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Takeuchi Yuko 竹内結子 ( Yuko Takeuchi )

NameTakeuchi Yuko
Star SignAries
Birthday01 April 1980
Passed away on27 September 2020

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Takeuchi Yuko

A young actress who has proven herself well starring in dramas like "Mukodono" & "Lunch no Joou". Her beautiful smile would make anyone's day and because of her...

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Filmography (19)
A LIFE ~ Itoshiki Hito [2017]
アライフ ~ 愛しき人
Danjo Mifuyu
Danda Rin ~ Roudou Kijun Kantokukan [2013]
ダンダリン 労働基準監督官
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Fukigen na Jiin [2005]
Aoi Yoshiko
蒼井仁子 (23)
Pride [2004]
Murase Aki
Yoomigaeri [2003]
Egao no Hosoku [2003]
Kurasawa Yumi
倉沢祐美 (23)
Lunch no Joou [2002]
Mugita Natsumi
麦田なつみ (23)
Gakkou no sensei [2001]
朝倉素子 (23)
Mukodono! [2001]
Arai Sakura
新井さくら (21)
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Asuka [1999]
Miyamoto Asuka
Romance [1999]
Nanisama! [1998]
Kimura Yuri
Ii hito [1997]
(epi 5-6)

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Japanese actress Yuko Takeuchi found dead at 40

Users who voted for this artiste (332)
1. michiru3
she was SOOOO cute in Mukodono (looking so small next to Nagase). Now i'm watching her in Pride and she's seem so much taller now! haha. She's not as stupid-cute in Pride, but I still like her character. But i'm still waiting for her to develop though. This picture here does not do her justice....she's soooo much prettier in dramas & shows. In fact, when I first started watching Mukodono, I kept wondering if she was Matsushima Nanako b/c when she smiles, she looks just like Matsushima!! (anyone else agree?)
2. sieusaominhngoc
I knew her when I saw Asuka, She has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. Very cute!!! I think she is talented especially when I saw "Pride", she can act almost many kind of character. Believe me, watch "Pride" and u'll not be disappointed. Secondly, I saw "Style" and her hairstyle is so cooolll!

Unfortunately, I could not find any information 'bout Asuka. I dont remember it because it is quite long time ago but I think it's a very long series.
3. orange1806
She's one really good actress, comparable to kanno miho and matsushima nanako. First watched her in Pride. She din really strike me then, but after watching Lunch Queen, I realised wat a wonderful and versatile actress she is. No wonder she won the best actress award for that role. Think she looks better with short spunky hair though. She's got enough charisma to pull it off. Do watch her shows because she really brings out the character very well!
4. Jani
The quintessential japanese woman (yamato nadeshico). Her charm is a rare thing that comes shining only once in a millennium. Her smile is angelic (who wouldn't melt in that sweetness). But, barring her beauty and her cuteness, her acting is one of the best in jdramas which in my opinion is the best in the business. More serious roles for her in the future will mold her into one of jdramas greatest actresses.
5. effronterie
She has a very elegant and understated beauty. The kind you need a second glance to realize. I almost overlooked her in Mukodono, but after Pride, I'm convinced that she is one of the most stunning dorama actresses! I think she's even prettier than Matsushima Nanako, but that's just me. I haven't seen her in a very wide range of roles though, she usually plays cute & guileless twenty-somethings.
6. hdht
I love her natural acting very much ^^
. . .and she kawaii too ^^

Her drama that I've seen before : "Asuka", "Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu" (movie 2004)

I really regret for her happiness (T__T) : On May 10, 2005, she married Nakamura Shido, a Kabuki actor. They met during the filming of the movie "Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu" >.< but, on November 1, 2006, they divorced.
7. Tu_triky
great actress, refreshing beauty complemented by a sincere performance in pride...her character was so imminently believable. a testament to her acting ability...will watch more of her dramas :) her character in mukodono was more one dimensional but if you're a real fan you wouldn't want to miss that show as well. she's so cute it's ridiculous ^_^
8. missnerdberd
she's very versatile.i got the impression of her being so hyper and cheerful in Lunch Queen but she's able to show her demure and formal side in Haru No Yuki (Spring Snow/Forbidden Love/Snowy love fallin' in spring or whatever you wanna call it) that i didn't know it was her who acted in it until i see the vcd box.
9. anasstassia
She is a very talented actress in J drama. The latest drama of her Bara No Nai Hanaya San has proven she is truly remarkable, extremely talented and multiple in acting, emotions, and well carried the roles given to her.

One word.

