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Kimura Takuya 木村拓哉 ( Takuya Kimura )

NameKimura Takuya
JPop GroupSMAP
Star SignScorpio
Birthday13 November 1972
Blood TypeO

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Kimura Takuya

Kimura Takuya, a member of SMAP became the dream boy for a whole generation of women as he expanded his acting & singing career to one of Japan's top celebritie...

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Filmography (35)
A LIFE ~ Itoshiki Hito [2017]
アライフ ~ 愛しき人
Okita Kazuaki
I'm Home [2015]
Ieji Hisashi
Hero Season 2 [2014]
Kiryuu Kohei, Josai Branch Prosecutor
Ando Lloyd �` A.I. knows LOVE? �` [2013]
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Ando Lloyd/Matsushima Reiji
PRICELESS ~Aru Wake Nedaro,n namon!~ [2012]
PRICELESS ~あるわけねぇだろ,んなもん!~
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Tsuki no Koibito [2010]
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MR. BRAIN [2009]
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CHANGE [2008]
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Karei naru Ichizoku [2007]
Manpyo Teppei
Engine [2005]
Kanzaki Jiro
神崎次郎 (32)
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Boku ga boku de aru tame ni [1997]
Kyousoukyoku [1996]
Long vacation [1996]
Senna Hidetoshi (24)
Furuhata Ninzaburo Season 2 [1996]
古畑任三郎 2
Jinsei wa joujoda [1995]
Kimi wa toki no kanata e [1995]
Wakamono no subete [1994]
Asunaro hakusho [1993]
Izu no odorikko [1993]
Sono toki haatowa nusumareta [1992]
Otouto [1990]

Users who voted for this artiste (834)
1. dreamer10231
i didn't appreciate him in long vacation...i've seen love generation and beautiful life; nonetheless, it was in pride where i appreciated his looks, his acting, and etc...now, i've seen hero, good luck, and karei-naru ichizoku...he does not only have the looks but actually the charm to act...when he acts, his eyes really acts as well...perhaps he is one of the few actors that still looks good when crying...he is amazing...now i realized why he became a phenomenon...he's also a good performer and host...he seems to be not a kill joy...despite of his achievements, he seems to be grounded still...acting is so natural to him
2. compaqmac321
when i first started watching jdramas in late 2008 i came to this site. i clicked on the top 50 for actors and this guy was number 1...i thought to myself who the fuck is this guy, and why is he dominating....it took me a couple months to watch a show with him in it and it was long vacation......after that show, haha i found my self watching 3 more of his shows in a row and found out why he was number one.....great actor....great.....not number one cuz nagase takes the cake, but he IS number 2....can play ANY role....kimura takuya i give you my respect, ill prolly end up watching every show youll be in lol
3. eosforo
Iit's not about that girly freak for his kakoi pose as I'm a MAN! But, you know, I've watched Pride and really think he is a great actor, then I got to see Long Vacation and he was so different. So, the reason exactly is that when I first saw Pride, I thought he was good, but not that really, as for me he was just a tough-poser guy in reality adored by asian girls... then, Long Vacation just changed my mind, he's fragile and all. So, it's really about a good acting... being able to do what the character asks for, whatever the hockey skipper or the young music artist.
4. IkematsuSosuke
I never really understood the hype for him, but after watching Engine..I like him a lot so I give him a vote! Ppl seem to be disappointed in Engine because they seem to already wrote the storyline in their own heads--a new role for him, not a love story. It's a good family drama and I think the ending kiss at the end look real good.

Kimura-san did really well in this drama, IMO better than his other ones. Maybe I'm more into family dramas than love stories.

