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Taiyo no Kisetsu [太陽の季節]



Drama Details
Title:Taiyo no Kisetsu
Season:Summer 2002

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TV Station:TBS
Duration:11 Episodes

An adaptation of Ishihara's most successful novel.

Hideaki Takizawa in the starring role of Tatsuya, a tormented college student who was once an all-around nice guy but now seems to be balancing a gigantic grudge on his shoulder. What the grudge is has yet to be revealed, although it likely has something to do with his father and the poverty that plagues his life.

For some unknown reason, he has taken to hanging around with the richest kid in school, basically a trusting, nice guy who Tatsuya is out to destroy. He feels an uncontrollable urge to deface the rich kid's new car and chase after his fiance. Complicating the plot further is Tatsuya's run-in with a young composer and pianist, who has a limp sustained in a car accident many years before. She, too, is rich, although Tatsuya does not know it yet. Stuck in a stifling home environment with her pianist mother who disdains her desire to compose, the obedient young woman begins to change after a chance meeting with Tatsuya, while he seems to regain some of his humanity in his interaction with her.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Ki Se Ki キ・セ・キ [Takizawa Hideaki 滝沢秀明]

Actor/Actress Cast (22)
Takizawa Hideaki
津川竜哉 (20)
Ikewaki Chizuru
和泉英子 (20)
Okada Yoshinori
川野耕平 (20)
Matsumoto Rio
小宮山由紀 (20)
Takaoka Sousuke
佐原慎二 (20)
Oshinari Shugo
本城直人 (20)
Arai Hirofumi
小田切吉彦 (20)
Ishibashi Kei
白川笙子 (20)
Fukae Takuji
橘医師 (35)
Ishida Rie
柴田聖美 (20)
Matsumoto Marika
安藤はるか (20)
Morimoto Ryoji
大森隆夫 (19)
Hirata Tatsuya
浅野哲也 (19)
Ono Kentaro
内田太一 (19)
Yanagi Erisa
桜井あゆな (12)
Hamada Akira
小宮山亮三 (60)
Nogi Ryosuke
沢木マネージャー (30)
Ohkura Koji
上島利久 (27)
Endo Kenichi
折原要 (41)
Miyazaki Yoshiko
Takahashi Hitomi
平野民代 (38)
Matsuzaka Keiko
和泉響子 (46)

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Drama Reviews (10)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Great Drama [Rating: 8/10]
This drama had a good storyline with a lot of dark elements and angst added to the main character, Tsugawa Tatsuya, played by Takizawa Hideaki. He ends up meeting a timid, optimistic pianist named Eiko through many chance meetings on the street and little by little their relationship develops. The love story between them was very sweet, yet painful at times. The audience really feels for Eiko and towards the end can harbor anger towards Tatsuya. However, even through all of this there was still a beautiful, yet sad ending. I highly recommend it, I found it to be a bit different from the other JDoramas I've watched (much darker).

