsu Takako is at the peak of her talent and her impressive chemistry with kimura. I never liked takako before, even though I watched most of her dramas, but I just finished the last ep. this week and I was delighted. I just have three objections:
1- the opening theme is truly terrbile, I mean its not the kind that would be on your ipod at all.
2- the repeative act of kimura falling into errors and takako catching him by mistake is just tiring and bothering, no originality at all. its like kimura has to get tangled by mistake in almost every ep.
3- what's the thing about the glass apple????
10. Comments by jdfan [Rating: 10/10]
A fun-to-watch drama with relaxing pace and romantic atmosphere. Although I feel it's sort of an extension from Long Vacation, because Miki's crazy character feels almost the same with Minami's (but she's definitely lacking Minami's originality). And the old girfriend theme annoys me a little bit. But the ending was quite alright. Altogether a nice drama and hey, it's Kimura Takuya... And his acting is always good. One of my all time favorites. Great chemistry between stars, this couple looks great together, and the ending make you feel happy! This is what Japanese drama is all about. This is an all time classic. A must watch for dorama fans.
11. Comments by matsu_takeiko [Rating: 7/10]
It's not as compelling as I expected; I didn't really get hooked. There was very good acting in it in fact, and the situations portrayed seemed to be based on real life. But just as the story goes, it kinda gets predictable, you know that they'll fight again then you just feel like the drama is an elongated version of a lover's quarrel.. it just made it seem so petty.. But acting was great, and the story was a little interesting sometimes, and it certainly didn't fail in the most romantic parts--it was enough to make anyone gush ^_~. plus the opening theme can really get stuck in your head :)
12. Comments by Michi [Rating: 10/10]
~_^ Definitely RECOMMENDED!! Really worth it!! It's so funny & romantic. Takuya and Matsu really share the on screen chemistry together!! Only i have to say that his brother and his ex-girlfriend's part that makes the story less interesting!! Other than that, its perfect!!

Personal comment: I really hate Teppei sometimes, he never tried to make Riko happy! It is always Riko trying to cheer him up!! He kinda not appreciating her! But he is sure a gentleman, coz when Riko cut his hair, he still can control himself! because if it was me, i'll beat her up and shave her head =P
13. Comments by kartanoman [Rating: 10/10]
Takuya Kimura turns in a stellar performance and Takako Matsu was nothing short of brilliant in making a loud and oftentimes obnoxious and self-centered character so lovable and adorable. The storyline may not be the most original in the world (i.e. the continued miscommunications between the two). Still, you feel for them both and hope that they'll eventually work things out and be happy together. Also good seeing Noriko Fujiwara who is a favorite in our household. For whatever reason, the dorama's theme song "Shiawase na Ketsumatsu" is stuck in my head and I cannot get it out!
14. Comments by ben_soh23 [Rating: 8/10]
A classic Tokyo love story.... nothing very unique in storyline compared to all the other jap love dramas i watched but it's unfair to compare it to dramas tt were made yrs after this classic...
though the storyline is a tad too cliche,i still enjoyed it n feel tt's hw a classic jap love story should be done.... the chemistry between Takuya Kimura n Matsu Takako was sizzling as usual n i really love the part where Takuya's character proposed to Matsu's character at her homeland.... such a beautiful place to ask for a lifetime commitment of growing old wif the person u love :)
15. Comments by jo [Rating: 10/10]
FAVORITE DRAMA OF ALL TIME! THIS SHOULD BE THE NO. 1!!!! IF THERE'S A QUESTION OF "WHICH JAPANESE DRAMA GOT YOU HOOKED?". I would say this is THE ONE. This drama has started everything for me, I have watched this over and over again and never gets tired of watching it. The songs were great, the theme song SHIAWASE by Cagnet, TRUE TRUE and Hear Me Cry were also the reason that this drama BECAME SOO POPULAR. I've never been a Japanese Drama fan before but after seeing this drama, it made me want to watch MORE. This drama is just SUPERB. A++++++ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, A MUST-SEE!!
16. Comments by akane_MYV [Rating: 9/10]
OH my god...This drama is really worth watching. So touching....felt like crying at many scenes! Really nice!!! Such a beautiful story, I LOVE IT! I didn't expect that much, but it surprised me. Acting was great, they were such a cute couple! I loved their fights haha~
I like the end much...awesome storyline!
Many lovely scenes, such a fascinating love story. Perfect drama for me!...Unfortunately it is a older one...I don't like old dramas that much, but this is really an exception! Recommend for everybody who is crazy after love stories!
17. Comments by ffrostte [Rating: 10/10]
One of the sweetest love stories I have ever watched on tv! I believe the reason why this series touches me so much is because unlike other Japanese dorama, which could be a bit too exaggerating at times, the problems that this couple encounter in the dorama are really some of the daily problems that ordinary people like you and me will come across too. It just reminds us some of the mistakes that we may also have made in our own relationship.