I also like his shirts in the drama, especially the polos. Looks like nice and comfy!
5. �ؓގq
i never gave this superb actor a chance.. i guess because he wasn't young and at first glance not really a heartthrob lol but after watching pride i see why he's so popular, just one drama of his is enough to get me this excited about this actor's acting abilities so i'm looking forward to watching more of this talented actor's dramas![edit] watch HERO and Love Generation! Long Vacation is wonderful, although kimutaku's character was the least "cool" in Long Vacation it was one of my fav's!
6. crealism
Anyone who knows about Japan knows about Takuya - the King of Japanese doramas. He is the one who brought me into the world of Jdorama. Long Vacation was the first Jdorama that managed to catch my attention and I was just smittened with him in the show. I started collecting Jdoramas because of him, and I have to say he has never ever disappointed me. ENGINE, HERO, Love Generation, PRIDE, Good Luck!!, etc..he just releases one great drama after another. He is just, simply, fantastic.
7. tofuuuuu
He's taken all the crap because of his powerful charisma. A sad fact about Takuya Kimura, even if he tops all the actors in japan, he can't take the credit for being an actor. There's always the haters who will look down upon him just because he is THE Kimutaku. The guy will forever be number ONE. All the best to you Kimura-san.
Added: [As "Ender's Girl"s best friend put it, "It's hard to be KimuTaku: forever being overestimated and forever being underestimated."]
8. kakeru
the fact that he's been around for ages n topping the Japanese scene really impress me. what can i say? simply WOW!!! it's scary to think how popular he is. why do i LOVE him? the first time i saw him in 'concerto' was pretty much the reason y i drool over him until now. he has this unexplainable presence that one cannot ignore. he's multi-talented, n is not afraid to act stupid in front of the audience, esp in his smapxsmap skits. he's really funny. i LOVE takuya.
9. moonchyld
because he's one of the most flexible and best actors in the WORLD. he just simply has a knack of carrying any role he handles. notwithstanding the fact that he's gorgeous, the way he acts is just breath-taking, and he truly gives life to his characters.
i wasn't a fan at first, but gradually i realized that (almost) every drama of his, i liked and enjoyed watching. in short, he's just a great actor with amazing abilities and jaw-dropping looks. :)
10. Phyllis
Artist and idol-wise, he gives 120% to everything he gets his hands on and it shows. He is an amazing all-rounder who is excellent at singing, dancing and entertaining fans.
Acting-wise, he is the reason that I'm as completely sucked into jdrama as I am now. He has the ability to create unforgettable characters and breathe life into them, making them REAL. I absolutely love all his work, and I look forward to seeing more of him. Kimura-san ganbatte!
11. Anees
At first, I knew he was a pretty good actor, but I never wanted to admit how good he really is, mostly because he is a pretty boy. But, after watching so many of his dramas, he has won my vote. He's so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems like a lot of characters are really similar on the surface, but most of them have been really different from the rest, and he's done a good job portraying all of their specific traits. He's so versatile, and so cool!
12. halu09
The Best actor of all time! always made boring shows better with his excellent, natural acting skills. he has always made his character better, cool & very alive; always succesful at portraying and playing his charcter in the movie or series. He made acting look like a very easy task. Has the best pair-up & chemistry with Matsu Takako. Hope he makes more great series and movies. Wish that he'd be paired-up with Matsu Takako again.
13. donna8157
Kimura Takuya has proven time and time again that he can pull off any role that is thrown to him. From being a laid back hairdresser in "Beautiful Life" to a dream driven co-pilot in "Good Luck!" to an angst ridden character in "Sleeping Forest", Kimura has pulled off each character convincingly and effectively.