Takizawa Hideaki does a wonderful job portraying the manipulative, cold-hearted Tsugawa Tatsuya and his few signs of kindness/warmth displayed towards Eiko is really touching. I really enjoyed it. The only problem I had with it is with the ending .. it was less dramatic because Takizawa didn't portray it as convincingly as it could've been. It would've been a serious tearjerker if he had.
Reviewed by donna8157 on 30 November 2004
2. Worth watching [Rating: 8/10]
It is a worth watching drama with love and hatred coming along at the same time. The plots were somewhat attacting me at the beginning,yet in the last few episodes, it seems going off the line. But still I will recommend this drama which is based on a famous novel written by the governor of tokyo in his earlier years. What I only feel uneasy is that for young people, the drama shows a dark and tough life of the human beings. At least, even though i like those touching words and thinkings, I feel down and discouraged in some way. Anyway, if you like Takizawa Hideaki,it is worth to watch as he is somewhat cold,cute,and sexy....Of course, I also like the theme song.
Reviewed by wanderingfish7 on 22 June 2006
3. could have done better [Rating: 6/10]
overall, this drama has a unique, twisted kind of plot, which may have actually been good if the cast put in a little extra something into the story.
too bad, the cast did so-so only. feeling wasnt there, mood wasnt there. heck, takizawa actually lost his touch in this drama!
nevertheless, this drama may not be a complete waste of time due to its storyline. but definitely not one of takizawa's better performances :P
Reviewed by youhei_mito on 21 April 2005
4. Evil Tacky is Good ! [Rating: 10/10]
If you like seeing Tacky stripped down this is for you. This is my favourite Tacky drama so far, wonderful perfomances from Tacky and Ikewaki Chizuru. Tacky puts on a kindly face to his peers whilst being evil and manipulative behind their back but in the end is tricked by Endo Kenichi's character.
Reviewed by Sun_Shang_Xiang on 7 March 2011
5. Reminiscent of The Talented Mr. Ripley [Rating: 7/10]
Is it just me or is this reminiscent of The Talented Mr. Ripley? When I read the plotline, that's exactly what I thought of. Maybe without the homoerotic aspect. Anyway, the ppl in the jdorama look nice, though the acting is not much.
Reviewed by miriya52 on 27 April 2005
6. ii dorama [Rating: 9/10]
actualli i watched the show becuz of yabu kota... but its a good show... i cant help watching it again... but if takki wasnt so evil in that show then i'll haven given it 10... but itz really worth watching... hontou ni~
Reviewed by Momo on 21 December 2003
7. Takky!! [Rating: 10/10]
Takky's so hot..but i don't really like tatsuya (his evil side)
My favorit character is shinji (takaoka sousuke), such a good guy, good boyfriend, good friend, too good to be true..
Reviewed by hidezawa_himeko on 25 March 2011
8. Want some of that....... [Rating: 9/10]
The desperate love of someone with a great scar....... That makes my heart beat faster, and i want some of that too!!!
Reviewed by Etsuko on 14 January 2006
9. Best role [Rating: 10/10]
Takki's best role, he's so evil here. Dark dorama with a lil bit sweet romance between eiko and tatsuya.
Reviewed by ester_grace on 24 December 2010
10. dark [Rating: 8/10]
a dark + bright drama
Reviewed by juliana_phang on 21 February 2004

Comments From Users (124)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Kitsuchi [Rating: 10/10]
A loveable dorama. Excellent. Wonderful. Emotional. Strong. Definetely recommended. It was so touching. I loved the cast. They all were so good. The only one that annoyed me was the character Yuki. She was really annoying in the beginning, jumping between Tatsuya and Shou-can(?). She was confusing and seemed like a player, didn't liked her at all. Otherwise, Takizawa played really well as Tatsuya and Chizuru as Eiko was cute and well done. I liked her role, though I don't know if those two fitted for each other.. Tatsuya seemed like something else, but I guess love has no.. "fitness"..

Anyway, the plot was undoubtly interesting and great. I liked it alot. The confusing Tatsuya not knowing whether to run forward with no goal or plan or to stand up and plan your path. He was confused and alone ever since his father commited suicide and probably wanted to take revenge in a way. But then he met Eiko in the crossway and his life changed. They met each other at a crossway and that's also where the tragedy occured.

The ending song by Takizawa himself was really great. I liked the video to the song alot.
And also, the fact Yabu Kouta playing as chibi Tatsuya was chocking and surprising. It was fun seeing him, so small. Even though he only played in the "past" in a few scenes, he was great. I'm already looking forward for the doramas in the future that he will act in. He will surely make a great actor as the most other Johnny's ^_^.

So, I hope you, who are reading this and yet haven't watched this dorama, have been convinced enough to actually go and watch it. It's really good and touching! ^_^
2. Comments by atleast13 [Rating: ?/10]
i would put this in my top rated list. i have a lot to say. like... run tackey, run! hahaha! i swear, i always see him running in every damn drama i watch. shugo... wow! has it been that long since i've seen br2? can't even remember where i saw the guy. i had to check his profile here. going on to the most important aspect of this whole rating thing... the storyline.
this drama is really dark and mind-twisting. i loved it!!! it was a bit sad at the end but i wanted tackey to die instead of the girl just to make the story more fucked up! one more thing that i liked about this was how easy for me to guess that the house helper liked the mom. one thing that i have to pound these actors for. the kissing scenes. come on tackey! kiss like there's no tomorrow! i wanna see kisses not smacks!
3. Comments by MixxDreamer [Rating: 8/10]
theres a lil bit of change, i just recently watched the ending tonight and i give it an 8 instead of 7. why? bec. i like deep and dark dramas such as this, and its a lesson learnt from someone who's trying to be someone that he's not.. mostly happened to typical teenagers or probably of most people, then the Wakaba bank's son Shinji.. he's cute, i like him more than Tatsuya.. I love Eiko's piece and its very touching, sadly she died in the end so its up to Tatsuya to live on and continue his promises to Eiko and change.