And of course, Takuya and Takako do make a perfect couple! :p
18. Comments by popdod [Rating: 10/10]
One of the most fantastic love story that ever created. It seems so real, nothing whimsical, that one can relates to own experience. Misunderstandings that often ruin one's relationship.

Even after watching the 2nd time, it still gives you the lovey dovey feeling. The show is so memorable and Matsu Takako character in the dorama seems like a perfect partner that one ever wish for.

Indeed one of the best dorama that you should watch. No regrets even it is an old one. Simply mesmerising story.
19. Comments by Akiiness [Rating: 9/10]
You just don't get the same feeling when you watch it 10 years later, I guess. :/ I remember when I was a child watching it, I really liked it, but rewatching it didn't quite give me the same feeling. I guess it's because the drama lived well in its own period and your expectations of a good drama change over time. Nonetheless, this drama deserves this rating. It'll remain a romance classic, not to mention a memory of our Golden Combi - Kimura Takuya & Matsu Takako.
20. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 7/10]
Teppei and Riko are the most funny couple i have seen so far in a jdorama, the "sukebe" jokes never got old lolol.
This dorama is a lot like Long Vacation( not has good of course), Kimura�Ls character is the same as the pianist from Long Vacation(the only diference is that Teppei is a sukebe lol) and the plot overall is very alike. Anyway it�Ls a great dorama, lot�Ls of romance, drama and some comedy.
The ending was very good, a very refreshing ending for a jdorama.
21. Comments by Finndlin [Rating: 7/10]
A rather well written jdrama which includes the traditional improbable situations / misunderstandings / misinterpretations seen in almost all romantic jdrama;)
I must say that I feared the worst as the characters played by Takuya Kimura and Takako Matsu were really hateful ... I continued for the couple Junna Risa / Masaaki Uchino had a much better chemistry and as the serie progressed I got to like the heroes aswell.
So it's a nice serie, but not revolutionary;)
22. Comments by Replicant [Rating: 3/10]
The most primitive drama I've ever seen. It reminds me of cheap hispanic soap operas. Absolutely not touching, not interesting, only very-very boring. And I don't know why Takuya Kimura is here, maybe he needed money at that time.
P.S. And I forgot to mention that Takako Matsu is totally unbearable here. Just awful!! Norika Fujiwara was a much more suitable match for Kimura. Only because of Norika, Takuya and a theme song - 3 instead of 1.
23. Comments by marzyu [Rating: 8/10]
Pretty good drama I must agree! Instead of a love triangle, more like a love SQUARE! I'll realli recommend this drama if u like to watch sweet dramaz like summer snow or newz no onna . . . this drama will melt u're heart [my opinion] Matsu and Takuya lookz realli realli cute here too ^^! I have to watch Hero to see if it'z better since it does have way higher rating! I still hafta watch Love Vacation too! AHHH SO MUCHIE DRAMAZ TO WATCH!!!
24. Comments by DragonSpirit164 [Rating: 9/10]
Kimura Takuya and Matsu Takako. What a lovely pairing. If only Kimura was married to her in real life. Ha oh well. Anyway this is a highly enjoyable drama, but there were a bit too many misunderstandings between characters. Most memorable part for me was the magic show Riko performed for Teppei on his birthday. She was soo cute in that scene!! :) I also enjoy love-hate relationships which is probably why I loved this so much.
25. Comments by lipinha [Rating: 6/10]
Great lead actors and actually they're the only thing good in this drama. The supporting actors are lame and the characters are annoying. I was enjoying the dorama on the first five episodes I guess, but then it gets repetitive and annoys me because it's all misunderstandings and they don't explain what happen when they have the chance. It's very stupid. It gets very boring too, because the spotline doesn't change.
26. Comments by Shindou [Rating: 10/10]
Another superb drama! KimuTaku's acting is definitely commendable in this jdorama and Matsu Takako was excellent as usual. With Fujiwara Norika, Uchino Masaaki and Junna Risa rounding off a very strong and well-balanced cast, this touching love story truly came alive. Topped off with a very appropriate theme song, great scripting and satisfying plot results in one of the best jdoramas I've seen to date.
27. Comments by norz [Rating: 7/10]
I love the theme song for this drama (haha im weird...) Anyway... I gave this drama an average rating because there was too much focus on the main characters main problem, which tends to get boring for a series. And the fact that the girl is always feeling worried about being loved. However Matsu Takako is always cute in her dramas and I never experienced a boring drama from Kimera Takuya.
28. Comments by yijing [Rating: 9/10]
didn't like it at 1st & felt that Riko was too childish...but Takako's acting was really good, i remember there's 1 scene when Teppei & Riko met on the street...not many words were exchange but the body language exchanged moved me to tears...love the way Riko's route to maturity & Teppei's realisation on who does he really love...something like Long Vacation...comfortable with each other...
29. Comments by animefreak101 [Rating: 9/10]
Such a beautiful love story :D....I loved how the crystal apples and that one poster kept popping up and there meanings :D In my eyes this couple is the definition of a "baka couple" haha there fights were hillarious to watch but i must admit that at the end i was getting pretty tired of all the misunderstanings, jealousy, and fighting but i loved the ending so cute :D
30. Comments by nishishi [Rating: 2/10]
Its just like Pride, Good Luck!!, Beautiful Life... but IMO Pride and Beautiful Life r much better...
Didnt like the ENKA song... and the plot is really simple...