I've thoroughly enjoyed each and every series that he has been in. Sigh. I love him. His teary scenes make me cry.
14. Sumire
Takuya Kimura.......what else can be said....just look into his dazzling eyes and he will capture u into his web and then you'll wanna see every jdorama he's ever been in!! XD
On a serious note though, I like his acting. I love his character in Beautiful life and how he just hits walls and does that sniffle thing, its so cute. He plays the perfect bad-boy on the outside but softy on the inside character. Love him! <3<3<3
15. oorono
This man is an excellent actor - charismatic, sincere and natural in his emotions. He doesn't act on screen, but lives. But somehow he manages to make all his characters feel different - everyone has individuality. Having strong natural talent, Kimura never stops to develop his acting skills. Also he is versatile actor - he does not afraid of new challenges. Kimura is simply the best j-dorama actor I've seen so far.
16. ilovetakuya
I love Takuya. I especially love his eyes and his attitude..I have great expectations for him, and I hope he challenges himself even more later on. He's still young, and though he's at the top, he still has potential to be more than what he is now. Although I like him in SMAP X SMAP and in concerts as well, I like him best in dramas, and I consider him as an actor. Hope to see his acting ability improve.
17. shanghai_honey
THE KING of Jdoramas! Takuya Kimura is a living icon; he made Long Vacation which was the first dorama I saw and was hooked on. It's amazing how he comes out with a constant string of hit doramas -- Long Vacation, Good Luck, Pride, Hero, Karei Naru Ichizoku to name a few, are some of my favorites. And the man keeps going strong. He will always be my most favorite Japanese actor. Love him!
18. kook05
must admit that what attracted me to him was his looks...
but as i watched more and more of his shows, he proves to be more than just a pretty face!
dis guy got talent oozing out his pores!!!! ;p he adds intensity and dimensions to the characters he potrayed...
actually prefer him in his darker roles (Nemureru Mori, Wakamono no subete, SFIH) rather than as a romantic hero...
19. zephyrscarlet
WHO CAN RESIST HIS CHARM???? i certainly can't! he is incredibly handsome, absolutely charming and VERY SEXY! his voice may sound irritating at times, he can get quite hot-tempered, he is kinda short, he is married.... oh i try to find so many reasons to get over him - BUT I SIMPLY CAN'T. he's so irresistable, too good to be true. hottest guy in asia, probably in the world!!!
20. MissMonika
What is there to say about Kimutaku?? There's no doubt about it, he's the best!! He's gorgeous, can sing, and is a marvelous actor. Unbeatable combination. He's so good!! It's like everything he touches turns to gold. It's really amazing. If you do not vote for this man, you are either braindead or don't have good taste in actors. I'll watch any drama that has him in it.
21. Leyy
first series i've watched is pride..well, aside from his oozing sex appeal onscreen...his acting is so intense and every new series or character he portrays never ceases to leave a lasting mark....for all the performances i've seen ( i've seen 6 so far) he never ceases to amaze me and leave me open-mouthed whenever the character gets to me....he's the best for me....
22. londondolly
To say Kimura's amazing in an understatement. There is something about him that simply mesmerizes you, be it his acting, dancing or singing. You smile to yourself when you see him on the screen, you replay your favourite scenes with him in it over and over again, you source the net searching for his latest news.. you are hooked.. that's the power of Kimura Takuya!
23. tetsukei
Didn't like him very much at first during his Long Vacation days, but recently started to have great respect for his devotion to his art. He does simply ANYTHING for the silver screen, regardless of his supposedly superstar status. He picks up new skills quickly, which is definitely a sign of dilligence. Yes, he is the best, and wants to be the best!
24. Shindou
After LG and LV, I can understand why Kimura Takuya is the king of jdoramas. With excellent acting in LV, LG, BL and Concerto as well as Good Luck!! and Hero to his credit, KimuTaku is one talented actor. While his acting may sometimes feel the same across different dramas, he's definitely got the charm and skill to pull off the roles handily.
25. Lucian Dureau
What to say about the King Midas of doramas. From last 90's to early 2000, everything touched by him turned into gold. He has the leading role in shows that even nowadays were still on the top of tv ratings records, like Hero, Beautiful Life, Long Vacation or Love Generation. Impossible being a fan of doramas and not knowing this actor
26. hirowei87
Kimura Takuya is my dream guy since I was small haha... He has an unexplainable attractiveness.. I have watched all of his shows and I like all of them except Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi.(that is really untolerable)... I am so envious of his wife... But his courage to marry his love makes me like him more...He's so cool!!!
27. Jewel
A rare and successful artist whom can act, sing and host. Takuya has sure crowned the most popular male artist for many years, and this has definitely proven to us that he is the one who is good-looking and full of talents too..

Been looking forward for him to be seen on the big screens.. gambette ne takuya-san.. !
28. tsubasa_ash
I've only watched a few of his Jdoramas...man, it would be quite an effort to watch every single one of his dramas...xD Kimura Takuya is just great in every role he plays....I think he is probably one of the best multi-entertainers in Japanese entertainment industry^^ (Apparantly the whole SMAP IS multi-talented)
29. aznpride26
yes yes hes probably one of the greatest actors ever!
at his best in every one of his dramas! GREAT! loved him in LONG VACATION, PRIDE, ENGINE, HERO, and GOOD LUCK! i love this guy. oh and hes one of the best singers ever. great as the cool guy in every one of his dramas. sooooo awesome.
30. jpride
He is very good! I think his acting has become better since his early dramas, which means that he is evolving as an actor. Also, even though I like all of his dramas, I noticed that through the latest ones he has proved that he can very successfully act in different and very serious roles as well. Way to go!

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