What disturbs me is that Tatsuya had to kiss Eiko's mom.. thats so unnecessary.. i would've given this a higher rate but i hate when he turned evil, n plus he hurt Eiko twice so thats twice the low rating hahah.. overall it was good, i love it.
4. Comments by donna8157 [Rating: 8/10]
Great drama with a wonderful, angst-filled storyline. Takizawa Hideaki did a great job portraying the cold and manipulative Tsugawa Tatsuya while his female counterpart, Izumi Chizuru did beautifully as Eiko. The both of them had great chemistry in the show and their moments together were really touching. I highly recommend this series. The main drawback this series is Tatsuya's sometimes erratic train of thought and the loosening of the plot after episode 6, especially towards hte latter parts of the drama where things just seemed to come out of nowhere.

Other than that, I really enjoy the end song "Ki.Se.Ki". Overall, it's an interesting series and there are just enough cliffhangers to make you want to continue watching.
5. Comments by Myri [Rating: 8/10]
Eight can seem a low vote, but I really recommend this drama, and I choose 8 just because the story is a little too distressed and heavy.
The story talks about a poor guy at who is dead the father and he wanna take revenge on the son of his father's ex boss.
The situation complicate when, trying to steal the girlfriend to the guy just for fun, he knows a girl with bad legs and they fall in love. What should he do now?
Takky is really good in this part ((pity we can't see his smile very often!)) and, girl, we have the possibility to see him half naked pratically in every episode! YAY!!
6. Comments by Ezalor [Rating: 8/10]
Very well-crafted Dorama with an, at any time, interesting and enjoyable storyline. It gave me the "must continue" feeling. I liked Tatsuya self-commenting his stages in life. Yuki IS the sexiest chick alive. I personally find it sad that Tatsuya's plans did not work out. At any time he got soft and turned back to his hobbling girl I was a bit disappointed. Sure the authors wanted to archieve exactly the opposite, but for me the best ending would be he with Yuki on top of the Building;) The end wasn't exactly sad but more satisfying in terms of a closed parabellum story.
7. Comments by sadacori [Rating: 8/10]
Tatsuya (Takizawa) befriends a rich guy and his friends to seek revenge for his father's death. As the story goes along, Tatsuya's enounter with a budding composer (Ikewaki) slowly changes his outlook on life.