To make things worst... some actors doesnt fit their chars. very well... Uchino Masaaki is really annoying playing the older brother...!!!

Love Generation isnt bad.... its just too simple imo...

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Users who voted for this drama (274)
1st Jdorama I ever watched and it was by accident but I was totally bowled over by the energy and professionalism of Matsu. Very few actors/acttresses could cry on TV but she could do it so naturally. Not only is she very attractive, but you watch carefully you'll see she takes great care over evey shot compared with her fellow cast. I have since found out she's also a great singer with more than 30 singles and albums+2 around Japaon concerts, she composes some songs, writes many of the lyrics, plays the piano well and acts in many plays but strangely enough very few films so far. A true professional to be admired. If only she could speak English and sing in English, she would be a worldwide phenonmenon.
2. YgY
A true jdrama classic, and will remain one for years to come. along with long vacation, love generation is a genre-defining drama that would spawn dozens of copies for years to come, though to varying degrees of sucess, it never gets as good as the origional.
Romantic and sometimes cloying, but never sappy and overly melodramatic, this is the perfect romcom. the pacing is great; fast, and hits all the right notes. this is a drama for everyone, even if you're not a diehard romantic like me, watching it will put a smile on your face. the innocence and hopefulness of the story really is infectious.
3. zephyrscarlet
i don't understand how Beautiful Life and Pride is above this drama. this is the best ROMANCE drama takuya kimura has ever done. probably the drama that propelled matsu takako to fame! there are many coincidences, but the drama is still VERY VERY realistic, dealing with raw emotions in love. the takuya kimura & matsu takako pairing is just divine; i think they are probably the most compatible couple in JDorama kingdom. such a joy to watch them act together. to sum it up, i simply love LOVE GENERATION and i have watched it about 20 times to date! that's how mad i am about it!
4. jo
FAVORITE DRAMA OF ALL TIME! THIS SHOULD BE THE NO. 1!!!! IF THERE'S A QUESTION OF "WHICH JAPANESE DRAMA GOT YOU HOOKED?". I would say this is THE ONE. This drama has started everything for me, I have watched this over and over again and never gets tired of watching it. The songs were great, the theme song SHIAWASE by Cagnet, TRUE TRUE and Hear Me Cry were also the reason that this drama BECAME SOO POPULAR. I've never been a Japanese Drama fan before but after seeing this drama, it made me want to watch MORE. This drama is just SUPERB. A++++++ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, A MUST-SEE!!
5. tabris
Love generation is the best jdorama i have ever watched....although it is not one of the best drama Kimura Takuya has participated in, but i really liked it because of the story and the Takuya-Takako couple....i think that Matsu Takako did a perfect job in this drama, but i personally find it very annoying that she cries so often and over little things....i would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND those people to watch this drama if they haven't already, you will not regret it.
6. Tu_triky
A dramatic escapade following the not-so-obvious romance of two characters. An absolutely fantastic, now classic, pairing of Kimura Takuya and Matsu Takako....one of the greatest on-screen couples in Japanese television history. The pair have chemistry beyond compare and elevate the genre of the romance dorama to another level. Despite this drama's age it shines brilliantly in comparison to many that followed this extremely well executed story.
7. kirakira
Awesome! They are really the golden couple......one is so wakamama, one is not expressive enough. yet together they can't do without each other. Like what Teppei says, why does everyone paint such ideals about love? In reality love is hard, and you've got to get through hard times together. it's not a bed of roses. Yet despite it all, you don't want to give the relationship up so easily. that is what his vision of love is.
8. Shindou
Another superb drama! KimuTaku's acting is definitely commendable in this jdorama and Matsu Takako was excellent as usual. With Fujiwara Norika, Uchino Masaaki and Junna Risa rounding off a very strong and well-balanced cast, this touching love story truly came alive. Topped off with a very appropriate theme song, great scripting and satisfying plot results in one of the best jdoramas I've seen to date.
9. effronterie
I *love* this dorama. I saw Long Vacation before this one, so I was kind of biased against Matsu Takako (her character was so whiny there) at first. After watching this one, I am able to truly appreciate the depth of her talent! Great story (romantic and funny and happy and sad,) stellar cast (of course :) and wonderful soundtrack. This is one of my all-time favorites.
10. halu09
the best jdrama love story. best couple, excellent music and cast. not a single dull moment. the chemistry of kimura & matsu is the best. hope they make another great series, hopefully as romantic as this one or even better. a movie pairing them up would also be great. from all the jdrama, kdrama & asian dramas i've seen, this is the best series ever made.