A truly talented young actress. Number One. My favorite.
10. citrusrain
Not the prettiest actress there can be but she has an amazing presence on the screen... I love how elegantly she portrays herself in some of her works... She was great in ima, ai in yukimasu, lunch no joou and Pride (great chemistry with Kimura Takuya:D) anyways extremely talented actress!!
11. uchi23
the main actress in my tied for fav drama (pride).. she was so kawaii and won me over wit her personality and soft voice.. her and kimura make a great couple i think.. too bad they not together in real life =(.. but look forward to watchin more dramas with her =]
12. beryl_28
She is very sweet-looking... I got to know her in Pride and i think i've "fallen" for her..haha... she acted very well in that show... she hits off very well with the actors<<Takuya KImura>> and it really seemed as though they were dating!She is really talented!
13. megumi s.
a great actress in her roles in "ima, ai ni yukimasu" (movie), "pride", and other dramas. she is able to fulfill roles as both a cutesy girl and as a mature, elegant lady. her smile is very sweet and soft. awesome actress, definitely deserves a vote
14. aiscess
A very talented actress whether its comedy or drama. She doesn�ft just cry for the sake of crying but you can really feel the emotions she puts into it. And she�fs so cute when she smiles. Hope to see more of her (after years of hiatus from dramas).
15. Longman
A talented actress who is very natural in the roles I have seen her play. Although she's still young, she looks to have the flexibility to protray a wide variety of characters convincingly. I'm sure she will go far in the next few years to come.
16. AZNBryan
She looks great.
The picture here definitely doesn't give justice to her real beauty (I couldn't even recognize her).
She looks so pure and gentle.
And to top it all off.. she's a good actress.
Two thumbs up.
Sadly, she's married.
17. bizkut
I saw her in Pride & Mukodono...Definitely one of the talented and natural acteresses ever...She has the best smile ever in the universe...smile+talent makes her a good acteress that surely has a promising future...ganbate yuko ;)
18. jdfan
I love Yuko! I think she is the most under-rated actress. I believe she will be the dorama queen of the newer generation of actresses. She has the girl next door look that can make viewer laugh or cry. Just watch some of her work....
19. Wynter
I became a fan of hers after watching Pride, but it wasn't until I saw Lunch Queen that I realized just how talented she really is! She's true to all her characters and can successfully play with both dramatic and comedic roles!
20. marsqurine
I seriously think she is the best actress in Japan :) Even though not relly her fan... but still she have my utmost respect in the acting industry :) Her crying/screaming scene in Mukodono really won me over :) 10 thumbs up :)
21. yukari_no_hoshi
She is so great! She was excellent as a tomboy in Gakkou no Sensei and absolutely wonderful as a sweet girl in Pride! She is such a good actress and she is so beautiful, I honestly think she deserves so much more recognition.
22. keax
She's very successful as an actress. I think she carries out her roles very poignantly. I especially enjoyed Pride, and her performance in Lunch no Joou was also impressive. Not to forget Ima, Ai - wonderful movie.
23. Jeanxi
Thought she was pretty cute, but I didn't like her that much until I saw Bara No Nai Hanaya. I thought she did an amazing job at being an insecure and annoying girl =P She also has a killer smile...urayamashii!!
24. exmoment
When she started acting in the AsaDora "Asuka" she couldn't act at all, but now she's getting better and better the more experience she has. I think she will become one of the most wanted japanese actresses.
After watching her in Pride and Be With You, I just HAD to vote for her.
Aside from having an angelic face, she's also such a great actress.
She's perfect. Too bad she's married(not anymore!! YAY!).
26. Pinoyboy
Another perfect example of white-skinned Asians. Beautiful, gorgeous, cute, elegant, extravegant, delicate, hot, sexy, white, soft, smooth and clean. There's too many words to describe Yuko Takeuchi.
27. dashx
:P her really touching acting in pride and �����`�̏��� really shows how much spunk and talent this young lady has. gambatte to her and hope that she will be able to do more projects int he future
28. sadako-sempai
yuko!! kawaiiii!! such a great actress.. loved her in mukodono! and lunch no joou! although she played a 'tomboyish' role in school teacher.. i guess her roles suit her well! thumbs up!
29. flintandtas
One of those actresses who brings pure enjoyment to anyone watching her act. Has an absolutely adorable engaging smile, and always lights up the screen. Watch her in Lunch Queen!!!!
30. arashilove
She is very cute and pretty. She has worked alongside Japan's most famous actors, including Kimura Takuya (Pride), Dohmoto Tsuyoshi (Gakkou no Sensei), and Nagase Tomoya (Mukodono!).

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