I never expected this to be such a great dark drama. Tatsuya was deliciously manipulative, yet he had a vulnerable, human side as well. Eiko was sweet, innocent, yet strong and gains independence from her overbearing mother thanks to Tatsuya. The supporting characters were wonderful as well, especially Tamio, the scary maid at Eiko's household.
8. Comments by Sorata [Rating: 6/10]
Well this dorama is not bad, far from that imo, but it�Ls to slow for my taste and Takisawa�Ls character confuses me sometimes, it�Ls hard to understand if he�Ls a good person or just an idiot prick.
The acting was good, but Takahashi Hitomi�Ls character was soooooo annoying, i wanted to slap her in many ocasions(well i guess then she was doing a good job lol).
Anyway the story is good and dark(for those who like that), the acting is good, the only problem(imo) is just the slow pace.
9. Comments by ainangst [Rating: 8/10]
Wow TATSUYA. Eiko is perfect. (lucky her...she's acted with both tackey&tsubasa,outshine both). An amazing performance by takki. Wanna slap him silly p>_<q A lot of people didn't like him in this dorama, which is good bcoz he is portraying a dark character (bad tatsuya, baaaaaaaaad tatsuya) Somebody made a comparisson to Talented Mr. Ripley, and I agree there's Ripley in tatsuya. Definately not for those who can't comprehend dark doramas.
10. Comments by minilight1080 [Rating: 9/10]
I very much love this drama, I like how it was twisted and unpredictable...though i didn't like the ending i wanted yuki/tatsuya together at the end hahahaa..I enjoyed watching those two together more him and eiko even though i noe they are gonna end up together..though I think everyone portray there characters very well..I end up liking Rio matsumoto more but since the ending wasn't what i expected i give 9
11. Comments by MissMonika [Rating: 8/10]
Even though this drama is a lot darker than all the other ones I've seen, it's still really good. I like the story overall and some of the actors performances were really great. I just think Tackey should have showed more emotion on the last episode. He seemed not into his character at the time. And if Eiko had lived, I would have given this a full score but no, she had to die. Really depressing.
12. Comments by kaonashi [Rating: 8/10]
It's unusual that the main character in a J-drama's quite a detestable person that you don't sympathize with. Like a Japanese "Mr Ripley", he's deceitful & manipulative almost all the way to the very end. It's a somewhat frustrating series to follow & I'm not sure I liked the ending but in spite of that I have to say it's a pretty fascinating series to watch.
13. Comments by tachan [Rating: 8/10]
A pretty dark drama. It's starts out about how Tatsuya vows to get revenge on the rich society at his college, but there are lots of twists. I hadn't seen Tackey play this kind of role before. As the story goes on, it develops into a romance. He was so focused on ruining everyone's lives until, you know, he meets this girl... Touching ending.
14. Comments by Michelly789 [Rating: 9/10]
Finished it in two days. (Would've finished in one sitting if my parents weren't around to annoy me.) Good acting by Takizawa Hideaki and Ikewaki Chizuru as well as other supporting cast members. There are a lot of complicated relationships and heartwrenching events that happen. If you have a weak heart, this drama is not for you.
15. Comments by Rare [Rating: 8/10]
I didn't think this dorama was going to be any good actually, watched the 2 first episodes and just didn't really like it, but I kept looking and there were times I had to look away coz there was so much tention I couldn't take it XD And I grew to love it, and cried my eyes out in the end T_T
16. Comments by athida [Rating: 8/10]
This drama was a struggle for me. I had a love/hate relationship with the main character Tatsuya. At times you felt sorry for him and at other times you wanted to hate him and yell at him for being stupid! But then you saw Takki's pretty face and all your negative emotions melted away...
17. Comments by KnoTdoLL [Rating: 10/10]
didnt know i didnt write anything for this dorama. its one of my favourite doramas of all time. i thought taki did so well in this dorama.. and i really like eiko! i absolutely love the storyline and the love story between eiko and tatsuya.. the dorama got really sad towards the end ;(
18. Comments by Hemilya [Rating: 10/10]
On of the best dramas I've watched and in my personal opinion - the best role of Takizawa Hideaki. This story, being sad and desperate, piercing through your whole body, exposing your true thoughts and desires. I want now to read Ishihara's novel upon which this drama was based on.
19. Comments by Glarie [Rating: 8/10]
I liked it... even if I really hated Hideaki's character. u_u He was just so cruel to Eiko and the ending was just so saaad. I didn't really like most of the cast members.. xD but this happens to be my first jdrama so I like it very much. ^^ Not bad of a plot... I suppose.
20. Comments by d0npian0 [Rating: 7/10]
When I read the synopsis, it seemed like exactly the thing for me (I love melodrama, you see). At first it seemed great but in the end I had to force myself through watching it. The pace was just terribly slow and the acting wasn't good enough to seem really convincing.
21. Comments by Tiffany [Rating: 8/10]
Tackey is really growing into this wonderful actor and this role is quite different than the ones he has taken in the past. I thought it was really pretty the way this story played out. It was a bit dark and bitter in the beginning, but it ended up really beautifully.
22. Comments by yolande [Rating: 8/10]
a rather intriguing drama. takki acted well in it, and ikewaki chizuru is adorable. okada yoshinori is constantly improving. the plot is a little typical is a little predictable though. there are some loopholes in the plot actually. but on the whole, its pretty good.
23. Comments by Jackykero [Rating: 6/10]
The story is a little weak, but the reason I give it only a 6 is because I am getting tired of lead male roles who have no idea how to act and are just casted because they look good.
Fortunately Ikewaki Chizuru was a great surprise, she supported her role perfectly.
24. Comments by fybabe [Rating: 6/10]
Takki's acting was great in this. and that's all i can say about this drama. Watching kids act like vicious, matured adults really bugs me, especially when all of them are so short!
They should get a cast with more 'presence' or at least more matured.
25. Comments by marzyu [Rating: 9/10]
it's not DAT good . . .but then takki was super hot in this drama dat'z why i gave such a high rating . . . . HAHAHAHAHAHAHA it's a weird drama actually. . . but pretty touching if u know wats going on . . . anywayz watch this drama for takki okie ^.^
26. Comments by oonqy [Rating: 6/10]
the story went prety slow initially, but it got better !
but not greatly affected by the drama~ mayb becos the r/s between tackey and the ger is too vague~ so it does not really touched my heart.
but mus say tackey's acting is quite gd here
27. Comments by sabriel [Rating: 7/10]
takky is too cute. i keep waiting for him to take off his shirt again. but besides that, you wanna watch to find out the secret to his past and for the romance with the piano girl too. i get so mad at his character for being SO manipulative.
28. Comments by dummyuser11 [Rating: 9/10]
Deep and dark. Tackey was really cool in this movie though a little evil...the ending a little sad...but other than that...the plot was interesting and honestly, i watched all 11 chapter in one go...took me the whole day...")
29. Comments by AngelXing [Rating: 9/10]
Deep and dark. Tackey was really cool in this movie though a little evil...the ending a little sad...but other than that...the plot was interesting and honestly, i watched all 11 chapter in one go...took me the whole day...")
30. Comments by lawsco [Rating: 8/10]
Found this one to be interesting if for no other reason than I was frustrated by the main character; sometimes he was pitiful & appealing & at other times he was despicable. Pretty good on the "makes you think" factor