11. yuka
An ordinary love story but engaging in its simple appeal. It is close-to-heart as one can identify with the office lady Matsu and salaryman Kimura. Their ups and downs are as commonplace as our very own. Though the ordinariness is very much liven up by the chemistry between the 2 good-looking protagonists.
12. miumiu_sky
This is an excellent drama starring "Takuya & Takako". They make a wonderful couple and you can really see the chemistry between them. The story is really sweet and romantic, especially when they argue but deep down they really do love for each other. It is the kind of love we are all looking for.
13. michiru3
KimuTaku & Matsu Takako's chemistry here is amazing! Incredible story, very funny and charming, and i love all the nice heart warming moments too. Great romantic drama that you couldnt help but keep watching til the end, all in one sitting (just dont start watching during finals, like i did =)
14. Jani
My very first KimuTaku and Takako Matsu drama. Frankly, i never thought they were big names in jdramas when I watched this. The picture was old and I was watching it for lack of anything better. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I was hooked. Their matchup is definitely a great one.
15. Bluejay
The first Japanese drama I saw, this one had two excellent characters and a cleverly constructed story that kept my attention, even though there wasn't any violence! A really touching, contemporary story of post-university young people and romance. Kimtaku is great. 10/10!
16. kipas
what? another love story? its a good thing that this time its not wishy- washy...this drama reflects the real life of couples - a man hardly shows his affection, while a woman took one step ahead at a time...matsu and takuya gave a perfect chemistry in drama ever...
17. Hide/Takky
another one... but i guess this is the most not-so-good-kimutaku-type of drama... i mean compared to pride, good luck or beautiful life or long vacation.... well.. his work is always a master but i just hate takako matsu in here... very very annoying...
18. Ryo_San
I love this drama so much. I mean most dramas are good but only this drama and long vacation are the only to dramas that really got to my attention. This is truly a superb drama with Takuya and Matsu. They should of gotten married in real life
19. Sun_Shang_Xiang
Great drama fantastic chemistry between Kimutaku and Matsu Takako, in all honesty I don't think Kimutaku has ever achived that level of chemistry after this series with any other actress, this of couse doesn't include Long Vacation !
20. fre3domlin
really loved this show..it was really nice..i would recommend all tat hav not watch to watch it, the whole plot is good and the actors acted even better!! i have 2 admit tat takuya kimura n matsu takako really have great chemistry..
21. popdod
The show is so memorable and Matsu Takako character in the dorama seems like a perfect partner that one ever wish for. Indeed one of the best dorama that you should watch. No regrets even it is an old one. Simply mesmerising story.
22. aznkoodies
Although it focuses quite a bit on the office work, I would've preferred a better focus on the romance, character emotions and more episodes, so we, the audience, would have more memories, scenes, stories, and well, more.
23. Taurmindo
the first jdorama i ever watched. it's the cause of me even starting to like this stuff. increadibly good drama, with great acting, terrific story and that kind of serie that can be watched over and over and over again..
24. gorgeous_in_tears
My favourite dorama. I've seen over 60 of them and I must admit that this has been on top for eternity. I don't why I love it so much, thats a mystery to me as well. I just know I'll be watching it over and over again =)
25. athida
This is the first Japanese dorama that actually captured me. I really like Kimura Takuya and Matsu Takako acting together. They have so much chemistry that makes the story real. They make a cute couple! :D
26. Doramafan113
Great Chemistry between Kimura Takuya and Matsu Takako. Junna Risa also gave a really good performance. I loved this drama. Great story fun characters made this an emotional roller coaster of a series.
27. Vanessa
The music made the series, the first 7 episodes are pure gold, but after that, towards the end, it's a damn shame, since the dialog was shot, characters looked forced and the ending was horrid.
28. chyra
this is really quite a cute romance comedy drama, starring kimura and matsu. one of the best pairs. cant help but crying at some parts of ths drama, but it has a hapy and sweet ending. a MUZ C
29. Aki
Out of all the classic popular doramas, this is my very fave. Nice, romantic plot coupled with beautiful ambiences and interesting dialogues. I'm sure this is many others' cup of tea as well.
30. GIGI
They made a simple story about a salaryman and office lady so interesting! Of course, Takuya is as ever gorgeous in this. I cannot forget the hair cutting scene of Rikko and Teppei. :-)

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