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Users who voted for this drama (42)
1. bunnikawaii
Hideaki Takizawa....so cute....esp. topless. Heh...he...he...Hey, I'm a grown woman! = P This is the only JDorama I've seen of his. I hope to find his others. I liked the story between Tatsuya and Eiko. Tatsuya's manipulative ways made me dislike him a little, but that only means that Hideaki Takizawa did a good acting job. He made up for it in the end. I felt sorry for Shinji. I wish the ending was written differently. It made me cry. Overall, I thought it was a good drama. = )
2. donna8157
If you're a fan of Takizawa Hideaki, you definitely should not miss this drama! Tackey plays a totally different type of character from his other dramas and pulls it off magnificently. The chemistry between Tatsuya and Eiko was great and definitely had me wanting more. It has a memorable and bittersweet storyline with end thoughts/monologues that were incredibly heartwarming/heartwrenching. I enjoyed it very much and finished most of the series in a day.
3. ribi
This is one strong performance by Takki and the instrumentals for this doramas are so so painfully elegant that it's a crime that no official OST was ever launched for this dorama! It's one of those doramas that will stand the test of time and emerge a classic. Takki should be so glad that he got this dorama because it makes non-fans like me know why his fans are crazy over him.
4. juunigatsu
this story is quite meaningful and touching.. i cried like mad at the end.. it's one of the dramas that made me cry the most at the end. i juz found it a pity. takki was quite evil, and his mood changes quite drastically, although i don't like his character, i think he did a great job in the portrayal of this depressed and dark character. oh, and the piano piece is so beautiful!
5. hodgepodge307
tatsuya.....tatsuya....doshite???? YOUR SO DAMN HOT!!!! not to mention so kawaii...my fave takky's character is Ryu in News No Onna...but i have to say....TATSUYA is the best.... you have to watch takky in shower scene, love scenes, sweaty scenes.....haay...what can you ask for more!!!!
6. minilight1080
I love this drama, I had a feeling it talk me few stuff based on watching even though its dark I think the storyline was very good unpredictable. I really like the scenes between tatsuya, yuki
7. rw11
Tackey in the role of a baddie. Loved it.There is just so much angst and sensitivity about his character which he brings to the screen.
8. silvanelf
im only watching it b'coz of takizawa.. plus i don't have da one with eng subtitles.. so i dun understand.. haha
9. Juppi
sometimes little bit annoying but the final episode is amazing!

tackey is really acting well ^^ lovely
10. zi-chan
So sad, so touching but so sweet. Full of twists. Good play by Takky. He really can act! ^__^
11. adventchildren
i like this drama but the ending 's so sad
anh i was cry when i had saw the final epsion
12. helenlu
i think it's takki's best drama, he really acts well as the evil &#40857;��
13. Y*U*K*I
Dark and deep but with Takizawa Hideaki and Ikewaki Chizuru together, Kawaii~!
14. Stevie
I loved this Drama but it was hard to watch it
15. riyana_rythe
coz of Takki and my friends recommendation!!
16. AppleTree
Its dark, but at the same time very touching
17. kaguyahime
i was cry when i had seen this drama
18. kenichi_l_karma
19. ditmercury
20. tsugawa_tatsuya
21. Kimbles
22. X-U
23. KnoTdoLL
24. Sana1x2
25. GameChili
26. roseland
27. ester_grace
28. hidezawa_himeko
29. michaela
30. Sisi Putri

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